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    Backstory Guide by JPaterson

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    ORIGINAL FAQ DATE: Sunday, December 4th, 2005
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                              [ Backstory Guide ]
    Author       : JPaterson
    Platform     : Microsoft Xbox 360
    Last Updated : Sunday, September 24th, 2006
    Version      : Final
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    Sep. 24th, 2006 (Final.1)
    - Added a more accurate translation of the German text from the Fourth
      Propaganda Report.  Thanks to Roger GE.
      Changed website address.
      Changed e-mail address.
    Dec. 4th, 2005 (Final)
    - Guide is finished.  Until people submit theories regarding Condemned's story,
      I hope this guide has further served to help you understand what's running
      beneath Condemned's surface.
    Table of Contents
    [1] Introduction
    [2] Prologue
        [2.1] Prequel
    [3] Backstories
        [3.1] Chapter 1 - Weisman Office Building
        [3.2] Chapter 2 - Central Metro Station
        [3.3] Chapter 3 - Metro Station Platforms
        [3.4] Chapter 4 - Grid 4 Subway Tunnels
        [3.5] Chapter 5 - Bart's Department Store
        [3.6] Chapter 6 - Burnback Alley
        [3.7] Chapter 7 - Metro City Library
        [3.8] Chapter 8 - St. Joseph's Secondary School
        [3.9] Chapter 9 - Apple Seed Orchard
        [3.10] Chapter 10 - Apple Seed Orchard Processing Center
    [4] Reports
        [4.1] First Propaganda Report
        [4.2] Second Propaganda Report
        [4.3] Internal Affairs Report
        [4.4] Third Propaganda Report
        [4.5] DUO Report
        [4.6] Fourth Propaganda Report
    [A] Contact Information
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Where This FAQ May be Found
    [D] Other FAQs Written
    [E] Condemned: Criminal Origins Copyright Information
    | [1] Introduction                                                            |
    Welcome to my first guide for Microsoft's new console, the Xbox 360.  The
    purpose of this guide is to give you the backstory of Condemned: Criminal
    Origins, all of which you read while each chapter loads.  Why make this guide?
    Depending on how good of a reader you are, you may not be able to finish
    reading the backstory before the level loads, as the game immediately begins
    after loading, without requiring you to press A or start or something.  So, to
    make sure that no one misses out on anything regarding the game's story (which
    is awesome, I might add, even though they don't flesh out everything), I
    decided to throw this guide together.  As I progress further in the game again
    and get the loading screens, I will update this guide.
    Eventually, once the guide is finished, I'll try to piece together the main
    story with the whole backstory involving the dead birds and how the two tie
    together.  Condemned may jump around at points, but when you understand both
    sides of the story and finally realize how the two correlate, you'll be amazed
    at how deep it actually is.  So, for now, try to piece things together on your
    own, as a game like this is much, much better experienced when you figure it
    out for yourself; none of the surprise, suspense, shock is taken from you.
    | [2] Prologue                                                                |
    Taken from the manual.
    What twists the mind of an ordinary human into a serial killer?
    Assigned to the Serial Crimes Unit, Agent Ethan Thomas must answer this
    question, and bring the worst of society to justice.  His solve rate is the
    best in the bureau... perhaps too good.
    While investigating the growing list of serial killers, Agent Thomas concludes
    that something is twisting the bodies and souls of those that society has left
    behind.  The homeless, addicted and deranged are rising from the city's
    underbelly and committing mindless acts of violence.  Could there be an unseen
    connection between the increasing brutality of the latest serial killings and
    the increasing crime rate?
    This question is pushed to the forefront after Agent Thomas is framed for the
    murder of two police officers.  Now he must solve the murders to stop the
    killings, and exonerate himself from the crimes of which he is accused.
    As FBI agent Ethan Thomas, you rely on sharp instincts and sophisticated
    forensic tools to investigate crime scenes, collect evidence, and find clues
    that will lead you to the killers.  With danger lurking in every shadow, you
    need whatever weapons you can find to stay alive.  If you run out of bullets,
    you'll have to fight with a fire ax, shovel, pipe, two-by-four, or whatever
    you can pry from the environment around you.  You'll need to make sure nothing
    stops you as you try to uncover exactly who...or what is behind the grisly
    killings plaguing the city.
    | [2.1] Prequel                                                               |
    To get even more info on Condemned's story, you can check out the following
    It was created by the game developers, and it's an official prequel of the
    events leading up to Condemned's story.  There are six chapters available, all
    in an interactive Flash format.  It is great if you want to delve further into
    Condemned's world.
    | [3] Backstories                                                             |
    Warning: Depending on your view, the following could be a spoiler, so I will
    give you fair warning right now.  The following text details part of the story
    surrounding Condemned, so be warned.
