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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/10/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Version :
    At least the second expansion pack is in my hand. This time you'll have to play
    2 games in 1 according to the avatar you choose. This walkthrough won't be
    longer than the other but you must know that i am playing both story at the
    same time. So i may advance slowly for some of you.
    Site : http://www.dimensions-sega.fr.st
    E Mail : advanced_knight@yahoo.fr
    Version 1.0 : The walkthrough is up to Empyria campaign for both story.
    Version 1.1 : The walkthrough is up to Raven Pass campaign now for both story.
    The review is up.
    Version 1.2 : The walkthrough is up to the Zerbite Campaign.
    Version 1.3 : The walkthrough is up to Darkwind Keep campaign. I added the
    location of the fourth crimson sand piece in the Red Wastes campaign.
    Final Version : The most complete guide possible for this game. Some details
    will still miss but i am very close of the perfect.
    Update (04/25/05) : Added lots of tips sent by people from the internet.
    Look at the credit section.
    Contents :
    1 Review
    2 The about section
    3 Description of buildings and units
    4 Your Avatars
    5 Patchs and versions
    6 Walktrough
    7 List of all rune heroes
    8 List of all main quest and side quest
    9 Credits
    1 Review :
    It's time to do a review of the second expansion pack. At the time i wrote
    those lines, i haven't yet completed the game. I am at the middle of the trip
    but i think it's enough as the difference with the other expansion pack and the
    original game is clear. This is practically a standalone game and not an add
    on. Of course you'll need to have both prevous games to enjoy fully Shadow of
    the phoenix butonly with order of dawn you will see how powerful this pack is.
    Let's begin with the story. I thought that the rune fighter of Breath of winter
    was the same summons years later but it is not the case. The 2 rune fighters
    are completely different. After he was killed by Rohen, the first continue to
    leave to protect the phoenix stone, which you obtain from Hokan, a ghost who
    wished to have the Belial mask. Darius asks for his help. After the second rune
    fighter saved the world from Aryn, he discovers that he was cursed by the
    shadow sword. Then the masked man, which is in fact Hokan, tries to help him.
    The story of Shadow of the phoenix is the sequel to both games.
    The presentation is good. The FMV are shorter than in order of dawn but longer
    than in Breath of Winter. The quality (graphics are thiner, animation is
    smooth) is excellent in overall. The package of the game is even better than
    the previous game is a detailed instruction manual and the so good design.
    Graphically the game uses the same engine. The models looks better but the
    mouths still didn't move. The decors are various and the area is also greater
    than previously. All the maps are long to explore and have small secrets
    sometimes heavily hidden. Also they are more original than in old Spellforce.
    New monsters appear and the design is very good. There are more bosses (high
    level monsters to be exact) to kill and also new buildings and plan to find.
    The number of map is lower than in order of dawn, but the 2 CDs of this
    expansion pack are used for wider map as i said earlier.
    The animation is better. It was already the case in Breath of Winter, but it
    seems that Shadow of the phoenix is more optimised, with less bug and a more
    sensitive mouse. You mustuse the 2D view most of the time, but now to find some
    secrets you will need to use the 3D engine. Also during the battle, the game
    didn't slow (on my PC) despite the fact you can have a greater army than
    before. The game is really smooth (60 to 70 fps and no slow down time) in
    1024*768*16 with high details everywhere. I run the game in 1024*768*32 and
    sometimes there are loading when i try to move too quickly the mouse.
    The sound was excellent. Phenomic took old musics and add new ones for an even
    better atmosphere. The voice acting (french, english and german) is excellent
    with the same actors as in the previous version.
    The controls are the same except for that you can summon more than 1 titan, and
    also a small reinforcement unit as long as you have food for it.
    Of course the best part of this revie concerns the interest of the game. The
    programmers did a very good job. First of all, there are absolutely no bugs, ok
    i have seen bugs in the name of some creatures but i don't think they will do a
    patch to correct 2 names. The game runs perfectly. The 2 stories are different
    and perfectly synchronized. I found it very excellent to play both of them to
    see how each of my old characters can evolve. The shadow story seems a little
    harder than the phoenix one because its root in the breath of winter and not in
    the order of dawn. Let me explain. In order of dawn you had too much swords and
    armors to help the avatar to progress, there were lots of sidequests to gain
    exp and the monsters were easy to kill. The AI was cruel, if you die too much
    it was impossible to win on a map. In breath of winter, you could summon new
    heroes, the AI was less cruel but still cruel, there were few equipments and
    sidequests and the game was very hard cause of less map available. You will
    feel the same by playing each of your old avatar but this time you can add to
    both games theupgrade of shadow of the phoenix. For OOD avatar, you will have
    new heroes of different kind, an accurate AI and will gain easily exp and
    levels. For BOTW one, you will have more equipments (different to the one you
    can find in th other story), a new story (even if most of the events and
    sidequests are the same), an accurate AI and lots of sidequests. In fact it's
    magic. It seems that you have 2 games in one. The shadow story is harder
    because the avatar has a less good equipment than the phoenix avatar. In the
    shadow story you will use fully what you find. To behonest, in the phoenix
    story i am looking for better equipment than in order of dawn, but there is
    nothing for the moment (middle of the game).
    To conclude this review, i will say that you need only 5 minutes to figure out
    by yourself that you are playing with one of the best game ever made in the
    genre. This time you will enjoy fully, action, action RPG, full RPG quests and
    RTS phases. They are separated and well organized (that's why i said that the
    maps were more original). The price is low so you won't even have this lame
    excuse to not buy the game. With this expansion pack you have reached the near
    future of RTS/RPG combination. Honestly i am ready for Spellforce 2, i can't
    wait to have it in hand.
    PRESENTATION : 17/20
    GRAPHICS : 19/20
    ANIMATION : 19/20
    SOUND : 19/20
    CONTROLS : 18/20
    INTEREST : 20/20
    FINAL NOTE : 98%
    Double Rune Fighter ADK.
    2 The about section :
    This section will be in each guide i will product from now.
    I know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have. Correct me if you wish
    that's the best you can do. I am kind enough to warn you so don't expect i
    answer to hate mails or to a question like : "Is this your first language ?".
    Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.
    Please write to me only for true questions. Most of the time, i know it by the
    poor questions i received, you write to me just because you have seen my name
    near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but you want a quick advice. Sorry
    to say this but i'm tired of these mails.
    This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to gamefaqs. If you wish to
    download it for your site, ask for the permission but it's not all misters and
    misses webmasters. Think to update my faq because when i correct my english or
    post an update with more informations, it's on gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.
    I receive questions about things that are in an update and some people continue
    to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies Of Arkadia...
    Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
    for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.
    3 Description of buildings and units :
    This section is identical to both guide for Order Of Dawn and Breath Of Winter
    except for the new buildings and armies added in the Shadow of The pohoenix
    expansion pack.
    Human Buildings :
    Woodcutter Hut : Allow to extract the wood, cost 40 woods.
    Quarry : Allow to extract the stone, cost 30 woods and 20 stones
    Mine : Allow to extract Iron, cost 50 woods and 30 stones
    Hunting Logde : Allow to hunt animals for food, cost 50 woods and 10 stones
    Fisher's Hut : Allow to fish for food, cost 40 woods and 20 stones
    Forge : Allow to recruit fighters, cost 40 woods and 30 stones
    Crossbow Tower : Shot arrows to ennemy to prevent them from destroying the
    camp, cost 80 woods and 50 stones
    Breeding Farm : Allow to increase the food, cost 100 woods and 60 stones
    Small HQ : Allow to increase the number of soldiers and workers, cost 50 woods
    and 50 stones
    There are 4 upgrades : once built give more 10 workers, 100 foods (15
    soldiers), 200 foods (20 soldiers), 300 foods (25 soldiers), 400 foods (30
    Dog Kennel : Cost 40 woods and 10 stones
    Give 10 hounds to reinforce a position
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Food Store : Allow soldiers to auto regenerate, cost 60 woods and 90 stones
    Smelting Works : Allow to double iron production, cost 75 woods and 75 stones
    Aria Shrine : Allow to extract Aria, cost 20 woods and 60 stones
    White hand : Heal a soldier near it, cost 50 stones and 80 arias
    Agricol Farm : Allow to increase the food, cost 100 woods and 60 stones
    Shooting Range : Allow to recruit archers, cost 150 woods and 150 stones
    1 upgrade : double crossbow, cost 300 woods and 100 iron, the marksmen fires at
    2 ennemies.
    Temple of light : Allow to recruit clerics, cost 40 woods and 60 stones
    1 upgrade : path of light, cost 200 irons and 100 arias, cleric receives a
    shield and mana regeneration is increased
    Medium HQ : cost 100 woods and 150 stones
    There are 3 upgrades : give 10 workers once built, 1000 foods (40 soldiers),
    1500 foods (50 soldiers)
    All these buildings need the Medium HQ :
    Star Monastory : Cost 80 woods and 100 stones
    Give the stellar mage to destroy huge tower.
    Academy : Allow to recruit casters and mentalists, cost 100 woods, 150 stones
    and 100 arias
    2 upgrades : Shock Wave, cost 600 arias, mentalist can cast shock wave on 3
    ennemies simultaneously
    Clarity : cost 400 arias, enchanter increases its mana regenration and reserve.
    Master Armory : Allow to recruit paladins and armsmen, cost 150 woods and 200
    1 upgrade : Fire blessing : cost 250 irons and 250 arias, paladin receives a
    fire sword and high resistance to fire magic.
    Large HQ : cost 250 woods and 250 stones
    4 upgrades : give 10 workers once built, 2000 foods (60 soldiers), 2500 foods
    (70 soldiers), 3000 foods (80 soldiers)
    Griffon Rider, cost 500 irons and 300 arias
    Upgraded Griffon Rider, cost 500 irons, 300 arias and 200 foods.
    Human Units :
    Recruit, need a forge, cost 50 irons
    Scout, need a forge, cost 40 woods and 15 irons
    Marksman, need a forge and shooting range, cost 30 woods and 50 irons
    Cleric, need a forge and a temple of light, cost 40 irons and 20 arias
    Enchanter, need a temple of light and an academy, cost 65 arias
    Mentalist, need a temple of light and an academy, cost 100 arias
    Paladin : need a forge, temple of light and a master armory, cost 60 irons and
    30 arias
    Armsmen : need a forge and a master armory, cost 70 irons
    Hounds : need a dog kennel to have it, cost 60 foods
    Stellar Mage : need a star monastory, cost 140 irons and 120 arias
    Commentaries : The humans cost alot but their armies are strong. I regret that
    the griffon rider is weak. A paladin with a fire sword is fantastic for melee.
