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    FAQ/Walkthrough by genius of the hole

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/24/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  ##   # ######   ####    ####   ####   ### ######
                  ##   #  ##  #  ##   #  ##   ##  ####  ##   ##   ##
                  ##      ##    ##    # ##    ##  ## #  ##   ##   ##
                    ###   ##  # ##      ##    ##  ## ## ##   ##   ##
                     ###   ####  #       #     #   #  ## #    #    #
                      ##   #     #    #  #    ##   #   # #    #   ##
                   #   #   #   #  #   #   #   #    #    ##    #   #
                   #   #  ##### ######     ###    ##     #   #####
                    ###       ##   # ####   ####   #### #### ########
                              ##   #  ##   ##   #   ##   ##  #  ##  #
                              ##      ##  ##        ##   ##     ##
                                ###   ##  ##   ###  #######     ##
                                 ###   #   #    ##   #    #      #
                                  ##   #   #    ##   #    #      #
                               #   #   #    #   ##   #    #      #
                               #   #  ###    ###    ###  ###    ###
    Platform: Playstation 2
              Free Radical/ Codemasters - Genius at Play
    Author:   The Genius of the Hole   (Genius at...get it?)
    Version:  1.0
    E-mail:   kayko_2(at)t-online(dot)de
                                    Table of contents
                           1)  Introduction                 
                           2)  Psi powers          
                           3)  General Game Tips            
                           4)  Walkthrough                  
                           5)  Personal Review              
                           6)  Copyright and special thanks 
                                    1)   Introduction
    I admit it...this guide should have been completed about a year ago. But it 
    wasn't really my fault. If anyone is to blame then it is the video game 
    industry who released new brilliant games which needed my immediate attention. 
    So, for all of you who have been looking for a guide for this game but where 
    unable to find one: I am sorry. :( 
    But here is the good news: I completed it anyway and here is the complete
    walkthrough which got me through the game without too much trouble. Read it
    and enjoy.
    For those of you who haven't read any of my previous guides: English is NOT
    my first language, so please overlook any mistakes in spelling or grammar you
    might spot. I have to admit that I did not invest too much time in 
    finding the best phraseology there is but that was due to the fact that I 
    rushed the completion of this guide in order to get it out into the open. Still
    I hope you do appreciate my work.
                                    2)   Psi powers
    Already at the beginning of your first mission John will discover that 
    something 'isn't quite right' with him. You will gradually be equipped with 
    more and more psychic powers which will enable you to 
    Well, its obviously for healing... John can use it to accelerate his healing 
    process. But beware! While John is healing he can neither move nor defend 
    himself. Make sure you've brought him to a safe place before using this skill. 
    It can also be used to heal comrades. Simply aim at them like you would with 
    any other skill. But remember: both of you will be left defenseless during the 
    healing process.
    Very handy. Use switches or pick up weapons that are either out of reach or in 
    a dangerous area you don't want to enter yourself. It can also be used for 
    killing people once it has been upgraded, but since you can only lift up one 
    person at a time it might be a very slow solution to most of your hostile 
    problems...there are however situations when you should consider smashing your 
    opponent into the next wall. Don't try and use this skill to rescue comrads, 
    they are likely to end up dying. 
                                       PSI BLAST
    Good for confrontations with one or two enemies. After it has been upgraded it 
    can be used to attack more than one enemy, but only from a close range. One of 
    its advantages is the instant kill it can provide, plus it can be used to break 
    the shielding ability of stronger enemies. Remember that. And always remember 
    to give your psi meter time to refill, otherwise you'll run out of 'ammo'.
    Those of us who hate shoot-outs or brainless killing will take a liking in this 
    skill. Cross difficult areas without being seen, avoid detection and calm 
    restless minds by using this ability on other people. Simply aim at them and 
    use your power. You should note that if you are trying to sneak past someone 
    you should avoid contact with another person at any cost. You will immediately 
    get visible if you touch someone. It is also not possible to use charm if you 
    are in sight of anyone. This will wipe out your psi meter! Apart from that: 
    nice and handy. But remember: you cannot charm cameras!
    You just have to looove that skill. Not only will it enable you to check out 
    areas in advance without being seen or use objects from a distance when your 
    telekinesis won't work, it will also allow you to engage into shoot-outs
    without taking any damage yourself. Simply project into one of your enemies and 
    borrow his gun. He might even get caught up in a shootout after you've already 
    left his body. You can even use this ability to make an enemy kill himself. You 
    should however always make sure that John is tucked away safely while he is 
    using projection. His body will be left defenseless where he left it. You 
    should also take note that if John's body is being attacked his mind will 
    immediately return to it. 
                                 3)   General Game Tips
    Well, first of all: check out the SECTION about the PSI POWERS, there are some
    tips about how to make the best use of your special abilities.
    Apart from that: 
    #      Don't rush it unless you have to - Unless you are using charm or are
    under immediate threat by an enemy you will quite often have the time to think
    about your next step. It is also advisable to use projection before entering
    an unknown area. This way you won't be discovered by any camera or enemy and
    have enough time to count your opponents or check out the security measures 
    #      Hold it right there, cowboy - guns do make a lot of noise and will alarm 
    enemies to your presence. Also, always start with the weakest gun, you might
    need a stronger one later on and it would be rather annoying to be out of ammo
    just when you need it.
    #      Three ways to go - while this game is meant to be played as mixture of
    genres it is possible to either take on enemies head-on thereby reducing the 
    gaming experience to an average shooter game, take the sneaky way as in any 
    normal stealth game, or make use of your psi powers only. A healthy mixture
    will probably bring the most fun, but I guess everyone has a particular 
    preference - and sometimes the situation requires a certain approach.
    #      Don't be so narrow-minded - there is almost always more than one 
    solution to a problem. If shooting causes you to die, try sneaking past, if
    your psi power does let you down, use a strong gun. Try different combinations.
    Be flexible, and if you get stuck and don't know how to handle a situation, zap
    through your abilities until you find one that appears to be useful.
    #      A healthy body carries a healthy mind - While you shouldn't forget to
    heal in between (if in trouble John dies easily) this comes with a caution.
    Make sure you are in a safe place when you do so and DON'T RELY ON YOUR HEALING
    POWER FOR TOO MUCH! It is not a good idea to put John in the middle of a shoot-
    out thinking he can heal when ever he needs to.
    Always heal before entering an unknown area.
    #      Walk in someone else's shoes - if possible never engage in a shoot-out
    yourself. Possess, possess, possess. A really handy ability.
    Anything else? Hm, can't think of anything right now. Maybe later...
                                    4)   Walkthrough
    You will start in a room that looks like a hospital. Check out the door to your 
    left and you will find a switch on the other side of the glass. Since your 
    telekinesis skill will already be selected all you have to do is use it by 
    holding R1 and pressing R2 once the switch is surrounded by a blue circle. 
    Leave the room and test your new skill on the objects available. Then leave 
    through the next door. Leave the second room as well and you will receive your 
    second ability. Exit the small room and you will be in a corridor where you 
    will encounter your very first enemies. 
    You can either take John's advice and scare them away, or run straight at them 
    and beat them up. The second option might be the better one because once 
    they've got a grip on themselves they'll be back and hunt you. Those guys die 
    easily just give them a good beating. Then turn right at one of the two options 
    and approach the doctor. There is no use talking to him. Kick him once and he 
    will die leaving a security pass for you to pick up.(Note: this security pass 
    can also be obtained from one of the guards.)
    Leave the area and go back to the corridor. Use your security pass on the door 
    to the left/ straight ahead of you (not the elevator) and enter. (You'll might 
    have to deal with the guards first if you've just scared them away). Cross the 
    room and go through the doors to find the computer you where looking for. Use 
    it, but take care of the doctor first. Check out the map and the yellow field 
    to the elevator. Press x to get the code you need for your escape. Then leave 
    the screen and the room to backtrack your steps to the elevator. Make sure you 
    are healed completely (the level won't end otherwise) and then make John enter 
    the code.
    Enter the elevator.
    Watch the cutscene and then follow the path ahead to find your instructor. 
    Follow him down the hallway and down the stairs, then immediately turn left. 
    Turn right at the end of this corridor to reunite with the instructor. 
    Ok, if you are have difficulties with this part of the game, you better return 
    it to the shop because you are not going to make it through anyway. Simply push 
    the left analogue stick forward until you reach the end of the area. Do the 
    same to climb up the ladder to your left. Knee down to get through the 
    tunnel, then move on. Up the ladder to the left and press x to let yourself 
    down. Move over to the left and pull yourself up again. Go down the ladder to 
    meet your instructor. Easy as pie, isn't it?
