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    FAQ/Walkthrough by crapu_zz

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    =                            RESERVOIR DOGS GUIDE
    1. General Information
                      A. Introduction
                      B. Mailing FAQ
    2. Mission Walkthrough
                      2A. Chapter 1 [MW2A]
                      2B. Chapter 2 [MW2B]
                      2C. Chapter 3 [MW2C]
                      2D. Chapter 4 [MW2D]
                      2E. Chapter 5 [MW2E]
    		  2F. Chapter 6 [MW2F]
    		  2G. Chapter 7 [MW2G]
    		  2H. Chapter 8 [MW2H]
    		  2I. Chapter 9 [MW2I]
    		  2J. Chapter 10 [MW2J]
    		  2K. Chapter 11 [MW2K]
    		  2L. Chapter 12 [MW2L]
    		  2M. Chapter 13 [MW2M]
    		  2N. Chapter 14 [MW2N]
    		  2O. Chapter 15 [MW2O]
    3. Hints and Tips
    4. Version History
    5. Contact Information
    1. General Information
    A. Introduction
    The author of this guide is not affiliated in any way with Eidos, Volatile
    or their subsidiaries.
    This FAQ is (c) Vladimir Voicu a.k.a. crapu_zz.
    The only sites allowed to post this FAQ are:
    If you want to post this guide on your site, mail me at
    walkthrough_issues at yahoo dot com.
    Enjoy the game!
    B. Mailing FAQ
    This section will be updated as I answer upcoming mails.
    1. Don't ask me anything about control issues for any other gaming platform
    than the PC. I do not own any console, never have, never will.
    2. Don't mail me asking me to give you more specific directions or hints on
    how to do something. I've done the best I could in writing this guide and if
    it wasn't enough for you, then I can't help you any further.
    2. Mission Walkthrough
    Note: I use the term of "worker" for plain civilians, usually dressed in blue.
    Not to much to say about it. Just follow the on-screen instructions to pass the
    five modules: Shooting, Crouching, Crowd Control, Hostage Taking and
    Neutralizing. They'll come in VERY handy in the game. For this training
    you will be controlling Mister Orange.
    2A. Chapter 1 [MW2A]
    Type: Action
    Right after the cinematic, pick one of the two people in the room and take him
    as a hostage. Neutralize the other one, if you so desire. Go through the door,
    and hit the hostage when you are facing both of the cops who will storm into
    this area. Neutralize them, or better yet, release your current hostage and get
    a new one, a cop this time. Descend down the stairs with him. You will notice
    you can't get into the showroom as the door is sealed by the device next to it.
    You will need a code for that. So release the cop and enter the room to the
    of the showroom door. Take that guy as a hostage and make him open the door for
    Now this was the easy part. The hard part is yet to come. In this showroom area
    there will be two or three cops you can easily dispose of. However, as you will
    hear, you have one minute until the cops blow open the door. In this time you
    have to face around 4 cops and if you didn't move fast enough hitting the
    hostage, won't do you any good, since you will only kill him, thus determining
    the cops to start firing in your direction. Better than that, hold him for
    as long as possible (even if the cops are getting nearer) then retreat to
    the left part of the showroom. Take cover and shoot if there is still time
    remaining. After the minute is past (you'll hear a cop shouting when there are
    30 and 10 seconds left), exit the showroom through the doors the police just
    blew up.
    2B. Chapter 2 [MW2B]
    Type: Driving
    Ok, first driving mission is an odd sort of a race. Odd because you don't have
    to win it. Just make sure you don't fall too much behind. Some things to
    - driving recklessly will almost certainly result in a Professional rating
    - try not to get caught up in the stories your fellows are telling in the
    back of your car. Focus on the road.
    Also, I suggest watching the map closely since it can provide you with numerous
    shortcuts. Other than that, just drive and don't let Mr. Brown outdrive you.
    Really easy...
    2C. Chapter 3 [MW2C]
    Type: Action
    This chapter is a pretty long one, so buckle up. As you gain control after the
    cinematic, go around the corner and take the worker as a hostage. Neutralize
    the cop and get him as your new hostage. Pick up his gun for a cool dual wield.
    Take the stairs quickly, so that the cop's health gauge does not deplete.