    I appreciate also the cleric who heals in battle, even if they don't have a lot
    of mana to spend. The archer towers are inefficient and the archers not as good
    as the one in Heroes of Might and Magic 3. This race is easy to control for a
    debutant but you need aria for the best troops, and usually aria is rare. You
    won't have many problems to reinforce your army with armsmen however.
    Elf Buildings :
    Woodcutters Hut : cost 40 woods
    Gatherer Hut : Allow to extract berries, cost 50 woods
    Hunting Lodge : cost 60 woods
    Armory : 60 woods
    1 upgrade : Shield, cost 300 woods, Warder receives a wood shield
    Archer tower : cost 120 woods
    Small HQ : cost 100 woods
    Pixies house : cost 60 woods
    Give 10 Pixies
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Lenyagatherer : Allow to extract the lenya, cost 80 woods
    Forester : Allow to plant new tree in the area, cost 50 woods
    Sawmill : Double the production of wood, cost 100 woods
    Food Store : Allow soldiers to regenerate mana and HP, cost 150 woods
    Frost Bringer : Throw iceballs to ennemies, cost 20 woods and 100 lenyas
    Ailantery : Allow to recruit healers, cost 200 woods
    Archery Hall : Allow to recruit windarchers, cost 30 woods
    1 upgrade : Ice Strike, cost 100 woods and 200 lenyas, windarcher shoots ice
    arrow and can freeze the ennemy and damage him.
    Medium HQ : cost 250 woods
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Shrine of wind : cost 200 woods
    Give the Storm bringer to break through a fortress.
    Hunter's Guild : Allow to hunt for more food, quick food reserve increase, cost
    150 woods
    Iron Armory : Allow to recruit wanderers and protectors, cost 400 woods
    2 upgrades : Frost Shield, cost 100 irons and 300 lenyas, Wanderer receives an
    ice dagger, the spell ice shield and high ice magic resistance.
    Aryn's Wrath, cost 100 irons and 300 lenyas, Protector receives an ice sword
    and high ice magic resistance
    Hall of the Ancients : Allow to recruit wintermages and druids, cost 250 woods
    and 100 lenyas
    1 upgrade : Elen's gift, cost 500 lenyas, Druid, Wintermage and Healer spent
    less mana in forest area
    Large HQ : cost 500 woods
    Elf Titan : cost 700 woods and 300 lenyas
    Upgraded Elf Titan : cost 700 woods, 300 lenyas and 200 foods
    Elf Units :
    Ranger, need an armory and 50 woods
    Warder, need an armory and 60 woods
    Healer, need an ailantery and 55 lenyas
    Windarcher, need an armory, an ailantery and an archery hall, cost 25 woods and
    30 lenyas
    Protector, need an armory and an iron armory, cost 80 irons
    Wanderer, need an armory, an iron armory and an archer hall, cost 45 woods and
    45 irons
    Wintermage, need an ailantery and an archery hall, cost 70 lenyas
    Druid, need an ailantery and a hall of the ancients, cost 100 lenyas
    Pixies, need a pixie house and cost 60 foods
    Storm Bringer, need a Shrine of wind, cost 140 woods and 120 lenyas
    Commentaries : The elves are really interesting in the way of the magic. having
    a healer and a wintermage is a real plus for an army. The windarchers upgraded
    are also very impressive when they form a battle line to support the front one.
    Best of all you can freeze up an ennemy who use a healing spell and they are
    strong enough to fight in close range, even if they are weak. The titan is also
    very good. The only negative point is the fighters. They need iron to be
    create, which means you need another race to extract it and supply it. With
    infinitely (virtually) woods thanks to the forester you can create every
    building, but the lenya is not enough to supply reinforcements.
    Dwarf Buildings :
    Quarry : Allow to extract stone, cost 150 stones
    Mine : cost 70 stones
    Moonsilver Mine : Allow to extract moonsilver, cost 150 stones
    Forge : Allow to reruit militias, cost 80 stones
    1 upgrade : Whirl Axe, cost 100 irons and 100 moonsilvers, allow the warrior to
    throw his axe to an ennemy
    Pigfarm : to obtain foods, cost 120 stones
    Small HQ : cost 100 stones
    Stone aries : cost 40 stones and 10 irons
    Gives 10 aries to protect a position
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Smelting works : cost 140 stones
    Food store : cost 150 stones
    Stonemason's hut : Double the stone production, cost 130 stones
    1 upgrade : Art of construction, cost 300 stones, dwarf buildings resist more
    to ennemies attack
    Moonsilver Hall : Allow to recruit Elites and Elders, cost 300 stones
    1 upgrade : lightsilver, cost 400 moonsilvers, elite and elder receives more
    powerful weapon and resistance to black magic
    Medium HQ : cost 250 stones
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Hall of courage : cost 200 stones
    Give assault troopers to break through a fortress
    Great Armory : Allow to recruit elites, elders and demolishers cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Throwing Hammer, cost 200 irons and 200 moonsilvers, defender throw
    his hammer
    Sanctuary : Allow to recruit battlepriests, cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Willpower, cost 200 irons, battlepriest receives a shield and high
    resistance to any type of magic
    Large HQ : cost 500 stones
    Dwarf Titan, cost 500 irons and 200 moonsilvers
    Upgraded Dwarf Titan, cost 500 irons, 200 moonsilvers and 200 foods
    Dwarf Units :
    Milita, need a forge, cost 60 irons
    Watchman, need a forge, cost 70 irons
    Warrior, need a forge and a moonsilver hall, cost 25 moonsilvers and 50 irons
    Defender, need a forge, a great armory and a moonsilver hall, cost 30
    moonsilvers and 60 irons
    Demolisher, need a forge and a great armory, cost 100 irons
    Battlepriest, need a forge and a sanctuary, cost 80 irons
    Elite, need a forge, a moonsilver hall and a great armory, cost 110 moonsilver
    Elder, need a forge, a moonsilver hall and a great armory, cost 120 moonsilver
    Aries, need a stone aries and cost 60 foods
    Assault troopers, need a hall of courage, cost 140 moonsilver and 140 irons
    Commentaries : The dwarf are really strong, so strong that they don't need
    healers. However, you can destroy more but it can be a trap. You go so far in a
    camp that sometimes it's hard to retreat and you can't wait the reinforcements.
    I don't like the defender unit, these archers are weak and useless. The
    demolisher, elite and elder are excellent. Usually dwarf are intelligent and
    let a monument near sufficient stone resource so you can build everything. But
    if your camp is attacked and destroyed you will have problems to rebuild it.
    The titan is efficient but curiously less than the elf one. Supplying Iron is
    usually hard and that's why i prefer the humans. You can summon reinforcements,
    but you will have to manage efficiently a team because you can't really call
    lots of reinforcements if your army falls. Also the pigfarm for automatic food
    supplying is a cool feature.
    Orc Buildings :
    Woodcutter's hut : cost 40 woods
    Mine : cost 100 woods
    Hunting Lodge : cost 50 woods
    Boar Breeding : Allow to breed boars and obtain food, cost 150 woods
    Mace Carver : Allow to recruit fighters, cost 70 woods
    Forge : cost 100 woods
    1 upgrade : Scythespear, cost 200 Irons, Spearman receives a scythe blow that
    can damage up to 3 ennemies.
    Fisher's Hut : cost 50 woods
    Firestarter : Throw fireballs on ennemies to defend the camp, cost 80 woods and
    60 lenyas
    Small HQ : cost 90 woods.
    Boar House : Cost 40 woods and 10 irons
    Give 10 savage boars to reinforce a position.
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Shaman's Hut : Allow to recruit totems, cost 110 woods
    1 upgrade : Viper's Shield, cost 100 woods and 250 lenyas, Totems receives a
    shield, more spell power and poisoned spear
    Food Store : cost 140 woods
    Croptent : Allow to extract lenya, cost 70 woods
    Smelting Works : cost 200 woods
    Hall of Glory : Allow to recruit drummers, cost 350 woods
    1 upgrade : Glory of the Horde, cost 50 woods and 100 lenyas, drummers and
    hornblowers have more influence during a battle
    Medium HQ : cost 200 woods
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Shrine of Fire : Cost 200 woods
    Give inferno to break through a fortress.
    Blood Shrine : Allow to recruit firemasters, cost 200 woods and 100 lenyas
    1 upgrade : Firestorm, cost 300 lenyas, firemaster receives a wave of fire
    spell that can damage up to 3 ennemies
    Dark Forge : Allow to recruit Veterans, cost 450 woods
    1 upgrade : Tunderstrike, cost 400 irons, veterans receives a tunderstrike that
    can cause additional damage
    Large HQ : cost 450 woods
    Orc Titan, cost 400 irons and 400 lenyas
    Upgraded Orc Titan, cost 400 irons, 400 lenyas and 200 foods.
    Orc Units :
    Thug, need a mace carver, cost 40 woods
    Spearman, need a forge, cost 50 irons
    Totem, need a mace carver and a shaman's hut, cost 15 woods and 30 lenyas
    Firemaster, need mace carver, a shaman's hut and a blood shrine, cost 20 woods
    and 50 lenyas
    Fighter, need mace carver and a forge, cost 30 woods and 30 irons
    Drummers, need mace carver, a shaman's hut and a hall of glory, cost 40 woods
    and 15 lenyas
    Hornblowers, need a forge, a shaman's hut, a dark forge and a hall of glory,
    cost 50 irons and 40 lenyas
    Veteran, need a forge and a dark forge, cost 80 irons
    Boars, need a Boar House, cost 60 foods
    Inferno, need a shrine of fire, cost 120 irons and 140 lenyas
    Commentaries : This race is efficient in the way of construction, but very poor
    when you come to the battle. The firemasters and totems are really useful if
    you can form a distant line, they will be less good in hand to hand. Drummers
    and hornblowers are useless and don't really fight. The spearmen are too weak
    to be on the front. Fortunately,the orc titan and the veteran are corrects.
    They both resist to fire magic. You will need them to collect resources and
    help the trolls for example. Note that the drummers are bugged and you can
    summon as many of them as you want. You will also note that when you have
    enough lenya for another troops, the drummers, take 50 lenyas to be created and
    not 15.
