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    Professional Chef Guide by Nobleman_Azure

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    Aokouu's Professional Chef Guide v.2
    By: ChiisaiRamen
    a.k.a. Aokouu (Mabinogi IGN: Mari Server)
    Current Version: 2.3 (GameFAQ version)
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    Table of Contents
    Press Ctrl+f then the code before the corresponding chapter to skip to
    that chapter.
    [PCG01] Chapter 1: Introduction
    [PCG02] Chapter 2: Cooked Food
    [PCG03] Chapter 3: The Cooking Skill
    [PCG04] Chapter 4: Sample Recipes
    [PCG05] Chapter 5: Cooking Technique
    [PCG06] Chapter 6: Profit
    [PCG07] Chapter 7: Still got questions?
    [PCG01] Chapter 1: Introduction
    Hello! I'm Aokouu from Mari Server and in this Guide I will be teaching you
    about cooking and properly selling your food in the most effective way.
    [What is cooking?]
    Cooking is a way to prepare various foods using various methods to produce
    a dish that is both a hunger-killer and has a good ability to raise a
    character's stats temporarily.
    [How do you cook?]
    First you must obtain the cooking skill (more on this later). Along with
    the skill you need ingredients and the cooking tools.
    Several tools are needed to cook good food. When using the cooking skill,
    the skill window will tell you which tools you need to perform the selected
    cooking method from the dropdown list.
    Kneading for example requires you to have a rolling pin in your right hand
    and a cooking table in your left.
    These tools are available at the general store in Dunbarton and at Nora in
    Tir Chonnail
    [PCG02] Chapter 2: Cooked Food
    [Hunger and Exhaustion]
    The very basic reason for eating food is to kill Hunger and exhaustion
    When you Press C to bring up your character information window you will see
    you stamina bar with the word Food and a percent. This represents your 
    characters hunger and exhaustion. The lower the % the more you are hungry 
    or exhausted
    The dark yellow/brown part of the stamina bar represents your hunger. The
    hungrier you are the faster your stamina will drain when you perform tasks
    or fight and the faster your chances of incurring an exhaustion when you
    perform tasks or fight. 
    Hunger also slightly hinders your stamina's ability to regenerate.
    The Black part of the stamina bar represents your exhaustion. Exhaustion
    cuts down your maximum stamina, making your stamina unable to regenerate
    towards the maximum amount you can usually hold.
    [Muscles and Weight]
    Food affects your upper body and lower body muscles as well as weight. 
    This is only for looks but if you would like to keep a figure, follow a 
    certain diet of food and drink in able to obtain the look you want.
    If you want a muscular arms for example but not fat arms, eat alot of 
    foods that add to upper body and foods that deduct weight.
    When you eat while you arent particularly hungry or exhausted, you gain 
    weight. This is gluttony, and to prevent this you must only eat when the
    food you eat wont add % excessively over 100%.
    Most food will recover you around 35% so eat only when your character
    information window only says Food 65% or less.
    [Stat Increases]
    The third effect of foods is stat increase. There are both temporary and
    pseudo-permanent stat increases.
    Only cooked food gives you a temporary stat increase. These increases add
    a really good amount of stats but only for a short while.
    Foods also give Pseudo permanent stats. While these last for practically
    forever as long as you keep up with your diet, they arent as generous as
    temporary stat gains.
    Occasionally for example, you will get a message that your Intelligence
    just Increased, etc etc.
    When you go to dungeons solo and incur wounds, you have a couple of choices.
    1. Drink wound potions
    2. Self-First Aid
    3. Eat food that gives huge health boosts like Toast.
    Option 1 is a problem because its hard to find those potions sold as well
    as at times they can be expensive.
    Option 2 takes too long because First Aid is best used on people who are
    resting. Hence voiding its usage to self.
    Option 3 is easy to do, and can give you the temporary HP to push through
    and perhaps be able to block attacks again without getting killed.
    [PCG03] Chapter 3: The Cooking Skill
    Here are information about the Cooking skill itself.
    [How To Obtain Cooking Skill]
    First you must talk to Glenis in Dunbarton to obtain the necessary book to
    read in able to learn the Novice Rank of the skill.
    To Rank up the skill, you must do what the skill tells you to do such as
    cooking or eating certain foods in combination with reading the proper book.
    These books are usually found on bookstores for a price.
    Sometimes there are secret Rank up instructions for you to fulfill.
    These are in red and say "Unknown Training Method".
