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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bisected8

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 02/20/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 |                    |
                                 |    SECOND SIGHT    |
     1. Introduction (ITD)
     2. Story (SRY)
     3. Controls (CTRL)
     4. Guide (incomplete) (GDE)
    a) Isolation (ILN)
    b) Preparation (PPN)
    c) Experimentation (EPTN)
    d) Fieldwork (FDWK)
    e) Escape (EAE)
    f) Madness (MDS)
    g) Rescue (RCE)
    h) Reliance (RLC)
    i) Entrapped (ETD)
    j) Streetlife (SLF)
    k) Teamwork (TWK)
     5. Powers Guide (PWS)
     6. Weapons guide (WPN)
     7. Credits/Legal (C/L)
    |                  |
    |   Introduction   |
    Good morning (or evening or Afternoon) I am Bisected 8 and this is my guide to
    Second Sight, the third title to be made by Free Radical (the creators of
    Goldeneye and the Timesplitters series). This is my first guide and hope you
    enjoy it, but remember that I'm a Brit (or Limey or whatever you call us on
    your side of the pond) and "spelling mistakes" are just English spelling. Also
    remember that a "lift" is an "elevator". To move to any section highlight the
    letters in brackets then hold down control and press "C", "F" and "V" then
    press enter.
    |                  |
    |      Story       |
    John Vattic (formally a respected scientist) wakes up bruised and battered in a
    mysterious hospital. He soon realises that he has strange powers and, through a
    series of flashbacks, starts to piece together what happened when he was in a
    squad called "WinterICE"...
    |                  |
    |     Controls     |
    Left Analogue; No wait I forgot err...
    C-stick; Move camera/look in first person
    L-shoulder button; Lock on/move camera behind Vattic
    R-shoulder button; Fire weapon/use power
    Z; Press against wall/peek through door
    A; Interact (e.g. grab someone or open a door)
    B; Crouch
    Y; Change camera
    X; Punch/Kick (while your opponent is on the ground)
    Up; Open select weapon
    Left/right; Select power
    Down; Reload (press down R first)
    Advanced moves;
    Grab/throw; Sneak behind your victim and press A to grab them then press X to
    knock them out or A to throw them.
    |                  |
    |      Guide       |
    Remember that this guide is only for "normal" difficulty.
    Watch the cutscene until the game starts properly. When you wake up you will
    have your first power; telekinesis (move stuff around). First face the door and
    press L, a circle will appear. Use the C stick to face it (it will turn blue)
    and press R to open the door. If you want some practise you can move the stuff
    in the room around (use C to control them). Go through the door and then strait
    into the next. There will be a short cutscene where you will get you second
    power; heal. Select it (left/right on the D-pad) and press R to heal yourself.
    Continue through the next door into a corridor. Face right (if you can't use Y
    to change the camera) towards the two guards. Select telekinesis and lock onto
    the large round thing (I think it's a bin) lift it up and use it to knock the
    guards on to the floor then run over to them and punch/kick them until they are
    dead (press X) and pick up the security pass from one of them (it should be the
    one that started on the left). Turn left and use the card on the door to unlock
    it, and then go through. Go through the door and into the small corridor and go
    through the door on the left into the isolated part of the room. Ignore the
    doctor and log onto the computer. On the map look for a small room (the lift)
    and highlight it (if you can't change the room your highlighting press A) press
    A to get the lift code. Return to the lift (the large steel door that you saw
    on the way here) and input the code (just press A near the key pad and it will
    be punched in automatically). Enter the lift to complete the level.
    |Preparation (six months ago)|(PPN)
    This is the annoying tutorial level. After the cutscene head down the corridor
    to meet Cortelli. Run after him through the corridor. First you will be given a
    tutorial on climbing. Climb over the first few walls then go round the last
    wall and up the ladder, then duck (B) and go through the tunnel to meet Tex.
    First climb the ladder, walk to the edge and press A when the button appears at
    the bottom of the screen. Climb along the edge and then press Z to get back up
    when you are passed the wall. Climb back down the ladder and go over to Tex.
