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"I hope you like seeing trees"

This review is for the game Maple Story for the PC. Maple Story can be found at if you want to try it out.

Story: N/A Maple Story is an adventure game and rpg in one. But more of an adventure game. I won't give it a rating since it doesn't have that much of a story, but I'll sum up what it does have. You can control a character in the game and you start off on Maple Island. Here you will learn pretty much the basics of Maple Story. NPCs teach you how to run, talk to NPCs(which baffles me), jump, climb ladders and ropes, and many other things. After leveling a bit and learning how to play this game, you will be able to go to the next area in this game: Victoria Island. Here is where the adventure really begins. You will be able to fight stronger monsters, and have more areas to explore. You will also have the option at advancing in jobs at Perion(warrior), Henesys(archer), Kerning City(thief), and Ellinia(mage). Jobs will allow you to learn skills and use them to assist you and your friends in battles. Later on you will be able to advance in jobs again and gain even more skills. There are many quests here for you to attempt.

Graphics: 9 The graphics of this game are pretty good. The backgrounds are nice but more attention is paid to monsters. weapons, and the land closer up. There are many different types of monsters and each have different ways of annoying you endlessly. From the mushroom types to the tree stumps to evil little snakes you'll have adapt to fighting them. The weapons, armors, hats and other equipment look pretty cool too.

Game play: 8.5 The controls are relatively easy to follow. The game even allows you to customize controls to suit you the best. By this I mean changing keys like changing the attack from control to shift or things like that. But one of the annoying things is sometimes you may accidentally hit a key which causes a window to pop up. This can cost you a few hp or your life if you're in a bad spot. But it's not that hard to change it if you have trouble.

The game is a side scrolling mmorpg. It's still enjoyable but can present a challenge if you are in a hurry to get somewhere. Monsters will frequently get in your way making it neccessary to defeat them, take damage, or jump over them and probably take damage anyway. Another disadvantage to the game is that you must pick up drops one by one. You can't just walk to a cluster of them and get them all at once. This is time consuming and could get you hit.

Sound: 9 The music is great. Some tunes are catchy and are nice to listen to wherever you are in the game. However some can become repetitive. But overall the it's not bad. The monsters, weapons, spells and other things all make sounds. Some sounds monsters make when they die can be kinda funny.

Replay Value: 10 There are a lot of things to do in this game. You are capable of making another character and doing it all over, maybe picking a different job this time or doing different quests for fun. But whatever you do the game will still be fun.

Overall: 9 This is a wonderful game. I suggest downloading it and trying for yourself. It'll be worth your time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/05/04

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