Review by greendragon81

Reviewed: 01/24/07

Star Wars: Empire at War is a great addition to the Star Wars Video Game Franchise and One of the best games for PC.

Star Wars has many games that have hit and missed at being a game worth playing.
Yet to say the least Empire at War is the best Star Wars game I have played. I love real time strategy games. and this is one heck of a game. Its like playing Star Wars Galactic Battle Grounds in 3D but without the other races.

Now about the game . the min. system requirements enable most people to play this game. and to say the least the graphics are great even for todays standards. I believe the particle effect could have been done a bit better, but hey its bit dated of a game. It still will play smooth on my pentium three with a thousand mega hertz.
But you should have a 256 mb graphics card to push the games many graphics options.

The sound is great for the first 2 hours or so. but then you get a little tired of the sound of laser cannons. I wish there had been more of a variety of sound effects and voice overs.Yet over all the the sound effects do the game aplenty with variation.

The music is great. Hey its Star Wars. There are some new tracks as far as I have heard and the music plays well with the tide of battle. All and all the music is classic.

The game play is well rounded to keep you coming back for more. The Campaign is very long and has story lines in between missions. And it is great to play the Empire and crush the rebels, or vice versa and stand for what is right against the might of the Empire. I liked the fact that in galactic conquest you can auto-resolve the battles, because there are a lot popping up every where. Yet that
takes the fun out of playing them.

I recommend to buy this game before you dont see it on store shelves any more and get the expansion. It will be worth it.

Please excuse the grammar errors, for this is my first review I have ever posted here and any where. I plan to give a review of the expansion when I get it.
My next review will be much more worth reading.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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