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    Walkthrough by BacterX

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    			oOoOOoOOo  o          
    			    o     O           
    			    o     o           
    			    O     O           
    			    o     OoOo. .oOo. 
    			    O     o   o OooO' 
     			    O     o   O O     
    			    o'    O   o `OoO'
    	ooOoOOo                                o     o     o             
    	   O                                  O  o  O     O              
    	   o                                  o     O     o              
    	   O                                  o     o     O              
    	   o    'OoOo. .oOo  `OoOo. .oOo. .oOoO  O  OoOo. o  .oOo. .oOo  
    	   O     o   O O      o     OooO' o   O  o  O   o O  OooO' `Ooo. 
    	   O     O   o o      O     O     O   o  O  o   O o  O         O 
    	ooOOoOo  o   O `OoO'  o     `OoO' `OoO'o o' `OoO' Oo `OoO' `OoO' 
      _                  _                                                       
     |_) o  _  _     _ _|_   _|_ |_   _    | | ._   _|  _  ._ ._ _  o ._   _  ._ 
     | \ | _> (/_   (_) |     |_ | | (/_   |_| | | (_| (/_ |  | | | | | | (/_ |  
    			Walkthrough by: Bacterx
    			Contact: Bacterx@gmail.com
    			      Version: 1.00
                          Last Updated: June 5, 2009
    Note: items in [brackets] are put there for easier searching. If you want to 
    skip right to Level 2, for instance, search for [LVL2]. Also note that this
    walkthrough was accomplished in single-player mode, but the experiance is not
    significantly different with two players. Also note that the game is similar
    between platforms, so while this is an xbox walkthrough, it holds true for
    other systems (minus some control differences, of course)
    [INT] Introduction
    [NOT] Opening Notes
    [MNU] Menu Navigation
    [MVS] Moves
    [EMS] Enemy Strategies
    [SPT] Special Tactics/Tricks
    [LVL1]  Level 1
    [LVL1G] Level 1 Goals	
    [LVL2]  Level 2
    [LVL2G] Level 2 Goals
    [LVL3]  Level 3
    [LVL3G] Level 3 Goals
    [LVL4]  Level 4
    [LVL4G] Level 4 Goals
    [LVL5]  Level 5
    [LVL5G] Level 5 Goals
    [LVL6]  Level 6
    [LVL6G] Level 6 Goals
    [LVL7]  Level 7
    [LVL7G] Level 7 Goals
    [LVL8]  Level 8
    [LVL8G] Level 8 Goals
    [LVL9]  Level 9
    [LVL9G] Level 9 Goals
    [LVL10]  Level 10
    [LVL10G] Level 10 Goals
    [LVL11]  Level 11
    [LVL11G] Level 11 Goals
    [MLE] Melee Levels
    [M1P1]  Metroville Melee: Nuts and Bolts
    [M1P1G]	Metroville Melee: Nuts and Bolts Goals
    [M1P2]  Metroville Melee: Protect the Scientists
    [M1P2G] Metroville Melee: Protect the Scientists Goals
    [M1P3]  Metroville Melee: Return the Favor
    [M1P3G] Metroville Melee: Return the Favor Goals
    [M2P1]  Furious Frozen Fight: Nuts and Bolts
    [M2P1G] Furious Frozen Fight: Nuts and Bolts Goals
    [M2P2]  Furious Frozen Fight: A Helping Hand 
    [M2P2G] Furious Frozen Fight: A Helping Hand Goals
    [M2P3]  Furious Frozen Fight: Protect the Scientists
    [M2P3G] Furious Frozen Fight: Protect the Scientists Goals
    [M3P1]  Mechanical Mayhem: Nuts and Bolts
    [M3P1G] Mechanical Mahyem: Nuts and Bolts Goals
    [M3P2]  Mechanical Mayhem: Protect the Scientists
    [M3P2G] Mechanical Mayhem: Protect the Scientists Goals
    [M3P3]  Mechanical Mayhem: Pulling the Plug
    [M3P3G] Mechanical Mayhem: Pulling the Plug Goals
    [UPG] Upgrades Guide
    [BNS] Bonus Section
    [ART] How to unlock artwork
    [SCT] Secrets (enter in menu)
    [BGS] Common Bugs and Fixes
    [FAQ] Your Questions!
    [RKS] Closing remarks
    	The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer is a title for Gamecube/
    PS2/Xbox which picks up where the movie The Incredibles left off- the 
    Incredible family has come to terms with being superheroes, and while enjoying
    an afternoon together The Underminer, a mole-like villain with huge drills 
    and robots, bursts forth from the ground. He declares war on the surface world,
    and it is up to Bob Incredible and his friend Frozone to stop him! The rest
    of the Incredibles kind of sit this one out. This is a pretty fun beat 'em
    up. The voice acting gets a little old after awhile (I'm looking at YOU, The
    Underminer), and the camera can be frustrating, but it's worthwhile!
    -The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer was designed with one and 
    two player gameplay in mind. You play as Mr. Incredible (Bob) and
    Frozone. The rest of the incredibles family is kind of off doing 
    their own thing. If you want to play the game as a single player
    experiance that's fine, but remember that a second player can jump
    in at any time and leave at any time. It is a pretty neat feature
    of the game!
    - Just a side note. You should SERIOUSLY remember to turn off the sound
    if you are going to pause the game. They have little bon mots from 
    the underminer every few seconds. It takes about four of them for it
    to get on your nerves.  
    Pressing select at any time during gameplay opens up the objectives list. 
    You can select missions, and see which secondary goals you've completed. 
    BE WARNED! This screen is the one where The Underminer shouts something at you
    every four seconds or so. Oh I hate it so much! Skip past this as quickly as
    you possibly can. No other menu has him do the shouting at you thing. 
    From here press X to get a set of choices. You can pick:
    	Here you can adjust the music and sfx volume, change the default 
    	controls, and turn on or off vibration
    -Quit Game:
    	Quit without saving. Recommended when you can't take The Underminer's
    	voice anymore.
    -Save Game:
    	Save y'game, son.
    - Gallery:
    	See any artwork you've unlocked. See [ART] for how to unlock these 
    - Secrets:
    	Enter in passwords to unlock secrets. See [SCT] for what to type in
    The moves section can be divided into two parts: Bob's moves and Frozone's.
    The Basic setup is the same for both characters. The defaults are:
    	Left Analog Stick: Character movement
    	Right Analog Stick: Dodge. move in the direction you want your
    			    character to dash to. Put effort into being
    			    proficient at this!
    	X: Punch
    	Y: Interact
    	L+R: Super Move (See Character Section)
    	A: Jump
    	B: Character Specific Move (See Character Section)
    	B + X: Jump move (See Character Section)
    	*Up Arrow: Switch between Bob and Frozone
    	*Left Arrow: Have AI character follow you at a distance
    	*Right Arrow: Have AI character closely follow you
    	*Down Arrow: Have AI character remain where they are now
    	Start: Enter Menu (see [MNU] for more details)
    	Select: Enter upgrade screen (see [UPG] for more details)
    *Arrow keys are used in the single player campaign
    In-game, you will see three gauges above your character. Once that fills with
    a white line, one with a green bar, and three circles. The white line shows
    your progress towards another level-up point, the green bar shows your health,
    and the circles are the number of ultra moves you have.
