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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Enders Shadow86

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/30/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ...Watch your back...
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    *                                                                             *
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    *		          Condemned: Criminal Origins		              *
    *                               System: XBOX 360                              *
    *                               FaQ/Walkthrough                               *
    *                             Author: Daniel Perez                            *
    *                       Email: danielperez@paxgamers.com                      *
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         This guide is dedicated to Eli, you have made my life worth living.
    [This game is rated M for mature. This guide does have mild language but kids
    shouldn't be playing the game in the first place. It really isn't for kids.
    Trust me on this one. I don't know how many underwears got ruined.]
    Table of Contents
      1. Version History
      2. Contact
      3. Introduction to the Game
           3.1 Story
           3.2 Game Basics
           3.3 Controls
      4. Tips/Strategies
      5. FAQS
      6. Walkthrough
           Chapter 1- [Wesiman Office Building]
           Chapter 2- [Central Metro Station]
           Chapter 3- [Metro Station Platforms]
           Chapter 4- [Grid 4 Subway Tunnels]
           Chapter 5- [Bart's Department Store]
           Chapter 6- [Burnback Alley]
           Chapter 7- [Metro City Library]
           Chapter 8- [St. Joseph's Secondary School]
           Chapter 9- [Apple See Orchard]
           Chapter 10- [Processing Center]
      7. Acknowledgements
      8. Copyright
                                1. Version History
    Version 1.0 - March 30, 2006 - 6:00am
                      Completed-  Version History, Contact, Intro. to Game,
                                  Tips/Strategies, Walkthrough, Copyright
                      Incomplete- FAQS, More Tips/Strategies
                                    2. Contact
    You can contact me at: danielperez@paxgamers.com
    Please read through the entire guide to find the info. you need before emailing
    me. If you have any questions or comments, or want to add anything I'll give
    you recognition in later versions.
    But when you email me please put something like Condemned FAQ in the subject so
    I know it isn't spam. If it doesn't have that title it will not be read.
    Thanks for your feedback.
                             3. Introduction to the Game
    3.1 [Background Story] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    [Taken from the game manual]
    What twists the mind of an ordinary human into a serial killer?
    Assigned to the Serial Crimes Unit, Agent Ethan Thomas must answer this
    question, and bring the worst of society to justice.  His solve rate is the
    best in the bureau... perhaps too good.
    While investigating the growing list of serial killers, Agent Thomas concludes
    that something is twisting the bodies and souls of those that society has left
    behind.  The homeless, addicted and deranged are rising from the city's
    underbelly and committing mindless acts of violence.  Could there be an unseen
    connection between the increasing brutality of the latest serial killings and
    the increasing crime rate?
    This question is pushed to the forefront after Agent Thomas is framed for the
    murder of two police officers.  Now he must solve the murders to stop the
    killings, and exonerate himself from the crimes of which he is accused.
    As FBI agent Ethan Thomas, you rely on sharp instincts and sophisticated
    forensic tools to investigate crime scenes, collect evidence, and find clues
    that will lead you to the killers.  With danger lurking in every shadow, you
    need whatever weapons you can find to stay alive.  If you run out of bullets,
    you'll have to fight with a fire ax, shovel, pipe, two-by-four, or whatever
    you can pry from the environment around you.  You'll need to make sure nothing
    stops you as you try to uncover exactly who...or what is behind the grisly
    killings plaguing the city.
    3.2 [Game Basics] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The game proceeds like an adventure/action game in which you follow the story
    until you find a clue or something else to move it along. The game is very
    linear, not allowing much free time. There are 10 chapters in the storyline.
    In each chapter you have to do certain things to accomplish the mission. To
    view objectives and tasks press the Start button. These tasks aren't really
    necessary to follow since the game will take you step by step.
    Moving around and exploring isn't difficult. You can pick up most objects by
    pressing A. You can have 1 firearm or 1 melee weapon at a time. Switch
    between using a firearm and using it as a melee weapon by pressing RB.
    Once in awhile you'll have to use tools to find evidence or something else. The
    tools are automitcally shown. Use -X- to gather evidence and -RT- to confirm
    The battle system is fairly easy to get used to. Your health bar is displayed
    at the top left of the screen. When it runs out, you die. Simple. You can block
    with -LT- and fire/hit with -RT-. You can use a taser with -LB-. This can
    either kill or shock your enemy depending on their health. During the game
    many enemies will attack you in anger and out of the darkness. Stay calm and
    follow the tips and strategies outlined.
