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    FAQ/Walkthrough by B.lu4R

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 09/16/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    FAQ/Walkthrough for Second Sight
    Version: 1.10
    Written by: B.lu4R
    e-mail: luarfaqs@gmail.com
    Last Updated on: September 16, 2005
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    -¯-                          TABLE OF CONTENTS                           -¯-
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      section you are looking for.
    001. Controls
    002. Psychic Abilities
    003. Weapons
    004. Basic Information and Suggestions
    005. Walkthrough
         V.01 - Isolation
         V.02 - Preparation
         V.03 - Experimentation
         V.04 - Fieldwork
         V.05 - Escape
         V.06 - Madness
         V.07 - Rescue
         V.08 - Reliance
         V.09 - Entrapped
         V.10 - Streetlife
         V.11 - Teamwork
         V.12 - Breakout
         V.13 - Conspiracy
         V.14 - Infiltration
         V.15 - Childcare
         V.16 - Confrontation
         V.17 - Redemption
    006. Frequently Asked Questions
    007. Version History
    008. Contact Information
    009. Copyright/Legal
    010. Credits
    First of all I would like to state that this guide was created using
    the GameCube version of Second Sight. While there are no gameplay
    differences between this versions, the only thing that differs between
    the Play Station 2, Xbox, and GameCube versions are the controls.
    This means that you can go ahead and use this guide if you own the
    PS2 or Xbox versions. Just don't pay attention to the buttons I state
    that you need to press in order to do certain things (Press the button
    that corresponds to the Controls of the version you are using).
    Second Sight is an excellent game with an intriguing Storyline that will
    catch your interest from the start. John Vattic suddenly wakes up in
    a Medical Facility, not able to remember anything from the past.
    What he does learn is that he somehow is doing weird Psychic things...
    During the game, this unknown and possibly dark past will unfold to both
    you and Vattic.
    This game is an action game, as well as a third person shooter. Although
    you have the option of shooting in First Person view, you can't move while
    you are in this type of view, making it end up being a third
    person shooter.
    One of the unique characteristics of this game are the wide variety of
    Psychic abilities that the main character has. You may find up wanting
    to prefer using these abilities over shooting, but the game does a good
    job in balancing the use of psychic abilities with the use of weapons.
    Of course, you can combine both and end up with an awesome technique...
    Second Sight also delivers a wide variety of options in each level. There
    are even some levels with two possible paths, meaning that you can play
    the level two times, each time doing a different thing! There are also
    various methods to solving the problems/riddles in each level, which makes
    this a very "open" game.
    And well, if the main story of the game confuses you, just know that it
    is on purpose, and part of the experience of playing Second Sight. When
    you finish the game, you won't be disappointed.
    This guide was started on Saturday, June 18, 2005.
    -¯-                                                                      -¯-
    -¯-                            001. Controls                             -¯-
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    It is not necessary for you to learn the Controls before you start
    to Play, since the first two levels of the game serve as very
    good tutorials, in which you will learn how to use most of the commands
    in the game.
    If there is a special command available at any time of the game, you will
    see the controls corresponding to it in the lower right corner of the
    Control Stick.... - Move around in 3rd person view
                      - Lean left or right, when in 1st person view
    C Stick.......... - Move camera when in the 3rd person view (free)
                      - Look around in 1st person view
                      * Manually Aim with the Equipped Weapon
                      * Move target while using Telekinesis
    Control Pad...... * Up/Down: Select Current Weapon
                      * Left/Right: Select Current Psi Ability
    A Button......... - Interact with environment (Open Door, Slide Down Ladder,
                        Press Button, etc.)
                      * Switch between weapons and Psi Powers, and vice versa
    B Button......... - Crouch/Stand up
    X Button......... * Hit opponent with the weapon you are holding.
                      * If no weapon is selected, you'll hit with your fists
    Y Button......... - Change the current camera view. Alternate between
                        3rd person view (free/locked on) and 1st person
                        view. Note that when you are in 1st person
                        view you won't be able to move yourself.
    Z Button......... - Special Moves (Peek through door, get up from edge, etc)
                      - Position yourself against the wall
    L Button......... * Aim/Lock on to target
                      * To change target, move the C Stick in the direction
                        of the target you want to acquire
    R Button......... * Fire Weapon
                      * Use Psi Power
    Start Button..... - Open your PDA, pausing the game
    PS2 Controls
    If you're playing the PS2 version of Second Sight, use the following
    conversion table to find the corresponding button on the PS2:
    GameCube -> PS2
    X -> Circle
    A -> X
    B -> Square
    Y -> Triangle
    L -> L2
    R -> R2
    Z -> R1
    Analog Stick -> Left Analog Stick
    C Stick -> Right Analog Stick
    Left & Right Directional Buttons (D Pad) -> Left & Right Directional Buttons
    Up & Down Directional Buttons (D Pad) -> Up & Down Directional Buttons
    -¯-                                                                      -¯-
    -¯-                       002. Psychic Abilities                         -¯-
    -_-                                                                      -_-
    The Psychic Abilities are one of the most important elements of Second
    Sight. You will learn them as you progress through the game, and will
    most likely find all of them useful. Depending on the situation you
    are in is the ability that you will most likely use. Play close
    attention to your environment (objects, guards, cameras, etc.), since most
    of these abilities can interact with it.
    Note that you will eventually learn upgrades to some of the abilities.
    An upgraded ability, denoted with the "*" symbol, makes the ability
    stronger, and sometimes permits doing extra things (If you want to avoid
    Spoilers, avoid reading the information for the abilities you haven't yet
    - Telekinesis / Psychokinesis -
    Telekinesis is a Psychic ability that allows you to manipulate objects
    without having to touch them or be near them. You can target a lot of
    objects with this ability, and depending on the object will be what
    you can do with it. For example, if you target a button, you will press
    it with Telekinesis. Meanwhile, if you target a wooden crate, you will
    move it.
    Note that Telekinesis works very well both in long range and close range.
    Once you learn the upgraded Telekinesis, you will be able to manipulate
    heavier objects, including humans.
    If you want to use Telekinesis, it is absolutely necessary that you target
    what you want to manipulate (if you don't target anything, nothing will
    happen). To target an object press the <L> button. Keep targetting the
    object, and when you want to start using Telekinesis on it, simply
    press and hold the <R> button. Unpress the button when you want to
    stop using Telekinesis. While manipulating an object with Telekinesis,
    you can move it around using the C Stick (incase it can be moved). If the
    object can't be moved, then simply manipulating it will be enough to
    interact with it (For example, In the case of a button, you only need to
    manipulate it to press it, since you can't move it).
    - Healing -
    Healing is one of the abilities that you may end up using the most if you
    don't take cover. Of course, there is nothing wrong in healing yourself,
    but you can't always heal yourself. If you are taking heavy fire damage,
    then you will loose life at a faster rate than that at which you earn
    it. Vattic also automatically stands up when he starts to heal himself.
    If you have lost health, and are in a position in which you can heal
    yourself without being seen, then surely go ahead and heal yourself.
    Remember that you are completely vulnerable while healing yourself.
    To heal yourself, simply select the Healing Psychic Ability and then press
    and hold the <R> button. If you want to heal a non-hostile person, then
    first target him/her with the <L> button and then, while locked on to him,
    press and hold the <R> button to start healing him/her.
    - Psi Attack -
    The Psychic Attack by definition. It is a strong attack, capable of
    killing with one pulse/blast. At first you will only be able to do
    Psi Pulses, but once your Psi Attack is enhanced you will also be able
    to do the (Radial) Psi Blast.
    The Psi Pulse is a ball of Psychic Energy that will hit whatever you
    targeted as long as there isn't anything blocking the way (For example,
    a window or a crate). The person that it hits will be blown a few steps,
    and he may also scream (take this into consideration if you are trying
    to be quiet in what you do). Your Psi Power allows you to do two
    consecutive Psi Pulses (You'll need to wait for it to refill itself before
    you can do more).
    To do a Psi Pulse, simply target someone (Yes, the Psi Pulse can only target
    living things) with the <L> button, and then press the <R> button to
    emit the Pulse.
    The Psi Blast is a radial blast that will knock out anybody it hits.
    If the person was near the center of the blast, then you may kill him.
    If he wasn't near the center of the blast, then you will only render
    him unconsciousness for a few moments. As with the Psi Pulse, the victim
    may be blown a few meters. Your Psi Power allows you to do only one
    Psi Blast at a given time (You'll need to wait for it to refill itself
    before you can do more).
    To do a Psi Blast, simply press and hold the <R> button until the Blast
    is created. Note that it takes a bit to create the Blast, and during this
    lapse you are vulnerable.
    - Telepathic Charm -
    Referred to as only "Charm", this Psychic ability allows you to become
    invisible to human beings (Cameras and other devices WILL spot you when
    you are using Charm). This can be an useful ability, since you can
    literally walk in front of a guard without him seeing you. This works
    by creating an illusion in the minds of the guards, which allows you
    to walk by undetected.
    To use Charm, simply press the <R> button to activate it (while you aren't
    being watched by hostiles). Hold the button for as long as you want to
    use charm. If you are seen by a guard when activating charm, then the
    illusion will not work, and all of your Psi Power will be used up.
    Note that you should not touch a guard while using Charm, and should also
    avoid making noises (moving a crate, etc.) or leaving footsteps (blood,
    snow, etc.), since these things will let the guards know that there is
    something wrong and they will start to investigate.
    Charm can also be used to tell friends to follow you or to stay. Target
    them with the <L> button and then press the <R> button to use Charm on
    them. You can also calm non-hostiles with this ability.
    - Projection -
    Projection is a Psychic ability that can become indispensable depending
    on the way you play. When you use Projection, Vattic will project himself
    into a Hologram. Your Hologram is capable of moving and exploring new
    areas before you actually enter them. This can be useful if you want to
    know if the Guards are planning to ambush you.
    Your Hologram can interact to an extent with the physical world. For
    example, you may cross a laser gate, but you can't go through the walls
    or locked doors. Nothing will be able to spot your Hologram (Guards,
    cameras, etc.), and you also can't move objects or pick up guns, nor
    attack. However, you can press some buttons, or access computers. It
    all depends on the level.
    Note that you are completely vulnerable while Projected. If you take
    damage, the Projection will automatically cancel itself.
    To Project yourself press the <R> button when you have the Projection
    Ability selected. Now move your Hologram as if it were you. To return
    back to Vattic, press the <B> button.
    - Possession -
    Possession is the upgrade to Projection.
    While you can't interact with some things from the physical world when
    you are Projected, you can go ahead and Possess a human to do so.
    You can possess friends and enemies alike. For example, possess a guard
    and use his security passes to get to off-limit places, or simply use
    him to kill the other guards.
    To Possess someone you first need to Project yourself. After you have done
    this, stand beside the person you want to Possess and press the <A> button.
    You should now have control of this person. Control him as if he were
    Note that when you possess a guard, and you start firing at another guard,
    then the guard and any nearby guards will start shooting at you. If you
    get killed, you will return to Vattic, but will not have sustained any
    -¯-                                                                      -¯-
    -¯-                            003. Weapons                              -¯-
    -_-                                                                      -_-
    The weapons you are carrying may determine what kind of strategy you
    may want to follow during the course of the level. Only having a
    Tranquillizer means that you will want to avoid confrontations, meanwhile
    if you have an SMG you may not need to fear being surrounded by guards.
    The weapons are listed by groups. After the name of the weapon
    you may find a personal comment (denoted with "*"), and then the
    in-game description for that weapon.
    - Tranquillizers -
    ~ Animal Tranquillizer
         * Headshots only require one dart to knock out the guard. If you
           hit the guard on the leg, you may require shooting him 2-3 darts.
           It takes a bit of time to fire in between shots.
    Hand weapon which fires micro-darts containing a fast acting neural toxin.
    The toxin is potent and incapacitating, but ultimately harmless. Since
    the toxin must reach the brain in order to take effect, the point of
    entry into the target's body is critical. Head shots are immediately
    effective, hits on other parts will have a delayed action.
    ~ Military Tranquillizer
         * Headshots only require one dart to knock out the guard. If you
           hit the guard on the leg, you may require shooting him 2-3 darts.
           It takes a bit of time to fire in between shots.
    Heavy duty military tranquillizer pistol with engineering and functionality
    identical to the Animal Tranquillizer. Applications include crowd control
    and sensitive stealth operations.
    - Pistols -
    ~ Pistol
         * Excellent accuracy, both in short and long rage firing.
    General purpose semi-automatic with an 8 shot clip. Easy to reload and
    capable of surprising accuracy in trained hands, this is a good all round
    ~ .45 Pistol
         * Excellent accuracy, both in short and long rage firing.
    Standard issue 45 calibre semi-automatic pistol. Packing a big punch from
    a 7 shot clip, this weapon is favoured by private security firms and
    government enforcement agencies.
    ~ Revolver
         * Can be found in the Streetlife level. It takes a long time to
           reload, so avoid using it at all costs.
    Reliable and rugged, the old style 6 shot revolver is still a firm favourite
    of the 'Saturday Night' crowd.
    - Rifles and Submachine Guns -
    ~ SMG
    Compact submachine gun with fast fire rate and high portability. Commonly
    used by security forces instead of pistols when extra firepower is
    required. Excellently suited to short range combat but somewhat limited
    in accuracy and penetrating power at longer distances.
    ~ Sniper Rifle
         * Only use it when your target is far away. It takes a long time
           to fire in between shots, and also takes some time to reload.
    The weapon of choice for long range combat. A precision optical scope
    allows for pinpoint aiming and high velocity rounds are extremely accurate
    at impressive distances. The 5 shot clip can be slow to reload.
    ~ Soviet Rifle
    Mass produced, somewhat outdated but nevertheless functional this automatic
    rifle carries a 24 round clip. Medium fire rate and limited accuracy are
    compensated for reliability and durability.
    ~ Assault Rifle
    Powerful US military issue automatic rifle with rapid fire rate and
    excellent stopping power from a 32 round magazine.
    - Shotguns -
    ~ Sawn-off Shotgun
         * Avoid using the Shotgun when your target is far away. You may
           end up not hitting it at all. But, if your opponent is close to
           you, one shot may be enough to bring him down.
    Double barrelled shotgun with cut down barrels and stock. The modification
    allows for better concealment and effective close range combat. Single
    shot damage is high but this weapon is inaccurate at long range and has a
    slow reload rate.
    ~ Shotgun
         * Avoid using the Shotgun when your target is far away. You may
           end up not hitting it at all. But, if your opponent is close to
           you, one shot may be enough to bring him down.
    Modern shotgun with pump action reload and an 8 shot clip. Devastating
    at close range this is not a weapon for the faint hearted.
    -¯-                                                                      -¯-
    -¯-               004. Basic Information and Suggestions                 -¯-
    -_-                                                                      -_-
    I tried to keep this section as small as possible so that you can read
    it in a few minutes. The following are useful suggestions and basic
    information that you should keep in mind whenever you play Second Sight.
    ~ Heal yourself. If you have taken damage, heal yourself when you get
      the first chance to do so. You never know when you could be ambushed,
      so it's better to always have your life full.
    ~ If you find a computer, be sure to access it, since it can provide
      useful help. Some of the computers are connected to CCTV viewers,
      which allows you to hack into the video camera system and turn them
    ~ If a camera spots you, then the alarm will sound, no matter what
      you do. To prevent this, simply turn off the cameras (if possible),
      or disable them using Telekinesis or by firing on them. Remember
      that a camera will spot you even if you are using Charm.
    ~ NEVER start using Charm while in the presence of a guard. Doing so will
      consume all of your Psi Power instantly.
    ~ When your Psi Power is consumed completely the screen will kind of
      explode and everything will be gray.
    ~ Although a Radial Psi Blast can affect more people, the Psi Pulse
      is stronger.
    ~ Printed Documents you can read are always shining (sometimes even
      sparkling). Once you read them they will stop shining. Note that
      sometimes you may learn vital information that you require to continue
      by reading this type of documents.
    ~ Remember to crouch if you want to enter a ventilation duct.
    ~ Most of the times it is easier to maintain a low profile (be quick
      and silent). This way you will avoid sounding the alarm in the levels
      that have this feature. If the alarm does sound, be sure to hide (As
      long as a guard spots you the alarm won't stop sounding) to make it
      stop sounding. While the alarm is on, guards will keep coming to the
      place where the alarm was triggered (Yes, most of the times the guards
      are directed to a certain area when the alarm is sounded).
    ~ The guards are not stupid (although at the beginning it may seem so).
