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    FAQ/Walkthrough by khytomer

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    Condemned : Criminal Origins
    1.1 Introduction:
    Well hell, my first Faq/walkthrough/Game Guide. This one covers pretty much 
    every important aspect of the Xbox 360 game "Condemned: Criminal Origins",
    including a detailed walkthrough, bird/metal pieces/TV locations and 
    requirements for all Achievment Awards. Please note that this walkthrough is
    kept spoiler-free, thus I'm not going to explain story-sequences or the like.
    A detailed explanation on how to use the walkthrough can be found under point
    Most recent versions of this Gameguide can be found on www.gamefaqs.com and 
    1.2 Table of Contents
    ..1.1  Introduction
    ..1.2  Table of Contents
    ..1.3  Useful Techniques and Should-knows
    ..1.4  Enemy List
    ..1.5  Weapons Guide
    ..2.1  How to use this walkthrough
    ..2.2  Walkthrough
    ..3.1  Achievments
    ..4.1  Gameplay Bugs
    ..5.1  Legal stuff and Credits
    1.3 Useful Techniques and Should-knows
    Those of you who played DOOM3 will certainly feel like a fool when they
    finally realize that you can have the flashlight ALWAYS turned on. That's all
    there is to say: Keep it on all the time. Enemies won't notice you earlier and
    your batteries won't run dry, so no worries there.
    By pressing the left analog stick you will be able to run for a short time.
    A yellow-colored Staminameter will appear and rapidly go down for the time
    you are running. And it takes like 2 eternities to replenish again.
    The Taser:
    In the course of the first chapter your taser will be unlocked. By pressing
    the LB button the Taser will go off and shot 2 wires out of the front. When 
    you aimed, more or less, in the direction of an enemy, the wires will hit and
    stun your opponent for a short time. While he's stunned you can disarm your
    opponent of his weapon by closing in on him and pressing A. This is especially
    useful against foes with ranged weapons and guns. If you don't plan on
    disarming the opponent or simply don't have the time, tasering him is useful
    nonetheless, since it gives you a "free hit" on him. After you fired the taser,
    it will need some time to recharge, be aware of this fact when facing multiple
    opponents. Later on, you will acquire an upgraded version of the Taser which
    will have the enemy dropping to the ground stunned. In this condition, one hit
    with any weapon will finish him off. Even with a kick. 
    Weapons of all sorts are scattered throughout the chapters or can be grabbed 
    off the enemies hands. Without a weapon you are as good as defenseless, the 
    kick and the taser won't save lives. So keep out for any or a better weapon at
    any time. Personally I prefer long range Melee Weapons like the Large Pipe, the
    Fireplace Poker and the Fireaxe. They greatly support my Out-Of-Reach Technique
    , too. Choose from whatever category YOU like though.
    About Guns: First things first. You cannot reload guns. You find them or take 
    them off the opponents hands and shoot till they're empty. A Shotgun with 2 
    Shells in it ain't of no good use, so try grabbing them from the enemy when 
    he has just been reloading(yeah...the enemy CAN reload) or when he hasn't got 
    the time to shoot yet. Hitting with Guns is quite difficult and the low ammount
    of Ammo does the rest. Be sure to set the Crosshair-setting to smart. Hitting 
    the head isn't always lethal(except for the rifle) and the enemies are just to
    agile for you to get a lot of headshots, so don't waste your ammo and aim for 
    the belly. I suggest picking up the Shotgun, the Rifle and the Submachinegun 
    whenever you see them and check on the remaining ammunition. They rest ain't
    worth dropping your beloved fireaxe...
    Sometimes close before death, your opponents will drop and come up again on 
    their knees. When this happens, you will be able to use a fatality on them by
    approaching and pressing one of the directional buttons. Looks stylish, hasn't
    got any other use. The final boss needs to be "killed" in this manner though.
    Since you are playing an FBI Investigator with a supernatural instinct for 
    evidence you will be carrying around tools that help you collect the evidence.
    The Game will prompt you to press X when near evidence to ready your Finding
    Tool. When you are closing in on the EXACT location of the evidence the message
    will change and prompt you to ready your Collection Tool by pressing X again.
    When you focused the evidence you can pull the right trigger(RT) to finally
    collect it. Ususally the data is immediatly being transfered to Officer Rosa
    who will be analayzing the data and discuss the results with you over your 
    mobile phone.
    Finding Metalpieces and Birds:
    In order to find metalpieces you should look out for eyes drawn on walls and
    the like, since the pieces are SURROUNDED by these eyes. 
    Birds come in different conditions: Living(thus flapping), dead, and rotten. 
    The living ones you can usually hear flapping around. The rotten ones sometimes
    have flies surrounding them, so if you hear flies buzzing be sure to look
    around. Other rotten birds can be found by using the gasspectrometer. The Game
    will prompt you to use the tool though! You cannot select it. The plain dead
    ones are hardest to find, so look around carefully the place I described in
    the walkthrough.
    By pressing the Left Trigger (LT) you can do a temporary block with the weapon
    you are actually carrying. In my opinion, blocking is not worth the effort: It 
    takes up time, isn't 100% safe and is simply annoying. If you get hit to much
    try using my cycling/out of reach technique.
    Cycling/Out of reach technique:
    Besides using your taser whenever possiple, efficient Meleeing goes like this:
    1.Check out the enemies weapon
    2.Stay out of range
    3.Wait till his attack is over or nearly over
    4.Start swinging
    5.Close in and *BAM*
    6.Get out of reach again
    With single, strong enemies you should also try cycling around them and
    hitting them from the side. This way the enemy will miss you and you can have
    a free go at him. This works especially fine versus the slower BigBoys.
    Turning enemies against each other:
    In some situations the enemy will gang up on you. All you can do when this 
    happens is having them hit one another. This shouldn't be a problem since they
    are swinging their melee weapons recklessly around. When a foe gets hit he will
    turn on the one who hit him. If you're lucky, they'll hit each other till one
    drops dead.
    Hitting the enemy off obstacles:
    When you hit an enemy while he's jumping or climbing over an obstacle(a fence 
    or a bench etc...) he will die instantly. This comes in handy in Chapter06, 
    where the Hobos will come in from every side. Please also note that when you 
    taser an enemy while he is on a set of stairs he will most likely die instantly
    too. There aren't many places to test this but I thought you should know 
    1.4  Enemy List
    Hobos and Addicts:
    The most popular enemies in "Condemned". And probably the most dangerous. 
