• Console Cheats

    During gameplay, press CTRL + ALT + ~ to bring up the console. Enter in any of the follow codes to activate their effects.

    give keysAll keys for the current level
    give allAll Weapons, Ammo, and Armor
    spawn monster_flying_forgotten2Another "Forgotten" spawn code.
    give ammoFills your ammo to the maximum
    give armorFills your armor points to the maximum
    give healthFills your health points to the maximum
    noclipfly around and walk through walls
    give weapon_shotgun_doubleGet the new double-barrel shotgun.
    give weapon_grabberGet the new grabber gun.
    give ammo_grenade_smallGives you Grenades
    give weapon_bfgGives you the BFG 9000
    give weapon_chaingunGives you the Chaingun
    give weapon_grabberGives you the Grabber
    give weapon_machinegunGives you the Machine Gun
    give weapon_plasmagunGives you the Plasma Rifle
    give weapon_rocketlauncherGives you the Rocket Launcher
    give weapon_shotgunGives you the Shotgun
    godGod Mode (Invincibility)
    give PDAPDA Given
    map game/marscity1Play through main game (can give self new weapons, but chainsaw and soulcube are undefined, and Bloodstone doesn't work).
    spawn monster_flying_forgottenSpawn a "Forgotten" skull monster.
    spawn monster_demon_d3xp_bruiserSpawn a bruiser demon.
    spawn monster_zombie_hazmatSpawn a hazmat zombie.
    spawn monster_demon_vulgarSpawn a vulgar demon.
    spawn monster_hunter_helltimeSpawn the first of three hunter demons.
    spawn monster_hunter_berzerkSpawn the second of three hunter demons.
    spawn monster_hunter_invulSpawn the third and final hunter demon.
    map game/deltaxStart a new game in Delta Labs - Unknown.
    map game/phobos#Start a new game in Phobos Sector # (1 to 4).
    map game/erebus#Start a new game on Erebus Level # (1 to 6).
    map game/hellStart a new game on the final Hell level.
    give weapon_bloodstone_active2Upgrade Bloodstone to do Hell Time and Berserk.
    give weapon_bloodstone_active3Upgrade Bloodstone to do Hell Time, Berserk, and Invulnerability.
    give weapon_bloodstone_active1Upgrade Bloodstone to do Hell Time.

  • Storage Locker combinations

    There will be quite a few times in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil where you will find various Storage Lockers in the facility. You can find the codes from various peoples' PDA's, but here's a quick reference. The first number will be the Storage Locker number, the second will be the combination required to open it.

    #042 - 714Box of Shotgun Shells, Chaingun rounds
    #035 - 134Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Armor Shards
    #105 - 769Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Hand Grenades
    #407 - 937Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Small Medikit
    #034 - 134Chaingun rounds, Machine Gun ammo
    #029 - 516Machine Gun ammo, Security Armor
    #408 - 937Shotgun Shells
    #116 - 634Shotgun Shells, Cells
    #117 - 634Shotgun Shells, Chaingun ammo

    Contributed By: MorpheusDV.


  • Nightmare difficulty

    Harder version of the game in which your health is constantly going down.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Nightmare DifficultyBeat the game on any difficulty once.

    Contributed By: SuperSamusAran.

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