      If they hear a loud noise, they will go and investigate. If they
      see a dead person, then they will know something is going on and may
      decide to trigger the alarm. At some parts of the game, some guards
      are required to continually report in. This means that if you kill them,
      they won't report in, and thus the "Central" will now something is
      wrong and may sound the alarm.
    ~ Restrooms, lockers, ventilation ducts, etc. are great places to hide
      in case the alarm sounds. But if a guard sees you when you get in your
      hiding place, he will almost surely discover you.
    ~ It never hurts to take cover when in a gun fight.
    ~ Use the 3rd person view (free) camera; the view that you can freely
      move around with the Control Stick. The 1st person view camera is
      not usable for moving, and the 3rd person view static camera simply
      does not focus on where you want it to focus, so avoid using these
      two when moving through the level.
    Thanks to Ledgendgamer for sending me the following:
    ~ If you use TK on someone without atcually lifting them, they will be
      distracted long enough to grab them.
    ~ People don't usually shoot if you hold them at gunpoint behind a
    ~ When you use TK on someone, throw them into a wall. just jam the c stick
      and release the r button. if you're lucky, their head will stick through
      the wall.
    ~ Use possession to possess a guard in the offices [or anywhere else]. Then
      make him attack one of his colleagues and quickly return to Vattic. Laugh
      your head off when you hear gunshots and people yelling and being thrown
      out of doors.
    -¯-                                                                      -¯-
    -¯-                          005. Walkthrough                            -¯-
    -_-                                                                      -_-
    The Walkthrough is a detailed Step-by-Step guide to successfully complete
    each level in Second Sight. Take into consideration the following things:
    - The Walkthrough was written using the Normal difficulty. However,
      this walkthrough should help you also in the Challenging difficulty.
      If however, after using this Walkthrough you are still stuck, then
      feel free to send me an e-mail.
    - When I give directions, they are using the 3rd person view camera,
      looking straight ahead of John (this means that you should see John's
    V.01 - Isolation
         An isolation ward in a high security medical facility. In an isolation
         cell an unknown man awakens from a drugged stupor. He can remember
         nothing of his past - but knows instinctively that his captors mean
         him no good. He must try to escape.
    The game starts with a weird scene in which some guards describe you as
    a convicted serial killer. You somehow manage to break the straps that
    held you to the bed, and the scene ends shortly afterwards.
    You'll know have control of someone with a severe memory loss. Since
    this is possibly the first time you've ever played the game, start moving
    around the room, trying to get a hang on how to control the character.
    The only thing that I highly recommend is that you cycle through the
    3 different camera modes so that you can peek the one that most suits
    you. In my opinion, the best mode is the one where you can freely
    control the camera in third person view (Use the <C-Stick> to control it).
    Anyway, what you've got to do is move over to the glass door that has
    "Isolation Ward" marked on it. Now press and hold the <L> button to focus
    the small panel that is located to the left of the door. Once you've got
    it targeted, press and hold the <R> button until the glass door unlocks
    itself. You've just used Telekinesis.
    Now you can get into the other half of the room. Do so. In one of the
    corners there should be a door. Get near it and it will automatically
    open (Most doors in the game open automatically when you get close
    to them). You'll walk into a new room, where there's nothing
    interesting except a few electrical devices which you can move around
    using Telekinesis.
    Go into the next room. A brief cutscene will start in this small room.
    Once it ends you'll have learned the "Cure" ability. Press <Right> or
    <Left> on the D-Pad to display the abilities you know. Using the same
    buttons, highlight the "Cure" ability. Once you've selected it,
    press and hold the <R> button until you've completely healed yourself
    (Your life is displayed in the red bar in the upper left corner of the
    screen. Below it you'll find a silverish blue bar, which displays
    your Psi Power. The Psi meter is consumed when you use psychic
    abilities, and replenishes itself when you're not using any of this
    type of abilities.
    Walk into the next room and turn right to face a long corridor. At the
    end of it you'll see two guards. If you slowly approach them, they'll
    start talking. You can hear their conversation, but they don't say
    anything relevant. Anyway, you'll have to take them out. Use telekinesis
    to highlight the bin next to them, and move it using the <C-Stick>, hitting
    the guards as you do so. They'll soon fall to the ground. If you prefer
    another technique, simply run up to them and press the <X> button to
    hit them. Also remember that you've got the ability to cure yourself.
    One of the guards should drop a security card once you've killed him (You
    may have simply knocked them to the ground. If this happened, get near
    them and press the <X> button to kick them. Once they are dead you won't
    be able to continue kicking them). Now get to the end of the corridor.
    If you turn to the right you'll enter a room with a doctor in it. You'll
    also find the guard's quarters and the interrogation room in this area.
    Note that you don't need to visit this place.
    Get back to the long corridor. Now look for a door that requires a
    security pass. Get near the card reader that's to the left of the door and
    press the <A> button to use the Security Pass you got from the guards.
    The door should open after you do this. Go into the next room. You'll
    see through the glass wall a surgeon on the other side of the room. Go
    through the door that's in this room to enter a small room which has a door
    that leads you to where the surgeon is.
    There's no need to kill the surgeon, but do so if you please. Look for
    the computer, and once you're in front of it press the <A> button to use
    it. The camera should now be centered on the computer's monitor. Now move
    the control stick to end the screen-saver. Move the mouse over the
    "Map of this Area" button and press the <A> button to display the map.
    The Map will also be downloaded to your PDA, which you can access by
    pressing the <Start> button.
    Now that you're viewing the map, use the control stick to highlight other
    rooms. What you're looking for is a room (well, not actually a room) called
    Elevator. Once you've highlited it, press the <A> button to view a small
    description of the room. You'll get the passcode for the elevator. After
    that there's nothing else required with the map, but feel free to check
    the descriptions of some of the other rooms. Note that in this game
    you don't need to memorize the passcodes, since your character will
    automatically input them.
    Return to the long corridor. Look for the elevator (It's near the door that
    takes you back to the room in which you started the game). To the right
    of the elevator is a keypad. Press the <A> button, and the character
    will input the code. Wait a few moments and the elevator should arrive.
    Now get into it.
    A cutscene will start, in which the character finally decides to look
    at the name written in his wristband... Your name is John Vattic.
    V.02 - Preparation
         On short notice Dr John Vattic reports to a US military base in
         Germany where he expects to provide expert scientific advice.
         Upon arrival he learns that he is required to undergo military
         training prior to the briefing for a squad mission.
    This level takes place 6 months before the previous one. As you can
    see, John Vattic doesn't look as messed up as he did in the previous
    level. You'll meet Colonel Starke, who advises you to take some
    weapons training. What John Vattic, a civilian, is doing in a military
    base is completely unknown to us.
    The door in front of you is locked, so the only option you've got is to
    follow the corridor. You'll soon encounter Cortelli, the comms expert.
    He'll tell you that you need some physical training before you get
    to hold a weapon. Follow him through the corridor and down some stairs,
    making an U-Turn at the bottom. You'll now be in a new corridor, which
    you also need to follow. At the end you'll need to make a right turn
    to start ascending into the training grounds. Cortelli should open the
    door, and once you're outside another scene will take place.
    Watch Cortelli climb over the obstacles/walls. Once you've got control
    of Vattic, simply walk towards the first wall, and continue walking
    towards it, as if you were trying to go through it... Of course, you won't
    go through it, but instead will climb it. Once you're on the other side
    of the wall, do the same with the next short wall. After this comes a
    tall wall (It's the same deal). You've got the option of skipping the last
    wall and climbing up the wooden wall just like Cortelli, or simply
    climbing the last tall wall and from it walk to where Cortelli is.
    Once you reach Cortelli he'll tell you that you need to advance through
    the tunnel to get to the next area. Press the <B> button to crouch,
    and then go inside the tunnel. Once you're out on the other side of the
    tunnel you'll see a brief scene.
    Walk forward until you get to the wooden structure (ladder) which you can
    use to climb up. Do so. Once your on the top, Tex will tell you that you
    need to think on how to get to the other side. Walk slowly towards the
    edge on the left. Once you're near it press the <A> button to climb down
    and hold the edge with your hands (you can also keep walking slowly towards
    the edge to do this). After that's done, move all the way to the left, and
    then press the <Z> button to get up (or simply move the control stick
    forward). Now simply go down the ladder that's to the left.
    Walk up to Tex (Jackson). He'll show you how sneak and take cover. Walk
    to the block/wall, and once you're almost touching it, you'll see in
    the bottom right corner of the screen a command telling you that you
    can use "Stealth" by pressing the <Z> button. Do so. After this you'll
    notice that you are pressed against the wall. By moving the control stick
    you can move around the wall; move towards one of its corners and then
    slightly move the control stick towards the edge: John Vattic will peek.
    After this, move the control stick towards the edge and a bit forward (in
    a diagonal) to move onto the other side of the wall. Repeat this until
    you're back at the start. Finally, press the <B> button to crouch while
    pressed against the wall.
    After this you'll have to avoid Tex and sneak past him. Un-press yourself
    from the wall by pressing the <Z> button. Now Move backwards until you
    reach another block/wall, and press against the side that's opposite from
    where Tex is. After this Tex should start to move. Wait until he passes
    the first wall, and once he's getting ready to start checking the second
    wall, move in the direction that's opposite to the one he takes (Note that
    you'll have to un-press yourself from the wall in order to get to the place
    where he originally was).
    Once you've gotten to the place where he originally was (near the pipe)
    he'll tell you that you have to go through the pipes. Crouch and get
    inside them. When you get to the end of the first pipe make a right
    turn to enter the second pipe. At the end of this one turn to the left
    and enter the last pipe. You should be back on the outside.
    You'll now be notified that you need to sneak past the 3 guards in this
    area. The first two don't move. They only change the direction they're
    looking towards. First of all, it's highly recommended to always be
    crouching in this part of the training. I suggest moving through the small
    passage that's between the left wall and the blocks that are to the right
    of it. This way you'll have no problem sneaking past the first guard and
    falling down to the trench.
    In the trench, simply press yourself against the wall to avoid being seen
    by the second guard. Once you're on the other side of the trench, unpress
    yourself from the wall and climb up the one that's not where the second
    guard is.
    You'll now have to sneak past the third and last guard in this area.
    First verify that the guard is on the part that's to your left. If this
    is so, go to your right and hide behind the block that's there. Wait till
    the guard walks away from the exit to the right, and then make a dash
    for it (Remember to be crouching to avoid being caught).
    Once you get to the exit a brief scene will start showing you that there
    is a soldier behind the windows. What you've got to do is press against
    the wall of the house and then crouch. Now move to your right. You'll
    avoid being spotted by these guards. Once you've passed them, unpress
    yourself from the wall and walk towards the open gate.
    Now it's time to learn how to fire a weapon! Follow the corridor until
    you find the soldier at the end of it. Talk to him by pressing the <A>
    button while close to him. After these you'll enter the firing range
    and will be given your first weapon. When indicated to do so, press
    and hold the <L> button to aim your weapon. Vattic automatically locks on
    to any available target. A target will next appear to your left. While still
    locking on to the first target, move the C-Stick to the left to aim at
    these new target. After this a third target will appear to the right of
    the first one. Move the C-Stick twice to the right to target it.
    After this we'll get some ammo! Just shoot at the targets (Lock on to
    any target, and while still locking on to it, press the <R> button to
    fire at it). Keep doing this until you run out of ammo. Next you'll be
    given some more ammo, and be told that you need to score at least 250
    The amount of points you get depends on where you hit the target. The
    highest amount of points are given when hitting the head, and even
    these vary according to how close to the center of the head your shot was.
    Note that it's easier to hit the head of the targets that move from back
    to front than the ones that move from side to side. Anyway, take into
    consideration that it's better to hit a target in any part of its body
    than to not hit it at all. Note that for some targets that move quickly
    from side to side you'll need to manually move the C-Stick a bit ahead
    of the target to actually hit it.
    Once it ends and you obtained more than 250 points you'll need to move
    on. Move back a bit and then go to the door that's to the right (it's the
    door that's unlocked) to get to the next room.
    Here you'll practice against live targets. Crouch and press against the
    wall. Now lean to the right or left, and lock-on to a target (<L> button).
    After this cover yourself again. Next you'll be told to start the live
    training. There are two opponents on each side, and two near you and
    two far away. The ones that are near can be easily shot by leaning to
    the right and to the left, respectively. For the ones that are far
    away, it's easier to lean upwards (Press forward on the control stick
    and then the <L> button to lock a target). Each soldier has 8 bullets
    per round, and usually reloads their weapon without taking cover. Use
    this to your advantage. Also, if you want to avoid being hit, just fire
    on time each time you lean. Each soldier will take 3 hits.
    Once you've taken care of the 4 soldiers, you'll need to follow JC
    again. Now you'll be given a new task: go through the complex without
    taking too many hits. Walk to the left of JC and follow the corridor.
    Once you get to the end of it turn to the right and advance until you
    reach the door, which you should activate with the <A> button. Before
    you walk into the complex, note that you can shoot the three visible
    guards from here.
    Now that you've taken out the three visible guards, walk to the other
    side of the room. Note that there is a guard behind the last wall to the
    left, so be prepared to shoot him (A good trick is to climb up the wall
    he is using to hide, and shoot him from above).
    Climb up the wooden ladder, and then crouch to pass the tunnel. On the
    other side, quickly climb the wooden ladder and get near the edge on
    the left. From here you should be able to shoot a guard that's to the far
    left, and after that one should jump off the structure you're in. Also
    shoot him. Now make your way to the other side and enter the pipes.
    After the first pipe don't take the pipe to the right. Instead keep
    advancing forward to enter a second pipe. After this you'll come to a
    wide area. The second pipe to the right should have an opening that
    lets you shoot a soldier from it. Now get back to the first pipe and
    take the pipe to the right. Follow the path until you get out into the
    next area.
    A soldier would have been waiting here to shoot you, but luckily you shot
    him before from one of the pipes. From here you'll see two soldiers.
    Crouch and press onto the first wall/block, and from here lean so as to
    shoot both soldiers. After this get up and walk to the right. You'll see
    a fence, and after it another 2 soldiers. Shoot them. Now fall down onto
    the trench, climb onto the other side, and advance to the area with
    the house.
    There's no need to press onto the house. Actually, you should NOT do this,
    since there's a soldier waiting to ambush you when you get to the edge
    of the house that's near the gate. Once you've taken care of him, walk
    towards the gate.
    Next you'll be given some Sniping training. Walk to the right of JC,
    and at the end of the corridor make a left turn to go to the Firing Range.
    Franklin will be adjacent to the door. Talk to her. Using a Sniper Rifle
    isn't as difficult as it sounds. Just keep the <L> button pressed so that
    you acquire a target as soon as it shows up, and then use the C-Stick
    to move the aim to the desired body part where you want to shoot at.
    Note that you'll aim using the small screen that appears in the bottom
    right corner. It shouldn't be difficult getting 250 points.
    Once your Sniping training ends you'll be automatically taken to the
    news room. Vattic will be told that their mission is to locate
    Professor Grienko, who has discovered amazing things in the psychic area.
    Naturally, Vattic will say that anything of the sort is not possible,
    but then we meet Jayne Wilde who simply tells Vattic that he can't be sure
    of what he is saying. And that's the end of this level.
    You are now officially a member of the WinterICE team.
    V.03 - Experimentation
         Six months after joining the WinterICE mission, John Vattic finds
         himself imprisoned in a high security medical facility. He has been
         subjected to extensive surgery and trauma. As John escapes he discovers
         that he possesses phenomenal psychic powers.
    John Vattic's elevator will descend to the ground floor. Once you step out
    of it, a guard will greet you. Somehow you'll unleash a powerful pulse that
    knocks out the guard. After this you get control of Vattic.
    First of all, you'll notice that you've learn a new ability: Psi Attack.
    With this ability selected, focus on any opponent by using the <L> button,
    and then use the <R> button to fire the pulse. This attack will come in very
    handy in all of the following missions, so try to master it as soon as you
    Move over to the computer that the guard was using. Access it, and choose
    "CCTV Streamer" to take control of the video system. Press the X button
    that's on screen to turn the camera on/off, and then click on any of the
    arrows to move onto the next camera. Repeat this until you've turned off
    all of the cameras.
    Now press the <B> button to go back to the main menu, and choose "Unlock
    Door". This will, obviously, unlock the door that allows you to continue.
    Last of all, view the map of this area to download it to your PDA. You may
    feel free to take a look at the other computers in the room.
