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"Great game, extremely fun at first, but can become very repetitive"

Game Play (10/10): The main gameplay usually consists of your ingame character going around killing monsters for experience and loot. Throughout the entire game, the gameplay rarely changes, meaning that you almost spend the entire time killing monsters over and over again.

The variety of monsters are mostly just recolors of each other and for some reason, the same species of monsters with a different color scheme can be stronger than the others in it's “family”. If this system worked in real life, I would be wearing red clothing all year long, since I would be “superior” than other people wearing blue.

Although this issue is common in MMORPGs, the other games manage to have more variety of monsters, despite having recolored monsters (e.g. Slimes). One thing I have found weird is the marriage system in Maple Story. Apparently, you have to pay real money to get married with other players. Considering that the game is catered to the younger and casual player, I don't understand what the game is trying to promote to them. I have seen cases where kids actually get married in Maple Story, whether for fun or otherwise. It really makes me wonder how they got that money from, did the parents give them the money?

Last but not least, the multiplayer aspect of the game. In Maple Story, you can just play the entire game yourself, without any interaction with other people (e.g. Party, Quests). Since this is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), it should be encouraging more ways where you can play with other people. In other MMO games, sometimes you are forced to party with other people in order to pass a certain part of the game (e.g. World of Warcraft).

Community (7/10): This game manages to show the ugly side of humans, which is quite evident if you have played this game before. Terms such as “Defaming” and “this spot is mine” will be very familiar to players. Fame is a system which determines what equipment and quests you can take as some of them require high fame. However, a lot of players (mostly kids) tend to defame you for no apparent reason or tries to blackmail other players with fame at stake. Defame wars usually break out often, which has a big group of people trying to defame a designated target or just random people.

However there are lots of nice people in the game, asking someone for help, for example, you will always get answers, usually positive answers.

The Administration can be questioned at times, due to their inability to contain situations such as Hackers, they tend to ignore the player community. This game might be free but when people are paying you cash to get items and stuff, you should be able to service them accordingly instead of hiding in some weird corner.

Graphics (9/10) : The game has it's own unique art style. A good way to show this is the monsters you encounter in the game. Some monsters have that cute and kiddy look while others will look fearsome.

The different locations of the game looks colorful and pleasing to the eye as well. A lot of players play the game mainly because of it's “cute” graphics.

Sound (4/10) : I actually fell asleep while spending only 15 minutes playing this game, which speaks a lot about it's sound and music. A few minutes into the game and you can tell that it is clearly made for a younger and/or casual gamer. The variety of sound isn't really something to write home about either, as you will hear the same sound effect over and over again throughout your entire game. The same applies to the music.

Conclusion/Overall (8/10)

It's not the worst game out there, it is extremely addicting at first, but due to its repetivity, it can get boring very fast. Yes, I reccomend playing this, it is quite fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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