    3.3 [Controls] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    A button- Activate- [Open doors, pick up items]
    B button- Flashlight button- [turns off/on]
    Y button- Ammo check- [Checks how many rounds your firearm has left]
    X button- Tool button [Used for investigation]
    Left Thumbstick- Move around. [Press and Hold down to run]
    Right thumbstick- Look around [Press in to kick]
    RB- Toggle Melee- [Switch between handgun and melee weapons]
    LB- Taser [Shock the hell out of people]
    RT- Fire or Swing melee weapon- [attacks]
    LT- Block [Only able to block with melee weapon]
    D-Pad- Finishing moves- [used to finish of enemy when they are kneeling]
    Start- Brings up Menu [Save, View Objectives, Options, Etc.]
                                  4. Tips/Strategies
    * Keep your flashlight on at all times. It doesn't tip off enemies and it's
    just plain scary as hell without it.
    * Blocking works sometimes if you time it right, but it's kind of useless
    against enemies attacking from all sides.
    * Take your time. This isn't a game that you need to rush in. In fact, you walk
    really slow for a purpose. Slow down, enjoy the graphics, and get scared.
    * Wait for the enemy to attack first. Don't go rushing into a fight or you will
    be owned. Wait for the enemy to swing their weapon, and then go in for the
    attack. After they swing their weapon they expose themselves so bang them up!
    * When you get jumped from all sides, step back and see if they accidently kill
    each other when going on their rampage. They may start to fight each other.
    <sigh> Crackheads...
    * Use a taser -LB- on enemies and then take away their weapons with -A- They
    will be left defenseless and you will have some free shots.
    * As a general rule of thumb, when enemies have firearms, wait for their ammo
    to run out before attacking them. Their ammo does run out just like yours.
    But remember, if you want to use a particular weapon that an enemy is using,
    take them out as quick as possible so that you have more shots to fire once
    you get the weapon.
    * Stay out of range! Let the enemy come to you and circle around them. Once you
    see an opening, attack.
                                     5. FAQS
    -Send some emails and I'll post some up!
                                  6. Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is as spoiler free as possible. But I can't make any promises
    that it won't spoil something so be careful before reading ahead. Also, during
    the game there are metalpieces and birds that you collect for achievements. Not
    everyone cares for these kinds of things, but I added most (98%) of the birds
    and the metalpiece locations. There are 6 birds and 3 metalpieces in every
    chapter. To reiterate, not all spots of birds and metalpieces are shown in
    walkthrough, but most are. The main purpose of this guide is to tell you what
    to do/where to go if you are stuck. Enjoy!
    Chapter 1- Weisman Office Building
    Watch the opening cutscene then follow the cop through the right alleyway.
    While following him he'll give you a mini tutorial on some of the game basics.
    Follow him up a flight of stairs. If you enter the first room to your right,
    you can pick up a Bird that unlocks achievements. Follow the guy again and he
    leads you to a crime scene. You need to examine the girl's neck- press X and
    when the monitor is green press the right trigger. Do the same for the
    mannequin's face. After gathering the evidence and seeing a cutscene, follow
    Dickenson to the next room and watch a cutscene. After the cutscene you get a
    weapon and you're on your own.
    Your new task is to find the electrical room and reset the fuse box to get the
    building's light back on. You also have a gun. In a second, you get a call from
    Dickenson telling you that an addict is near you. Walk straight and the addict
    will come out with a pipe ready to knock you out. Aim right at his head and hit
    the right trigger to blast him to hell! Now, go to the room directly across
    from the one that the addict came out of. Go up the stairs, and follow the way
    to the left. Another guy will attack. Coserve ammo and aim at his head. There
    is a bird on the windowsill to the right and a health back in a locker in the
    back of the room. Keep on going through the next section. When you get to a
    wide open place go to the far right door and enter it. You will see a
    flashback. In the back of the room, pull the lever and you will see a cutscene
    where a suspect takes your gun. Great!
    In the next area, grab a metal pipe from the wall, then move a desk out of your
    way to go farther. Make a left to find a room with health packs and a bird on
    the floor right in front of the health packs. Head back to the main path and
    continue. You will see a crackhead scurry up some boxes to get away. Continue
    on and go right to the next area. Here a few guys will gang up on you. Just
    block and hammer away. After taking them out follow the path and you will see
    some scary seens. When it's over follow the hallway to a room where you can
    use a device to pick up foul smell to find another bird. Go back and make a
    right to find a room with a couple of health packs. Follow the path and you
    will see some more stairs. When you get to the top Dickerson will throw you
    a fire axe to help you. There is another bird right on that windowsill.
    Use the axe to break down the door up ahead. In here you need to fight some
    enemies. One hit with the axe and they're done. Follow the path through the
    door in the back and work your way around one room to enter another. Here you
    will fight two more enemies. Do away with them. A bird is lying a large wooden
    plank at the end of this area. Follow the path further and you will fight two
    more baddies. After they are killed a door will open. Follow it and you will
    see a cutscene that ends the first chapter!