    They come in many different colors, but have one thing in common: they wanna
    see you dead. They are quick and take up to 6(or more) hits with melee weapons 
    to bring down, depending on what weapon you're swinging. With a fireaxe or 
    equally massive weapon they drop dead after 2-3 hits. You should be extra
    careful when engaging hobos/addicts with guns and massive weapons. If you let
    them gang up on you, you're as good as dead. So be sure to use your Taser on
    those with guns. Take their weapon when they are stunned and fill 'em up with
    some lead.
    These are thin, rotting and damn quick freaks that tend to jump out of nowhere.
    But easy as hell to kill. Usually a hit with the taser off's them. If not, it
    will take from 1 to 2 hits to bring them down.
    The strongest of the regular enemies. They look like overweight Firemen and
    are almost always swinging around heavy stuff like Shovels or Sledgehammers.
    They are not so common though and usually don't come in pairs. Just taser and
    hit 'em and keep an eye out for a health-kit ;)
    In the last chapter of the game you will encounter another version of these,
    that seems to be even stronger and WILL gang up on you. Be sure to let them hit
    each other whenever possible or look out for a gun.
    Pardon the designation: Filippino-stick swinging bastards. They have a lot of 
    different moves and deal a lot of damage with their sticks. They also tend to 
    block a lot, so stay out of range, circle them and grab a gun or a melee weapon
    with a good range. These guys are uncommon and till the last chapter of the 
    game you will only encounter like 1 of them. However in the last chapter, they
    are sure to be giving you a good smack and even come along with a group of 
    BigBoys. In that case let them have eachother, and try staying out of range
    till they're done.
    There are 2 special opponents. The Butcher and the Hate. The first one is the
    most (and only) hilarious thing it this game. The second one is the final 
    "boss" and a kick-ass version of a Ninja(allthough I found him easier than any 
    ninja...). No special strategies here so I won't ruin any of this by going into
    the details. The Butcher however can be offed without taking any damage. Please
    read the walkthrough for this(Chapter 08).
    1.5 Weapons Guide:
    The game holds many different melee weapons and guns ready for you. I regrouped 
    them into a few classes (see Achievements and Useful Techniques for more 
    Available Weapons are:
    0.45cal; Revolver; Shotgun; Sawed off(shotgun); Rifle; Submachinegun
    I'll say it again: I suggest picking up the Shotgun, the Rifle and the 
    Submachinegun whenever you see them and check on the remaining ammunition.
    The Taser:
    Counts as a Melee Weapon towards statistics and Achievement Awards.
    These are short pieces of wood with nails or bolts sticking out on one end.
    Not particularly good, but they are quite fast. You should only pick these up
    when you haven't got an alternative.
    Metal bars and Pipes:
    Ranging from short to long these are allround weapons. The shorter ones are
    fast and the longer ones do some nice damage. Apart from the fireaxe the 
    "Large Pipe" is my personal favourite. 
    Massive Weapons:
    Sledgehammer, Shovel, Crowbar and Fireaxe. Slow but powerful. These weapons 
    will be needed to open doors and boxes throughout the game. Crowbar ain't that
    common and Sledgehammer and Shovel are just too slow to be used regularly. If 
    you get a hold of the Fireaxe though, try sticking to it for some time. It's a
    great weapon. 
    Planks and Signs:
    Do a lot of Damage but got crappy range. Not suggested.
    There are a few other melee weapons in the game like the Fireplace Poker or 
    the Mannequin Arm. I'll enumerate them because of the "Melee Mayhem"-Award:
    See the Achievement Section for details.
    2.1  How to use this Walkthrough:
    [[You will find birds, metal pieces and TV's throughout this game that will
    [[unlock extras and give you achievements for your Xbox360 Gamerscore.
    [[There are 6 Birds in every one of the 10 Chapters, totaling 60 Birds for the
    [[entire game. I covered all the locations in this walkthrough and highlighted
    [[the locations like this: >>BIRD1206<<. In this case that would mean the 6th
    [[Bird in chapter 12. Bird locations are integrated into the walkthrough so you
    [[will have to read the walkthrough at least partially to find them. Check
    [[the Achievement Section for details on Gamerscore and Unlockables.
    [[Metal Pieces:
    [[There are 3 Metal Pieces in every one of the 10 Chapters, totaling 30 Pieces
    [[for the entire game. Just like with the Birds, they are integrated into the
    [[walkthrough: >>METALPIECE1203<<. When you have trouble finding the specific
    [[piece in the game, be sure to look out for drawn eyes covering the place
    [[around where it should be located. There are eyes drawn around EVERY 
    [[metalpiece. Here too, check Achievement Section for details.
    [[These can be found throughout the game irregularly. But I highlighted them
    [[just like Birds and Metalpieces, like this: >>XYZTV<< or 
    [[>>XYZDETECTIVEBADGE<<. And again, check Achievement section for details.
    [[To unlock the "Chief Investigator" Award you will need to collect every
    [[single piece of evidence throughout this game. Most of the time, you have to
    [[investigate to advance further in the story, however there is evidence that
    [[you may run past. Evidence is highlighted in this walkthrough like this:
    [["Fireaxable Door":
    [[You will encounter this term from time to time. This means you need a fireaxe
    [[to break trough a door you cannot otherwise get through. Apart from the 
    [[fireaxe, you will need shovels, crowbars and sledgehammers for opening locks.
    [[I supplied you with locations for every weapon you need to advance the story.
    [[The walkthrough does NOT tell you when to prepare for an enemy attack and
    [[does not cover any enemy locations. Try staying in one place when dealing
    [[with enemies so you can easily pick up the walkthrough after a fight.
    [[Directions and "Room-jumping":
    [[The walkthrough cannot offer you a description for every single room. Be 
    [[aware that advancing through the game is quite linear, so you might want to 
    [[advance further on your own till you find a place I described and which you 
    [[recognize. In point of recognizing places, I occasionally will highlight an 
    [[upcoming enemy-encounter so you can orientate yourself. If you get lost 
    [[anyways, try backtracking to a place you came past and which you recognize
    [[in the walkthrough.
    2.2 Walkthrough:
    Capter 01 - Weisman Office Building
    "Crime Scene":
    You start in an alley in front of a building where a crime has been comitted.
    Follow your buddy through the doorway on the right by ducking under the police
    tape. Keep following him up some stairs, where his flashlight will brake. In 
    the first room to the right is a >>BIRD0101<< lying on a rack to the right. 
    Move further down the main room to where Officier Becker is waiting. After some 
    talk you'll be guided to the actual crime scene. >>INVESTIGATE<< You will need 
    to check on the victim's neck and on the mannequin's face for evidence. After
    some more talk follow your buddy to the room with the ash tray. Now you're on
    your own.