    Follow his instructions on using cover then go over to the block behind the one
    you were on after he tells you to sneak past him. To get past him duck and
    press against the back of the first block. When Tex comes over to the block
    move around it so he doesn't see you and make a beeline for the tunnel when he
    turns his back. He will then tell you to sneak through the compound. Start by
    ducking and going into the pipes, in the pipes turn right and follow the tunnel
    through. When you leave the tunnel press against the block to the right and
    wait for the guard to turn his back before running to the next. Then drop into
    the trench and press against the wall of the block when the guard on it isn't
    looking. Go around to the far side of this trench and switch to the fixed
    camera (stay pressed against the wall), when the patrolling guard turns his
    back climb up and go strait for the nearest block. Sneak across the block while
    the guard's back it turned and move to the next block and then go to the gate
    when his back is turned again. Through the gate duck and press against the
    wall, then go around the hut, and make a beeline for the gate.
    After this, head down the corridor and talk to JC for your pistol tutorial.
    The pistol tutorial is easy; just lock on with L aim by pushing C a bit and
    change target by pushing C hard. After you are passed this you will have to
    shoot several cardboard soldiers. You will need to score at least 250 but it's
    not hard (use headshots, and reload when there are no cut-outs). Next follow JC
    to the next room to learn about cover. Press against the wall (press Z) and
    duck; push the control stick in the direction you want to fire, press L to jump
    out and R to fire. Shoot all the soldiers three times to continue. Next you
    will go through the compound again (including the parts where you learned
    climbing) but with paint ball guns. The paintball gun should be treated as a
    one hit kill version of the tranquilliser (see weapons).
    After this go back through the corridor to the firing range for sniping
    training. The sniper rifle is exactly the same as the pistol except you have a
    small blue window with a close up on the bottom left the screen. After this you
    will have to score 250 points again to complete the level.
    At the start of the level a cutscene will show you get a new power; psi attack
    (lock onto people with L and shoot them with R). Go over to where the guard
    landed and steal his pistol, then log onto the computer. Turn off all the
    cameras, then unlock the door and get the map. Go through the next door and
    follow the corridor to the end, enter the room (the Foyer) and watch the
    Get to the other side of the foyer (using the desks as cover) and go through
    the door (or air vent if you want). Head strait through the corridor and into
    the next room. In this room look left and you will see a guard, use telekinesis
    to pick something up to scare him and make him run away. Now quickly run to the
    place where the guard was standing and go through the door, pick up the
    tranquilliser on the table then run back to the foyer corridor (the corridor
    next to the foyer) and hide in the locker until the alert is gone. After that
    re-enter the room and duck. Look to the left and wait for the doctor to turn
    his back to you, and then sneak around his desk and to the other side of the
    corridor. Then go into the door parallel to the foyer corridor. Go through this
    new corridor and just run through the next room and down the next corridor to
    start a cutscene (cutscenes alwayse end alerts) where you will get the charm
    power, which makes guards (but not machines) ignore you. Use charm to sneak up
    on the guard and knock him out (get behind him and press A to grab him then
    press X). Use telekinesis in front of the window and turn the fans to speed up
    the decontamination then enter the door. In this room go up the stairs to the
    right and use telekinesis on the switch through the window, several guards will
    investigate so use charm to sneak past them, and then return to the biotech
    (check the map if your are not sure where that is, it's the room just outside
    the foyer corridor). When you enter turn left and tranquillise the guard (use a
    head shot or you will start an alarm), then duck down (to avoid the doctors)
    and go over to where he was standing and tranquillise his colleague. Re-enter
    the film store (where you found the tranquilliser) and go through it into a
    T-shaped corridor. From the door (using charm to avoid the guard) turn right
    down the middle section then down the stairs to the right and through the door.
    In this room head through the door (or wait in a locker if you started an
    alert) and through the short corridor (be careful because there is a guard
    hidden in there) and in to the primate lab. Use charm and immediately run into
    the empty cage in front of the door and allow your psi to recharge, then exit
    the crate and run anti clockwise into another empty cage. After this run over
    to the ramp on the left and to the door. Aim through the door and tranquillise
    the doctor on the computer, then steal the key next to him. Finally return to
    the microanalysis corridor (the T-shaped one) and (using charm) go into the
    door opposite the stairs. Head down this corridor and ignore the first door on
    the left and continue until you reach the patients records room. Go into the
    door and to the opposite side of the room. Log onto the third computer from the
    left to end the level.
    |Fieldwork (six months ago)| (FDWK)
    After the cutscene shoot the snipers with your rifle (remember to use the
    blocks and walls for cover) and follow the rest of WinterICE until you reach
    the cave. After you have shot the soldiers in the cave stand back so Tex can
    blow up the cave-in, then head through the cave. Shoot yet more snipers and
    press forward until Jayne runs off. Follow her around the left side of the
    building and into the small hut.
