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"Maple story is not what you may expect..."

Hi this is XxSoul_SniperxX with my first review ever on MS, a great game to play but not worth your time if you don't want to sufffer ultimate endurance and patience tests. Find out why.

Gameplay 6.5/10

I would have to say that the gameplay is quite original but it has great weaknesses, compared to other mmorpgs, this one has a lot of flaws but it's not the worse. The controls are good, easy to use and apply actions/skills and fast to react. This is where it gets worse. When you begin the game, you are on maple island and you don't know anything about the game. The tutorial is very good but it is maybe the only good thing about the gameplay. For the first 10 lvls on tutorial island, the games sounds very tempting and fun and you are very excited to discover victoria island but after a few levels after you get your job ( warrior, mage, thief, bowman) leveling will be hard, very hard, you will only get tiny exp on monsters and you will have to train a few days to lvl on the higher levels(30 +) It is already hell at lvl 20. But if you want to be addicted to the game and play 24/7, be my guest. Otherwise the monsters are very cute to attract more people I guess. Overall the gameplay is just grinding, except for the party quests nothing else is fun in the game. Don't think the quests are fun too, you have to kill like 1000 mushrooms and when you come back for your reward, you get what? only 1/100 of the exp you need to lvl so basically this game is all about grinding.

Sound 7/10

I personally like the sound that plays on every map. But the sound can get annoying after a while but it's good music to train with. I give this a 7 because a lot of people don't like the sound because of the simplicity and it is pretty childish and cute. But hey, if you want to put your own music, do it.

Community 1/10

Ok look, this is a major flaw in this game, the community sucks like hell, when you're new to the game don't expect to get some help from other players, your only friends are the Npc's, I don't know why but when you're a higher level, you always get more respect than new players. What's even worse is, if you want to sell some items and make some good money, you'll have to go to the free market and maybe wait all night to sell it to someone, this doesn't always happen but it often does. You will also get scammed frequently if you are not careful. Th hackers are worse, but hey I respect them, they're just retired players who got tired of the ultimate grinding but I recommend to click on that report button as fast as you can when you see one.

Game life 4/10

By game life, I mean how much time you will play this game, hummmm, I quit after 2 months but I decided to come abck recently but only to get a bad surprise, that the community got 2 times worse as before. I was expecting some improvement but if you want to stay a year on the game, be my guest. If you don't like this game, I recommend you to stop playing it and just go back to playing the old mario games. This game doesn't last long for most players, heck, all the friends I had before, were gone, nly few stayed.

Security 6/10

What I mean is a lot of people on the game harass each other and do vulgary things (racism, sexism etc.) If you want to be safe, don't approach those kind of people. You may be inside a game but they can ask you for your address and it may get you into great danger. Heck there are kids on this game, how will the next community be if people keep acting like that?

Overall 7/10

I'm giving 7 because I still like the game but I sure hope it will get some big improvement soon. the community is the worse flaw ever but it will always be like that....believe me. Kids these days... I won't give you a resume but scroll back up and see how this game's grade got down in the past months and years...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/06/08

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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