    "HOHOHO, now I have a...ah shit, a handgun":
    After your talk with Rosa, head after the guy you saw when hanging on the phone
    . He'll come screaming out of the first door to your right. Blow him away, and 
    enter the opposite room with a staircase in it. Head up and straight down, take
    a left and an immediate right to find a room to your right with a
    >>METALPIECE0101<< on the far wall. Head back to the beginning of the greater
    Area, where someone should have moved some rubble, that was blocking your way
    earlier, out of the way by now. Eliminate all opposing threats and be sure to
    check the windows on the right, one of which has a >>BIRD0102<< lying on it.
    Proceed to a room where you will experience a flashback and pull the lever on 
    the far end of this room. Darn, there goes your gun...
    "HOHOHO, now I have a...piece of metal":
    After you recovered from your electrical shock, continue down the rooms till
    you have to move a desk. From now on you should keep an eye out for some melee
    weapons. Notice some unfinished walls up ahead and a door on the left which 
    eventually leads to a health box with a >>BIRD0103<< lying just in front of it.
    Head back to the unfinished wall where some addict will climb out of your reach
    . In the next room, a hobo-maniac will start tearing down the wall in front of
    you. Go through here and take a left, where you will find a >>METALPIECE0102<<
    at the end. After the scary stuff, enter the room upfront, where you will be 
    prompted to use your gaspectrometer to find another >>BIRD0104<<. Out of this
    room and to your right, you'll find a health-box. Take the double-doors just
    before this healthbox which will eventually lead to some more stairs.
    After the stairs head to the window where the cop will throw you a fire-axe. 
    Notice the >>BIRD0105<< lying in front of the same window! Do a little 
    backtracking to a "fireaxeable" door which leads to >>BRONZEDETECTIVEBADGE<<. 
    Head back again, and fireaxe the door next to the window where you got the axe.
    Finish off the hobo, who's throwing chairs at you. After your next encounter 
    with 2 addicts, find 2 blue armoires on your right, one of which can be opened
    . A little further but still in the same area there should be a >>BIRD0106<< 
    lying on a large wooden plank. Take a right after the 2 armoires and another 
    right to find a >>METALPIECE0103<< on the pillar in the middle of the room.
    Notice the Eyes covering the pillar. Head back to the first right after the 2
    armoires and continue through that single door. At the end of the next rooms 
    you'll encounter 2 more baddies, one of them coming from behind. After you 
    offed these guys a before closed door will open. Take the offer and enjoy the 
    final cut-scene for this chapter.
    Chapter 02 - Central Metro Station
    "An ally again...":
    Take the path to your left and find the shovel leaning up against the wall. Use
    it to open a fence door you just ran past. Down the stairs, you'll have a 
    flashback. There's a bin in front of you with photographs on it.
    >>INVESTIGATE<< them for evidence. After you talked with Rosa, follow the way 
    to a closed shutter with flasks lying next to it. >>INVESTIGATE<< those flasks
    and be ready for some hobo coming in from the direction of the stairs. Take his
    crowbar and open the box on the left of the shutter. Push the button and head
    straight forward till you reach the wall. Now take a left and a right to find a
    room with a >>BIRD0201<< lying on the floor. Continue through a closed door 
    into some sort of workshop. Head up the stairs, through the double doors and 
    down the hallway, where Vanhorn will contact you. Take the stairs to your left
    and go right when you're upstairs. Continue through the lounge till you reach 
    another staircase. Head down and take a left but watch the hobo with the gun 
    at the end of this corridor.
    "I wanna be...SLEDGEHAMMER!":
    Find the stairs behind a door labeled "Archives". When you're upstairs take a 
    right and grab the sledgehammer on the floor. Look for a >>METALPIECE0201<<
    behind a file cabinet right of where you found the sledgehammer. Turn around 
    and head to the other end of the room, where you can unlock a door which leads 
    to the lounge again. Continue through here, till you reach that first set of
    stairs again. Use the sledgehammer on a padlocked door labeled 210 next to the
    stairs. Proceed through the locker room and take the stairs till you reach 
    another office bureau. When Vanhorn is done troubling you again head up 2 small
    sets of stairs and duck under the shutter to enter the Metro Station Main Hall.
    "It's Grand, it's Central...it ain't Grand-Central Station":
    Find the dead >>BIRD0202<< lying on the ground in the northwest of the station
    by using your gasspectrometer. In the northeast there's a smaller hallway,
    which leads to an ATM Machine. Take a short right at the ATM and find the
    >>BIRD0203<< lying under a small movable table. Turn around and head past the
    kitchenette where you will be prompted to investigate. By doing so, you can
    follow some sort of trail on the floor, but its not necessary. At the shutter
    door you'll find a way around it to the left. On the other side head down some
    stairs, past a fireaxeable door, to reach the end of the trail: an elevator.
    >>INVESTIGATE<< the buttons.
    "Get that elevator running":
    Turn around and follow the way past another fireaxeable door until you face yet 
    another fireaxeble door. Notice a ladder leading down in the right part of this 
    room. Jump it down and look out for a >>METALPIECE0202<< located between 2 
    large horizontal pipes. Climb the ladder at the end of this tunnel and watch 2
    shutters roll open. Choose door Number1 and take your prize: a fire-axe ...
    which is hanging on the wall behind the shutter. Continue until you reach that 
    room again, with the ladder you jumped down from. Fireaxe that door and 
    resupply the elevator. Fireaxe your way out and don't forget that first
    fireaxeable door at the beginning of the elevator room: the >>RIPPLETV<< is in
    here. Now use the elevator and take a right when you get out. There's a 
    flapping >>BIRD0204<< in front of a large bowshaped window. Move around the 
    desks and take the first door to the right. Proceed through to where some 
    maniac is going trigger-happy with his shotgun. Out of this room, head into the
    men's toilets to find another >>BIRD0205<< in one of the toilets. 
    "I know what you did last summer":
    Out of the toilets take a left and proceed until you experience another 
    flashback. After the flash notice the small room on your right which holds a 
    >>METALPIECE0203<<. BEFORE!!! moving the cupboard at the end of the corridor,
    >>INVESTIGATE<< the floor behind it. Now move it and enter the next area. Keep
    left and find the observation room. >>INVESTIGATE<< the recorder on the desk 
    for a handprint. Head straight out of this room and keep left. Open the door 
    and >>INVESTIGATE<< the wall covered in newspapers. Leave this room again and 
    shit your pants. Follow your suspect by climbing over some broken window-frame
    . Eventually you'll reach a balcony from which you can see the main hall again
    . Grab the >>BIRD0206<< lying on the balustrade and head down the stairs. 
    Cross the main hall to where the bird was lying and enter the before closed 
    door to end this chapter.
