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"Think 2D Side Scroller."

The game Maple Story has extended its reaches to the public who speaks in English. The game itself has been made by Nexon, but more importantly Wizet. Nexon has been an established group that has worked on projects such as Shattered Galaxy for the PC. Now I will just go into detail about what this game really is.

Once upon a time, you are in Maple Story. What is the purpose of you being here? There isn't really a final objective or goal that you must achieve. But rather, its more likely than not that you would like to become one of the strongest characters in the games. The stronger you get, the stronger the opponents would get in areas that you couldn't have explored before. Your main character initially starts off with no class (Beginner). During this time, the game utilitizes this opportunity for the player to begin testing out various key controls and allows the player to level up quite a bit.

As you get stronger by gaining levels from killing various monsters, you will then have the chance to make a job advancement at the required levels and stats. The warrior may be found in the barren lands of Perion, the magician can be found in the foliage dense Ellinia, the Bowman can be found in the civilized village of Henesys, and the rogues/thieves are found in the slums of Kerring City.

Obtain skills and increase your proficiency to better equip yourself for the danger that lurks ahead. Levelling will be a difficult factor to overcome when your character has reached level 15 and began the arduous trials of raising their levels up to 30 for the second class advancement. However, a slightly more efficient way would be to go in party groups and achieve quests that are obtained in the various cities. Upon finishing the quests, you will be rewarded with some experience, items, or both.

The game sound and musics have catchy tunes that obviously loops after fourty five seconds or so of playing. Each attack has their own type of animation along with the fact that they may be more beneficial in comparison to others in certain situations.

That is basically all of what occurs in Maple Story. Despite the fact that the game is very simplistic, the designs are developed in a way to captivate the user and to prevent him from despising the game at first glance. The kiddy like drawings and animations or the plays and monster's give it a slightly similar feel to Final Fantasy 11.

As of right now, the game is freeware with a pay to play service for people who want to buy additional armor. Excluding that, the number of values in the game is capable of making this game quite addictive given that regular patches may be used to improved the quality of the game. I would say give this game a shot and do not determine the difficulty of this game until you have reached level 18 or higher.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/09/04

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