    Bob is a big 'ol lug. His powers center around hitting
    things REALLY hard, hitting them harder, and throwing them around. His jumps
    all look like some gorilla flinging itself around (at least to me), and his
    focus is short-range. His character specific move is to grab an object and 
    fling it. A little target will apear on the enemy Bob is targeting.
    His jump attack is a flying drop elbow, and it does some good damage. His 
    super move is a huge groundslam that destroys any nearby enemies.
    Frozone is your caster character to Bob's Tank.
    He is more focused on battlefield management
    (freeze some people, punch the rest). His jump attack is sliding around on a
    slide of ice (think iceman), his character specific move is shooting out a 
    freezing ray, which besides stopping enemies in their tracks obviously had
    some nice work put into making the ice crystals appear on stuff he hits with 
    it. Note that it can also destroy spiked towers and some other environmental
    objects with it. His super move is firing huge blasts of ice into the air, 
    which then rain down as an ice meteor shower! This is pretty nifty. 
    Enemies section. The enemies are listed in the following way: Enemy name-
    level first encountered: strategy.
    Note: enemies with glowy red circles over their heads give super-moves when
    they are destroyed. 
    MOOK- Level 1: These poor guys were not designed for people with your
    power level. Against single mooks, just run up and punch them as either
    character. Against groups of them, or if they are swarming you from multiple
    sides, use jump attacks as Mr. Incredible to take out several at once, freeze
    some and punch non-frozen ones as Frozone, or dash attack as either character.
    Should not be a challenge, even in large groups. Their little shovel hand
    just isn't up to the job.
    DRILL BLASTERS- Level 1: The first tricky enemy. These guys have a little green
    goo shooter and hide out in drills that shoot out of the ground. The base of 
    their drills are protected by spinning spikes, so Bob can't touch them, but
    Frozone can hit them with his freeze ray until they break apart. Make sure keep
    the pressure on, as the freeze ray has to build for awhile until they break up,
    and they can shake it off after a few seconds. Also remember that they will be
    shooting at you as you freeze them- be prepared to dodge. A good tip when
    facing multiple drill blasters is to look for cover, so that only one can 
    shoot at you at a time.
    BUZZBOT- Level 1: A robot that chases you around with a big glowing buzzsaw. 
    Recommended strategy is to freeze it with Frozone's ice ray before moving in 
    with Bob to punch it to death. Once it's down, keep punching! If it gets up
    again, you have to re-freeze it. Better to finish it off while it's down.
    Alternatively, as frozone keep the freeze ray on him while Bob pummels him
    to death. 
    BURROWER- Level 2: These nasty buggers hide in the ground until you approach,
    when they drill themselves out and attack you with their two spiked ball hands.
    they are nasty up close, so freeze them first with frozone or try to throw
    something at them with Bob. Improved burrowers in later levels gain an attack
    where they spin in a big circle, throwing away Hank or Frozone. They can also
    shield themselves later on.
    BLASTER- Level 2: The drill blaster sans drill. They are best taken out from
    a distance by having Bob toss something at them. Remember to avoid their 
    blasts during combat! Note that at later levels, these guys can block frontal
    attacks. Use a jump attack or freeze attack to cut them down to size.
    TURTLE- Level 3: These jerks are normally shielded, and when they drop the
    shield they fire in all directions! Try to draw their fire by standing just
    close enough to them that they start firing then dodging away. They will waste
    their ammo and be vulnerable for a few seconds. Close distance quickly and
    pound them, or freeze or throw something at them. 
    WHIRLER- Level 4: This is basically an improved version of the buzzbot, with
    a similar strategy. Avoid his whirling cutters of doom, circle around from 
    behind or freeze him, and let loose!
    GLaDYS- Level 5: That's my name for her anyway. It's totally original! Anyway
    this is a three part battle. In the beginning she will be shooting homing
    green shots at you. Just avoid these and chuck blocks or her frozen
    projectiles at her until she sends some mooks after you. Deal with them, then
    she'll pop back up. Onto stage two. This time she has some grand cannon that
    fires a huge yellow shot. Avoid it, throw the usual bricks at her, and make
    sure to deal with the blasters when they pop up. After a few belts, she'll
    send your old worst friends at you: the buzzbots, blasters, and mooks! Kick
    their cans and she'll pop back up for the third and final go-round. This time
    is quite tough. She is shooting homing missiles at you, her grand cannon seems
    to have gotten quite a bit faster, and there are continual blasters coming at 
    you. Just hold on, take her out, and don't be shy about using your super
    moves. Once she does down, you're good! If you are playing single player, try
    to position your wingman (probably frozone) somewhere safe. If you can destroy
    one of the things that pop up and down, that's a fine place. 
    Gladiator- Level 7: These kind of look like Mooks at first glance, but when
    they get closer you'll notice that they have a shield in one hand and a big
    grindy spinner in the other. They can block your attacks, but they tend to
    crumple if you just keep pounding on them. These are sort of like Mooks stage
    2: only dangerous in big numbers. You can probably handle them with Bob without
    freezing them first as Frozone.
    Smiley- Level 7: They look pretty impressive, and their hammer hits a big 
    game, but when it comes down to it they'll fall if you freeze them first with
    Frozone and then run in to finish off the job as Bob. Get in range of their
    hammer, too close for them to hit, and they are pretty helpless. Sometimes if
    they take throwing damage (or somewhat randomly too) they will sort of hunker
    down and stop moving. This is prime time to move in with Bob and do some 
    GLaDYS Mk II- Level 8: I'm pretty sure this is GLaDYS, because that little
    lightning tube is also present. For whatever reason I had a lot less trouble
    with the Mk II than the original. This time it's essentially just a smiley
    who is hiding behind a forcefield and requires a lot more pounding. To start
    with, run up and flip the switches midway between you and GLaDYS. This will
    lower the forcefield and she'll come out and start attacking. Freeze her with
    Frozone, then pound away with Bob. 
    After some pounding, she'll retreat to the forcefield and call out some troops.
    You really get everybody this time: smileys and whirlers excepted. Be prepared
    for a big brawl, remember to use Frozone on the enemies you don't want Bob up
    close to. 
    Anyway after beating on her subordinates for long enough, the shield will drop
    and she emerges to start attacking again. There is really no change as her 
    health drops lower, except that she will chuck big panels at you while behind
    the force field. Just step out of their way, freeze and pound on her when she
    comes out of the shield, and you shouldn't have any trouble with her. 
    The Big Bad- Level 11: He starts off spewing some rhetoric at you, just like
    any good final boss should. The first real attack is swarms of gladiators that
    come at you from the front of the screen. They shouldn't pose much of a
    problem, just keep knocking them offscreen and freezing them.
    After this the underminer will descend in his personal spinnybot to do some
    serious damage. This part can be tricky! First he will come at you clapping 
    his drills together- just avoid him by running around the outside of the 
    ledge you are on. After he finished this attack, he'll start to do a spin
    attack. Try to stay just out of reach, instead of as far away as possible like
    you did for the clapping attack. As soon as he stops the spinning attack 
    you'll see his machine swaying like it's dizzy. Freeze then pound it with Bob,
    you won't have much time. After a few times doing this he retreats back into
    his big 'ol robot.
