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    Differences Guide by knuckles_sonic8

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    SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! 
    Differences Guide
    Version 1.1
    Created by: knuckles_sonic8 
    Table of Contents:
    1. Disclaimer
    2. FAQ Information
    3. Game Information
    4A. Version History
    4B. Game Versions
    5. Roles
    6. Mini-Games
    7. Plot
    8. Unlockables and Rewards
    9. Playable Characters
    10. Genre
    11. Final Episode
    12. My Preference
    13. Final Ratings
    14. Thank You
    1. Disclaimer
    I give permission to www.gamefaqs.com to use my FAQ on their 
    site. No other site, nor individual person, may use my FAQ in 
    its entirety, or part of it, by ripping off, copying and 
    pasting, selling, rewriting, redistributing or in any way 
    shape or form duplicating or taking part of this FAQ without 
    documented permission from me. To violate any of the above is 
    a serious crime and you will be dealt with by the law. 
    2. FAQ Information
    This is an FAQ about the many versions of the game, 
    SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! Enjoy as this 
    guide may help you decide which version is best for you!
    3. Game Information
    Title: SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!
    Platform: Multi-platform (PC/GC/Xbox/PS2/GBA)
    Number of Players: 
      PC: 1 Player
      GC/Xbox/PS2: 1-4 Simultaneous
      GBA: 1 Player
    4A. Version History
    Version 1.0 – Has a list of all the versions of the game as 
    well as similarities and differences between each. Not much room
    in the guide for improvements.
    Version 1.1 - Added "Final Episode" to guide. Edited info on
    Versions two and three in the "Final Ratings" section. Also
    added new criteria in the Overall area for "Final Ratings".
    4B. Game Versions
    There are three different versions of the excellent game, 
    'SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!'. The versions 
    that I will refer to as are lsited below:
    Version 1: The first version of the game available for the 
     Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox consoles.
    Version 2: The second version of the game available only for
     the Game Boy Advance.
    Version 3: The third version of the game available only for
     the Computer (PC).
    Now that that has been established, let's consider them one at a
    5. Roles
    Each game has a common goal of the assigning of roles
    either to others or gaining them yourself. There is a large
    variety of roles that extends through the various versions. 
    Some versions have roles that others do not. Let's look at 
    them one-by-one.
    Version 1: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
     There are a total of 9 roles that can be found within the game
    that you can gain as parts in the television show Gill is 
    helping to cast. The roles you could potentially gain are the
    -Police Officer
    -Prison Guard
    -Stunt Double
    -Super Villain Role
    They can all be attained by participating in various challenges 
    hosts for each level have created. By gaining a certain number
    of Popularity Points gained by participating in the auditions
    in each level, you can win roles in the TV Show. The coveted,
    Super Villain Role (or the Sneaky Hermit Role) can obtained 
    at the very end of the game whereby the character with the most
    points from each of the levels and auditions will get to be
    the Sneaky Hermit in the TV Show. 
    Version 2: Game Boy Advance
     There are a total of 4 roles that can be obtained in this 
    version of the game. The roles you can obtain in this version
    are as follows:
    -Motorcycle Cop
    In this version, the roles can be obtained as you journey through
    the various levels within the game. Most likely, the second 
    mission within a level will hide a secret role that will be 
    obtained once you complete a level which will be given to the 
    character you completed the level with. However, the Sneaky
    Hermit role is not offered in this version of Lights, Camera,
    Pants which detracts from the game slightly.
