Review by SonicSpeed12

Reviewed: 06/02/08

Not really as good as other games of its time...

Not really as good as other games of its time...

Star Wars: Empire at War looked so good in the commercials and trailers on TV, and the website made it look awesome too. I like star wars a lot, so the first thing I did after seeing one trailer was to go and beg my parents to get it for me. I, of course got it, and after my first land battle was utterly dissapointed.

Story: 3/10

Basically, all the story was just talking about various struggles between the Empire and the Rebels during the Galactic Civil War. Let's just say that there was barely any story at all in the entire game, and that the entire bulk of the game was just conquering the universe and various battles for fun.

Graphics: 9/10

Okay, the graphics were very good, with all those explosions and ships, but you could barely notice how good they were until you went into cinematic mode, which, in my opinion, was the only way that this game could be awesome, and even then you couldn't control anything in that mode. Although the graphics were good, they don't have anything to do with the actual gameplay.

Sound: 6/10

Okay, many of the sounds to do with the guns and explosions were good, but hearing the same quote by a stormtrooper whenever you move him gets really annoying. Although the voice acting was good, they need more quotes by the characters, so you don't keep hearing the same "AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!" every time a stormtrooper dies.

Gameplay: 7/10 actual battle mode, 4/10 galaxy mode

Basically the gameplay was very similar to Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds (which I think was one of the best games of its time), all except for the galaxy mode, which I thought was really boring. I liked the original battlegrounds style where you hunt for animals for food, harvest carbon, and search for nova crystals to build buildings. You had a lot to think about, and you were able to spawn new units from buildings, and slowly build up your base, while still keeping your enemy at bay.

Buy or Rent: Rent

This game is really fun when you first get it, but then after a few days it gets boring, and eventually gets thrown in the pile of games you never play again. The time you rent the game is about the time it gets boring, and if you really like these kind of games you should get Galactic Battlegrounds, which I think is a much better overall game, even though it's rare nowadays.

Overall: 5/10

Star Wars Empire at War was a complete rip-off for me, and not very addicting. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is better, with a decent story, better gameplay, and the best part was probably the scenario editor. If Empire at War had one of those, my entire review would probably be turned around. So anyway, renting this game is reccomended, because it is anything BUT addicting, and its fun only lasts for a few days.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Star Wars: Empire at War (US, 02/15/06)

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