    Chapter 2- Central Metro Station
    Begin by grabbing the shovel next to a door. Use the shovel on the door at the
    front of the fence. Follow the path down some stairs and into the metro. Looks
    like fun! Continue forward and you'll see another freaky flashback. After the
    flashback you need to go to a garbage can with photos inside them. Check out
    the photos by investigating them. After the conversation, follow the path to a
    large garbage dump. Beside the dump are broken flasks on the floor. Investigate
    the liquid on the floor. After you see the conversation, a hobo will attack
    from behind you. Make quick work of him and use his crowbar to open the box on
    the left of the big steel door. Push the button and go through the door. Be
    ready for two more hobos to attack from behind. Go straight through until you
    reach the wall. Make a left and then a right to find a bird. Head back to the
    main area and go through a green door to the left side of the steel door. In
    this next area, go up a set of stairs, open the double doors and continue
    through the hallway until you get a call from Vanhorn.
    After the call another hobo will attack from behind. Go up the stairs and go
    right, follow the path until you find another set of stairs. Go down. The first
    room on your right has a hobo and a health set. Get out of the room and go down
    the corridor. At the end, a hobo with a gun attacks, so be careful. Go to the
    door on the left and you will be in a room with a lot of file cabinets. Grab a
    sledgehammer on the floor. Turn right and pick up a metalpiece behind the file
    cabinets on the wall with the eyes. Go back and go through the other door in
    the room. You'll be back in the lounge. Continue to the end of the lounge to be
    back where the stairs are. Use the sledgehammer on the door directly across
    from you. Go through the locker room and down a few flights of stairs when
    Vanhorn contacts you again. Head up two more sets of stairs and you'll be in
    a huge area. A bird is on the floor near an ATM in the back of this hall. Then
    go northeast to a hallway with a painting at the end of the hallway. Make a
    right, pass an ATM machine and move a small table out of the way to find
    another bird. Now, turn around and head back to the other side of the alleyway.
    You'll be in a place that you will need to pull out your gadget. Look at the
    floor and follow the trail of fluids. The trail leads under a metal fence. You
    have to go to the left of the fence and through a doorway to get around. Follow
    the path and you will be at an elevator. Investigate the buttons next to the
    elevators. Now we need to get the elevator running.
    Go to the right of the elevator and follow the path down some stairs. Follow
    the winding paths past two doors that you can fireaxe. Next to the second door
    that you can fireaxe is a ladder that leads down. Once down, find a metalpiece
    in between two horizontal pipes on the wall. Continue through the tunnel and go
    up the ladder at the end. Go into the next room where two large metal doors
    open and a couple of hobos attacks. Inside to the left of the left door is a
    fireaxe on the wall. Grab it! Turn around and go through the door behind you.
    It leads back to the second fireaxeable room. Fireaxe that door and pull the
    lever next to the door. Fireaxe your way out of the other door in the room and
    continue until you see a door to your left. Fireaxe it and go to the TV to
    unlock an achievement. Now take the elevator by pressing 3rd floor, and make a
    right when you get out. There's a bird near some old file cabinets on the
    floor. Continue on the path and enter the first door on the right. Go straight
    and when you hit the wall make a left. In the bottom of a file cabinet grab the
    crowbar. Head back to the door you just entered and head left to find a room
    with a health pack and a safe. With the crowbar, crack the safe to find a .45
    caliber pistol. Only four shots, so don't waste them. Go back to where you
    found the crowbar and make a left. A hobo with a shotgun stands in your way.
    But you have a pistol so cap his ass. Go through the room, make a right and
    enter a bathroom where a bird is in a toilet bowl. How pretty...
    Follow the path until you see another flashblack. Enter the door to your
    immediate right and get another metalpiece from under the cupboard. Then move
    the piece of furniture at the end of the hallway to expose a door. Go through
    the door and down the left hallway to find a really freaky scene. It's a room
    right across from your (Ethan Thomas) apartment. It looks like someone has been
    spying on you and stocking your every move. Investigate the finger prints on
    the recorder to have a coversation with Rosa. Get out of the room and keep left
    to enter another door. Again, more pictures of you hanging around...Investigate
    the newspapers on the wall and snap a picture to start another convo. When you
    are done head out of the door and you will be suprised by a pretty strong
    opponent. Hammer away and block. Afterwards, follow the suspect and climb
    through a broken windowpane. Follow the path, go through a door, and around
    some desks to a balcony. Collect the bird on the balcony railing and then head
    downstairs through a door. When you get to the bottom you'll be in the main
    hall again. Cross the hall and you're done with the Chapter! Breathe...
