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    Book Transcript by Blueberry Buttface

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    Myst V: End of Ages
    Books Transcription Version 1.0
    By: Blueberry Buttface
    Journal of Encounters
    Prologue to Yeesha's Journals
    Yeesha's First Journal
    Yeesha's Second Journal
    Yeesha's Third Journal
    Yeesha's Fourth Journal
    Yeesha's Fifth Journal
    Yeesha's Sixth Journal
    Yeesha's Seventh Journal
    Yeesha's Eighth Journal
    Yeesha's Ninth Journal
    Yeesha's Tenth Journal
    Yeesha's Eleventh Journal
    Journal of Encounters
    So, friend, the Tablet has responded to you.
    Of course.
    If you're seeking my father, his time is passed.
    He won't be requiring you assistance.
    The Book to his cursed island lays locked and gathering dust in his prison.
    And now you will know it, too.
    You will listen carefully. This is not to be taken lightly.
    The Tablet has responded to you. It will be your burden.
    Choose wisely in the end.
    For there will be no second chance.
    Many have taken this Tablet, and they tried not to let go.
    it is the power of the writing. It seduces all who try to hold it.
    I have held it... tasted its sweetness.
    But I can hold it no longer.
    They have served too long.
    Always serving.
    Ever watching.
    And now, perhaps you will see how to release them.
    First, collect what's been scattered, and then the Tablet will be released.
    Then, you will hold it.
    You will find in each Age along the journey that there will be help, and there 
    will be hindrance.
    You will start this journey where I started, where my father Atrus started, 
    where my great-grandmother Ti'ana started.
    You will end this journey here when the Tablet is released.
    When you return, the Tablet will be yours.
    When the Tablet is yours, do not give it to me.
    What you still don't understand you have to failed to hear or don't need to 
    You have seen Yeesha.
    She was, I'm sure, not very hospitable.
    You are confused, no doubt.
    My name is Esher. It is my pleasure to meet you.
    She has given you the Quest...
    Yes, the Quest. The Quest to carry the four. The Quest to release the Tablet.
    The Quest that is proving to be more difficult than she anticipated.
    Many have taken the Quest and the Tablet sill has no master.
    I will tell you what she will not.
    I will help you when she will not.
    But she and I agree on this point. DO NOT give her the Tablet.
    She has lied to you already, uttered words that bite her heart as they leave 
    her lips, for she wants that Tablet... more than anything!
    She desires what she can no longer feel... but once tasted.
    You must not... whatever happens... give it to her.
    Ah... She is the desert bird that longs to fly.
    She has dreams of taking flight in her ambiguous world filled with vague clouds 
    and shadowed air.
    Careful... she is a clever one.
    I'm sorry I'm overwhelming you.
    Look for the hole in the ground.
    That's where your journey begins.
    I will find you.
    I apologize for the goggles earlier, but my eyes are not accustomed to the sun 
    in this Age.
    I have taken this same journey... this same Quest... and failed.
    I'm not proud of my failure, yet I think that what I learned will be useful in 
    your Quest.
    Your journey continues through that door.
    The Great Shaft
    Amazing is it not?
    Built by those from beneath. My people.
    I am D'ni.
    It was this shaft that permitted the great-grandmother of Yeesha to find our 
    deep city.
    Rather than bore you with tedious details, you need only know this...
    She killed us all, and the great D'ni city lies lifeless and ruined
    There is a room at the end of this first elevator.
    Ah-hah... Direbo
    An Age for resting.
    Hah... Such a peaceful place.
    And... the way to get to the first Age.
    There. That profane thing and the other pedestals like it are not of D'ni.
    They are a regrettable part of this journey.
    The pedestal will allow you to link in a manner similar to the Book that 
    brought you here. But... know this: they are perverted tools of the creatures.
    The creatures...
    You have seen them.
    Always watching, calling to one another in the darkness, loathsome... wraiths.
    They are not as we are.
    Remember that.
    Touch the pedestal.
    It will bring you to the Age of Nobben.
    I will find you there.
    I don't know why the creatures chose this place for the Slates.
    Taghira Cold, barren, desolate it has been described...
    However, also... purposeful.
    No doubt Yeesha sees only evil here.
