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"Maple story.....Exceeding the Standards"

Maple Story is a free online MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that really set the bar for the other free online games; you create a character, Name Him or Her, Customize your character and set out on Maple Island, which is basically full of beginners. When you feel like you have trained enough there you leave on a boat to Victoria Island which is pretty much Where your free, You can choose from Four different classes once you meet the special requirements in stats (Magician, Warrior, Thief, and Bowman) Each class has its own pros and cons such as Warriors has high strength, Magicians can use magic, Thief's can use claws and Bowman's can use arrows. There are three different islands…..Maple Island, Victoria Island and Orbis which has the strongest monsters in the game. There are a ton of things you can do in Maple Story like Meet new people, Become the strongest you can be, Travel around places…ect Or you can set your own goals like Becoming Level 50 or Getting a strong weapon…ect
There are two different servers which you can choose from to: Scania (Which is always crowded) and Bera (Which usually has events like Double item drops and such). And the best thing about Maple Story is that it's free!


Maple Story really had outstanding game play even though what most people do is level up constantly. Maple Story has a lot of things that makes it stand out from all the other games to such as….Facial Expressions!! Ever seen a game with Facial Expressions??? To use them just press any button from F1 to F7, Its pretty fun walking around town with a sad face on. Another thing that makes Maple Story unique is the ability to buy Pets, When you buy one you can name it, Feed it and tell it what to do (Down, Up, ECT) and it follows you everywhere so it can't get lost. The last thing I thought made Maple Story special was the Cash Shop; you use real money to buy Maple Story items such as Pets, Hair coupons…ECT. About the leveling system, I think its pretty fair for a level 3 newbie to level up in about 5 minutes and a level 57 cleric to level up in a couple of hours, It works out quite well. Some people believe that there is not enough stuff to do in Maple Story…..In my eyes there's plenty to do like Go train in different areas, Meet friends, Join party's, Get Fame, and basically have fun.


For people who believe there is a story in Maple Story, They are completely wrong; they are probably thinking of quests. There is NO story in Maple Story.


Ok so the graphics weren't spectacular but it was pretty good for a free game, probably the best. The detail on the characters was awesome but there should have been more customization on the face and more detailed body parts. The backgrounds on the game were top of the line especially the animations but they should have made it so the area you are in reflects on the background and stuff (Rain, Snow…ECT). The monster detail was good; they put so much detail in the big monsters (Balrogs...ECT) Such as the vein marks, Wings…ECT. As of the character again


They could of improved a lot on the sounds, such as the character footsteps, more monster noises and allow the character to talk or make some kind of sounds, But nevertheless Maple Story's sound was exceptionally good for a FREE online game. The in-game music is good the first 5 times you hear it but when you hear the same music when you're staying the area like 10+ times, it gets annoying. Very annoying.


Maple Story has some great replay factor even if the game doesn't end, if you get tired of playing a Warrior and you feel you want to make another character without deleting your current one you might be a Magician or something (You can hold up to three characters simultaneously on each server). Or you feel you messed up your stats and want to start over, or you might want three characters just to get more items or money, either way its fun playing it over and over.


Maple Story has really exceeded the standards of free online games and pretty much everything is great except for part of the community (Cursing, Constant defaming…ect). If you haven't started playing Maple Story you should really start now. The download is pretty big but once you start playing it there's really no more difficulties or anything harmful to your computer. By far Maple Story is probably one of the best free online MMORPG's out there now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/11/05

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