    This next part is not difficult either. You can simply wait behind the first 
    crate without leaning against it. Once your instructor is passed the middle and 
    turns right to approach your position simply stay low and rush straight to the 
    tunnel entrance. He won't see you. Follow the pipes. There is only one way 
    Now you will come to your first challenge. Watch the guards and when you are 
    sure that no-one is looking stay low and run to the right. Hide behind the 
    crate to the right. Now watch the guard in the middle (the one closest to your 
    position). As soon as he looks to the right. Move on to the next crate and hide 
    behind it on its right side. Now wait until the guard watches the area straight 
    ahead of him and rush forward to drop down into the ditch. Follow it around 
    and focus your attention on the guard in the next area. You will only be able 
    to see him now or then, but when you do, prepare to pull yourself up. As soon 
    as he turns and moves away climb up and rush behind the crate to your right. 
    Remain there until he returns. Again, only move once he moves on. Rush straight 
    to the exit to the right. He won't see you if you start walking straight away. 
    All you got to do in this next yard is to stay low underneath the windows and 
    cross over to the other side. Then head through the gate and leave. 
    Follow the corridor and you will get your first gun. Shooting in this game is 
    pretty much foolproof, just follow the instructions and you will at least be 
    able to hit a target. Most normal enemies in the game will go down after two or 
    three shots. 250 shouldn't be a problem at all.
    Follow your instructor into the next room to your right (when facing the 
    range). Take your time for this next part. Don't take any unnecessary risks, 
    it's enough to jump out and fire a single shot. You will get them eventually 
    one at a time. Follow the instructor.
    Follow the corridor and activate the door. Now step outside. You can take three 
    of your enemies out without leaving your position near the door. A fourth one 
    will jump out from the last wall to the left so prepare to shoot him. Climb up 
    the ladder and go through the tunnel and into the next area.
    The good thing about this aiming system is that it shows you enemies before you 
    can even see them. Point your gun and move along the wall to the left and it 
    should show you a guard behind the wooden planks to the left. Shoot him and 
    climb up. Stay at the bottom of the ladder and simply shoot the guard to the 
    left. Then enter the tunnel to the right and go through. Once you reach the 
    other end make sure you aim well and you can shoot the guard from down there.
    Now all you have to do is shoot the guards one at a time from behind the first 
    crate. Don't forget the one to the right you can see in the next yard. He 
    hasn't been there before. Then climb into the ditch and shoot the last guard 
    in this area. Leave through the gate. 
    The guard here will have left his building and will hide behind the wall. 
    Simply point your gun and move slowly towards the gate. He'll come out 
    eventually so make sure to be fast. Exit. 
    Here is a little extra sent in by Mike Castrinasto:
     -After completing the pistol training in the second level, go back to the 
    very beginning of the level...the door there is now unlocked.  Collect the 
    gun and continue to the next training course.  Shoot at least one person 
    there with the real gun and you can proceed past the gate that would 
    normally end your training.  Now you get to face a ~Super Stark~!  I'm very 
    confident that he can not be killed, but it is fun to try.  Besides having 
    infinite life, he has an infinite clip--in other words, HE NEVER RELOADS!!   
    Constant gunfire; crazy. -
    Note that this information has not yet been double-checked, but I consider this
    source reliable.
    Turn around and follow the corridor to the left to reach your next instructor. 
    This part is basically the same as your previous training with a gun just with 
    a sniper rifle. No problem here either since the aiming will be done 
    automatically. Just zoom in and pull the trigger and you will get through
    Watch the cutscene.
    Ok, that's it for the foreplay. You'll be thrown into the real action now.
    Watch the cutscene and then head over to the dead guard. Pick up his gun and 
    use the computer. Switch off every single camera, open the door and check out 
    the map of the area. Check out the rest of the room if you like, but apart 
    from some copies there is nothing interesting here. Leave the room through the 
    door opposite the elevator and follow the corridor. Enter the next room.
    Do not choose to fight! You'll end up dying and I think they might just keep 
    on coming. Instead cross the room straight and jump over anything in your way. 
    You should see some orange boxes on the floor near the wall. Kick them aside to 
    reveal a vent. Duck and get in there as fast as you can. That's this problem 
    Once on the next corridor don't enter the door to your right, it will lead you 
    straight back to the shooting police officers. If you have been shot proceed 
    until you see a locker to your right. Get in there and heal. (You can heal 
    without getting in there but it's good to get used to hiding away.) Exit the 
    corridor through the door ahead.
    Ignore the guy talking. Instead select your psi blast and aim it at the guard 
    to your right. This should take him out in one hit. Enter the room he's been 
    guarding. Go through the corridor and get your psi blast ready. In the next 
    area there will be a guard in the corridor to your right. Take him out and 
    enter the room immediately to your right in this corridor. Cross it and go 
    through the next door to get a cut-scene. That's your new charm ability 
    discovered. And a
    Charm your way past the guard. Make sure you're standing upright in order not 
    to waste any time on sneaking. Charm is a very helpful ability, but it runs out 
    pretty fast.
    Hide behind the cage with the gorilla to recharge your psi meter. (You can 
    actually use charm to calm the animal down.) Approach the door on top of the 
    ramp using charm, but hide behind the wall to recharge your meter before 
    entering. Select psi blast and use it immediately on the doctor to take him out 
    before he can raise an alarm. Then pick up the security pass to the right.
    Leave the room the way you came and use charm to get passed the guard. Make 
    sure you keep an eye on your meter and stop in a safe place if you have to. The 
    guard will now be standing between those black barriers, so don't overlook him 
    or run into him. Go back to the corridor with the offices made of glass and go 
    to the position where you killed the guard. You should find a gun and a door to 
    your left. Enter and follow the corridor until it takes a turn to the left. Use 
    the door and put charm on to approach the computer. Seen from the entrance its 
    in the back of the room to the left (the second counted from the outside 
    This is basically a shooting mission. Take cover and shoot at anything that 
    moves. As simple as that. Zoom in and pull the trigger, then follow the rest of 
    the group. 
    Pick up any guns you might find on the ground. Take down a couple of snipers 
    and you will be told to chase after Wilde. Follow her to the left using the 
    obstacles as cover. You'll come to a small building. Enter to find out why she 
    ran away. After the cutscene you'll get a
    Follow the corridor and climb up the ladder. Then go up the stairs. Enter the 
    room at the end of the catwalk for a medikit, a gun and a note. Go back to the 
    catwalk and use the ladder to the left. Pull the lever and climb back down. 
    Great, now she's done it again. Rush down the stairs to rescue the lady. False 
    alarm, but don't relax too much. For a civilian advisor the lady is pretty much 
    out for trouble. Follow her and take cover behind the machine to the left (not 
    the one Wilde is using).Simply aim to the right with your pistol to get a good 
    shot and almost two soldiers for the price of one since they will position 
    themselves at exactly the same spot. Pick up their guns you'll might need them 
    later on.
    Proceed and use the machine in the middle as cover. Then simply get up and put 
    two bullets into the guy standing in the middle of the room. Follow Wilde who 
    will run through the door ahead. Use the medikit if you have to or at least 
    remember its position in case you'll need to use it later.
    Follow the corridor until you hear a voice giving orders. This is the time to 
    get the Sowjet rifle out. Shoot everyone in this room, then take your time to 
    pick up all the weapons before you use the ladder. Follow Wilde through the 
    doorway and use the medikit on the wall if you need to. Then enter the control 
    room and use the computer to the right. Wilde will find out the password, so 
    use the computer again. Use both icons to get the information you need.
    You'll receive a transmission from Starke. And a visit from some angry 
    Follow Wilde outside and blast away with your guns. Remember that there is a 
    medikit in the corridor near the control room if you need it. Once done with 
    those guys go down the ladder and follow Wilde through the door that had been 
    locked before. Use the medikit if you need to. Prepare for a shoot out in the 
    next room. Once they are all down your reinforcement will come. Pick up the 
    guns before approaching him.
    Make sure you immediately select charm after the cutscene ends. Use it and run 
    over to the desk closest to the door you entered the room through. Knee down 
    and recharge your psi meter. Two guards will enter one after another and search 
    the room. A third one might join them if you wait for too long. Keep an eye on 
    the both of them and use charm the second you assume someone could see you. 