    These usually involve asking you to eat food from the next rank.
    i.e. Eat Steamed Food at Rank D because Rank C teaches you how to steam.
    Dont worry however, you do not need to fulfill these to rank your skill up.
    They are only necessary if you are after Perfect Skill Training.
    Some methods of cooking such as baking boiling and frying indicates (Fire).
    This means a condition must be fulfilled: you need a source of fire to be
    able to perform the method. Standing near a cooking overn or a campfire
    fulfills this condition.
    After selection of cooking method, you load the ingredients in the window
    and click(and hold) the add button until you vaguely control the amount of
    the said ingredient you want to put in.
    The bar (Which I call the totals bar) below the ingredients and add buttons
    represent how much of the ingredients you currently have added into the
    totals. Once its full, click start to begin cooking.
    [AP Cost and Benefits]
    As of Generation 1. You can only go up to Rank D. 
    As of Generation 2. You can obtain Ranks up to C.
    Information past confirmed ranks are obtained from foreign mabinogi
    versions and aren't confirmed yet for the North American version.
    [Novice Rank]
    Cost to Rank Up: 0 AP
    Method Learned: Mixing
    Stats Gained: None
    [Rank F]
    Cost to Rank Up: 3 AP
    Method Learned: Baking
    Stats Gained: +1 INT
    [Rank E]
    Cost to Rank Up: 2 AP
    Method Learned: Boiling
    Stats Gained: +1 INT
    [Rank D]
    Cost to Rank Up: 5 AP
    Method Learned: Kneading
    Stats Gained: +1 DEX
    [Rank C]
    Cost to Rank Up: 2 AP
    Method Learned: Steaming
    Stats Gained: +1 DEX
    [Rank B]
    Cost to Rank Up: 5 AP
    Method Learned: Noodles
    Stats Gained: +1 DEX
    [Rank A]
    Cost to Rank Up: 3 AP
    Method Learned: Frying
    Stats Gained: +1 INT +1 DEX
    [Rank 9]
    Cost to Rank Up: 5 AP
    Method Learned: Stirring
    Stats Gained: +1 DEX
    [Rank 8]
    Cost to Rank Up: 10 AP
    Method Learned: Pasta
    Stats Gained: +1 INT +1 DEX
    [How to obtain the cooking books]
    -Novice Rank book can be obtained from Glenis by asking about skills.
    -Books up to Rank D can be bought from Aeria's bookstore.
    -The Rank C book can be bought from Gordon in Emain Macha; however, you
    must raise his affection level first by giving him alot of rings
    (Gift Rings, not equippable ones)
    >>>You can buy gift rings from the Dunbarton town office.
    [PCG04] Chapter 4: Sample Recipes
    The following are the sample recipes grouped under what you can do as you
    reach a certain rank. Some notes are in parenthesis to inform about 
    certain limitations such as "Must be able to go to Emain Macha" because
    certain ingredients can only be found there.
    These are only sample recipes of foods that are hot sellers and foods that
    are of other importance...
    For a complete list of recipes you can go to a Mabinogi wiki site such
    Mabinogi World Wiki or Mabinogi Guru's Wiki
    The recipes also include the stat boosts the food gives as well as effect
    on muscles and weight.
    UB is Upper Body Muscles, LB is Lower Body Muscles, W is weight.
    **Important, keep in mind these recipes aren't set in stone. Some maybe
    innacurate enough to incur 4 star creations.
    The only way to be a consistent 5 star cook is to pay attention to what 
    you lack and what you have to much and adjust the recipe accordingly
    [Novice Rank: Mixing]
    Egg(73%) Olive Oil(22%) Salt(5%)
    Cheese Bread
    Bread(80%) Slice of Cheese(20%)
    UB+1 LB+1
    Brifne Whiskey(35%) Leighean Gin(38%) Ice(27%)
    HP+50 STR+30 DEX-12 INT-12 LUK+20
    Dog Biscuit
    Chocolate Chip Cookie(60%) Butter Biscuits(40%)
    >>Stats doesn't matter: Used in Fleta Quest<<
    [Rank F: Baking]
    Roasted Chicken Wing
    Chicken Wing(80%) Olive Oil(20%)
    HP+28 LUK+10
    Tin Bread(80%) Butter(20%)
    HP+30 STR+3
    Corn Scone
    >>Must have Rank D Kneading to obtain Dough<<
    Dough(60%) Corn(30%) Fresh Cream(10%)
    HP+30 STR+15 DEX+15 INT+8 WIL+10
    [Rank E Boiling]
    Boiled Potato
    Water(55%) Potato(40%) Salt(5%)
    HP+12 STR+3
    Steamed Corn
    Corn(81%) Water(19%)
    HP+40 STR+20 DEX+8 INT+8 WILL+10
    [Rank D: Kneading]
    Wheat Flour(65%) Water(23%) Yeast(12%)
    Fry Skin
    Water(60%) Egg(25%) Fry Powder(15%)
    [Rank C: Simmering]
    Spicy Fish Stew
    Golden Scale Fish(45%) Taitinn Carp(45%) Red Pepper Powder(10%)
    HP+35 STR+15 INT+10
    The rest of the recipes will come soon as I obtain higher ranks of cooking
    skill and confirm it.