    This was a prison Age... for those who committed monstrous crimes.
    They were sent to this place to live out their lives.
    Justice... not evil.
    Much to learn.
    First, the stone Slate.
    Pick it up from the pedestal and take it with you.
    But know this about the Slates.
    They too are abominations, made by the Bahro creatures' abuse of the Art of 
    Writing. Still...  ...they carry great power.
    You will find that you can write on the Slates, anything you wish.
    There are some elementary symbols the creatures understand.
    At least in this way you can use the Bahro hindrance for your good.
    They will take it... if you drop it.
    They will obey it... if you order them.
    They will return it... in time.
    As you learn, you will have more control.
    Use the Slate to free yourself...
    The burden you carry is heavy. But for that... ...you will be thankful.
    Do you not marvel at what the prisoners were able to do here with so little?
    Structures, food, life...
    As D'ni built, so they did here.
    None of it matters now.
    The future is all we have.
    Justice is at hand. We will build again.
    I was not so sure of you.
    And yet you have done well.
    But do not be proud.
    You think you understand what you see... you may be wrong.
    For example... this appears to be, but there is more.
    Like the prisoners, there is life here that seeks heat. Unseen life... in the 
    There is no longer heat in this place.
    But you can make them bring it.
    These are their tombs.
    And as they died here, so did all of D'ni.
    Guilty here. But my D'ni... was innocent.
    May we rebuild structures. Not leave tombs.
    Make them bring you to the Keep... for it will run from you.
    Huh... hmmm... You have found the Keep, the destination for the Slates.
    You have seen this pedestal already in K'veer, where you started.
    And you will see it again. It is in... in many places at once.
    Touch the Slate to finish your task.
    Only you can make them solid.
    Three remain.
    Return to the tunnels, the path that leads to D'ni, and you will find another 
    Well done.
    Built to study the heavens.
    And glorious heavens you will find here.
    I'm only sad we were never allowed to finish.
    I have told you some of the story.
    Yeesha's great-grandmother Ti'ana came to us desperate for control... 
    convincing our people to betray rules we had held for generations.
    And... we died.
    Yeesha claims each death, as painful as it was, had to be done.
    A plan of the Maker. And that she will rebuild... she will rebuild.
    I will tell you, such delusive wisdom comes from vague feelings and daydreams, 
    and the Tablet you will have is far too powerful for such wisdom.
    Enjoy the beauty of the heavens while you consider the power that can control 
    Your destination is not here... but above.
    The stars and planets must be aligned.
    And regrettably it is only the perverted power of the creatures that can do it.
    Make them.
    Do you begin to understand the power of the Tablet?
    Surely it begins to pull you. Its strength grips you.
    Look around.
    Without the power of the Tablet, this would be left solely to your dreams.
    Now, imagine how the power calls her.
    She has tasted it already. She has the ability to use it beyond all others, and 
    she tells you not to give it to her, because she wants it so.
    She destroyed the D'ni once, and she will complete our destruction if you give 
    her the Tablet.
    Listen carefully.
    The quest is half completed and the decision nears.
    You have seen much of what the D'ni once were and what they were able to build.
    Do you see what we might create yet again? The city! The Ages! Do you see it?
    Go! Bring us closer.
    Welcome to my Age. Nobben.
    When D'ni died, I fled here.
    From death to death.
    You will see the finger prints of the creatures everywhere. This was their 
    home, and they did not welcome me.
    To survive I was forced to learn.
    You will learn here as well.
    It is not like the other Ages.
    You have unlocked my lab.
    It is safe here. They are afraid. They will not come here.
    The snake binds them - prevents them from linking.
    I take no pleasure in what they have endured here...
    But I had to learn.
    Did you know that you aid the creatures, the Bahro, as you move the Slates? Did 
    Yeesha tell you that?
    Did you know that the full power of the Bahro is restrained by the Tablet? Did 
    Yeesha tell you that?
    Did you know that they will not come near anything with the symbol of the 
    Did you know that the tablet Yeesha told you not to give her controls them? Did 
    she tell you that?
    I have learned.
    They are terrifying creatures if not controlled.
    Go to the top of my refuge... Up there.
    Seal this refuge and you can climb.