    When your psi meter is full and the guards are in a position where you can 
    sneak past them take your chances. Don't sneak! You psi meter won't last long 
    enough otherwise and you can only activate the doors while standing. Exit the 
    room as fast as you can but try not to run into the guard on the corridor. 
    Immediately turn left. Your psi energy will run out any moment so rush to the 
    elevator and activate it. Once inside you'll be safe for a moment.
    Approach the red beams and a cutscene will show you your new ability. Handy! 
    Immediately run to the place your projection just went to and use the switch. 
    Then wait in that niche. You've just turned the beams back on. This will not 
    only prevent any guards from following you, it will also calm them down. Wait 
    until they leave. Use the time to project again and move further down the 
    corridor. See the green button? It will switch off the camera, so use it. 
    Repeat the projection thing and switch any green buttons which you can reach (5 
    of them I believe), including the one behind the red laser beams further down 
    the corridor. You should just be able to reach it before your psi meter runs 
    out. Then return to John in order to proceed. 
    Walk up to the wall next to the second corridor to the left. No-one should be 
    able to see you up to this position if you've switched off all the cameras. Now 
    use charm and run straight to where the red beams had been. Prepare to switch 
    to psi blast immediately and take out the guard which is patrolling this part 
    of the corridor. Make sure you don't raise an alarm here since you won't be 
    able to proceed if you do. If you are lucky he'll be around the corner, this 
    will give you a moment to rest. 
    Simply crouch behind the crate and recharge your psi meter. Once he is out you 
    should have any time in the world to get the elevator to the right working. Do 
    it like this: Activate the door and get onto the platform. Now project and 
    leave the elevator. Go to the right and use the switch on the console. Return 
    to your body and watch the elevator going up.
    That's you psi blast upgraded. (Pretty useless if you ask me - only useful if 
    your enemies are really close, but since they will be shooting at you, you are
    as good as dead if you are surrounded like this...) Anyway, take my advice and 
    use the gun you hopefully took from the security guard downstairs and shoot 
    those guards on the ground. Sounds cruel, but you'll be in a hell of a shootout 
    any moment and they'll be back on their feet shooting you in the back if you 
    don't. Pick up every weapon you find you will need the ammo. Now use charm and 
    proceed to the crate on the ramp and knee down. Get a gun out and take out 
    those guards. It should take them by surprise, but don 't relax, there will be 
    plenty where those came from. 
    Follow the ramps and shoot every guard along the way. Its the only useful 
    option anything else will take too long and you won't be able to posses people 
    yet (for all I know). Heal if you need to but be aware that they will come for 
    you so you should retreat before you do. Once on the upper floor shoot at the 
    guard in the security booth. This will cause him to come out. Shoot him and 
    wait for two more guards to appear behind the fence. 
    Once they are out, go into the booth and use the switch. Go through the fence 
    and prepare for another shootout. Forget about stealth or hiding here. The 
    easiest thing to do is mow them down with a SMG. Pick up all the guns 
    afterwards and step onto the elevator. Project and use the switch. Return to 
    your body and go up. Stay near the crate and a guard will open fire. Kill him 
    from a distance. You can stay near that crate to take another two down. One is 
    up the ramp to your left and another one to the right behind one of those 
    pillars. Make your way up the ramp aiming at those pillars to the right from 
    where two or three guards will come. Once they are out get back down and follow 
    the corridor further up the ramps killing guards along your way. 
    Note: there is a ladder to the left when you are up the ramp where the guard 
    had been hiding. It leads to some laser beams which are blocking a way to your 
    getaway car. I tried projecting through a couple of times but I just couldn't 
    find the switch to turn those beams off. If you are more lucky let me know, 
    because I am pretty sure this is the stealth route to avoid the shootouts on 
    the way up.
    Cause a massacre at the top level, then you are done here. If you are keen on a 
    assault rifle go down the ladder to the left and use the next ladder to the 
    right to get to a seemingly useless area. However, if you knee down and check 
    out the wall to the left you'll find the rifle on the ground. You won't be able 
    to pick it up unless you use telekinesis.
    Done here return to the parking lot and get into the car.
    First of all climb up the tower you see in front of you and follow the catwalk 
    to the right. Use telekinesis through the grating you see in front of you 
    (might take a couple of attempts before you will lock on to something) and
    get the key for the shed. Now climb over the railing and make your way to the 
    other side of the grating. You will find a switch which you can use to 
    switch off the spot and a sniper rifle. Then make your way back to the ladder
    and climb down again. 
    Use charm to get past the guards and cross the yard until you reach the main 
    building. Drop down in any of the holes on the upper terrace (the ones with the 
    stairs leading down) and recharge your psi meter.
    Once it has recharged completely run back up again (using charm) and had to the
    left corner of this terrace. Watch out for the guards! You will find a 
    shed here with a shotgun. Pick it up and recharge your psi meter while you 
    are still in the shed. (Take care not to be seen by any guards). Now head 
    back to the holes in the ground (the ones with the stairs) and get into the 
    right one. There is an open window which you can use to climb in.
    A cutscene will play in which your telekinesis ability will be upgraded - you 
    will now be able to use it as a weapon.
    Head down the corridor to the left and you will encounter the second nurse. 
    Take care of him, pick up the key he will drop and follow the stairs to the 
    right. Turn left and left again until you come to some stairs leading up. Go 
    upstairs and open the door. 
    Don't do anything stupid up here. These guys don't know who you are and unless 
    you do anything suspicious (like killing anyone)they will ignore you. Just head 
    up to the table in the middle of the room and you will find a piece of paper. 
    Check it out and then go to the computer to the right. Use it to unlock the 
    door on the upper level and to find out where your friend is (hard disk). Note 
    that there are a couple of books in this room which you could read if you want 
    to, but they are not really of any use to you. Now go to the ladder which is on 
    the last of the bookshelves to the left (seen from the computer) and climb all 
    the way up. Use the door you just unlocked. 
    Follow the corridor but do ignore the door to the right. Instead check out the 
    wall to its left in order to find a vent you can use to get to the next ward. 
    At the other end of the vent stay inside and use telekinesisto kill the nurse 
    safely. Once he is dead get out of the vent and make your way down the stairs. 
    But careful there are two more nurses along the way. You can kill each of them 
    using telekinesis even from one level above. Downstairs read the documents and 
    then prepare to take out a guard. Telekinesis will do. Get his gun and take out 
    the nurse who might show up as well. Now proceed down the corridor. 
    Once you have reached a doorway knee down and switch to your charm ability. 
    Cross the room using charm and wait in the safe corridor for your psi meter to 
    refill. Use charm and run into the doorway ahead. Don't go down the stairs 
    remain on the catwalk and follow it to its end. Open the door and go inside. 
    You will find a key card here. Pick it up and refill your psi meter. Back 
    outside you might want to return to the doorway through which you got into the 
    main room in the first place. Wait there until your psi meter is completely 
    recharged again, then head down the stairs and run past the doctor and make 
    your way to the locked door at the far end. Use the card reader next to it and 
    then be quick to use the door. This will be close, your psimeter might just run 
    out when you make it through. Refill your psi meter and just head on.
    Head down the corridor and a you will hear an announcement. Don't worry they 
    don't mean you. But nevertheless use charm to cross the large room and run into
    the corridor ahead. Turn right and you will see a nurse on a corridor. Use 
    charm to get closer and closer to him using the doorways to the left to refill 
    your psi meter. He will soon leave his position. Ignore him for now and 
    jump up instead (you will get the option to do so once you are close to his
    Now get into the vent you see ahead and follow it to the far end. There is a 
    doctor inside a room. Use telekinesis to kill him. Now go back to where you 
    came from and use the other intersection there is. In the first to dead-ends 
    all you can do is to scare some guards. In the last one however, you will be 
    able to kill a guard. Do so and then get back to the exit. Leave the vent and 
    turn your attention towards the computer desk you saw from one of the dead-ends 
    inside the vent. Use project to check out whether there is any guard around and 
    use the computer. You will get the password for the first floor. 
    The nurse you saw earlier will take up his former position sooner or later. 
    Remain in your position above the ground and use telekinesis to kill him. Now
    project again to make sure the area is clear before you get back on the ground.
    Facing the computer desk you will see a doorway to the left, a corridor to the
    right and a doorway leading to a corridor right from the computer desk.
    Use the doorway right from the desk and use charm to run past a guard. Get into
    the third doorway on the left and refill your psimeter. Now switch to 
    telekinesis and kill the guard the moment he walks past the doorway you are in.