    [PCG05] Chapter 5: Cooking Technique
    Here are several techniques you must learn in able to cook in the most 
    effective way.
    The ability to start a campfire is important. This allows you to be able 
    to cook on the go.
    The ability to start a campfire also speeds up the cooking process in 
    certain situations.
    For example:
    You want to boil but the river is far from the cooking oven.
    Boiling needs alot of water so the best way to do  this is to start a 
    campfire next to the river to have a fire source and a source of water 
    next to each other.
    [Holy Water and Blessings]
    Blessing your cooking equipment reduces costs of repair as it slows down
    wear and tear and makes your cooking tools' durability last longer when 
    you use it.
    This is very important when you plan on selling your food to maximize 
    profits while keeping sale prices low.
    [Do the Math]
    Get a ruler and do the math. When you are dealing with percents, use 
    the "is over of" formula and apply it to the cooking skill totals bar. 
    Here is an example:
    Brewing Apple Juice: Apple(76%) Berry(15%) Sugar(9%)
    I measured the totals bar to be 8 cm.
    Apple should be 76% of 8 cm
    8 x 76 = 608
    608 / 100 = 6.08
    Therefore apple should take up 6.08cm of the Totals bar
    Add apple accordingly
    Repeat the previous steps for other ingredients.
    There are also programs that help you put a virtual ruler over your 
    mabinogi window to have a measuring guide.
    Expert chefs do not need these; They are good guide for those who still 
    have little skill but an expert chef can eyeball his ingredients to 
    create 5 star foods;
    This allows for faster creation of food...trust me, I do not use a ruler
    or a program ruler and you can judge my creations quality themselves.
    [Totals bar Fluctuation]
    When you add ingredients, the totals bar fluctuates to add an element 
    of challenge to cooking. So how can you tell how much you have added and
    how much else do you need after you have calculated?
    The bar's minimum is how much you have already added: I call this part of
    the bar the head.
    The bar's maximum reach of its fluctuation is what I call the tail.
    The range in which the bar fluctuates from the head to its tail is what
    has yet to be added, and depending on where the bar sits is the amount
    you add as you click the add button.
    [Visual Key]
    Its nice to measure with rulers for accuracy, but as stated above, to
    speed up the process you need to use visual keys. Check at the letters,
    and buttons edges as visual keys as to where your bar should be for
    accuracy. Here is an example:
    Baking Broiled Brifne Carp: Brifne Carp(88%) Olive Oil(7%) Salt(5%)
    At about where it is marked in the picture is where 88% is.
    Therefore when I add the carp, I just make the totals bar's fluctuation 
    minimum to land at that area before adding the next ingredient.
    Estimation is valid when you get used to it. Which brings me to my next
    [Pay attention]
    Don't be rash, when it says you need more bacon, then you need to estimate
    and adjust. The measurements with math and rulers help, but they arent
    set in stone and is perfect.
    This also applies to your method of cooking. This happens to alot of
    people; if you want to bake, make sure its set to bake not boil.
    Otherwise you will fail for sure and will be wasting ingredients.
    Once you click start on the cooking window, there is no way to cancel it.
    [Be creative]
    Find your own ways on making it convenient for you to cook at the fastest
    speed possible. If you really HAVE TO use a ruler or the program ruler,
    do so; but keep in mind that your learning ability is stumped if you keep
    relying heavily on tools.
    Need an example of creativity?
    For me, my recipes are listed in a notebook in my own notations.
    These notations use what I have mentioned in the key points above.
    Dough: [Knead] Wheat Flour(65%) Water(23%) Yeast(12%)
    This food in my notation reads as follows:
    Dough: [Knead] W.Flour (2AhE2) Water (3AhDD) Yeast
    What does that mean?
