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Reviewed: 04/04/06

Dark Young Link has dropped Maple Story's level of fame!

Welcome. This is my first review and it's of a fun game called Maple Story. Maple Story is your basic MMORPG. You can choose one of four classes. The strong and enduring warrior, the swift and deadly rouge, the precise and dead on aiming archer or the magican. Now you may of notice I'm really not phrasing the magician. The reason will come soon enough. You kill monsters, you level up, you kill more monsters, you level up some more. You get money (meso) from monsters to buy better equipment, or if you're lucky the monster will drop superior equipment for you. Sounds simple enough? Keep reading.

Gameplay 7/10 : Ok I'll admit that this is a pretty fun game. You start off as a mere beginner. Hunting snails and hoping that you'll advance to your first job. The controls are simple,arrow keys to move around, the Control key to attack and the Alt key to jump. You can put your skills and items on your hot keys (Insert-Page Down button) so you can use skills quickly or drink a potion before you get killed. If you do die you lose a certain % of your exp depending on your class (10% for warriors and archers, 6-7% for magicians and about 5% for rogues). You can regenerate HP on your own if your stand still but that gets slow after a while. Lag can be a problem. NEVER go to channel 1 unless you need to sell something. Unless you enjoy the monsters getting several free shots in. When you level up enough you can do quest. Sounds like fun? Think again. For the most part said quest will involve you fighting monsters you're FAR too weak to fight then, or the dreaded jump quest which brings back all the bad times of the Super Mario games. Lastly, the leveling can go by EXTREMELY slow when you're a higher level. I'm talking less than 10% an hour slow. Despite the problems this game is pretty fun. Until you meet the community.

Story N/A Ironic a game called Maple Story has no story.

Graphics 9/10 : The graphics are wonderful and looks like a small anime sometimes. The monsters look really great, especially some of the bigger ones (that will leave newer players cowering in fear the first time) Your character's appearance can be changed pretty nicely. If you want to take the next step there's the Cash Shop. This is where you pay real money to obtain various items like clothing, charm that prevents exp loss, even a pet(which is just there for looks really).

Music/Sound 5/10 : The music can be catchy sometimes. Other times it's just annoying. The lack of soundtrack does little to improve things. On the plus side, quite a bit of the monster's death cries are amusing. All I can really say is that you'll either get used to all of this or you'll be turning the volume down.

Community 0/10 : This really deserves a -50. Yep the community alone ruins this game. If you're a newbie, don't expect too much help. You'll be labled a noob and get no respect. Also beware as many people WILL try to rip you off by selling you overpriced stuff or buying your stuff underpriced. This is but the beginning. Many users will KS you, that is to kill a monster you were busy attacking. This cuts into your exp/money and can even lose you a good drop. Ah but it gets even more grim. If you're a warrior, prepare to get KSed to hell and back. Magicians do not like you AT ALL. They will harass you and you can do little about it since they outrange you. Rouges are the worst,as they KS EVERYONE once they get the chance. Prepare to meet some of the rudest people ever when you see these guys in the high levels. If you are the unfortunate soul to be a mage. You are THE most DISCRIMINATED class in Maple. People will assume you're out to KS them. People WILL ks you because "your kind did it to them in the past". Even Clerics are not exempt from this. Oh and even if you were strong early on you'll be the weakest class for the remainder of the game. People will also beg you for stuff if you look even the slightest bit strong. This gets very annoying. Lets not forget the asshats. If you go on a map someone else is training on expect a "cc plz" before you even notice them.

They will expect you to know that this means "change channels please" yet don't have the decency to spell it. If you don't leave expect to get harassed. So yea, people don't like sharing here.Now let me tell you about the Fame system. Fame generally says "I'm important, worship me." People even pay to be famed. The REAL use of Fame is to wear certain equip and do certain quest. However there are two problems. The first problem is that people will try to sell you fame. You pay them and they run off, or if you're selling you fame them and they don't pay. The second thing wrong is that people will defame you FOR NO REASON. You can be afk and come back to see you were defamed. People also "mass defame" you if they don't like you and you don't bow down to them. Then there are the hackers. Expect to see plenty of it. A vac hacker can make all the monsters fly towards him while he kills them all. The hacker will of course have god mode as well. They will usually change channels if you encounter them. As for the scammers, they usually try to trade you and tell you to presss "tab tab space enter" this will make you accept with your items in the trade and the scammer gets your items for free. As for the guilds, they exist for one thing. Ks wars. If you piss off someone in a guild you can expect 20+ people to come and ks/defame/harass you. Trust me, everyday in Maple Story is an increased rate of health problems.

Lastly the "GMs" or GameMasters. They are supposed to uphold the law. However you'll find out that they are the most idiotic people yet. Report all you want, a GM will almost NEVER come. I'm pretty sure as of today a certain hacker is still free to hack as the GMs certainly won't ban him for it. So the report feature is useless as no one will help you. They however will ban YOU if some jerk gets 20+ of his friends to report you under false reasoning.


Don't download this game. You risk punching out your computer in blind rage. There are few people worth knowing. Even the Board on Maple Story is filled with trolls and idiots. Go to your nearest kindergarten, I'm sure the students there are more mature than the users on Maple Story will ever be. Better spelling and grammar to.

DYL out!

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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