    Troll Buildings :
    Woodcutter's Hut : cost 30 woods and 10 stones
    Quarry : cost 30 woods and 20 stones
    Mace Carver : Allow to recruit Rowdies, cost 40 woods and 50 stones
    1 upgrade : Heavy Club, cost 300 woods, smasher receives a bigger club
    Hunting Lodge : cost 20 woods and 40 stones
    Small HQ : cost 50 woods and 50 stones
    Nest : Cost 40 woods and 10 stones
    Give 10 metal birds
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Stonecutter : Allow to recruit devastators and throwers, cost 150 woods and 200
    2 upgrades : Hail of Fire, cost 400 stones, thrower bashes hot stones for
    additional damage
    Tunderstrike, cost 200 woods and 300 stones, Devastator receives a tunderstrike
    for additional damage
    Corpse Collector : Allow to increase the food reserve, cost 30 woods and 30
    Food Store : cost 80 woods and 80 stones
    Stone Thrower : Throw stones on the ennemies, cost 100 woods and 200 stones
    Ironhouse : Allow to recruit Hurlers and Bouncers, cost 300 sotnes and 400 irons
    1 upgrade : Way of the North : Bouncer receives an ice club, Hurler throw ice
    ball and both resist to ice magic.
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Atelier : Cost 80 woods and 100 stones
    Give the Alive fortress to break through a fortress.
    Blacksmith : Allow to recruit destroyers and champions, cost 400 stones
    1 upgrade : Chaos Weapon, cost 500 irons, destroyer and champion receive
    special weapon.
    Large HQ : Cost 250 woods and 250 stones
    Troll Titan, cost 700 woods and 300 stones
    Upgraded Troll Titan, cost 700 woods, 300 stones and 200 foods
    Troll Units :
    Rowdy, need a mace carver, cost 90 woods
    Smasher, need a mace carver, cost 120 woods
    Thrower, need a mace carver and a stonecutter, cost 120 stones
    Devastator, need a mace carver and a stonecutter, cost 70 woods and 60 stones
    Hurler, need a mace carver, a stonecutter and an iron house, cost 10 stones and
    60 irons
    Bouncer, need a mace carver and an iron house, cost 70 woods and 70 irons
    Destroyer, need a mace carver, an iron house and a blacksmith, cost 80 woods
    and 100 irons
    Champion, need a mace carver, an iron house and a blacksmith cost 50 woods and
    150 irons
    Metal birds, need a nest and cost 60 foods
    Alive fortress, need an atelier, cost 140 woods and 140 stones
    Commentaries : The trolls are really stupid, you feel it as soon as you
    controls them. Simple buildings, simple combinations to obtain powerful troops.
    They are so stupid that in battle they will hit the ennemies but if you don't
    stop them, they will attack you and then attack between each other (bug or
    troll reality ?). You always need to give order and to do monitoring on the
    troll army. They cost alot, it's hard to build a full troll army. The advantage
    is that it's very powerful, the dwarf are helpless in comparison. They depend
    also on another race, as the elves, for the iron.
    Dark Elf Buildings :
    Quarry : cost 50 stones
    Mine : cost 80 stones
    Breeder : Allow to obtain food, cost 150 stones
    Forge : Allow to recruit assassins, cost 80 stones
    1 upgrade : Dance of Death, cost 300 irons, The assassin can do a finishing
    blow and when he dies, kill all the ennemies around him of same level or in
    critical shape
    Tower of Sorcery : Use a laser to defend the camp, cost 50 stones and 100 arias
    Small HQ : cost 110 stones
    Shadow Tower : Cost 60 stones
    Give 10 Winged demons to reinforce a position
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Onyxshrine : Allow to extract Aria, cost 80 stones
    Mindbreaker : Hypnotize the ennemy, cost 50 stones and 100 arias
    Onyx Tower : Allow to recruit sorcerers, cost 140 stones
    Food Store : cost 180 stones
    Dark Academy : Allow to recruit Necromancers, cost 250 stones and 100 arias
    1 upgrade : Redemption, cost 500 arias, the warlock changes into a poisoned
    spider when he dies.
    Moonsilver Mine : cost 160 stones
    Fungus Farm : Allow to obtain food, cost 120 stones
    Stonemason : Allow to double the production of stone, cost 130 stones
    Medium HQ : cost 300 stones
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Academy of Destruction : cost 200 stones
    Give the Chaos bringer to break through a fortress
    Shadowforge : Allow to recruit Deathknight, cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Dark Bond, cost 400 moonsilvers and 200 arias, Havoc and
    Deathknight will resist to high magic.
    Moonsilver Armory : Allow to recruit battlemaster, cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Sinister Blessings, cost 100 irons and 300 moonsilvers,
    Battlemaster receives a multitude of magical effects.
    Arkanum : Allow to recruit warlock, cost 200 stones and 150 arias
    1 upgrade : Nor's Calling, cost 500 arias, Necromancer revives at midnight and
    fight again.
    Large HQ : cost 550 stones
    Dark Elf Titan, cost 300 moonsilvers and 300 arias
    Upgraded Dark Elf Titan, cost 300 moonsilvers, 300 arias and 200 foods
    Dark Elf Units :
    Assassin, need a forge, cost 100 irons
    Sorcerer, need an onyx tower, cost 80 aria
    Necromancer, need an onyx tower and a dark academy, cost 110 arias
    Darblade, need a forge and an onyx tower, cost 70 irons and 20 arias
    Battlemaster, need a forge and a moonsilver armory, cost 50 moonsilvers and 80
    Deathknight, need a forge, an onyx tower and a shadowforge, cost 80 moonsilvers
    and 40 arias
    Warlock, need an onyx tower, an arkanum and a dark academy, cost 140 arias
    Havoc, need a forge, an onyx tower, an arkanum, a shadowforge and a moonsilver
    armory, cost 110 moonsilvers and 60 arias
    Winged demons, need a nest and cost 60 foods
    Chaos Bringer, need an academy of destruction, cost 140 irons and 140 arias
    Commentaries : The Dark Elf is a powerful race, they don't fear the magic but
    isee a lot of bad points. The titan is quick but weak, you need a lot of
    different resources to recruit your troops but the most important thing to note
    is that the unit are really long to create. It explains why you obtain them
    near the end of the game. You need to be experimented in defending a camp,
    because you need to protect a lot of buildings and sources. If you manage to
    create a dark elf army with all the upgrades, you obtain a powerful army but
    you don't forget that you can't summon quickly reinforcements.
    4 Your Avatars :
    Ok now, great news you can use both avatars you made in previous game. Ah, you
    erase your old avatar of order of dawn after you regret you couldn't use it in
    breath of winter. Too bad man. In any case, your avatar will be recognized if
    and if only if you are at level 25. The instruction manual says that the game
    will be hard to play if you are under level 30. I began with a level 2
    character each time and i have no problems. The difficulty is accurate if you
    have the best weapons and armors of the old games. You keep the rune heroes
    equipped and also all your equipment. You lose the rest. The phoenix avatar
    will have the phoenix stone, the shadow avatar will have the shadow sword in
    his inventory.
    If you play a new avatar the story will be the same as if you use an existing
    one from previous game.
    You must try both story and even if you advance slowly like me, play both story
    simultaneously. You will enjoy 2 real different way to evolve in this game.
    5 Patchs and versions :
    So far the game is patched to 1.51 or around and no other patch is available.
    It adds new maps for the free play and the Lan mode and erase all the bugs for
    the previous game. Also if you wish to play order of dawn or breath of winter
    again, once installed, you will use only Shadow of the phoenix game disc for
    the 3 campaigns.
    6 Walkthrough :
    Sigfried (my hero from order of dawn) has received the message from Darius and
    must find him.
    1) Begin to save a guard. Now he joins you. Continue and open a chest. Continue
    to find more creatures and then fight against a stone demon. The fountain here
    will summon 6 demons before it closes. You can obtain valuable items and quick
    level by fighting them. Fight against a giant frog and last save a second
    guard. Note that if a guard dies he respawn automatically.
    2) Head to the camp. The guard here say that you must save Urias. Your old
    friend from order of dawn is being held hostage in a camp north. The camp is
    easy to beat. Go there and beat the archers and then the chief. Focus then on
    the 2 houses. urias wishes to go back to the camp. Switch on the bind stone and
    kill the lonely skeleton. Enter the camp. urias asks you to find a ring that
    can save the soldiers changed into skeletons.
    3) Head south and kill 3 skeletons and a lonely one near a house. Take and
    equip the ring. Now for each skeletons the avatar kills, he can earn one more
    soldier. Advance slowly to the main camp and be sure to kill each small group
    of skeletons and also open the chest south of the camp. Go to the camp for a
    struggle not very hard. Use the avatar to destroy the archer towers and to kill
    the bosses (the most powerful skeletons).
    4) You must open all the chests and then you can follow the enemy, Ankthar to
    the portal. Again switch on all the bindstones and if you wish summon your
    heroes. At this point you can easily outnumber the skeletons in front of the
    portal so it's useless. Now be sure to let your avatar fight the skeleton level
    30 which is quite long because he hits also very hard your soldiers. Then kill
    the fallen heroes and last the archers and soldiers. You can follow Ankthar to
    the next map now. Don't forget to open all the chests. Your mission is to find
    the dryad.
    1) Begin to kill Ankthar. Now pass the door and kill the spiders here. Open the
    chest. Click on the hero monument. There will be a scene.
    2) It's time to build your town. As usual with the human begin with stone and
    wood. Then build a small HQ and the forge. Build the archer building and also
    upgrade it. Now with only 5 archers, 5 fighters and the new horde of 10 hounds
    go to the first ork camp and destroy it. Don't go further as there is another
    fountain behind the one you have destroyed.
    3) Complete your camp and build the best soldiers and a great army. This
    fountain will be annoying to reach and destroy because there will be waves from
    more further fountain. You will be attacked by both orks and hazims fighters.
    The hazims are even stronger because they poisoned you. The idea is to build an
    army of 40 soldiers to reach this fountain and destroy it.
    4) Now you will have to run against the time. North of the second fountain is
    an iron mine. Build it and use it. You must protect it from a, isolated warrior
    or a spider sometimes. Once it's done visit the house north of the mine to
    learn information about the poisoned pond.