    When you're ready to continue, open the door (it's the only door in the
    room, apart from the elevator one; note that if you didn't unlock it through
    the guard's computer you won't be able to open it). Follow the small hallway
    you just entered. At the end of it you'll find another door, and a scene
    will start.
    In the scene you'll see how some police cars quickly arrive to help contain
    you. After the scene ends, you'll have control of Vattic. There's no use
    in shooting the police, since they'll just spawn again. So, instead of
    trying to fend them off, go forward into the small canal and to the other
    side of the room. Here you'll see two boxes stashed against the wall. Behind
    them is an air duct. Go inside it and follow it until you get to the next
    room (Alternatively, you could go ahead and open the door that's to the
    right of the vent. Either way, you'll get to the same hallway).
    Go straight until you find the next door (Note that the door to the right
    is a locker. You can get inside it incase the alarm starts to sound. If
    a guard spots you in the following rooms, he will try to raise the alarm.
    Kill or knock him out before he gets the chance to call for back-up.
    If he does call for back-up, you'll just have to find somewhere to hide
    until the alarm eventually stops... If you don't hide from the guards,
    then the alarm will continue until they can't spot you. Also take into
    account that if you enter a locker while a guard is watching you, he'll
    obviously know you entered the locker).
    You'll enter a large room. On the other side is a guard. Vattic will wonder
    if there is a way to distract him. Don't worry about that guard. Instead
    crouch yourself and take the first opening to the left. You'll enter a small
    room in which a scientist and a guard are talking in the far end. Hide
    behind the long table, and wait for them to finish talking. After this
    happens, keep using the table as cover and advance through the left side
    of the table, as to avoid the scientist. When you get to the other end
    of the room, turn left (the guard will have taken the right) and enter
    through the first door to your right (You can now stand up again)
    Another small hallway. Just keep on going forward until you enter the next
    room. In this room crouch again. Hide behind the big tube things, and look
    upon the guard that is patrolling the elevated walkway to your left and
    straight ahead. When he's not looking towards you, quickly advance, keeping
    crouched so that the second guard that is in the walkway and looking towards
    the small space through which you are walking doesn't spot you.
    After this you'll be on the left side of the room (Note that you never took
    the upper walkway). Wait until you see a scientist in a yellow suit.
    When he's occupied with the things in the left wall, slowly pass him,
    taking care not to be caught, and head up until you reach a door (If
    you do get spotted in this area, near the door there's a ventilation duct
    which you can enter. If its door is closed, press the <A> button to open
    it, and get in it and wait inside until the alarm stops. After that get back
    outside and take the door I previously mentioned) through which you should
    Follow this hallway until you get a cut-scene. You'll also get a new
    ability: Charm. With this ability selected, just press and hold the <R>
    button and Vattic will become invisible to anyone. Note that this doesn't
    apply to cameras. Also note that if you're being seen by someone when you
    use this ability, you'll simply fail in doing it.
    The guard that was trying to spot you can be easily taken care of using
    a Psi Pulse. After that walk to the end of the hallway and use telekinesis
    on the vents that are on the other side of the small window. Keep using
    telekinesis until decontamination reaches 100%, which should open the
    nearest door through which you should advance.
    In this new room, turn to the right and head up the stairs. Look through
    the glass windows and target the console on the other side, and use
    telekinesis on it. This should stop the conveyor belt, as well as calling
    a pair of guards. Activate charm to avoid the guards and get back
    as quickly as possible to the previous hallway.
    Keep going back until you get to the big room with the scientist in the
    yellow suit. To the left of the door is an air duct in the floor. Enter
    it (If the air duct gate is closed, press the <A> button to open it) and
    go through it until you get to its other end. Before exiting the duct,
    activate Charm and then get out of the duct. Then turn to the left, and
    go forward until you reach a conveyor belt. Get on the conveyor belt,
    and follow it as it goes into the left and enters an opening in the wall.
    You can now stop using charm. Keep following the conveyor belt until you
    get into another room. To the left will be a scientist of which you can
    quickly dispose of. Now look for an air duct in one of the walls, below
    the shelves. Get inside it and go through it. It'll take you directly
    into the Records Room. Inside this room, use the computer that's 3 spaces
    to the left (It's the only computer that is on... All the other computers
    don't work). Remember that you won't be able to access the computer if
    you're crouching.
    A scene will start, in which we'll learn that Jayne Wild is deceased.
    Apparently she was killed in Action. This shocks John Vattic, causing
    him to have another flashback. On to the next level!
    V.04 - Fieldwork
         The WinterICE squad is on the ground in Western Siberia. They are
         proceeding toward the USHC Pipeline station where they hope to find
         out more information about Professor Viktor Grienko. A few kilometers
         from the station they are attacked by unknown troops.
    As is usual, the level starts with a scene. Nothing too interesting. When
    you get control of Vattic, quickly run to one of the wooden fences and
    crouch behind it. You can wait for your team members to dispose of the
    people that are shooting at you, or you can stand up and help them get
    rid of the enemies.
    After this the team will start to move on. When you encounter fire, the
    team will stop and take cover, and you'll have to again wait until all
    the enemies have been killed. Remember to take cover, since if you don't
    you'll likely get shot a lot. Keep repeating this until you reach a cave.
    A couple of soldiers will be at the cave entrance. Once they are no more,
    another scene will start in which a hole is blown inside the cave.
    Once it ends, the team will go through the tunnel. Follow them. At some
    point you'll encounter some resistance... Nothing too difficult.
    When you get near the end of the cave, all the team will stop and wait
    for the Colonel to give new orders. Once that's done, follow the Colonel
    out and get cover. Now what you've got to do is kill the soldiers that
    are on the ground (You can also shoot the ones in the Refinery,
    but they never die...). When they are dead, Jayne Wilde will run off
    to the left. You've got to follow her (don't forget to take cover if your
    life is running low).
    Jayne will enter a small building to the left of the refinery. You'll also
    have to enter it. A scene will start, in which you'll save Jayne from
    a certain death by an explosion. Once it ends, just follow Jayne and climb
    the ladder. After this, take the stairs to the left and follow the path
    to the end. To the left will be a small room with a weapon and a First
    Aid Kit (The green box with the cross on it). Stand in front of it and
    press the <A> button to completely restore your health. You can do this
    as many times as you need, and there are several kits throughout the
    Now get back into the passage and take the ladder to your right. It'll lead
    you to a lever, which you've got to pull. After this return to the main
    level of the room and look for the door that Jane opened. Another scene
    will begin, in which Jayne finds a dead person.
    The scene ends and you get to follow Jayne again. Go through the corridor.
    More dead people... Jayne will stop once the corridor ends in a big room.
    She'll take cover and tell you to take care of the 3 guards in this area.
    Just cover behind the machinery and shoot at them quickly to avoid getting
    spotted. You can also use the tranquilizer if you don't want to make any
    noise, but you'll have to focus on hitting them in their head or neck.
    If you do get spotted (They'll say something like "There's someone here"),
    a couple of soldiers will come to assist their mates, but it's really
    no problem to take care of them also.
    Once the 3 main guards are dead, Jayne will advance onto the next corridor
    (If she took damage, she will also heal herself using the kit that is beside
    the entrance to the corridor). Follow her until you get to another room.
    You'll have to fight a few soldiers here. Just be sure to take cover behind
    the nearest green table (or machine... I can't make out what it is). After
    you've killed them go up the ladder that is in the other side of the room.
    On the second level of the room Jayne will find an alternate route. Follow
    her to enter a "tunnel". There's nothing useful to the left, except for
    a piece of paper which you can read (it doesn't contain any useful info).
    To the right you'll find a door which takes you to the control room.
    In the control room you can heal yourself in the kit to the left. After
    this walk towards the computers and use the one to the right. Click on the
    lock. You'll get a message stating you need a password. Just wait for John
    to type "ABCDEFGH". It's obviously not the correct password. Click the X
    on the error message, and then wait for Jayne to tell you the password
    (snow). Next click on the lock again, and Vattic will type it.
    Click on the second icon on the left (wastebasket). A window will pop up.
    Click on the only icon on it to read the grienko_report_draft.text document.
    After this get off the computer. A scene will start in which you are told
    that backup is on its way.
    Follow Jayne back into the tunnel. You'll encounter a lot of soldiers here.
    Just remember to take cover and to aim for the nearest one first, leaving
    the farthest one last. Once you're back in the big room, go down the ladder
    and through the nearest entrance. There'll be a first aid kit to your left.
    Follow the corridor into another room where you'll have to kill more
    soldiers. When you've killed them all your backup will arrive, thus ending
    the level. Watch the scene, and then prepare to go back to the present.
    V.05 - Escape
         John Vattic has discovered that he is not the sole survivor of the
         WinterICE mission. John must escape from the medical facility and get
         to the mental asylum where Jayne Wilde is being held.
    Apparently Jayne Wilde isn't dead at all. She has been admitted into a
    medical institution somewhere else. After learning this, you get control
    of John Vattic.
    Choose Telekinesis and target the camera that's on the corner of the room
    that's visible from where you are. Use Telekinesis on it until you disable
    it. After this immediately choose and activate Charm and walk to the
    desk that is nearest to the door that the guards are using to come into the
    room. Once you get to that desk, crouch and use it as cover to hide from
    the guards, and stop using Charm.
    Now wait until your Psi meter completely regenerates itself. Once this is
    done, activate Charm again, stand up, open the door, and go through it.
    Walk to the elevator that's on the left and call it (It should be on the
    floor you are in, so the doors will open instantly). Get in it.
    A scene will start that shows you... how John takes the elevator! After it
    ends you'll be on the basement. Walk forward and then to the right to come
    up to a laser gate. A scene will start in which you'll learn the Projection
    ability. Once you've selected this ability, press the <R> button to
    project yourself. This consumes Psi power. Once you're ready to get back
    to Vattic, press the <B> button.
    As soon as you get control of Vattic, walk forward and then turn to the
    right to find the console that controls the laser gate you just turned off.
    Turn it on and wait a bit until two guards come from the elevator you used.
    You'll see that they'll stop by the laser gate, unable to continue because
    you turned it back on. After they've gone, walk back into the main corridor
    and turn to the right. You'll see a control panel with green lights.
    Use Telekinesis on it to turn the lights red and thus disabling the next
    Now follow the corridor as it goes left. Look up and you should see the
    camera you turned off. To the right you'll see another corridor. Don't
    enter it. Just use Telekinesis on the camera to turn it off. Now turn
    back to the left and go forward until you come to another corridor on
    the right. Enter it, and as you are halfway through it use Telekinesis
    to disable yet another camera (This should be the third one). After you've
    disabled it, go back a bit, since a technician and a surgeon will walk
    by wondering what happened.
    Once they've gone away, enter the corridor again and when you're almost
    about to come out use Projection. With your Projection, turn left when
    the corridor ends and go forward. You should see on the far end of the
    room a laser gate. Go through it and turn right to find the console
    that controls it. Turn the lasers off, and return to Vattic.
    Wait for your Psi meter to refill itself. Once it's completely full,
    activate Charm and do what you did with your Projection, except that once
    you pass the section where the laser gate is and you turn right, crouch
    and hide behind the wooden box.
    Use Telekinesis to turn back on the laser gate. After that, wait for your
    Psi meter to be full, and then use Charm and follow the corridor until
    you find a guard. Position yourself behind him, and press <A> to grab him.
    Knock him out. Incase you're not able to grab him, hit him as fast as you
    can so that he doesn't have time to call for back up.
    In this area you should find a cargo elevator. Get on it and then use
    Projection. Make your projection get out of the elevator and walk to the
    right to find a series of consoles. One of them should activate the elevator
    Vattic is currently on. Return to Vattic. As the elevator goes up a
    scene should start.
    You'll have learned the Psi Blast, which is similar to the Psi Pulse.
    To use the Psi Blast, choose the Psi Attack ability, but instead of
    focusing on a target, just hold down the <R> button to emit the pulse.
    Note that you can only use one pulse at a time, since you'll have to wait
    until your Psi meter recharges itself. Also take into consideration that
    most of the times this attack doesn't kill the persons it affects, it
    just knocks them out for a few seconds.
    As soon as you get control of Vattic walk towards the left. You'll see
    on the right corner an entrance. When you are about to enter it, activate
    Charm. Keep using charm as you go up the ramp, and then turn left and hide
    yourself behind the box that is near the air vent that is emitting smoke
    (Just crouch yourself behind the box... There's no need to press against
    it). Wait until your Psi meter replenishes itself. As you do so, you may
    see two guards walk down the ramp. (By the way, if you please to do so,
    you may do the following by shooting yourself through instead of sneaking
    and using Charm)
    Once your meter is full, activate Charm and stand up, and keep on ascending
    the ramp. Once you get to flat ground you'll see big crates scattered.
    There's a guard patrolling this area, so hide behind one of them until you
    spot him. There's no need to take him out. Activate charm once your meter
    is full and advance, until you come to a gate that's closed and a guard
    behind it. To the left is a small room. Enter it. A guard will be there.
    You don't need to kill him, but you can do so if you please. What you really
    need to do is activate the console in this small room to get the gate open.
    Wait a bit, while crouched, until your Psi meter gets filled at least to
    the half. Once that's happened, activate Charm and as you exit the room
    walk to the left and pass through where the gate was. Once you've passed
    it, walk to the left and then press yourself to the wall on the right. After
    this you can deactivate Charm. Keep walking towards your left. As you get
    near the corner, you'll start to hear a conversation. You can even peek a
    bit and see the four guards that are talking.
    You'll need to dispose of these guards. You can go ahead and use the SMG
    if you've got it, or place yourself behind the first pillar in the section
    where the guards are and use a Psi Blast. Anyway, once you've got rid
    of them, get on the cargo elevator on the far side of the room. Use your
    projection to activate it (The console is just beside the elevator),
    and then return to Vattic.
    On the next floor you'll face some guards behind the pillars. Four are on
    the pillars on the base level, and one is behind the first pillar that's
    farthest to the left. Dispose of them any way you please (you can place
    yourself behind the first pillar on the right and from there take care
    of the other guards, but you'll need to be careful of the guard that's
    on the level that is slightly above).
    Once you've killed them advance through the main corridor. You'll meet some
    guards, but it's easy to kill them as long as you take proper cover. Also
    remember that you can heal yourself, and if there are a lot of guards
    (And there will be) just use a Psi Pulse. You can also use Telekinesis
    on the boxes in the ramp to make them start sliding down and thus removing
    the guards' cover.
    On the topmost level you'll find a car. Open the door of the driver's seat
    to finish the level. Vattic will drive to find Jayne Wilde.
    V.06 - Madness
         After stealing a car and escaping from the Osiris Medical Facility,
         John Vattic arrives at Penfold Asylum. He knows that Jayne Wilde is
         being held somewhere within - John needs to find her.
    It's time for Vattic to rescue Jayne Wilde. You must find her if you want
    to shed some light into your situation. 
    From where you start, turn to the right. You'll see a wall. Crouch and
    follow this wall. When you reach the corner, turn left to keep on following
    the wall, but when you get to the part of the wall that is lit, wait a bit
    and make sure that no guards are near. If there is one near that part of
    the wall, wait for him to go away before you proceed. Keep following the
    wall until you get to the next corner. Turn to the left and follow the wall
    a bit, since you are looking for a water duct that is in the bottom part
    of it. Once you've located it (it's not very far from the corner where you
    turned) go in it and follow it until you get near its other end.
    Before exiting the water duct activate "Charm" (This is just as a
    precaution). You'll now be very near the asylum. The window through
    which you will enter it is right in front of you. Walk over to it and
    enter the asylum. Once in, walk forward until a scene starts.
    - Checkpoint -
    You'll now have enhanced your Telekinesis ability. You are now able to
    lift humans and move them around. To the left of the now dead guard is
    an entrance. Enter through it and then on the left is a stash of boxes
    with a Tranquilizer. Get it. Follow the corridor and you should meet
    the second Orderly, in case you hadn't encountered him before. He doesn't
    have a weapon and can't call for backup, so he poses no real threat. 
    Practice your enhanced Telekinesis ability on him, and once you've killed
    him the Library Key will fall from him. Pick it up.
    Go straight until you reach an intersection. Take the corridor to the
    right and keep going on until you reach another intersection. Here you'll
    have to go left, and then again to the left and keep advancing. There'll be
    some stairs to your right which you'll have to use. Finally go up the spiral
    staircase to the right to reach the door to the library.
    Be sure that you're not carrying any weapon (in this case, the tranquilizer)
    when you enter the library. As John will state, the doctors don't know you,
    so you should use this to your advantage. Just don't do anything suspicious,
    like hitting one of them, to avoid catching their attention. If somehow
    they start to suspect of you, eliminate them before they reach the alarm,
    which is near one of the bookshelves in the bottom level of the library.