    First two blasters open on the robot's chest. Freeze their projectiles and 
    send them back, just like you are used to. Then hey! We have not seen a buzzbot
    in a GOOD long time! Now we get a couple. When they are taken care of, some
    burrowers come out to pester you. Freeze and pound. After a few rounds of 
    burrowers you'll be bum-rushed by a bunch of buzzbots. I used a super move 
    here, to fill up my power gauge, and I think you should too. 
    Once they are done, The Underminer again descends from his robot to attack you.
    This time he starts off with a charging attack. Stay on the other side of the
    ledge from him and this is simplicity itself to dodge. He does his whirling
    attack again after this, and you know to wait until he's dizzy then rush in
    and conk him. He'll retreat to the robot.
    Two howitzer-type guns come out from the chest this time. You can't freeze
    their projectiles, so just dodge their fire. After they are done, The
    Underminer descends for the final time. This time he is pretty tough. He
    starts out firing area-affect shots. Keep your partner close to you, and try
    to run in the opposite direction from which shoulder is firing- as in, if the
    right shoulder cannon is firing, try to run left. After a few rounds of this, 
    he will attack using the clapping motion, then rush back to fire at you some
    more. Dodge this and he will use his spinning attack. From here you know to 
    wait until he's dizzy, then move in to finish him off. Do this a few times,
    and he is yesterday's news. You win!
    	Special Tactics
    This section is reserved for little tricks that aren't sufficiently given
    attention to in the game, but nonetheless are important. This section will grow
    if anybody sends more in!
    * When dealing with enemies using one player, Frozone will freeze incoming
    projectiles if the computer is controlling him, but Bob will not grab and 
    throw them with the computer. For this reason, it's better to play as Bob in
    a section where you are getting sniped at.
    * The game DOES tell you about this one, but not until WELL far into the game,
    and it would have been very useful before. If Bob or Frozne have some kind of
    interaction that takes awhile (making a bridge, lifting a wall, etc.), you can
    start the interaction as their character then switch to the other character and
    the computer controlled character will keep interacting! This is useful when
    you are getting pounded every time you start interacting.
    * It's useful to note that enemies have a really hard time (besides blasters)
    targeting a character who is interacting, so even if there are enemies in the 
    area you are probably safe if you try to interact.
    * I probably don't need to tell YOU guys this, being as smart as you all are,
    but you should maybe freeze people with Frozone before charging in like a fool
    with Bob. Just saying! 
    Ok we start off seeing the last clip from the movie, where the Underminer
    starts emerging. Drills are crazy coming up from everywhere, and cars are 
    getting blowed up. Clearly it is time for BUSINESS. After sending all the non-
    playable characters into limbo (they are stopping the drills), we start!
    Ok take off down the street, after not too much time a big 'ol drill breaks
    through in the distance. Hope your family is on it! As you move on, more drills
    rise up, and cars and boulders start raining down. 
    Before too long, one of the drills opens up and you get to face off against 
    your first enemy: a group of mooks! Smash them to pieces, and continue into 
    the crater they opened. This is the "learn to jump" part of the level. Follow 
    the path up and to the left. Some large flames become small and jumpable when 
    you approach them, so don't be fooled- that IS the right way to go. At the end
    of this section, you face another group of mooks. They aren't any harder this
    time, smash 'em to bits and continue. 
    This next part is the first character-specific part. There are some spiky 
    spinning towers that erupt from the ground, and Frozone can freeze them with 
    his freeze ray until they break. Have him freeze the first one, and then we
    meet the second enemy type: Drill Blasters! Check the enemies section for tips
    on how to defeat them. They come in clusters, and between clusters there are
    gates. These must be smashed down with punches, it can be either character.
    Right after the last of the gates, there is a breakable wall, behind which is
    the first of a series of glowing gizmo things that you collect to unlock art.
    Once you are through these, it is time for a buzzbot! Check the enemies
    section for advice on how to handle him. After him there is another wave of
    mooks, remember to use jump and dash attacks as Bob and your freeze ray as
    Frozone, and then it's into the tunnels!
    Deal with a buzzbot, and head left down the tunnel after the giant drill. There
    will be a one-mook ambush (really? like that's a threat), and then another
    buzzbot. After him comes a section with jets of flame that shoot from the
    walls. You'll want your partner to follow close, so press the left arrow button
    (or tell your friend to stop being an idiot and follow you). There are a bunch
    of blocks between you and the surface. Frozone suggests that Bob could knock
    them down, but his puny little ice hands will do just as well. Knock 'em over
    and step into the surface!
    You are greeted by a buzzbot. Waste him, and prepare for a mook and buzzbot 
    ambush by the gas tank ahead. Note that because the ground is sloped, the
    freeze ray can have a hard time striking the buzzbot if you aren't on higher
    ground. As you rush forward, you make it to a cutscene! After some rhetoric, 
    he gives you some big buzzbots with glowy circles over their heads. Blow they
    up, and you get your super move. After breaking through the barrier between
    you and The Underminer (with your fists), use run into the middle of the 
    buzzbots and use your super-move. This should destroy the other two robots,
    and give you another super move. Use this on the swarming mooks, and hey 
    presto you beat the first level!
    	() Reach the Underminer- Complete the level to beat this
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Just punch a lot of people
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Ditto. Spend equal time as both characters
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Complete the level without dying
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Complete the level without dying
    Into the Rabbit Hole
    Note: in this level, Frozone's ice slide can knock enemies off the edge of
    cliffs. This is a great way to manage large enemy battles.
    Well we repelled his initial invasion. Time to go after The Underminer! The 
    very first thing this level does is introduce you to a new villain: the 
    burrower. Check the enemies section for tips! This is a great time to practice
    Bob's throwing ability using the nearby box... crate.... things. Even if you
    manage to destroy all of them by throwing them into each other (as I tend to
    do), you can still just run up and punch the burrowers to death. After taking
    them out, there will be a series of gaps. These can be bridged by having 
    Frozone interact with them at the designated places (there is a circle where
    he has to stand). Remember, you can toss the boxes at the blasters (who we 
    have just met, see the enemy section for more details) over the gaps before
    frozone starts to form the bridge.
    There is a big melee up ahead. Make the blasters your first priority, take them
    out quickly with melee attacks. After they are down, concentrate on taking
    down the buzzbot, then deal with the swarms of burrowers. Jump attacks by both
    characters are particularly useful here: Bob's to knock enemies down, and 
    Frozone's to do damage whil moving out of hitting range. After they are done,
    and you use Bob's super-lifing power to lift up the grate blocking your path, 
    you will come across a buzzbot that gives you your super move. Earn it and 
    either use it to take out the swarms of burrowers that attack after the buzzbot
    is dead or hold onto it. When you try to run across the bridge, it collapses.
