Review by Marioface5

Reviewed: 08/11/08

The Horror Story about Maple Story

Before this review, just so you know, I used to play this game alot. I played for about 6 months before I realized how much I couldn't stand it. Now you can find out why I quit.

Sound: Let's start the review off with the sound. Utterly annoying is great for describing it. The same sound effects will be constantly heard and re-used in the game. Hitting monsters, jumping, teleporting, dropping things, they all sound bad, and they all sound the same. No matter what your doing in this game, the only way to escape the annoying repeated sounds is to turn your sound off. And trust me, you'll want to do that. 1/10

Music: Wow. The music in this game is, like the sound, annoying and repetitive. The same music is constantly recycled, as if it were paper to save the trees. The music is constantly so cheerful, it sounds like you should be playing a Disney game or taking a stroll in the park. The music in this game is yet another reason to have your sound off. 1/10

Gameplay: Ah, the meat of every game. Or, in this case, the tofu. Let me start off by saying this is the biggest grind I've ever seen. To give you an idea, I've played Runescape, World of Warcraft, Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable, Mech Quest, and others that I don't feel like naming. In this game you will spend hours grinding your way to perfection. What do I mean by perfection? This game gives a whole new meaning to builds, because if you don't have your character follow a build exactly, they will be garbage. One miss click, and you either must make a new character, go on with a garbage character, or spend money to fix him (more on this later).

For your first few levels, you are a beginner. Yes, that's right, Nexon just basically called you a noob. Anyway, from there you can be an archer, a thief, a mage, or a warrior. Then every so many levels you can become more specialized. This game does include skills for you to get with your skill points, but as with most games, there will be choices to make. Unlike most games, there are wrong choices that ruin your hard worked character. Also when you level up, you can spend attribute points, but once again, if you spend them the way you want instead of following the build, it's going to be a huge waste. 1/10

Community: Holy snob Batman! The community of this game is simply horrific. With all of the hackers, scammers, people who will call you a noob, and jerks, if you find a decent person I shall commend you. The community in this game leaves much to be desired, and while Nexon can't (for the most part) help it, a bad community cannot be ignored. 1/10

Payment: Yes, that's right. The advertised "free" MMORPG has payment. No, not typical monthly payment, but you can spend you real life money to get other wise unobtainable in game items and powers. Now, I would have seen this as a good thing, except what you buy lasts usually 90 days before being taken from you. You can buy many items for cosmetic changes, but the big problem is the other things you have to pay real money for. For instance, if you want to reset anything on your character you will have to pay money. A lot of money. The game also becomes broken when you see that you can pay money for XP multipliers, which causes the rich to dominate the poor in terms of level and power. All in all, the Cash Shop is just a way to get players to spend loads of money on an otherwise free MMORPG. 1/10

Graphics: Wow, one of the only two slightly good parts about this game. This game has fairly smooth 2D graphics. They look pretty nice, though the animations get fairly repetitive. The characters are made in an anime styling and are quite colorful. The eyes and equipment looks pretty nice. While the animation is repetitive, it still looks nice and usually runs smoothly with the game. Also, things like spells and arrows usually can be seen hitting the monster when they do, unlike some games where it may fly into the distance as you do damage. Overall, the only downside to the graphics is that they look a little pixleated at times. 7/10

Controls: The other slightly good thing is the customizable controls. For the most part you can set all of your actions to keys, so how well the controls are is really up to the player. The downside, however, is that the controls are still mostly keyboard, and with all of the actions you need to perform, it can sometimes become very annoying. 8/10

Well, here is the end of my review. And for those of you wondering how the game got a 1/10 with an 8 for controls and 7 for graphics, it's because I personally don't believe that those two things alone can save this game. Playing this game is, in my honest opinion, a waste of time, and maybe money.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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