    Threaten the first two cops, neutralize them and change the hostage. Dispose
    of the next three cops as well and go down the stairs. Take the building to
    your right if you need a health pack, otherwise enter the one on the left
    (activate the control panel just across the stairs to open it). Go through the
    hallway and exit to the plaza, neutralizing all the cops standing around the
    Go to the back of the plaza and force the worker on the other side of the fence
    to unlock the door. Continue into the barracks, with him as your hostage and
    exit to another plaza. Face all police units (5 or 6) of them, changing human
    shields as necessary. Go through the opening near the trash bin and past a
    fence. Threaten the guard to come and open the door for you.
    Two options now: building to the left (health pack, but some cops also) or
    continue straight ahead, enter the warehouse and stop any worker from setting
    the alarm off. After everybody is neutralized, go up the stairs and follow the
    walkway. When you are out in the open again, dispose of the 3 cops in the area
    (could be even 6 or 7 if somebody set the alarm off). Enter the warehouse
    through the western most door and exit it at the other end.
    Enter Suzie's Auto Repairs, after you have neutralized the cop and the
    Get the mechanic to unlock the door at the other end of the garage. Take a
    right and enter the dry cleaning (?), neutralize the three cops in this area
    and take the door on the left to finish this chapter.
    2D. Chapter 4 [MW2D]
    Type: Action
    Take the same route as in chapter three for the first part of the mission.
    Up the stairs, down on the other side, door on the left (now open), exit
    to the plaza. You will meet your first two SWAT members here. They might give
    you some trouble, since they are a lot tougher. Hit your hostage, perform an
    execution if you can and then grab a SWAT as a hostage. Go past the fence
    you had opened in the previous chapter. There is a narrow path just next to it.
    Take it all the way, dispose of the cops around and enter the warehouse on
    the right. Get the man dressed in white to enter the code for you on the door
    just right of the entrance to the warehouse. Continue down the hallway, taking
    care of two cops along the way. Make a left and then a right. Exit through the
    doors, but beware of the six cops outside. If you saved up an execution like I
    told you in the hints section everything will be great, if not, things will be
    a little harder. Use your current hostage to disarm one or two cops, then
    quickly release him and grab a cop to neutralize the rest of them. Continue
    through the car park, taking care of two SWAT members along the road. Exit
    the underground to end the chapter.
    2E. Chapter 5 [MW2E]
    Type: Driving
    As any other driving chapter, this one will be easy as well. You have to
    get a wounded Mister Orange to a warehouse. The place you are to go to is
    not very far away and you do not have any timer. However, Mister Orange has
    a health bar. He will lose health points if you bump into other cars or objects
    along the road. The police will create roadblocks and they will follow you
    around, but you can push them into oncoming traffic to destroy their cars.
    Just keep your eyes on the map as the path is pretty twisted and you should
    be just fine.
    2F. Chapter 6 [MW2F]
    Type: Action
    Mission Tip: Save up a Signature Kill for later on in the mission.
    As the cutscene ends, follow the only possible way out, going really slow so
    you can surprise the police officer up ahead.
    Neutralize both of them and continue along the way. Grab the maintenance
    employee as your hostage and force her to open the
    door for you. As you emerge in the next area, make sure none of the people in
    there succeed in making a run to the alarm
    trigger. If they try, threaten them by targeting the specific NPC and holding
    Alt. Continue, down the hallway, past the toilets. (Enter the men's room on the
    left only if you need a  health boost). Go through the double doors and you
    find yourself on the lowest level of the mall, right in the center. Two SWAT
    members and a few cops will come running, so if you've saved up a signature
    use it. Otherwise, be prepared to get hurt in a fire exchange. Exit the area as
    stated in the objective and go to the food court, neutralizing the four
    civilians and three cops along the way. Go up the stairs and follow the only
    path around. In this next area there will be one civilian and a cop. Get rid of
    them both and enter the security room at the end of the hallway. Activate door
    number 1, the one behind the the two people you've just neutralized. On the
    upper floor, be prepared for the hard part.
    Really, I can't find any other method to disarm 3 cops and 2 hard SWAT members
    without getting injured. The Signature Kill is the best one, performed at the
    right moment. Still in the hallway, lure the civilian towards you by
    her. Neutralize her and the two or three cops should come running. Hit your
    hostage to disarm the cops and quickly neutralize them. Exit to the center hall
    of this level and perform the Signature Kill when the SWAT team is around.
