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"This game doesn't deserve all the players it gets. OR the NX bought."

Well, this isn't my first review, but I am sorry to be making one for MapleStory anyway. I should say now that I have been playing this game...well for over at least 2 years. Sad, right? Well hey, let's get on with the review.

Gameplay: 7/10

Out of everything, the gameplay isn't too bad. You start off as a beginner, and you are shown everything you are able to do. Once you are done with hitting what ever level you needed to hit, you went off to the next island. This game will be like any other. You kill monsters to level up, you get items and skills. You have stat points. The only problem would probably be that when making the character, you usually have to sit for awhile to make your character have the right stats. Now, at the time I am writing this, the game has a problem with hackers. Guilds are able to be made, but sadly, hackers are destroying them. But hey, it can still be a fun game if you are able to stand the GRIND.

Community: 2/10

Giving it even that rating is GENEROUS. I mean, you will sometimes find someone who is willing to give you some money for armor from an NPC, or help take you some where, or just money for the taxi, but it is rare. Normally while you are training, you end up finding some dick who feels the need to ks you for no reason. Have fun with that. And of course, with all the hackers, that means that the GMs are not really doing their jobs, right? So, yeah, giving this a 2 is very generous.

Story: Doesn't even deserve a rating.

Sad right? I personally never cared for a story line in a game. But when you look at this game, I mean, MapleSTORY. You would think that there is a sort of story. And hell, from what I recall, there used to be. Something about you have to train up to kill the big monster at the end. Very original.

Music/Sound: 1/10

I was dissapointed. I sometimes have my winamp going so that I can listen to music, but some games have a "decent" soundtrack in the game. This game doesn't. Now I know that you probably shouldn't expect much from a game that looks like it is for 9 year olds, though you are suppose to be 13 to play for some reason, but you never know, right? The music sounds some what...bad though.

GMs: 0/10

This is probably the saddest thing I have ever seen. For how long I have played this game, I have never seen an admin. Maybe I am just unlucky. But for playing this game for more than 2 years, I would believe I would see at least one admin. And considering there are so many hackers, you can kind of tell they are not doing anything. The most you get is the patch every now and then that helps with the GameGuard and will stop the hackers for a few days at most. It is very sad to see.

Graphics: 7/10

Though this is a 2D side-scrolling game, the graphics are not too bad. Hell, they kept me in the game for a good two years right? So yeah, this gets a 7.


Giving this a 3/10 I still believe is way too big. Although I did find the game fun for almost 2 years, or more, I realized that I just completely wasted my time. I didn't get very high. It wasn't till a couple months ago that PRIVATE servers were made. So anyone who gets a chance to look at reviews, and sees this one, take the time to think if you want to play this game. It is a soul-sucking waste of a game. Go and spend actual money on a game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/07/08

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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