Review by LoneSpherePsi

Reviewed: 06/27/05

Maple Story, a game judged by the visuals, and not by the game play.

Maple Story is an MMORPG created by Wizet. This game has the typical features to be found in an MMORPG, but most with a twist. Sure you have quests, monster hunting, experience, and a community to interact with, but this game makes it feel different. Whether or not the game does it well is the real question.

Story: Well, Maple Story has no...well...Story. You're a person on an island who's goal is to become the strongest person in all of the Maple Story world I guess. To become the best, you must first pick a class though. After you've picked one of the four base classes (Bowman, Rogue, Magician, or Warrior) the story is effectively made up by you.

GamePlay: Killing monsters will take up 99% of your time while playing Maple Story. To level, you must kill monsters. To get items required for quests, killing is yet another necessity. To get new powers or skills, you must level, which means more killing. If senseless killing and two dimensional violence is one of the things you truly enjoy doing, this us the perfect type of MMORPG for you. Partying isn't exactly needed, but it could help you gain a social relationship with other players and keep your interest in this game longer seeing as most people tire of doing the same thing in a game.

Graphics: These graphics are something Maplestory does completely different from most of the current MMORPGs. The graphics are two-dimensional, but give the game a much deeper feel. The colors are bright and many of the skills are fun to watch. The only thing that I see that could be a potential downside to the two dimensional graphics is that many people are used to seeing games in three dimensions. Personally, the 2d makes the game seem less like a run of the mill MMORPG and more of a classic game we've all played before.

Music & Sound: The music in this game is quite fun to listen to at first, but if you train in the same location for an extended period of time, it can bore you to sleep in your computer chair after awhile. The sound effects are great in my opinion. The slashes, sparkles, grunts and gurgles of the game will be quite enticing. Out of the music and sound, I'd choose to mute the music, find your own, and keep the sound on.

Replayability: Once you tire of one type of character, there's almost always more to choose from. Cleric, Assassin, Spearman, Bandit...There's just so many different character options that you could play this game for years and never play all the characters to their full potential. I feel replayability is great in that aspect.

Controls: The controls are completely customizable. When you choose to change controls, it brings up a keyboard layout and you can put what you want, where you want. If you don't like using a keyboard, you can use a controller instead! That makes these controls unbeatable.

Overall: Maple Story is underestimated by those who just glance at it, but if you look underneath, you find a truly solid MMORPG. It's definitely worth a try.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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