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"Good try Wizet & Nexon"


My first review and it's on Maplestory. Maplestory was released in the year 2003. It's a really simple MMORPG that allows you to select your class, kill monsters, and do quests. I first started playing Maplestory in February of the year 2006 and quit in April of the same year. Recently played again, but quit shortly afterwards. There's basically one thing that makes this two-dimensional MMORPG unique and different from others, the fact that it's free.


The first thing that you need to do is make a character. You have the choices of changing the weapons, stats, eyes, hair, and clothes. You start with the basic MMORPG set-up of HP and MP, also a tutorial on how to play. Once you play until you're either level eight or ten, you can select the follow jobs or classes. Warriors, strong in melee and makes a great tank, Magicians, excels in using magic to bring their enemies down, Thief(Rogue), throws deadly stars at their opponents and may use close combat weapons, and finally the Bowman, with extreme accuracy, their shot is a sure hit. Each class will have three additional class advances(not including your first class).

Your stats are the most important trait for your character and the many of the equipment depends on the stats. Sure, you may want to evenly distribute your stats evenly across, but that's the worst possible choice to make. Many times you need to look upon guides to know what will be the right stats to put your points into. Each class depends upon their stats, for instance, you need 35 strength at level 10, when you're a beginner to become a warrior. For warriors, their main stats lies in strength(STR) and dexterity(DEX). The strength allows them hit harder and wear higher level equipment while dexterity is used as accuracy to make sure you hit what you try to hit that is appropriate for your level range.

There is a serious flaw in the attack system. Here's what you would mainly do, hold attack and that's all. Of course, you will use skills once you gain them. Later, you will find this to be very repetitive and tedious. You are just sitting there killing monsters for hours while watching your experience(EXP) slowly gain. It takes hours and even days to level depending on how much you play and how you kill. This will soon bore you unless you're already addicted to playing Maplestory, then it would take you a shorter amount of time to level up from other people. Party Quests(PQ) is a plus to leveling since they give a pretty good amount of EXP, but they require from four to six Maplers. Personally, I don't do the quests and just grind(just keep killing monsters nonstop) Keep in mind that if you get a job(class), never to die as it takes a terrible toll of losing experience that you gained. How much experience you lose depends on your luck(LUK) stat.


Wizet does a great job on making sure the servers are not overpopulated. There is currently eight servers allowing the players to spread play the game with fewer players. Less players means less lag to play with. But it also means that you have less people to play with. With less players, you get in to parties less to party quest. Well, you do have friends that play don't you? If you do, that means you get to play with them instead of random players that you don't know and your friend may be a pretty high level to help you out in the beginning.


Not such a great idea to name a game with story if it doesn't include a story right? There is absolutely NO story in this game whatsoever unless you count doing quests, but then again they don't really tell you about the game. I'm pretty sure Wizet just needed a name to just work on, but they forgot the about doing the STORY.


For a 2D MMORPG, the graphics are actually pretty good. I was actually surprised when I was played it, and disappointed too. I thought it would be 3D, but this is really something special. Almost all the characters look the same, but when you use the cash shop, your character gets a totally unique and different look. You need to spend NX to buy these items, but in order to get NX, you need to spend real money. I would say the characters look quite cute and it's a pretty cool addition to the game. The worst thing about buying NX is that you will lose it after 90 days. So, honestly, it's not worth spending the extra cash in to. I mean how long will you play? Are you going to quit after a week of playing, thus wasting your money? You need to really consider these aspects before you buy NX.


At first, the sounds are quite catchy, but when you listen to it after a few hours of playing, you're going to get annoyed awfully bad. If you decide to play Maplestory, I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO PLAY YOUR OWN MUSIC WHEN YOU PLAY. I just can't stand this kind of music, it matches with the game, but not with the player. So, do me and yourself a favor and just use your own play list from iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, or whatever music player you use.


I was really disappointed in the Admins of the game. I see so many complaints from players, yet the admins never do a thing about it. Even if players get reported, it's not right away. Example, there's a hacker and you report him, it's going to show up on the hacker's chat logs saying that he/she has been reported. He/she will quickly log off and come back some other time and day. And those administrators you see around Lift Harbor and MapleIsland aren't real. They are just placed in there, randomly. Rarely, do they ever respond back to your e-mails that you submit on their website. It's like they are just doing this for money and nothing more.


If you think the administrators were bad, wait until you see the community. People in the game will KILL-STEAL you out of no where. Especially if you've been trying to kill a monster for some time and a random player comes out of no where and just kills it.Think about it, you've been trying to kill it for so long, wanting the drop, and then this person comes to kill and takes the drop. When a player is already in an area and you come in, you will most likely hear this phrase, “cc kthxbai.” Not only will you get “ks'd”, but you will get stalked and defamed.

The mass majority of players still hasn't changed since '06. They treat each other like dirt and will do anything to hinder your experience playing, especially the high-levels. The players selling equipment and scrolls will try to scam you and rip you off. It's a lot worse in town, people will randomly defame you for nothing. And if you defame them, there's a chance they will get their guild to mass defame you. If only Maplestory had a player versus player system, then will you be able to take revenge. The community of Maplestory is mostly made of childrens ages of whenever they get access to the Internet. You're going to expect the most annoying players are most likely kids, which is TRUE. Expect to be asked, “CAN U GIV ME FREE STUFF PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ?!??!?!?!?!?!” I will advise you to play solo until you're about mid-thirties, that is if you haven't quit already.

Final Note:
I really think you're wasting your time trying to reach the level cap. It's not worth it in the end and when you are at the level cap, you will or should realized that you wasted number of the years, months, and days that you played Maplestory to get to the level cap of your life. I'm not saying you have no life.
I only recommend you play this to kill two or one hour of your time. Also, you should only play for fun with your friends, not anything serious otherwise that would just kill the meaning of games. Maplestory has many pros, but in the end the cons took over. Wizet, you really need to work on your player services.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/03/08

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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