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"Add Mario plus a bit of Final Fantasy, and maybe even some Zelda and you've got..."

...Maple Story! A side-scrolling MMORPG(believe it or not) that's actually pretty successful. Sure a Mario-type online game may sound stupid, but this is actually one of the most original and fun online games out there. And YES, it is completely free.

I will use the traditional 0-10 grading scale to rate "Maple Story". Also, as a side note, this game had many different languaged sites, something you don't see much. Such as, the English one, and a Korean one, and so on.

Graphics- 9/10

This game is 2D, but the graphics are awesome. The backgrounds for this game are VERY well drawn. And the clouds are constantly moving in the background as well, and it's always a sunny day(in most places), so it creates a nice enviroment, the kind that makes you feel just a bit better to be lookin' at it. The characters are good as well. Nice anime style face and hair designs. The characters are fully customizable, to what color their hair is, to what kind of shoes they're wearing. Indeed, no two players will look the same... very often.

Sound- 10/10

Maple Story's sound effects probably aren't the best, but having music playing in the baxkgrounds at all times really does make it seem like you're playing a SNES game, which isn't bad. Fortunately, no footsteps sounds, as that would be very irritating(there are tons of people everywhere). But there's a sound effect when you jump, attack, etc. But the music is the real winner here.

Story- 2/10

Uh, maybe I missed something here, but I have never heard of any sort of "story" to this game, really all that happens is you start off at Maple Island, or something, and you're there with tons of other newbies, and you kill these snails and mushrooms.. and.. um, well, you just level up, but there's no story apparently... Or maybe I just missed something.

Fun Factor- 10/10 (yeah that name's used a lot, so what...)

No blood... no real violence... but that's certainly not a bad thing, unless you're one of "those" people.. who just love those gory games. Meh, I do too, some of them, but I also like this game as well. Easy to use controls; control to attack, alt to jump, etc., it's a real easy and fun game to play. Though leveling may be time-consuming and tedious at times, this game is tons of fun. Especially the platform-jumping part of this game. It reminds me of Mario so much. It's a lot of fun jumpin' around on stuff, and that's just one of the many fun things to do in the game. You can group with people to set up parties, for exp./money sharing. Enemies almost always drop loot and money, the loot is usually a mob-specific that's only good for selling, but hey, it's still loot. Also, a cool part is the level up. Because it shows the animation, sound and the "level up!" picture. And everyone can see you level up. Meh, no big deal, but I like it.

All in all, this game is great. It's completely free too, so why not give it a try? I'd say more but I think I reached my word limit...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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