Review by Dr Luigi 21

"Too Tedious to be Great"

Maple Story Review
By Dr Luigi 21

Maple Story, an online game found at, is ok. It is extremely popular in Japan, China, and Singapore. This English version was released a few months ago.

One plus of the game is that it is free. Even if you try it out, you can stop playing without feeling you lost money. The way Maple Story's creators, Wizet make money is going to be by offering in-game items for real money. This feature has not been implemented yet though.

Since the English version of Maple Story is relatively new, there are many spelling mistakes and glitches. Many features seem to be available, but many times, some items are nonfunctional. It feels like a half-complete game, which is partially true.

The graphics are 2-D, and made in an anime style due to the Asian origin. They work pretty well for this style of game. The sound is not great, but it works well enough.

The real part of the game, the gameplay, is very fun at first. It gets very tedious as you progress. I played for about a month, then quit, as the leveling was getting way too hard. Although you get better rewards and items as you level, in my opinion, it is too hard to level, with not enough benefits.

Another part of this game is the fact it is online. Although the chat system is a bit awkward, this game is much more fun with friends. You can fight enemies and trade items with friends. Another thing to add is that the trade system is very good at prevent scamming.

The community of the game is another bad point. There are many people who hack the game to get advantages or to kill other players. Many other people bot, and even more people are just plain abusive. Don't plan to make too many online friends if you play Maple Story.

Another point is there is not PvP. Some people might think of this as a pro, some people might believe it is a con. You can decide for yourself.

Overall, you should give this game a try if it sounds interesting to you. You can always stop playing because it is free. If you don't mind a little tediousness, this game is for you.

Main Pros and Cons
-It is free
-Variety of creative items

-Tedious leveling
-Bad community
-Glitches and spelling mistakes

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/24/05

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