    Time for an ice bridge, but those dang blasters are firing at you! To complete
    this section, use Frozone's freeze ray to turn to projectiles to iceballs,
    which Bob can grab and throw at the blaster to destroy. Try to stand back from
    the edge of the pit, so that you can start freezing the projectiles when they
    are on solid ground. Once they are toast, make an ice bridge. On the first 
    platform, there will be burrowers to deal with. Keep your ally close while 
    fighting them, and take them out quickly. Then hit the blasters with the 
    projectiles as before. On the second platform just create the ice bridge and
    keep moving.
    Two buzzbots will charge you after this section- I saved my ultra move and 
    used it here to end them quickly. I needed a health boost after the last 
    part! Enter the lift like thing above, and jump attack as Bob to destroy the
    ground. I just want to point out that I really dig the cool sax music in this
    part. [EDITOR'S NOTE: "dig" pun was unintentional]. Anyway you've seen these
    spinning spiky things before. Freeze them with frozone, move on.
    Burrowers erupt from the ground, but I'd save the crates here. Better to use
    them to chuck across the gap and take out the blasters with Bob so you don't
    have to bother with making projectiles from their shots. Also note that you can
    use the projectiles to destroy the burrower on the other side as well as the
    blaster. If you look to the left in this area you can see what looks like a
    blue/orange glow. Destroy the rocks at this part and you find the first hidden
    gallery unlockable! Collect it and then great ready to keep going.
    Take out the burrower and the blaster and progress onward. You get
    bum-rushed by a ton of burrowers and buzzbots here. One of the buzzbots gives
    you a super-move. Take him out first, then use the super-move to clear out
    everybody else. As you move on there are plenty more buzzbots and burrowers
    to clear out. Play defensively, freezing buzzbots with frozone before 
    pummeling them with either character, and try to switch characters so that
    you get both damage goals. 
    As you approach his big 'ol drill, eventually the floor behind you will
    retract. This looks an awful lot like it's end of level enemy rush time! You
    should have an ultra move (from somewhere). Use it right as everybody starts
    pouring out to attack you to clear up most of them. There might be a buzzbot
    or two left over, but they shouldn't be much trouble for you. Take them out
    and it is cutscene time.
    Ok so... I'm not exactly clear what the evil plan is. It's something to do
    with a magnamizer, whatever that is, and he's going to.... turn the world
    upside down? That's some machine! Also you guys are taking a shortcut through
    a "sludge station". Neat! Ok onto the next level! 
    	() Catch Up to The Underminer- Go get him!
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Hit SO many people. 
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Diligently freeze everybody!
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Don't you die on me!
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Stay with me, I can't lose you!
    	Why Is There Always a Sewer Level?
    Note: When you are jumping on the floating circles over the toxic slude, 
    remember that if you jump in one straight path, somewhat quickly, your 
    wingman is MUCH less likely to jump to their death. If you dally around or run
    in circles or some such they will likely decide the thing to do is to take a
    toxic bath. It's the same thing on the barges- confidently jump over the
    lasers and they will too. Also note that if you can keep the shields intact on
    the barges, they will block the lasers.
    We get to see the newest enemy, the turtle, in the opening cutscene. Check out
    the enemy section for advice on how to deal with them. Then deal with it. Head
    forward across the newly extended bridge, and deal with a swarm of mooks. Once 
    they are scrap, head to the red circles near the gap to the right. Bob can
    interact with them, sending pillars toppling onto some generators. Presumably
    this messes up some of the machines. Heading across the gap there are more 
    mooks and a turtle. Wait for the turtle to fire, pound it, and go right. 
    You must throw the blocks at the generators to lower the drawbridge here. If
    you miss, though, Frozone can freeze the fountain and Bob can chuck the 
    resulting iceballs. Watch the red door in the back-left of this part. This is
    where the robots come from, and if you stand by it you can sometimes catch a 
    turtle and break it apart before it has a chance to get its shield up. Move
    on from here.
    Beware this section! If your partner jumps in the water it's an instant death
    and you can kiss the "undefeated" award goodbye. Anyway once you are through
    here there is a switch to the left for you to find and pull. This starts the
    barge (boat? barge?) moving, so jump on. Use the crates you find on here to
    throw at the blasters on the platform above, and then deal with the mooks that
    rush you on the barge. Once on the other side, throw crates at the targets
    on the ceiling to drop platforms in the sludge and continue. After another set
    of ceiling targets and a short melee with mooks and blasters, you can lift the
    grats to the left and right of the door as Bob and freeze them solid as 
    Frozone. If you are like me, your stupid AI partner has jumped right off of a 
    ledge by now and you'll have to replay the level for the "never died" award.
    Anyway it's time for another barge. Grab the crates on the ship and throw them
    at the blasters as before. Beware of the blue laser beams! You'll have to jump
    over them if you don't plan on falling in the sludge.
    Once this is over, note the Gallery collectible piece if you run in front of 
    the switch and proceed back towards where the blaster's platform is. Once you
    have this, activate the second switch and get on the second barge. This is 
    like the other one. Blasters to thow crates at, lasers to hop, mooks to crush.
    When you are past this, get ready for a big melee to clear the next area of
    turtles, blasters, and mooks. Once they are down, flip the switches on either
    side of the walkway in the center back of the room, then run down that path.
    Lift up the grating as Bob and then crush the machine. You should be able to
    do this before getting interrupted by robots. Once the machine is toast, the
    level is complete!
    	() Take the Shortcut Through Sludge Station- And try not to die
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Scrap 'em!
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- I refuse to ever say icetastic.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Don't jump into the sludge.
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Seriously! It's toxic!
    	Wait an ice level? I thought it was hot inside the earth!
    We continue our tradition of introducing new baddies in the first part of a
    level here, and meet the whirler. See the enemies section for details on how 
    to take out this bucket o' bolts. After he is through we meet the spotlight, 
    your worst friend. If it hits you traps will activate for a short time, so 
    avoid it! Two more whirlers to deal with ahead, and then some burrowers in
    the middle of spotlights. Be quick on your feet, use Bob's jump attacks or
    Frozone's freeze and ice slide to break them apart quickly, and try not to run
    around too much. You'll want to keep your partner close to you in this section.
    If you do activate one of the spotlights, run onto the metal grates to avoid
    laser-y death.
    There are a series of melees with burrowers and whirlers in the middle of 
    spotlights in this next section. Be careful, it's possible to lose a great
    deal of health quickly here! Keep in mind that as soon as you pull the switch
    the spotlights turn off, so you don't have to worry about the spotlight
    sweeping back to hit you if you pull the switch while it's somewhere else.
    Right after this look to your right and you can see the glow of a widget. It
    is behind some breakable ice, so break the ice (perhaps with a party game!) and
    grab it.
    After this is a series of areas where the ground becomes unstable, and the 
    platforms you are walking on turn into sort of see-saws. Stay on the platforms
    towards the middle and you'll be ok. Burrowers and blasters in this area, so 
    be ready. Eventually you'll end up in a round area with a glasslike floor and
    a crack in the middle. It's not immeditally apparent, but you're supposed to
    pound the ground to continue here. There is another seesaw area ahead with
    blasters and burrowers.