    Chapter 03 - Metro Station Platforms
    "Run Ethan, Run":
    Get out of this room and notice the 2 newspaper spendors in the next area. 
    There's a >>BIRD0301<< lying on the green one. Continue down the moving 
    staircase and around the corner. Some Hobo will be jumping over the benches 
    with a fireaxe in his hands. Take it from his cold fingers and be sure to pick
    up the >>BIRD0302<< that is lying on the bench where he was sitting. Find the 
    fireaxeable door. Up ahead in this room should be a black locker with a dead
    >>BIRD0303<< in it. Continue through and past 2 sodamachines. When you reach 
    the area with 2 opposing ticket-booths be prepared for a lot of fighting.
    "One Ticket to Hell and back, please":
    The left booth holds a firstaid-box. After the booths, take a left and watch 
    out for maniacs with shotguns. In case you lost your fireaxe there should be 
    one hanging on a nearby wall. Before fireaxing your way through, check the 
    cashregister in the booth just before the door for a >>METALPIECE0301<<.
    Now go fireaxing and grab the >>BIRD0304<< on top of a TV in this next room. 
    Proceed till you see someone breaking through a door in front of you. Out of
    this room keep left and down a ramp. Continue till you find a >>BIRD0305<<
    flapping in the middle of your path. Climb over the chain and get rid of the
    freaks. Now keep left and find a >>METALPIECE0302<< located at the side of
    one of the benches in this larger area. Go down the corridor next to the Metal
    and grab the >>BIRD0306<< that is rotting in the middle of the stairs. Go down
    the rest of the stairs and run past the train to the back of it. Jump down
    onto the tracks and keep an eye out for another >>METALPIECE0303<< hanging
    on the wall almost at the end of the tracks. Now hop onto the back of the
    train and enjoy the ride.
    Chapter 04 - Grid 4 Subway Tunnels
    "Ouch, my back hurts...":
    At the beginning of this level you'll immediatly be able to use you 
    gasspectrometer to find a rotting >>BIRD0401<<. Find it and take the first
    right off the tracks. Proceed till you need to climb a small ladder and another
    one a bit after that. Soon you have to jump a small gap. Do it and head to 
    the large red tank in front of you. Behind it, you can move aside a large plank
    and uncover the >>STATICTV<<. Walk left past the caged area to find a 
    >>METALPIECE0401<< at the end of the path. Now head back to the small gap and
    enter the first opening so you face another caged area, where you need a 
    shovel to proceed. Take a right and another right to find a shovel in the next
    room. Head back, pry the fence door open and climb a ladder behind it. Take
    a right and walk onto an air-balancing construction. At the end of it jump down
    and follow the hobo onto the tracks again.
    "Hello Mr. Fireman":
    Head right and upstairs into the train to >>INVESTIGATE<< the fireextinguisher
    times two. Wait for the kind lady to open up the doors to the next wagon and
    leave the train. Get the sledgehammer from the BigBoy and use it to smash away
    the padlock on the fence door. In the next room >>INVESTIGATE<< the map on the 
    fan, and kick the fan out afterwards. Jump through and turn right. Enter the 
    second door to find >>BIRD0402<< lying underneath the basin. Out of this room
    head over to the fireaxeable door and turn around to see stairs leading down.
    Follow the guy running away from you and grab the fireaxe. Head back up and use
    the fireaxe on the door. In this room 2 crawlers will be...well, crawling out
    of the manhole from the center of the room. Get rid of them and jump down the
    manhole. Turn the valve and get back to where you got the fireaxe from. The 
    steam should have stopped now, enabling you to jump down the big ladder a few
    steps further. Look for another ladder leading down one more level. When 
    you're down, go through the opened fence door to your left and make your way
    through the tight corridors. Before reaching the big rooms with the generators,
    there should be a smaller room where you'll be prompted to use your
    gasspectrometer again. Find the rotting >>BIRD0403<< behind some fuel barrels, 
    and don't be fooled by that flapping bird outside your reach. Proceed to the 
    second generator room with a health-box on the wall. Just after the box take a
    left to find a ladder leading up. Find yet another ladder next to a closed
    door and climb it. Look right to find >>BIRD0404<< lying next to a shovel on a
    folded cardboard box. Turn around, past the ladder, and jump down into the
    room. Proceed downstairs and pick up the >>BIRD0405<< lying in the middle of 
    the stairs. After more moving and up/downstairs, you'll finally reach a room
    with another generator and a staircase leading around/above it. Grab the
    shovel lying around on the stairs and pry that fence door in front of the 
    stairs open. A fire will brake out. Head up the first few stairs and look right
    to find a valve. Turn it and proceed up the rest of the stairs all the way to 
    the end to find another valve. Turn this one too, and the fire should stop and 
    blow the door away. Proceed through here.
    "6.45 to Paddington":
    At the tracks, turn right and take the first door to the right. There will be
    fighting/shooting in this area. When you're done head up the stairs ONCE and
    run past the train to the far end. Look for a >>METALPIECE0402<< on the wooden
    barricade. Now go back to the stairs and climb the rest of them. To your right
    should be a table with >>BIRD0406<< and a map on it. >>INVESTIGATE<< the map
    times two. Past the table there's a closed door. Enter the room and 
    >>INVESTIGATE<< the crowbar. Grab it and head outside onto the second level of
    this train-hall(the one with the metalpiece). Use your crowbar to open the 
    doors to the train and investigate one of the seats inside for a footprint. 
    Heads up: Open the compartment above your head and >>INVESTIGATE<< one of the
    mannequin arms. Use the ladder near where the crawler came down to climb atop
    the wagon. Follow that hot looking lady up the ladder and show her what you
    think of her.  Before leaving through that fence door, go left and find a
    >>METALPIECE0403<< near all those cardboard boxes. Leave through the fence door
    and enjoy some hobo-rumble with bodies raining down. You are now located in
    the room with the big ladder and before those generator-rooms. Make your way
    up the 2 ladders and back to where you kicked the fan out. Next to the fan is a 
    door so don't try climbing up the hole again. Approach the door in the locker
    room and you're off to Barts Department Store.
    Chapter 05 - Barts Department Store
    "Shopping for bodies":
    Move right into the small area and out left again. You should see a green 
    packet with a red ribbon. Next to this is a >>BIRD0501<< lying on the floor.
    Turn right and move around the moving stairs. At your first encounter for this
    chapter step through the broken window and proceed through the door on the 
    right. After you moved the 2 Clothes' Racks and a guy gets shot through the 
    window, turn right and look for an eye-covered pillar with a >>METALPIECE0501<<
    attached to it. This is a dead end so turn around and head outside on the
    balcony. Take the first right and pick up the >>BIRD0502<< lying in one of the
    showcases. Head up the small stairs and into the area with your first encounter 
    with the living mannequins. Keep left till you find the changing cubicles. 