    All text is taken directly from the loading screens.
    | [3.1] Chapter 1 - Weisman Office Building                                   |
    Internal Report #898:
    Unexplained Surge in Crime Rate
    SUMMARY: The city's crime rate has increased to record-breaking levels.  The
    most significant increase is assaults with deadly intent, which is up 28
    | [3.2] Chapter 2 - Central Metro Station                                     |
    Internal Report #230:
    Strange Bird Deaths Throughout City
    SUMMARY: Bodies of dead birds now litter city streets and public parks.  Hard
    hit areas have reported literally thousands of bodies, while other areas of the
    city have seen very few birds at all.
    | [3.3] Chapter 3 - Metro Station Platforms                                   |
    Internal Report #117:
    Crime Spree and Bird Deaths Connected?
    SUMMARY: According to Dr. Feldman Brutan, University Sociologist, city
    locations with the greatest number of bird deaths match exactly to those
    experiencing high criminal activity.
    | [3.4] Chapter 4 - Grid 4 Subway Tunnels                                     |
    Internal Report #452:
    Birds Dying from Brain Hemorrhage
    SUMMARY: Initial reports indicate that the birds are perishing from sudden
    massive brain hemorrhaging.  As one scientist has said, 'For some reason-their
    brains are simply dissolving.'
    | [3.5] Chapter 5 - Bart's Department Store                                   |
    Internal Report #802:
    Outside Influence Killing Birds?
    SUMMARY: It has been determined that birds are drawn to specific locales
    throughout the city by strange sonic disturbances of unknown origin.  Once in
    close proximity of a disturbance, the bird's brain suffers immediate and
    extensive brain damage that quickly leads to death.  It is not known at this
    time whether humans and other life forms are affected, although there is
    clearly a connection between crime-ridden areas and where birds swarm and die.
    | [3.6] Chapter 6 - Burnback Alley                                            |
    Internal Report #991:
    Single Source of Our Woes
    SUMMARY: It has been discovered that humans are being affected in the same way
    birds are, providing an explanation for the unusual rise in severe brain
    disorders reported by local hospitals.  Those inherently predisposed to violent
    tendencies slip rapidly towards a host of mental psychoses and being to exhibit
    signs of hallucinations, homicidal behavior and paranoia.
    | [3.7] Chapter 7 - Metro City Library                                        |
    Internal Report #403:
    Local Police Crime Wave
    SUMMARY: Confidential statistics show a significant increase in crime rates
    involving law enforcement officials.  Petty crime among officers is up 64%
    while domestic violence is up 114%.  Although the full report has not yet been
    delivered, the increase appears to be linked to officers fighting in areas
    dealing with the city's recent crime wave.
    | [3.8] Chapter 8 - St. Joseph's Secondary School                             |
    Internal Report #283:
    Warrant Issued For FBI Agent
    SUMMARY: An APB has been issued by local PD for FBI Agent Ethan Thomas who
    mysteriously disappeared after his gun was used to kill two local detectives.
    Even though the agent's name has yet to be released to the press, local PD is
    taking the situation very seriously and reportedly will use force if necessary
    to bring the 'alleged' cop-killer into custody.
    | [3.9] Chapter 9 - Apple Seed Orchard                                        |
    Internal Report #015
    City Crime War
    SUMMARY: Yesterday the police commissioner announced his plan to 'take back'
    the destabilized zones of the city through the efforts of highly trained police
    riot squads.  Not satisfied with this plan, Councilman Simmons, has counter
    proposed the so-called 'Citizens Self-Protection Act' which is now generating
    massive controversy within city hall.
    | [3.10] Chapter 10 - Apple Seed Orchard Processing Center                    |
    Internal Report #779:
    City Crime War
    SUMMARY: Federal Agencies Intervene
    The governor, citing outside direction, has given command of the city's
    escalating crime problems to federal agencies.  When questioned about the
    specific agencies involved by local press, no department names were
    forthcoming.  This has left many to wonder if these phenomena are contained
    locally or are actually posing a national threat.
    | [4] Reports                                                                 |
    Reports are unlocked once you collect enough Metal Pieces throughout the game.