    Disarm them and neutralize them too, taking afterward the door labeled exit
    up ahead. Get through the halls and take the stairs at the end down to the last
    level. You shouldn't encounter more than 2 cops at once with a total of 5-6.
    When you can't descend any further take the door on the right and continue
    to a fenced door. Disarm the cop on the other side and make your hostage open
    the door for you. Continue along to the freight elevator. Take it, to end the
    2G. Chapter 7 [MW2G]
    Type: Driving
    Unlike driving mission so far, this one might take a few tries to complete.
    Mr. Blonde kidnapped a cop mall and he is offering him a ride in his trunk.
    You have to drive fast enough so that he can not hop out of the car. You can't
    get below 40, as the 10 second timer will start rolling, and if you don't speed
    up, he'll escape. That path is very twisted and pretty long this time. You will
    pass a construction site, in which you might just end up in a dump. Also, try
    not to get pushed by the police into oncoming traffic. This means you should
    stay on your lane. Also remember you can't kill too many people (by driving
    them) or ruin other cars (except police cars) if you want the Professional
    rating. Eventually you'll get it...
    2H. Chapter 8 [MW2H]
    Type: Action
    Note: I can't understand why in God's name would there be so many police
    officers in an abandoned train station. I really can't...
    After the cutscene ends, head on right ahead into the big hall. There is one
    and one civilian. The only way you can get out of this situation holding a
    hostage and without having taken a considerable amount of damage is too shoot
    the cop in the head and take the civilian as a hostage (rather bums as
    in this level...). Exit the hall through the opening on the right of where
    you came in and neutralize any cops attacking you, while you follow the rails
    onward. When you get to a locked gate, there should be a railroad worker with
    a fluorescent vest around. Grab him and force him to open the door for you.
    this gate, enter the service hut and exit on the other end. You will be
    by some forces (SWAT and police). By now you should have a Signature Kill on
    stock so now is a good time to use one. Go up the stairs, watching out for the
    SWAT who will blow open a door on the upper level. After neutralizing them,
    go through the hole they left behind and down the stairs. Threaten the civilian
    so that he doesn't make a run for the alarm and neutralize the cop who
    immediately appears in the area. Continue to a large railroad area where you
    have to watch out for two or three cops. After they are out of the picture,
    carefully continue forward.
    Stop where the train on your right ends and look upwards. You'll see some
    SWAT guys descending down some stairs and probably throwing something to blind
    you. When that effect is gone, dispose of them with another Signature Kill.
    Continue to the back of the area and enter the only train you can also exit
    on the other side. Enter the ticket office and exit through the back door.
    Now this might be tricky. There are six cops in this area and probably you
    scare them all off, since you used a Signature Kill only a few moments ago.
    So, approach slowly and when you have the first patrolling officer in sight,
    threaten him and then grab him as a hostage. Two other cops will show up.
    Disarm them and now use a Signature Kill for the remaining 2 or 3 if you like,
    since they are your last opponents in this level.
    Walk along the lines and enter the big house on the left (access through
    nearby stairs). Upstairs, head along the walkway, descend and advance
    towards your car.
    2I. Chapter 9 [MW2I]
    Type: Driving
    This one can also be a little bit tricky. There are five checkpoints you need
    to make in this level within a certain amount of time. This is not very easy
    especially because of the trailing police forces.
    Start off really fast and when a police car tries to catch up on you, swing
    lanes to make them hit other cars. However, you should be careful that you
    slam your car into others as this scenario will take pretty long and there is
    a risk of blowing your car up.
    Pass the police blockades within the time limit and get to the final checkpoint
    to end this mission.
    P.S. Don't panic if you can't make it from the first two tries. Try again!
    2J. Chapter 10 [MW2J]
    Type: Action
    After your character gets out of the car go ahead and take the worker who
    be passing you by as a hostage. Look upstairs and neutralize the cop taking a
    cigarette break. Continue forward and around the corner, where four cops will
    awaiting. Neutralize them and go to the right courtyard, in order to enter the
    Wrecker's Autos warehouse.