    Chapter 3- Metro Station Platforms
    Move forward and out of the room and you'll be in a lobby. Next to the
    newspaper stands is a bird. Go down the broken escalators.  You'll see your
    suspect go under a metal fence and beat the crap out of a hobo. You can't
    follow him through the gate. There are a few hobos here. One is sitting on a
    bench with a fireaxe. Take his fireaxe, you'll need it. There's also a guy with
    a pistol so be warned. With the fireaxe, go left of the metal fence and fireaxe
    the door. In the next room is a bird inside a black locker. Follow the path
    until you reach a place with two ticket booths. In the left one are a couple of
    firstaid packs. Right in front of the ticketbooth to the right is a cabinet
    that you can move out of the way to pick up a shotgun. There is a fireaxe
    to the right side when you pass the two ticket booths. You need it to fireaxe
    a door. Continue on the left and you will encounter a couple of hobos with
    shotguns. Check behind the cash register in the nearby booth for a metal piece,
    then fireaxe the door. There is a bird on top of the TV in the next room. Go to
    the next area and a hobo with a fireaxe will break down a door right in front
    of you. When you do away with him, another hobo with a .45 will come from your
    right side. Go left down the ramp. You come to a bird on the floor, in the
    middle of your path. Turn around and jumo over the metal chain that is next to
    an escalator. You get thrown down the stairs and have to deal with three hobos.
    Make a left and find the eyes on the wall next to a bench to find another metal
    piece. Follow the corridor with a sign that has a Blue 9 and you will see a
    bird halway down some stairs. Pick it up and go into the next area. Here you
    will see a train. Go to the back of the train, jump down onto the tracks, grab
    the metal piece on the wall, and hop on. Just sit tight, you can't do anything
    but just watch. A hobo might jump on, just wack him until he goes down.
    Chapter 4- Grid 4 Subway Tunnels
    There is a new type of enemy in this chapter- the crawlers. They are fast but
    generally weak. One little shot from the taser and they die. They also die with
    one or two hits.
    When you begin, walk forward and use your device to find the first bird by a
    pillar in the center of the tracks. Then, continue on to the right side of the
    tracks. Follow the path and you will need to climb two ladders. Next, you'll
    have to jump down into a large area. There are a lot of crawlers here so be
    careful. When you jump down, move straight and you will see a large red tank.
    Move it to uncover a room. On the tv is an achievement. Get out of the hidden
    room and continue through the room, past the fence to find a metal piece on the
    wall. Now go back to where you first jumped down and enter the little passage
    way to the left. You need a shovel to open the gate and porceed. Make two
    rights to find a shovel and come back to the fence to open it. Climb up the
    ladder. Make a right and you'll be on some platforms. Follow them to the end
    and jump down to the right.
    When you reach the tracks, go right and enter the train. You will be prompted
    to investigate. Look at the fireextinguisher and investigate it twice to speak
    to Rose. When you are done, a hobo lady will open one of the doors for you.
    Move to the end of the train to get out and then drop the BigBoy. Use his
    sledgehammer to open the door to proceed. In the next room, investigate the
    map on the fan and then kick it. Go down and turn right. Follow the path to a
    door on the far right. Inside will be a bird and a healthpack. Go out and find
    stairs that lead downward. Go down and follow the path until you see your
    suspect. Grab the fireaxe, go back up the stairs and you will get a call from
    Rosa. After the chat, fireaxe the door, discard of the two crawlers and hop
    down the manhole. Turn the valve and head back to where you go the fireaxe.
    Follow the path, jump down, and then find another ladder and jumo down again.
    Make a quick left and follow the path. You'll come to a room that forces you
    to use gasspectrometer to find another dead bird. Get out and find a room
    with a large generator. Go right and you will be in a room with another
    similar generator. There are two health kits in the back and a few crawlers
    will be in this area. Make a left at the intersection near the health kits and
    the path will lead to a ladder. There will be two BigBoys in here but they
    might attack each other so wait it out and stay out of a fight until only one
    is left. Find a ladder on the opposite side of the room and go up to find a
    health kit right in your face. Go right to find a bird next to a shovel. Then
    go back to the ladder and continue to jump down into a room. In the first
    cabinet in this room is another health kit. In the second one is a female
    crawler. Go down the stairs to find another bird. Follow the linear path down
    some stairs and through some dark (duh) rooms until you reach a room that
    starts to shake. Grab the shovel on the metal railing and move aorund and down
    the stairs. Work your way to the fence and use your shovel on it. A fire breaks
    out. Go up the stairs to you left and turn the first valve to your right. Go
    up some more and follow the path to turn another valve. The fire is now out so
    continue through the metal fence.
    Follow the path and you'll be at some tracks again. Turn right and follow the
    tracks to a door on your right. Go through and pick up the shotgun from the
    dead body. It looks like there is a little hobo war going on. Stay out of the
    way and let the hobos fight each other off, then go pumping. When you see the
    second train go left right in fron of it. You can move something on the floor
    to get a sawed off shotgun and a metalpiece is on the far wall. Go up the
    stairs and follow the path until you are prompted to investigate and take a
    picture of some blueprints. Don't miss the bird right on the table. Next, go
    to the left of the table to find three health kits and a door. After some
    freaky scenes investigate on the end of the crowbar. Afterwards, take the
    crowbar and go back between the first and second train. Use the crowbar to open
    the doors to the first train. Investigate the footprint and a scene follows.