    After the cutscene follow Jayne up the ladder. Follow Jayne around the room
    and up the stairs (and remember to avoid the pipe!) and follow the gantry
    around and go up the ladder (ignore the door). Pull the switch and return to
    the (now unlocked) door.
    After the cutscene follow Jayne through a few rooms until you get to some
    soldiers. Shoot them and use the medical pack at the end of the room and follow
    Jayne (again) and shoot some soldiers (also again). Then follow Jayne (for may
    or may not be non-existent god's sake Vattic don't let her take the lead like
    this!) up the ladder and through the corridors (using the medical pack if you
    need it) to a computer. Log onto the computer and wait until Jayne gives you
    the soldier's password then click on the padlock icon to enter it. Open the bin
    and then open the file and read it. Exit the computer to start a cutscene.
    After this go into the corridor and shoot the soldiers. Go back to the ladder
    you came up a few minutes ago slide down it (use the medical pack if you need
    it) and go through the door. Duck down and shoot all the bad guys (after a
    while a WinterICE member will come and help you (or congratulate you if you
    shot everyone before he arrived)) to complete the level.
    After the cut scene leave the room using charm (and the desks for cover) and
    get into the lift outside the door. When you get out go around the corner and
    to some glowing bars to see a cutscene where you get a new power; projection,
    which lets you leave your body and do things. Switch to telekinesis and lock
    onto the camera ahead then destroy it. Do this to several other cameras and
    hide while the two agents with tranquillisers leave through the lift. Next,
    tranquillise the sanitation workers and the scientist (if you want you can
    sneak over to the area with the dead gorilla, hide in the locker and wait for
    the scientist to log onto his computer which makes the next bit easier as you
    can turn off all the cameras). After that go over to the next set of glowing
    bars (or the doorway if you got to the scientist's computer) and wait for the
    guard to come over before tranquillising him. When you have got rid of him go
    into the room and get into the lift on the right as you enter through the small
    section of corridor and use projection. As a projection get off the lift and
    turn clockwise around the corner and press the switch then return to you body
    and watch the cutscene when you reach the top.
    After the cutscene you will get a new move; psi burst, which allows you to
    knock over and damage all the people near you (at the cost of almost half all
    your energy). The soldiers from the cutscene are still alive so kick them while
    they are on the floor (press X), unless you want them to shoot you in the back,
    and steal their guns. Continue on shooting all the guards who attack you
    (remember to use cover and heal, this is starting to sound like an RPG) until
    you reach a fence, to get through it go into the doorway on the left and press
    the button so you can continue, shoot through some more agents who are using
    niches in the side for cover (now it sounds like The Matrix) until you reach
    another lift puzzle (remember? - The one you need projection for) with the
    switch right next to the lift (which is clever as a puzzle if you think about
    it). Finally shoot your way through the car park (still sounds like The Matrix)
    until you reach a car. Go up to it and press A to escape (that's what you get
    for leaving your keys in the ignition :).
    As soon as the level starts climb the ladder to the top and drop over the
    sides. Climb round and get back up again then pick up the sniper rifle (I
    wonder who would have left it there?) and turn off the light via the switch
    behind the light, then get back down again. Sneak over to the main building by
    ducking behind the fence on the left and using charm if a guard gets near. When
    you get to the stairs at the entrance go to the right of the statue and run
    down the stairs, climb through the window for a cutscene.