    Version 3: PC
     In this version, you ASSIGN roles to various characters around
    Bikini Bottom by asking them to be in the show after performing
    tasks for them or relating to them. The roles you can 
    assign are automatic. So, if you cannot CHOOSE which role a
    character will have for it is all pre-determined in the
    game. For instance, Squidward can acquire the Biologist Role
    and he cannot obtain any other role in the game. However, some
    characters like SpongeBob and Patrick can be assigned more than
    one role. For instance, Patrick can be both the Sneaky Hermit
    and/or Barnacleboy if you choose him to be. The list of all
    the roles that can be assigned are as follows:
    -The Dirty Bubble
    -Sneaky Hermit
    -Bicycle Cop
    -News Reporter
    -Stunt Double
    -Head Nurse
    A whopping 11 roles are available in this game! It'll have you
    making numerous episodes as there are numerous possibilities 
    that could occur depending on which roles you assign to each
    6. Mini-Games
    Version 1: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
     This version of the game offers over 30 Mini-games, better known
    as Auditions, that are used for characters to gain Popularity 
    Points for roles that will be assigned by level hosts at the 
    completion of each level. The Mini-games you can play in this
    game range in both Fun and Difficulty, but overall, they are 
    quite a joy. The following is a list of all the Auditions found
    within the game:
    -Flippin' Out
    -Order Up
    -The Bouncers
    -Inflatable Pants
    -Weight & Sea
    -Surf Resc-Goo
    -Pedal of Honor
    -Floor It!
    -Rock Bottom
    -Jig on the Brig
    -Beats Me
    -Machine Meltdown
    -Surface Tension
    -Jellyfish Jamboree
    -Jellyfish Swish
    -The Tide Piper
    -Seahorse Stampede
    -Breakin' Out
    -Rubble Rabble
    -Blisterin' Barnacles
    -Rope Burn
    -Flingin' & Swingin'
    -Mother of Pearl
    -Hook, Line & Cheddar
    -Tethered & Weathered
    -Loot Scootin'
    Now, THAT'S a LOT of Mini-Games! If you're a Party Game fan, 
    this version of the game should be your top choice! 
    Version 2: Game Boy Advance
     This version of the game offers only  Mini-games that are used 
    for characters to gain rewards that will help them later on in 
    the game. The Mini-games you can play in this game are as
    -Boating School
    -Long Jump
    -Mermalair Training Room
    -Burger Bounce
    -Bikini Bottom
    -Krusty Krab
    -Collection Game
    -Manray Chase
    -Driving Game
    The rewards are generally just extra lives but still, they
    are still a good bonus, nevertheless, and add to the overall
    excellence of this version of the game.
    Version 3: PC
     This version of the game offers 7 Mini-games, that are used 
    simply for characters to relax from the main game offered. 
    The Mini-games you can play in this game are as follows:
    -King Me
    -It's a Drag
    -Mart Madness
    -Jellyfish Round-Up
    -Dirty Bubble Trouble
    The Mini-Games aren't the greatest but they're a good bonus 
    as opposed to having just the main game to enjoy.
    7. Plot
    Version 1: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
     This version of the game offers a plot that has characters 
    auditioning to gain Popularity Points. These points are then used
    to assign roles to characters that meet the point requirements. 
    The person with the final role depends on the points each player
    recieves which gives numerous chances for those who may not
    be as good as others. The final 30-minute episode contains
    scenes that show each of the winning characters in their 
    respective roles. Overall, the plot is pretty good and the game
    is certainly recommendable to almost any SpongeBob fan.
    Version 2: Game Boy Advance
     This version of the game offers a plot that has characters 
    journeying through levels in an attempt to locate Mermaidman
    and Barnacleboy who appear to be missing and bring them
    back to Gill Hammerstein's set to avoid the show getting 
    cancelled. The game offers good replay value as the roles
    characters recieve are incorporated into the episode. The best
    part is that you get to participate in the episode which
    makes the game that much more enjoyable!
    Version 3: PC
     This version of the game offers a plot that has players
    assigning roles to over 30 citizens of Bikini Bottom as 
    SpongeBob SquarePants in an attempt to save the show and
    avoid cancellation! Travel through 3D worlds and levels from 
    the TV Series in an attempt to assign roles to various 
    characters after performing mini-missions or favors for them.
    Quite a good plot if I do say so myself!
    8. Unlockables and Rewards
    Version 1: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
     This version of the game offers numerous unlockables which
    makes the game acquire a high replay value! Unlockables that
    can be obtained are as follows:
    -New Auditions that can be unlocked by performing tasks
    and played anytime you want in the various multiplayer
    -Action Figures which serve as rewards you can recieve for 
    performing secret tasks within the Auditions in the game
    -Artwork Illustrations which also serve as rewards for
    your hard-earned scores on some of the Auditions and are
    quite a sight to look at
    This game offers a very good replay value and if that's what
    you're looking for in a game, you can find it in this version.