    Open the above compartment and investigate one of the mannequin arms where it
    says Barts. After the nice chat, go up the ladder where the crawler came down
    from. You'll be on top of the train. Take out the one crawler and follow the
    other one up a ladder. Go left at the next intersection to to pick up a shotgun
    and a metal piece on the wall. Go back to the fence door and you will see a gun
    fight up above. Climb two ladders. The place should look familiar. It was were
    you saw your suspect running away from you. Go back up the stairs, turn right
    and go back to where you first kicked out the fan to finish the mission.
    Chapter 5- Bart's Department Store
    When you are free, go right into the little room than back out to the left.
    You'll see a green gift box on the floor. Next to it is a bird. Follow the path
    and go around the escalators. Follow the path until a hobo shoots out a window.
    Follow the guy through the tight corridors and you will see him kill another
    hobo. Go through the window that the guy got shot in and turn right. In the
    last pillar in this area is a metal piece. Grab it and head back to where you
    saw the shooter run to. Pick up the bird on the showcase and continue up some
    small stairs. In this area there will be lving mannequins. Keep left and enter
    a small room where you will investigate the hand print near the red paint on
    the desk. Then investigate again to the are right above the desk. When you are
    done head to the room on the right and down the stairs. Once down there take a
    right and you'll have to use your tools to follow a trail of blood. Just follow
    it to the end. At the end, pick up the sledgehammer that blocks the door. Turn
    around go straight and to the right a little to find a door that you have to
    sledgehammer to get through.
    Go down the broke escalators and fight your way through a few mannequins until
    you get to a room with a withered Christmas tree. Had past the tree and up the
    stairs. Next to the two payphones is a metal piece. Go up the rest of the
    stairs and make left to find a bird on top of one of those wooden planks. Then,
    walk stright to a health kit and make a right to be at a balcony again. Keep
    going until you see more scary scenes and then find a hole in the wall. Jump
    down into the next area. Follow the path and jump down the next whole where you
    see someone/something being dragged down. Follow the trail to a mannequin
    head. Investigate the footprints and have chat with Rosa. She tells you to
    "sniff out the body." While Rosa is talking a hobo will break down through some
    wooden planks. Take care of him and go back to the flooded area. Use your handy
    dandy smelly tool for Rosa to fill you in. Go down the little stairs and behind
    a wall to your left. Behind a metal rack is a metal piece. Now, go back to
    where the hobo tore down the wood. Go up some staris and meander your way to a
    room with a bird on a shelf. Then continue on the path and find a room with a
    a couple of crawlers playing dead and a fireaxe in the middle of the room. Grab
    it and head back to the mannequin head, descend the stairs and go to the right
    where there are two fireaxeable doors.
    Go through the right one first. Follow the path and enter a doorway where a
    crawler atacks. Pick up the bird on the desk then head back to the first fire-
    axble door and go up the stairs. You'll find some fitting rooms and see a
    scene. Go into the crime scene and investigate everything that Rosa tells you
    to investigate. Afterwards, you'll hear some shouting ans a hobo kills a cop.
    Go left and you'll see some more fighting. Take care of any hobos and go to
    where the cop lights can be seen. You'll have a convo. with Rosa, then find
    double doors at the back of this area to end the chapter.
    Chapter 6- Burnback Alley
    Walk forward and pick up two birds on a piece of wood. If you look left there
    is another piece of wood up against the wall with another bird behind it. Turn
    left and pick up the achievement from the TV and a metal piece on the wall next
    to it. Go back to the center area and follow it around to the left. Open up a
    locker to your right to find a .45 and 3 healthkits nearby. Keep going and
    you'll run into a hobo with a shotty. In the room that he bursts into there is
    a bird behind a file cabinet. Go into the next room and Rosa will call you.
    Get the metal piece behind the desk and jump out of the window- a bird will be
    to your right. Jump down and move around until you see a bird on the floor and
    have to jump down again. When you are down, go right and you will be facing a
    metal piece. There is a shotgun under the green garbage disposal. I suggest
    taking it and waiting it out while hobbos fight each other in the streets. You
    have to wait until one hobo kicks opne a fence door, so just survive and use
    the health kits on the wall. When the fence is open, go up the stairs and into
    the garbage disposal and you will go on a ride. Knock the hobos off and you
    finished this quick chapter.
    Chapter 7- Metro City Library
    Get out of the room you are in and make a left to find a bird on a reception
    desk. Head further down until you come to an elevator. Press the arrows and
    select floor B. Once out of the elevator follow the path until you meet up
    with Rosa. Look at the folder and grab your new taser. Follow Rosa until she
    tells you to check a room for a workable computer. Just go into the room and
    see some flashbacks. Afterwards, go back to the door, and Rosa will break a
    window for you to climb through. Follow her into the next room and use the
    computer. Next get out of the room and head right. Open some double doors to
    your right and follow the path to the right. You should see some small tables.