    Once he is dead peek around the corner to the left and you will see a camera
    near the ceiling. Wait until it is facing to the right, then use charm to get
    to the keypad underneath it. Use it while you are still using your charm 
    ability and get through the gate it opens. Run upstairs.
    This next part can be hard until you figure out how to deal with the situation.
    If you raise an alarm it can be really hard to stay alive, so you better manage
    to do this in one go.
    Here is what worked well for me: Get close to the next doorway, but do not 
    enter! Now hide behind the wall next to it and use projection. In the next area
    ahead you will find a lot of doors. Some of them have red switches next to them
    some green ones. Use all the ones that are red. This will release the inmates
    of the asylum. Now return to yourself and switch to charm. Once your psi meter
    has refilled it is time for the hardest part. Use the following route to get
    through the area otherwise you will pass a camera and trigger off an alarm:
    Immediately turn left and then right again. Follow the corridor and ignore any
    intersection. Turn left and stop. You will see a locked gate here. If you are
    lucky some guards will come out of it to fight the inmates you released and you 
    will be able to slip through. If this doesn't happen you will have to use 
    telekinesis into the direction of the gate in order to open it. It could happen
    that you will get discovered at this point, so rush through the gate and either
    close it quickly or switch to a gun and shoot who ever comes through. The gate
    will close eventually. 
    Now use the computer in the room to the left and switch off all the cameras. 
    You will see Jayne. Leave the room and turn left. Position yourself in front of 
    the next gate and project back to the computer. Use the security file to unlock 
    the gate. Immediately project back to your body and rush through the door. Turn 
    left and enter the room.
    Use charm on Jayne and she will follow you as soon as a little white man 
    appears next to her picture on the right side of the screen. Now turn right
    and head down the stairs. Go to the door with the cage above it and try to open
    it. Well, that's Jayne scared again. Get used to it, she will need your 
    attention quite often. Use charm on Jayne and then jump into the little water
    reservoir in the middle of the yard in order to pick up a tranquilizer gun.
    Now open the door again and get inside. 
    Careful now, there is a guard at the end of this corridor. Use telekinesis to 
    get rid of him. (If Jayne can see the guard dying she might get scared again - 
    it is possible to kill him by smashing him against the wall which is out of 
    sight, this will keep her calm.)
    Once you are done with him head down the corridor and go into the next room. 
    Wait for Jayne to come in, then leave her and go back onto the corridor again.
    Crawl underneath the wooden planks that bar the next entrance to the left and
    jump out of the window. Use telekinesis to move the piece of wood which is 
    locking the door. Now open the door and Jayne will be able to follow you.
    Next you will have to use your telekinesis ability on the fire escape in 
    order to be able to climb up. Once you are up go up the stairs constantly 
    pointing your telekinesis towards where you are going. Soon you will get hold
    of a lonely guard so smash him against whatever and proceed.
    If you kill the nutcase beneath you in the cell you and Jayne will
    both be able to cross the planks ahead. If you don't the planks will fall and
    separate you. (Note: this is the harder scenario to deal with.)
    If you did get separated use your telekinesis ability on the plank near Jayne 
    in order to bring it back up again. You might have to use charm on Jayne to 
    convince her to follow you. As soon as she does back off a bit so that she will
    be able to get off the plank. Be quick to get over and done with all this, 
    there will be guards coming from behind Jayne. Shoot them, you will be running
    into a shoot-out anyway. This will scare Jayne away, but for now this is what
    you want because she will hide away and therefore be safe from any flying
    Another guard will appear behind you. Take care of him and then heal yourself 
    if you have to. As soon as you turn around the next corner there will be a lot
    of guards shooting at you from above. Switch to a good gun and take care of
    them. You might have to heal yourself in between. 
    ALTERNATIVELY - the sneaky way: There is a vent to the right just before you
    turn around the corner. Get in there and crawl to the exit to the left. You 
    will see two guards. One on the upper level, one on the lower one. Use 
    telekinesis to get rid of both of them. Now leave the vent on its other end and
    turn right. (You should end up on the other side of this little building which 
    has been guarded by those two guys. Climb the ladder and use charm on Jayne
    so that she will follow you again. Now get back down again and wait for her.
    Turn right and you will come to a fence. Simply hang off the rooftop and make
    your way to the balcony you will see in a distance. You will have to hurry 
    during this part of the game because it is only a matter of time before Jayne
    will get discovered and is being shot at.
    Open the yellow double-doors and open the door on the other side. But don't 
    leave the room just yet. Lock onto a guard to the right on the corridor and
    kill him using telekinesis. There is a second one. Use telekinesis to get rid
    of him as well. Once you are done with him it is quite likely that there will
    be a third guard coming out of the door ahead. Use telekinesis on him as well,
    recharge a bit and go through the door he just came out of. Kill the guard 
    inside this room and check out the left of the room near the desk to find a
    balcony key. Pick it up and go to the door opposite the one you came in 
    through. Now get a good gun out and start blasting away. Two guards might show
    up in your back. Run through the door ahead and kill the lonely guard here as
    well. Now climb into the hole in the wall which will take you to the elevator.
    Just drop down and use it. Kill any remaining guard and then unlock the door to
    the balcony. You will find Jayne outside, probably scared, so calm her down 
    using charm and then go back to the elevator. Wait for Jayne to get inside and
    go down. 
    Go to the doorway ahead and point your telekinesis at something to the right.
    You will not see him, but you will get hold of a guard. Kill him without 
    leaving the doorway. This next part can be tricky, since there will be a lot of
    guards shooting at you. But thanks to your ability to heal you should be fine
    as long as you keep an eye on your health meter. 
    First let's take care of two guards from a safe distance. Stay close to the 
    wall to the right until you reach a round part of the building. Check out the
    stones at the far end of the poollike thing and you will see that there are 
    guards hidden behind them. Lock onto each of them one after another and smash
    them against the building until they are dead. You might have to leave your
    safe place a bit in order to be able to lock onto the second guard, but if
    you withdraw the moment you locked onto him you shouldn't take any damage.
    Now we come to the tricky part. There are guards on the hidden part of the roof
    to the right. The easiest method: Run into the middle of the yard, aim with a
    strong gun and blast away until you either are worried about your health or 
    have killed all of the guards. Jayne will run away and hide in the entrance 
    until you come for her. 
    If you want to kill the guards using your psi powers just climb the ladder on 
    the left wall of the building and hide behind the wall. Now jump out and lock
    onto a guard on the roof. Kill him using telekinesis. Repeat this method until
    you are no longer being shot at. Now it is time to get Jayne. Charm her and she
    will follow you across the yard. Open the door at its far end and prepare to 
    shoot a guard. Jayne will run away, but that's ok for now. Head down the stairs
    shooting two more guards along the way. Then go back to the door you came in
    through and use charm on Jayne again. 
    NOTE: if Jayne cannot be found anywhere near the door she will be outside in 
    the yard. There is a niche to the left. 
    Go down the stairs and you will have gotten out of the frying pan and into
    the fire.
    But first.... you will be back in the past. Like the previous missions in the 
    past this one will also consist to a large part of shooting anything that 
    moves. Follow Starke and shoot down any sniper you can zoom in on. You will 
    soon reach a tunnel. 
    Just keep following the road ahead killing snipers along the way and you will
    soon see the projection again. (Just that Vatic doesn't know it is one.)
    This is where the more challenging part of the mission begins. Follow the fence
    until you see a some boxes to your left. Climb up and jump over the fence. Now
    knee down and crawl into the vent directly ahead of you. Exit on the other side
    and approach the stairs. Once the cut-scene is over switch to your tranquilizer
    gun. It is really important not to screw up during this next part or you will
    have to do the mission over and over again (at least from the last checkpoint).
    This can be really annoying depending on how far you did get. The thing is, if
    you miss a shot with the tranquilizer gun or a guard gets aware of your 
    presence somehow an alarm will be raised. This wouldn't be that bad if it did
    not result in Starke being shot at. He won't survive this, so be careful.
    Now open the door close to the stairs and you will see two guards. Shoot the 
    one near the billiard table first (take care to aim for his head), then take 
    care of the second guard. Done here walk over to the arcade game. I know this 
    is not the time for beating highscores, but have a go at it anyway, this will
    unlock the game in your Applications menu. 
    Leave the room and go upstairs. Peek into the room to the right and aim with 
    your tranquilizer gun. You might not see anyone at first, but soon there will
    be a guard emerging from behind the boxes. Shoot him, go inside and pick up his
    gun. If you need to use the health pack on the wall, then leave the room.
