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"Be ready to sacrifice something of yours, namely your soul."

How I first played this game? A friend of mine introduced me to this game while we were parting in community service. I can surely say that it was the biggest mistake that I had ever made.

First off, this game is like an addictive chore that is seemingly well .. Fun. It's a large download and once you double-click the icon on your desktop, say GoodBye to your soul. This could be hell to people that run on 56K. Let's just say, whoever introduced you to the game is a real McAsshat. You'll soon find out that it will consume your soul and there's no turning back. You'll refuse to study, go out with friends and you'll avoid outdoor activities.

Once your account is made, and your pin and password has been securely made, it's time for you to make your character. You don't have many options to choose from based on Hairstyle, hair color, Face etc. The clothes you choose now will not matter as you will afford decent clothing later. It's a disappointment that there aren't much to choose from, but hell, it's a free game, so who's complaining? Choose what class you will want to be ahead of time and don't **** around with your stats. I swear, it will really mess you up in the future. Each class mainly focuses on only two of the four stats. Warriors are STR and DEX, Archers are STR and DEX as well, Magicians are INT and LUK, and Thieves are DEX and LUK. The other two ignored stats of the class you decide to be should be as low as possible. 4 is the lowest numbered stat possible so try to roll a 4/5, or 5/5. Roll a 4/4 if you're H4rDc0r3 and have the patience. Also, be careful when allocating your skill points. Refer to one of the guides here for help. You won't regret it for sure. To the main point, what you do in this game is level for countless hours and do quests. You heard me, and you're probably in the status of saying "Then why the hell would I want to waste my time with this game?" The answer is simple. It's addicting. You get your job at Level 10 (8 for Magicians) and realize there's more to come. As you level, you get more motivated for more skills and new equipment that you can't stop. There are five towns: Perion, Henesys, Ellinia, Kerning City, and Sleepywood. These towns give you options to train at places and experiment like never before. There is also another place you can visit by taking the boat in Ellinia. This place is called Ossyria. Don't even bother with this until you're level 30+ because all you're asking for is a beating. Monsters here are weak to fire as this place is Ice-based. Great for fire wizards. "Cash Shop" is also implemented so people with money that they don't know what to do with should take a look at this. There's a lot of eye candy items. Guilds are also able to be created. So partner up with friends and make a kickass guild. This game is pure grinding so do yourself a favor and if you run low on time nowadays, don't even bother with this game.

The Music is cute, and some tunes can get a little catchy. Most fit the mood quite well. If you aren't that type of person, bump up your own music. Most sounds are also pretty decent. They're simple and to the point. Nothing special here but it could get a little repetitive sometimes because you're gonna be with this damned game for quite a while now.

Unique, Excellent, Outstanding. Three words to sum it all up. This is a 2d MMORPG side-scrolling game. It's like playing a cute anime game hacking and slashing objects that you will never find yourself slashing in real life. Your moving will only consist of moving left or right so it won't seem realistic one bit.

Maple Story? I'm kind of light-headed on the Maple part. Maple Syrup? I don't know what the hell Wizet was trying to prove but it's randomness makes me laugh. Anyway, forget the Maple. This is your story.

This is where the game really shines. One of the few PC games where you get to customize your own controls. It's unique, clever and not at all annoying. Change your controls whenever you like as you're free to do so.

Overall: 8/10
Not the best game in the world, but it will keep you hooked until you can't stand it any longer. This game will truly steal your soul. What's so great about this game is that you can interact with other people. One of the reasons I play this game. Friends really do make a difference. Once in a while you will encounter newbs(new people to the game) and asshats. They will constantly piss your load and that's where the cons kick in. There's a lot of "KSing"(Kill Stealing) in this game and the best decision for the situation is just do change channels or deal with it. It's not worth getting defamed over or arguing over something idiotic. So, go download this game at their official site and test it out yourself while being charmed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/07/06

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