    After the cutscene you will have you telekinesis enhanced so you can choke
    people - Jedi style. Go into the corridor to your left and pick up the guard' s
    tranquilliser on the left, then wait for the other guard to go passed the door
    (he should start there anyway) and sneak up on him using charm and knock him
    out or shoot him and take his key. Go down the corridor and turn right, then
    left twice, go up the stairs and through the door at the top. Talk to any of
    the doctors to find out where Jayne is (don' t worry because, as Vattic says,
    they don' t know who you are). Read the clipboard on the table in the middle of
    the room to get the network password then log onto the computer at the end of
    the room. On the computer, click on the topmost symbol and then on the door
    icon that appears. Click on the top link and exit the computer. Go up the
    ladders around the room, then through the doors that you unlocked to end up in
    a corridor that leads the two doors either side of the room you were in. Duck
    down an enter the air vent at one end of the corridor, then crawl to the end
    and tranquillise the guard before you leave the shaft. Go down the stairs
    opposite the air vent and then do the same on the next level. Sneak up on (or
    tranquillise) the guard and go down to the bottom level. From the stairs, go up
    to the gap in the wall and switch to the fixed camera. Use telekinesis to pick
    up the crate behind the guard, and then drop it without moving it so he turns
    his back. Use this distraction to get behind him and knock him out or
    tranquillise him (if you screw this up or feel lazy, punch him) and go left
    down the corridor. Before you enter the next room you should duck. Press
    against the window/wall for cover and tranquillise the doctor and steal his
    card key, then sneak past the other doctor and into the corridor. Go down the
    corridor and into the next surgery. In this next room go down the stairs
    (ignore the door on the left) then (keeping in mind there is a doctor in this
    room you will have to deal with) go to the end of the room use the card reader
    (if it doesn't work make sure you took the passcard from the other doctor) and
    go through the door next to it before it closes. Go through this corridor
    (there is a cutscene part way through) and there will be three guards chasing
    an inmate (if you don' t see all three wait a few minutes). Shoot the two
    guards and then the inmate in the torso once each and the guards (who would
    raise an alarm) will be knocked out before the inmate. Go into the corridor
    opposite where you entered and enter the first room on the left, then go into
    the air vent and tranquillise the patient at the other end before you exit the
    tunnel. Go through the door in this room and deal with the doctor in whatever
    way you see fit (you might want to use charm or projection to see where he is)
    and log onto the computer at the end of the corridor. On the computer go to the
    "my computer" style logo and then open the only file on it to get the door
    passcode then log off. Go through the door to your left (while you are facing
    the computer) and then (deja vous?) the first door on the left (get rid of the
    guard if he is nearby) and get in the air vent on the right. In the air vent,
    turn right and go strait ahead before following the path to the end.
    Tranquillise the patient taking a leak (or use charm if you want) and go
    through the air vent ahead. In the next room exit the door and make sure the
    guard has been dealt with if you haven' t already and use telekinesis to
    destroy the camera ahead.
    |Turn right at this point and you should find a guard standing next to a door.|
    |Tranquillise him and enter the door, on the first shelf to the left there is |
    |a shotgun a pistol and a game called "computer space '92" (which I think     |
    |could be a reference to the first ever commercial video game) that you need  |
    |telekinesis to get down from the top shelf.                                  |
    Go up to the wall where the camera was and use charm to grab the guard around
    the corner to the right (be careful as there is a security camera that you
    should destroy after this). Then go to the fence near the first camera and
    input the keycode to open it and then do the same to get out of the other side.
    Follow the corridor and go up the stairs (there is a cutscene part way up the
    stairs). From the top of the stairs go forward then turn right and you will be
    in the high security wing. In here you should remember two things; if you press
    any buttons in here you will release an inmate who will attack you, and the
    guards all carry assault shotguns that will make short work of you if you get
    an alert. First you should move carefully so you can see around the right hand
    corner and destroy the camera with telekinesis, use charm to hide from an knock
    out any guards who come to investigate. When that is done tranquillise the
    guard to the left (if he didn't come to look) then go to where he was standing
    and destroy the camera at the end of the corridor. Using charm to avoid
    detection, go down the corridor and turn right at the niche full of boxes. Wait
    around the corner and eventually a guard will come down the corridor so knock
    him out. Then head down the corridor opposite the niche and go forward until
    you are near the start of the room, then go down the corridor to the left and
    look down the corner. You should see another doctor/guard so knock him out and
    destroy the camera near the fence at the end of the corridor, then go over to
    this fence. At the fence use telekinesis to open the gate via the keypad on the
    inside (if there are any guards in the room use telekinesis to beat them up and
    knock them on the ground then enter and kick them to finish them off) and log
    onto the computer in the office. On the computer go to "my computer" and turn
    off all the cameras, then exit the camera control and click on the door before
    you log off the computer. Leave the office section and go to the end of the
    gate and use projection there. As a projection go into the office and log onto
    the computer, then click on the second door security and return to your body.
    Run through the gate before it locks again then go into the door on the right
    to complete the level.