    5) Build an army but you must know that they will serve as decoy. Build also 10
    to 15 towers to protect your camp from invaders. After you destroyed 2 or 3
    enemies waves you can go to the third magic fountain. In order to destroy it,
    you need to destroy 3 buildings. To do this i suggest you send a decoy army
    against the ork while you awake your heroes. Once awaken, use them as decoy
    while you destroy the buildings. Now the fountain is stopped and it is a matter
    of time before you conquer the last ork camp.
    6) It's time to build an army of 60 soldiers to fight the waves you have seen
    in the cinematic. Fight it using archers and fighters. When you pass, i hope
    you'll have some remaining soldiers. Summon again your hero very quickly and
    run to the next problem.
    7) You see a chest, a bindstone and a human monument. Cool, but it is guarded
    by 5 or 6 fountains. Curiously the fountain are not active for the moment. Run
    to the buildings to stop them all. Then you will see a large wave of foes. fall
    back to your camp with your soldiers and use the archer towers to kill this
    wave. The game will calm down a little.
    8) Go to the second hero monument. You need 15 archers and 20 soldiers + your 5
    heroes to fight the horde that protects the entrance of the village. Enter the
    village and talk to Tario. You learn of the story of Tantaro. At the same time,
    a dragon will attack the hero monument. Kill it to obtain a pair of gauntlet.
    Now go back to the poisoned pond and talk to Tantaro. Kill him and free the
    pond from the curse. Talk to Tario to obtain a reward. Now summon archers and
    soldiers to explore the map. Avoid the waves from the last fortress (let them
    go dying to your camp against the archer towers) and explore the map. You will
    fight hazim soldiers.
    9) You can find some chests on this map, a boss named Gora and on the west a
    pond protected by fire creatures. There is a tree cut in pieces but for the
    moment you have no clue on what to do to here. Forget this place. Go back and
    go south then west to a camp. You can free a dwarf. He offers you 2 choices :
    you have an easy way to enter the fortress (answer 2) or you can have more
    resources (answer 1). If you choose the second answer, you'll have difficulties
    to build an army and if you choose the first answer you will have resources but
    a part of your army will be killed before it reaches the entrance of the camp.
    I have chosen the first answer. Also when you arrive in the village, Tario will
    offer to choose between a special help and the resources. If you choose the
    special help you get a honey stick. With it, go to the Bear Gora if you haven't
    killed him and he will become your friend. Else you kill it because you have
    chosen the resources.
    10) In this camp there are 6 or 7 fountains to destroy, but the hazims
    buildings are easy to destroy. Begin to close the fountain and then only kill
    the soldiers and destroy the tower. I suggest that you build an army of 70
    soldiers composed by 20 archers, 15 priest, 15 fighters, 10 mentalists and 10
    sorcerers. Awake the titan and build all the supply building (shop and other
    building). Be sure to let a horde of dogs near the 10 towers to protect your
    camp. Heal them with a white hand. Meanwhile all your 70 soldiers and your 5
    heroes must go to the hazim camp, west of the huge fortress.
    11) They must arrive there safely and without fighting anyone because they are
    weak against the hazims. When everyone will be ready at the west hazim camp,
    use your avatar and heroes to fight the first soldiers that are guarding the
    fortress. Then fall back. You must wait that the 10 archers of the first
    fountain go to your human camp. When they have passed, call your army and with
    your heroes concentrate on the magic fountains of the camp.
    12) Send your heroes destroying the first 2 towers, your archers must covers
    the warriors and priests and your avatar and the titan can destroy building. If
    you play well you can destroy at least 5 of the 7 fountains. You won't be able
    to win because the last fountain will summon too much soliders to protect the
    camp. Fall back with your avatar to save the exp earned. Now the horde that
    must protect the hazim fortress will goon its way to your human camp.
    13) Use your avatar and Urias to access to the fortress and destroy the towers
    that fires on the path near the fortress. With your avatar you can destroy the
    sixth fountain and run (only one building to destroy) because Urias will serve
    as decoy.
    14) Now with a last army of 40 soldiers, go to the last fountain and destroy
    this fortress. You can open a chest east of the portal to Empyria. Then Pass
    the portal. You learn that the other rune soldier have betrayed the masked man
    (cool !) and also that the emperor is against you.
    1) Go to the town. Talk to the guard and then to Alyah. Urias leave the team.
    You must find an old friend, Flinck Mc Winter to help Alyah. Then she will help
    you to enter the palace and find the dryad. Talk to the guard that protects the
    entrance of the town. As you know he works with Alyah, he lets you pass. Find
    Flinck. During this map you will have to deal with Nandini. The only
    interessant item she has is a zerbite tear. Be sure to buy it after you refuse
    the most expansive deal. You can buy it for 40 gold coins. I obtain it only in
    the shadow story, not in the phoenix one.
    2) Talk to Flinck. He will run, follow him. You must chase him in the town. The
    first time he will teleport himself and let you kill 2 robbers. Then you will
    find him near the first place and you will fight 3 robbers. Then he is near a
    chest and you will find him in a fourth place. Now talk to him and give him 10
    gold coins. Go to Alyah and you will solve this sidequest. Talk to Alyah, and
    she will explain that if you wish to pass a door you need to lure the guard. In
    town you can talk to Shazan and Ishtar. You learn that some young girls have
    been kidnapped and that Ishtar is looking for a guy, Brigor.
    3) The first thing you can do is talking to Uzakahn. He likes cognac and vine,
    you can find them both in a shop in this part of the town. Give the cognac to
    Uzakhan. Talk to Tak and Kahled. Answer 2 and kill them. Talk to Uzakahn and
    answer 1, he invits you in an arena to train you. You have access to the
    district of the circus, the bank and also the arena now. Go to the arena. Fight
    Uzakahn to earn some exp.
    4) You find a guard named Jarod in this area. Talk to him and go back to the
    arena. You will fight for him. Talk to Bostios and fight 2 kithars. Go back to
    Jarod and he lets you pass. I suggest you try to open the other doors to earn
    5) Talk to Tuomi and she will give you a quest concerning the zerbites. Talk to
    Jyla and she will give you a letter for her husband, Endo. Give the letter to
    Endo, he asks you to find a jewel lost on the east in the swamp. Kill 3
    creatures and bring it back to him. Go to the locked door after he goes away
    and open it. Note that when you will find a zerbite tear, you can show it to
    Tuomi and she will give you her zerbite tear.
    6) To open the part with the temple, talk to Flinck and he will become the
    decoy you need to open the gate. Then kill the guard and open the chest. Go to
    the last locked door and open it. Kill the guard near. Ok, all the gates are
    opened. Now find a priest named Lyrio. He is suffering. Talk to the fallen hero
    and he will ask for red vine from Borus and sand dream. Buy the sand dream to
    the seller in the part where Alyah is. Buy all that you can. Give it to the
    fallen hero, let him prepare at least 2 dream vine and give the rest to Ishtar.
    Try to buy again some sand dream but you can't and you must kill the merchant.
    Now go south to find 3 robbers, kill them. You find Brigor. You can let him
    escape against a secret about the bank or kill him and receive 10 gold coins.
    It's bad but i let him go. It gives a new sidequest. Of course with a level 50
    you can beat the level 45 golem, but you will have more exp with another quest
    to solve.
    7) Now in the merchant part of the town. Talk to the cloth seller. He asks you
    to find rares pieces of cloth for him. Talk to Lafouine and then to Zanzabar.
    Use the second answer. Go back to Lafouine and do the same. Now you must find
    Borgo. He is in the east part of the downtown. Kill him to solve this quest.
    There is an alternate way, talk to Flinck and he asks you to find a cursed
    coin which is in red wastes (one of the enemy abandons it after its death).
    Then come back and talk to Flinck and then to Borgo. This way is quite buggued.
    There are 2 gates you can open to enter the palace. To the left, a guard claim
    for a good thing to drink, give to him the red vine, in fact put it on the
    table on the left and go away, all the guards will drink it and to the right,
    the guard tells that he was a "super hero" (you will understand by yourself).
    Talk to Boron in downtown and he will kill this guard for you. You can open
    both door. In this part you find Niamh. In fact don't accept to repair the
    weapons. It is a part of another quest involving the zerbite treasure.
    8) Advance toward the palace. Kill the guard and go to the left. Don't waste
    time to talk to the level 45 guard, go south of them and kill some hound. Now
    Continue around the garden to open a chest. Last come back and enter in the
    garden by using the crack in the wall. Now advance to the bindstone and kill
    the guards here to collect a key. This key open the way to the garden of the
    dryad. Pass the portal.
    1) Kill 2 guards and summon your 5 heroes. Follow the way, open the chest and
    kill everyone on the way. Go to the door and open it with the key. Follow the
    way to the dryad. Talk to her. Now follow the way to the elf and switch on the
    bindstone. She comes with you.
    2) Now continue to follow the way. You will discover that the enemi is the king
    of the spider. Now it's a ghost. Destroy everything on the way and watch the
    scene between the emperor and the ghost. Now beat the ghost (level 40) and the
    spiders. You obtain an antidote. Use to purify the root. The dryad is safe now.
    Talk to her, she will show a letter from Darius.
    3) Talk to the dryad of everything, because you will obtain important side
    quest : a quest to save her, and how to conitnue the main quest. Before you
    pass the portal to the palace of Empyria, go left and all around the portal.
    You will find a skeleton with the first seal of the bank. It is hidden on the
    right but you can see a light shining on it. Now pass the portal to Empyria at
    the end of this map. You can find a chest on the left hidden by the tree. To
    reach it, you can refuse to use the portal and then pass through it without
    being teleported. Open the chest and approach of the bindstone.
    1) Switch on the bindstone and teleport yourself to somewhere else on this map.
    Talk to Alyah. You learn alot about her. Before you talk again to her, talk to
    Urias. You will have to visit again the blackwater coast to find the soldiers
    of Urias. Talk to Serbio and he will free the Irfit only if you bring him the
    robot of the city of souls.
    2) Talk to Alyah and she will ask you to go with her to the red Wastes. Follow
    her to the portal. The messenger will die. Open the chest and pass the portal.
    1) You will meet Bario. He offers his help if you help him to kill 2 brothers.
    Switch on the bindstone and then talk to him. You can accept or refuse, i have
    accepted to help him despite it seems bad.
    Don't go any further as you can complete now some sidequests for precious exp.
    A) Go to the merchant place in Empyria and give the 4 frog leather to Barbadar
    the cloth seller.