    Past those you will see a desk with red paint on it. >>INVESTIGATE<< the print
    in the paint and the splatter on the wall above the desk. Follow the girl down
    the stairs and try giving her a kiss, just for fun...Further down take a right
    and a left to some more changing cubicles. Like in Chapter02 you can follow a
    trail with your forensic tools here but its no help other than finding your
    way. the trail ends early at an elevator shaft. Grab the Sledgehammer that 
    blocks the doors and head to the area before that.
    "Man or Mannequin?":
    You oughtta find a padlocked door around where the not-so-static mannequin
    starts coming after you. Open the door and head downstairs into a large room
    with a withered christmas tree in it. Here you can follow the trail again: No 
    use though, since you need to take another route. Head past the tree and up
    some stairs. Grab the >>METALPIECE0502<< from around the payphones on your 
    right and head up the rest of the stairs. Locate 3 wooden constructions to the
    left, one of which holds a >>BIRD0503<<. Continue past a red health-box and 
    you'll find yourself on the balcony again. Proceed to where it gets scary and
    find a hole in a wall where you can jump down and through a window. Follow the
    way till you reach another hole in the floor with mannequin parts hangin' 
    above it. Jump down and follow the trail to a mannequin head. Now 
    >>INVESTIGATE<< the footprints next to the head and get out your 
    gasspectrometer. While you do, a hobo will tear down a barricade a few steps 
    away. From where you found the foorprints, descend the few steps and run left 
    behind a wall. You'll find a >>METALPIECE0503<< near the rack hidden behind 
    here. Get over to where the hobo came out and continue through the barricade. 
    There's a room with a >>BIRD0504<< on a rack and a crawler playing death behind
    it. Further on there will be a flooded area with a fireaxe in the middle part.
    Grab it and head back to where you found the prints.
    "Geez, where's that smell coming from":
    Again go down the few stairs, walk to the wall upfront and look right. You'll
    see stairs leading up and upstairs 2 fireaxeable doors. Take the right one for
    now and continue past the shutter with the mannequin arm underneath. In the 
    next room, grab the >>BIRD0505<< from the desk and head back to the other 
    fireaxeable door. Break the door and head upstairs to find more changing
    cubicles. The 2nd one holds a >>BIRD0506<< and the 3rd last holds the jackpot.
    Get in and >>INVESTIGATE<< till you hear some fuss outside. Get through where
    the cop and the addict came from. In the larger area get over to where the
    copcars' lights are flashing and wait for Rosa to shut up. Now find the double
    doors in this area and end the chapter by moving through another double door.
    Chapter 06 - Burnback Alley
    "Hobo Mayhem":
    Right in front of you, you'll find >>BIRD0601<< and >>BIRD0602<<. Turn left
    and make out a large plank of wood leaning against the wall. There's another
    >>BIRD0603<< behind it. Take the corridor to the right of the latest bird to
    find the >>SILVERDETECTIVEBADGE<< and a >>METALPIECE0601<< on the wall right
    next to it. Make your way around the corner to the room where the hobo grabbed
    or will grab you through the wall. Proceed and watch the guy with the shotgun
    coming through the wall in front of you. In the same room look for some 
    filecabinets hiding >>BIRD0604<<. While Rosa calls you, make out the 
    >>METALPIECE0602<< on the wall in front of you, behind the desk. Then climb
    out the window and look around for >>BIRD0605<< on this roof before jumping
    down. Go around some corners all along the fence and pick up >>BIRD0606<< 
    before jumping down into the court. After you landed, immediatly turn right and
    run along the wall till you see >>METALPIECE0603<<. Look around for a health
    box and a fully loaded shotgun under a dumpster. Try to survive until one hobo
    will kick in a fence door then run through here. Hop into the bin and give
    those stowaways a good smack.
    Chapter 07 - Metro City Library
    "Rosa! I almost shot you...get a new hair-cut":
    Head out that doorway on your left and enter the lobby. There's a >>BIRD0701<<
    lying on the reception desk. Head further down the East Wing and use the 
    elevator at the end of this hallway. Out of the elevator go left past the 
    administration desk till you run into Rosa. Check your folder, grab the 
    upgraded Taser and follow Rosa to where she finds a Master Key. Go to the end
    of the office to your left and head back after the scary stuff. Climb through 
    the broken window and follow Rosa into the opposite office. In here, use the
    computer, then head out and right into the corridor. Open a pair of double 
    doors on your right and follow the corridor to some movable desks, on of which 
    holds >>BIRD0702<<. When proceeding, you will be prompted to >>INVESTIGATE<<
    droplets in front of a fireaxeable door. Now head to the end of the hallway to
    find your first >>METALPIECE0701<< for this chapter behind a movable crate of
    books. While heading back, a hobo will tear down a door in front of you with a
    fireaxe. Follow him and keep an eye out for a flapping >>BIRD0703<< under some
    file cabinets next to where a hobo with a gun will shot at you. Make out the 
    guy with the fireaxe in the next area and grab it off his dead hands. Now head 
    back to where you found the droplets and use your fireaxe on the door. 
    <<INVESTIGATE<< one of the server racks and get the crowbar from within it.
    "No time for art":
    Out of this room, take a right and 2 times left to find a closed grilled door. 
    Pry it open with the crowbar and get on the elevator. There will be armed and
    dangerous book readers in the lobby by now, so be careful. After you're done,
    grab the crowbar off the reception desk and head to the beginning of this
    chapter to find another grilled and closed door. There's the >>BIRDBATHTV<< 
    in here. Back in the lobby make out the large painting and pry open any of the
    doors next to it. Head upstairs and into a large reading room. Find a rotting
    >>BIRD0704<< with a sledgehammer next to it with the gasspectrometer. Grab the 
    sledgehammer and smash away the padlock on a ladder on the right wall of this
    room. Push the ladder over to the correct spot and climb it up to find another
    >>BIRD0705<<. Now jump down to where Rosa is lying on the floor. After her 
    successful uber-hacking-attempt follow her a~ll the way to a burned room with 
    racks and books in it. When you reach a small area from where you can see the 
    2nd floor with the large book room from earlier, look left to find 
    >>METALPIECE0702<< behind a crate of books. Make your way around the burned
    racks till you fall down a few levels. 