    It means add the ingredients listed in that specific order. 
    add Wheat Flour until the totals bar head (h) is aligned with the second
    add button's (2A) second edge (E2).
    add Water until the totals bar head (h) is aligned with the third add
    button's (3A) second letter D in the word ADD (DD).
    The above is just an example and you do not have to learn it,
    however it shows how you can create your own ways of making it convenient
    for yourself to read recipes and remind you of Visual Keys.
    [PCG06] Chapter 6: Profit
    So you made your food, now you are ready to sell. Here are some tips!
    [Personal Shops]
    This is the easiest way to sell, and also the most effective. But not
    everyone wants to pay for premium service. For this you need:
    -Item Bag (37k gold)
    -Shop License
    -Extra Storage Cash Shop Service or
    -Fantasy Life Cash Shop Service
    If you dont want to do a personal shop, then use Mabinogi Forums as
    well as declaring in game that you are selling.
    Be ready to inform buyers about the effects the food gives you.
    Most people do not understand the huge benefits of food and therefore think
    its a waste to buy them.
    [Quality over Quantity]
    Dont sell 3 star food or lower, not only will it not sell well (if it will
    ever sell at all), it will also make you look like a bad chef.
    This is a very bad practice that can hurt your image and therefore hamper
    your ability to sell food.
    [Price food properly]
    Strawberry milk does not cost 1200 gold.
    First Price your food according the ingredients worth, the work you
    went through to make it, as well as its quality.
    Here are examples of a certain pricing method.
    Roasted Chicken Wing
    -Chicken Wing (20 gold) 
    -Olive Oil (30 gold)
    -5 star (300 gold [50 per star, +50 for perfect made food)
    -Effort (0 gold [since all you do is buy the ingredients])
    Total price to sell Chicken Wing: 350 gold
    Milk Bread
    -Dough (370 gold)
      -Wheat Flour (200 gold [wheat gathering and milling]) 
      -Water (10 gold [Water gathering effort]) 
      -Yeast (10 gold)
      -3 Star (150 [Always base it on 3 star because it becomes an ingredient])
    -Milk (20 gold [Milk gathering effort]) 
    -Butter (15 gold)
    -Effort (250 gold [since you have to make dough first])
    -5 star (300 gold)
    Total price to sell Milk bread: 955 gold
    Second, add a price to it according to supply and demand.
    If you notice people buy alot of your Roasted bacon as opposed to you
    Roasted chicken wing, up the roasted bacon by 150 gold in price and drop
    the chicken wing by 50 at 300 gold.
    By properly pricing your food, you ensure happy buyers as well as good
    [Choose what to cook Intelligently]
    If the demand for a Coq Au Vin is virtually non existant, it doesn't matter
    if it costed you around 2000 gold to make it. Demand calls the shots in the
    A good example is HPMP potions that pharmacists make. It's being sold for
    lower than the total combined money and efforts worth to make them. That
    is simply because the demand is too low.
    With that being said, choose wisely what to cook and take advantage of what
    kind of foods people want.
    [Help other chefs]
    Yes, other chefs are your competition but however if you truly are good
    at what you do that should not matter.
    The more chefs there are, the more people will get educated about food and
    its benefits and will increase profits in the long run.
    Remember that you are selling a consumable good, no matter if there are
    many chefs around, supply and demand will most possibly follow quick as
    long as there are many players around.
    Do not underprice your goods, this gives many consumers the wrong 
    impression about food prices and in the end cheapen the public view
    of how much food should cost.
    Selling Roasted Chicken for 200 gold for example does nothing
    but hurt other chefs because you cheapen the price of the dish
    while chefs should be paid more for their efforts.
    [PCG07] Chapter 7: Still got questions?
    You can contact me in-game at Mari server and ask a question.
    I may not be always online and maybe afk so feel free to use the
    Note feature in-game.
    You can also contact me if you are interested in placing food orders.
    Version History
    03/31/08: Made the Guide (Version 1.0)
    05/26/08: Updated the Guide (Version 2.0)
    06/29/08: Made spelling fixes (Version 2.1)
    06/29/08: Formatted structure to GameFAQ standards (Version 2.2)
    06/29/08: Added more info and deleted unnecessary info (Version 2.3)
    Other stuff
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    or private use. This FAQ also may not be placed on any other web site 
    without my permission. Give credit where credit is due.
    Permission granted for the following sites.
    http://mabinogi.nexon.net (and of course their forums)
    http://mabinogiworld.com/ (including forums and wiki)
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Oh and btw, thanks Nexon! I realized I just won the G1 competition with
    this guide.
    Copyright 2008

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