Review by Seriona Kira

Reviewed: 01/05/06

'Don't Judge a book by it's cover'. Perfect Title.

I'm sure alot of you new players to this game have heard about it from Gunbound, or from another site. Perhaps you've seen the ad that plays on Gamefaqs' home page once in a while. The ad does not even begin to show off the incredibility of this game.

Gameplay 9/10
This is why you came to this review, to see what the whole game is about. You will not be disapointed as you read this review. Hopefully, the actual game is much better then this, because I truly cannot start to discribe the gameplay. However, I will try to briefly go over each of the games aspects. You start off as a 'beginner' class, and at a tiny island. The island is only for beginners, so you will be crowded with people who are stupid. It'll be very frustrating for users who are not used to 'nubs' that go crazy over the smallest thing you do.

They will be saying things like 'cc plz' which means change channel, or 'stop ks!!!", meaning kill stealing. Even if you hit their monster once, it'll mean ksing. Just move on, and no need to respond to those people, or else you will be 'defamed' at higher levels (15 to defame/fame). Defame/Fame is a virtual point, which shows on your 'profile'.

Anyways, there are 4 classes. Mages, Warriors, Bowmen, and Thieves. They can then 'job advance' to even more classes, and then, again to even more. You should read the FAQs, or the official website's 'Guides' to get a better grasp of this.

Control 9/10
The controls are very straight-forwards, and simple. You do not have to use the same controls as every other player. You customize your controls to your liking, with a simple click of a button. The default keys, is what I recommend, so you can use the rest for skills, later on. Moving is very easy, and there is a simple tutorial at the begenning. You do not use the mouse to click and move, which I really hate in alot of MMORPGs. This is a very nice addition to this game, and will welcome players of the console type.

Story 5/10
There is no real storyline to this game, It's an MMORPG. YOu can do quests and such, which is the only real storyline. You train, level up, get new items, train again, etc etc. There are, like I said, quests which are fun to do. There are jump quests, item quests, hunting quests, etc. It takes a while to get the items, and there are level restrictions on all of the quests.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are truly awesome. This game is amazing for a 2D game. You would think it's kiddish and such, but put it on full-graphics and it's awesome. Doesn't lag, or slow down your computer much either. The monsters, the attacks, and everything are truly awespiring. They really get your attention, and get you hooked on the game. I guarantee you'll be thinking differently after playing the game. Don't push it aside, beacuse it looks kiddy.

Sound 5/10
Eh, sound isn't that great. It's ok, but not really needed for this type of game. Just listen to whatever floats your boat while training. Something that gets you into the 'zone out, but paying attention' mood, so you can keep grinding away.

The community is awful. It has too many 'nubs'. They're idiots, and ruin the game for alot of the players. Don't be one of them. Try to type well, and spell well. It really does affect the game for others when you go up to them and say "lol wai u dun chng chanlz pls, tank u cc plz". Just be curteous, and if people are being idiots, brush 'em aside. People WILL be comming to ks you for no reason. (Kilsteal). They'll be following you around, harassing you for no reason. Try to ignore them, but It'll be hard. It gets on my nerves sometimes too.

Don't add to the idiots, be part of the people who are the opposite.

Play Time/Replayability
It depends on if you like hardcore grind leveling. If you don't, you'll get tired of this game immediately, and quit. It's just like any other MMORPG. Level, and if you can't, quit. If you get tired at level 10 of leveling, they you really don't stand a chance. Level 10 is very, very easy to get to. You must get it in a day, if you really want to have any chance in this game. I've slacked off leveling, and talk to friends more, but I can still level to 10 EASLY in one day.

Final Rank 9/10
It's an awesome game. Just don't brush it aside because of the initial view on it. It's better then that, and games deserve more of a chance then a 'judge by the cover'. Give it a try, it won't hurt.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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