    "Now you know why you never go to the librairies":
    After cleaning your pants, get around the book shelves. Can't help you with any
    directions from now on so just try and make your way around these racks. When 
    you reach the gap with Rosa standing on the other side, jump down and continue
    past the neverending racks. At sometime a crawler will come climbing out of the
    ceiling. There oughtta be a >>BIRD0706<< lying on a table next to him. The
    following area will be quite dangerous with a lot of shooting. Try staying in 
    cover till the hobos run out of ammunition. Then check out the room they came
    out of to find >>METALPIECE0703<< behind one of the desks. Out of this room,
    head left to meet up with Rosa. Follow her to some stairs and head down into 
    the microfiche room. After you got the intel, kill off some addicts and wait
    for Rosa to leave her safeplace. Run after her to end this chapter.
    Chapter 08 - St. Joseph's Secondary School
    "Got psycho-class at 11":
    >>BIRD0801<< is lying behind a desk in room No.3 to your right. Up ahead, watch
    for some rubble that will be cleared, then head after it. Enter the room on
    your left and check the walls near the desks in here for >>METALPIECE0801<<.
    After you ducked under a broken wall, get the sledgehammer in here and unlock 
    the door next to it. Head out and smash away the padlock on the fencedoor to 
    the staircase. Up the stairs find the school's laboratories for a short 
    encounter with the local butcher. Head through the following classrooms to 
    another school corridor. Take a right into the boy's toilets to find a 
    >>BIRD0802<< lying on top of an undefineable heap of something(check for flies
    if you can't find it). Enter the classroom with a crawler up on the chalkboard.
    >>INVESTIGATE<< the other chalkboard with the lips on it. Try heading back out
    just to fall down a level. Take the door leading to a red health-box and exit 
    through another door. Follow the butcher past the kitchenette and climb over a
    low wall. Leave this room through the doorway on your right and head up the 
    stairs into the tribune part of the school's sports hall. Leave through a door
    on the right and jump down the broken staircase. Take two times right and one 
    left to find >>BIRD0803<< at the end of this corridor.
    "300 pounds of fresh meat, please":
    Turn around and run to the other end of it and enter the kitchen. Enter the 
    cooling room and meet, or should I say meat, up with the butcher. He ain't 
    up for the usual smalltalk, so get rid of him before he slices you a few new
    scars. There's a trick do beat him without taking any damage: Try keeping him
    on the other side of the table and hit him from your's. He's got crappy range
    with his cleaver so you will only need to step somewhat back to avoid his 
    swings. When he's done, take his cleaver and use it on the ""corpse"" that is 
    lying on the table (harhar...scared you there, didn't I). Get the fireaxe. Head
    out of the kitchen and into the corridor with the broken staircase. Use your 
    fireaxe on one of the doors here and enter the sports hall. Find the lever in 
    here to lower the baskets. >>INVESTIGATE<< the arm hanging from one of the
    baskets and walk over to the other half of the hall. Jump down the new hole and
    immediatly look out for a desk with a >>METALPIECE0802<< next to it. Further on
    find a ladder next to red health-box and climb it. Proceed to the staircase and
    head down first to find the >>TESTPATTERNTV<< and a >>BIRD0804<<. Now head all
    the way up the stairs and step outside. Continue to the playground area and
    repel the enemy waves, preferrably with that rifle hidden in a small room 
    behind where you were lying. Get over to where the BigBoy with the 
    Submachinegun came out of and jump through that low window.
    "No way to die":
    Proceed a little down the corridor and >>INVESTIGATE<< some blood on the left
    wall. Continue through a rusted fence door and into a locker room. Check for a
    small room to your left to find a >>BIRD0805<<. Further down the corridor you
    will have to climb 2 low walls. In this room, make out an U-shaped locker 
    formation and >>INVESTIGATE<< one of the lockers till Tibbets is put out of his
    misery. (I swear to God, I knew what was coming but this one made my heart 
    freeze). Get the shovel from his locker and head over and past the showers. Use
    the shovel on a fence door and turn the valve. Now proceed through the corridor
    and jump down into the pool. Try getting out of it at the higher end. When you
    finally do, open the door in front of you and grab the fireaxe from in here. 
    Head out again and left for a fireaxeable door. Break through and enter another
    locker room. Head all the way over to the opposite wall and look left for a 
    sledgehammer or right for a padlocked fencedoor with a >>METALPIECE0803<< 
    behind it. Look near the entrance of this room for another doorway that leads 
    to a bloodcovered shower room. Past the showers exit through a door and look 
    out for >>BIRD0806<< lying on a table shortly after the toiletwall-like walls.
    Continue till you experience some sort of flashback. When Rosa's done talking 
    check for the exit doors with Vanhorn waiting outfront.
    Chapter 09 - Apple Seed Orchard
    We are nearing the end. This whole chapter will play in this house, so in terms
    of directions this may come in handy: The basement and the 1st floor are
    circularly build. The groundfloor is U-shaped with the living room, the 
    kitchen and the entry to the basement in one direction and a dead end in the
    other direction. On 1st floor, there is a padlocked door which leads to the 
    "Goddammit, I hate basements":
    >>INVESTIGATE<< the wall to your right at the beginning of this chapter. 
    Instead of following the trails to the 4 inscriptions scattered in the house, 
    I'll immediatly lead you to them. You needn't investigate anything but the
    inscriptions themselves to get the Investigator Award. Go left through the 
    living room and grab the >>BIRD0901<< off the table while you do. Head through
    the double doors and all the way down the corridor to enter a room to your left
    . Move the small drawer to reveal >>METALPIECE0901<<. Out of this room step 
    over into the kitchen. Open the refrigerator for a >>BIRD0902<< and 
    >>INVESTIGATE<< the oven for the first inscription. Open the door next to the 
    fridge and make your way down into the basement. Start walking right, and after
    a few steps check a niche on the right to find >>METALPIECE0902<<. Continue to
    the next room and find >>BIRD0903<< in front of the mirror. Head a little 
    further to find a basin with inscription No.2 on it. >>INVESTIGATE<< to read. 
    In a large room with a small set of blocked stairs, make out a rusted oven with
    the >>GOLDDETECTIVEBADGE<< behind it. Move on to reach the stairs again, and 
    head up through the kitchen and the living room to where you started this 
    "No, don't send me down there again, PLEASE":
    Go upstairs and right into a corridor with 3 doors. Enter the 2nd room to your 
    left. Move the bathtub for >>BIRD0904<< and >>INVESTIGATE<< the closet for your
    3rd inscription. Grab the sledgehammer from within the closet. Now move over 
    to the childrensroom. Check the closet for >>METALPIECE0903<< and the bed for 
    >>BIRD0905<<, then smash away the padlock on the door next to it. Up the attic
    turn right for >>BIRD0906<< that is flapping behind some crates. Turn around 
    and move on till your sight gets blurry. Your first ninja will be coming from
    behind you. When you dealt with him proceed to where nailed planks WERE 
    blocking your way and jump down. >>INVESTIGATE<< the crate for your last 
    inscription and head out and down the stairs into the basement again. Remember
    that large mirror down here? Open it and step into the hideout. At the far end
    of this room there'll be newspaperclips on a table. >>INVESTIGATE<< them, then 
    head up to where you started this chapter.