    B) Go to the blackwater coast. You will find several groups of skeletons. Kill
    them all. Talk to the lord in the village and you complete the sidequest for
    Urias. Now search on the map and near the camp a ghost named Gurim and a chest.
    Open the chest and talk to the ghost. First, kill Sheeha and second kill Andar
    on the same map. Go back to Gurim and talk to him. Now you can fight Zandar and
    then Iridon. Iridon will be hard to kill, i suggest you run away from his golem
    and concentrate then on him. Once he is dead, kill the golem and then the ice
    spirit. Last run quickly to Laurin. When he creates double of himself, touch
    the draconic rune to stop the double. You will have to kill them all, but focus
    first on the original. If he kills the dwarf it is over. When the original
    dragon dies, kill the double. Now leave this map.
    C) Go to Onyx Shores and purify the first root. It is north west of the huge
    hazim camp and it is guarded by red demons.
    D) If you are at level 36, talk again to Uzakahn to do the intermediate level
    of battle training in the arena. Now return to the main quest. The next level
    of training is level 40.
    2) The goal is to wait that the 2 bosses Trokan and Trakan comes to the circle.
    Talk to Azyo and he will ask the bosses to come. When they are in the trap,
    press the lever. If they run before you can activate the trap, wait that they
    come again the next night.
    3) Without building anything, destroy the 2 camps now. By doing this you will
    find 3 of the 4 pieces of the red sand needed, the second ingredient for
    Barbadar. The fourth piece is guarded by a Hazim warrior. He is hidden in a
    very small path to the north and east of the beginning of the map. Go to
    Empyria and give the four crimson sand pieces to Barbadar.
    In theory you must talk to Bario when it's done, but for now build an
    entire ork camp with the best soldiers, you need at least 40 soldiers, 20
    magicians and 20 fighters plus the titan. Place them in front of the door of
    the djinns. Talk to Bario and when the door opens, kill all the mummies. But
    that's not all, with the remaining soldiers kill also other horde of mummies on
    the way to the south and to the west. Once the second horde of the way is
    destroyed, go back and run to the set of stairs to find the crypts and stop the
    fountain. You will obtain the third and last ingredient for Barbadar the cloth
    seller, the dark silk by killing four claw Mummies. Talk to Bario to obtain a
    4) On this map you can purify a second area to help the dryad. Then kill the
    last foes, the red demons and the insects. To the south of the map you find a
    bindstone and the portal to Raven Pass. You can pass it now, but if you explore
    this map to the east, near the necropole you can find a bindstone and the
    portal to the City of Souls. It appears as a bonus map in this story.
    1) For the moment, visit what you can. You find the head and the parts of a
    golem. You cannot approach of the 3 dark towers because they kill you
    2) You find monument with a gargoyle in the center and also guardians level 40
    each. You will have to stop here as you cannot beat them now. Go to the raven
    pass by using a bindstone.
    1) Alyah abandons you to ask the Kathai some reinforcements. You can see that
    the fortress is guarded by Rohen and lots of dead soldiers.
    2) On the right you'll hear a giant complaining about himself. Talk to him. Go
    south and kill the goblins. Talk again to the giant. You'll have 3 choices. I
    recommend to use the second one. The giant will put rocks on most caverns so
    the skeletons won't attack you. The event is still not perfect as there will
    be a minimum of 2 caves the giant won't block.
    Note : It's a bug, if you are quick enough, you can ask the giant to come with
    you and then to put rocks on the caverns. You will see 2 giants, one doing the
    stuff, the other coming with you and then the other giant will disappear. You
    must be very quick in pressing the buttons on your keyboard to obtain this
    3) Build a powerful army of 10 birds and 30 trolls soldiers (10 launchers and
    20 fighters). Build the atelier, you obtain a thrower. Build 2 of them. They
    are the only one able to destroy the giant dark tower that are guarding the
    entrance of the fortress. Don't destroy those tower now however. To help you,
    there are 2 carts full of resources near the bindstone.
    4) When your army will be ready, you will go in front of the tower. Wait here
    and stop an enemy unit from attacking your camp. Now destroy both tower. A
    group will emerge from the darkness. Send the avatar alone and retreat so you
    can fight a smaller horde less protected by skeletons archers. Once this one
    is destroyed, kill the archers and remaining foes. If you have done well, you
    still have an army of 32 soldiers (including the birds). Now advance to the
    left and let your avatar advance to the right.
    5) To the left your army will occupe the horde of dead men, to the right your
    avatar will come to destroy the 3 crypts and stop the magic fountain. Urias
    will attack the guys that will shoot you. Curiously he seems stronger on this
    map. When the fountain is down, kill the remaining foes. Meanwhile the Ai sent
    something to your camp. Eliminate them with the birds and some soldiers you
    can summon.
    6) Open all the chest. On one of the corps you find a key to open the jail of
    a dwarf. Talk to Jarl. He will come with you. Go to the next fortress and ask
    Jarl to open a way in for you. Now you will fight a horde of undead. The
    fortress is yours now. To reach the next step of this campaign, you'll have
    to switch on the monument. Upgrade all buildings and with your orc army prepare
    to attack the skeletons.
    7) Build a dark elf army if possible (10 winged demons and other soldiers when
    the orcs will die, you can also summon the dark elf titan upgraded). Advance
    in the mountain and kill the skeletons. You must find a way to enter the third
    fortress. From the door, go north in the mountain and find a dark Elf you
    already know from Order of Dawn. Talk to him then kill the 2 assassins. Now
    pass the portal.
    8) See it as a mini game, you must push all 5 levers in the order you wish
    to open the double door of the fortress. Avoid the monsters here as they are
    level 50. It's as in Metal Gear, infiltration. You must wait so they won't
    see you. Pass the portal back and go to the third fortress. Conquer it and
    switch on both monument. Summon reinforcements while you go to the fourth
    9) The fourth and final fortress awaits. From the double door of the entrance,
    go south to find the exit and the way to the final fortress. Kill on the way
    and stop in front of the fortress. Send a chaos bringer or an alive fortress
    to destroy the huge tower and thenenter the final fortress. It is simple,
    advance and kill. You will encounter in a huge place 2 dragons level 50. Kill
    one and wait before attacking the other. When all the reinforcements are up,
    send them to the fortress.
    10) Now you are ready to kill the second dragon. Kill it. You will watch a scene
    where Rohen will come using a gigantic horde. You will receive reinforcements
    from the Kathai but they are few. Count on yourself to kill the foes. Try to
    attack Rohen only when he will be alone or with few soldiers. After this tough
    battle you will finish the campaign.
    11) After Rohen is defeated, don't pass the portal to Kathai to the south. Go
    west and you find a unit of ork. They are guarding a chest and a rune hero, Ump
    the ork, level 33. You can use him only at level 41. You also find another
    bindstone and another portal to the Blazing Stones. It appears as a bonus map.
    1) Talk to the ork. He will come with you. First he asks for your help.
    He wants you to save 5 princesses that are cursed and changed into frog.
    This is an action RPG map. From the beginning go to the south. You will fight
    some rippers and then you will find 2 princesses guarded each by 3 guardians
    level 35. Save them. You will find a third princess to the south. Then the
    road is blocked. Go all the way back to the north and continue north this
    2) Follow the way and after some rippers you encounter a trio of guardian. That
    makes 4. The last princess is to the south, again follow the way, no secrets or
    chests, and kill 4 guardians this time. Switch on the bindstone now and wait
    that the fifth princess pass the portal.
    3) Talk to the ork and pass the gate that opens. Your goal is to detroy some
    wolf camps. The first is near your own possible dark elf camp. The second is
    north west of the first. The third is north east of the second. If you are
    around level 39/40 like me, i suggest you handle it alone as you won't gain much
    exp by building a full dark elf camp. Find the fourth camp to the north east.
    This one will be hard to destroy. There is a fifth one to the north heavily
    guarded. It's long but you can handle them alone.
    4) You won't be alone anymore. Near the sixth camp is the hero monument. There
    is also the seventh camp near the obelisk. After them you will be ale to proceed
    tothe next step of this map. For the moment let's focus on the sixth camp. To
    finish this one, i suggest you use a trick. Switch the dark elf monument and
    then a horde of wolves will abandon it. Go to the camp and finish it with your
    avatar. Now that your heroes are with you, kill the horde (10 wolves) and then
    finish the seventh camp.
    5) Now all the camps are destroyed, a giant, Utrur, level 40 will appear. Kill
    him. Talk to Arganum and he will open the second gate. In the last area of this
    map the first thing to do is to destroyed the beast camp and to avoid the
    Let them run and break into many groups of 2 to 4 goblins and then you will be
    able to kill them. Follow all the possible roads to destroy the beast camp,
    they are easy to handle. Talk to Arganum and he will open thegate to the
    colosseum for you. Don't pass it now.
    6) In this area you will find a chest with an arya crystal in it (as in raven
    pass). You will also see skeletons and lava monsters. Go to them and kill the
    skeletons first. You obtain a first part of the mosaic. Follow this way.
    Insert the first part. Kill the new horde. You obtain a second part of the
    mosaic. Insert it. Now the problem comes from the 3 mummies that are guarding
    the mosaic. Another problem is that the skeleton hordes for the third and
    fourth part will be very huge. I suggest you build a dark elf and/or a complete
    elf camp (on the goblins land) to complete this map.
    7) Attack the third horde and win. Now, be sure to have at least 30
    necromanicans, 40 fighters, the titan and the heroes near the avatar before
    he input the last fragment of the mosaic. Input it and kill the foes. Last,
    eliminate the horde by attacking small waves one after the other. Again the
    problem will be the mummies level 41 in the third and fourth horde. Look at
    your inventory, you have found the best equipment in the game by solving this
    8) You have probably notice the presence of fire golems on the map. Find them
    and kill them all. You will find near them, the second seal of the bank. The
    map is complete now and you have just to pass the portal to the Colosseum.
    The things are very simple here. This is an arena. Talk to Zerbo but don't
    begin the fight now. Go all around the place and buy a cyclop for 5000 gold.
    Now go Zerbo and ask for a first fight.
    Round 1 : versus 4 gladiators level 35.
    Round 2 : versus 8 divine beasts level 38.
    Round 3 : versus 4 draconians level 45
    Round 4 : versus 2 Uroks and 2 ogres level 45 and 42.
    Round 5 : versus 4 spirits level 45
    Round 6 : versus 10 dark elf level 44 and 45.
    Round 7 : versus 4 elemental golems level 48.