    Good luck keeping your woefully dumb AI character alive through the collapsing
    bridge and boulders falling ahead. Just concentrate on jumping to the next
    section when you see one about to topple, and you'll be fine. Whirler burrower
    blaster fight after that. There are two switches in the area ahead. Flip them
    one at a time, then make an ice bridge to the platform that opens up. If
    you're quick, you can make an ice bridge without having to freeze enemy 
    projectiles and throw them back. Be prepared for a tough melee on the other 
    side, though. There are whirlers, improved burrowers, and blasters here. I 
    used a super move. It's the same thing on the other side, then when the final
    bridge extends, get ready for a big fight. There are two switches in here, and
    they both release throwable boulders. First priority should probably be taking
    out the huge cannons that are tossing bombs at you with the boulders. From 
    there handle the whirlers, burrowerrs, and blasters like normal. A super move
    is perfectly acceptible to use here. Once that's done with, use the boulders 
    to bust open the door, deal with the whirler, and throw the switch. 
    Elevator time! Now if I know anything about elevators in video games.... yup!
    It's a burrower ambush, followed by some blasters. Blast and... burrow...?
    them, and then you're through. This next bit is a repetetive sequence.
    Avoid the spotlights, then trash the robots on the other side. Throw a switch
    to lower the laser gates, avoid the next series of spotlights, etc. Once that
    is passed, you are DONE. Hitting a spotlight in this section makes lasers
    sweep the floor- with some quick jumping no harm'll come to you!
    	() Fight your way through the defense system into the magnomizer
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Bob SMASH
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Usually robots are weak to lightning. Huh.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Play defensive- the wirlers take a lot out of you
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Freeze and ice slide. Freeze and ice slide.
    Alright it is time to tackle GLaDYS. See the enemies section
    for advince on how to beat her. That's really all there is to this level!
    You know, come to think of it, there really wasn't any death animation for 
    	() Destroy the Magnomizer Guardian: The tour is a lie.
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- If you let Bob handle the robots he'll get it
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Play through again letting Fro handle them.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- This one is easier since he does most the work.
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Tricker: try to position him away safely!
    	Level 6- Into the Doomsday Device!
    There are some fun breakable panels (why does everything electronic explode
    when punched really hard in these games?), but don't get too comfy because soon
    there is a whirler/burrower ambush. There will be a big burrower ambush by some
    laser barriers before you can get out. Remember when they shield themselves
    that you can overpower these shields by pounding on them enough. Teamwork is
    essential for this part because Bob will get shredded if he gets too close. 
    Once the burrowers are dead the barrier erupts and continue upward. There are
    three main things to look out for in this part- collapsing bridges (just keep
    running), streams of toxic materials (jumping over them shoudn't be hard), and
    fire from the blimp, which is another just-keep-moving attack. When you get to
    a plateau, there will be areas where the magnomizer fires blasts upward. Just
    watch for the blue/white rings which indicate the blast is about to come, and
    stay off them. They are a very convenient way to dispose of the burrowers.
    As you progress updwards, note that Bob's ground pound is very useful in this
    part, as it will knock the burrowers right off the ledges. Keep moving up,
    and you'll reach an elevator. Just walk on it to continue up. 
    After some more bashing, you will be prompted to release a scientist. The way 
    to do this is to bash everything in your way, which you should have been doing 
    anyway. After the next elevator please notice and pick up the gallery widget.
    In the next section with the floors that shoot beams, remember to freeze the
    shots from the blaster so that Bob can throw them. Note that the whirler that
    attacks you after this wave is finished has a super move in it. Keep moving
    When you have to clear a path to avoid the boulder, you definitely want to
    switch to Frozone. His ice glide is ideal for this part. Get past the boulder,
    get to the elevator, go up. The final part where you destroy the magnomizer can
    be somewhat confusing. When they say remove the rivets, they really mean one
    particular rivet at a time. Circle around the magnomizer until you see one
    rivit that's raised- this one will have a circle where Bob can stand and pull
    it out. As soon as you start to tug you'll get ambushed by all kinds of robots.
    Be ready, probably have Frozone take them out while Bob struggles. After the 
    third bolt is out, you will experiance the biggest rush. Because one of the
    whirlers that charges you has a super move in it, it is perfectly acceptible to
    spend a super move and take them all out at once. Don't worry about the final
    rush, as they will all automatically get destroyed once the final bolt is out.
    Watch the cutscene, and you are DONE.
    	() Destroy the Magnomizer: Just four big bolts? That's unstable!
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Let Bob Handle the big plateaus of enemies
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Let Frozone handle the plateaus for this.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Let Frozone handle the spinny burrower guys!
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Not too hard, just be careful on the walkways
    	Level 7- So IS the factory a giant robot, or does it PRODUCE them?
    First up in this stage is meeting a new enemy: I kind of like this
    tradition. It starts the levels off with a bang! Anyway it's the gladiator.
    See the enemies section for strategy. Anyway there are a couple on either side
    of the bridge, shouldn't be much trouble. Move onto the trapdoor, which will
    collapse when both heroes are on it (what happened to the floors you had to
    ground pound?), and you fall onto some kind of big treadmill. Run away from
    the bottomless pit and approach this big 'ol door where NEW ENEMY AND BOY IT
    IS MORE IMPRESSIVE THIS TIME. Meet the smiley. See the enemies section for
    details on how to topple it. 
    Keep moving and you get, for your review, a little ambush by both gladiators 
    and a smiley. You can chuck the boxes at the smiley. Once they are burning
    rubble, you will have a dodge-the-laser section. I do like how the game points
    out that the lasers will hurt robots as well- we are somewhat used to using
    environmental traps against enemies by this point, but it is being helpful so
    we probably shouldn't spit on it. Anyway hit the switch at the end of the hall.
    Before moving to the right, run back and destroy the giant glowing box. Go on
    and you're told to break through the giant robot- I assume this corridor you \
    are moving through is some part of a huge robot. There are those weight-
    activated trap doors on the end of the corridors, and a somewhat continuous 
    stream of gladiators in here. On the second floor down, there will be a 
    smiley to handle. Freeze and punch. 
    Jump across the moving platforms/robot transports (as a side note, does anybody
    know which robot Bob and Frozone are referencing when they say "now that's one
    cool robot"? It wasn't obvious to me) and flip the switch. In this next part
    with conveyer belts, if you keep moving you don't have to worry about them
    becoming unstable, but do watch out for the robot parts- they are red hot!
    The treadmills can make for slow going, so jumping is recommended, and
    Frozone's ice slide works wonders. Unless you are very careful, if you are
    playing a 1 player game your partner will probably die in this part. Be ready
    for blasters and gladiators, who you will have to fight at intervals along 
    this track. You can jump on top of the presses when they smash down, but you
    can't run under them. You will also have to defeat smileys periodically. Grab
    The widget after the last one. 
    You will eventually reach trapdoor, and fall down into...
    The flaming death and twin grindy things room! Obviously you want to stay away
    from the walls here. Just keep pounding on the robots though. The walls will be
    closing in but don't worry about it. The groundpound is VERY useful here. 
    When the grinders are almost grinding you, the floor falls out. Whew! From here
    simply run up to the elevator and open it, and you're through!
    	() Destroy the Gilgenbot Assembly Line: Well YOU don't destroy it...
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Plenty of enemies to go around for these
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- You might get these two at the same time!