    No one understands these creatures as I do.
    I see you doubt that.
    No one has learned their language as I have. Do you question that as well?
    What other doubts has she placed in your mind?
    I have opened my Age, my mind, and my understanding, and yet still you question 
    my motives.
    I only hope the knowledge I have gained will save you and me in the end.
    Why do I pace?
    I am afraid.
    I fear what you will choose in the end.
    I hesitate to tell you this, to add to your burden... but I must.
    There is another option in the end.
    The Myst Book.
    It lies locked on the desk where you began in K'veer.
    Yeesha will not go there. She has grown to detest that island, so the Tablet 
    would be safe from her hunger for it.
    Be alert... a choice awaits.
    Do not let your feelings of doubt, perhaps even of me, cloud your reason.
    I wish you could see Laki'ahn as I remember it.
    The calls of the beasts bellowing out over the warm airs... ...and 
    conversations, as we waited for the fires to burn and the battle to begin.
    This was a place of great strength and triumph.
    I wonder if you possess such courage.
    The door to the trade house is locked, but the jeweler door on the other 
    That can be unlocked.
    Here, we watched.
    The harvest of the gems, freed from the conquered Laki and painted with their 
    What triumph!
    What grand sport!
    What displays of strength!
    Yeesha finds such strength brutal, even as she seeks it herself.
    Ah! To have such fellowship with my people again...
    Once again you impress me with your ability.
    The way has not been easy.
    You have come here via the way of the Kresh... the warriors... the natives who 
    traveled here to subdue the beasts for us.
    What has become of them?
    Back to their barbaric ways?
    What a waste.
    Yet more destruction at the hands of the outsiders who have never understood 
    what D'ni is.
    And now they can rebuild it?
    The Distant Isle.
    Very few have been here. You have... you have done well.
    Treasures were kept here... and still are.
    The Tablet on the Keep is perhaps the greatest treasure ever held by man or 
    And you will hold it soon.
    Power is in your hands, friend...
    Whether you like it or not.
    I will not have a chance to speak you again. You will link upon touching the 
    final Slate.
    The Tablet will be yours, as will the choice.
    I will be blunt... for it is my last opportunity... D'ni's last opportunity.
    Her mind has changed.
    Now she believes she must have the Tablet. She believes she is the Grower.
    When you see her, she will beckon for it.
    Do not give it to her.
    But... the Book in K'veer? I have unlocked it.
    Bring the Tablet there, to Myst Island.
    Yeesha will not follow.
    She does not want to be their master.
    Bring the Tablet to the island.
    There is no other choice. I will meet you there.
    Please... do not fail.
    It is what must be done.
    Prologue to Yeesha's Journals
    These pages are my journey, my story, my path. They are not meant to cover up, 
    but to reveal. Sometimes in poem, sometimes in story, sometimes clear, 
    sometimes vague, sometimes long, sometimes brief. But the release of these 
    words is a soothing elixir to my burdened soul. The words must flow from me, or 
    I will die.
    And in the end these words are crumbs that spill along my path and whoever eats 
    these crumbs will know more of me.
    Yeesha's First Journal
    I am finding where I am, by understanding where I was.
    And everything I was, is linked to the island of Myst - the refuge.
    And I must know where they were as well. My heritage, my people, my family.
    My Father, the prisoner of the hidden and the revealed. Raised by Ti'ana who 
    hid the truth. Then raised by Gehn, who revealed the truth. But Ti'ana hid for 
    love, and Gehn revealed for power.
    Mother too, nothing more than a slave to what she knew and what she felt. 
    Taught by Gehn to write what she knew. Then taught by Ti'ana to write what she 
    felt. But Gehn's teaching imprisoned her, and Ti'ana's teachings freed her.
    And in the end, through the hidden and revealed, through the known and the 
    felt, through the good and the evil, through the gods and the devils - they 
    came together. Together they came; Father floating and mother caring. Father 
    knowing and Mother feeling.
    And my Great-Grandmother Ti'ana watched, and my Grandfather Gehn fell.
    And so began our path of pain.
    Ti'ana was called the destroyer, but she brought them together - and lived with 
    them on Myst island.
    Father could not keep Myst simple - new structures and new Ages he brought. 
