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"Super Mario Bros. + Ragnarok Online = Maple Story"

Maple Story is like a mix between Super Mario Bros. and Ragnarok Online with the graphics of GunBound. In my opinion, this is a great mix!

Gameplay 8/10
This is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Therefore it requires lots of fighting monsters and levelling up. Although it gets repetitive after awhile, it's just one of the little things that make an MMORPG an MMORPG. Levelling up by yourself gets tedious after a while, but if you have some friends playing with you it's more fun. You can help each other out as well. After all, online games wouldn't have a point without interaction.

The biggest factor against MS is the lag. The servers are in Korea which is very inconvenient for North American players. The screen will at times freeze and nothing will move for about 20 seconds. After this 20 seconds you will see everything that should have happened move in very fast motion (which is always fun and cool to see ^_^). The weird thing is, you can still attack during this time, giving you lots of experience after the 20 second spike is over! Hopefully, the MS team will get some servers here for us to play lag-free, or almost lag-free.

Control 9/10
What I really like about Maple Story compared to Ragnarok Online is the fact that you use the keyboard to get around. This gives you a better sense of control of your character. The controls are easy enough to master, although there are some awkward set ups. For example, you double click with your mouse to talk to an NPC (Non-Playable Character). This gets very annoying as you need to move your hands all over the place every time you want to talk. Also, the ability to change what keys you use to move would have been appreciated (I am one of those who prefers the WASD format to the arrow keys).

Story 6/10
This an RPG, but it's an MMORPG. I always thought that the two genres contradicted each other. When I think of an RPG, I think of an epic story. MMORPGs however usually have no story whatsoever, just like this one. Seeing as it's an MMORPG, the fact that there is no story is expected, but I sort of wish there was one. I really like my games to have a story and a purpose.

Graphics 9/10
Very nicely done. Everything has that cutesy Anime look that's so popular these days. The backgrounds are detailed and the character armours actually do make a difference in how you appear, just like GunBound avatars. Overall, they're very well done.

Sound 7/10
Nothing to notice here. The sounds are forgettable. I usually don't even play with my speakers on. Like GunBound, most people will choose to put on music of their own in the background. The sound effects however have some effort put into them, the make different noises when hit and there are a variety of them.

Lifeline 7/10
It's an MMORPG, so there is no end to it. However, you will likely tire of it after a while. There is only so many times you can level up before it becomes boring. You need some friends around to play this for a long time. I can usually only play this game for about 2 hours at a time at most. Alone it's more like one and a half hours max. The problem with the friends put more fun into the game factor is that Maple Story only allows 20 users on your buddy list. I found I filled that up within three days of signing up. You'll have to pick who plays the most and hope that MS will add more soon (without the in game option of adding 5 slots for 500,000 mesos).

I guess after you get bored of playing as one class, you can choose another to start again as (There is Mage, Warrior, Thief, and Archer).

Final Rank 8/10
The game is free from, so I say download it and give it a try! You might like it. If not, just uninstall and that's that. I find it fun, but I've been playing for about a week. I'll update this in about a month or two.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/19/04

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