    Round 8 : versus 8 skeletons level 44 and 45.
    Round 9 : versus 6 blade soldiers level 25 and 48.
    Round 10 : versus 4 red demons level 50.
    It's over for the colosseum and now you have to go back to the main quest.
    Teleport back to the portal to Kathai. If you are level 40 or higher go to
    Uzakahn to fight him. If you are at level 44, go again to fight him.
    1) You can wipe out lots of camp now that youhave played the colosseum. Go to
    the monument and switch on the bindstone. Open the chest. With the help of the
    NPC chase the insects here. You will find a mentalist with some spiders. Kill
    him and you will obtain his rune (he is located to the west of the map). Go
    2) By going down you will discover some of the skeletons camp and also chests
    guarded by Sha fighters (lizards). Continue to the south to find the hero
    monument. Summon them. You have now 5 powerful heroes (the one you earn in the
    colosseum and the one you just found) and 4 NPC. Believe me, this is enough to
    conquer all the skeletons and even the mummies camp. Each time let the heroes
    take care of the mummies, the NPC attack the skeletons and your avatar destroy
    the building. There is a huge oasis in this part of the map, to the south west
    is the skeleton that hold the third seal of the bank.
    3) When all the camps will eventually be destroyed, you will want to pass the
    portal to the city, south of the hero monument. Save Khal and talk to him. Now
    find the hero monument here and summon them. Once again, no need of an army,
    you can beat everyone by yourself. Talk to the Uru and she will give you some
    reinforcements. Kill everyone here and open all the chests. Now kill the key
    master in front of each of the 3 doors and open them.
    4) Talk to the Uru. You'll have to find 2 gons. Go to the 2 skeletons unit
    and kill them to obtain the gons. Go back to the Uru and talk to her. Choose
    an ally (i suggest Urias) and beat Xalabar and his healer. Exit. The king of
    Empyria will come. After the scene, Urias will die. Run to the dwarf monument
    and switch it on. Summon a dwarf army to fight the king army.
    5) Your mission is to summon some dwarves and the titan asap by using the
    monument to the north. Use also the stone ram. In fact you don't really need
    them but it will be easier to win with a small army of 20/25 soldiers. Begin
    to fight the horde in town (easy) then fight the commander of the north gate.
    Then a reinforcement will come. Now the north gate is free. Using the titan,
    the heroes and your avatar kill the giant of the front gate and let your army
    kill the rest of the soldiers. Again kill the reinforcement. There is another
    unit in town, find it to the south and kill it. Last find the unit that is
    guarding the south gate and finish it. Be sure to let your heroes and a small
    army (10 soldiers) because during the next cutscene they will fight the
    reinforcement. Don't worry, they are able to win.
    6) Now you have just to leave this map and go to the Clockwork crypt, another
    very original campaign.
    1) Advance. The Uru appears. Talk to her and she will give you the combination
    to open the door (random, so write on a paper). Enter and watch the scene. Use
    then the same combination as Xalabar.
    2) The combinations are not random :
    To the north they are :
    right left right
    right left right
    right left right
    For the first trap,
    right right left
    right left right
    right left right
    Open the chest and then check the traps south for the good way. Take the
    tongue from the stone head with you.
    To the south :
    right left right
    left right left
    right left right
    (combination of the cutscene),
    right right left
    right right right
    left right left
    For the second.
    Begin by the trap to the south and open all the chests, then check the one
    to the north. Talk to Uru and she says that you must open the chests without
    being seen by the guardian level 45. The chests are on the right.
    3) You can look at the chests but you won't be abme to open them. You need a
    red key, which you have not.
    Here are the chests :
    1	2	3
    4	5	6
    7	8	9
    You must check them in this order : 5, 1, 8, 2, 4, 3, 6, 7, 9
    You find the staff for Tuomi. You have also an air coin.
    From this room you can go up, east and south.
    4) Go up. You will see an obelisk in the middle of a place. Click on it and
    redo the same sequence with the torch. You free 3 of 6 titans. There is
    maybe a combination to free all 6 titans. On the right you will find a hero
    monument and a bindstone. Summon Ankthar. A zerbite ghost appears. Talk to
    him and give him the rune of Ankthar. He becomes friendly with you.
    5) With your 5 heroes and 3 titans go to the place with the guardian. This
    time go west. Kill all the spiders. The one with a level 45 gives a key. you
    can open the door on the north of this area. Note that you have only titan of
    the light.
    6) You arrive in a strange place where you can use the stone tongue to hear
    all the messages the stone heads can deliver. You find also obelisks that
    opens the way for you to the treasure room. Be sure to kill the demons and
    to switch the bindtsone near the gate to the treasure room. You find the
    key to the skeletons camp which is west of the room of the guardian.
    Here is a representation of this room :
    demons  obelisk for hand and sword	obelisk for sword and crown demons
    Crown		obelisk for crow and frog		Mace
    obelisk for Storm /demons obelisk hammer,shovel demons/ obelisk for Saber
    Saber	Dagger	obelisk for dagger and diamond	crow
    7) you'll be happy to learn that there is an intellectual way to reach this
    room too. Go back to the room of the guardian and go south this time.
    The first thing to do is to open some chests using the obelisk here to
    lighten some torchs. they are represented like this
    A	B	C	D		A	B	C	D
    	CHEST					CHEST
    E	F	G	H		E	F	G	H
    The correct order for the one on the left is A, G, E and B
    The correct order for the second one is E, C, H and B
    8) Now go down, avoid the light to not summon mummies and open the chest.
    When it's done, go right to the next riddle. You will see 2 chests and
    7 switches. To open one of the chest, you need to lighten all the torchs and
    to open the other you need switch off all of them. The combination is simply
    impossible to describe. You need to open them to obtain the air coin inside.
    If it can help you, be sure to light only the torch in the middle, then light
    the one up and the one down. All the torches will bright.
    Here are some tips from John Fowler :
    "Torch configuration:
    2                3
    5                6
    Torch	  Toggles
      #	  Torches
      1	   5, 7
      2	   1, 4
      3	   2, 6
      4	   1, 6
      5	   4, 7
      6	   3, 5
      7	   2, 3
    Because each torch controls 3 points and I'm a visual person I found it
    easiest to memories the 'triangle' shapes and location each torch
    'effects'then find a way to cover or uncover all the points by adding or
    removing these imaginary triangles to open each of the 2 chests.
    From this point, you can switch off all of them."
    Submitted by Jerome Sermadiras :
    "In the clockwork crypts, the solution to the opening of the chests at
    step 8) is as follows (torch number configuation is from top to bottom
    and left to right, as you suggest) :
    Light all torchs by activating 4 then 1 then 7 (as you said) :
    open the left chest
    Then activate all torchs in turns from 1 to 7 : they are all turned off,
    open the right chest"
    9) Go north and here is the last riddle. A zerbite ghost is playing with the
    levers and tries to forbid you to pass the trap. Believe me, it works really
    good. If you succeed, you have very few seconds to send your heroes. They
    must pass the trap and the ghost will die.
    From Deon and Melissa Heydenrych :
    "My husband worked the code for me.
    It is as following.  What you have to do is pull the levers so that the
    combination is:
    Left   right   Left
    Right  right   right
    Left   right   left
    But seeing as the one lever is broken you pull all the others and wait
    for the ghost to pull the broken one.  Then all the eyes close and you
    have quite a while for you hero's to run over."
    Now input the air coin to open the way. To open the chest here you need
    3 air coins. Input them. You obtain a star pendant.
    10) Go back to the guardian room and this time search for an obelisk on the
    west. Use the key of the dead to open the way. Kill all the skeletons. Now
    advance. You arrive in front of some stairs. Never walk on a skeletons or on
    the blood. Beat the demons and switch on the obelisk.
    11) You find another hero monument here. Summon them if you necessary. Advance
    and you meet Xalabar. Talk to him. Accept to find the wand for him, then talk
    again and kill him. Now go back south of the treasure room. You find a
    binstone and a gate. Open it to enter the stone maze.
    12) Summon your heroes here and kill all the foes. You have for the moment 3
    portals at your disposal.
    Portal to the north :
    a) You click on an obelisk, it opens the way south of the hero monument.
    b) There is one stone head. To activate it, simply walk near and don't move.
    Later you will have to use all 5 heroes, as in the city of soul to open the
    gate to the treasure room.
    Portal to the east :
    You find only a stone head.
    Portal to the south :
    You find an obelisk with written on it, erbitia, vani, susp, mania. These
    are zerbites names on the chest that you will have to open later in the
    treasure room. Switch on the bindstone and notice that there is a locked gate.
    You need star coins to open it and you don't have any so far.
    Now go south of the hero monument, kill and touch the obelisk on the west. It
    opens the way near the stone head you can reach by using the east portal.
    a) Continue on this path to find another portal to 2 obelisks. Touch the one
    on the left and you open a path south of the first obelisk you can reach by
    using the north portal.
    b) Touch the one on the right and you open the way near the portal to the
    Go to this way (near the north portal). You can reach 2 more portals. To the
    east, you can touch an obelisk and open a way inside the locked way to the
    south of the hero monument.
    Pass the portal to the north to open this locked way.
    Explore this way and now you must be able to place all 5 heroes to open the
    treasure gate.
    13) Go to the treasure room. Search for the chests with the name that contains
    the four words you read earlier. It's not an obligation. Open first these
    chests and then open all the remaining chests. The one to the north can be
    opened only if you have 5 fire coins which you found in the other chests. You
    must open the chest in the correct order.
    _____chest 1_________________chest 2
    _____________chest 13 (The one with the fire coins)
    _____chest 3_________________chest 4
    chest 5___________________________chest 6
    chest 7___________________________chest 8
    _____chest 9_________________chest 10
    _____chest 11________________chest 12
    The combination is :
    You lose only one chest but it has a jewel inside, not very useful. The most
    important items are the 11 fire coins you can obtain.
    14) If you open the chest with 3 air coins, you can open the portal with the
    star coin and find new puzzles. Kill the beast and collect the earth coin.
    Pass the portal and you arrive in a treasure room with 2 other portals and 2
    demons level 48. Kill them (very long). Don't touch the chests now.
    Chest 1 = 3 fire coins		Chest 2 = fire, water and earth coin
    (hadeko puppets, archmage)	(rune fighter Ygor level 38 and skull coin)
    Chest 3 = 3 earth coins
    (mask of whisper)
    Chest 5 = fire, air and earth coin	Chest 4 = fire, water and earth coin
    (helm for Tuomi)			(no valuable item)
    Chest 6 = 3 water coins	    Chest 7 = locked by a code (330 red and 13 black)
    (Robe for Tuomi)	    (Shield for Tuomi)
    For the moment pass the portal to the left (to the black chests).