    In the center of the library there is a long table. On it there is a
    piece of paper which you can read (Walk around the table until you are
    able to read something). Do so to learn the code needed to access the
    computer: mad2Bhere (Note that you can also grab one of the doctors
    to interrogate him and get the code from him).
    The computer in which you can input the code is in one of the far ends
    of the library. Once you've accessed it, click on the first icon on the
    left: "Hard disk (LI-01)". Then click on "PatientDB.prg" in the new window
    to learn useful information regarding Jayne Wilde. Click on the "X" to
    return to the main screen, and last of all click on "security.prg".
    Last of all click on "Upper library: Locked" to unlock the door in the
    upmost level of the library (You'll see a scene showing you which door
    was unlocked).
    Go and open the door that you just unlocked (Use the ladders that are
    near the bookshelves to get to the top). Note that there are two doors
    in the upmost level of the library; both lead to the same room, so there
    is no difference. Open either one of them.
    You'll now be in an empty room with pictures hanging on the walls. You need
    to find an air duct in the right corner of the room, in the bottom of the
    wall (Remember that you must be crouching in order to enter any vent).
    Follow the vent and, as you are about to exit it you'll spot a guard in
    front of you. No worries: He's facing the other side, so you can take out
    your tranquilizer gun and easily hit him in the head from inside the vent
    (Don't use the Psi Pulse, since he'll get knocked down the balcony and
    may alert other guards).
    After he is knocked out, get out of the vent. You'll find a staircase to
    the right. Once you go down it you'll be in a lower level. From this level
    approach the balcony. You'll see that there's a guard patrolling one level
    below you. Use a Psi Pulse to knock him out. Just make sure that you
    position the blast so that the Pulse doesn't knock him down the balcony.
    Find the next staircase and use it to go down one level, and then look
    for the remaining one to get to the bottom level. As you arrive in the
    bottom level you'll see an exit to your right. Press against the wall
    and peek towards the exit. You'll see a guard there. Use a Psi Pulse to
    take care of him.
    Before going through the exit you can examine a sheet of paper near the
    operating table to discover that Jayne Wilde has a lobotomy scheduled...
    In case you don't know what a lobotomy is, I guess it's better that you
    don't find out.
    Go through the exit and follow the corridor, as it goes left and up some
    stairs. When it comes into an open room, activate Charm and go inside
    the nearest locker to the right. Once inside de-activate Charm and wait
    for a doctor to pass by in front of you. Shoot him in the head with your
    tranquilizer. He should drop a "Security Pass". Activate Charm, exit
    the locker, and get inside the one that's in the corner to the right.
    Repeat the same process to knock out the second doctor. Note that if you
    are not able to knock them out with one blow, use a Psi Blast so that they
    don't go and activate the alarm. Also don't forget to take the Security
    Pass. In this room you can look at the patients' medical histories, and
    if you hit them, they will start yelling, so try to avoid doing it.
    To the right of the second locker should be an exit. Go through it and
    follow the corridor until you come into a second patient's room. In the
    level below you should see 1 doctor. Take him out with which ever method
    you prefer. If you go straight you will come into a room with a few lockers,
    so there's no use visiting it.
         Ledgendgamer sent me the following information:
         In the madness level (my favorite), you can get on to the table in the
         locker room overviewing the second patitent room, right before the
         lobby. there's a Dorm. access card on it, a beer bottle, and no one
         will attack you on it. If a gunner comes up, PSI blast him.
    Instead use the stairs to go down to where the doctor was. In the other
    end of the room you will find a locked door. To its left is a Card Reader.
    Just press the <A> button to swipe the card you got from the doctor. You'll
    hear a "Beeeep sound". While you hear it the door to the left is unlocked,
    so go quickly and open it before the sound stops.
    In the next room follow the corridor until the next scene starts.
    - Checkpoint -
    Start by going forward. When you are about to enter the lobby you'll hear
    that a patient has escaped. Keep advancing, and as soon as you see the
    guards, take them out with a Psi Blast or Pulse. You could, alternatively,
    use Charm so that they don't see you and just walk pass them. Anyway,
    go forward to exit the lobby. You'll have to take a right turn to enter
    a small hallway, and then make a left turn to enter a large corridor.
    In the other end of the corridor you will see a guard. Use a Psi Pulse
    to eliminate him. He'll shatter some glass, but there's no need to worry.
    Now you can enter the rooms to the left to meet some strange patients,
    or simply go forward until you reach an intersection in which you'll have
    to turn either left or right. Note that before you reach the intersection,
    enter through the door that is to the left to enter a patient's room.
    Change the camera to the static one (the one in third person which you can't
    move about) and you should see a large key on the bottom left of the
    screen. Use Telekinesis to move it so that you can take it:
    "CCTV Control Room Key".
    Now go to the intersection. First make a left turn and follow the path.
    Now look for the door that leads into the small room with the glass
    windows. Open it using the key you got from the patient's room. Get
    the Shotgun that's to the left of the computer, and then access the
    computer. Click on "Hard disk (CC-08)" and then on "westwing.cctv".
    Turn off all of the cameras; you even get to see Jayne Wilde!
    Get back to the corridor where you made the left turn. You should see
    a computer behind the desk. Access it and click on "Hard disk (WW-03)"
    and then on "new_codes.wrd". After that get off the computer and follow
    the corridor in the remaining direction (should be forward), taking the
    first left you can to enter a small corridor. After you go through the
    door press yourself against the right wall, and peek out the corner on the
    left to see a guard. When he is near you and has his back against you
    hit him with a Psi Pulse. He should go flying, just right to distract
    another guard which should come into view. Also hit him with a Psi Pulse.
    (Note: For some reason, in this area the alarm seems to randomly go off...
     To prevent this, just try to be as quick as possible... Anyway, if it
     does go off, there are plenty of places to hide in, like lockers and
     patient's rooms.)
    Get off the wall and follow the corridor in which you took out the two
    guards. Take the first right you can to move into a small corridor with
    a door to the left. Press yourself against the wall to the left and peek out
    to the right to see yet another guard. Take him out with a Psi Pulse.
    Now open the door which I previously mentioned. It will lead you into
    a "storage room", with a tranquilizer and a Shotgun. Take them both.
    There is also a computer disk in the first shelf to the left. Use
    Telekinesis to move it from the topmost shelf and grab it.
    Return to the previous computer you used and click on "Disk in drive" and
    then on "xspace92.prg". You have now unlocked one of the two secret
    minigames in Second Sight. As of now you can access it from your PDA
    every time you'd like to play it.
    Get back to the corridor where you killed the two guards with the Psi
    Pulse. At the end of it there is a gate to the left. To the right is
    a console with a red light. Press the <A> button near it to enter the
    code you learnt from the last computer. The gate will open. Go through
    it and follow the corridor. As soon as you see a staircase, take it to
    go up. Another scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    Go up the stairs and then go forward to enter a corridor, which eventually
    will make you turn right. Keep following it and you will enter the upper
    level of the West Wing. As soon as you leave the corridor activate Charm
    and make a left turn and go right into the small tunnel-like entrance.
    You can now deactivate Charm.
    Once in the tunnel take the first right and crouch. Move forward and you
    should see a guard to your right (this is the second tunnel, if you count
    the one through which you entered as the first one). Don't mind him and
    advance even more to reach a third tunnel. Before you reach it press
    yourself to the wall on the right and peek to the left and wait until you
    see a second guard move by. Once his back is towards you and he starts
    to go way shoot him in the head/neck with the tranquilizer. After that get
    back to the first guard and shoot him from behind, also with the
    Now move forward and exit the tunnel. Immediately turn left and you
    should see a camera on the corner. Use Telekinesis to de-activate it.
    Now advance towards the corner where the camera was and turn right to
    enter another corridor. Follow it and take the first right you can.
    After doing this you should come up from behind to the third guard.
    Take him out using the previous method. Note that you shouldn't move
    forward or a camera will see you.
    Retrace your steps back to the first camera, and then keep going back
    until you are in the first tunnel. From it look out into the corridor.
    You should see a camera. This is the second one. Use Telekinesis to take
    it out. Now move forward through this corridor, and just before you reach
    it's end, press yourself to the wall on the left and peek to the right
    to see a guard (fourth one). Previous method should work well.
    Now move into the corridor where this last guard was. Don't advance.
    First use Telekinesis to take out a camera that is at the top left of
    where a gate is, right in front of you. Once you have taken this camera
    out, move forward through the corridor, taking your first left, and then
    your first right, and then another right turn. Walk towards the end
    of this corridor. As you should see, the gate will now be to your left.
    Press yourself against the wall to the left before you reach it, and
    activate Charm and Peek. A guard will probably come out. When he does,
    take advantage of the situation and use Charm to get to the other side of
    the gate. If no guard comes out, then just use Telekinesis on the console
    that is near the gate to get it open.
    Once through the gate turn left to enter a small security room. Take
    out the guard in the computer, and then proceed to access the computer.
    Click on "Hard disk (MA-02)", and then "security.prg", followed by
    "WW upper: LOCKED". You've got 5 seconds to reach the door... It's
    impossible to do it, so... go and stop in front of the gate that opens
    electronically. Use Projection and go back to the computer with projected
    John, and open the door. Return to Vattic (eliminate the projection)
    and go through the gate.
    To the left is Jayne Wilde's room. Enter it.
    V.07 - Rescue
         John has found Jayne Wilde in an isolation cell at Penfold Asylum.
         Jayne is in a very distressed and unstable state. John must now help
         her to escape to safety over the rooftops and courtyards of the
    Jayne apparently isn't as sane as we thought she would be. In fact, it
    appears that there was no mistake in committing her in a mental institution.
    Once you've got control of Vattic a message will be displayed telling
    you that you can use Charm to make Jayne either stay of follow. When she
    is in the "follow" mode a person symbol will appear next to her icon in
    the top right corner. Below her picture is a small bar which represents
    her health. If she takes damage, be sure to heal her.
    Walk down the stairs, making sure Jayne is following you (You'll have
    to target her and use Charm on her once). When you've reached the ground
    level enter the small pond thing in the middle to get the Heavy
    Tranquilizer. After this approach the door to start a scene.
    It appears Jayne is afraid of lightning. Anyway, target her and use Charm
    on her until she calms down. When she is in "Shock" her image icon changes
    in the top right corner of the screen. Use charm on her until the icon
    changes back to normal. If Jayne is in shock, she won't follow you and will
    either stay in one place or start running around. She will also start
    Open the door and go through it to enter a corridor. As you turn left
    you'll see a guard. Take him out with a Psi Pulse of with a tranquilizer
    dart. Anyway, the first door to your right is locked, but you can crouch
    and go under it (it's bottom part is broken). Don't worry, since Jayne
    won't be able to follow. In this new room go out the window that's right
    in front of you. You'll be in another courtyard. To the left is a door
    with a piece of wood across it. Target this piece of wood and use
    Telekinesis to remove it. Open the door to find Jayne.
    In the courtyard switch the camera to the static camera in third person
    view. You should see a retractable ladder on the left. Target it and
    use Telekinesis until it comes down. While you are doing this a pair
    of guards may interrupt you. Take care of them and then continue lowering
    the ladder. Go up the ladder, making sure Jayne is following (she'll go
    up once you advance a bit).
    Keep going up until you reach the roof. From here go forward. You might
    spot a guard in this roof. Kill him with which ever method you prefer.
    Following the path in the roof will make you take a left turn, and go
    a bit more forward just enough to see through the windows a patient in
    a room below. Use Telekinesis to drag him to the roof and dispose of him.
    Now go forward. You'll come to an improvised bridge that allows you to
    cross over to the next roof. Do so. (If you failed to kill the patient
    he may start screaming as you are crossing, causing the bridge to fall.
    You'll have to use Telekinesis to form it again so that Jayne can cross...
    Just make sure that you don't stop using Telekinesis while Jayne is on
    it, since she will fall and die, causing you to fail the level).
    - Checkpoint -
    Once both of you have safely crossed tell Jayne to stay. Now go forward
    (there's no need to fall into the level below using the open window) and
    as you are about to turn right press against the wall and peek to see
    two to three guards. Use any method you wish to dispose of them. Now
    go back and tell Jayne to follow you. Return to where you took out
    the most recent guards and use the ladder to go up the roof and then
    a second ladder to go down into the other side. A new ladder
    will be straight ahead. Use it to go down one level.
    You'll now be in a sort of balcony, with a fancy door on the right that
    can't be opened. Use charm on Jayne while she is near the ladder to tell
    her to stay there. Now go over to the fancy door and use a gun (you want
    to make noise) to destroy it's glass. A few guards should come in a few
    seconds. Take them out. I suggest you do the following as fast as you
    can, since there is the possibility that if you take too long some guards
    might come and start shooting Jayne.
    Now you need to get on the edge of the balcony and press against the wall
    on the left (the one that leads to a room with huge glass windows). While
    you are pressed on the wall keep going left... You won't fall down as long
    as you keep pressed against the wall. Eventually you'll get to large
    glass windows. Keep going on to the left, passing those windows and
    finally getting to another balcony with a door. Open this door.
    As you were moving through the outside wall you might have heard a patient
    say "I've got the key". Now you need to find that patient. You should
    now be in a corridor. Follow it and open the second door to your right
    you come upon to. You'll find the patient. Talk to him to receive the
    key. After this get back to the corridor and follow it, opening the doors
    on your way until you get to the fancy door (if you broke all the glass
    it isn't so fancy now...). Open it.
    You'll now be in the balcony where you left Jayne. Tell her to follow.
    Go back and through the fancy door. There's an elevator to your right
    (You'll see some red lights near it's entrance). Unfortunately the
    elevator is stuck, so approach the access and Vattic should climb up
    to the top of the elevator. Fall down the hole to get into the elevator.
    Press the button to get the elevator to where Jayne's at. Let her
    get in, and then press the elevator button again to get to the lower
    - Checkpoint -
    Tell Jayne to stay. Follow the corridor and exit it to enter a big
    courtyard. As soon as you do so, crouch and hide behind the first bench.
    You'll see a guard (he moves around the pool). In this part there are
    two options: Option A) You kill all the 4 guards silently; and Option B)
    You kill the guards making a hustle, which causes more guards to
    In Option A you'll need to hit the guards in the head with a tranquilizer
    from a long range. First hit the one that patrols the pool. You can wait
    for him to come close by and have his back facing you. After that,
    hide behind one of the small pillars in the corners of the pool. The
    remaining three guards are behind the two small pillars in the other
    side of the pool and behind the bench to the right. Just wait for them
    to show their head and then shoot them with a dart. If they don't seem
    to be showing their head, use Projection and walk near them until they
    start showing their heads from behind their hiding places.
    In Option B, well, just shoot your way through. Note that you'll have
    to clear the area of every guard to ensure Jayne's safety. A few guards
    will also shoot at you from the roof, so you'll have to pay attention to
    where you take cover.
    Once the area is clear of guards, go back and get Jayne, and then open
    the only door in the ground level of the open area. Be careful as you do so,
    (it's better to peek first and then open it completely), since there might
    be a guard waiting just ahead of the door. Once through this door,
    follow the corridor (take care, since there also might be guards around
    each corner) until you reach a manhole. Jayne must be following you in
    order to finish this level.
    The ending scene for this level shows that Jayne is getting better.
    When John inquires about the other members of WinterICE, she answers
    that the Colonel was shot right in front of Vattic's eyes.
    V.08 - Reliance
         Colonel Starke and John Vattic are on night watch at the WinterICE
         camp. They have left the camp area to investigate strange lights
         which John has seen in a nearby forest gorge.
    Now you're seeing things... Or is it real? Well, it looks like you are not
    the only one with the ability to Project yourself.
    As soon as you get control of Vattic follow Colonel Starke. He should
    walk a few paces and then stop and take cover behind a rock. There are
    two snipers in this zone. You'll have to take them both out to continue.
    Just make sure that you don't let Starke take too much damage... In fact,
    his aiming is very bad: don't rely on him to take out any Snipers.
    Once the two Snipers are out follow the Colonel until a scene starts.
    - Checkpoint -
    Follow the Colonel into the cave and then out of it. As soon as you
    are in the open take cover and take out any Snipers you come upon.
    There should be 4 Snipers in total in the Normal difficulty.
    Again keep close to Col. Starke as he advances, and then on to the next
    - Checkpoint -
    After the scene ends follow the wooden fence to the left, past the corner,
    until you reach a place with some USHC (United States Hydro Carbon) boxes
    stashed together. Climb on top of the first row, and then onto the top box.
