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"A mix between current popular online games"

Maple Story is a simple game. A mix between several current online games. There is the action, platforming element and the RPG portion of levelling up, buying items and so on.

The game graphics is simple and clean. Cute cartoony characters, at a cartoony background. Animations are also simple and basic. Basically everything in the game is 2D. It will remind you of standard platform games like Mario, but not others, like Castlevania, as the graphics are extremely plain and simple.

The whole idea of the game is to just kill creatures, gain experience, get a job (a choice of three) and continue. Meanwhile, players can purchase items like hats and shirts to customise their characters. There is also another "Cash" feature which allows players to use real money to purchase equipment. This is something like "Cash Charge" in Gunbound, another online game.

The game is currently free, and has a few servers for people in a certain region to play together. But what is the fun of slashing things repeatedly, and people who don't understand the rules? For Ragnarok Online players, you should know what is "kill-stealing". It happens commonly here in Maple Story.

After getting a "Warrior" job, the game goes completely stale for me. You cannot find harder creatures to fight, and have to stick with the same ones you used to level up. It gets highly repetitive and dull. People are more concerned with levelling up, they don't talk at all. Trading occurs very rarely. No one cares to help newbies around.

If you love to play games alone, eliminating the whole idea of "playing together", then this game is for you. Hardly anyone really sit down and communicate in this game, which is contradicting the whole idea of "online play". The only people which may talk to you during your gameplay would be the Non-Player Characters, who speak bad English.

This game originated from Korea. From what I know, normally kids play this game, which is why the graphics and text are kept simple to understand and generate appeal for them.

Maple Story is a game with good potential. However, no one seems to bother much about the community. I'd suggest that you try the game, however, since it's free, and see whether you like it or not. If you love games like Ragnarok Online, Gunbound and MU Online, I suggest that you stick with those games.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/08/04

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