Review by KuchikiByakuya6

Reviewed: 01/05/09

Maplestory, its not you story, the story belongs to the hackers,jerks, and scammers.

Maplestory is a simple, addictive, and pathetic game. I'm surprised it even got this far.... I played this game as soon as it came out in U.S. I recently played it again after hearing how good people said it was. Now I regret it.

Gameplay 4/10: The gameplay is really simple (the game was meant for kids) to get, just kill things, get money, spend money, and quit. Though, if your a 7 year old its a bit different. You end up playing hours a day, then in the chat box its says "you been playing for 3 hours, we suggest you to take a break". Well, you simply ignore that, and keep playing. What you actually do in the game, is you level up, then do quests that involve getting items for no reason. Yup, the plot is really just about killing animals for their exp/items.

Plot 2/10: I noticed that every single thing you do in the game, is supposed to be part of your story. So basically your story is this "Once a upon a time, a guy was killing snails. He then leveled up, and killed more snails". This game doesn't deserve a title with the word story in it.

Leveling up 1/10 If your as little as 2 levels lower than another person, 90% of them will treat you like crap. The kids of the game will then play all night trying to catch up, thats where they ignore the "you been playing for 3 hours, we suggest you to take a break". Don't get me started on the ability point system. Its like this, each time you level up you get 5 points that you can use to upgrade your stats. Lets say your the same level as someone, and they notice you do 30 less damage than them. They will start thinking you screwed up on upgrading your points. As a beginner in the game(the class you start off is actually called beginner) you won't get the point system well. So you might screw up on 5-10 points. That's enough to make you quit the game, people will insult you for doing less damage. You end up making new characters till you finally have one that's not messed up.

Music/sound 6/10: The music is pretty good/catchy, not much to say about that. The sound effects are ridiculous. The sound of you jumping, sounds like it was taken right from Mario. The sound of you killing a monster, is like the sound of a baby crying. When your on a map with 20 people killing slimes, you hear a baby choking every second.

Community 0/10: This game would be BETTER if you were the only one playing it. When you are a beginner, people scam you out of your money. They actually wait at the place where the beginners get out of the tutorial, and try to trick you. In town, you could see 7 year olds arguing about something stupid. I recently heard this, you can get married. That's scary. You see 7 year old boys looking for a girlfriend online that's probably a guy in disguise, and they get married. There's also reporting button that doesn't even work. So kids end up scamming other kids without any fears. ENVY EVERY FRIEND YOU MAKE before they turn into hackers/quit the game.
Actually you might as well quit the game at this point.

Conclusion 3/10: Unless you use your real life cash, or become a hacker. You get no joy out of this after the first week.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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