    Mother could not keep Myst solitary - two new sons she brought - my brothers - 
    Sirrus and Achenar. And they grew up strong, and hungry, and lustful, like 
    their Grandfather Gehn - unable to control the power of Books - the power of 
    writing Ages.
    And as a result all became prisoners. Prisoners in their refuge.
    I will never return to that place.
    Yeesha's Second Journal
    Pride is a thief. Pride stole the soul of the D'ni people. Pride stole my own 
    brothers. The temptation was too great. It is not the power, but the desire for 
    power that destroys. That desire is in my blood. The blood of my ancestors - 
    the blood of my flesh. I fight it, but I am pulled, even now.
    My father tried to hide what he valued, his Books and Ages, while my brothers 
    tried to hide what they valued, riches and power. Father was trusting, or 
    naive, and Ages and people were destroyed.
    And so my family was imprisoned. My brothers in Ages written by Father; Father 
    in a D'ni prison he had escaped from in childhood; and Mother in the world she 
    loved and feared the most - Riven - her home - her refuge.
    Perhaps it's why I now fear my home - my refuge.
    And then by the Maker, or by the roll, a stranger found the Book. The Book had 
    been intended to be destroyed by fire, but by the Maker, or by the roll, it was 
    taken far away. The Book was preserved until it was time. Surely it was the 
    Maker who preserved the Book that would bring help.
    Now it was time. A stranger found the Book, came to the island and freed 
    Father. A lesson was learned, a friendship was forged.
    The least are my friends. I must use the Least wisely. I must listen to them. 
    And respect them. They are powerful, they are willing, and they are afraid.
    Yeesha's Third Journal
    The stranger, the friend, returns again to help Father save Mother. Imagine - a 
    stranger - traveling to Riven - risking all, asking for nothing. I think of 
    humility, thinking more of others.
    Humility: prisoners are freed by nothing more, and nothing less.
    Gehn, my Grandfather, my heritage, that monster who thought himself a god, was 
    once again imprisoned. Perhaps he still rules that desolate, empty, and dead 
    place, riven by the pride and bitterness of his own heart. But more likely he 
    is in another desolate, empty, dead place, where there is weeping. I hope he is 
    miserable. I cannot forgive him for what he did. It eats at my heart.
    I hate him, because I have his same desires.
    Mother and Father came again together to the refuge - to Myst island. But it 
    was only a shell, a place to exist - a fallen place - torn apart by pride just 
    as the great D'ni city was.
    Just as I am Torn.
    What is a stranger? Someone who is not me? Yet sometimes I feel like a stranger 
    to myself. I become two. One who I know, and one who I do not. Where does this 
    other one come from? Which one is me?
    Yeesha's Fourth Journal
    I am sick of The Grower.
    Oh yes, some believe in prophecies that predict the restoration of D'ni - the 
    fallen city of D'ni would grow. There were attempts before, and there will be 
    attempts again. They always fail.
    Even those led by my father tried. They learned great things of the Made and 
    the Maker. They learned of the Bahro, of the Least, and of deeper truths. They 
    learned of Father and his wisdom in rebuilding and rewriting.
    The D'ni city came alive again, for a time. The dead were properly buried and 
    the living were properly cared for. D'ni took short, labored breaths. Tap 
    flowed, though the tree did not grow, for there was no grower.
    Even Father did not see them as I do now.
    The grower had not come.
    I had not come.
    I am the Grower.
    I failed.
    And I think of myself as worthy? I am nothing - the failed child of failed 
    parents, of failed grandparents. How many generations must fail before we give 
    up? Why do I try?
    I have failed with the Tablet already. There are no second chances here.
    And yet I long to hold it, and try once more.
    Yeesha's Fifth Journal
    Tomahna - my home - the place where I was; the place where I began. I was a 
    spark of joy to Mother and Father, after their fire was almost quenched. And 
    yet what joy could we have had if my brothers had been there as well?
    Still torn.
    Father and Mother loved and shared with me, their desert bird. Father shared 
    wisdom and knowledge, and Mother shared visions and dreams.
    When did they come to know my destiny? Surely not from birth. As I look black, 
    they knew so much; they saw so clearly. They planted and watered, so that I 
    would learn how to do the same. I would not realize it until long after I was 
    to see them no longer.