    "Have You seen my fireaxe?":
    To get that piano out of the way you will need a fireaxe. Enmies will come
    jumping into the house at the entrance of the living room and at the other side
    of the "U-shape" I mentioned earlier(the dead end). Keep running from one place
    to the other and kill all enemies in your way. At sometime an addict with a 
    fireaxe will jump into the living room. Grab his weapon and smash away the 
    balustrade on the stairs. Head up and right to find a before-closed room. 
    >>INVESTIGATE<< the torturers hands. After the cutscene, head out to the area 
    where the stairs come up and wait for Serial Killer X to come by. Keep hitting 
    until this chapter ends.
    Chapter 10 - Processing Center
    "Big Barns burn bright":
    When you released yourself, head out and right to find a 2*4 Fire. By grabbing 
    it, you will unblock your path. Climb over and pick up the flapping 
    >>BIRD1001<< on the floor. Now head out of the barn and cross the place. A bit
    ahead, a shadow will blow away the side of the construction. Move on till you
    face the side of a building with a >>METALPIECE1001<< on it. Head right to your
    first encounter and move the nearby horse trailer for a >>BIRD1002<<. Shortly 
    after, you'll see a tractor engine at your left with another >>BIRD1003<< on 
    top of it. Proceed onto the bridge and check one of the right supports for 
    >>METALPIECE1002<<. Continue ahead and right past the torches. Get inside the 
    building and move the crates for a >>BIRD1004<<. Now pull the lever and get 
    out side. Jump off the platform and head on right. Make your way around the 
    trees and the torches but watch the enemies coming from all sides. Move through 
    the little shed and head for the open barn in front. 2 guys with rifles wait up
    ahead. There's a rifle lying for you in the horse-trailer to the right. Make 
    out the ruined building up ahead and walk over. Inside you'll find a 
    >>BIRD1005<<, 2 submachineguns and health kits, which you will be needing for 
    the following encounters. Spare some bullets for an upcoming ninja. Proceed to
    the next building and pick up the >>METALPIECE1003<< from the table near the 
    entrance. At the end of the building you'll find >>BIRD1006<< hanging from a 
    stick. Just grab the stick and you'll get the bird too. 
    Get out of this room and grab a weapon. Get a hold of the fireaxe one of the 
    crawler is handling. After some kills "The Hate" will come jumping down and
    face you. Hit him for about 4-5 times until he stumbles and won't attack for a
    short time. STOP HITTING and use directional buttons near him to tear out some
    of his ... things. He'll jump on a higher floor, leaving some more enemies for
    you to mash away with your fireaxe. Climb up a nearby ladder to face "The Hate"
    again. Repeat the "tear out" part two times and watch him fall to death ... 
    symbolically. After some cutscenes, you will face a hard decision: To kill 
    Serial Killer X or not. Whichever you choose it gets you an Achievement Award.
    Congratulations. You completed the game. Now go get those Achievements.
    3.1  Achievment Awards
    You can earn not less than 50 Achievement Awards for "Condemned:
    Criminal Origins" totaling a 970 points for your Xbox360 Gamerscore. Don't ask
    me why they didn't come up with another one to get the 1000. Apart from rising
    your Gamerscore they will unlock Special footage that can be accessed from the
    main menu of the Game. 
    I received many enquiries on how people didn't get an Achievement allthough 
    they seemed to have fulfilled all of the requirements. Unfortunatly I have to 
    confirm that the Game DOES have difficulties with the hidden statistics for 
    your Achievements. I can tell, since I replayed with a blank profile and out of
    personal experience. If you are one of the unlucky ones that won't get the 
    Melee Mayhem Award try swinging every weapon including the guns and killing once
    with it. For the ones not being able to unlock the Gold Bird Award, even when
    owning every Silver Bird Award, play a few chapters extra and get more birds. I
    tried it and got the Award after around 20 birds more than needed. In any case,
    if you experience problems of the sort, I highly suggest starting a new game 
    instead of playing single chapters (Just select New Game from the Menu). Sorry.
    Here are the Awards:
    1-10. Bronze Bird Awards
    Find at least one bird in a chapter to get the bronze Bird Award for that 
    11-20. Silver Bird Awards
    Find all 6 of the birds in a chapter to unlock the Silver Bird Award for that 
    21-29. Chapter Completion Awards
    Complete any chapter but the last one to get its respective Award.
    30. Game Completion Award
    Complete the last chapter to get this Award.
    31. Gold Bird Award:
    Find every Bird in the game. When you got all 10 Silver Birds, logically you 
    should get the Gold Award. However since of the Achievement-Bug, you might need
    to find a few more birds extra to unlock the Award.
    32-34. Bronze, Silver and Gold Melee Award
    Complete 1, 3 or all Chapters with only Melee-Weapons. The Taser does count
    as a Melee Weapon for this purpose.
    35. Firearm Freedom Award
    You need to pick up every firearm available throughout the game, being:
    0.45cal, Revolver, Shotgun, Sawed off(shotgun), Submachinegun and the rifle.
    Execpt for the revolver these are all common and can be grabbed off the enemy
    hands(even the revolver). There's a revolver in one of the changing cubicles in
    Chapter05 though. The Sawed-off can be found in Chapter07 on the 1st floor 
    under the reception desk(in front of the "large reading room"). The Rifle can
    be found in a horse trailer in the 10th Chapter. One of the hobos waiting in 
    the lobby of the library will be carrying a Submachinegun.
    36. Melee Mayhem Award
    Find every melee weapon in the Game, and despite the name, apparently also all
    firearms. You only have to pick them up, but I suggest swinging them once
    to make sure the game does count it. If you still have problems unlocking the 
    Award try killing at least once with every weapon.
    I covered all of the weapons for you with specific locations for not so common 
    weapons. I'll walk them through in order of the chapters they can be found in, 
    this does not mean they can only be found in that specific chapter though. 
    Check Firearm Freedom Award for the guns:
    Chapter01 - Rebar Conrete,Conduit,2*4Nails,2*4Bolts,Fire Axe,Large Pipe, 
    *********   Small Pipe,Rebar Bent
    -Conduit: In the room after you lost your gun
    -Rebar Bent: In a locker opposite of the fireaxe-door with the TV in it.
