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"DF is one of the long running mission based military action games and mainly renown for its multiplayer part."

After two disappointing games Delta Force is back again. Delta force is one of the long running mission based military action games and mainly renown for its multiplayer part but single player missions are also appealing to those people who like to play with computer controlled player.

In Delta Force Xtreme you will play as a member of bravo team with other two teams alpha and Charlie. There are total 20 single player missions in three different campaigns-Peru, Chad and Novaya Zemlya. Though there is no connection between these campaigns, you can start with the first one because that is the easiest.

When you first click the single player missions you will find campaign name and one mission under each campaign. You have to finish mission to unlock the next one. And you will find all unlocked missions in instant action menu. At the beginning of each mission you will find a map, small briefing and weapon selection option. There are several weapons to choose from, in all mission you will get a knife and pistol automatically, though they are not very useful. For primary weapon you can select from different assault sniper rifle and machine gun. And in accessory section there are only option – C4, mine and rocket launcher. I strongly recommend the default selection of weapons for each mission.

Now something about missions, those are very much straight forward, the only thing you have to do just follow the line, I mean order and in your way kill the enemies. There will be other two teams but they barely help during the mission because of poor A.I. design. And thank god in most cases enemies also behave like dumb and show no intelligence. For this reason single player part of this game is not popular.

There is a point system for killing the enemies; you will get 5 points for each kill and 10 points for destroying vehicles. But there is no significance of this points except if you want to break your own high score. After each missions you will see the current mission's and the highest score. There should be an option to view the missions high score and some other stats like playing time, kill, head shot from the mission select menu but there is no such option, though you can see these stats in multiplayer game.

Graphics and sounds are the two big let down for this game. Visuals are outdated and game environment doesn't look any good even in highest detail settings. There are many rough edges here and there. There is nothing to mention about sounds – during game you will heard instructions, gun shot that's all, there is no music except the menu sound track.

There are also few funny things happen during game. Like the commander talks with dead teams, I mean two other teams reply to commander instructions after they went down (dead) in battles! And also no save option, though game automatically save once after you finished the first objective. That mean lot's running to be done if you killed by the enemies near the end of a mission. One thing I should mention – despite of poor A.I., enemies targeting capability is exceptionally well and you can take just 2-3 shots before hearing this – “Bravo is down – I repeat bravo is down “.

Multiplayer – the best of delta force game and also popular too. There are five competitive game types: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, king of the hill and Team King of the Hill. And you will find many servers to join and lots of people still play this game. The ranking system added attraction to this mode. When you will play online match, I am sure single player missions will become uninteresting to you, so think it's a bonus. The last thing I am going to mention is mission editor, with the help of this tool it's possible to create your own map, though there is a manual for map editor, it's not for everyone and complex.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/19/07

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