Review by Mr_Power30

Reviewed: 06/26/08

Great! You killed 20 green mushrooms! Again?

I have been playing MS for a while now and I must say I regret it. Seriously. The name doesnt fit the game. I dont know from where they got maple besides the name of your "tutorial island" and story? Where the hell is the story? Oh, you mean wasting fine hours killing mad pigs just to level up? THAT story?

-Graphics arent that bad

-Addictive in a bad way
-Grinding=Level up
-Quests are boring and repetive
-GMs practically dont care about hackers
-Community sucks
-Very few things to do
-Music is repetitive


It starts off, you have to create your character. You pick a server (Any, theyre all crappy) and then start making your character. You customize it with the very few options available, unless, of course, you pay real money, which I find stupid. Moving on, you have to roll a dice to figure out what your stats are until you are happy with them, as if you were too dumb to type them in yourself. Once that is done, you select your guy and play.

Controls are easy to learn as a beginner. You can either take some tutorial or skip right ahead to the grinding. The tutorial will give you a level or two, and some information such as how to eat an apple. In this case, we can use the expression You are what you eat, since in the tutorial, you are dressed as an apple. No really, an APPLE? Anyway, once finished we move on to the best part of the game---grinding.

On Maple Island youre better off grinding till level 10, or 8 if you wanna become a mage (more on that later). Oh, by the way, you kill very childish monsters. For example, snails, bouncing slimes and mushrooms, walking tree stumps and pigs that want to kill you. Once you get to level 10/8, you can move on to Victoria Island, the island on which youll say "Why am I playing this?".

Now you can choose from 4 classes. Warrior, archer, thief or magician. Theyre all pretty self-explanatory. Then you grind again, but as your class! Wow. So you grind again, and here comes the sad part: the community.

Worse community EVER! You wanna ask for help? Good luck. Want 50 mesos? Good luck. Want someone to move 2 meters to the right? Good luck. The community is here to make your playing experience living hell. If you are with a thief or magician, and you are a warrior, move. They will LOVE KSing you. And dont try asking them. 90% of them will say no.

Maplestory? No. Hacker's Story? Yes. The world is filled with hackers. Hackes here, hackers there. Little bunch of hackers here, sprinkle some hackers there... Now you must be saying "So? The GMs are there!" Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the GMs dont give a damn about them. Ive never seen them do anything about it, if not rarely. Well, at least you got some charming music, right? WRONG!


Please, oh please, get your I-Pod or a CD if you plan on playing this (which I dont recommend). Its torture! Sure, its charming and nice, but you hear that charming and nice song for the 1,000th time, it gets annoying to the extreme.

The souund? Your character doesnt say one single thing! The only thing you hear is the sword swinging and hitting, and the baby cries coming from monsters when they die. Not alot to say here. At least the graphics are a little decent.


Not the best you can have, but ok to withstand. Theyre "cute" little anime figures. (When I say cute, I mean the term Wizet uses) You clothes look ok, but get this: you gotta pay real money to look good. What? You pay 5-6$ for some shier that expires in 3 months. Talk about dumb.


I do NOT recommend this game. It will get you addicted in a bad way. Stay clear of this game, and if you ever bump into it, run away!!!

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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