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"Maplestory- A 2D Maple Leaf adventure? No wait, it sounds better then it looks!"

I started off hearing about this from my cousin, and then downloaded it. I didn't really get through the account creating at first, but when I did, darn was it fun! Maplestory is just one of your avergae MMORPG's! (Mega Multi Online Rope Playing Game). You do your basic stuff, level, fight, quests, chat. But in the Maple case, it's more then just a MMMORPG it's a 2D MMORPGS. There lots of exclusives things to this Free online game, though I like it as free, but you have to download it for a whomping 687MB (or close to that). But it is very worth the download. After you start playing, you'll get very addicted to it. You get skills, lots of power, money and lots of other stuff. If you want to make your Character right I advise you use the intro guide in the Message board. One of the exclusive things I talked about earlier is face expressions, Maplestory is created like a anime, and you get these typical basic anime face expressions! They're funny and useful from time to time. But enough with the intro onto the facts!

Gameplay 10/10

What you really do in this game is fight fight fight, but in addition to fighting, there's also quests and the ability to talk with buddys. You start off on a training island, where you get off at lv 8 or lv 10 to choose your jobs. Your four jobs are Magician, Bowman, Warrior, and Thief. There are also 2nd job advancements from the first jobs you choose, goes all the way up to four job advancements. You fight for exp, to level, but as you level higher and higher the exp you need to level is great! I'm not too sure, but I think the maximum level you can go up to is Lv. 200, so if you're really addicted, which I'm sure you will be like me :D. Then you'll have a long time to play. Once feature I like is the fact that you can set your key config. ranging from attack buttons, face expressions, to um...I dunno, you'll have to see for yourself, everything except for the controls, which are the arrow keys. You also buy nx cash, which is just cyber money for the games, used to buy like new clothes, pets, other game stuff. You can buy online with a credit card, or use methods for paying-by-cash. There is also Nexon game cards, which are just prepaid cards, that are available in stores like Target, Duane Read, some pharmacies in the U.S., as for Canada, then in Futureshop, Best Buy and Shopper Drug Mart stores. Also available in 7-11's in Hawaii.

Graphics 8/10

Um...well these graphics are 2D I mean, they're the best the can look, but with a little anime touch. You know, big heads small body, with anime face expressions. But the background is 3D though, sorta, in a 2D kind of way. Overal these graphics are pretty nice, and I think you'll be astonished by the 3D background.

Music 8/10

The music is pretty cool and jazzy. But it can get a bit annoying from time to time. The music changes from time, in different towns.

Community 8/10

You have a buddy list, which you could register up to 20 friends, but if you want more you'll have to buy more with the in game currency: Mesos. You can also make a guild ( basically a expanded buddy list, but there is a guild quest), for 1.5 mil ( 1 500 000, a lot if I do say). You can make a lot of buddys, if you open your heart.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/20/07

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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