    Upon entering the aforementioned location, watch out for a smoke grenade and
    take out the 2 cops in that area. Go up the stairs and around the corner until
    you reach a fenced area, with a locked door. Your best shot here is to blast
    open the door with your gun, advance to the center of the area and perform a
    Signature Kill. If you haven't got one available (even though you should),
    neutralize the two cops quickly, open the door by shooting the lock and take
    one of the cops as your hostage until the other 2 or 3 cops arrive. Continue on
    the stairs to the right and forward. Watch the cutscene and enter the area,
    where you have to neutralize the SWAT team members, the 2 cops and the
    who wanted a cup of coffee. Again, perform a Signature Kill, since this time
    you will have it for sure, given the last encounter.
    Exit to the courtyard, get into the fenced area and continue following the only
    way out. Enter the small housing at the end of the path, exit through its other
    end and continue up ahead. Again there is a small narrow building at the end of
    the courtyard you need to enter. From there, enter the huge hall. Stroll
    it, neutralizing and executing what you need to, in order to finish the
    2K. Chapter 11 [MW2K]
    Type: Driving
    Well, these driving missions seem to get harder and harder. This time you need
    to follow Mr. Pink's car and destroy any police cruiser tailing it. You
    won't be able to solve this mission from the first or second try, but after a
    few more tries you will get the hang of it.
    The key is to bump the cars into oncoming traffic, road signs, stone pillars,
    anything that will destroy them. The AI is not very bright so they will get
    tangled up in traffic more than once. This is the perfect occasion for you
    to hit them on the side of the car, right in the middle. This might cause
    them to roll over and thus automatically explode.
    There are also a few problems. One of them is that a part of the route will
    you through a park, with some annoying twists which will probably make it
    impossible to hit the cars in that area. The second problem is that the traffic
    might give you some troubles too, since Mr. Pink takes real pleasure in
    driving on the opposite lane.
    Additional Hint: Police cars respawn based on your actions. There are certain
    points where they can follow Mr. Pink or not. I have played this mission for
    five or six times and not once was he followed by more than two cars. However,
    when you destroy every car following him, another one will respawn at the next
    barricade. The key is to have one police car following him for a long period
    of time. For example, if he is being followed by two cars when you are past
    the first half of the route, destroy only one of them and start smashing into
    the other one when you get near the finish line.
    Note: Your car's health goes down REALLY slow, so don't worry about it blowing
    up. It hasn't happened once during my testing.
    2L. Chapter 12 [MW2L]
    Type: Action
    Enter Lou's shop after the cutscene and neutralize the four cops, using the
    civilian nearby. Also, make sure you stop Lou from setting the alarm off, by
    threatening and then neutralizing him. Take the stairs around the corner and
    once up on the next floor, get into the kitchen. Neutralize the two people
    around and take the locked door out of this area. Exit through a "see-through"
    door and go down some stairs and around the police car to the right. Take out
    every police officer around. I suggest to use a Signature Kill in this
    situation. Follow the road and enter the shed to the right, carrying a hostage.
    Work you way around the trains and watch out for a grenade thrown by the SWAT.
    Neutralize the agent and exit to a courtyard. Right away after you exit, make
    sure neither of the two workers around make a run for the alarm. Instead, grab
    one of them and take the short stairs up front and to the right. You will get
    behind some train. Continue along it and when you've reached the rear side of
    the train, go forward and a little to the left to the control panel. Make the
    worker open the door for you.
    Note: You could shoot the control panel to get the door opened, but this will
    trigger the alarm giving you practically zero chance to finish the chapter
    with a Professional rating.
    Continue right of the control panel and enter the fenced door you just opened.
    Perform a Signature Kill to dispose of the 3 cops and 2 SWAT agents. Enter
    the Wrecker's Auto main building by taking the flight of stairs to the left.
    Stroll through the building towards the exit sign, neutralizing another 2 SWAT
    team members and a cop along the way. When you exit the door on the other side,
    you'll encounter a pretty narrow courtyard with probably 5 cops in it. Your
    shot is a Signature Kill again. Neutralize everybody and drag a worker to the
    control panel just right of the place you entered the courtyard. Go around the
    corner and take the newly opened fenced door. Make your way through this
    building, exit it and watch to cutscene.
    2M. Chapter 13 [MW2M]
    Type: Action
    As you gain control, neutralize the woman in front of you and grab her as a
    hostage. Step into the next room through the door on the right and after the
    door up front a cop will show up. Dispose of the officer and get out into the
    courtyard. 2 SWAT agents and a cop await in this area. After neutralizing them,
    continue along the path. Enter the first button controlled garage door to the
    right, neutralize the two workers in there and get out on the other side of this
    Once out, dispose of the three cops in this area (2 of them stroll down the
    stairs). When you are done, don't take the stairs up. Instead, go through the
    gap, near the disassembled car in this area. Head left and along the way onward.