    One of them has a bird. Follow the path until you need to investigate an
    droplets of blood next to a fireaxe door. After you get them, a hobo will break
    down a door and attack. Finish him off and move to the end of the hallway to
    get a metal piece behind a crate. Now head back through the door that the hobo
    just fireaxed through and follow the guy with the axe. Go straight into the
    next area and there will be a cabinet with a few health kits on the right. Go
    into the next area. In a room to the left is a sawed off shotgun. I recommend
    picking it up because there will be a few hobos with shotguns soon. Go back
    into the main room and follow the guy with the axe who will run away from you.
    Immediately three other guys (two with shotguns) will show up so get rid of
    them and then find the guy with the axe in the same room. Grab the axe and head
    back to the area with the blood droplets. Fireaxe the door, turn off the light
    switch next to the door and investiagate near some center lockers where you see
    a hand print. After a scene you'll be asked to check in terminal 4 for Rosa.
    Grab the crowbar in the locker.
    Get out of the room and make a right and two lefts. Use your crowbar on the
    door to pry it open. Use the elevator. In the lobby there will be a few hobos
    with firearms. Some have shotguns, some pistols, and one has an automatic. On
    the reception desk is a crowbar and a healthkit. Get the crowbar and move into
    the room across from where the elevator is. Use a crowbar to open the gate in
    this room. Unlock another achievement by checking out the TV. No head back into
    the lobby. Go to the large painting and open either the left or right gate-
    the result is the same. A hobo will throw some desks down the stairs, get out
    of the way and head up. Two armed hobos will be in this room. Take them out and
    then head to the big library room. Use the gasspectrometer to find a bird and
    a sledgehammer lying next to it. Go to the right side of the room near the
    ladder and use you sledgehammer on it. Next, move the ladder and climb up to
    find another bird. Then, jump down to where you see Rosa. You'll see a cutscene
    and be revealed with a little more of the story. Afterwards, follow Rosa's sexy
    ass. She'll open a door for you and you must lead her all the way to a burnt
    section in the library. Keep leading her through this room and into the next
    area where you will be able to see the lobby behind a gate to your right. On
    the left wall, behind some books, is a metal piece. Follow the path into the
    next room and go around some book shelves until you fall through the floor.
    While waiting for Rosa, you'll see more scary scenes. Now turn around and
    meander your way around the shelves. It's pretty straight forward. When the
    way is blocked you obviously can't pass. On the way around the bookshelves some
    burnt crawlers will jump out at you. One hit and they're done. Follow the path
    and at the end jump down. Again, head around the racks until you see one
    crawler jump down from the ceiling. On the table next to where he jumped down
    to is a bird. Grab it and continue moving left around the racks. You'll reach
    an area with some hobos having a gun war. I was so glad to see more normal
    looking people after beiung freaked out by the burnt up crawlers! There is a
    door to the left. Go through and move some wood cabinets on the wall to find
    the last metal piece for this chapter. Then, head out of the room and go left
    to find Rosa who actually has the balls to tell you that you took too long!
    Follow her then lead her down some stairs. Open the double doors and see a
    cutscene. After the scene take care of the 4 or 5 hobos. Be careful because
    most of them are armed. You should be in good health though. After, Rosa will
    burst through the door. Follow her to the door to end this chapter.
    Chapter 8- St.Joseph's Secondary School
    When you first begin, go to the third door on your right to find a bird behind
    a desk. Go back to the main hallway and then follow it to the right and open
    the door at the end. In this next room there is a metal piece on the left side
    near a desk. Duck under the wall at the end and grab the sledgehammer from the
    wall up ahead. Unlock/open the door and use a slaedgehammer on the gated fence.
    Head up the stairs, through a room, and to a dorr. Open it and you'll be in a
    kitchen. Here you will fight a couple of crawlers. Follow the big guy to the
    left afterwards. In the next room, you'll fight off three more crawlers. Follow
    the path until you see bathrooms on thr right. In the boys bathroom there is a
    bird on the floor on top of something...red. Then go back to the hallway and
    enter the classroom to learn some chemistry. A crawler is writing the noted on
    the chalkboard. Taser his ass and then examine the board to the right. When you
    are don, try getting out of the classroom and you will fall down a level. Take
    the door that opens up to a health kit. Go into the next room and you'll see
    the big guy from before. Follow him taking out a few crawlers along the way.