    From this box jump over the fence. Now look for a ventilation duct in
    the building, and enter it.
    Follow the duct until you are inside the building. Now go straight through
    the corridor. A brief scene will take place, in which you learn that the
    complex isn't abandoned. Once it ends, peek through the door nearest to you
    (don't go up the stairs yet, and don't fully open the door). You should
    be able to see two guards. Take out your Tranquilizer and shoot each guard
    in the head; first the guard nearest to you, and then the one that's playing
    in the arcade machine.
    Now open the door. Go over to the arcade machine and use it. You'll have
    unlocked the second minigame in Second Sight: Earth Impact. Go back
    to the main corridor and up the stairs.
    Peek through the door nearest to you. There's a guard in this room. If
    you can't see him, he may be patrolling behind the boxes, so wait a bit
    for him to show up in your line of sight. Now, the only reason to take
    care of this guard is to enter this room and use the First Aid Kit box.
    If your life is full, there's no need to do this.
    Back in the corridor, peek through the second door. You'll see a guard.
    Knock him out with a dart, and then enter the room. There's a table right
    in front of the door, right beside the wall. On it is a piece of paper
    which you HAVE to read in order to get a key. After that access any
    of the computers to learn that there is no power. After a few seconds
    the Colonel will have restored the Power Supply. On the computers in this
    floor you can retrieve a map and read some interesting documents.
    Get back to the corridor and now open the third (and final) door.
    You'll enter a room with a computer. in front of you is another door. Open
    it. In this new room there's nothing to do, so go ahead and open the
    next door. After this press yourself against the wall on the left and
    peek at the corner on the left. You're looking for a guard in the same
    level as you are. Once you've spotted him, wait until he's back is against
    you and then un-cover yourself and hit him in the head.
    Now get near the edge of the floor, so that you can view the bottom
    level. There are two guards patrolling it. It's better if you take them
    both from above, since the likelyhood of you getting spotted decreases.
    Just be careful that once you take the first one out, the second doesn't
    stumble on him while walking. If he does, shoot him with darts before he
    can raise the alarm (If he gets a few shots out there's no problem, since
    no one else will hear him).
    Now go down the stairs to reach the level where you killed the previous
    two guards. Go and open the door that's on the right corner of this
    big room. You'll enter a small room with another door (and some lockers).
    Peek through it and you'll see a guard patrolling. Wait until he is
    in front of you and take him out. Now get back to the huge room and look
    for a door located in the other side of the room and open it. You'll enter
    another small room (this one with a telephone in it).
    Open the next door to leave this building and get back to the outside.
    Colonel Stark will tell you to meet him to the right. There's no hurry...
    Instead turn left to see the last patrolling soldier. Take him out.
    As soon as you do this the Colonel will run to the other end of the complex.
    Follow him (If he's hurt he will heal himself using the green First Aid
    Kit in one of the walls).
    If you are running low on ammo, or want to find some weapons, open the
    only unlocked door in the first building to enter the "cafeteria". There'll
    be a stack of weapons on one of the tables.
    Talk to the Colonel. He'll tell you that you need to open the gate blocking
    the road. Now find a ladder (it's close by) and go up it. You'll be on a
    small rooftop path. Follow it until you start getting shot by Snipers.
    There's one Sniper in front of you, one behind you in the roof of the
    first building, and the third and final one can be shot from near the ladder
    you used to climb up (try to take this one out because he can be a pain
    to Col. Starke). By the way, there's No need to use the Tranquilizer
    Once there are no more Snipers, follow the rooftop path until it leads
    you to a slanted roof with a second ladder (it's the only other ladder
    in this area which you have not used). Use it to go down (or simply jump
    off the roof). Last of all, find a shed with a console in it, and press
    its button.
    A nearby gate will open, now allowing you to get back to Colonel Starke.
    He has already taken the lead and will be climbing the wooden fence to
    get out of the complex. You do the same (climb the big wooden rounded things
    near where you left Colonel Starke to reach the top of the fence, and then
    jump to the other side). If your life is low, remember to use the First
    Aid Kit nearby before doing this.
    Go through the fence and watch the next... wierd... scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    So Colonel Starke has been possessed. No big deal... Or is it? When you
    get Control of Vattic follow the Colonel (he'll be shouting things like
    "You must save us" in a strange voice).
    Follow the Colonel until you reach a place where 3 Snipers will shoot
    at you. Take them out before they can do any real damage to you or the
    Colonel (as you can see, he doesn't have any cover). After all the
    Snipers are dead stand in front of the Colonel and talk to him. Once
    he gets his senses back, he'll jump over the roadblock and will follow
    the rail tracks to the right, entering a tunnel and getting to a
    station. Just keep following him.
    Once you reach the station climb over to the platform on the right and
    advance (there's a First Aid Kit to the right, in case you need to use
    it). Enter the green train (you'll see an hologram near here) and follow
    it until you come out on the other side (second part) of the platform
    (You can, alternatively, follow the rail tracks to get to the second part
    of the platform. You'll also see another different hologram by doing this).
    By the way, take a moment to view some of the posters in this station. You
    MIGHT recognize someone.
    On the second part of the platform look for a small room with an Assault
    Rifle and the Key you are looking for. Get back to the first part of
    the train platform and open the wooden gate (it's beside the First Aid
    Kit). Wait for the Colonel and then follow him. A new scene will start.
    - Checkpoint -
    You've received all of your Psychic abilities! Additionally, your Projection
    ability has been enhanced. Now you can possess other people. Simply
    Project yourself and, once your hologram is beside the person you want
    to possess, press the <A> button to do so. The controls for this person
    are the same as if you were controlling Vattic, except for the <B> button,
    which will return you to Vattic.
    Back up a bit so that you get away from the line of fire of the soldiers
    below. Project yourself and, with your hologram, fall down the huge
    hole and possess one of the enemy soldiers. Kill the other 4 soldiers,
    and then, for the finishing touch, get near the gas tanks in the shelve
    and shoot them... Kaboom! You've suicided the soldier!
    Again in Vattic, fall down the hole to finish the level. You'll now
    learn that the Russian soldiers have weapons and gadgets that belong
    to the US Special Forces, which only means one thing...
    V.09 - Entrapped
         John Vattic and Jayne Wilde are escaping through the extensive storm
         drain system underneath Penfold Asylum. Armed troops have been
         deployed to stop them with orders to shoot to kill.
    The guy that you see when you are killed in some levels has now ordered
    that you be caught... dead! He doesn't want you or Jayne alive. 
    When you get control of Vattic, leave Jayne and follow the walkway
    until you get a scene showing three soldiers entering the area. From
    where you are, use projection and let your hologram follow the
    walkway until you encounter the first soldier (he should have climbed
    up the ladder and be moving towards you). Possess him, and shoot the
    other two soldiers until you kill them.
    Return to Vattic. Use a Psi Pulse to kill the other soldier (don't let
    him call for backup), and then call Jayne. Go to where you killed the
    soldiers and take their guns (you can use Telekinesis to get the ones
    that are unreachable). After this open the door that's at the end
    of the walkway (Note that there is no need to enter the water canal)...
    You might prefer to peek first, just to make sure that there isn't a
    soldier directly after the door.
    In this new room, when you turn left in the corner, look for another
    guard (this one is an NSE Captain, unlike the other three guards which
    were NSE Troopers). You should get a Shotgun from him. Go down the
    stairs and then down the ladder. There's a door a bit ahead and to the
    left. Tell Jayne to wait, and use Projection.
    Controlling the hologram, open the door. You'll enter a big room with
    shallow water. Take control of the first guard you come upon to (he should
    have a SMG Gun) and kill the other 3 Troopers in the room. After this is
    done, get back to Vattic and enter the room. Kill the remaining guard.
    Go back and get Jayne, and return to this room.
    On the other side of a room is a walkway with a gate blocking an easily
    recognizable exit. On this walkway there is also a "fence-gate" in the floor
    which you can target with Telekinesis to remove (if you fall down the hole
    you'll enter a pipe). There is also another "gate" thingy in this walkway,
    right in front of the ladder, that you can remove by pulling on one of the
    levers in this room and then, quickly pulling the other one (use
    Telekinesis) before the first one returns to its original position.
    What we are going to do is open up the gate blocking the easily recognizable
    exit. To do so, remove the "fence-gate" that's in the floor of the
    walkway. Now tell Jayne to stay. Fall down it and you'll enter a pipe.
    Follow it until you come into a somewhat open area. From here you can
    target two levers with Telekinesis. Pull both of them. One should open
    the easily recognizable exit. Get back to the pipe and place yourself
    below the hole you used to enter it. Press the <Z> button to climb up.
    Now tell Jayne to follow and enter the room beyond the easily recognizable
    exit (Try to move in a way that Jayne does not fall through the hole when
    she follows you).
    There'll be a door beside one of the levers. Use Projection. Now use
    your Hologram to open the door and possess the first Trooper you see. Kill
    the other two guards (one should be in the water area, near a pipe, and
    the other one is just walking about in the other end of the room).
    Once the two troopers are dead, open the door and use a Psi Pulse to
    take out the third Trooper. In the center of this room you'll see a lever.
    Before pulling it, tell Jayne to stay and hide her in one of the pipes
    in this room (Possess her to move her manually). Pull the lever...
    - Checkpoint -
    ...and then kill the numerous Troopers that enter this room (there is no
    way to prevent the alarm from sounding, so you'll just have to wait
    until it stops). Note that you can use Telekinesis to get the Sniper
    Rifles that the enemies from the upper walkway were using.
    After the calm has returned to this area, call Jayne and go through the
    exit that you unlocked by pulling the lever (it's the exit in the lower
    part of the room that the troopers were using... it's impossible to get to
    the one in the upper part of the room that the troopers were using).
    Once you've entered the corridor, go down the stairs until you come to
    a door. Like before, use Projection and open the door. Possess the only
    trooper that's in the water and use him to kill the other troopers in the
    walkway. Return to Vattic, open the door, and kill the remaining
    I suggest you do this area quickly, since the alarm also tends to sound
    randomly. On the other side of the room you'll see two levers on the
    walkway (you can't get on the walkway). Use telekinesis from down in
    the water area to move them. Each will unlock the gate blocking the
    corresponding pipe in front of you.
    Both pipes lead to the same place, so take the right one (just joking...
    you can take which ever one you prefer). Keep on going and as you
    exit the pipe you'll get a scene. Now walk into this big room and shoot
    your way through.
    Use the ladder to get up and onto the lowest walkway. At the end of it
    you'll find an elevator. Enter it to have Jayne stay there. Now get back
    into the water and look for a ladder (it should be near the area where
    the elevator is). Go up it to reach a small platform. You can climb onto
    a ledge on the right. Do so. Follow it until (you'll come to a place where
    you can climb up, but there is no need to do so, since you'll end up
    back in the same ledge and will still need to go forward) you reach a
    platform with a ladder. Go up the ladder.
    - Checkpoint -
    To your left will be an NSE Captain. Take him out. Following the walkway
    to the right you'll find another Trooper. Dispose of him. Now it is
    important for you to look towards Jayne's platform to see if there
    are any Troopers in the area intending to shoot her. If so, quickly take
    out your Sniper Rifle and shoot at them.
    Go near the first laser barrier and you should see a small room in the
    other side and to the right with a lever. Use telekinesis on the lever
    to move it and make the elevator come up (Once the elevator starts moving
    you won't have to worry about Jayne's safety).
    Use projection to walk past the three laser barriers, and after the
    third one turn to the right to find a console. Press the button to turn
    off the barriers. After this, possess the guard and move him far away from
    the console so that he doesn't turn it immediately back on.
    Get back to Vattic and go past the now-off laser gates. Kill the guard
    in the corridor, and continue advancing to find a ladder. Go down it.
    There's an exit nearby. Go through it, up the stairs, and then, when
    near the exit to the left, use Projection. Use your hologram to possess
    a soldier and take out the other guards in the room.
    Back with Vattic, go through the exit and kill the remaining Trooper.
    You'll naturally be in the water; find a ladder and get up to the
    walkway and cross the room, eventually entering a tunnel.
    In here the alarm will sound. There's not much to do but keep on moving
    as quick as you can, shooting any soldiers you come to (there'll also
    be Troopers on the other side of the bars in the side-tunnels). Just
    keep on going straight, following the main tunnel. You'll eventually
    reach a ladder. Use it to go up and finish the level.
    John is now worried about this flashbacks he has been having... He says
    that he isn't remembering stuff, since things keep changing (Jayne
    wonders what he means). Anyway, Jayne now has decided that the Colonel
    is alive after all, and not dead as she confirmed a few scenes before...
    Things Keep Changing...
    V.10 - Streetlife
         Jayne has dropped John off near the New York tenement block where
         Colonel Starke has gone into hiding. Government agents are
         patrolling the area and John doesn't know exactly where to find
    As you approach where the Colonel is hiding you see a couple of men in
    suits: NSE Agents. Jayne leaves you off near a garage. Meanwhile, you
    learn that the NSE Agents actually want to take out Col. Starke, so
    it's your job to find him before the Agents do.
    You'll get control of Vattic, inside the garage. Agent Wright, with the
    NSE, is outside, and demands that you open the door. He can wait. Go up
    the stairs and find the Sawn-off Shotgun in one of the shelves. After
    this go down the stairs and walk to the second part of the room. There's
    an air duct in one of the walls... You can open it's door and use it to
    get outside, but I don't recommend doing that. Instead hide behind the
    wall, and then peek up and use Telekinesis on the control for the door
    to open it. Once Agent Wright is inside, use a Psi Blast to kill him.
    Get the agent's gun, and then exit the garage, making sure to turn left
    and stop at the corner of the wall. Here use Projection, and then
    use your hologram to go left at the corner and possess one of the agents.
    Use him to shoot all of the other agents in this main area (don't take
    any of the alleys just yet). Return to Vattic once you're work is done.
    Go left at the corner and use a Psi Pulse to take out the remaining agent.
    Then enter the first alley to your right, and follow it. A scene should
    start, in which you'll see a Gang Member being forced to talk.
    - Checkpoint -
    Go forward and help the Gang Member. It's really not obligatory, but you
    have nothing to loose. Just be careful to hit the Agent and not the Gang
    Member. Once you've killed the agent, the Gang Member will run off
    and open the first door in this area. You'll get a cutscene.
    Open the same door that the Gang Member opened to get another cutscene.
    After this go forward and talk to the female Gang Member. She'll tell
    you to deliver a package. You'll get an icon of a package in the right
    hand corner of the screen, pointing to the delivery point.
    If you saved the Gang Member in the alley, follow him until he opens
    the second door in this area. This will lead to a small room with a
    Sawn-off and a Revolver. I recommend you get the Revolver (once the
    Gang Member opens the door, hurry to get the Revolver before he does...
    If he gets it first, you can always kill him with a Psi Pulse to get
    this rare gun).
    In the room with the female Gang Member, open the door you used to enter
    this warehouse. You'll be back in the alley. Go right until you reach
    an intersection, and from here go right and then take the first left.
    After this you should be able to see a white door to your right. Go up
    to it and use the intercom to the left of it. Once you are allowed to
    go inside, do so and watch the scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    You've now got the Vyper mark, which will help you advance. Exit using
    the door through which you came in. Once outside, follow the left wall
    (don't go up any ladders, steps, nor open any doors) until you reach
    three Gang Members. Another scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    Now follow the Gang Members as they retreat. Keep shooting the Agents
    and healing the Members as needed. Eventually you will retreat to a place
    with some garbage bins that serve as cover for the Gang Members. There's
    also construction material in this zone, and in the back there's a fire
    escape (a ramp that leads to a ladder, and that ladder leads to another
    one, and so on).
    Go to the fire escape and start going up using the ladders. At the top
    you'll find an open window. Go through it to enter an apartment.
    On the table there are some documents which you will read to end
    the level.
    The Colonel is alive! He's surprised to see you, since he thought you
    were killed along with the other members of the WinterICE team...
    and this triggers yet another flashback.
    V.11 - Teamwork
         The WinterICE squad have arrived at the outskirts of Dubrensk searching
         for Grienko's research facility. The village initially seems deserted
         until Russian soldiers open fire on the squad.
    It looks deserted... but it is not deserted! Remember that as of now
    you can use your Psychic Abilities in the "Flashback" levels. It
    is important that you keep in mind that you'll fail the mission if any
    of member of WinterICE gets killed.