    You can see 6 pillars, 2 chests, 1 obelisk and 1 demon level 47.
    the value of the pillars are :
    16	1	32
    8	2	4
    If you wish to open the 3 chests you need to do an addition. The value of the
    3 chests are : 26, 5 and 8. The value to free the demon are : 5, 24 and 12.
    8 is easy, 5 is 4+1, 21 is 16+1+4 in this order. If you do 16+8 you will fight
    the demon.
    Before you leave this place light the following torches : 8+4+1 = 13 black.
    You can exit and pass the portal to your right to the red chests.
    This time you will do multiplication. The value of the pillars are :
    5	13	3
    11	7	2
    The value to open the chests are 66, 7 and 130
    The value to free the demon are : 2, 33 and 10
    7 is easy, 66 is 11*2*3 and 130 is 13*5*2
    Before you leave switch these torches : 3*2*5*11 = 330 red.
    Now open all the chests and leave this place.
    That's all for the zerbite campaign. You can exit by the portal near the
    room where you killed Xalabar. Pass the portal and then teleport yourself to
    16) Talk to Uzakahn if you are at level 48 and complete the training quest.
    17) You can complete the quest for Tuomi. I suggest you kill her and don't
    give the equipment. The reason is simple, you will find her in the crypt
    playing a new mini game. The problem is that you can only do draw game with
    her. I think that the Zerbite legacy is not clearly defined. That's why you
    cannot win. Maybe later, in Spellforce 2 who knows. You can also talk to
    Niahm and complete her quest if you have all 6 zerbites tears;
    1) After the scene, go north and then left to find the hero monument. Summon
    all your heroes. you have just to follow the way and kill the enemies. You
    will find the fourth sanctuary you need to purify to help the dryad. Now the
    book suggests you pay a visit to her but you will do it later. Continue to
    follow the way into the jungle and kill the monkeys.
    2) Stop here as you will see the central army. Go all the way back to the
    hero monument and force the way to the gate to Kathai. Kill the keymaster and
    open the gate. Jenquai, Alyah and 20 kathai will come to help you. Use them
    to free both monument but don't attack yet the small horde to the south.
    3) Open the chests of this area and go to a bindstone. Teleport yourself to
    the dryad. Talk to her and she will give you the location of the fifth
    sactuary to purify. It is in the city of souls. Now go to Empyria.
    4) In empyria, fight Uzakhan (level 44 if not done and then 48). Talk to
    Shazam and tell him the truth. He is happy that his girl can play outside
    again. Go to Niahm and give to her 3 zerbites tears. Repair either (or both)
    the shield or the staff. you cannot do more for the moment. Go to the city
    of souls now.
    1) Now is your chance to do it. First run to the door and all the gargoyles
    will die. Now to kill a guardian you must wait that the clock gargoyle point
    toward the good direction. Once it's the case, kill the guardian.
    2) Activate and summon the heroes. Open the chests and kill the other medusas.
    You will see a root of water. Fill the vessel the dryad gave to you with it.
    Now run to the left and give the water to the flower near the door. Do this 2
    times (kill also the spirits for exp) and the door will open.
    3) Pass that door and purify the last sanctuary. You will give the good news to
    the dryad later. Continue to visit this place. Kill the ghouls and find a door
    to open with the rune key (near the water root). You can also use the diamond
    sword to break the crystals in the giant watch.
    4) Kill some skeletons. Talk to a girl and answer 1. Find the dream robber level
    45. When you fight him, be sure to fight oustide of the mist. Else he'll regain
    all his HP. When he dies, talk to the girl and she says to beware of a gnome.
    5) To the south you find a bindstone. Pass the second door and activate the
    hero monument and the bindstone. You find the mecanical creature on the ground.
    Take it. You will exchange it against the Irfit. To the east is a demon
    fountain. First kill a demon, then another one, then 3 of them. It continues
    but it's hard. I call this the demon root. It's here to help you to reach the
    level 50.
    6) Explore the rest of the map near the hero monument. You find the gnome. I
    can't really explain how to beat him but kill the first gnome, then go left
    and talk to Hirin. Other gnomes will attack, while they hit you go to the first
    gnomes you fight (near the chest) and the true gnome will die with his evil
    doubles. Then a black skeleton will attack the bindstone. Defend it.
    7) After some hordes of skeletons he will teleport himself and open the door
    to the spirit root. Before attacking them, attack the mummies and follow the
    way in the mountain. You find the fourth seal of the bank. Kill the last spirits
    near the chest they are guarding and then go to the black skeleton.
    8) Kill him and fight some spirits. It opens the door to a table. It is a mini
    game, the Hadeko. You will use the puppets you have found during the game. The
    rules are simple : the hero can beat everyone but he dies after the round. The
    mage can kill the archmage and the guardian. The guardian can kill the shadow.
    The shadow can kill the mage. The jester has random effect but it's good to
    keep him for the final battle. Zerbo gives his helm to you if you win, a jewel
    if you lose.
    9) Technically you can't go any further in the city of souls. There are 2 magic
    fountains of monsters that cannot be stopped. It is here to help you to reach
    the level 50. Now is the good time to leave this map and close this campaign.
    10) Complete some sidequests now. Go to Serbio in Empyria and free the Irfit.
    Go to the Dryad Cove and talk to the dryad. Buy 3 mortars in Empyria and give
    3 aria crystals or 3 hearts to the Irfit. He will come with you even if you
    change of map. Go back to Darkwind Keep to continue the campaign.
    11) As you are in Empyria, talk to the puppet master in the shrine area. He'll
    offer to join the guild of assassin and also to buy your hadeko puppets. Accept
    to join the guild. He asks you to kill Seth Dundred, an old pal from order of
    dawn. Go to Seth and talk to him. You can kill him or help him. If you help him
    the mission is to kill Yrmir. He is waiting for you in the east part of the
    palace. Kill him and say it to Seth. Talk again to Seth and he will thank you.
    Talk again to him and give him 2000 gold to heal him. Last, talk to the puppet
    master and he will Seth leave.
    12) Go to the bank and place the four seal you have found. Open the chest. You
    find strange tablets with the name of some of the programers. You can input them
    into 2 statues north of the temple of Lyrio, the guy you healed with the dream
    vine. If you note the message, you can go to raven pass, open the console and
    input the message you have noted. Go to the troll monument and surprise ! You
    now go back to Darkwind Keep. I won't say more about this event, it is an easter
    1) Back here, i guess you wil want to finish the magic fountain before building
    a complete dwarf and elf town. Wait a little while you try to kill the horde in
    the center of the map and you will hear jenquai saying that they have found
    another entrance to attack you. Let the horde pass.
    2) Finish the monsters in the center of the mpa and reach the monuments and the
    bindstone south of it. You can see an army. Go all the way to the sanctuary you
    had purify earlier and on the way you will see that the rock has been removed.
    3) Now follow this long way through the jungle and kill everyone. The monkeys
    are guarding 2 chests near the cavern. The second chest is hard to see.
    Completely to the south you will find 2 monuments and also an easy access to
    the magic fountains of this map. With your avatar and your heroes destroy the
    4 fountains.
    4) The enemy is seriously weakened. Build your town with both dwarf and elf.
    Combine an army and kill all the beasts and the blades. They are numerous
    and the battle will be long.
    5) While you are building the 2 towns, be sure to have the pixies, the aries,
    the 5 heroes and your avatar to defend your camp. Build the dwarf town first
    and use the elf to build some archer towers (4 at least). You will fight a huge
    horde. After this one, only 7 enemies will come and then you will have all your
    time as the magic fountain are all closed.
    6) With 30 dwarves, attack the central horde. After the victory, go up and some
    kathai will come to help you and to finish the monsters. Victory at least. Now
    it's important to not switch on the 3 other monuments. The game will be easier,
    else it will bug as you have not found them in the correct order. You won't be
    able to talk to Craig in this case. Build the full army, 80 soldiers and 2
    7) If the avatar goes near the door, there will be a scene. Alyah leaves the
    team. We learn that in fact she loved Urias. With your giant army invade the
    last part of the map. Go south first and block the first cave. To block a cave
    you need only one fighter in it while the other attack the blades. This fighter
    mustn't move until you finish this map. You will then fight a beast level 50.
    8) There is chest on the east of this part of the island. Continue to the west
    to find the second cave (very easy) and block it. Continue to the north. Stop
    near the chest, open it and then send your avatar to the small path that goes
    in the mountain. You will go north, find an altar for the beast you have killed
    and a chest. Come back to your army.
    9) Go north and block the third cave. Continue north and block the fourth and
    final cave. You can now focus on the magic fountains. Curiously the monsters
    don't respawn. Destroy them all. Once you win the battle, talk to Craig and give
    the seal of the Norcaine, and then talk to the other rune fighter. At least the
    shadow and the phoenix are unified.
    10) It's not over yet. If "the beast", a boss level 50 didn't come to you, kill
    it near a cavern south. Open all the chests here. Try to reach the portal to
    the gorge. A horde of blade soldiers come. After you defeat it, each of the rune
    avatar understand that they need each other to beat Hokan. You can now pass the
    11) Teleport yourself to Empyria. Talk to Alyah and then to the dark elf in the
    shrine area. You will fight him and 4 assassins. Craig will appear in town. Talk
    to him and the sidequest will be over.
    12) If you have not done this before, talk to Uzakhan and beat him (level 48).
    You can also ask to Niahm to repair one of the 2 zerbites weapon because you
    have 3 zerbites tears for now.
    1) Switch on the bindstone, open the chest and wait for the 4 undead level 42.
    Kill them. You can go left now and use the hero monument.
    2) You must be smart on this map to win. Build a very basic troll camp. I mean,
    build the small HQ, Medium and large to obtain an upgraded Titan. Build the
    nest to hunting lodge to have enough food to produce the metal birds, build the
    atelier and last build 2 alive fortress. Close the monument now. All the workers
    die but the titan and the alive fortress stay with you.
    3) Go near the bindstone and hide there until the Sha look at the camp to see it
    is dead. They won't destroy the buildinh and will return to their camp. Now
    begin the campaign. Go to the center of the map and kill the blacksmith of the
    soul. There are 4 of them and 4 scorpions near a giant tower. Use the alive
    fortress to destroy the fortress and finish the other creature.