    Enter the door marked "Fire exit" to get into the offices. Go through these
    offices, making sure none of the 3 civilians make it to an alarm trigger. After
    the cutscene, you will have to take care of two SWAT agents. The best solution
    is, as always, a Signature Kill. After they are taken care of, take a right
    and exit through the door.
    You will find yourself in another courtyard. Take the only possible way out of
    it, neutralizing anything around (if necessary) and exit towards the street
    (where you see the two parked police cars). There are 3 cops you need to scare
    in this area, and when you are done with them, two more will come. After dealing
    with all of them, enter the tunnel at the back, with the sign stating "Wrong
    way" above it (Don't worry :P). Onward through the tunnel and at the back, enter
    the control room on the left, press the button, exit and enter the "Restricted
    Area" door on the right. Go ahead through this building, passing through a large
    room full of boxes and a big garage full of trucks. You'll encounter numerous
    civilians (maybe 5), 2 SWAT members and also some cops. Cross the big garage
    to the other side in order to finish this chapter.
    2N. Chapter 14 [MW2N]
    Type: Driving
    This one here is perhaps the most interesting and innovative mission in this
    (VERY) repetitive game. You are Mr. Brown for this mission where you have to
    drive your two colleagues from the heist. However, you are shot right at the
    beginning. This mission is not hard, but it does take some time, since you
    probably won't get it from the first try and the route is a ridiculously long
    one. You have to drive for more than 6 minutes, being trailed by the police
    and avoiding the dense traffic.
    However,the biggest problem of all is the fact that as time runs out your
    perspective will be narrowed bit by bit. In the last minute, you will only
    see the center of the screen, as the rest of it will be red, and splattered
    with your own blood.
    The key to this mission is to use the traffic to your advantage. This means,
    what you need to do is swing lanes as fast as possible in order to give
    yourself a clear path and also force the police cars and cruisers following you
    to smash into other cars. Also, watch the map, because the route is twisted and
    you have to be prepared for some tight curves.
    2O. Chapter 15 [MW2O]
    Type: Action
    This is a really short chapter, but also the hardest one. For me at least,
    since I hate FPS's. Anyway, there isn't any advice I can give you. Go
    through the first area and try not to get killed. Enter the second area of
    the chapter, by the narrow walkway to the right at the back of the first one.
    In here also, kill everything and enter the fire exit door at the back.
    There are more than 20 or 30 cops in this level and there is absolutely no
    way you can do this by using stealth. So good luck! And...
    Alternative Strategy - MrMunky64
    Immediately run to your left along the front wall of the building you're in
    front of & back into the small cubbyhole & crouch, this prevents you from
    being flanked.(You COULD try crouching behind the mailbox that's slightly left
    of your starting point, but it's not as safe.)
    From the cubbyhole, hit "X" for accurate shooting mode & methodically eliminate
    the 1st nearby wave of cops,...no chance of taking a hostage at this point.
    Using Dual Pistols, ( for some reason they seem to be the most accurate & give
    you the best chances for head shots) be sure to concentrate on the closest
    targets & any runners attempting to move in on your position. After clearing the
    immediate area, look right & clean up any stragglers near the far cruisers/
    nearby mailbox/ street corner.
    Crouching, work your way through the cruisers & grab ammo, heading roughly
    to a "center of  the street" position behind one until you see cops/swat teams
    taking positions behind the barriers ahead of you. 1 or 2 may try to flank you
    on the right (near the corner bus shelter). Make sure to take out any "movers"
    first, & then (using "X") target the rest behind the barricade. If you run out
    of pistol ammo, switch to your SMG. Make sure nobody living is hiding behind the
    ambulance, than grab as much ammo as you can. I recommend swapping your SMG for
    an Assault Rifle now, as it'll be fully loaded. There's a Health Pack in the
    back of the Ambulance if you need it.
    Stay crouched & enter the alley on the Right,...SAVE your game at the Autosave
    spot as we need the lone civilian in the final area to be handy.