    In the next room (peek inside) there will be one more guard. Take him out and
    use the computer. No power. Leave that to Starke. Once he tells you that the
    power is back on use the computer and access all of the files. Now walk over
    to the drawers on the wall opposite of the door you came in through. There is a
    piece of paper on top of one of them read it and pick up the key.
    Leave the room and go through the remaining door on the right. Head straight
    through the next two rooms.
    This next part is the toughest part of the whole mission. You will be 
    confronted with multiple moving guards. I have to admit that I did not manage 
    to get through this part without being discovered despite using the 
    tranquilizer only. The moment I take out the first guard two more come running
    up the stairs but maybe you will be more lucky than I am. If, however, you
    should encounter the same trouble as I do be quick to switch to a stronger gun
    and get rid of your attackers. Now run to the door to the right (seen from
    your initial position) and run through the next door as well. You will be 
    outside on a platform. Shoot all the attackers and make sure that Starke stays
    alive. If you succeed he will miraculously return to complete health...now this
    is a nice trick, isn't it? 
    Anyway, if you had to climb down in order to rescue the Colonel climb back up 
    again and get your sniper rifle out. Go around the corner and you will see a 
    roof on which you can walk. Aim towards the mountains and shoot the sniper 
    which will be shooting at you. Once you are done with him climb down the ladder 
    on the right side of the roof. There will be a half open shed with a button to 
    the left. Press the button (this might not be possible if the Colonel is being 
    shot at. If this happens walk over to the fence with your sniper rifle equipped 
    and shoot the sniper off the roof.). Once the gate is open go to Starke's 
    previous position and climb over the fence back onto the street. Head towards 
    the gate and an interesting cutscene will play. 
    Follow Starke and take care of any snipers you see. Starke won't help you since
    he is still possessed. As soon as you have taken care of all the enemies he
    will be back to normal. Follow him into the station and use the health pack on
    the wall to the right if you need to. Your path will be blocked pretty soon, 
    but if you follow the projection of the child you will find a way through the
    car and back outside again. Go through the doorway you see and pick up the gun
    and a key (on the wall to the left). Now go back to the Colonel and open the
    gate which is blocking the way to the stairs. Follow the corridor.
    Your projection ability will be upgraded after this cutscene. You will now be
    able to possess other people. This is the second most useful ability in the
    game, especially if you are not too keen on shoot-outs. 
    Let's put it to a test. Project and jump into the hole. Now possess one of the
    soldiers and shoot one of his comrades. This should not only keep them busy, 
    it will also solve your problem. If the soldier you possessed is killed during
    the shoot-out you will return to your body unharmed. It is also possible just
    to start the shootout by projecting into a soldier for a short moment and 
    shooting at a comrade or two. If you withdraw soon afterwards his comrades will 
    still be shooting at him until he is dead. Once they are all out jump into the
    hole and a cutscene will play.
    This next part is one of the toughest of the whole game. You might need a 
    couple of attempts to get through. My advice: what ever you do try to play it 
    as a stealth mission. You could get into real trouble if you don't. 
    Leave Jayne where she is and go down into the sewer. Now follow the tunnels 
    until a cutscene shows some agents coming down from the ceiling. Here is what
    worked well for me: Stay where you are and lock onto anything you possibly can
    while having telekinesis equipped. (If you are unable to find anything to lock
    on to proceed forward until you are able to.) Use it to kill any agent you 
    might encounter. Only move a couple of steps at a time and check your 
    surrounding with the automatic target lock. Once you feel that there is 
    no-one left who needs taking care of (should be about three guys - unless you 
    alarmed them for your presence (- funny, a flying comrade doesn't...)) go
    back to Jayne and use charm to make her follow you. Once she is following you
    go back to the last intersection of the sewers and use the stairs to climb up.
    Open the door in front of you and immediately use telekinesis to kill the 
    soldier in front of you. (Note: you could have alternatively used the sewer
    to the right of the last intersection to get into his back. A bit of
    telekinesis to remove the grating and the rest is history.)
    Now go down the stairs and peek through the door. Use project to enter the room
    and posses one of the NSE agents inside. Say goodbye to his comrade and then
    go back to your body. Now use telekinesis to kill the remaining guard. Once you
    are done with him go inside the room and go into the water. Ignore the 
    switches, no need to use them (plus it is a rather nasty task which requires
    good timing). Instead climb up the stairs on catwalk to the right and use 
    telekinesis on the grating on the floor. Once you have removed it climb down
    and use telekinesis on the grating blocking the tunnel. There are two guards
    inside the tunnel. I advise you to save the ammo and use telekinesis to get rid
    of them instead. 
    In the next area go into the tunnel immediately to your right and use 
    projection. Go to the ladder in the middle of the room, it will lead to a 
    switch which will open your exit. Unfortunately it will also open the path 
    for your enemies, so immediately return to your body and wait for your psi
    meter to recharge. Once you see an agent behind you immediately use projection
    again and possess him. Turn him against his comrades and take as many of them
    down as you possibly can. Don't forget those on the balcony! Once everyone is
    taken care of, use telekinesis to get hold of all the weapons which are out of
    your reach. Done with it proceed up the stairs to the exit. 
    Head down the stairs and switch to your projection ability. Use it and open the
    door. Now head down into the sewer and possess the only agent in your reach. 
    Use him to attack his colleagues. Once you are out of psi power wait for it to
    recharge. Enter the area and switch to telekinesis. Use it to kill everyone you
    can possibly reach. You will soon get company by more agents, so forget about
    your psi powers for a moment and switch to a strong gun. Take everyone down and
    proceed to the end of the sewer. Use your telekinesis ability on the two 
    switches on the catwalk above and go into any one of the tunnels. Now switch to
    projection again and run into the next area. An agent will be coming down a 
    ladder to the left. Possess him and shoot anyone in reach (check out the 
    tunnels as well). Done with him enter the area yourself and take care of any
    agent left. Now go up the ladder the agent was coming down and go to the 
    elevator platform at the end of the catwalk. Jayne will tell you that she is
    going to wait here, which is good on the one hand and bad on the other (you
    will have to watch over her while accomplishing a task of your own.)
    Get back into the sewer and turn left. Use the ladder and then jump up to the 
    ledge to your right. Shuffle over to the right until you are able to climb up.
    Cross the platform and climb down on the other side. Now shuffle over to the
    right. Get onto the ledge beneath you and a cutscene will show you the next 
    task at hand. 
    Remain at the bottom of the ladder and use your projection ability. Use it to
    possess the first agent (let's take the one behind the laser beams - just 
    follow the path around the corner.) and make him switch off the beams using
    the button right behind him. Then look for a gap in the railing on the catwalk 
    above you and throw him down in order to get rid of him.  If you are being shot 
    at from the far end use either a remaining agent to shoot the guy or use a gun 
    yourself. Once you have taken care of all three agents (the one shooting at you
    is included) you might hear sounds of trouble. Jayne! I knew there would be 
    trouble! You will have to make your way back to her, that is part of the reason
    why I did advise you to stay on the ledge instead of climbing up. 
    Here is something you can try instead (MIGHT BE THE EASIEST WAY). Ignore my
    advice of staying on the ledge and climb up. Run to the left and follow the
    path until you see a lever to your left. Use it and the elevator will be lifted
    up. This should get Jayne out of trouble. Making your way around the ledges 
    will probably take too long since Jayne is being shoot at by multiple agents. 
    If using the lever doesn't work for some reason:
    You will probably have to take the risk of jumping down thereby losing almost 
    all of your health. If you decide to risk it immediately heal as soon as you 
    hit the ground (the reason being you might take a couple of shots while 
    rescuing Jayne) and as soon as your health is back to an acceptable!!(nothing 
    more than that) level rush over to Jayne's position blasting away along the 
    More agents will be coming so stay with her for a while. Once you are sure that 
    you have gotten rid of the main wave go back to the ladder and make your way up 
    again using the ledges and the ladder you had been standing in front of. Now 
    climb up (ignore any cries for help I think the agents just keep coming) and be 
    quick to run to the lever to the left. Use it and Jayne will be brought up. 
    Heal her if she needs it and then proceed to the area where the agent switched 
    off the laser beams. Make sure Jayne remains close to you during this next part
    of the mission. If you run ahead too far she will be shot at for some reason
    ...and eventually be killed. 