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- 1P is probably the only one who can make it thru.
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Watch out for the treadmill parts!
    Simple enough. Pummel GLaDYS II into submission. See the [ems] section for
    Anyway she survives (curses!) and you drop down into...
    	() Destroy the Gilgenbot Assembly Line: Well YOU don't destroy it...
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- With infinite enemies this isn't too tough.
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Take turns pounding on lesser robots!
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- You guys will both probably make it through this.
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Shouldn't be a problem. Keep pounding robots!
    	Level 9- Under de sea!
    There is an actual intelligent blaster ambush early on here, where they hide
    behind barriers and fire at you. You'll have to run up to scrap them. After
    this we get our first force field. Robots pour out of this thing until you
    hit the switch to close off the area. Past that we have another spotlight arena
    again if you get caught jump on one of the platforms (that are raising and
    lowering in this area). This was a lot easier when the robots were simple to
    scrap, but your stupid AI partner will probably trip the sensors a couple
    times. At the end of the area is the switch to move you to the next chamber,
    but it's "locked". This is not a puzzle- they just want you to smack it once.
    Do so, pull the switch, move on. After some more fighting burrowers and a 
    smiley behind a force field, you move onto an arena where there are two big 
    First comes a smiley and some burrowers, and they open one at a time.
    Remember to use the crates for throwing and to freeze the smiley and then
    pound them. The second one has some burrowers and two mounted turrets that
    shoot blaster balls at you. Just freeze them and chuck them back for a one hit
    kill. Then both doors open, giving you a smiley, some blasters, and some 
    burrowers. Make the blasters your priority, then the burrowers. The smiley is
    relatively stationary, and can be taken out last. 
    While riding the lift ahead, we see a piece of debris float down and dent the
    window. Finally! They had been talking about this factory blowing up and we
    have not seen any evidence of it in this level yet. Ok anyway move on and
    you'll come to a room with three big doors in it. Uh-oh. Well anyway a walkway
    exends from one of the doors, which opens. Out comes some burrowers and two of
    those darned mounted blasters. A neat trick for this area is to use Frozone's
    ice ray on the burrowers. They will shield up and stop moving, which means you
    can focus on returning the projectiles to break the blasters. Once you
    dis-assemble those robots, a locked switch will lower. Break it and switch it,
    and the second walkway/door will open. Out pours some blasters and some 
    burrowers. The ground pound will deal with most of these guys quickly, or
    the ice slide will too. Once this is one hit the second switch and then you get
    The third door! Oh joy it's a smiley and mounted blasters and burrowers too!
    Use the ice ray right away on the burrowers. Not only will this freeze them in
    place so you can quickly take out the mounted turrets, but the smiley will
    actually pound most of them to death! Ho ho! So once they are taken out, hit
    the final switch and move on.
    Get ready for another spotlight section. A good tactic here is to leave your
    AI player stationary on one of the pistons, so that they don't trip the alarms
    while you deal with the enemies. Like always, jump on the pistons if you trip
    the alarm. Head to the elevator, and proceed onto the fan-like thing. This
    becomes an elevator, and there is fluid rising beneath you which you die if it
    touches you. The elevator will stop when a gateway hits it, and robots will
    pour out. Your job is to quickly dispatch the robots, and use Bob to lift back
    up the gates so the elevator can continue. You will encounter first some 
    burrowers, who can be dispatched with a ground pound or ice slide. Second comes
    some blasters who should be even easier to deal with. Third comes a smiley. You
    should have some practice taking them out, so just do it very efficiently and
    it'll fall without much problem. Next up is a smiley and some burrowers. Freeze
    the burrowers so the smiley pounds them to death, then deal with the smiley in
    the manner to which you are accustomed. You're out!
    Get ready to tackle two smileys on either side, and burrowers will charge you
    when you attack each one. Again, using smileys to take care of burrowers is a 
    good strategy. The laser gates go down when you destroy both sides, and you
    get to meet Dug. He just wants some scientists back, and will help you take out
    the Underminer to get them. Position Bob at one console and Frozone at the
    other. Punch one of them with Bob, then quickly switch to Frozone and punch
    the other. Notice the door on the far wall opens and you can collect a gallery
    widget! Ice slide over to it with Frozone, then continue.
    Proceed forward and up the elevator. This next
    section just has you clearing Dug's path, and this just just interacting with
    the scenery using Bob. This happens for a couple levels. Note that Bob shows
    himself to be a total robot racist between levels one and two! You will have
    to be fairly quick with lifing the wall on level two to avoid having Dug die.
    There are two tricky parts on level three. First you want to look at the back
    wall to make sure you hit all the switches so that lasers destroy the blasters.
    Secondly, before you lift the wall make sure to stop the spinning drill on the
    other side of it so that those two blasters are destroyed. After this it's 
    a cake-walk. Ride the elevator up and you're through!
    	() Escape Through Underwater Station- And do it in STYLE.
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- This is super-tough. Have him punch EVERYTHING.
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- MUCH easier. He will get it on a regular run
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Stay in the center of platforms, you'll be fine.
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Make sure to play defensive, lots of slides.
    	Level 10- Endgame
    Ok so it's completely fun to sneak up on a huge batch of gladiators, which is
    what you get to do. May I recommend the ground pound? Anyway after them there
    is a lift followed by some whirlers. Keep breaking the glowy crates. You will
    next come upon some scientists and a very difficult part of the level. The
    laser gates move quickly and there are three sections to each wall. They can
    either be a barrier which Bob or Frozone can punch, spiky whirlers that
    Frozone has to freeze, or a wall that Bob has to lift. Two of the three
    sections will burst into flames when destroyed, and the third will not,
    allowing the scientists to rush through. 
    The top section (normal barrier) 
    the bottom section (normal barrier) 
    the middle section (spiky whirler) 
    the middle section (liftable wall) 
    the bottom section (spiky whirler) 
    the bottom section (liftable wall) 
    the top section (spiky whirler) 
    the top section (regular wall) 
    the entire wall (breakable wall) 
    the bottom section (breakable wall). 
    They will deactivate the lasers. Whew!
    If you've saved them all they'll drop off a gallery widget for you!
    Down the tunnel, avoid the chemical spray, and destroy the turtle for a super 
    move. Next you will want to freeze the blasters behind the lasers with 
    Frozone, or at least get them to put up their shields. Switch to Bob and lift
    the grating, then switch to Frozone and keep the projectiles away from him.
    Lift the grate, drop down, and take the elevator up. We have never been too
    scared of gladiators, and this is no time to start. Just pound them into
    bits and move on. Boy! We haven't done ice bridges in FOREVER. Well, we get
    to practice them again. You'll be platform hopping for awhile. Eventually a
    wall breaks open and you head left past a whirler and some gladiators. There
    is a treadmill heading into fire and spiky whirlers. Take them out as frozone,
    and watch that Bob doesn't fall into the fires. You'll repeat this twice.
    On the third treadmill there will be some blasters firing at you- remember
    that you can throw the crates on the treadmill at them. 