    Climb over a little serving area and you'll be in a new area. Go to the door
    on the right and you'll see a firefight. Go up the stairs and open one of the
    two doors that are next to each other. Go right through the doorway, then jump
    Make an immediate right and follow the path to a bird. Turn around and follow
    the hallway to a door. Behind the door lies a literal bloodbath kitchen. Follow
    the path into another frozen meat room to find the big guy- the butcher. This
    guy takes a lot of hits but he's easy to beat. The way to do it without taking
    damage is to stay on one side of the cutting table. His weapon does not reach
    across it and yours probably does. When he is down take his cleaver and use it
    on the corpse on the table. Get the fireaxe and head back to the broken stair-
    case. Before you get to the stairs make a right and fireaxe the door with the
    Exit sign above. You'll be in a sports gym. Go to the opposite end of where you
    came in from to switch a lever and lower two baskets. Investigate the finger
    prints on the arm haning from the first basket. Then, go to the other side of
    the court and the basket will fall down and make a hole in the floor. Jump
    down the new hole and find a desk with a metalpiece behind it. Turn around and
    head between the narrow walls to find a healthkit and a ladder next to it.
    Climb up, go around the wall, and open a door. When you see stairs, head down
    first and pick up a bird on the floor and another tv achievement. Now head all
    the way up the stairs and out a door. Follow the path, open the fence door,
    and find the dead body on the floor. Vanhorn calls and some hobos will attack.
    There is a rifle in the small room behind where the dead body lay.
    When you have taken care of all the hobos in the playground, head across to
    where you first came in and jump down and through a window. Move down the
    corridor a little and investigate the blood on the left wall. Keep moving
    through a fence door into the lockeroom. Make a left to find a small room with
    a bird in it. Follow the lockerooms until you have to climb a wall with some
    healthkits in the next small room. Climb another wall. In this area of the
    lockerooms you will have to fight off some hobos and crawlers. Walk straight
    to the lockers at the other end from where you came and investigate. Then open
    the locker and get a closeup to crap your pants. After wiping, grab the shovel
    and head to a small opening in your left. Pass the showers and use the shovel
    on a fence door to turn off a valve. Now go through the corridor and open the
    door to be at an indoor swimming pool.
    Jump down into the swimming pool and head to the other end. You will see bodies
    falling down. Be careful, these bodies get up and attack you. This was a pretty
    difficult task for me. There are just too many of the bodies and they are
    coming from everywhere. Try to stay out of range because they will jump you.
    What I did was grabbed the submachine gun from the other end of the pool and
    then stay in one corner. Wait for the cralwers to get right up to your face and
    then blast them. Use your taser and when you run out of ammo pick up a weapon
    from the dead.
    When this is all over, get out via ladder. The second door on the far wall has
    a fireaxe behind it. Grab it and go to the first door in this area. Cut it down
    and follow the path left then right. A hobo will attack from behind.  Go to the
    far left corner of the lockeroom to find a sledgehammer. First, use it to open
    the door on your right and grab a metalpiece. Now go bacvkwards and go to the
    right where the three healthkits are. Follow the path to find some bloody
    showers. Very bloody. I mean EVERYTHING has blood on it. Follow through the
    showers and into a bathroom. Open the door and look for a bird on the table to
    the right. Walk to the end and view disturbing (what else?) scene. Rosa will
    have a conversation with you. Just walk to the end and meet up with Vanhorn.
    Chapter 9- Apple See Orchard
    There are four clues/inscriptions you must find to pass this chapter. I broke
    them up into subsections to make it easier for you.
    -Clue #1- "beyond which you"
    First, turn around and take picture of the words on the wall to the right.
    Go left and grab the bird from the table. Go through the double doors in the
    next room and enter the door on the left. Go all the way to the end of this
    hall and take the door on the right. Behind a wooden drawer is your first
    metal piece. Next, get out of the room, go into the hall, and make a left to
    be in a kitchen. Open the refrigerator for a bird and investigate the oven.
    Take a picture of the words "Beyond which you."
    -Clue #2- "see youself to be"
    Open the door next to the frige and go down some stairs to be in the basement.
    This freaked the hell out of me. In the basement you will constantly hear foot
    steps up above on the wood floor. It just gave me the heeby jeebies. Walk right
    and move until you see a little area off to the right. Follow the path and on
    the wall is metalpiece. In the next room is a bird lying on the floor in front
    of a mirror. Follow the path until you see a sink. Investigate it to find
    another clue that say "see yourself to be." Be careful, I was attacked by a
    crawler while I was taking the picture.
    -Clue #3- "the dark path"
    Move through the next area until you see some stairs. Find the rusted oven to
    the right of the doorway to this room and climb through to unlock a tv
    achievement and get a machine gun. The stairs are blocked off so head down the
    corridor to the right to find yourself back at the stairs that you first came
    down from. Go back up into the kitchen and through the left to be back at the
    start of this level. Now go up the stairs and go around to the right to be in
    a corridor. Enter the second door to your left. Move the bathtub on the floor
    for a bird and investigate the closet to find the third clue "the dark path."