    Am I the Grower because they taught me, or did they teach me because I am the 
    But peace was not yet with us. From the past, an enemy came, seeking revenge. 
    But there was no help for a third time. Without help, where would we be? Would 
    there be a grower? Would there be a seed to grow?
    It's all been so fragile.
    But it must be by the Maker I am here - and there is meaning.
    Or it may be by the roll I am here - and there is no meaning.
    Yeesha's Sixth Journal
    I was very young when I first felt strong. Indeed, I was young but I thought I 
    understood. I had my abilities, even then, but little wisdom. Better to have 
    fewer abilities and much wisdom.
    I knew I was doing something great for us, but what I did was foolish for me. I 
    thought I was rewriting our family, bringing back what joy we once had. I 
    almost brought an end to life.
    yet again, it was a friend who came to our aid.
    Now I think that most things cannot be returned to how they were. My brothers 
    were not to be released. But the Maker turned my poor choice to some small 
    good, and Achenar was redeemed.
    My tears flow as I write the memories. The suffering and pain I have caused - 
    and endured. And yet I am thankful. I will be powerful like the Bahro.
    I long to be so strong.
    They will sing a song of thankfulness. They will sing a song, without regard to 
    their circumstances. They will stand and take time to sing to the Maker with 
    hearts of joy. If only I could have such a heart.
    Yeesha's Seventh Journal
    There is a powerful conjunction between the in and the out, the beneath and the 
    above. A wound, a mouth, a well, a pit. I wanted to make the journey for myself 
    from where the D'ni dug upward, where they almost came to the surface. From the 
    place where Ti'ana first climbed downward, and where Father followed evil into 
    the ground.
    I began my journey with a heavy burden. It was Ti'ana who came to D'ni, and 
    caused its fall. I am from her. I feel I am destined to bring another 
    Father and Mother tried to prepare me - tried to tell me who they thought I 
    was. I still see the power of each. I have the best of each - and the burden of 
    each. And as they watched me leave, I saw the sadness and the fear. But more 
    terrifying, I saw their hope.
    And I left my comfort to find me. And even as I took my first step away from 
    Tomahna, my shoulders ached, for the burden I bore. Deep prophecies and weighty 
    So much to learn and understand about myself. My father said we can never 
    understand - we can only understand more.
    The more I understood the more powerful I became, and the more dangerous I 
    became, and the less I understood.
    Yeesha's Eighth Journal
    Home was far behind - I was no longer a child. I journeyed deep - deep within 
    myself, deep within the earth, down to the D'ni cavern. I was alone for a time 
    as I consumed my heritage, breathing deep the air of the cavern and the 
    knowledge of my people.
    But the desire for companionship drove me mad. I engaged a senomar as my 
    confidant, and a tredfish in the harbor became my younger brother. I spoke to 
    them as family and they answered. I swear they answered.
    Then my mind took a final step into madness when I walked into the library on 
    Ae'gura and saw an old D'ni man on the floor below me. Now I was imagining 
    people to ease my loneliness.
    But he was no mirage - his name was Calam. And he was a D'ni Writer of Ages.
    Trust did not come easily. There was a conflict between us - between his 
    ancient rules of D'ni, that I did not respect, and my creativity, which he 
    feared. We fought and feared and battled and screamed, until exhausted, we 
    began to learn from each other. We learned of the power of both, just as Father 
    and Mother had done.
    So I learned to Write with all the skills that the D'ni had known - beyond what 
    my parents had taught me. For their lessons were given by a flawed instructor 
    and by their own trial and error. I learned to Write from a Master; an 
    opportunity father was never given. Calam's abilities were breathtaking - he 
    knew all the D'ni knew, when D'ni fell.
    But I taught as well as learned. There were things that the D'ni were forbidden 
    to Write, words they feared, concepts they shunned. Rules and boxes. I had no 
    cultural fear of such things, so I dug deeper, asking questions that Calam 
    could not answer. And together we sought answers.
    That is how we learned of the Bahro and the tablet. I learned of its power. We 
    grew in knowledge and strength, and Calam became one of my dearest friends. I 
    began to think that it was he who would be the Grower.