    Go down the ladder and go through the doorway. Climb up the stairs and use
    telekinesis to kill the agent in the next room (Guns do the trick as well, of
    course). This room will be full of agents at different positions and they will
    come from different directions as well. I usually take up a safe position next
    to a wall and use the sniper rifle to get rid of any incoming attacker (the
    sniper rifle will zoom in on any target, you just have to release the target 
    lock now or then. Once you are done get into the water and use the ladder near
    the wall to the left. Get up onto the catwalk and you will come to a tunnel.
    Equip a good gun and follow the tunnel eliminating agents along the way. Make
    sure Jayne can follow you safely.
    I actually quite enjoyed this mission since it allows you to out-smart your 
    enemies. First of all go upstairs and pick up the shotgun. Now go to the back
    of the garage and crawl through the small vent. You will see and NSE agent 
    outside. Use telekinesis to kill him. This should get the attention of his 
    colleague who will come and check things out. Kill him the same way you killed
    his comrade, then get back inside the garage. Use telekinesis to open the 
    gate from a distance (point it at the switch to the right). As soon as the
    agent approaches the gate use telekinesis to get him inside and kill him. Now
    leave the garage and peek around the corner to the left. See that agent in the
    alley to the right? Teach him how to fly and then head to the yellow container
    you see in a distance (that's where you killed the first two agents.) Turn 
    right and head towards the ladder you see. A cutscene will play. Now climb up
    the ladder and turn right. Follow the path.
    DO NOT use telekinesis to solve this problem. The probability is high 
    that you pick up the wrong guy and you are not supposed to kill the gang 
    member. Actually you are supposed to save his life, so do so. Rush down the 
    ladder to the right and take out the NSE agent. It could be possible to jump
    over the railing since there are some pipes underneath a certain area, but I 
    haven't tried this myself. 
    IF the gang member dies reload from the last checkpoint!
    Now head all the way down and use the door to the right. Cutscene. Talk to the
    girl again and then follow the other gang member to the right. Follow him into 
    a room and pick up the shotgun.
    ************Note: Despite the option to grab him don't do it!******************
    Get back outside and turn right. Go through the door. If you previously cleared 
    the area the way I told you to there won't be any agents around so just head 
    down all the way back to the yellow container. The door you are looking for
    is to the right. Use the intercom. Cutscene.
    Go back outside (use the button to the left to open the door) and return to
    the gang members who didn't let you proceed earlier on. (Isn't this the same
    guy who just gave you the tattoo??) Anyway, agents will be coming so help the
    gang to fight them off while following them down the alley. Make sure everyone
    stays alive. Well, actually you might as well just run all the way down the
    alley until you reach a fire escape. Go all the way up - just ignore the 
    fighting around you and jump through the open window. Now read the note on the
    Six month ago...once again. This means a lot of shooting, so help your comrades
    to clear the path to the top of the hill. Before you can go up there however,
    you will have to listen to some of Starke's orders. Use that time to heal any
    comrade that might have been hurt. Now go to the top of the hill and turn left
    into the building. You will find your comrades here. During this next part of
    the mission your job is to keep everyone alive and well. The setting up of the
    radio will take a while so shoot at everything that moves (watch the back of
    the building as well) and heal anyone who needs it. Once Cortelli tells you he
    that he was done setting up the radio climb up the ladder to his position and
    he will tell you to go back to Starke. Do so, you will find him at the bottom
    of the hill. Follow him back up and a cutscene will play. 
    What can I say, just help your comrades to fight off any enemy attack and heal 
    who ever needs it. If you are having trouble focusing on both, just heal the
    group and let the rest of you do the shooting. Follow Starke through the 
    building you defended earlier on and go down the road. Kill the soldiers coming
    from one of the buildings, then turn around and cover your back. If you return
    to Starke he will tell you to check out the building. Go inside and just run to
    the other end. There is a door to the left. 
    Go back outside and help your comrades for a moment. Heal everyone who needs it
    then go back to the buildings. But this time enter the one to the left. Go to 
    the door at the other end. 
    Now use your projection ability and rush down the tunnel. You will see the 
    projection of a child again so immediately possess the guard coming your way
    and follow it to the left and down to a lever. Pull it, then kill the guard
    nearby. That's about all you will have time for, but that will be enough. 
    Return to Starke and talk to him.
    Run left and kill the soldiers coming your way. Tex will open the main gate. 
    Time to cause a massacre. While keeping an eye on the health of the rest of the
    team, use a sniper rifle or a Sowjet rifle to kill as many enemies as possible.
    You might want to storm ahead a bit in order to speed things up, but don't get
    too cocky, your ability to heal will only help you if you keep an eye on your
    health. Once you have done enough damage your team will gather around the big
    gate that has closed while you were fighting. If you have checked out the door
    in the tunnel while you projected through the laser beams you will be able to
    tell the Colonel straightaway about its location, if you didn't you will have
    to go back there and check it out (there is an opening in the wall near the 
    ramp through which you can get to the door without returning to the laser 
    Rush down the corridor and stop near its end. Switch to projection and run
    over to the hostile soldiers. Possess one of them and shoot all his comrades.
    Now position him in the middle of the gunfire of your enemies. 
    Back at Starke's place. And the agents still haven't given up. Kill all the 
    agents on the corridor and make sure you and Starke stay alive. Open the door 
    to the left and kill the agents inside. Starke will now pick up a hall key 
    which will allow you to leave. Stay on top of the stairs and use telekinesis 
    to kill all the agents on the opposite side of the building. There will be many
    of them and they will keep coming for a while so be patient. Then use your 
    telekinesis ability on the lift to the left and it will go down. Run downstairs 
    and use the lift to go up. Kill the agent behind the window and then climb 
    inside. Now run to the left and open the door for Starke. Go down the corridor 
    and take out the agent at the other end of the hallway. Outside more agents 
    await you,this time from the other side of the building. Just do what you did 
    the last time.
    The corridor will be full of agents (I think it is an endless supply).
    Hide behind the pillar to the left, then take out the first wave using 
    projection and possession. Now position the agent in Starke's line of fire and 
    return to your body. Once the agent is dead proceed to the next pillar. Play 
    the same game again and make your way to the door on the left. Watch it, there 
    are agents in there. Take them out and proceed through the double doors.
    Ok, this level can be REALLY tough. Until you figure out how to approach it.
    The most important thing: DO NOT GET DISCOVERED! You are as good as dead if 
    this happens unless you are lucky enough to find a closet right next to you 
    (and manage to climb in unseen!).
    Check out the computer and then select your charm ability. Use it and run up 
    the stairs to the right (when you are looking towards the computer). Follow the
    corridor and keep left - take care not to touch anyone. Just before your psi
    power runs out you will reach a door to the right. Rush in there! You will be
    safe here, so relax for a moment and take one of the discs which are lying 
    around in this room. Now it is time to use your charm ability again. Leave the
    room using the opposite door and run down the corridor. As soon as you reach
    an intersection (keep pressing the R2 button) a cutscene will play alarming
    you to the next task at hand.
    Once it is over immediately turn right and rush into the corner with the 
    canisters. Knee down, you are safe here. Recharge your psi meter and switch
    to projection! Then move on to the door to the left further down the corridor.
    Enter and run to the desk on the right near the window next to the NSE agent. 
    There is a note which you will have to read before you can proceed. Now return
    to your body and recharge your psi meter. This time project to the door on the
    right. It is important to be quick this time you will have a lot to do here.
    Run to the computer on the right which is near a camera. Use it and click onto
    the security camera system (icon in left upper corner will open it) in order to 
    switch it off. Switch off all the cameras while you are there - if you run out 
    of psi power recharge and return to your business.
    Now recharge your psi meter again and use charm to go back to the room. Hide
    behind a desk and recharge your psi meter. There is a cleaner in the room. Take
    her out using charm. This could set off an alarm (I think you can be spotted
    from the other side). If it does not, lucky you. If it does: you are in 
    trouble. Getting a gun out will be all you have time for. So while you shoot
    agents who will just keep coming proceed to the right of the room (I assume 
    the windows in your back). There are closets here which you can use to hide.
    So when you get a short break between the waves of agents get in there quickly
    and make sure you have charm selected. As soon as you see an agent approaching
    the closet use charm to deceive him. It will take a while before the alarm 
    stops, but when it does you will be safe (just to make sure no lone agent is 
    left inside the room use charm to leave the closet). Get out of the closet and 
    go to the computer near the window in the middle row. Here you will find an 
    email file, one of which contains an attachment. Save it to desktop and then 
    use the mouse to drag it to the disc (you have to open it first, I think). Now
    go back to the computer you used in the first place and use the movie player
    application. Once it says that the movie is playing use leave the computer and
    use charm to leave the room. 
