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"The whimsical world of Maple Story"

Maple Story is a free online MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that is similar to any other MMO; you make your character, name him or her, and level them up like mad until you feel as though you've accomplished something. Yeah, it sounds boring but somehow this game sucks you in and makes itself fun! One of the things that probably make this game for great is the fact that it is original, to a certain level. The most stand-outish feature of this game is the fact that it's 2-D. Yeah, a 2-D MMO!

Would I like this game?

Well, it really depends on your gaming style. If you are on of “those” people that won't go anywhere near a game that is rated “M” for blood and violence I don't even know why you are looking at this review, stop reading now and go play “Doom” or whatever. This game is nothing like any of those. If you're into the old-school platformers then this really is the game for you. The easiest way to describe Maple Story is this. The Final Fantasy Series + Ragnarok Online + Any of the Mario games (Yes, including Mario Vs. Donkey Kong) = Maple Story. Maple Story really is a great mix of all the great games out there. Actually, I bet those that are into violent games will even enjoy this MMO; considering the fact that it is free, fun, and friendly!

Gamplay – 8/10

Ok, so this is probably THE most successful 2-D MMORPG ever (and probably one of the only). But why is it so great? The graphics in this game are all done in a cute anime style. The back round is very nicely done and always moving around. It makes this game nice to look at, more enjoyable. The controls in this game a great, you can customize your setup using the easy to navigate keyboard model in game to set your skills and potions to something within your own comfort zone. The only problem I have observed with this way of doing it is the fact that the movement keys are limited to the arrow keys on your keyboard. But still it's a nearly flawless way to do it and I thanks Wizet for making it this way. This game mainly focuses on interaction with other players, which can be easily done over all of the 5 servers with the buddy list and guild systems. You can communicate with up to 50 buddies at once, and an additional 30 with the newly introduced guild system. Now to explain how you actually go about playing this game. You start off on Maple Island and get to level 10 (level 8 if you want to be a magician) after you leave Maple Island you go to Victoria Island where you will spend probably around the next 30 levels. If you get bored there you can get on the boat and visit Ossyria, or go to Ludibrium. The main thing you can do in this game is mindlessly grind to the next level so you can wear new clothes. It gets a bit repetitive after a while.

Story – NA/10

I may have missed something but from what I know Maple Story has no storyline what so ever. If you think the multiple quest count as a storyline you're wrong. Of course you do three to four quests every five to ten levels and it takes some of your precious time to do, but guess what? They aren't important to the story of Maple Story. Why? Because there is no story of course! Silly you, you thought the game had “character development” and a “plot” this whole time? Didn't you? Well, you're wrong. Just plain wrong.

Sound – 10/10

The ingame music really makes Maple Story shine. It's very peaceful and relaxing. All of the skills have a sound to accompany them; luckily there is no sound for when you walk. All of the monsters make a cute little sound that sounds more like they are being tickled by a cuddly little teddy bear than being hit with some of the oversized weapons that the characters can wield. It would drive most people insane, considering how many people are crowded into some of the maps.

Play Time/Replayability – NA/10

THIS GAME CONSUMES YOUR SOUL. You can't really “replay” it because the grinding never ends. The closet you can get to “replaying” it is making a new character, which will just lead to another endless path of levelling! But seriously; This game never ends. If you want a quick playing game with “excitement” and “action” I suggest you go elsewhere. This game is for the truly hardcore (No, not really). The only thing that gives this game a bit of variety is the assorted bosses in this game that you can fight with a party of fellow high levelled players. These bosses drop an assortment of rare weapons and equipments. Even these bosses get boring over time, but I would be surprised if someone can get to a high enough level and do these quests enough times to make them boring.

Overall – 9/10

This game is addicting, and yet you don't want to stop. It has a lasting appeal and can stay fun for a few good months. It seriously steals your soul. The main thing that keep people playing are their friends that they meet on Maple Story. You will be constantly running into “noobs” (new people to the game that enjoy butchering the English language) and asshats. KSers (Kill stealers) will drive you insane but just change channels and get over it. It's not worth your time to stand there arguing with and idiot. If that is the sort of thing you are looking for go out and steal a homeless persons cardboard box, same level of intelligence there as there is in arguing with someone you will most likely never see again. Give this game a go, download it at (only works in Internet Explorer) and be whisked away to the whimsical world of Maple Story.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/05/06

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