    Version 2: Game Boy Advance
     This version of the game offers unlockables, but they pale in
    comparison to the unlockables found within the first version of
    the game. Unlockables that can be obtained are as follows:
    -Mini-Games that can be used both for amusement as well as 
    methods of gaining rewards and items which can serve as an
    aid in later levels
    -New Levels you can journey on to advance in the Main Game
    as well as gain roles from
    Not as good of a selection of rewards as the first version 
    but still a good effort all around, nonetheless.
    Version 3: PC
     This version of the game offers the least amount of 
    rewards found within the three versions. The only unlockables
    found within the game are as follows:
    -New Levels you can journey on to find more characters to
    be in the show
    Definitely, the worst version of the game as far as rewards go.
    9. Playable Characters
    Version 1: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
     In this version of the game, you can be the following characters
    to audition for roles in the final episode:
    -Mr. Krabs
    6 playable characters you can choose from serve as a wide 
    selection for fans of the series. However, more characters
    to unlock would've greatly pleased more fans with this game 
    than it already does.
    Version 2: Game Boy Advance
     In this version of the game, you can be the following characters
    to journey through the levels in search of Mermaidman and 
    Barnacleboy, as well as play Mini-Games and Boss Battles:
    4 playable characters isn't the greatest selection but still
    a good effort, nonetheless.
    Version 3: PC
     In this version of the game, you can be the following 
    1 playable character! That's it! No unlockable characters 
    or anything. Quite lame but still, when you think about
    the plot as well, one character doesn't seem all that bad.
    However, seeing more characters help with the saving of the
    show would've been a greater sight to see...
    10. Genre
    Version 1: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
     Simply put, an excellent Party Game. Offers numerous modes in 
    which you can battle your friends for roles or even just for 
    amusement by participating in one of the over 30 Auditions
    the game offers. Certainly a recommendable choice for Party
    Game lovers.
    Version 2: Game Boy Advance
     This version of the game is more along the lines of a 
    Platformer, contrary to the popular belief that this is
    a Party Game. If you're an Adventure lover AND a SpongeBob
    fan, than I'd recommend this game for you. Also, if you loved
    SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie for the Game Boy Advance, you
    will CERTAINLY enjoy this game. However, non-SpongeBob fans 
    may find it hard to see many good adventure elements within
    the game. Thus, I'd only recommend this version for those who
    are devoted SpongeBob fans as well as those who enjoyed 
    SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie. Otherwise, this game may not
    be so enjoyable for others.
    Version 3: PC
     This version of the game has also been mis-interpretated as a
    Party Game. However, this is also more along the lines of being
    an Adventure Game. However, it could be argued, still, that it
    has elements a Party Game would have. Overall, though, for an
    Adventure game, this game is quite decent. Not that bad, however,
    there are minor discrepencies non-SpongeBob fans may quickly pick
    out. However, if you love the series and love Adventure games, 
    I'd recommend this version of the game for you. Even for those
    who aren't SpongeBob fans could probably find good value in the 
    game but if you absolutely despise the series, I wouldn't
    recommend it to you.
    11. Final Episode
    Version 1: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
     Without a doubt, has the best final episode. Incorporates all
    9 roles into one episode that combines all the scenes from each
    of the levels into one sequence! Other scenes have been added
    as well that weren't previewed in Story Mode beforehand. Overall,
    an excellent plot and overall a good execution all around!
    Version 2: Game Boy Advance
     This version of the game combines the four roles that Gill
    promised you in preceeding levels into five different mini-games
    that portray the story. The first Mini-Game is at the Krusty 
    Krab with the Waiter Role, the second: again, at the Krusty
    Krab but with the Stand-In Role, the third: Downtown with the
    Police Officer Role, the fourth: again, Downtown but with the
    Lookout Role, and the fifth: at the scene of the crime with the
    Sneaky Hermit. Overall, not that bad but it could have been
    worked on a bit more.
    Version 3: PC
     This version of the game has the worst final episode. You get to
    choose the cast making for lots of replaybility but the overall
    plot is both confusing, lame and sometimes, it doesn't make 
    sense the way characters and props are organized. Sorry to say so
    but the GBA version has a better episode than this version!
