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"Maplestory, The Game With All the Syrup!"

Music 6.5/10
Well, the games music isn't the greatest out of all the MMO's but it still is decent in the beginning. You may get ticked off because of the annoying loops that get tedious at points, but this isn't why the game kicks butt. For this game the best thing to do is just use your MP3, CD player, or computer music playing.

Game play 9/10
This game has magnificent game play. It may only have 4 jobs or classes but you can advance through them and earn new skills when you reach a certain level. The game start you off as the beginner class. You wander through Maple Island and kill cute little things like snails, mushrooms, etc. But once you are level 8 or 10 (depending on what job you choose to be) you ride the ship to Victoria Island, the place where you can advance to the next job. Once you meet your job advancement trainer you learn advance to the next job, thus giving you access to buying new clothes, letting you power up your skills each level, and well, not being such a noobie. Each class has its ups and downs. Magicians wield powerful spells and have a good amount of magic points and not only that, when you reach your 2nd job you can either heal, freeze and hit multiple enemies, or do fire weakness attacks.The down side is they are not the strongest class and have less hit points than other classes. Next up are the warriors. The warriors are the strongest and have the most hit points. The negative part is that they have less magic points than other classes and do not have any ranged attacks making them more vulnerable. After them are the archers. They are an average job. The good part is that they have a balanced hit points and magic points. The archers can hit enemies from a distance and enchant their arrows to make them stronger. The bad part is that they are really bad in close combat. They will have to attack the monster and push him back to make him vulnerable to their arrow shots. The next and sneakiest are the rouges. The rouges can fire daggers and attack with a knife depending on which type of rouge you choose to be. They are like a mix of archers and warriors. They aren't in close combat but have high hit points and not that much magic points. Now this game isn't perfect because you can get bored at sometimes, but if you know what to do then this game is something you will play for years. The most appealing part of Maplestory is its addicting factor. You may find yourself burning hours of this game without even noticing, oh wait, I didn't finish my home work.

Community 7/10
The community isn't so dandy just like a some neighborhoods. You just have to find the right people to talk to and you can find everyone is friendlier than it appears. There may be some dumb hackers and scammers that are just noobies but thats typical with a lot of MMO's.

Controls 10/10
Very nice controls from the start. Also the fact that you can customize your controls makes it that much better. In fact, the control plot is really why some MMO's don't appeal to me. The fact that Maplestory is 2D is fantastic because the controls are really simple that way.

Story (There is none)
The fact that this game doesn't have a story doesn't bother me one bit because most MMO's don't have decent ones anyway. When you're playing this game you become way too absorbed in the game to even notice that this game would be better with a story.

Graphics 10/10
Wizet did a fantastic thing by making this game 2D because take Runescape for an example: everyone brags in the game how it's 3D but it doesn't really matter because the 3D is just horrible and that makes the game just annoying for me. The graphics in this game are amazing. In the background you have stunning visuals with trees, lava, or mountains depending on where you are. Not only that you can customzie you character in as many ways imaginable. You can change everything from eye color to hair color. The monsters are cute little detailed things that you slaughter.

Overall 8/10
I give Maplestory an 8/10 because even though it may have bad music and some rough community, the huge factor is its addictiveness, controls, and graphics. This game is something I would recommend to anyone because it has something for everybody. This game is a masterpiece as an MMO and this game will stay with you for years!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/07/08

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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