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"Horrible and absolute waste of time."

Let me start off the review with this statement; Maple Story is a complete waste of one's time. It is basically an MMORPH that's based on a 2D scrolling style with several popular RPG elements introduced.

The amount of time one would spend playing this game and leveling is completely ludicrous. It takes approximately 1 hour just to gain one level and between the levels of 1-10 (1-8 if you're a mage), you're basically just wacking spawns over and over with that weapon you';ve started with in the beginning.

The graphics in the game are okay, but nothing compared to the simple 2D graphics of Gunbound. The makers decided to keep it simple and implemented some cutesy to attract mostly younger audiences. However, there is a HUGE lack of customization available. You can start off choosing how your character's face, eyes, shirt, pants and shoes will look like, but they are limited and each of them have a max of 3 available choices. There is nothing impressive with the magic attacks or monsters that you'll be meeting.

As for sounds...well, they're not as impressive as I thought they were, coming from a place where Gunbound originated. The music is mediocre and repetitive when you shift from level to level that you don't even notice the transition. Sounds are horribly produced.

Controls are even more complicated. Sometimes I find myself mashing the keyboards trying to attack a monster but find out in the end that I had to disable the "type" function (yes, when writing a message, all other functions on the keyboard and disabled and you are left paralyzed on the field and vulnerable to attacks).

For gameplay, like what I wrote above, take a tedious amount of precious time just to get to the point that you can select a specialized class (there are 4; mages, wizards, rogues and thieves), and yet, you still find yourself doing the same thing as you did before...leveling up and mashing monsters.
An MMOPRH usually consists of a changing storyline. With Maple Story, which was horribly translated from Korean, HAS no linear storyline. Rather, you just go around talking to NPCs and they'll ask you to do specific things such as deliver a letter to another city or fetch them a piece of apple.

Next thing you know, you're back in the field just beating the CTRL key on your keyboard to level up to a 55.

Many complaints to be done to the community; it's filled with illiterate youngsters who are too lazy to type on the keyboard...rather than throw a few swears at you. There's a huge lack of co-operation because everyone wants the glory for themselves, whether it's stealing the item dropped or gaining experience.

Another complain about this game is that there's no PVP. It's mundane to fight the same monster that had spawned for the 100th time. But then, even if the PVP feature was enable, I wouldn't even boost this review to a 4.5.

Complete waste of time.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/31/05

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