    When the level starts, select charm, lock onto Jayne and press R to make her
    follow (you can do this again to make her stay where she is). Go down the
    stairs and to the door, after the cutscene use charm on Jayne for a while to
    calm her down, then go through the door. Tell Jayne to wait next to the door,
    go round the corner using charm and knock the guard out. Next you should duck
    and go under the boarded up door with a gap below it and climb out of the
    window. Use telekinesis on the plank of wood holding the door shut to open the
    door and then go back into the building to get Jayne. Return to the outside
    area and use telekinesis on the ladder to get it down and climb it. Tell Jayne
    to wait when you reach the top, knock out the guard and go back for her.
    Continue on for a bit and go over the bridge. After the cutscene use
    telekinesis on the plank of wood so Jayne can get across, then go round the
    corner and shoot the soldiers. After they are dead find Jayne and use charm on
    her (if she fell down the window follow her and follow the linear route out).
    Go over the building (you will already be on the other side if you went through
    the window) and leave Jayne to the left of the ladder before going down. From
    here turn right and get up on the edge and press against the wall. Slide around
    the wall (use charm in front of windows so you don't raise the alarm) until you
    reach the end then go through the double doors at the end of the balcony. Go
    strait through the next door using charm and knock out the guard. Get rid of
    all the guards nearby (including the ones in the large room) and go to the
    first door that was on your right when you entered and make sure there is no
    guard in there. Then go in the next door and do whatever you want to subdue the
    inmate and get his key. Leave this room and go through the corridor and into
    the next room. In here climb onto the lift (the red glowing thing) and drop
    down the hatch, press the button to bring the lift up and go through the
    balcony door on the left. You will be outside again so go back up the ladder
    and find Jayne (some guards might have found her so be ready for a fight!) get
    her to follow you into the lift (if you can't get her in then move so that she
    is between you and the lift door and walk towards her) and go down to the
    bottom floor. Tell Jayne to wait and then go out side and shoot all the snipers
    and guards (it is easier to use telekinesis on the ones on the roof), then go
    back for her. Lead her into the door at the end of the corridor and go down the
    stairs shoot the three guards down here and go back and use charm on Jayne (who
    will have been scared by the gunshot) then go to the manhole at the bottom to
    complete the level.
    |Reliance (six months ago)| (RLC)
    After the cutscene shoot the snipers until you see another cutscene.
    Afterwards, follow the cornel through the tunnel and shoot more snipers until
    there is another cutscene. Go around the corner and climb the boxes then hop
    over the fence and enter the air vent. When you are in the building go to the
    end of the corridor for a cutscene.
    After this go to the first door on your right, equip your tranquilliser and
    peek (Z) round the door. Press L to aim and tranquillise the guards (shoot the
    one near the table first) then enter the room and take their guns.
    |If you play on the arcade machine you will get a game that you can play from |
    |the pause menu at any time.                                                  |
    Leave the room and go up the stairs, peek through the first door on the right
    and tranquillise the guard there and use the medipack if you need to. Go to the
    next door and tranquillise the guard there too and enter the room and try to
    use a computer then wait in there a while and the computers will turn on. Look
    at everything on the computer and then log off and read the clipboard behind
    the computer nearest the door for a key. Leave the room and go through the
    furthest door and then go strait through the office in the second half of the
    Go into the next room and press against the wall and look round it. Wait for
    the guard to turn his back and tranquillise him, then do the same to his
    colleagues below (if you are seen and the alarm is raised you will have to
    shoot your way out and go to help the cornel who is through the door on the
    bottom floor). When you are done go outside. Climb the ladder walk around and
    kill all the snipers. When all the snipers are dead, drop down the ladder on
    the other side and press the button in the small shelter to open the gates.
    Follow the cornel over the giant cotton reel and follow him until you get a
    cutscene. After the cutscene shoot the snipers to protect the cornel then talk
    to the cornel and follow him over the barrier and into the station. Use the
    medipack and go on past the gate, and then go through the train (hmm, that
    looks suspicious). When you are out of the train turn right and go into the
    room, pick up the assault rifle on the table and the key on the rack to the
    left. Go back and unlock the gate then follow the path to the left until there
    is a cutscene. After the cutscene you will have all your powers plus another;
    possession, which allows you to posses and control other people. Run back a bit
    so you aren't shot and use projection. As a projection run up to a soldier and
    press A to posses him, then force him to shoot all the other soldiers, when you
    have shot them all, kill the one you possessed by standing near the gas
    cylinders and shooting them. When you have done this drop down to the cornel to
    complete the level.