    12. My Preference
    Personally, I prefer the 1st Version over all the others. That is
    mainly because I am more for Multiplayer and Party games and
    also games with good replay value. I find all those good elements
    within the first version of the game. My next choice would be the
    third version of the game, for it takes an interesting twist
    from the first version but still incorporates similar elements
    you may find in the first version. The second version, 
    unfortunately, would come last for me. Oh, well. That's just
    my choice. What about you? Still can't decide? Let the next and
    final section of the guide help you out.
    13. Final Ratings
    Here are the categories eaech game will be rated on, on a scale
    of 1-10 for each category:
    Graphics (Sweet? Shoddy?)
    Music (Annoying? Catchy?)
    Difficulty (Too easy? Too hard?)
    Fun Factor (Wicked? Boring?)
    Modes of Play (A Lot? A Little?)
    Replay Value (Excellent? Terrible?)
    Version 1: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
    Graphics: 9/10
     -Occasional glitches but overall, wicked graphics!
    Music: 8/10
     -The music isn't annoying (well, except on ONE audition)
      nor is it bothersome; quite catchy actually
    Difficulty: 7/10 
     -Not too easy, not too hard; just right!
    Fun Factor: 9/10
     -Definitely one of the better Party Games out there!
    Modes of Play: 8/10
     -Could've been more but I'm not complaining.
    Replay Value: 9/10
     -You'll be playing for quite a while; great with friends!
    Version 2: Game Boy Advance
    Graphics: 8/10
     -Quite good for a 2D Platformer
    Music: 7/10
     -Quite catchy but sometimes annoying...
    Difficulty: 7/10
     -Again, not too easy, not too hard.
    Fun Factor: 6/10
     -Journeying through the levels isn't 
      that fun, nor are the Mini-games
    Modes of Play: 6/10
     -Just one and a few Mini-Games
    Replay Value: 7/10
     -Quite a number of combinations of episodes
      and roles
    Version 3: PC
    Graphics: 9/10
     -Excellent for it's genre!
    Music: 7/10
     -Mostly amusing but sometimes annoying. Some 
      music doesn't fit at all in some places...
    Difficulty: 8/10
     -Mini-Games are kinda easy but Main Game is average but 
      at times quite frustrating.
    Fun Factor: 8/10
     -It's quite fun completing tasks, playing Mini-games
      and assigning roles to citizens!
    Modes of Play: 7/10
     -Main Game and Mini-Game Mode. Not that bad, but with 
      more modes, the game could've been more enjoyable.
    Replay Value: 7/10
     -Numerous possiblities with the roles; will have you
      playing for quite a while.
    Here is a list of categories that may help the average gamer 
    decide which version is best for him/her. They are as follows:
    Best Graphics: Version 3 - PC 
    Worst Graphics: None (They're all good!)
    Best Plot: Version 3 - PC 
    Most Annoying Music: Version 2 - Game Boy Advance
    Most Catchy Music: Version 1 - Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
    Easiest Version: Version 2 - Game Boy Advance
    Hardest Version: Version 3 - PC  
    Funniest Version: Version 3 - PC 
    Best Version Geared to Fans: Version 3 - PC 
    Best Version Geared to Non-Fans: Version 1 - Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
    Most Fun: Version 1 - Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
    Most Boring: Version 2 - Game Boy Advance
    Most Modes of Play: Version 1 - Gamecube/PS2/Xbox 
    Least Modes of Play: Version 2 - Game Boy Advance
    Highest Replay Value: Version 1 - Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
    Lowest Replay Value: Version 2 - Game Boy Advance
    Most Frustrating: Version 3 - PC
    Best Overall Episode: Version 1 - Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
    I'm not going to announce a "Best Overall Version" or anything
    like that. I'll leave that for you to decide. ;)
    14. Thank You
    Thanks to the following people who helped, in some way or another, 
    in the making of this guide:
    -My fingers, for typing this guide
    -THQ, for developing the game
    -Stephen Hillenburg, for creating SpongeBob and the SpongeBob 
    -You, for reading this guide
    Thanks for reading my guide! Hope you enjoyed learning about
    the game and the different versions it offers!

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