    From the save point, follow the Alley into the back lot & R.Mouse Target + ALT
    the woman (if you're lucky she'll be there.) From the alley keep her targeted
    & draw her to your position FAST,.. then grab her.
    NOTE: There's a SWAT  sniper on the building overlooking the lot,...you
    COULD kill him, but it'll waste time, & if you waste time/try a shoot out an
    unending supply of SWAT guys will spawn in the Alley behind you as well as near
    where you have to go.
    Additionally, waiting too long will give the cops near the Theatre (where you're
    heading) time to spread around the Lot & flank you.
    With your Hostage,..quickly walk straight out of the Alley into the Lot
    (facing the rooftop sniper until the wall blocks his shot, then turn 90 degrees
    left & head straight towards the cops/Swat teams near the Theater Firedoors, you can
    hit your hostage once or twice to prevent the frontrunners from getting out into
    the main Lot, then perform a Signature Move on your hostage while (hopefully)
    facing ALL of the cops/SWAT guys. Quickly grab a SWAT guy & make your way to the
    Firedoors,... do it fast or more SWAT guys will spawn from the doors/back alley
    & jump the nearby barricades. Enter the firedoors of the Theatre, round the
    corner & watch the ending.
    3. Hints and Tips
    - Change hostages often, because their health will deplete soon enough
    - Hostages can not die while holding them, only if you hit them
    - However, after a long period of time, hostages CAN faint
    - If you are killed, you will respawn at the nearest checkpoint
    - Use health kits (marked with a big green cross, usually on the wall) to
    replenish your health points
    - ALWAYS neutralize cops! Don't move the camera or they will pick up their guns
    and almost certainly start shooting.
    - Cops can't open locks or type in codes. Find the corresponding person and
    take him/her as a hostage.
    - Watch out for SWAT members. These guys are harder to crack than regular cops.
    - Save up your Signature Kills (default Q) for desperate situations. For
    example, when the hostage is low on health and you are attacked by 3 or 4 cops.
    - Be careful with civilians and do not let them get to the alarm trigger.
    Simply targeting them and pressing ALT will do.
    - Do not shoot control panels. The alarm will be set off immediately.
    - When driving, ALWAYS look at the map. This is a great help and is not to be
    Additional Tips by MrMunky64
    - I played through the whole game without using the "Shift" key for "cover." I
    found that crouching was good enough & gave you more coverage & mobility.
    - In the few instances where you MUST resort to gunplay, Dual Pistols & the "X"
    (zoom in) Key are your friends. Using the Zoom-in feature saves ammo/increases
    accuracy by a LOT! Don't waste your time picking up a shotgun, go for SMGs or
    Assault Rifles as secondary weapons instead. Always Crouch to reduce your
    silhouette when firing, & use common sense to find cover rather than the
    horrible "SHIFT" key.
    - Driving & shooting don't mix! Trying to use Spacebar/ Handbrake for sharper
    cornering usually results in loss of control. Use "S" to brake in most cases,
    or simply lay off the accelerator close to a tight corner. Keep an eye on the
    map & change lanes/use boost to lose cops on straightaways. I didn't
    particularly love the driving sequences, but they did pick up the pace/help move
    the story along.
    4. Version History
    0.1. - 11th of September 2006 - Started the guide. First two missions, 6 hints,
    version history and contact information
    0.2. - 13th of September 2006 - Walkthrough finished up the chapter 5, added
    more hints and reorganized the guide
    0.3. - 15th of September 2006 - Added chapters 6,7,8 and 9.
    0.4. - 19th of September 2006 - Added some permissions, reorganized some parts
    and altered the contact information (unpublished)
    0.5. - 19th of September 2006 - Added chapters 10,11 and 12 and more hints.
    0.6. - 20th of September 2006 - Added chapter 13 and 14.
    1.0. - 21th of September 2006 - Added last chapter. No other updates will be
    issued, unless contributions start flowing in.
    1.1 - 8th of March 2007 - Revision of the guide and changed contact information.
    5. Contact Information
    Mail me at zigzagmedia at gmail dot com about any questions regarding
    Reservoir Dogs. Please include the title of the game in the subject of your
    Also, visit my walkthrough page at http://www.zig-zagmedia.home.ro/walks
    Please allow up to 72 hours for an answer.
    Latest FAQ can always be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com (i always post
    them on this site first).
    Enjoy the game.
    (C)2006 Vladimir Voicu

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