    At the start of the level leave Jayne behind (don't use charm on her) and move
    along the walkway until a cutscene plays and several guards enter. Press
    against the wall and look around the corner, then wait for a guard to walk down
    towards you. Project and then possess him, shoot the other two guards, and then
    move him onto the walkway he was on before you possessed him before releasing
    him. Let your energy recharge for a few seconds and then grab him and knock him
    out with charm. When all three guards have been taken care of, get Jayne and go
    through the only door in the room. As soon as you are in tell Jayne to wait and
    press against the wall. There is a guard patrolling around the corner so look
    around it and grab him with charm when he appears. Head forward and down the
    ladder until you reach the door, and tell Jayne to wait. Peek through the door,
    there should be one visible guard so tranquillise him. Close the door and use
    projection. As a projection go through the door and down the stairs, head right
    and possess the guard waiting near a lever. Shoot the other guard and move your
    host as far to the left of the room as you can and dispossess him. Peek through
    the door and shoot him before he returns to his post. With the room now free of
    guards you can now enter unhindered. Go to one of the raised platforms with
    levers and use telekinesis to pull the lever on the other platform, before
    pulling the one in front of you. Go to what was the far right of the room as
    you entered and go up the stairs. In front of you at the top of the stairs will
    be some grating (this was what pulling the levers opened) duck down and crawl
    under it. When you get out of the other end, carefully (without leaving the
    tunnel) shoot the two guards to the left with your tranquilliser. Leave the
    tunnel and go through the door opposite then pull the lever nearest the wall to
    open the door and let Jayne through. Leave Jayne in this room, then pull the
    other lever to open some grating and hop over the bars. Use charm and head down
    the tunnel, there will be a guard patrolling in there so grab him and knock him
    out with charm. Go back near to the beginning of the tunnel and use telekinesis
    to remove the grating above so that you can pull your self back up into the
    room (go near to the edge of the gap and press Z when your prompted). Go
    through the door back into the room (the one where you exited the tunnel from)
    and pull the lever in it. Some guards will appear and start shooting you so
    shoot them all. When they are gone, go back and get Jayne (if she isn't with
    you) and go through the door that opened at the bottom of the room and go down
    the stairs. At the foot of the stairs, leave Jayne and peek through the door.
    After a while a guard will come past the door so tranquillise him. Use
    projection and possess/kill all of the guards in the room. When the room is
    clear use telekinesis to pull the two levers at the end of the room and open
    the covers on the tunnels below them. Go to the end of the room and hide, then
    use a combination of projection, possession and charm to kill all the guards in
    there. Get Jayne and go to the lift at the left of the room as you enter
    through the pipes and Jayne will automatically wait there. Climb the ladder to
    the right of the lift and go grip the wall on the right. Climb across the wall
    until you reach the arch and pull yourself up. Press against the wall and walk
    around the edge and move over to the ladder so a cutscene starts. Look to the
    left and tranquillise the two guards before they se you, then climb the ladder.
    Go to the nearest of the electric gates and wait in front of it, then use
    projection. As a projection run through the three gates (ignoring the lever on
    the way) and push the button to deactivate them. Possess the guard near the
    button and make him run off the edge, then go over to the lever I just
    mentioned and pull it to bring Jayne up. Head through the corridor with Jayne,
    drop down the ladder and go through the door in here, you will find yourself at
    the bottom of some stairs. Climb the broken bit and walk up the stairs. Have
    Jayne wait in the corridor. Press against the wall and look around the
    doorframe. Wait until the guard comes near the door and tranquillise him when
    his back is turned (if another guard comes to investigate then do the same to
    him) and finally do the same to the guard in the distance. Use projection to
    ensure there are no more guards in the room (apart from the one at the far
    right as you enter the room). When all the guards (apart from the one I just
    mentioned) are gone then enter the room and climb down the ladder. Head to the
    opposite side of the room (if you missed a guard you'll find out now ;-) ) and,
    following the wall, go right until you see a ladder. Climb the ladder and
    continue to follow the left wall until you reach a corner. Press against the
    wall and look round the corner, you will see the guard I mentioned before so
    use charm to grab him and knock him out. Go back and get Jayne and then follow
    the tunnel until you reach a block. Climb over it and sneak down the tunnel
    (tranquillising the guards in the niches along the side of the room). At the
    end of the tunnel climb the ladder to end the level.