    When you get control of Vattic, follow the Team to take cover. After
    this take out your Sniper Rifle and help them kill the shooters. Once
    they are all dead, follow Colonel Starke to receive new orders.
    When you've got your new orders, follow JC. You'll go up the hill and into
    the first house. A scene will start inside.
    - Checkpoint -
    You've now got to help JC defend the house. The enemy soldiers will come
    from both sides of the house: From the tunnel to the right, and from
    downhill (left). First of all, check the icons in the top right to see
    if any of your mates need healing. If they do, use your Psychic ability
    to heal them. It is important that you keep an eye on their health
    at all times.
    After you've killed some of the enemy soldiers you might want to go and
    pick their guns up... They carry Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and pistols.
    Anyway, don't let any enemy soldier enter the house, since that will
    slow up Cortelli.
    Eventually Cortelli will shout "Success!". Once he does this, enter the
    house and go up the ladder to meet him. He'll tell you the new frequency.
    Get back to where the Colonel is (he's where you started the level)
    to watch another scene in which you had trouble remembering the new
    frequency... Once this scene ends a new one will start. You'll be near
    the tunnel that was to the right of the house.
    - Checkpoint -
    When you get control of Vattic, follow the rest of the WinterICE team
    as they head back to the Comms House. Before you get to the house
    you'll be in the open and will be shot at. Take out your Sniper Rifle
    and help take out the enemy soldiers.
    Eventually the team will start moving again. They'll go through the
    house and out on the other side will go down the ramp. There they'll
    meet up again.
    Colonel Starke will give new orders: To move ahead. As you do so, two
    Soldiers will come out from the house on the right. Shoot them. After this
    Col. Starke will tell you to go with Franklin and investigate the house
    to the right. Before doing so, make sure everyone is fully healed.
    Enter the house on the right. You won't be able to open any of the doors
    to the right and ahead of you, so walk to the left and enter the small
    room. This will trigger a scene, in which Franklin will assume
    a Sniper position.
    - Checkpoint -
    Open the door nearest to you. You'll be back in the area where you left
    off the Col. Starke. He might tell you to go and speak to him, so do
    so (Stand near him and talk to him). After the conversation ends (if
    there is anybody that needs healing, cure them), go back to the previous
    door you opened. Directly in front of it is another door.
    Open it.
    You'll enter another room with a door on the opposite end. Open it.
    A scene will start, where you'll see a couple of Soldiers walk into
    a bunker. After this you'll get control of Vattic, in front of a now-on
    laser gate. Use Projection to create your Hologram, and go through
    the lasers and follow the tunnel.
    When you reach the end of it you'll see an hologram of a kid to the right.
    Follow it. It will go down the ramp to the right and into the bunker
    that the two soldiers entered. In it you'll find a lever. Pull it.
    This will open a door that leads to the enemy base.
    Again in control of Vattic, go back to the Colonel and talk to him.
    Follow him into the house on the right and out through the door
    you unlocked. He'll call the rest of WinterICE.
    - Checkpoint -
    Once the Colonel gives the order, find a suitable Sniping position and
    shoot all the enemy soldiers you can (I find it best to place myself
    besides the medic and from there use the Sniper Rifle to shoot).
    After you've cleared the area of all the soldiers you'll see a scene with
    Tex coming in... Actually, he's running away from some soldiers. Again
    start shooting any Soldiers you spot until the Colonel gives the
    order to move forward. Follow any soldier into the main area of the base.
    Again you'll have to shoot more enemy Soldiers.
    When all the soldiers are dead Franklin will notify that the main gate
    is closing (if you got too near to it, it will already have closed), and
    that she is coming over. The Colonel will assemble the team by the
    Main Gate. Go there. Once Franklin arrives, she will declare that she
    found a Key on her way there.
    Now you've got to find the door that opens with the Key Franklin found.
    It's in the sidetunnel (the tunnel with the laser gate through which
    you projected yourself). Try to open the door in the sidetunnel and
    eventually Franklin will get there and open it. A new scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    Jayne says you must help the Colonel and JC... You can't deny to do it.
    Go down the tunnel; you'll reach an open area with numerous enemy
    Soldiers. Just take cover and shoot them.
    The ending scene will start once you've killed the Enemy Soldiers.
    The woman IS THE KEY. What could Jayne mean by this? Meanwhile,
    Colonel Starke wants everyone to retreat... He doesn't like what
    WinterICE has stumbled upon.
    V.12 - Breakout
         Starke has given John information which confirms  the involvement of
         the NSE in the events at Dubrensk. The block is surrounded by NSE
         agents who are now storming the building. John and Starke must
         escape so that John can get to the NSE headquarters.
    Extraordinary! So the members of WinterICE aren't dead anymore! This
    level is quite short, so there are no Checkpoints. And don't worry about
    the "Alarm music"; it's part of the background music in this level.
    Starke will open the door right in front of you. Follow him and take cover
    behind the column on the left (Starke will use the one on the right).
    From here you can peek and kill the Agents, or simply use Projection,
    possess one of the agents, and let him do the dirty work). When all
    the Agents are dead, turn back and kill the Agent that will come in
    from the Starke's apartment door.
    Turn yourself again. Starke will open the first door to the left.
    You'll enter another apartment. Kill the agents inside, and wait until
    Starke picks up the key. He'll go back to the corridor. Do so yourself,
    and open the next door to your left (Starke will go towards the door
    on the right). In the room you've just entered, use Telekinesis to get
    the Sniper Rifle from the top of the cupboard.
    Return to the corridor, and stand by Starke. He will open the door.
    Follow him. You'll now be in a Fire Escape. Go down two levels and you
    should see a cargo elevator beside the wall to the left. Use Telekinesis
    on it and it should start moving down (Remember to help the Colonel
    if he is taking too much damage; Heal him as needed, and use your Sniper
    Rifle (if you got it) to easily take out the Agents). Go down to the
    ground level and follow the fence to the left and enter the elevator. Push
    the button to make it go up.
    Once it's up, jump over the window and into a corridor. Kill any
    Agents here. Open the door that's to your left (the one that leads to
    the Fire Escape where Starke is). In the Fire Escape, you'll have to
    kill any remaining Agents. After that, Starke will go into the corridor
    you unlocked the access to. If there are any other agents, kill them.
    At the end of the corridor Starke will open the door to get into
    another Fire Escape. Again you'll have to kill any agents that appear
    on the Fire Escape that's in the opposite side. If you're running low
    on ammo, you can pick up the Sniper Rifles lying on the floor (these
    belonged to the Agents you took out last time).
    After all the Agents are dead, Starke will call you to go to the
    ground floor. This will trigger a scene. Open the door and follow
    Starke into the corridor. Prepare for another corridor fight. Again,
    you can Possess an agent and do all the dirty work. The Colonel
    will tell you to move on when Agents are down. Follow his advice.
    Anyway, the third door to the right is the exit (there's even a big
    green exit sign on the roof next to it). Open that door to enter another
    room with Agents. Take them out, and then proceed to the next door
    to end the level.
    Jayne... has been kidnapped!
    V.13 - Conspiracy
         Starke's evidence of a conspiracy has led John to the NSE headquarters.
         What are they planning and how is it connected to the events at
    This is another very short level, which you can finish quickly as long
    as you don't trigger any alarm. John Vattic is determined to find
    Jayne, so he is now in the National Security Executive (NSE) building.
    Of course, as the entrance guard finds out, all of the Agents have been
    warned that Vattic would come and try to save Jayne.
    All of the NSE Agents can call for backup, and the janitors will use the
    alarm to call for help. Also, if an Agent stumbles upon a body, he will
    call for backup (Take this into consideration when you Possess an Agent and
    use him to kill other people).
    From where you start, turn left. You'll see two accesses: one on the right,
    and one of the left, both of which lead to corridors. Get near the one
    on the right and use Projection. With your Hologram, go through the
    right access. You'll enter a corridor. Follow it until you spot a guard.
    Possess him. Nearby should be a janitor. Kill her. Continue down the
    corridor and turn right at the corner to enter a Hallway. There should be
    an Agent here. Kill him (he may also have gone to investigate the shots you
    fired when you kill the Janitor... Don't let him investigate the Janitor:
    Shoot him before he does).
    Once you've killed both the Janitor and the Agent using the possessed Agent,
    move the Agent back to the corridor and near the access that leads to
    where you are, so that he doesn't spot the bodies. Un-possess him to return
    to Vattic, and enter the corridor to the right. You should find the agent
    you possessed inside it. Kill him.
    Now follow the corridor. When you get to the intersection, keep on going
    straight. You'll reach a dead end, but to the right is a door that will
    automatically open. It will lead you to a room. Inside look on top of the
    cabinets to see some distinctive boxes. Read one of them and you'll get
    the Prototype Rewritable Universal Video Disc (PRUVD).
    Exit the room using the other door (not the one you used to come into the
    room). After entering the corridor, turn left and go straight. The first
    access to your left leads to the restrooms. They're good for hiding, in case
    the need arises. There's no need to enter them right now, so keep on going
    straight until you trigger a scene.
         Ledgendgamer sent me the following strategy, in case you want to
         get weapons and/or have a fun time:
         Use telekineses on the bench in front of the guard near the bathrooms
         and then grab him [If the guard isn't there, then just find the alarm
         and sound it]. Make a lot of sound and set off the alarm. Then back
         into the men's whshroom door and wait. Peoploe will come, so just
         tranquilize them. Their bodies will disappear, but their weapons
         won't! When you've had enough, back into the washroom and kill the
         guard then get into a stall.
    - Checkpoint -
    It's good to know that there are some problems with the Metal Detector.
    Anyway, stay where you are and use Projection. With your Hologram, turn
    right at the corner. You should see an Agent straight ahead, in front of
    the first door to the left. Possess him. Now enter through the door on the
    left. There are two Agents in this room. Shoot them down. The third and
    final Agent (The one in charge of the Metal Detector; He's the only one
    with the SMG) should enter the room to figure out what the noise was. Take
    him out before he examines the bodies. After this, before you unpossess the
    Agent, return to the corridor so that he doesn't spot the bodies in the
    room. Unpossess him.
    Turn right and use a Psi Blast to kill the last Agent. If you need ammo,
    enter the room to the left and get the guns from the Agents you killed and
    return back to the corridor.
    Ahead of you is the Metal Detector. Go near it (but don't cross it yet).
    Select Telekinesis and focus the Metal Detector. After this start using
    Telekinesis. You'll notice that the light will flicker and then turn
    off. While still using Telekinesis on the Metal Detector, cross it. As soon
    as you have passed it you can stop using Telekinesis.
    Straight ahead of you, past the access to the right,  is a Bulletin Board
    with a note on it. Read it. After doing so, retrace your steps and cross
    the Metal Detector again (Be sure to use Telekinesis, or you'll sound the
    alarm). Continue until you reach the first door to your left.
    Don't go through it, and make sure that you are near it, but not enough
    as to make it open. Use Projection, and make your Hologram open the door.
    As soon as you are in this new room, access the computer on the right.
    Vattic should type in Hanson's sign in name you got when you read the
    note on the Bulletin Board. After unlocking the computer, click on
    FOLDER "local applications" and then on APPLICATION "CCTView". Turn
    off all of the cameras and return to Vattic.
    Enter the room and take out the janitor (by the way, her name is Sybil).
    Now go and hide behind a desk, preferably in the left part of the room
    (You can also hide in the storage room to the left). An Agent will come
    in (Sybil's boyfriend). Take him out, or hide until he leaves the room.
    Now access the computer that's on the left part of the room. In
    FOLDER "local applications", click on APPLICATION "Readmail 2.0".
    Then click on the second e-mail (you can also take a look at the first
    one if you want). After reading it you'll be asked if you want to save
    the attachment to the Desktop. Click on "OK". Finally click on anywhere
    on the screen that's not the two messages to return to the Desktop.
    Click on DRIVE "UVD drive" to display a new window. Now click on 
    MOVIE FILE "Dubrensk.vid" (on the desktop), and don't unclick... You need
    to drag it to the UVD drive window, and then unclick. The movie file
    will now be on the UVD drive.
    Leave the computer, and now go to the one that's on the right part of
    the room. Access it, and then click on DRIVE "UVD drive", and last of
    all on the Movie File. You'll then get a screen telling you that you can
    stop the Playback by clicking "Close". Don't do it. Simply press the
    <B> button to leave the computer.
    Get back to the corridor and go to where the Bulletin Board with Hanson's
    letter is. To the left of it is a door that leads to the multimedia suite.
    Inside this room, just go towards the large TV to start the ending
    scene for this level.
    According to the Video, the Children experiment continued on Vattic,
    and went into effect in various Countries around the world. Vattic tries
    to return to the past, but fails on his first try. He tries again, and
    now accomplishes.
    V.14 - Infiltration
         WinterICE have met heavy resistance as they attempt to make their way
         into Dubrensk village. The situation is critical. Jayne and Colonel
         Starke decide that John's psychic powers mean that he alone stands
         the best chance of finding Grienko.
    Doctor Barranikov states that the children need help, but she refuses to let
    any of the WinterICE team enter the village. The only person that is
    capable of helping the children without being harmed by them is John,
    since they have something in common: The Psychic abilities.
    The majority of the Soldiers in this level (all of the soldiers, except the
    ones in the last area... I will state it so that you know when you've
    reached it) will raise the alarm if they spot you, or if they stumble upon
    a dead Soldier (This is important if you use Possession). Remember that
    there are two types of guards: Stationary, which stay in one
    position and will return to that position using the fastest route once
    you unpossess them, and moving Soldiers, which will return to their patrol
    route after you un-possess them. It is better to Possess stationary
    Soldiers, since you can predict where they are going to pass by once
    you unpossess them. Also, if the alarm is triggered, you'll have a hard
    time hiding, since the spots to do this are few.
    Once you get control of Vattic, don't move. In front of you, and a bit
    to the right is a passage way. Use Projection, and make your Hologram
    follow that passage until you find a Soldier that you can Possess (he's
    the only Soldier patrolling the ground). After possessing him, use him
    to kill the guard in the roof of one of the houses, and the guard in
    the room of the house that is on the far end of the passage you first
    used (both of the Soldiers are shown in the introduction scene for this
    level). Be sure to get the guard back into the first passage way once
    you've killed both Soldiers (You don't want him stumbling on any of his
    dead friends once you un-possess him).
    When you get back control of Vattic, move him into the passage way and
    kill the guard (if you don't have enough Psi Power to do a Psi Attack,
    just shoot him). Follow the corridor and then the "road", looking for a
    house with a big door (it's to the left of the road... There is a red
    star on the door). Open it. You'll enter a small room. Read the note
    in the table if you please, and then walk out through the next exit.
    This will trigger a scene: A big chopper lands, and something happens
    to a bridge which you'll surely have to use.
    - Checkpoint -
    To your right is a ladder that leads onto a passageway. Climb up the ladder
    and go a bit forward, no more than 5 steps. Wait a bit and you should see
    a Soldier coming towards where you were in the ground floor before you got
    up the ladder. Once he is near you, use your Tranquilizer to take him out
    (Shoot him in the head, preferably. Once he gets almost in front of you he
    will spot you... You'll want to shoot him before this happens. If he does
    spot you, don't worry; as long as he isn't in the open area where the
    helicopter is the other soldiers won't see you take him out).
    Now get yourself close to the wooden wall on the right (it is not necessary
    to press yourself against it, but be sure to be very close to it), and
    follow it. 5 steps before you get to the corner stop and use Projection.
    Using your Hologram, go down the ladder that should be directly in front of
    you. Once down, look to the right and you will spot a soldier. Run up
    to him and Possess him. Use him to kill the Soldier that's to his right,
    and then the one on the passage way above. Now quickly get to the left
    of the helicopter (near where you killed the first soldier, and start
    walking backwards, so as to be walking towards the back of the helicopter,
    but facing it's front. You should spot one last soldier with a Sniper Rifle
    in the passage way above. Kill him, and before you un-possess him, move
    him towards the back of the helicopter (if possible, make him get inside).
    This way he will not walk towards the dead soldiers when returning to the
    spot where you possessed him.
    Wait until your Psi meter refills itself. Use Projection again, and use
    your hologram to find that soldier again. Use him to kill the last soldier,
    which you should spot by going backwards towards the back of the helicopter,
    but this time to the right of the helicopter and facing to its front.
    Return to Vattic and take out the soldier which you Possessed.
    After this walk towards the back of the helicopter and enter it. At the
    end of it you should find a crate with a key. Take the key. When you get
    out of the helicopter, there's a note on top of the crates to the right.
    There's no need to read it, but you can do so.