    Turn right and go immediately through the door to your left. Recharge your psi 
    meter and use projection to go back outside. Possess the guard and walk through 
    the security detector. Turn right and shoot all the guards in the corridor. Now 
    how to get rid of the guard. Hm, an elevator...Right. Get him in there. Ok, now 
    how to get passed the security detector. Well, you cannot charm it, but 
    telekinesis works well. Use it and keep using it while you walk through it. Now 
    enter the door to the left and approach the screen.
    Back to the roots....Use your telekinesis ability on the sniper in the building 
    in front of you. You will be able to drag him out of the window and kill him.
    Now proceed and get hold of the sniper to the left you saw in the cutscene. 
    Kill him and turn your attention to the remaining guards on the ground. Now
    go to the door on the left and get in there. Read the note and then switch to
    your charm ability. Use it and run outside. A cutscene will show a chopper.
    Make your way to it and rush in there. Hide behind the crates and recharge your
    psi meter. Make sure you pick up a key inside the chopper before you proceed.
    Use projection to get outside and possess a guard nearby. Use him to eliminate 
    guards on the wall behind the chopper (those to the left and right of the 
    Now use your charm ability again and rush outside. Turn left and you will see a 
    ladder. Climb up and run along the wall. Climb the wall twice and hide in the 
    corner. It is possible that the guards near the bridge have been replaced (at 
    least on one side of the bridge) so it is safer to use charm when you move on. 
    But first we have to move the bridge. The first half of it will go down as soon 
    as you step on it. For the second one return to the corner (if there is a guard 
    on the other side of the bridge) and use telekinesis on a switch on the wall to 
    the right. This will lower the bridge. Now use charm and cross the bridge. Take 
    out the guard (if he is there) and make sure you shoot the guard on the lower 
    level of the wall as well. Now jump down and proceed along the wall. Open the 
    door ahead and use charm to cross the long room ahead. At its end (just before 
    you exit) knee down in the right corner of the tiny room with the boxes. 
    Now switch to projection and run outside. See the guard to the left? Possess 
    him and use him to proceed further down the corridors/ pathways of the next 
    lower level. Kill all the guards you meet, and if you run out of psi power 
    recharge and return to your victim to carry on with your destructive actions. 
    Once he seems to be the only guy left return to your body and take him out. Go 
    down the stairs at the and of the catwalk and turn right. Cutscene.
    Ok, same game as before. Project and kill. If possible try to kill the two
    guards who are locked into a house to the left. If 'your' guard gets 
    killed along the way, o well, never mind, you would have had to kill him 
    anyway. Return to your body, switch to and use your charm ability and pick up 
    the guns along the way to the house on the left (ignore the narrow passage to 
    the right for now.) Knee down if anyone is left inside the house and use 
    telekinesis to kill the person in question. You could go inside by removing
    the piece of wood blocking the door, but you don't need to do that (there is 
    only a useless note inside). Just go to the window at the end of the house and 
    use telekinesis to get the key. Now go to the end of the house but stay away
    from the entrance of the narrow passage. Instead switch to projection and go
    into the passage. 
    Possess the first guard who is hiding inside the passage and use him to take 
    out the rest of the guards. Then take him to the other end of the passage and 
    aim at one of the guards in the distance. If you shoot him often enough he 
    should kill you. When you return to your body immediately check out your 
    surrounding. There are new guards patrolling the area make sure they don't spot 
    Now that the passage should be clear enter it but do use charm to exit on the
    other side. There are plenty of enemies ahead who could spot you. Climb up the
    ladder and hide behind the boxes. Now wait until your psi meter has fully!
    recharged, use charm and climb down where you get the option to do so. Shuffle
    around the boxes and keep using charm for as long as you possibly can. DO NOT
    fight. Just run to the end of the catwalk straight ahead. There is a small hut
    with a sniper on the roof. Some guards might follow you but you will be safe 
    from there shots for a moment once you have reached the back of the hut. Get a 
    good gun out and take care of your trouble.
    Once there are no more guards coming for you (the music will calm down) take
    care of the sniper on the roof. Just climb up and use telekinesis to throw him
    off the roof. Now climb down and use telekinesis through the window. There is a
    lever which you can use. Now that the door is open use charm to make your way
    to the front of the hut. Go inside and press the button to the right (second
    row). Now pick up all the rifles and talk to Starke (left corner) twice.
    Use charm and get outside. Run down the catwalk and turn left at its end. Just
    keep running even if you get spotted. A cutscene will introduce you to a new 
    (and nasty) kind of enemy.
    Don't fight him just here. He is tough and has a shield. Run past him and enter 
    the building. Then turn around and face the door. As soon as he comes through
    introduce him to your telekinesis ability. It will take some time and a lot
    of smashing against walls, but he will die eventually.
    Once he is dead take out the sniper rifle and shoot the guards which are on 
    each side of the church. Now run all the way to the church and get inside. (I
    once have been shot at by another of those troopers, but he stopped chasing
    me once I entered the church.) Run down the stairs.
    Still in the past...From now on you will have to deal with these troopers as
    well. It takes a strong gun to take them out so either be quick to shoot them,
    or weaken their shield with your psi power before you eliminate them with a 
    weaker gun. 
    Run down the corridor and go through the door at its end. Follow the next 
    corridor as well and you will see the projection of a child again. Follow it
    through the door to the left and it will take you to the power room. Now you
    will have to bring the power back on, so use your telekinesis ability on the
    two wheels on the ground. The child will reappear, so follow it as soon as
    you are done with the generator (go outside, turn right, turn left, through the
    door, up the ramp, turn left again, go through the door to the right).
    Ok, I have tried it all. Fighting my way through, taking them out the stealth
    way, projection...with the result, that I either was faced with an seemingly 
    endless supply of guards, or was discovered. The only way that worked really
    well for me was using charm. So for all of you having difficulties with this
    part of the game as well, this is the way for you to go:
    Switch to charm and knee down. Now leave the room the way you came in through
    and wait! at the corner of the lab. You will see a guard. Be patient, don't
    waste any of your psi meter and wait for him to turn around and walk away 
    again. This is when you have to start using your charm ability. Follow him 
    down the ramp (you might have to wait on the ramp behind him) and leave the
    room through the door. Don't lose your nerves just because you are low on
    psi power by now. Instead make sure you are far enough away from the door for
    it to close behind you and then wait in the dead end for your psi meter to 
    recharge by half! Time to move on, John! Turn right using charm again and make
    sure you don't touch the guard on the corridor. Go through the door and rush
    into the power room on the left as quickly as possible. The rest will be 
    child's play (or childcare). 
    This room will be your safe base to which you can return to when you are low on 
    psi power. Switch to your projection ability and start taking care of the 
    guards. Go outside and get the guard from the corridor you just passed. Use him 
    to kill the guy on the stairs, then use the scanner next to the door. Once 
    inside kill everyone you possibly can. Keep shooting until you run out of psi 
    power. Once you are taken back to your body an alarm will go off. Wait for it 
    to stop and then either continue shooting people inside the control room (there 
    will be a new guard on the stairs), or just use the computer on the right 
    inside the room. Switch the hand print scanner to 'accept all'. If possible 
    kill the guard you have possessed by shooting some of the canister inside the 
    room. If it doesn't work do it yourself once you have returned to your body. He 
    will be waiting for you on the stairs. 
    Take him out and go into the computer room. (The alarm you hear has not been 
    triggered by you.) Now pick up all the guns and use the computer again. Switch 
    off all the cameras (you will see the reason for the alarm here, and go to the 
    door which is located behind you. Switch to projection and run down the stairs
    possess the trooper in the next room (he has the most effective gun) and shoot
    all the guards. More guards might be coming in make sure they kill the trooper
    (attack them and leave him in the line of fire) Now run down as Vattic and 
    shoot the remaining soldier(s). Cutscene.
    Go through the next door and follow the corridors. Go upstairs and get a gun
    out. There are guards shooting at a floating kid. Take them out and use charm
    on the kid. 
    Shoot the guard behind you and heal yourself. You will have to get back to the 
    room you just saved the other kids in. Follow the girl's projection until you
    are back there. Now follow her outside and kill the guard you will meet in the
    corridor. Run down the corridor with the cells and you will find Nadja.
    Follow Nadja and shoot all the guards you encounter. If Nadja has disappeared
    don't worry. She used her charm ability (why can she do this in front of other
    people??) but will reappear once the fighting will be over.