    Drop down the pit at the end, and avoid some more chemical sprays. Flip the
    switch. Since "moving platform" on this level means "gladiator rush", prepare
    for some of them. When the platform stops, throw blocks at the panel with the
    yellow lasers on the left to get it moving again. You can't target the
    blasters, which is annoying but is necessary so that you definitely have 
    things to throw at the TV screens. Anyway once you blow them up you're done!
    	() Free the Scientists and Stop the Underminer- with good 'ol justice!
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- This is still pretty tough. Devote a play to him
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Still not a problem. Get it on the 2nd play.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Watch him on the treadmills and on the platforms
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- He likes to ice slide off platforms. Watch it!
    	Level 11- Dang it I KNEW we forgot something!
    Ok you knew this was coming. It is this game's ultimate grudge match and you
    had best be up to the challenge. You can finally shut up the guy who has been
    shouting generic villany things at you for HOURS now. Kill! Also see the [ems]
    section for how to defeat him. Once he is done you have foiled his evil plot
    and defeated the main part of the game!
    	() Stop the Underminer- Oh man you have been wanting this for awhile!
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Don't knock everybody off the ledge, punch them.
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Not a problem if you use him exclusively
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Save up life when The Underminer sends minions
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Don't slide off the edge!
    Melee Levels: These are three "bonus" levels that become available when
    you reach the boss- the first level when you reach GLaDYS, the second when you
    reach GLaDYS Mk. II, and the third when you reach the Underminer. Each level is
    divided into three sections, each with the usual sub-goals. They are a
    challenge for the truly accomplished player!
    	Metroville Melee Part 1: Nuts and Bolts
    The Nuts and Bolts section is pretty straightforward. Just blow every dang
    robot up that comes out of the ground. You can expect burrowers and buzzbots
    in the first wave, burrowers, buzzbots, and blasters in the second wave.
    The ground pound works great here, but just charging in with your fists will
    get the job done. Use Frozone's ice slide if you are hurting for health. The
    cars will distract the robots, or you can destroy them for mobility's sake. In
    the third wave (when you have <20 robots left) some turtles will show up. If
    you catch them early they won't throw up their shield. Easy kill! Smash them
    all and move onto part 2!
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Devote one play through to Bob...
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- And one to Frozone.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Shouldn't be a problem at this stage
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- See above
    	Metroville Melee Part 2: Protect the Scientists
    This part is the most annoying and difficult, at least for me. The robots will
    be going after the scientists, and you have to protect them. There's no penalty
    for losing up to 2, but lost more than 2 and you fail the level. A good
    strategy is to stick right by the scientists as they move to the collection
    point instead of going after the robots. Sometimes a robot will sneak in behind
    you and be in ur base killing ur doods while you're out "clearing the way". 
    Anyway in the first wave only expect to run up against mooks, who pose as much
    of a challenge as usual. I recommend using Frozone to freeze them and letting 
    the computer play as Bob to take care of them. Towards the end of the first
    wave you'll see some buzzbots come into play. The strategy with them should 
    focus on using Frozone to keep them away from the scientists and chipping at
    their health. If they get near they will shred the scientists! Wave 2 is
    essentially just wave 1 with a bunch more buzzbots, and wave three is that with
    the addition of a turtle later on. For the turtles, they will usually fire a
    little before reaching you. As soon as they fire freeze them then pound them
    and they should be no challenge. I recommend using Frozone for this whole part,
    and once it's over move on with pride.
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Devote one play through to Bob...
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- And one to Frozone. This is easier.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Babysit the scientists!!
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- See above
    	Metroville Melee Part 3: Return the Favor
    This part doesn't really come in waves- it's more like one enormous wave. There
    are a number of drill bits spread in a huge circle. First you have to move in
    with Bob and lift up the cover to the drill, then freeze it until it breaks
    with Frozone. Every time you start to lift up on a cover, expect to get mobbed
    by mooks and buzzbots. Switch to Frozone while Bob lifts the cover, break up
    all the robots, and you're done with this level!
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Devote one play through to Bob...
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- And one to Frozone. 
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Shouldn't be a problem in this level. 
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- See above
    	Furious Frozen Fight Part 1: Nuts and Bolts
    This part is the smash-em-up. In the first wave, expect only some shielded
    burrowers, nothing too fun, but soon enough (second wave) you'll have
    gladiators to punch around as well. Third wave introduces two blasters but is
    otherwise normal. Remember you can punch through shields!
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- This can be tough. Don't let Frozone take it.
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Much easier.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Shouldn't be a problem in this level. 
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- See above
    	Furious Frozen Fight Part 2: A Helping Hand
    This level is a little strange. Your goal is to carry the frozen scientist back
    to the pad without throwing or dropping him. The first part of this mission is
    basically just a walk-to-this-point and kill everything in your way kind of
    mission. From there on out it becomes a protect-your-buddy-from-harm mission.
    As Frozone, make sure you freeze every enemy before ice sliding out to kill
    them; you can easily be felled by one enemy while going to kill another. Also
    note that the blasters towards the end are quite deadly- make sure you are 
    quick to freeze their projectiles.
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- This IS tough. Have Bob kill EVERYBODY early on
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Just devote a playthrough to him no prob.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Be careful when you have the scientist!
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- The whirler and the blasters are critical.
    	Furious Frozen Fight Part 3: Protect the Scientists
    You know this one from before. The scientists are thawing out their buddies,
    and you have to make sure that the huge angry robits don't claw them to
    pieces while doing so. Remember to babysit the scientists. Oh you will hate
    this level when you are trying to get Bob's damage goal. For the first wave
    when there are simply two gladiators that jump out at you just focus on keeping
    them away. Remember one hit will kill the scientists, and one scientist dying
    will have exponential effects. After this is done, the scientist frees his 
    buddy and they both move on to free two more scientists. Here is where it
    starts getting dicey. There is the rush of gladiators from before combined with
    a blaster in the corner. If you run after the blaster, odds are the gladiators
    will take out a scientist, but if you ignore the blaster, they will shoot a 
    scientist. My advice (if you are playing 1P) is to use Frozone to freeze the 
    blasts while Bob scraps the gladiators. Protect both scientists! Anyway once 
    this stage is done all four of them will wander over to four more un-freezers
    and start work on their friends. This is MAYHEM. You get gladiators and
    whirlers coming at you. The whirlers take too much time and keep moving
    forward when hit. Don't be afraid to use a super-move in this part! Once they 
    are all toast you can relax. 
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Not a problem in this part- there's plenty to hit
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Again, just devote a playthrough to him
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Babysit, don't run away from the scientists!
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Freeze the blaster's projectiles!
    	Mechanical Mayhem Part 1: Nuts and Bolts
    You are familiar with nuts n' bolts by now. It means there are things for you
    to kill. There will be more than three waves in this one, so be prepared for
    some long-term smashing. You should prioritize your kills like this: blasters
    get taken out first, or they will harry you the entire match with their homing
    blasts. Next comes the mighty smiley, of which there is only one. Again, it
    will shower you with debris unless it's taken out. After that take out the
    burrowers and gladiators as you see fit. This is kind of a fun level- don't 
    worry if your health starts dropping (unless it REALLY starts dropping), there
    are so many enemies you can raise it right back up.