    When the level starts, turn around and run up the stairs (don't press the
    switch you start in front of). Grab the sawn off from the shelf and run back
    down the stairs. Go through the gap to the left of the stairs and then go to
    the air vent and press A to open it, duck down and enter it. At the end of the
    air vent, wait (don't get out of it) and eventually a guard will wonder in
    front so tranquillise him. Stay in the vent and look to the right towards a
    skip, a guard will go past it so use charm to grab him and knock him out, go
    back to the air vent. From the air vent, turn right, stop at the corner and use
    projection. As a projection head down the ally around the corner until you
    reach some guards to the left. Possess one and shoot the other and then move
    closer towards your self before you de-posses him. Then kill the guard before
    he returns to his post and sees the body. Go down the ally they were guarding
    yourself until you see a cutscene, after the cutscene, save the hooded gang
    member by killing the guard and follow him to a door, when he goes in a
    cutscene will play (if you fail to save him then go into the door at the
    beginning of the ally and talk to the female gang member). Enter the door and
    follow him until you reach a room with a sawn off and a revolver in it, then go
    back and talk to the female gang member. She will give you a package to deliver
    so go out of the door she's facing and walk to the right into the street. Go
    towards the skip, turn left and go to the door with the intercom (follow the
    arrow on the package if your not sure where to go). Use the intercom and wait
    until a short cutscene plays. After the cutscene ends leave the way you came in
    (you'll need to wait for the gang member to unlock the door first). Go forward,
    turn left at the skip and go past some stairs, then go towards a group of gang
    members. You will have to help fight off some agents so get you best weapon out
    and get shooting. Make sure to steal the agents' guns (SMGs and shotguns). When
    the agents are all dead go to the gang members (follow the arrows if you can't
    find them) and talk to them. After this climb the fire escape and enter the
    window, read the documents on the desk to complete the level.
    |Teamwork (six months ago)|(TWK)
    After the opening cutscene find some cover and shoot the snipers. After this
    wait, then follow J.C and Cortelli up to the hut. When you enter some soldiers
    will attack the hut so shoot them (steal their guns too), they will attack both
    sides but not both at once. After a while Cortelli will call you so go to him.
    He'll ask you to deliver a message (don't worry about remembering it) to the
    cornel so run back down the hill and tell him. After the cutscene follow the
    main group and shoot the soldiers that appear (remember to heal everyone or
    you'll get a game over when they die) then keep going until the cornel tells
    you everyone to take cover. Do so then shoot some more soldiers until the
    cornel says there won't be anymore coming from the huts. At this point an
    infinite amount of Russian soldiers (this is a good place to practice different
    ways to kill enemies) will appear and the cornel will tell you to follow
    Franklin. Follow her until you get a short cutscene and she finds a position.
    After this go through the door on the left (don't forget to heal anyone who
    needs it) then continue through the door in front. In this room leave through
    the only door and watch a cutscene. After the cutscene use projection, run
    through the bars and possess the first guard you see. Move out of the bunker
    and go towards a ladder, which you should climb down into another bunker. Turn
    right and pull the switch then shoot as many guards as you can before your
    energy runs out. Now go back to the cornel and talk to him to trigger a
    cutscene. After this, shoot some soldiers (don't forget to heal) until a short
    cutscene plays. After the cutscene protect Tex until he gets back to the rest
    of the team. Shoot a few more soldiers until you get a cutscene. After this
    face with you back to the cornel and look to the right, you will see a bunker
    entrance on the edge (the one you came through when you possessed the soldier)
    head through it and try to open the door part way down. And guess what? Another
    cutscene, how fun. After the cutscene, run out and kill all the soldiers for
    another cutscene and to end the level.
    (To be continued)
    |                  |
    |      Powers      |
    Telekinesis; This power is very simple; press L to lock onto something then R
    to pick it up and move it with C. The best uses for this is to pick stuff up
    and scare guards, pick the guards up (when it is powerful enough to) and pull
    objects (such as keys and guns) towards you. This power upgrades as the game
    progress and you have it from the start.
    Heal; This power lets you recover health while pressing R, you can lock on to
    other people using L and heal them too. You get this towards the start of level
    Psi attack; This allows you shoot a big lump of energy at enemies, it kills
    them in one hit but drains your bar very quickly. Later you get an upgrade
    (psi-burst) that you can use by pressing R without locking on. You get
    Psi-blast at the start of "Experimentation" and psi burst about half way
    through "Escape".