    Use the nearest ladder to the helicopter to get back to the passageway
    from where you used projection. Turn left and follow the passageway to
    a dead end. Keep on going forward and you'll climb the wall. Then go up
    the ladder, and finally up the wall until you reach another passageway.
    Walk towards the bridge. Before getting on it, use Telekinesis on the box
    to the right to lower both parts of it. Now cross the bridge and use
    Telekinesis again on the box to raise it up. Keep on going straight, and
    when you reach the wall jump downwards towards the left. Keep on doing
    this until you reach another walkway. Follow it until you come to a door
    on your right, which you will open using the key you got in the helicopter.
    To your right will be a small room, and then a long corridor. As soon as
    you enter this corridor, crouch yourself and walk near the left wall
    (you can press against it for better results) so that the soldiers that
    are through the windows on the left don't spot you. Once you exit the
    corridor, you'll be in a small room with some crates. Next will be another
    small room, but this one with an exit to the left. Get near the corner
    to the right to avoid being seen for the moment.
    Use Projection. Move your projected self through the exit on the left,
    and then follow the walkway until you come to a Soldier. Possess him.
    Now kill the other three soldiers in here: One is below in the ice, there
    is another one patrolling the walkway, and the last one is in the end
    of the walkway. Remember to unpossess the soldier somewhere where he won't
    spot a dead Soldier.
    Now walk towards the last remaining soldier and kill him. Follow the
    passageway until you reach a staircase going down. Use it and do an
    u-turn to the right. Now follow the passageway until you trigger another
    - Checkpoint -
    From where you appear, immediately use Projection. Walk forward until
    you reach the second stairs to your right. Use them to go up and
    possess this stationary soldier. Kill the soldier in front of you,
    and then turn yourself and walk down the stairs. When you reach the
    bottom do an u-turn towards the right and you should spot the last soldier.
    Shoot him. Now move the Soldier to where the stairs start and un-possess
    Walk towards the second stairs and kill the soldier using a Psi Pulse. Now
    go up the stairs the soldier was guarding. Once on the top, follow the
    passageway until you reach the first intersection, in which you'll turn
    right. Following it you'll come to a door on your left. Open it to
    enter a room with some crates on the left. Move them a bit until you
    find a hole on the wall. Crouch and enter it... It appears to be a
    secret duct. Follow it and you should come to another room. Before
    you exit the duct, kill the Soldier in front of you.
    Exit the duct and open the door (you'll unlock it). You'll be back
    in the passageway. Follow it towards the right. Keep advancing.
    When you reach the next intersection (a "Y" intersection), crouch and take
    the left path. Follow it until you reach its end.
    Through the nearby window you will be able to spot two guards. Choose
    Psi Attack and do a Psi Blast (the radial blast). Once it has knocked
    both guards out, get up and shoot through the window both guards.
    Also from there, use Telekinesis to remove the wooden bar that blocks
    the door from the inside. Now go and open the door. Inside crouch and
    place yourself against the window on the right. After a few seconds a
    guard should pass by. Get up and shoot him.
    On the table is a note and a key. Read the note and then get the key.
    Exit the house and go left. In the intersection, take the left path.
    Before you get near the steps that are following this path, use Projection.
    With your hologram, go on forward and possess the third Soldier you see.
    Use him to kill the previous two. Then move him right beside you and
    unpossess him. Kill him.
    Now go on forward, following the path. When you get to the spot
    where the third Soldier originally was, stop. From here use projection
    and go a bit forward to come out into an open area. You are now looking
    for a guard that should be walking in the far off area (he is the only
    guard that will be walking. He is also the last guard capable of sounding
    the alarm). If you don't spot him by the time your Psi Power finishes,
    return to Vattic and wait for your meter to refill itself, and repeat
    the process. Once you've spotted where he is, quickly return to Vattic,
    move forward and kill him with the Sniper Rifle (make sure to target
    and kill him first, leaving the Snipers for last).
    After killing the last soldier capable of sounding the alarm, take
    care of the Snipers. Near you there will be a ladder that leads to a
    platform with some crates. To the left of the crates there is an edge.
    Press the <A> button to get down and hold on to it. Now move left, passing
    the crates, and then pressing the <Z> button to get back onto the platform.
    Follow the main passage to a small house over the abyss (On your way
    you will have to kill a troublesome soldier). Once you get to that house,
    you will notice the door is locked. Go to the back of the house to find
    a window. Use Telekinesis, and through the window pull the lever (it's
    beside the door). Now go and open the door.
    Inside there is not much to do but pick up the weapons on the last table,
    and press the button on the second machine to the right (if it says you
    are not near enough to press it, then you are on the wrong side of
    the machine). You will stop the jamming signal. The last machine will
    allow you to talk to Col. Starke.
    Get out of the house and follow the bridge. On the intersection take
    the left path and follow it to find another access. Go through it and
    trigger another scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    His name is Shock Trooper and he's out to get you... Or at least that's
    what he thinks. First thing, the Shock Troopers can be very easy to
    kill or nearly impossible, depending on which method you choose. If
    you want it to be easy, first hit him with a Psi Pulse; this will knock
    out his defenses. Then shoot him or use another Psi Pulse to kill him.
    The difficult way is just shooting him. You will need to shoot him a lot
    of times before you knock out his Psi shield.
    Kill this Shock Trooper using the first method I explained. Now get
    into the house and follow the hallway to the right until you reach a door.
    Open it to get to a room with open doors that lead to a cemetery and then
    a church... Yes, it is THE church that you've been looking for.
    Before you walk out of the doors that lead to the cemetery, I suggest you
    use your Sniper Rifle and take out the Soldiers: One on each side of the
    Now walk past the doors, and when you are about halfway through the
    bridge turn around to see two Shock Troopers following you (if you start
    getting shot before, then turn around and don't wait until you get to the
    middle of the bridge). Get in between both of them and use a Psi Blast
    (the radial one) to knock both of them out. Take out your Soviet Rifle and
    shoot them before they get up (If you were very near them then you will
    have killed them with the Blast and there will be no need to do this.
    Anyway, enter the church and follow the hallway until you reach the
    main part of the church. You will also get the ending scene for this level.
    V.15 - Childcare
         The secret lift from the Dubrensk village church leads John down into
         the Zener research facility. But where is Grienko? - And what has
         happened to the Zener children?
    You will start the level in a corridor. Follow it, going through the
    door that is straight ahead, until it ends and you have to turn right.
    Here you will see an Hologram of one of the Children. It will go through
    the door on the left. Also do that yourself.
    You have entered a room with a staircase straight ahead of you, and
    a door to your left. Go through the door on the left to enter the
    generator room. In one of the corners of this room you will find a note.
    From it you will learn that the starter motor is broken.
    Target and use Telekinesis on the starter motor (It is the thing in the
    center of the room). Keep on using Telekinesis on it. Eventually the
    girl you saw last time will appear. She will tell you that she can help
    you. Don't stop using Telekinesis on the starter motor while this happens.
    When the generator starts you will un-target the starter motor
    automatically, and then you can stop using Telekinesis.
    Now you need to get to the labs. To do so, leave this room to return
    to the one with the staircase. Keep going back until you are in the long
    corridor. Now open the door in the first hallway to the left. This will
    lead to a room with two doors. You need to open the one in the top left
    to enter the labs (it's the room surrounded by the glass windows). Once
    you do so you will trigger a scene where you meet Anna, of age 11.
    - Checkpoint -
    After the scene ends and you get back control of Vattic, quickly go
    towards the door that is to John's left. Once through it, turn right and
    you should see a small table. Crouch and hide beneath it, and turn to
    look towards the other door. While Anna is talking to you, you should
    see a Soldier go up the small ramp. While he is doing this, shoot him
    in the head using the Tranquilizer Gun.
    Now, quickly, get out of your hiding spot and open the door which I
    previously told you to see. Through it you should find another Soldier.
    Use a Psi Pulse to take him out just as he notices you. Return to the
    previous room (The one in which you killed the first guard) and open
    go through the lower door. Turn right when you enter the long corridor.
    You should be able to see a third guard here. Eliminate him with a Psi
    Pulse. Follow the corridor, and just before getting to the door that leads
    to the room with the staircase you will find a fourth guard. Also use
    a Psi Pulse to take him out. Wait for your Psi Meter to refill itself.
    There are now two options... Choose the one you think is less risky.
    Option A
         Enter the room with the staircase, and turn to look towards it.
         You should see a Soldier on it. Use a Psi Pulse to knock him out
         before he starts to call for backup. Since this was the last guard in
         the area, you need to get in the Control Room quickly before the
         alarm is sounded because the soldiers didn't report their status.
         At the top of the stairs is a sealed door. To its right is a palm
         scanner. You'll now be opening the door the noisy way. Take out your
         pistol and shoot the door about 4 times. In a matter of seconds it
         should open, and a Soldier will try to go through it, but will find
         you. Just shoot him (you can also hit him with your pistol, which
         knocks him out... The benefit of this is that the other two guards
         aren't alerted of your presence).
         Quickly go through the door. In the other corner of the room stand
         a Soldier and a Shock Trooper. Use 2 Psi Pulses on the Trooper to
         kill him, and then shoot the soldier (Don't worry if you take too
         long to kill them...they don't have the ability to sound the alarm).
    Option B
         From where you are, use Projection. Go up the staircase in the next
         room and Possess the Soldier. Scan his hand in the green panel at the
         top of the stairs, to the right. This should open the door. Go through
         it and walk towards the other end of the room and Un-possess him.
         Back in Vattic, quickly go up the staircase and wait for the Soldier
         to open it (the soldier you possessed will be attempting to get back to
         his patrol zone, and thus will gladly have to open the sealed door,
         just to be surprised that you were waiting on the other side).
         Shoot him and quickly enter the Control Room. There will be two
         additional soldiers, and a Shock Trooper. I suggest first using
         Psi Pulses to take out the Shock Trooper, and then just shooting the
         remaining two soldiers.
    You will now be in the free-of-soldiers Control Room. While you are here
    you may hear the alarm... Don't worry, it will direct all soldiers to the
    lab, and thus they will not get in the Control Room. 
    Look for the only computer in this room (There are some screens that
    resemble computers, but they are actually not usable). Use it and click
    on the different icons. One will let you turn off the 3 cameras in this
    area. Another one will let all hands open the sealed doors in this room;
    you will also get a map, and can read some interesting documents.
    Note that if at any point in the following areas the alarm sounds, you can
    return to the Control room to hide (that is, of course, if the Soldiers
    that spotted you don't follow you).
    After you're done with the computer, open the sealed door in the upper
    level that requires you to scan your hand. Once through the door,
    go down the steps and through the next door. Here, before you get
    to where the next door is, use Projection. Move your Hologram into
    the following room, called Play Ground, and Possess the Shock Trooper. Use
    him to kill the other two Soldiers, and return to Vattic.
    Quickly go through the door and use Psi Pulses to kill the Shock Trooper
    before he can call for backup. Now go to where the twins Tanya and Ivan
    (the children of age 11) are to trigger another scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    Two more children left! Go through the unlocked door in this area (there are
    three doors in this room... The one you used to enter, a locked one, and
    the one through which you will proceed). You will enter a small corridor.
    As you are about to go through the next door you will hear one of the
    guards calling for backup in the Control Room. If you encounter any
    Soldiers, be sure to use Psi Pulses on them.
    You will have entered a long corridor, called Cells #1. At the end of the
    corridor you will find a control panel to the right. Scan your hand on it
    to unlock the cells in this area. Inside you will see some Holograms.
    You can also read the medical history for some of the patients, including
    Pieter of age 9...
    Go through the door that's near the panel you used to unlock the cells.
    You will enter another hallway with some stairs. Use them to go up
    and return to the Control Center. You will find that two Soldiers are
    shooting a kid. Kill the soldiers. If you wait a bit, the boy will start
    to talk to you. You learn, from the subtitles, that his name is Pieter.
    Use charm on him to calm him down.
    - Checkpoint -
    Time to find the last girl. Follow the hologram you saw in the scene...
    Go through the door in the inferior level of the Control Room, then down
    the stairs, reaching Cells #1. Continue to the other end of the corridor
    and go through the door to enter a small room. Through the next door
    you will enter the Play Ground, in which you will see the Hologram
    by the door below the Video Camera.
    Go through that door to enter a hallway. Past the corner is a Soldier
    which you should promptly kill. Go through the following door to enter
    Cells #2.
    Nadja, of age 8, can be found by following the Cells #2 corridor.
    - Checkpoint -
    Now you've got to follow Nadja. Follow her out of Cells #2 and into the
    small corridor. You've now got two options:
    Option A
         Blast your way through. By this I mean to take out your Soviet Rifle
         and shoot any soldiers you encounter while you go through Play Ground
         and Cells #1 to reach the Control Room. The alarm may sound while
         you do this, but it's really not such a problem since you will be
         running all the time. Just make sure that Nadja comes along and
         she doesn't stay in one room (She usually uses Charm to become
         invisible when there are other soldiers around.
    Option B
         The benefit of this method is that you won't sound the alarm and will
         keep an eye at all times on Nadja.
         Before entering Play Ground, use Telekinesis and possess one of
         the soldiers in that room. Use him to kill the other soldier.
         Return to Vattic, and immediately after entering the room, use a
         Psi Pulse to knock out the first soldier. Nadja will be waiting
         by the following door.
         Now head towards Cells #1. Once you've entered it, immediately use
         your pistol to shoot a guard that's in the end of the corridor. He's
         far away, but you can target him. If Nadja used Charm while you were
         shooting the guard, wait for her to reappear and then follow her
         to the Control Room.
    You will now have to fight two Shock Troopers. You can get in between them
    and use a Radial Psi Blast to knock their defenses out at the same time
    and then just shoot them, or you can use a Psi Pulse on each one of them
    and then shoot them. I don't recommend using 2 Psi Pulses to kill the first
    one, since you'll run out of Psi Power and will have to fight off the
    second Shock Trooper the hard way.
    Anyway, once you've killed them both you can find Nadja in the upper part
    of the room, by the locked door. After she finishes talking to you the
    ending scene of this level will start. It's time to meet the famous
    Dr. Grienko.
    V.16 - Confrontation
         John is faced with the realisation that Hanson's NSE troops were
         responsible for the slaughter of the Zener children in Dubrensk.
         The tissue samples they brought back have been used in bio-engineered
         psychic research. He must find Hanson.
    When you get control of Vattic, quickly hide behind the big TV. Make sure
    that you are hiding behind the TV and not near the wall. After you've
    done this, use Projection and move your Hologram towards the Agent that
    is guarding the door (The three agents will have entered the room while
    you were hiding) and Possess him. From the position you are now in, shoot
    the other two Agents and return to Vattic.
    Pop out from your hiding place and kill the Agent by the door using any
    method you wish (a Psi Pulse is ok, if you've got the Psi Power to do one).
    After this collect the guns from the Agents. One of them, if not all,
    will have dropped a key which you should have picked up while you got the
    Exit this room. You'll be in a corridor. To your left is an access that
    leads to a laser gate. Right before the laser gate there are two elevators
    on the wall to the left. Call either one of them and enter it. If you
    got the key from the agents, then a scene will start and the elevator will
    go up.
    As of now, NO Agent can sound the alarm.
    Once you've exited the elevator, you will find two Agents to your left.
    You can use Projection to possess one and kill the other, and finally
    use a Psi Pulse to eliminate the first. After this, to your right, will
    be a door. If you notice, to your left are windows, so it is not
    advisable to stay too long in this small corridor since you will be
    You now have two options:
    Option A
         Return to the area with the elevators (this is important, since if
         you stay in the corridor with the windows you will be spotted) and
         use Projection. Enter the room through the doors on the right of
         the corridor. In here there are five Agents. Possess one of them and
         then kill the other four. You can, of course, commit suicide once the
         others are dead (Place yourself next to the oil tank and shoot it).
         Afterwards return to that room with Vattic and kill the last Agent
         if you didn't suicide him.
    Option B
         Blast yourself through the room on the right. Since the Agents can't
         sound the alarm, then you won't have much trouble. Just remember
         to take cover if you are taking too much damage.
    In this room open the door that's to the left. It will lead to a storage
    room. You now have two options... The same options as above. The only
    difference is that the next room is a huge set of corridors, and there are
    around seven Agents instead of five. Use which ever method you prefer.
    And, do not forget to grab their weapons.
    In this corridor there are three accesses. The one to the right leads
    to some restrooms. Straight ahead you will find a lab. The one on the
    left also leads to the same lab. I suggest taking the one that's straight
    ahead to enter the lab. You'll trigger a scene. Meet the Psychic Soldiers.