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Believe me, there are PLENTY of robots for this
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Just play through as him, you'll be fine.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Shouldn't be an issue unless you fall off the edge
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- See above
    	Mechanical Mayhem Part 2: Protect the Scientists
    Oh you will hate this level. Unless you LOVE this kind of thing, which I don't
    really know many people that do, you will hate this one. A lone scientist is 
    at his terminal, doing his lone scientist thing, and you have to protect him
    as he lets his buddy free. Fine, except that gladiators are POURING in and 
    scientists, as always, are one-hit kills. There are two strategies that work
    for this level. The first and probably easiest is to play as Bob, stand right 
    by the scientist, and ground pound away anybody who comes close. Having a
    fully upgraded pound is probably critical for this mission. The second strategy
    is to leave frozone to guard one of the places where the robots come from 
    (remember to use the down arrow to make him stay somewhere), and the take the
    other side. Anyway once he's done his thing the casing across the gap from you
    will open, and Frozone has to create an ice bridge to reach it. THIS IS 
    IMPORTANT: remember that you can switch between characters while one is doing 
    something. So play as Frozone, start making the ice bridge, and IMMEDITALLY
    switch back to Bob. The robots have probably already gotten into position to
    kill the scientist while you were setting up Fro. Anyway they let the scientist
    out, and we have to repeat this scenario two more times, except that in the
    next two there are two scientists. The strategy is relatively the same. Once
    the third wave is over and the core rises from the earth, you have to lift it 
    up as Bob (remember to switch to Frozone when he starts), and freeze it as
    Frozone. WHEW.
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- At least they were nice to us with a tiny goal.
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Shouldn't be a problem, he's your main guy.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Scientist death does not equal a defeat! Whoo!
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Stay away from the edge when ice sliding.
    	Mechanical Mayhem Part 3: Pulling the Plug
    This is kind of a fun level, though if you play it right it can be over in
    about ten seconds. Anyway there are these three colored plugs, and you lose
    the game instantly if all three of them are connected. The thing to do is
    pull them up as Bob, then freeze them with Frozone. In order to get the 
    damage requirements, which are really minimal, you should alternate pulling
    the left and right plugs, leaving a little time in between pulling. Once you
    are satisfied (you have probably killed between 15 and 20 robots), you can 
    quickly pull up all the plugs and freeze them. As long as you keep moving,
    this mission's a breeze.
    That's it! You win!
    	() Damage Goal (Bob)- Just don't get all the plugs right away
    	() Damage Goal (Frozone)- Ditto. This isn't a big goal though.
    	() Undefeated (Bob)- Losing the level isn't failure, so no problem.
    	() Undefeated (Frozone)- Ditto here. Not a big deal. 
    Upgrades section:
    As you progress through the game, you will gain points by achieveing 
    objectives and pummeling enemies. These will build up, allowing you to upgrade
    the skills of Bob and Frozone. Each upgrade has three slots, of increasing
    power. The following are the upgrades:
    	() Health
    	() Power Punch
    	() Incredi-Slam (jump attack)
    	() Throw (character specific move)
    	() Super Move
    	() Health
    	() Ice Punch 
    	() Ice Glide (jump attack)
    	() Freeze ray (character speficic move)
    	() Super Move
    Health simply increases one section on both upgrades for both characters.
    Likewise, each time you upgrade the Super Move the upgraded character can
    store one more super move, for a maximum of 3.
    For the power punch and ice punch, the first upgrade gives a 50% damage
    boost and a new finishing punch. The second upgrade gives a 100% damage
    increase an an "ultimate" finishing punch.
    For the Incredi-Slam, the first upgrade increases the damage and knockback,
    and the second further increases the damage/knockback.
    For the Ice Glide, the first upgrade increases the length of the gilde and
    shatters frozen robots, while the second adds to damage and glide distance.
    For the Throw, the first upgrade allows Bob to grab and throw stunned robots,
    and the second upgrade maximizes the damage done by throwing. It is mighty!
    For the Freeze Ray, the first upgrade freezes robots 2X faster and increases 
    the freeze ray width. The second upgrade freezes robots 4X faster and further
    increases ray width.
    As for recommendations: Upgrading the ice slide and ground pound should be a
    major priority. Life is nice but you won't need the boost until you have all
    the other moves probably. Super Moves should be low priority- they are mainly
    a convenience thing to use when you really don't WANT to fight a whole room
    full of tough enemies, but with the right Frozone/Bob combination it should
    be no problem. 
    This section details the locations of the hidden gallery artwork. To
    unlock the artwork, collect hidden widgets that have been hidden in the levels.
    They are located in the following places:
    Level 1: After the spinny spikey towers with blasters, there is a breakable
    wall. The gizmo is behind it.
    Level 2: Right after you slam through the floor, there is a breakable wall to
    the left. The gizmo is visible through the wall.
    Level 3: After the second barge, run past the switch to activate the third
    barge. The gizmo is near the platform where the blasters are shooting from.
    Level 4: After the second spotlight switch, it is behind a wall to the right.
    It is visible, so just hit the wall where you see the glowing widget.
    Level 6: Hard to miss, it is right in the middle of the walkway after rescusing
    the scientist. Destroy a glowy box to get it.
    Level 7: After the laser section, move back along the walkway to destroy the
    glowing box. It will then appear later on in the middle of a walkway.
    Level 9: Right where you meet Dug, have Bob punch one console and have Frozone
    punch the other. This opens a wall. Ice slide over to it and get the widget.
    Level 10: Save all the scientists, then wait around for a little bit after
    they are safe.
    [SCT] Secrets
    Here are some codes. I found these on the internet. Can you find them in-game?
    Do you know how? Email me if you do!
    FROZMASTER	All of Frozone's moves upgraded
    MRIMASTER	All of Mr. Incredible's moves upgraded
    EGOPROBLEM	Big heads
    MAXIMILLION	Earn twice as much XP
    THISISTOOHARD	Enemies cause less damage to you
    THISISTOOEASY	Enemies cause more damage to you
    FROZBOOM	Frozone's Super Move
    FROZPROF	Give Frozone 1,000 Experience Points
    MRIPROF	        Give Mr. Incredible 1,000 Experience Points
    WHYMUSTWEFIGHT	Infinite Super Moves
    MRIBOOM	        Mr. Incredible's Super Move
    INAHURRY	Speeds up gameplay
    HEADROOM	Tiny heads
    SHOWME	        Unlocks all Gallery items
    LEVELLOCKSMITH	Unlocks all missions
    ROLLCALL	View Credits
    [BGS] Common Bugs and Fixes
    There's actually only one of these I was able to find. In the giant robot
    factory, sometimes a robot will be knocked down to a lower level and you have
    to destroy him to GET to that level. Here you either have to restart, or if you
    have a super-move handy, use that to destroy it.
    This section is waiting for your questions!
    Email me with anything you'd particularly like to see in this section
    Well this one was just as fun as my first walkthrough!
    What did you think? Was this helpful? Was it wrong? How can I improve? Feel 
    free to email any corrections or suggestions. If you liked this, would you 
    like me to do a FAQ for some other game? I’d be happy to if there’s a need 
    for it. I decided to do one for this game because I saw there were none out 
    So whatcha think? Feedback please! I will acknowledge you in any future 

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