How do I feed the horses?

  1. My sister owns this game and I help her solve the mysteries. She can't figure out how to feed the horses. Any tips?

    User Info: ashisawesome843

    ashisawesome843 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In the workroom where Tex is, there are five bins and starting from the one on the left, they contain oats, pellets, corn (triangular one in the middle), cattle feed (that you don't need to worry about) and chicken feed. On the wall above those bins, there is a chart that gives exact measurements (by weight) of each of the three items (oats, corn and pellets) that are to be fed to each horse. You only have to feed Bob, Clyde and Ace, so you will only be using Ration A, Ration C and Ration D (and the directions for the chicken feed also).

    Using Bob's feed as an example - he gets 2 Oats - 1 Corn - 1 1/2 Mix. Pellets

    Open the bin with the oats, pick up the scoop and fill it with oats then dump the scoop of oats into the bucket on the scale - I don't remember offhand how much one scoop of each of the items weighs, but if one scoop of oats weighs 1 pound on the scale, you will need to click the scoop back into the oat bin to refill it and dump that into the bucket (if it weighs 1/2 pound you will need to refill the scoop three times to get 2 pounds of oats).

    Next, open the bin with the pellets, pick up the scoop and fill it with pellets - each scoop of pellets weighs 1/2 pound (they don't make you do any wierd tricks to get a 1/2 pound), so you will have to fill the scoop and dump the pellets into the bucket three times to get the 1 1/2 pounds mix. pellets.

    Next, repeat that process with the corn - again one scoop equals 1/2 pound, so you will need to put two scoops of corn into the bucket. When you are done, the total weight of the bucket should be 4 1/2 pounds. When you've got it right, take the bucket off of the scale and take it out to dump into the bucket hanging in front of Bob (make sure you give it to the right horse), then go back inside and repeat that process with Ration C for Clyde and Ration D for Ace.

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