    Charm; This makes enemies ignore you (it doesn't make you invisible) however it
    won't affect machines (such as scanners and cameras). If you are detected (by a
    machine of by touching a person) or you try to use it when someone can see you
    it will drain all your energy. It also let's you calm down and command people
    if you lock onto them. You get this half way through "Experimentation".
    Projection; This allows you to crouch down and sent a blue glowing projection
    (invisible to anyone but you) out. Using it constantly drains your energy and
    you will return to your body if you are attacked, what you can do is limited.
    You get projection at the beginning of "Escape" and it will be upgraded so you
    can possess people at the end of "Reliance". Possessing someone lets you do
    more stuff.
    |                  |
    |     Weapons      |
    In this guide the first block of text is the game's description followed by the
    clip size and then any other notes;
    Animal tranquilliser; Hand weapon which fires micro-darts containing a fast
    acting neural toxin. The toxin is potent and incapacitating but ultimately
    harmless. Since the toxin must reach the brain in order to take effect, the
    point of entry is critical. Headshots are immediately effective, hits on other
    parts of the body will have a delayed reaction.
    - Clip size; 1
    -This is the best weapon for stealth because it does not make a noise.
    -It takes two hits on the body to knock someone out, which makes it more
    powerful than the pistol but the reload time is terrible so don't use it to
    fight (unless you want to shoot and then run).
    -Unlike other stealth games guard will notice that you have shoot them and act
    as if they saw you.
    Military Tranquilliser; Heavy-duty military tranquilliser with engineering and
    functuallity identical to the animal tranquilliser. Applications include crowd
    control and sensitive stealth operations.
    -Clip size; 3
    -Its larger clip size means it can be used in the place of the pistol in an
    emergency (e.g. no ammo or psi)
    Pistol; General-purpose semi-automatic with an 8 shot clip. Easy to reload and
    capable of surprising accuracy in trained hands, this is a good all-round
    -Clip size; 8
    -You can also get the Soviet pistol, which is about the same
    -Use this if you run out of .45 ammo.
    .45 Pistol; Standard issue .45 calibre semi-automatic pistol. Packing a big
    punch and a seven shot clip, this weapon is favoured by private security firms
    and government enforcement agencies.
    -Clip size; 7
    -This can be used in the place of any type of rifle (including a sniper rifle)
    Revolver; Reliable and rugged, the old style 6 shot revolver is still a firm
    favourite of the "Saturday Night" crowd.
    -Clip size; 6
    -A bit slower to reload than the pistol but not to shabby
    SMG; Compact submachine gun with fast fire rate and high portability. Commonly
    used by security forces when extra firepower is required. Excellently suited to
    short-range combat limited in accuracy and penetrating power at longer distance.
    -Clip size; 30
    -In levels where you can get it you should use the pistol for long-range combat
    but it is great as close range
    Sniper Rifle; The weapon of choice for long-range combat. A precision optical
    scope allows for pinpoint aiming and high velocity rounds are extremely
    accurate at impressive distances. The 5 shot clip is slow to reload.
    -Clip size; 5
    -Unlike most games with sniper rifles a small close-up appears at the bottom of
    the screen instead of the whole screen going in to first person.
    Soviet Rifle; Mass produce, somewhat outdated but nevertheless functional this
    automatic rifle carries a 24 round clip. Medium fire rate and limited accuracy
    are compensated for by reliability and durability.
    -Clip size; 24
    -The range is OK; you will have to use it a lot anyway so get used to using it.
    Assault Rifle; Powerful US military rifle with rapid-fire rate and excellent
    stopping power from a 32 round magazine.
    -Clip Size; 32
    - The best rifle in the game and a pleasure to use to break the Ten
    Commandments with (I'm not quite sure which one exactly).
    Sawn off shotgun; Double barrelled shotgun with cut-down barrels and stock. The
    modification allows for better concealment and effective close range combat.
    Single shot damage is high but this weapon is inaccurate at long range and has
    a slow reload rate.
    -Clip size; 2
    -Good at close range but there is better...
    Shotgun; Modern shotgun with pump-action reload and an 8 shot clip. Devastating
    at close range this is not a weapon for the faint hearted.
    -Clip size; 8
    -The best close range weapon in the game. Get close to an enemy and laugh as
    the shot sends them flying and gives you a one hit kill.
    |                  |
    |   Credits/legal  |
    All trademarks, names and logos are property of their respective owners. The
    rest of the guide is Copyright S.J.Sharpe 2004.
    Thank you to my brother who helped me complete the game and Free Radical for
    making the game.

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