    Each report gives you more information on Condemned's story, and delves further
    into the darkness of the Condemned universe.
    Read at your own risk.  If you want to unlock the reports and read them
    yourself, feel free to do so.
    | [4.1] First Propaganda Report                                               |
    Washington, DC
    EVIDENCE: #314-23
    LOCATION: File Box #B-314
    ITEM: Photograph of unidentified markings made at crime scene (see
    #CR46X-Special Reference-Serial Deaths Unit)
    (Summary, see full at #B-314, LR/BR314-2, 3, 4):
    The map to <?> leads to the center
    Internalized in the <?> of the soul
    One path in, one path out, a <?> that spans both
    Center and frontier
    SUMMARY: Mix of ancient and contemporaneous languages, both alphabetic and
    ideographic with a series of Arabic numerals.  Significant portions of text are
    illegible, due to either: a) poor orthography b) intellectual diminishment of
    writer or c) lack of skill in writing the "language".  Odd features include
    presence of quite clear words in Mycenaean, Japanese characters, and the
    aforementioned Arabic numerals, matched with seemingly meaningless
    Largest group of recognizable characters are representations of what seems to
    be Minoan Linear A or Linear B script, otherwise known as Mycenaean.  Ventris
    has deciphered Linear B and Lab's best efforts at transliteration and analysis
    appear below.  Though innumerable attempts have been made to decipher Linear A,
    success has been minimal.
    Since these images are imperfectly inscribed, Lab's confidence level in
    translation approaches only 60%.  More samples need to be acquired for further
    study.  Linguistics database inquiries have uncovered previous similar
    linguistic variation symbols.  Upon further inquiries through Command for
    access, FBI Black Ops Command has interceded and stopped all further
    translation work by Linguistics.  Gag directive is currently in place.  All
    further inquiries have been denied.
    ANALYSIS: Based on handwriting analysis, and use of multiple and obscure
    languages, writer has pretensions and delusions of grandeur.  While great
    effort is made to conceal the meaning, it has been determined by Cryptography
    that the piece is most likely double-coded and is not meaningless.  Location
    of find of piece is significant due to crime's severity.  Evidence exists that
    writer of piece may be severely mentally disturbed and extremely dangerous.
    Further samples are needed to understand meaning of the translated components.
    Further inquiries into Cryptography for support have been denied - FBI Black
    Ops Command has terminated their further involvement in this project.
    Inquiries require Double Black Clearance.
    | [4.2] Second Propaganda Report                                              |
    Federal Bureau
    Washington, D.C.
    EVIDENCE: #314-46, 47, 48
    LOCATION: File Box #B-314
    Audio tape of incident at Linguistic Lab (#BRIA-339)
    Medical Brain Scan of Dr. Edgar Strevor (employee #136548)
    (Summary, see full at #B-329, LR/BR329-3,4,5): New samples of cryptic writing
    have been used to further translate initial piece of evidence (#314-23).
    Additional samples have been either unintelligible or so fragmentary as to be
    meaningless.  Below are all translated fragments so far found:
    The revised translation of original piece now reads:
    The map to righteousness leads to the center
    Internalized in the hole of the soul
    One path in, one path out, a thread that spans both
    Center and frontier
    The <?> become the force of darkness
    And contain the force of <?> light
    ANALYSIS: Dr. Edgar Strevor, before his unfortunate demise, had this to say
    about the creed: "It seems to be some kind of religious statement.  The map is
    a path to somewhere.  There are two separate paths and these paths are a thread
    that spans both the frontier and something else.  In this language system,
    frontier is an amorphous word.  It means other, outer, but from the original
    pictograph, it also seems to mean human.  Very odd.
    The two completely translated lines are of especial interest.  Note that the
    recently discovered fragments work well within this interpretation."
    NOTE: Linguistics Department will be understaffed until quarterly personnel
    review.  Incident involving the death of two researchers is being investigated
    (see Internal Affairs #BIA-339).
    | [4.3] Internal Affairs Report                                               |
    Agent Frank Szymanski (#241014)
    I was called to the scene of the Linguistics Lab building at approximately
    8:30pm Saturday, June 18.  I witnessed the body of Edgar Strevor (#136548) on
    the ground by the front door.  He had obviously fallen from a great height.  A
    broken window on the seventh floor indicated his path.  Strevor seemed to have
    died upon impact (confirmed by FB Coroner Report BRC-74X).
