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"Maple Story, Convincing at least"

Maple Story is an MMORPG (Massive Multi player On-line Role Playing Game)
this means you get to control a small character and you can walk around, kill monsters, and talk to other people (People who are connected to the game only duh).

Now here's the pros and cons of this game.

- You can meet other people
- Fun to play while partying (killing monsters with a team of players)
- Addicting play

- Loads of Patches (around 2 every week)
- Loads of hackers
- Boring when you first start (no one cares for newbies anyway)
- BIG Download (you get to download 20 parts of it)


Graphics- 8
The graphics are Anime-like, in other words Cartooned. This may look the game is a complete kinder garden as the monsters are cute and also your character is really well made. (With Facial Expressions, and every change of outfit is noticed)
The graphics are 2D and are based in Scroll Screen (Like the Super Mario games)

Fun Factor- 8
This game can be really funny to some people and real boring to other people. If you got friends that changes the perspective, because you can hunt with them, party, and even do some mini games (Not Implemented yet).
But when you first start things can be real boring. Take a Mage for example, their Mana Point Regen is so slow that you need around 5 minutes for it to regenerate fully. But when you are an High level it changes, Spells badly hurt your mp and it regens like there is no tomorrow.

The game's controls are really easy to learn and master. They are not complicated and well explained.

As for the game, I think there are no major problems. You get to travel a lot and fight many monsters. The downside is that when you have a job (Warrior, Mage, Archer or Thief) you get to lose experience, which is extremely bad. But you get the fight monsters, pick up items, get friends. In other words you only contribute for monsters extinction just to gain some levels. Problem is that being in 2D there is no way you can avoid monsters without jumping over them, this leads to massive “kill-stealing” (other person finishes the monster you were killing thus getting some experience). Since there is no other way people tend to kill whatever is on their way even if other person is killing it.

Players- 4
The biggest downside this game has is it's community. Often you will find an Hacker, which is annoying since the speed of your connection decreases thanks to that user's hacks. Even more often is the angry/antipathethic players. I think that most people from Maple Story only want your Items and/or money. This means it's hard to find friends there, since most people will call you names if you make a simple question. However the friends you get can be kept for a Long time since there is a Buddy List which can hold up to 20 people.

Sound- 7
The music itself isn't that much of a great thing. When your hear it first time you may think that it is catchy and funny, however some minutes later you will find turning BGM off. When your are waiting for Party Quest, Kerning's music couldn't be more boring. The effects are well done, every thing you do has a sound effect related to it.
What is best about sounds is that, unlike most online games, they don't slow down your communication.

Being a MMORPG there isn't much of story relayed to it, you just get to do some quests and wander your own way.

Replay Value-N/A
Being a MMORPG, Maple Story almost never ends, you can create up to three characters in one account letting you experience different paths.

This concludes this Review. Maple Story is well worth it if you like MMORPGs.
Just go download the game now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/09/05

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