    -Large Pipe: On a rack in the same room with the Rebar Bent.
    -Rebar Concrete: In the last room of the chapter, sticking out of a pillar.
    Chapter02 - Shovel,Rebar(straight),Crowbar,Mannequin arm
    -Rebar: Check the bin near the flasks you need to investigate.
    -Mannequin Arm: In a bin after you opened the 210 door with a sledgehammer. If 
                    you missed it, Barts Department Store has em all over the place
    Chapter03 - Sign
    -Signs: Check walls for Signs
    Chapter04 - Steam Pipe
    -Steam Pipe: Your 1st or 2nd Encounter(crawlers) carries one. Or grab it from a
     wall near the manhole with 2 crawlers coming out of.
    Chapter05 - Clothes Rack
    -Clothes Rack: An inch away from that mannequin head down in the basement.
    Chapter06 - Locker Door
    -Locker Door: At the start of this chapter, check for the yellow lockers that
                 can be found throughout chapter08, the school.
    Chapter07 - Paper Cutter, Gaspipe, Desk Drawer, 2*4 burnt
    -Desk Drawer: After Rosa found the Masterkey and you enter the office room, its 
     right in front of you when entering the room.
    -Paper Cutter: Same room as the desk Drawer, on the far end.
    -Gaspipe: Sure can be found in earlier chapters, thing is I can't remember 
             where. Probably Chapter04. Anyways: After you got the Intel about
             the School(end of chapter), one of the guys attacking you holds one.
    -2*4 Burnt: After falling down to the basement, check the walls for a burnt 
                piece of wood.
    Chapter08 - Desktop, Handrail
    -Desktop: Right at the start, check the childrens desks in the corridor.
    -Handrail: On the wall next to the Bird you found in the boys' toilets.
    Chapter 09 - Stick, Large Plank, Fireplace Poker
    -Stick: Ninjas hold these. Finish the one in the attic off to get one.
    -Large Plank: When you head down the stairs into the basement, at the end of 
                  the stairs look on the workbench in front of you. 
    -Fireplace Poker: Around the fireplace in the living room.
    Chapter 10 - 2*4 Fire
    There are other weapons, which you will pick up automatically in the course of
    the game, being: Fireplace Poker, cleaver and a rod with bolts from a subway 
    train(Handrail). Additionally you'll need the Fireaxe, Shovel, Crowbar and the 
    Shledgehammer for advancing the story. Don't forget to pick up the upgraded 
    Taser Rosa brought you along in Chapter07. Please note that the Fireextinguisher
    cannot be picked up, thus is not classified a Melee Weapon. The longer Stick 
    "The Hate" is wielding cannot be picked up either. 
    NOTE: This is not verified but you might wanna use every gun as a Melee Weapon
    once, to make sure you get the Award. Press RB to switch from ranged to melee
    with a gun.
    37. Chief Investigator Award
    You collected every piece of evidence the game has to offer. Check the 
    walkthrough for places to investigate. These are highlighted by 
    >>INVESTIGATE<<. There is only 4 missable pieces of evidence throughout the 
    game, being:
    1. chapter2: After entering the station main hall you can track some kind of 
    fluid all the way down to the basement where you need to resupply an elevator. 
    Check the button of this very elevator to find a fingerprint.
    2. chapter2: Before pushing the large locker away from the door, just after the
    last metalpiece for this level, you need to check the scratches behind the 
    3. chapter4: To the end of this chapter, in the room with trains in it, there's 
    a table on the upper level with a bird lying on it. Next to the bird there's a 
    map which you will need to check twice to get credit for.
    4. chapter8: See the third part of my walkthrough for the shool. After jumping 
    trough a window from outside the playground, where you'll experience the Tibbets
    flashback, check the left wall of this first corridor for a large stain of 
    Tibbits' blood.
    38. Revenge Award
    Kill Serial Killer X in Chapter10.
    39. Compassion Award
    Don't kill Serial Killer X in Chapter10. Just do nothing for a few seconds when
    pointing the gun at him.
    40-42. Bronze, Silver and Gold Detective Badges
    Can be found in chapters 1, 6 and 9. Check the Walkthrough for the exact 
    43-46. Ripple TV, Static TV, Bird Bath TV and Test Pattern TV
    Can be found in Chapters 2, 3, 7 and 8. Check the Walkthrough for details.
    47-50. First, Second, Third and Fourth Report Award
    In order to get these you will have to find a certain number of Metal Pieces.
    Collect 9 pieces for the 1st Report, 20 Pieces for the 2nd, 29 Pieces for the 
    3rd and 30 pieces for the 4th Report. Please note that the Internal Affairs 
    and the DUO Report are achieved by unlocking the Second and Third Report, and 
    do not count as an Award for themselves.
    4.1 Gameplay Bugs
    Here, I'll enumerate Bugs that will make it impossible to continue gameplay 
    without restarting from checkpoint/level. As this is the latest addition to the
    walkthrough, this may be highly incomplete. Send in your bugs and solutions to
    !!For all bugs so far, restart from checkpoint...and when this doesn't help, 
    restart the chapter to make it work again!!
    1. Chapter9: Up on the attic, where the ninja pops up behind you, the planks 
    blocking your way won't disappear after defeating the ninja. 
    2. Chapter7: Upon re-entering the elevator to go up again, people aren't able to
    sometimes. I suppose this happens because people didn't get into the elevator 
    fast enough so they experienced the scary Rosa-flashback outside the elevator.
    3.Chapter10: Never experienced by myself, got a lot of feedback on this one 
    nonetheless: When fighting the final boss, you might loose your weapon on the
    third go for ripping that bastards "things" out. And you won't be able to pick
    up any of the weapons lying around.
    5.1 Legal Stuff and Credits
    Credits to:
    -Colin Grist for noticing that I mixed up the explanations for the 
     Revenge/Compassion Awards.
    -dbliggs for the exact number of metalpieces needed to unlock the Reports. 
    -rIKmAN for telling me that I forgot the Investigation part on the torturer in 
    -bigroc10304 for asking me to put the shotgun in chapter6 in, to make life 
    -efrain for noticing a false Metalpiece-number in Chapter4.
    Legal Stuff:
    Please feel encouraged to mail me questions and praises. Especially since this
    is my first Guide of any sort. I'd be happy to integrate things you think need
    mentioning or correct obvious faults you've detected.
    gamefaqs Username: khytomer
    Gamertag Xbox360: Khytomer
    Email-adress: khytomer@hotmail.com
    This guide is copyright (c) 2006 Philippe Wagener, the author. 
    Luxembourg, 30th of January 2006.

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