    4) Wander all around this map to find the six sha temples. Kill the Sha and
    switch off the torch. When all the Sha temples are done, it's time to go back to
    your town and build a complete troll and orc camp. Attack the horde to the
    open all the chests and pass the portal to the final world, The bone temple.
    1) This map is very long but very easy if you know what to do. Open the chests.
    You can go north to talk to a wise man. He can help you to heal from the mummy
    curse. Accept or not he comes with you. You have 2 choices to the right.
    2) Use the path south right to destroy a mummy crypt. Go back to your camp. Use
    the path north right to destroy a mummy crypt and 3 towers. I suggest you do
    this and run of the mummies. They are long to kill. Go to the bindstone,
    yourself on another map and then come back here. All the mummies have
    3) Use the path south right to destroy a tower and some sha fountains. This
    part of the map is cleared. Use the path north right and advance to discover
    the rest of the map.
    4) You will find 2 towers, then a camp, another tower and you will reach the
    first bindstone of the map. Open the chest here. The bindstone is protected by
    some camps, destroy them all. Continue south west to find 2 towers and then go
    south east and then to the west. You will find the second monuments. Don't use
    5) On the other side of the river is a group of monkeys guarded by some
    nightmare blades level 48. Kill the guardian and open the jail. The little
    monkey will offer to open the way to the temple. After the scene you can notice
    an island of skeletons that have the names of the programers, as for the
    tablets. Go back to the first monument and build the 2 titans of your choice,
    and the building destroyers of your choice (storm bringer etc...). Build also
    the reinforcements like pixies. Switch off the monument.
    6) Now go back to the second monument on the map and this time attack the giant
    lizard. Afer killing some of them, you will arrive in the blades camp. Destroy
    the nexus to stop the fountains of monster and use the building destroyer to
    destroy the huge dark towers.
    7) You will eventually come to the third bindstone. After destroying some other
    nexus, you arrive  near Darius. Talk to him and free him. Kill the last blade
    soldiers and pass the portal to the final battle.
    8) the road is very long in the bone temple, summon your heroes and fight your
    way to the second hero monument and the bindstone on the west of it. To the
    of the hero monument, you will find the final boss after killing some nightmare
    blades level 48.
    FINAL BOSS : BELIAL level 50
    This fight is not hard and you have a great advantage on Belial, you are
    immortal. Fight Belial and when his HP goes down he will summon the ghost of the
    mage of the circle. Kill them before attempting killing Belial again. When they
    all die beat Belial to watch at the ending sequence.
    Alanna (my heroine of breath of winter) has followed the man with a mask in
    order to heal herself from the curse of the shadow sword.
    1) Begin to kill some monsters and find the hero monument on the east. Summon
    all your 5 heroes. Now your purpose is to deposit each of them in front of a
    mist portal so the root of evil stops to send skeletons.
    2) Run all around the city and deposit each of your heroes. Be sure they won't
    be attacked and go to the next root. Once it will be done, you will see that
    they form a pentagram.
    3) Now you feel alone right ? ok, enter deeply in the city. Your next mission
    is to find 5 souls who will help you to kill the Fial Darg (despite the fact
    you don't need them at all). Visit each of the district of the town. The soul
    are cool because they respawn if they are killed. Once you have all 5 souls go
    to the Fial Darg. In theory you have beaten all the monsters on the map.
    4) Equip yourself with the shadow sword and kill the Fial Darg. It will do 50
    to 60 damage points. After your victory take the jar inside the tomb. Now run
    to the east of the map because some horde of level 35 dead soldiers will attack
    you. Once east, switch on the bind stone and deposit all the souls in front of
    their tomb. They will let some items for you.
    5) Go to the masked man and offer the jar. He gives a rune (the one of Ankthar)
    and order you to kill a dryad. Pass the portal to the next map.
    1) Kill the spiders and then switch on the human monument. This mission will be
    the same as for the Phoenix story. You will have the same side quests and also
    the same enemies.
    2) The progression will be different and the map appear to be easier when you
    follow the shadow and not the phoenix. The enemies respawn slowly. Read the
    advice above to win the battle.
    3) The cut scene is different. You will see the masked man killing the tall
    tree spirit to help his rune slave toprogress to the dryad.  You will also
    watch Rohen in the cut scene and this time he announces that he has found the
    last member of the circle. Then pass theportal to Empyria.
    1) When you arrive here go to the soldier and talk to him. He tells you to find
    Alyah. Find Alyah north west of the guard in the town and talk to a merchant.
    You can buy a pointless ring (don't accept the first offer and answer 2, then
    buy it). Now talk to Alyah. She asks you to find Flinck. Go to the guard in
    front of the door and talk to him. Pass the door and switch on the bindstone.
    During this map you will have to deal with Nandini. The only interessant item
    she has is a zerbite tear. Be sure to buy it after you refuse the most
    expansive deal. You can buy it for 40 gold coins. I obtain it only in the
    shadow story as i said previously.
    2) Do the same as for the Phoenix story to access to Dryad Cove.
    1) Follow the way to the dryad. You won't kill her but you will help her as the
    phoenix fighter did. She also says that she will send messenger to find him for
    2) Complete this map and go back to Empyria. You must go to the red wastes
    after you talk to Alyah. Alanah meets Urias. This is the first time they can
    talk. The dialogue are different. Even if you don't see the scene, (a bug i
    think) Haran the kathai messenger will be killed.
    3) You can complete the sidequests now but there will be some change for the
    blackwater coast.
    1) It's a new map in the shadow story. Go to Onyx Shores and the way to the
    portal to the coast is opened now. Pass it.
    2) Follow the way and free the hero monument and alsothe bindstone from the
    skeletons. They are weak (level 20 or around) on the contrary of the phoenix
    story. Kill them all.
    3) Talk to the lord in the village and then to the ghost, Gurim, to complete
    the sidequest with the dragons. Now go to the red wastes.
    The campaign is the same as in the phoenix story. The sidequests are the
    Explore the new area and find the 3 pieces of the golem. If you wish you can
    try to kill the horde of zombies that are roaming in the city. I suggest you
    wait a little before doing this. Go to Raven Pass now.
    1) The scene is the same as in the phoenix story. You begin with Urias and
    you can switch on the bindstone.
    2) The bug with the giant works also in this story. Don't forget to use the
    carts full of resources. The rest of the campaign is the same as in the
    phoenix story. Go to the blazing stones and the colosseum before you go to
    Same as in the phoenix story.
    Same as in phoenix story.
    Same as in phoenix story.
    Same as in the phoenix story.
    Same as in the phoenix story.
    Same as in the phoenix story.
    Same as in the phoenix story.
    Same as in the phoenix story.
    Same as in the phoenix story.
    7 List of all rune heroes :
    Medusa :
    Xyallah archer level 36
    Troll :
    Ump fighter level 33
    Dwarf :
    Glamrig fighter level 30
    Necromancer :
    Ankthar sorcerer level 26
    Archer :
    Saija level 39
    Ulme level 36
    Thrasylon level 33
    Corey level 26
    Mentalist :
    Gaukur level 38
    Catlan level 31
    Ada level 25
    Priest :
    Siri level 40
    Virginie level 37
    Roluf level 33
    Benvy level 31
    Lukios level 25
    Mage :
    Lemuel level 43
    Uska level 37
    Halvar level 34
    Sorcerer :
    Falk level 39
    Sinistro level 35
    Nuala level 29
    Orvo level 26
    Fighter :
    Chandi level 43
    Ygor level 38
    Syrene level 36
    Inke level 34
    Turvar level 32
    You can maybe find more in shop but i doubt of that.
    8 List of all main quest and side quest :
    Global main quest for both story :
    In the shadow of the phoenix
    Main quest :
    The order of the masked man (shadow story)
    The black coast (phoenix story)
    Breaking through Empyria
    In the palace of Empyria
    The last of the dryads
    Departure to Kathai
    Through the red wastes
    The battle of Raven Pass
    The first curse : the 5 princesses
    The second curse : the lava ruby
    The third curse : The robbers of the wind children
    The colosseum of the gods
    Going through the clockwork crypt
    Toward the fortress of Darkwind Keep
    Where the gods leave
    In the gorge
    The last battle
    Side quest :
    The staff and the shield
    The poisoned water
    Captain Ishtar sorrow
    The zerbites legacy
    The ingredients of Barbadar
    Merchant quarrel
    The money of Protection
    The four seal of the bank
    The Irfit
    The sacred places
    Urias men
    Laurin the fooler
    Endless pain
    The last draconian
    Battle at the colosseum
    The sacred well
    The victim
    The hadeko
    Assassins guild
    Not listed side quest :
    Easter egg :
    1) Canary the NPC (the tablets).
    2) The island of the programers in the Bone Temple map :
       Time based quest related to your progression on the final map.
    Collecting all 15 skull coins to open the chests in the bone temple map :
    Thanks to Deon and Melissa Heydenrych for the location of the 15 skull
    coins :
    "1 :At portal go Blazing Stones in Raven Pass, in a chest.
    2 : Blazing Stones From the giant Surt (the one that walks around after
    you kill all the wolf camps)
    3 - 5 : 3 Coins from the last skeleton in Blazing stones.
    6 : From Zerbo in Colloseum after beading the Heads.
    7 : From Zerbo in Colluseum after beating Demons.
    8 - 9 : In Clockwork Crypts at the lights that you have to switch on
    and off.
    10 : Not sure where I got this one.  In the Clockwork Crypts somewhere.
    11 : At the Invinceables in the Clockwork Crypts.  Those two very hard
    to kill demons!
    12 : From the Gnomeling in the City of Souls
    13 : Ashbone in City of Souls
    14 : A chest in the last map near the Bone Temple.
    15 : Steel this one in Empyria."
    Selling Hadeko puppets to the puppet master.
    9 Credits :
    Thanks to Thorsten Röpke, QA lead at Phenomic, who provided me the expansion
    Thanks to the whole Phenomic Team and Jowood for this second expansion pack
    which is quite impressive.
    Thanks to the guys of the french forum of spellforce ood, tbow and sotp.
    Thanks to John Fowler for the tips in the clockwork Crypt.
    Thanks to Deon and Melissa Heydenrych for the tips they submitted.
    This walkthrough is copyrighted 2004. Ask for my permission to post it on your

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