    Upon gaining access to the seventh floor, I determined that the broken window
    was in the Linguistics Conference Rooms.  I was met by Dr. Teodor Feldorski who
    reported the incident.  Dr. Feldorski has been cleared in the matter.  Lying
    within the Conference Room was the body of Doctor Joshua Hillman.  He had been
    struck repeatedly on the head and neck with a blunt object, later determined to
    be a metal stool.
    BRIA-339, Item 14, Security
    Audiotape Transcript (Ling.Lab., F7, Rm 14, timecode: 8:05-8:20p)
    * Hillman: Dr. Strevor, I need the whiteboard.  Can I erase this stuff?
    * Strevor: Mmmbbid [unintelligible]
    * Hillman: I said, can I erase the whiteboard?
    * Strevor: Mmmbkdkdl [unintelligible].  Muffled sound determined to be Dr.
    Strevor dropping to his knees.
    * Hillman: Good Lord man, pay attention.  I need the whiteboard.
    * Strevor: Sure, sure, whatever... What?  What are you doing??!!
    * Hillman: I'm erasing the whiteboard.  You said I could.  I need it for...
    * Strevor: Idiot!  No!  NO!!  Noooooooooo.....
    * Hillman: Doctor Strevor, I'm sorry, but I did ask... Are you ok?
    * Strevor: Weeks, weeks of work.  I was so close to deciphering the directional
    words, their pattern had indicated... um... Whyyyy??  Why did you erase the
    * Hillman: Because...ungh.
    [The tape deteriorates into a series of blunt thumps followed by anguished
    screams and interspersed with howls of rage.  Eventually, the beating stops,
    there are sudden running footsteps and we hear the crash of glass.]
    Dr. Strevor evidently used a metal stool to beat Dr. Hillman to death.  Upon
    Dr. Hillman's death, Dr. Strevor ran and jumped through the closest window and
    fell to his death.  Doctor Edgar Strevor had had no previous incidence of
    aberrant behavior.
    Colleagues indicated he was under normal stress due to his caseload.  Upon
    review of the audiotape, we have detected an odd unidentified sound heard in
    the background.  I also requested an autopsy of Dr. Strevor.  Its results and
    the tape have been classified by Black Ops Command.  The penetration of central
    headquarters by an outside force is clearly a serious issue.  Black Ops Command
    has deemed all further inquiries as classified.
    | [4.4] Third Propaganda Report                                               |
    Federal Bureau
    Washington, D.C.
    EVIDENCE: #314-81
    LOCATION: File Box #B-315
    ITEM(s): Analysis of metal piece unidentified markings made at crime scene
    (Summary, see full at #B-381, LR/BR381)
    Further developments have occurred in the linguistic analysis of the Creed
    previously referred to as (#BR314-23).  Spectrographic analysis of Dr. Edgar
    von Strevor erased whiteboard enabled reconstruction of his linguistic
    worksheet.  The severely understaffed Linguistics Lab has managed to decipher
    directional words in the original piece.  The revised translation of original
    piece now reads:
    Section One
    The map to righteousness leads to the center
    Internalized in the hole of the soul
    One path in, one path out, a thread that spans both
    Center and frontier
    Section Two
    The righteous become the force of darkness
    And contain the force of weakened light
    Section Three
    The <?> of truth brings the truth to dark
    The <?> of truth will win the <?> conflict
    though <?> <?> may <?> the tool
    ANALYSIS: The first four lines are now complete, except for one word which is
    repeated in a different form in lines 1 and 5.  There is a map that connects
    the center and the frontier (which could still mean the habitat of humanity).
    There is one path in, one path out, but a thread that spans both, which sounds
    like it's really one path but you can go back and forth on that path between
    the two states.  Becoming and containing is still difficult to ascertain, but
    this group use the power of sound as their strongest tool.  Their goal is to
    drive out the humans (internal arguments state this could also mean they attack
    the frontier).  The axe of the bull shall do something, separating one group
    from another but also enabling the groups to join.
    This acknowledgement may imply that only the darkened have learned the audio
    capability to 'influence' humans.  This analysis equates with no known
    religious technocratic or socialistic cult in Bureau files.  Further inquiries
    through the Black Ops database regarding the linguistic elements discovered
    thus far have uncovered the following DUO report.  Only the deemed relevant
    lines were cleared by Black Ops.
    | [4.5] DUO Report                                                            |
    FBI - Washington, D.C.
    EVIDENCE: #398-81
    LOCATION: File Box #B-752
    Recent series of unsolved grisly killings in the South Central Downtown
    sections was the catalyst for DCU involvement.  Deep Undercover Operative Code
    Name Harp was assigned.