    But evil will find you, even in the depths of the earth, and Calam was 
    Yeesha's Ninth Journal
    Power is a gift. Power is a curse.
    I learned of the fearsome power I wield on that day - the day of Calam's death. 
    In a fit of rage I destroyed the murderer, and I destroyed my innocence.
    And again I learned that most things cannot be returned to how they were.
    And my power continued to grow even as I began to see that the prophecies of 
    the Grower might speak of me. My destiny began to be fulfilled. But there was 
    still more.
    The Least. Abused. Mistreated. Misunderstood. Ignored. They were mocked and 
    scorned and their hearts still show their pain, but they continue to serve.
    Such power they have, and yet they serve. They treated me with kindness, and I 
    learned from them. They respected what I was becoming. With them I learned new 
    laws, new rules, and new powers. I used the powers to care for a tree to come, 
    and the Tablet allowed me to grow beyond Ti'ana, beyond Father and Mother, 
    beyond D'ni, beyond Calam.
    The Tablet held them. The Tablet chained them.
    The Tablet held me. The Tablet empowered me.
    I watched with them. I waited with them. I learned with them. I called them 
    from captivity and grew while they gathered. Together we became both weak and 
    And then my time came. My time to take the Tablet. My time to choose. I was 
    ready. I felt the pull of holding it, of channeling and releasing the full 
    power of the Bahro. I would right the wrongs. I would set things the way they 
    should be. I would choose well - I could not fail. I am the Grower.
    I was so sure, so strong, so wise, but I didn't open myself and listen to the 
    Maker. The noise of me drowned his quiet voice.
    And I failed. Failed to see anything beyond myself and what was obvious. And 
    pain came quickly, when I realized what I had done. The tablet returned, and 
    the Bahro continued to serve. The pain still burns me.
    But the powerful Bahro simply wait and serve.
    Pain is often how we learn.
    But it is not for us to give - we are not the teachers.
    We must not abuse them. We must not abuse the Bahro.
    Yeesha's Tenth Journal
    How could I have not seen the true path? I see it now so clearly. But can I get 
    another chance to make things right?
    They came. They came to D'ni - those who felt called. I knew they would. I was 
    prepared for them, and I painted the way. I spoke often of the pride of D'ni, 
    of their belief in their own power and strength and the reason that D'ni once 
    fell. And a few understand. And they begin to follow me. I am the Grower - I 
    would lead them to rebuild. Yet another burden.
    But what is the task of a grower? My Father wrote another Age, but I see that 
    the tree is not a place, but a people = the heart of a people. That is what 
    must grow.
    If only I had another chance to make things right. The tablet is the key - how 
    could I have failed?
    Yeesha's Eleventh Journal
    I know what to do. I see it so clearly. One more chance to determine the 
    destiny of the tablet. I can feel it.
    To be so close and yet so powerless - it drives me mad. The Tablet sits there, 
    holding the power of the Bahro captive, and I alone know what to do. I failed 
    once, but what does that mean? Why am I punished when I could accomplish so 
    much? The rules seem so arbitrary - some game of the Maker that only he 
    This legacy of failure. And now I see this final chance to right generations of 
    wrong. To unleash the power of that has been held for thousands of years. It is 
    at my fingertips! I know what must be done, but I cannot speak of it, for fear 
    that it would somehow break the rules - tarnish the heart, taint the act, soil 
    the innocence.
    I had a dream...
    I am carrying the seed of D'ni, the seed of all things that are D'ni, through a 
    small cave. And I come to a place where the path stops, and there are two holes 
    - one above me, and one below me. And through the hole below I can see the D'ni 
    cavern and the great city. And through the hole above I can see the sky and 
    A voice calls to me "In which hole will you plant the seed?"
    And I know it is easy to drop the seed in the hole below, and I know it is 
    impossible to throw the seed through the hole above. I call out to the voice, 
    asking for wisdom.
    And the voice answers me "Do not drop the seed in the hole below, for that is 
    easy, but that is the way of the past. Do not throw the seed in the hole above, 
    for that is difficult, and that is the task of another. In which hole will you 
    plant the seed?
    And I know what to do.
    And I know I am the Grower.
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