    -Clue #4- "to righteousness is"
    Grab the sledgehammer in the closet and go back into the hall. Move to the end
    and make a right. There will be a bird on the bed and a metalpiece in the
    closet here. Then use the sledgehammer to open the door across from the bed.
    This leads into the attic. Wow, not only a basement, but an attic too! How
    wonderful! Move around until you come to an opening. Go right to find the last
    bird on the ground. Then turn around and go left and head through a doorway.
    Your sight will get blurry for a second. This is your que to turn around to
    find an enemy. There is a healthkit in here if you need it. Go through the next
    door and jump down through the whole in the floor. Investigate the little table
    behind where you fell to get the last clue, "to righteousness is."
    Now you need to head down to the basement and to that mirror. Open it up to be
    in a secret room. How freaky! Investigate the newspaper on the table at the end
    of this room. After your nice chat with Rosa, head up stairs and to where you
    started the level to investigate the noise. Seriously, after this, I will never
    go into another basement in my life. When you get back to the beginning, you
    will see a piano blocking th stairs. You need a fireaxe to get by. There are
    three healthkits in an area behind the stairs. You need to wait it out in the
    living room for an enemy to carry a fireaxe. When you finally get one, smash
    away the stairs and then slide the piano off. Head up the stairs, around and
    to the right and enter the first door on your left. Investigate the man's hands
    and watch a interesting cutscene. Afterwards, you need to follow Serial Killer
    X. But it's easier to wait for him to come to you near the stairs. Wait near
    the window. For some reason you can't use your taser on him, so you'll have to
    do it the old fashioned way. Try to stay alive as long as you can and just
    block/attack him. If you die, you can always try again. After the fight you
    will see a cutscene and you will beat the chapter.
    Chapter 10- Processing Center
    Ok, after the cool cutscene that reveals much of the story, head right through
    the fire and grab the wood plank with fire. This serves as your flashlight.
    Climb over (pick up the bird on the floor), then duck under some wood and go
    through a door. Now you will be in an open field. Just cross to the other side.
    You'll get some chills (vibration on the controller) and the side of the barn
    will blow over. Follow the path to the left, you'll get an autosave and you'll
    see a metal piece on the wall. Then continue moving forward to face some burnt
    up big guy. Move the trailer here for a bird. Keep going through the path and
    you'll see a tractor on your left with another bird on it. Proceed through the
    path until you reach a bridge. Check the right side to find a metalpiece. On
    the bridge you will be hammered by crawlers from all sides. After you beat them
    follow the path and make a right at the intersection. Keep going until you
    reach a shack. Inside is a healthkit, a rifle, a bird behind a green crate, and
    a lever. Pick up the bird, the healthkit, pull the lever, grab the rifle and
    take out two more big guys comig up to the shack. After dispatching of them, I
    advise taking the firewood so that you can see better. Get out of the shack, go
    to the ledge and jump down. Follow the path right and into an area with two
    much needed healthkits. Follow the path and you will come to a truck with two
    more health kits and a big buring pole. There will be enemies coming from all
    sides here, so make those healthkits come in handy! Move forward into a little
    shack that has three more health kits. In the next open area, move right and
    then left to make it to the next big barn. Move forward and there will be two
    guys with rifles. In the trailer to the right there is a rifle and two health
    kits. Use the rifle to take them out. Continue moving left and follow the path
    to a shed with a bird on a table, four more health kits and two submachine
    guns. There are two seperate tables containing two health kits and one smg each.
    Go all the way left in the shack and go out the door. You will face about 5
    big guys so be ready. Two will come from behind you and three from in front. I
    died twice in this area. After they are taken care of you'll have to fight
    another one of those guys that look like kung fu fighters. Go all the way to
    the right to get into the next building.
    Pick up the last metalpiece on the table near the entrance. Follow the path all
    the way to the end and grab the stick that is holding the bird to the door.
    You'll pick up the bird and see a flash that takes you to another place. It's
    really dark in here. There are two healthkits to your right on a table. Walk
    forward, open the door and you will be in the last battle!
    Last Battle
    You will see the boss up above. He just stands there and you have to deal with
    a few waves of minions first. When you kill off about 15 of them, the boss will
    jump down. He is a little tough but not that bad. Hit him a few times and he
    will fall to the ground. When he is on the ground don't attack. Walk up to him
    and press a directional button to remove metal pieces from his body. He will
    jump up to the next level. When he jumps up, he will leave a ladder for you,
    how nice of him... Climb the ladder to face the boss again. Repeat the same
    process twice. Not difficult at all. At the end, you have to make a decision
    but I won't spoil it. It doesn't change the ending anyway. Watch some cutscenes,
    enjoy the ending, and watch the credits roll!
    Now, you can breathe again. WOOOOO!
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