    - Checkpoint -
    There is not much difference between the Psychic Soldiers and the Shock
    Troopers (in the method used to kill them). Firs of all, you'll see the
    life of the Psi Soldiers in the top right corner of the screen. The first
    bar indicates their Health, while the second indicates their Shield
    Power. Note that their Shield Power regenerates over time. Also note
    that when half of their Health is lost, they will go and heal themselves,
    becoming VERY vulnerable.
    As I mentioned before, the method used to kill the Psychic Soldiers is
    the same one used to kill the Shock Troopers. Target the Psychic Soldier
    and use a Psi Pulse to knock out all of their Shield Power. Then simply
    take out your SMG and start shooting him (don't use a Radial Blast, since
    it doesn't knock out their shield power completely).
    First you'll have to fight one Psychic Soldier alone. After you've killed
    him, two Psychic Soldiers will come out. Once you've killed one of them,
    another will emerge. In total there are four Psychic Soldiers. When you are
    fighting two at the same time, just focus on one, and keep attacking that
    one before you start to focus on the other one.
    Helpful TIPs: Be careful when they use their Telekinesis. They will most
    likely move an oil tank and explode it near you. If you get beside them,
    then they will also get hurt by the blast. Also note that their Psi
    Pulse can't go through windows or walls (The same applies to yours).
    Last of all, the arrow around their icon on the top right corner indicates
    their position. You can use this to find them if they use Charm.
    After killing the four Psychic Soldiers you will see a scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    An agent will come to escort you to Hanson (He'll unlock a door in the
    labs). He will lead you through a corridor and will tell you to enter
    Hanson's office. You can even kill him, and nothing will happen that can
    endanger the fact that you will finish the mission as soon as you enter
    Hanson's office.
    On a sidenote, I see no reason to place a Checkpoint here, since there is
    nothing risky you can do except... go to Hanson's office!
    You can't change the past! Or can you?!?!
    V.17 - Redemption
         Hanson was in Dubrensk! What if he could have been stopped then?
         - before his twisted research project could even get started?
    Grienko had been used by Hanson all of this time. He can't believe the
    truth, and you are barely able to get the information out of him.
    Everything that has a beginning has an end, and it looks like Grienko
    has reached his end.
    When you get control of Vattic, walk out and stand between the two Shock
    Troopers (Don't worry if you get shot a bit). Immediately use a Radial
    Psi Blast to knock their shields out (if lucky, you may even kill them).
    Shoot them if they are not dead. Don't forget to grab their weapons.
    Go through the door to reach the Control Room. A close inspection will
    reveal that one door is useless (thanks to Pieter, if you remember),
    another one has been sealed, leaving only usable one of them (The one you
    used to get into this room the first time in the Childcare level). Scan
    your hand to open it and go through it. You'll be on a staircase. Use
    it to go down. Beside the stairs is an elevator. Approach it to trigger
    a scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    What was that? If one thing it was, it was ugly!!! You should learn not
    to judge a book by its cover...
    Follow the corridor in which you appear after the scene ends. You will
    eventually reach an access to the left which leads into a small room.
    If you peek in the corner that leads to this room you will see a Shock
    Trooper ordering a scientist around. You may wait and hear their
    conversation, or simply go ahead and use two Psi Pulses on the Trooper.
    There is no need to harm the scientist.
    If you approach the scientist, both of you will start a conversation.
    Again, it is not necessary to hear it. Anyway, in this little room you
    can read a poster showing some of the effects of Grienko's experiment.
    You can also find a hand scanner in this room. You now have two options.
    Option A
         Scan your hand. Immediately use projection and with your projected
         self, get back to the corridor and go left. You will enter a big
         room. Simultaneously you'll see a couple of Shock Troopers enter
         the room. What you now want to do is Possess the Shock Trooper
         on the left. Use him to go to the nearest Shock Trooper, which should
         be standing next to an oil tank. Shoot the Tank to kill the Trooper
         (if he does not die from the explosion, then shoot him). The next
         Trooper will come running to see what the explosion was. Shoot him
         until he dies. The following trooper should be running towards you (if
         he hasn't done this, he is in the sewers that are below you). Kill him.
         Now you can commit suicide, by standing next to an oil tank and blowing
         it up.
         Return to Vattic. Scan your hand and enter the room with the now
         deceased troopers. If you didn't kill the one you Possessed, do so
    Option B
         Scan your hand and get back to the corridor and go left. You will
         enter a big room. Simultaneously you'll see two Shock Troopers enter
         the room from a door on the right, making a total of four Shock
         Troopers in this room. You now have to kill them anyway you can.
         If you use Psi Pulses/Blasts, plan them carefully, since you've got
         4 Troopers to kill. What most of the times worked for me was
         going straight and standing below the lighted area. Here I would
         use a Radial Psi Blast, which would knock out the three Troopers
         currently on the walkway.
         While the Troopers are on the floor, turn left and explode the oil
         tank beside the trooper. Then turn right and do the same with the
         next Trooper. The following trooper would be following the walkway.
         The last Trooper should be, now, climbing the ladder that leads to
         the walkway you are on. By this time, you should have enough Psi
         Power to do one Psi Pulse, or heal yourself. Whichever is needed
         the most. When the last Psi Trooper reaches the walkway, shoot him
         from where you are (if you can manage a Pulse, use it).
    Now that this room is free of Shock Troopers, the door at the end of
    the walkway will have opened (or maybe someone opened it?) Go through
    You will meet the scary guy again. Promptly you will go to the future.
    At first the Interrogation Room will be locked (this is the area of the
    first level of the game, in case you don't remember). Wait a bit and
    the screen will go black and you'll appear on the same room again.
    You will now see Vattic. Wait more and the screen will go black. This
    repeats itself, and in between you will hear interesting stuff. The
    last of the conversations in this room is when Hanson orders that you
    be prepared for surgery (Note that all of this can be skipped by simply
    going to the room in which you started the game in the first level).
    You can now explore the medical facility. Exit the room and go towards
    the left, through the door, and then again left. You will now find two
    guards. Hear their conversation. Eventually a Surgeon will appear,
    stating that you are ready. This is the last of the conversations in this
    "Special Glimpse of the Past?/Future?/Present?" Go through the door
    and keep going straight until you reach the room in which you started
    the game in the first level. Open the door using the panel beside it
    to start another scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    What did the Hologram Vattic mean with "This is a Possible Future"?
    This probably has confused you severely. Don't worry. All will be explained
    in a few moments. Remember to heal yourself in case it is needed.
    Don't move. The next area is one of the toughest in the game. A lot of
    Shock Troopers are waiting to ambush you. This time you get 4 options.
    Option A
         Start moving and, before you start to descend, activate Charm.
         Keep on going forward until you enter the room with the Troopers.
         Across the room will be an open exit. Quickly go through it and
         scan your hand on the scanner to the left to close the door
         permanently. You can stop using Charm now, in case you weren't
         forced to do so when if your Psi Power ran out. Note that if the
         exit across the room with the Troopers closes when you enter the
         room, you will have to use Option B.
    Option B
         This one is a bit trickier than the previous one, and should be
         used if the door closes when you enter the room with the Troopers.
         Don't move and use Projection. Possess the first Trooper you see.
         Since you haven't technically entered the room, the door will still
         be open. Move the trooper through the exit, scan your hand to close
         the door (I'll explain why in the next paragraph), and move the
         Trooper forward along the corridor. Un-possess him.
         Since you may have used most of your Psi Power, wait until it
         replenishes itself. Note that you have earned about 3 seconds since
         the Trooper will have to open the door on his way back. Once it is
         completely full, move forward. Use charm before you start going
         down towards the room. Once in the room, cross it. As you do so,
         the Trooper should be opening the sealed door (he is such a nice
         guy for doing so). Go through it, wait for the Trooper to also go
         through it, and then seal it. Deactivate Charm. Note that if the
         Trooper takes some time to open the door, you might consider
         crouching behind the trooper near the sealed door and deactivating
         charm  (Don't move at all or you will be spotted). When the door
         opens, activate it again and go through it, and follow the steps.
    Option C
         Go back into the previous room (You don't want to be spotted by
         any of the Troopers in what you do). Use Projection and possess the
         first Trooper in the room. Kill as many Troopers as you can. Note that
         when you see your Psi meter is about to finish, just kill the Trooper
         you were shooting and don't attempt to kill any other one unless
         they are also shooting at you. This will prevent that your Trooper
         gets shot when you have unpossessed him and are waiting while your
         Psi Meter refills itself before attempting to Possess him.
         You will need to Possess him several times to kill the... I would
         say... 10 Troopers in this room (I wasn't able to count them all).
         Don't forget that all of the Troopers, except for one, come from
         the roof (they will occasionally jump to the ground level).
         If your Trooper gets killed and there are no more Troopers to
         possess in the ground level, then you'll have to enter the room
         with the Troopers and either a) Start fighting them, or b) Let
         one spot you, and then run like mad to the previous room, use
         Projection, and Possess him as he attempts to find you. Eventually
         you will have to kill the last Trooper by yourself.
         When you have done so, the door blocking the exit will open
         automatically. Go through it and seal the door (as a security measure).
    Option D
         This is the option for those that want to fail the level. Simply
         enter the room with the Troopers and see how much time you last
         before they kill you. Good Luck! Now, seriously, it is a very
         difficult thing to accomplish.
         If you managed to kill the troopers hand to hand, congratulations!
         You've done something very difficult, considering that you were
         heavily outnumbered and that your Psi Power simply ran out too fast
         to be able to do as many Psi Pulses and Blasts as you would have
    Just walk a bit after the exit and a new scene should start. Back
    to the Present/Past/Future?
    Forward you should find Pieter's Hologram. Crouch beside it. After he
    finishes talking, wait a bit and you will hear Jayne's voice.
    So who is helping who? Are you helping the children, or are the children
    helping you?
    Anyway, what you now have to do is go to Jayne's room. Don't worry if
    the alarm sounds. It is SUPPOSED to sound. Either the guards spot you
    or they spot a patient escaping, which is enough reason to sound it.
    Just shoot anyone that comes in your way. Also, remember to heal yourself.
    Going straight you will enter a set of corridors of the mental institution.
    To get to Jayne's room, go right until you reach the end of the corridor,
    and then turn left. You will see a gate (probably locked). To unlock it
    use Telekinesis on the console that is on the other side of the gate,
    to your left. Once it is open, go straight and through another gate.
    Turn left to find Jayne's room.
    Inside Jayne's room, stand beside the window and John Vattic will start
    talking. He doesn't want Jayne to die... No one wants Jayne to die.
    Back to the main level.
    - Checkpoint -
    Go forward until you reach some steps. In front of you will be a some
    plastic strips making a kind of door. Before you cross them use
    Projection. Go through the plastic door and follow the walkway.
    When you reach the first Trooper, possess him. Keep going down and
    killing any Troopers you find. Your goal is to kill the other three Troopers
    in this area. If you manage to kill two of them and shoot a bit the
    third one, then that is enough, since the remaining two will shoot
    themselves and only one will survive.
    Return to Vattic. Only one of the four Troopers should be alive.
    Procede onto the walkway and start going down. Kill the remaining
    Trooper. You've probably noticed a theme in this room. First of all,
    you are going down into the earth. Second of all, the lights in here are
    red (If you don't get it, then nevermind).
    At the end of the walkway will be a tunnel entrance. Through it you
    will trigger another scene that sends you to the National Security
    Executive building.
    "John, this is your final power. PRECOGNITION. If you know what is going
    to happen, then you can stop it." Jayne has revealed the mystery surrounding
    Second Sight. I will explain it a bit further, in case you didn't
    understand. In the meantime, go forward and then left to enter Hanson's
    After the scene ends, you will be back in the main level, and John
    confirms it. Currently you are in the Present, so everything you've
    been doing after the WinterICE operation took place is actually the
    Future (More of this explained further on).
    Heal yourself if needed, and walk forward to hear Hanson's voice, and
    then trigger a scene.
    - Checkpoint -
    It looks like Hanson wants to take you back to America. He is right
    in thinking that you are more powerful than the children, but you
    still can't fight all of Hanson's army without their help.
    When you get control of Vattic, open the first cell to your right
    using the hand scanner that's beside it. That will release Anna, whom will
    go and open the next cell, releasing one of the boys. Now you've got to
    fight Hanson's army. You've got the help of two of the most powerful
    After the second cell, to the right, you will find a room hidden by
    some crates. You can open it using the panel to the left of the door.
    Inside you will find some very useful weapons.
    The strategy for this area is simple. Shoot every Soldier you encounter. If
    you meet a Shock Trooper, then first use a Psi Pulse before shooting him.
    When your health is at its half, go inside one of the cells and heal
    yourself (Anna and the boy also do this... Try to take turns at it,
    so that you don't go and heal yourself while they both are healing
    themselves)... The children should protect you while you do this. AND,
    don't place yourself between the children and their target, since the
    Psi Pulse they throw will hit you... Ouch!
    Eventually you will have killed all of Hanson's army. When this happens,
    the Children will go and start using Telekinesis on the glass protecting
    Hanson. They will soon be joined by more children. They will break
    the glass, and thus taking away Hanson's last defense.
    You can say Hanson was right in the previous level... You can't change
    the past, but you can certainly change the Future! Watch those kids...
    "eat" Hanson!
    Congratulations for finishing Second Sight!
    -¯-                                                                      -¯-
    -¯-                   006. Frequently Asked Questions                    -¯-
    -_-                                                                      -_-
    If you've got a question that isn't answered in the Guide, then you can
    send it to me at luarfaqs@gmail.com so that I can answer it, and possibly
    include it in this section.
    - How do you shoot somebody while he is floating under the effect of
      First of all, choose a weapon. Then choose Telekinesis. Target the
      guard/agent/trooper and use Telekinesis on him to levitate him.
      While he is floating, and you are still using Telekinesis, press
      the <A> button to start shooting at him while you keep him in the
      air with Telekinesis. Although it is not a very useful technique,
      it surely is an interesting one.
    - Are there more than 2 minigames?
      No, there are only 2 minigames.
    -¯-                                                                      -¯-
    -¯-                        007. Version History                          -¯-
    -_-                                                                      -_-
    Version 1.10 (Sept. 16, 2005): Added the collaborations sent by e-mail.
    Version 1.01 (Sept. 6, 2005): I've received a few e-mails with good
                                  collaborations. I'll hopefully add them
                                  during this week. Minor update. Added one
                                  site to the sites with authorization.
    Version 1.00 (July 4, 2005): First Version of the Guide. Walkthrough
                                 is complete, as well as all the sections
                                 of the guide that weren't added in following
    -¯-                                                                      -¯-
    -¯-                      008. Contact Information                        -¯-
    -_-                                                                      -_-
    If you have a question, doubt, correction, or simply any comments that
    you would like to make to me, you can contact me in the following ways:
    - E-mail. Write to luarfaqs@gmail.com, and don't forget to include
      the name of the game, Second Sight, somewhere in the message.
    - MSN Messenger. You can either add lu4rfaqs@hotmail.com or
      luarfaqs@gmail.com to your contact list. However, I prefer it if you
      write an e-mail. I also don't connect very often to the Messenger.
    Keep in mind:
    - You can send me any question you have, as long as it isn't answered
      in the guide. I always try to answer as quick as I can; however,
      I may take up to a couple of days in getting back to you.
    - If you have any correction, be it grammatical, of content, etc., I
      will gladly accept it.
    - Any collaboration to the guide is welcome. If you do so, I will
      give you the proper recognition for helping out. It is left to my
      discretion what to add to the guide and what not.
    - If you find any part of the guide confusing, let me know. The purpose
      of the guide is to help everyone.
    - You can also thank me, give me constructive criticism, opinions, and
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    -¯-                        009. Copyright/Legal                          -¯-
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    ~ This guide is Copyright 2005 Raúl Morales
    ~ This guide can't be reproduced under any circumstance, except for
      private and personal use. It cannot be published on any Web Site without
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      Likewise, it is not permitted to alter the content of this guide in
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    ~ All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
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    ~ Web Sites that can host this guide:
              - GameFAQs
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      If you want authorization to host this guide in your site, first send
      me an e-mail.
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    -¯-                             010. Credits                             -¯-
    -_-                                                                      -_-
    - Thanks to CjayC and Sailor Bacon, both administrators of GameFAQs
    - Thanks to Ledgendgamer, for sending me useful stuff and strategies.
    - Free Radical, for developing this awesome game!
    - And last but not least, Thank You, for taking the time to read this guide

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