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"Not as good as I hoped"

Okay I bought this game since I wanted to play Yu-Gi-Oh against other people that I have not beaten, and might be challenged. And thanks to Konami who pumps out Yu-Gi-Oh games like a Rabbit birthing its bunnies during mating season, this game does do that, but there were some flaws I experienced. And this game is painful if you bought it late, well read on for why it does.

Story: 4

There is no real story; you are just playing Yu-Gi-Oh online.

Gameplay: 6

I found myself to be quite disappointed by this. Basically it is like the Power of Chaos games, except you play against real people. You should know the Yu-Gi-Oh rules if you are reading this review. You and a opponent have 8000 "life points", and you have to use the the monster cards in your deck combined with your spell and trap cards to obliterate your opponent. Each monster has its own attack and defense points, you can have them attack or defend, some of them have effects... yadda yadda yadda you should get it by now. There are a lot of strategies, and there are so many different deck types out there like in every other strategy-card-game out there.

This is done by going online, creating an account and challenging players to win cards to improve your deck. But you also need "Duel Points" to pay for the matches online, now personally I thought that Konami would have deep enough pockets to pay for this, hell Star Craft is free, and a huge number of people play that why isn't this one free as well. That really irked me about the game. And you also have to download patches for the newer cards in the game, and that is why I stopped playing. You see I have a dial-Up connection, so it is brutally slow trying to download the patches, when it would of wound up taking hours to download the patches [I lost my entire hard drive once... nuff said]. There was also an ability to buy cards with points [though I never got to use that] and you could send Emails and Trade cards with people. But as I am updating this review I looked on Wikipedia and I saw that there was a large update called "Duel Evolution" created for it, it redesigned the game and allowed the exploration of areas from the Cartoon, but since I have never used that I have nothing to say about it.

Challenge: 8

You will often wind up battling people who are better than you unless you have some buddies who are around your skill level, and the entire game is about luck of the draw. Sometimes you will get screwed on the draw and your buddy will get all of the good cards and kill you, and vice versa. The biggest challenge though is enduring the annoying people who play; it is like playing Halo against the 10 year old who curses at you throughout the game sometimes. You also need to be really luck to get the good cards in the packs unless someone is willing to trade to you.

Simply put, the challenge is around the same as it should be if you really play the game.

Graphics: 5

The cards are quite well done; they look like the real ones do. But there haven't been any 3D cards, and that is what people are waiting for, although it would be hard to create thousands of 3D cards for the game. And the "Duel Tables" look nice for 2D, but to be fair this is the 21st Century, people are expecting more although this is a card game you play online. And I believe that the graphics were updated with the Update, but again I do not have that, so I will offer no opinion on that.

Sound: 6

There was only music and some battle effects. But I will say thanks for not having the Voice Overs like in Power of Chaos, because those marvels of bad cheesy acting were painful for to listen to.

Atmosphere: 8

You want to know why I gave it a good score for the atmosphere.

It is easy to get frustrated by drawing bad cards, and getting screwed when you open the packs, there are some good players, and some who are just annoying as hell. People always seem to have better cards than you do, and you sometimes start wondering why the hell it is all so expensive.

That is exactly how the real game is, congrats to Konami for capturing that [not kidding]!

Multiplayer: 7

This is the only real good part of it, since that is all the game is. It is fun to play against real people. Although if you are a beginner, you WILL lose. You have to have some experience at the game because there are so many people who are so good at this game they can win in a couple turns before you have any idea what the hell happened. And it is also a little bit slow waiting for people to make their move.

Finally, watch out for the cheaters, or the people who are clueless about how to play the game. I've played them before, and anyone who plays even the weakest cards in attack mode [against one of my good cards] is just annoying after a while.

Replay Value: 6

They release a lot of patches and there is a updated version, and you are also capable of worldwide dueling now. But you should of been an early buyer, or have a High Speed connection if you do own the game. And if you do have Dial-up, I hope you bought it the first day and go on often enough to download the patches because otherwise you will quit. But the only real reason to keep playing it to duel online.

Can play online, Lot of cards, Being updated now.

Slow as hell for us Dial-up users, Need to pay to play, hard to play if you're a newbie.

Should you get it:

If you can stomach downloading the patches buy it if not then screw the game find some friends and play the old fashioned way.


Basically, it is Power of Chaos except you play online against other people, and although it was a good idea Konami really screwed up on it. All I can really say.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/03/06, Updated 10/10/07

Game Release: Yu-Gi-Oh! Online (US, 04/11/05)

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