    ADDENDUM: DUO 76RE Operative Report Conclusions
    DUO 76 Restricted Extended Code-Name Harp was assigned to the Deep Crimes Task
    Force in January.  His operational report began to deteriorate approximately
    9 months later.  Last operational report submitted was April 2nd.  Harp was
    killed on July 14th in a gun battle with local police.  Cultist evidence was
    found near the scene.  Linguistics, Psychological and Black Ops reviewed all
    DCU Reports for information that may pertain to the cultists.
    February 13th - "The local PD have begun to pull back from direct conflict with
    the local 'sickened' along 16h Ave and Crosstown St.  There appears to be no
    organized leadership within the sickened.  They seem to get crazier and crazier
    with each passing day but there also seems to be growing purpose to their
    actions.  They are watching closely...I'm watching...something else is
    25 Marz: "3 Kranke griffen heute eine 4. an. Die 4. lachte, wahrend sie an der
    Verletzung starb.
    Dem heute eingelieferten Zivilion konnte ich nicht helfen.  Ich bekomme
    regelmabig Kopfschmerzen.  Die Kranken verspotten mich, greifen an und ziehen
    sich wieder zuruck.  Beim Angriff schreien sie, als wurde ihnen das Schmerzen
    bereiten.  Sagt ihnen jemand, dass sie das nicht tun sollen?"
    @ German to English translation of the above entry                            @
    @                                                                             @
    @ March, 25th: 3 sick people attacked a 4th today. The 4th laughed while      @
    @ of her injury.                                                              @
    @                                                                             @
    @ I couldn't help the civilian, taken in today.  I get headaches regularly.   @
    @ The sick make fun of me, attack and pull back again. During the attack they @
    @ cry, as if it caused them pain. Does someone tell them, not to do that?"    @
    @                                                                             @
    @*Thanks to Roger GE for the translation.*                                    @
    June 27th: "The sickened have broken down into groups - their structure is
    based upon psychosis rather than ethnic or crime preference.  The ones who
    shout incessantly have fought off the scavengers.  Neither group quiets down
    until the headache wave comes through or when fresh meat shows up.
    I blacked out watching them - at least I think I blacked out.  When I awoke, 3
    dead birds were in my pockets, one of them missing their head.  I am asking for
    recall asap."
    September 3rd - "We fought off another scavenger push.  Rebar is my friend.
    Rebar helps me keep my place, my head takes in the music, my headaches are
    gone, my head takes in the music - and I keep the beat with my Rebar.  The
    Pounders are family."
    December 12th - "It was there and then it wasn't.  It was chattering,
    chittering, gleaming and was enveloped in nothing.  I want to pound, it wants
    to pound with me."
    April 2nd - "It isn't my fault, it isn't my reason, it isn't my blame, they
    drive to what they want, what you want, what I want.  The buzzing soothes, the
    buzzing stays as I stay, I stay, I stay...
    The bird knows best when roosting in its nest - the bird knows best when
    roosting in its nest - the bird knows best when roosting in its nest - the
    bird knows best when rossting in its nest..."
    Conclusion: Upon inventory of DCU Harp's belongings, he was found to have the
    skulls of over 60 birds in his pockets.
    Autospy showed brain degradation of pre-frontal lobe as detected in Cases
    BR-329 and BRD-231R.  Cultists apparently show strong sonic control techniques
    that potentially influence any human being.  Black Ops and R&D are doing
    archival research for any previous contacts.
    NOTE: Remainder of this report has been deemed classified Double Black.  All
    further inquiries into this report need to be made through Black Ops Command.
    | [4.6] Fourth Propaganda Report                                              |
    Federal Bureau
    Washington, D.C.
