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Review For Maple Story
By: Little Devil Killer

Game-play - 9/10
This game is unlike most other games, as it is a side-scrolling 2D MMORPG. Although it is somewhat of a level grinder once you hit second jobs, it becomes pure fun once you hit 40 plus. The sheer amount of monsters you can choose to hunt enhances the game-play and the skills are unique and vary from job to job, whether you be a Rogue, Assassin, Bandit,, Warrior, Page, Fighter, Spearman, Mage, Cleric, Fire Wizard, Ice Wizard, Lightning Wizard, Archer, Hunter Or Crossbowman, the fun never stops. Although leveling can be tedious at times, if you just make sure you have fun during the game, it seems a lot easier to be able to have fun and level.

Graphics - 8/10
Going back to the fact that its 2D and side scrolling the graphics are quite impressive but nothing compared to any of the leading MMORPG's out there. Since Maple Story is free I'd say this is as good as it gets for F2P games. Its originality from other games sticks out and slaps you in the face with a wet fish. Although some of the graphics are sketchy, and you can float in air off platforms, it is still a decent graphical game.

Sound/Music - 2/10
If you like the maple story music, I am very sorry but you fail at life. Not only is it quite annoying because you spend numerous amounts of hours in a map so it makes the music last longer, the music itself is just plain bad. Sure its dramatic and nice to listen to once in a while, but at this time in the game, most Maplers turn off the In-Game music, and listen to their own.

Interface/Controls - 10/10
The controls that are able to use in this game is awesome. From hotkeys, to inventory, to skills, to abilities, to just about everything you can think of, Maple Story has a very nice configuration. The chat system is very, very decent; you are allowed to bring up to 3 friends into a privatized chat which makes thing easier. Also all keys can be customized to your own satisfaction. It isn't that hard to maneuver through the game either. In the future the game will support the use of gaming pads.

Requirements – Extremely Low
A good thing about game in particular is that it doesn't require a lot of MB and a top-of-the-line computer or graphics card. It also doesn't need your internet to be that high, it can even be run on a 56k modem and still be pretty decent in running the game without lag, although Wizet is known to have laggy servers >.>

Overall - 8/10
Maple Story is indeed a good and addictive game, I like it and I probably will keep at it for a while, the 2D Side-Scroll is unique to all other MMORPGs out there. Even though this isn't by far the BEST MMORPG out there, it ranks among one of the top for mine. Why you ask? Simple, it doesn't require a lot of memory to save onto your computer, your computer can be almost any model and it will still be able to run on your computer, your internet can be whatever, literally and finally, its executable on all windows, which is the most used computer program. If you don't mind spending a few times leveling, I recommend this game to all gamers, young and old.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/27/05

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