    Follow her down the next corridor, but be warned there might be some tough 
    shoot-outs and you will be surrounded by multiple enemies. Keep blasting away
    until your health is really low, then switch immediately to your healing 
    ability and use it. Ignore the shots, if you are lucky you will recharge faster
    than they can deplete it. Back to normal continue shooting. For those of 
    you who have developed a liking of the psi blast this might be an option.
    Just two guards will enter the play area. Kill them and project outside into
    the corridor. Possess the guard and run upstairs. Try to kill the troopers 
    before they kill you. Now return to Vattic and run down the corridor yourself.
    Project into the control room and try to kill any remaining guards or troopers
    shooting TV screens. It is possible that you will be discovered on the stairs
    and that you will be shot at. This means a heavy shoot-out on stairs. Take it
    into the control room and kill anyone entering the room. Heal if you need to.
    NOTE: If you killed the large wave of soldiers in the corridor with the cells
    you will only have to deal with the troopers and a guard.
    Go to Nadja and she will open the door for you.
    You'll be back at the NSE. Wait for three agents to come for you and simply
    shoot them when they enter the room. A fourth one might come, but he'll go
    down just as easily. Now leave the room and go to the elevators. Press the 
    button and go up. Now switch to your projection ability and use it to possess
    one of the guards around the corner. Kill the other guard and then enter the 
    door to the right. Lot's of agents in here. Kill as many as you can, then
    recharge your psi meter and return to your destructive business. Make sure that
    no-one survives this massacre. Once you are done here enter the room yourself
    and kill any remaining guard. Now make sure you pick up ALL the guns - you'll
    might need a lot of ammo.
    Here is an alternative solution to the start of this mission:
    -In "Confrontation" when you first start the level, hide behind the TV.  No 
    need to charm, they don't check there.  After someone comes in, possess them 
    and you can take out the whole floor (until the PSI fighters) without ever 
    having to move (physically) from behind the TV!-
    Thanks Mike Castrinasto.
    Now go to the small door to the left of the room and use the same method you
    used from the elevator. Project outside onto the corridor and kill as many 
    guards as you can. There should be only one survivor once you are done here.
    Kill him by shooting explosive material and then return to your body. Go 
    outside and take all the ammo you can get.
    Enter the door at the end of the corridor and a cutscene will play. This could
    be a tough fight. But it isn't. You just have to figure out how to beat these
    guys. You will soon notice that they are just like you. (Actually they are even
    better.) This can make them tough opponents. Here is the way to go: Psi blast. 
    This will blow their shield into pieces leaving them open for the firepower of 
    your SMG. Can it really be that simple?
    Yes, it can. Psi blast, SMG, Psi blast, SMG. The only tricky situation could 
    appear when you are faced with more than one of them. But once you have injured
    one of them he will run away leaving you with only one to deal with. One thing
    you should note, however, is that, just like you, they also have the ability to
    heal. Make sure that once their shield is down you waste them completely. 
    That's it. 
    Just follow the agent.
    I sure hope you have some of the ammo for the SMG left. Use it to get rid of
    the troopers or they will take you out in no time. Now heal, pick up the ammo
    and leave the room. Go down the ramp and use the door on the left (scan your
    hand). Head down the stairs and turn immediately right to get a cutscene.
    Walk up to the stairs ahead, but wait at the top and switch to projection 
    instead. Now use it and turn left. Possess the trooper and use the scanner next
    to the door. Run outside and rush through the door you just opened. Immediately
    open fire at everything that moves in this room. There are five or more 
    troopers who are not fun to be with. Vattic would be dead in no time if he had
    to take them on himself. Kill as many as possible. once back as John, go into
    the room where you found the trooper and use the scanner yourself. Be quick to 
    use projection and rush into the room where the troopers are/were. Kill any
    remaining trooper, then go there yourself and take care of the last man 
    standing. Pick up all the guns, you will need a lot of fire power. Once he is 
    dead a door will be opened. Go outside. 
    A bit confusing, isn't it. Well, this is where the story takes a weird (and in
    my opinion annoying) turn. Anyway, just wait inside the room (there is nothing
    else you can do). Once the door opens go outside and follow the corridor 
    straight ahead. Turn left and you will meet the ghostlike figures of some guys
    talking. Turn left in order to get to the room from where you started the game.
    Project down the corridor and use the trooper to kill as many other troopers 
    as you can. Make sure, none of the others gets up the stairs to John. Sooner
    or later, however, John will get hit by bullets, so you will have to return to
    your body. Get the SMG out and take on the troopers yourself. There are many
    of them. Many on the balconies above you. Once you are done with them, heal and
    pick up all the guns - use telekinesis to get the ones from the balconies.
    Now leave the room.
    Ok, that is getting annoying. Back at the madness level. Kill the guards, (the
    kid will help you by releasing the inmates) and then use telekinesis on the 
    switch to get through the gate. Now run to Jayne's room and kill the guards in
    front of the door. Get inside and wait for the cutscene.
    Ok, first of all close the door behind you! Otherwise you will get shot in the
    back. Now use projection and run down the corridor. Keep going until you find a
    hidden trooper. Use him to go further down the stairs killing people along the
    way. Keep going for as long as possible, then return to your body and make the
    same way as Vattic. Shoot any remaining trooper and pick up the guns. Follow 
    the tunnel at the end of the stairs. 
    Just turn left into the big room and watch the scene. Back in the past/present
    go into the cave in front of you.
    Ignore everything around you and check out the wall to the right. There are 
    three cells. While the first two contain children the last one holds a pile of
    weapons. Release the kids first, they will help you to win this fight. If you
    are out of ammo or need to regain health get into the third cell and heal/
    pick up ammo. Apart from this: just keep shooting and don't forget to keep an
    eye on your health. Once all the bad guys are dead a rather stupid cutscene
    will play. Unfortunately this is the end of the story.
                                 5)   Personal Review
    I have to admit that I am finding it rather hard to rate this game. In 
    particular since I have been rather disappointed by the development the story 
    took near the end and by the end itself. However, if I considered this game to 
    be a bad one I wouldn't have written this guide. So left aside the downsides 
    mentioned above I would give this game a 7 out of 10. 
    A rather good rating for such harsh words, isn't it? The reason being: I really
    enjoyed the gameplay itself. This game combines different genres and has 
    something for every taste. If it is shoot-outs you like, you will get them. If
    you enjoy stealth, here it is (though with a supernatural twist). However,
    this comes with a warning. Due to the game's crossing of genre boundaries it 
    might not feel like the one thing or the other. So, if it is a particular genre
    you are after, this might not be the one for you. 
    Me, for my part, I found it a rather refreshing experience to be able to switch
    between different methods of getting through the game. Multiple solutions for
    each problem make this game something for your mind as well, and not just for
    your trigger finger. Play this game according to your preferences and enjoy
    the experience of messing with peoples minds and of using supernatural 
    While the storyline may raise expectations it cannot live up to in the end 
    (but maybe that's just me), it is nevertheless a rather good game with an 
    unusual twist. Nice work.
                              6)   Copyright and special thanks
    Special thanks go to Free Radical/ Codemasters - Genius at Play for making
    this game.
    But also, I would like to thank all the game faq writers who have invested 
    time, effort and almost endless patience into the work on their guides. While 
    writing faqs is definitely a rewarding work as well, it is after all exactly 
    that: work. 
    There are many of you out there who do appreciate this work and I do appreciate
    your feedback. However, there also an annoying few who have neither the 
    decency nor the respect to stick to the rules. This part is for you:
    Don't take it as a whole or in parts or what ever brilliant idea crossed your 
    mind, and present it as your own work. This is for private use only, and if you 
    have anything else in mind with it, DO ASK PERMISSION. ANYTHING ELSE IS THEFT.
    This also goes for other web sides which are interested in using this 
    Walkthrough: ask for written permission before using any part of this guide.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    (Yes, I have copied this from one of my guides, but I am allowed to, you are 
    For all honest user of this walkthrough: I hope you have found what you have 
    been looking for. This might not be the most detailed guide I've ever written 
    but it should cover most of your problems. However, if anything is still 
    unclear or you have anything else on your mind regarding the game you can 
    NASTY SURPRISE. Also,only friendly and serious mails, and please make it clear 
    in the subject of your e-mail that you are referring to SECOND SIGHT, since 
    anything else will probably be deleted as junk mail.
    That's it. I am probably already off to work on another guide. 
                        Copyright 2006 Katrin Koblischke

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