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"Maplestory, a fun game worth months of playing!"

My first review, and for Maplestory. This won't be the best review you've ever read, so be sure not to note all the typos. I'm Dutch, so I don't know all the grammar rules...

Well then, on into the review!

I've played this game for 5 months, and found out that, from the people I knew in the start, almost all of them survived the boringness for those 5 months. That means that most of the people here writing "Boring" "Boring" "Boring" are quite self-centered, because many people can play this game for over 5 months! Furthermore, I didn't stop playing it because I didn't like it anymore, I stopped because we moved to another house, our old house was being destructed and a new house was being constructed at its place! As soon as we're in that house, I'll start all over again!

The first of my 6 ratings, gameplay means how easy it is to use the controls. This one is simple, even for children of around 7 years old (my youngest brother), an as such, you should be able to play it in a superb way, even if you yourself are 7 years old. You can even adjust the settings, customize them so that they fit your fingers. However, sometimes you get stuck because the game doesn't understand your movement quite well. So, this one gets a rating of:

This rating details the graphics. I myself like the graphics, because they are cool, cartoonish and simple, so that they don't distract too much, but they can provide you with hours of fun, just watching all the backgrounds. The graphics, however, are a little stocky, so they won't be the most outstandingly beautiful graphics you've ever seen. Therefore, this one deserves a rating of:

This rating holds my rating of the music and sound quality. My own hearing says that the music is simple, maybe too simple. Feel free to cut the music and put on your own soundtrack, for this is going to be boring. Everything is cool, but if you hear that one cool sound for the 2985th time, you're bored. So, this is the most boring part I found. However, I like the style of the songs, so I just turn on other tracks that sound like this one quite a bit. This one is rated:

Fun/ gamestyle:
This rating is all about how the game is. I let this rating count triple, because it is the most important part of every game. The game is nicely built: First comes the instruction island, before you depart to Victoria Island. Then, you can get a job out of 4 different, and can start gaining specific skills. Even later, you come to the point at which you will get a second job, and you get 2/3 new paths! Each one serves some specific skills, along with some skills all of the branches get. This job build, however, adds to the variety of the game. You can even get yourself all different colours of outfits, along with hats, boots, gloves, weapons, etcetera. This, too, adds to the variety of the game. The game itself is a small error: Maple STORY: No storyline. That's the major thing I miss. Although there are many quests, and many quests that open paths to new quests, there is no true storyline. The only thing you get to do is kill monsters, gain money and experience, and gain levels. But still, it is fun to get into a party and kill monsters along with 2 to 5 others. So, this one gets a rating of:

I hadn't thought about adding this one, untill I saw many other reviews telling everybody that this part ***** (It isn't quite wonderful...). Quite the contrary, I found all the people letting me leech experience, sharing money and telling me secret ways to training spots. Therefore, I think most people aren't too kind themselves, so that the surroundings change themselves to suit the people's behaviour! I was quite open, friendly and I never used swear words (not even ***** *****), and nobody held any grudge against me! So, I will rate this:
?/10 or 9/10 (It depends on you.)

The admins!
The admins don't do a ****! In my 5-month experience, I've "helped" hackers by killing the pray for them (so I soaked up experience!) many times, but I've never seen any admin doing anything about anyone who does anybody harm by teleporting all the creatures to them! I've heard stories about admins doing good things, so I won't rate this one 1/10, but this one doesn't deserve anything higher than:

Add all this together, and you will find: 8.5 + 7.5 + 6 + 9x3 + 9 + 4 = 7.75 -> 8

So the rating for the total game will be 8/10!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/20/08

Game Release: MapleStory (EU, 05/31/07)

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