    EVIDENCE: #315 03
    LOCATION: File Box #B-315
    ITEM(s): Final Report on Creed
    Photo of Cincinnati Torso Cutter
    Photo of Providence Prowler
    LINGUISTICS LAB REPORT: Final analysis has been completed on the Creed
    previously referred to as (#BR314-23)
    The map to righteousness leads to the center
    Internalized in the hole of the soul
    One path in, one path out, a thread that spans both
    Center and frontier
    The righteous become the force of darkness
    And contain the force of weakened light
    The sound of truth is brings the truth to dark
    The sound of truth will win the unending conflict
    though the others may wield the tool
    It is only the darkened righteous that experience its worth
    Showing the human fodder,
    As those of true dark center,
    Those of our being, of unbeing and undark, will fallow in loss of ending war
    We are the strongest
    The axe of the bull
    Shall cleave
    Cleave the unholy from those that are righteous,
    and yet
    Cleave them again back to the one true way,
    the center
    In death they give, in death they take
    ANALYSIS: With the Creed now translated, our understaffed linguists have
    managed to cobble together a potential analysis.  The Creed definitely seems to
    be the centerpiece of the cult, and we have fund additional versions of it in
    different languages and even coding systems.  The text indicates that the Cult
    believes there is an outer edge, or frontier, which is inhabited by normal
    humans (hence the confusion between frontier/human in previous Linguistic Lab
    reports).  The center is occupied by the Cult.
    Section 1 - A thread spans these two areas with one path in, one path out of
    the center.  The righteous are identified with the Cult members.  They identify
    with darkness and identify others with the light.
    SECTION 2 - The righteous become the force of darkness
    And contain the force of weakened light
    The 'righteous' refer to those humans who are 'influenced' to commit the acts
    of savagery and seemingly go insane.  The 'becomes the force of darkness' tells
    us that those who are influenced become part of the force.  The description of
    darkness to seems to have a triple meaning.
    1. These cult members will use the darkened areas to hide.
    2. The darkness is also a state of mind for the cultists and a state of mind
    they influence those around them to achieve
    3. The darkness implies a section of a greater whole.
    'And contain the weakened light' is also a double-meaning passage.  The
    weakened light is reference to both a sub-culture within the cult that opposes
    the philosophy of the DCB as well as the weakened state of the humans
    Section 3 - The sound of truth is brings the truth to dark
    The soun dof truth will win the unending conflict though the others may wield
    the tool
    The righteous (Cult) use their audio capability as their greatest force, their
    singular tool.  Again, the double-meaning exists.  The 'truth' is a reference
    to proving themselves to the 'undark, the light'.  The 'truth' is also
    reference ot the influence of the humans themselves.  The audio 'influence' of
    the DCB has strong brainwashing capabilities upon human s- therefore - the
    sound of truth will help win the 'ending conflict' against the 'undark'.  This
    implies that from the ancient linguistic make-up of the Creed that this 'war'
    between the light and darkened has been going on for probably thousands of
    From examination, this audio utilization is both humanoid and mechanization in
    organization.  They acknowledge that others, the undark, may possess this
    power, but only the darkened may experience the truth.  This acknowledgement
    may imply that only the darkened have learned the audio capability to
    'influence' humans.
    Section 4 - It is only the darkened righteous that experience its worth
    Showing the human fodder,
    As those of true dark center,
    'Those of our being, of unbeing and undark, will fallow in loss of ending war.'
    The first line shows that this audio 'influence' is what shows humanity's true
    nature; that humanity is as dark as those who seemingly want to prove this to
    the 'undark'.
    Section 5 - The axe of the bull will cleave the unholy from the righteous.
    Interestingly, cleave is the one English word that has two very distinct
    opposite meanings.  It can mean 1) to cut apart to to separate; and 2) to join
    together.  The use here is indicative.  The axe of the bull shall cleave the
    unholy (humans) from the righteous (cultists) but shall also 'cleave them again
    back to the one true way' or that is, bring them back into the fold.
    The fold is here identified as the center, which we have seen, is where the
    cultists identify as their habitat.  This again identifies that those who are
    'undark' are most likely of the same cult of the DCB.  At some previous point
    in their timeline, these two factions split for an ideological reason based
    upon humanity itself.  But the final two lines indicate how this bringing back
    into the fold is to be accomplished: through death.  And through death, one
    achieves satori or enlightenment or peace.
    A search of all other extant Serial Deaths cases with similar elements to what
    has been found in the Creed has revealed several additional cases with strong
    similarities.  We found traces to grisly cases that went as far back as 1908,
    the year that the Federal Bureau of Investigations was founded.  Black Ops
    Central Command has intervened and deemed information as Coded Double Black.
    Futher inquiries through the Evidence did uncover 2 photographs.
    BRR-87R - January 18th, 1934 Cincinnati Torse Cleaver - Serial Killer.  Never
    found.  Targeted derelicts and homeless people in inner cities.  Final count
    was 24 victims.  Decapitated the bodies, removed the limbs and dropped off the
    torsos in public dumps.  Crime Scene photo near phosphorus plant captured
    strange symbols etched in the cement wall.
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