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    FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee

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                                 Demo FAQ
                                  For PC
                               Version Final
                             By Chris Zawada
                             User: antseezee
                       E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                       Website: www.z-wad.com
                             Created: 10/01/05
                           Last Update: 03/10/11
                        Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada
    Author's Note
    Ever since Starcraft, I can't quite remember a game which brings the novelty of
    popular RTS strategy games into mix with a fantasy universe with modern
    graphics and enhanced gameplay. Well, guess what? Warhammer 40,000 is one of
    those games which takes a fairly unknown series, and molds it into a Starcraft-
    like template. Warhammer 40,000 is basically a future-based RTS where you
    command different races to scramble across the galaxy, battling each other for
    control of territories and resources. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, released
    back in 2004, was the first big strategy game of the year to hit with a bang.
    Winter Assault is the expansion pack to the original hit, even though Relic
    decided to release a demo for this expansion pack. A new race is introduced,
    the Imperial Guard, along with various items. Will you charge forward with your
    futuristic-designed robots and crush the minor resistance, or pump your fists
    in anguish after a humiliating loss?
    If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
    added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
    content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
    you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
    I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
    with what you want to know!
    =03/10/11= vFinal
    Final update.
    =10/07/05= v1.1
    Added glaring fix to function of thermo & plasma generators. I'd like to thank
    Mike Razzell & Callum Flaherty for correcting me on this error. I'd also like
    to thank Dustin Swanick for telling me the amount of missions available in
    Winter Assault.
    =10/02/05= v1.0
    Finished the FAQ. The only campaign mission was VERY interesting and took me
    about 2 hours to complete. I see why they only have five missions per race in
    the expansion. Nonetheless, was one of the best RTS I've played since
    =10/01/05= v1.0
    Started the FAQ. I'm fairly new to the Warhammer 40k series, so this might take
    some time to finish. The demo is not big at all, featuring only one mission and
    one skirmish map, but it impressed me off the get go.
              -    Table of Contents     -
              1) Introduction
              2) Basics
                 > Game Modes
                 > Controls
                 > How it works
              3) Walkthrough
                 > Mission 1: Capture the Fortress
              4) Skirmish
                 > Tips
              5) Types
                 > Units
                 > Buildings
              6) Common Questions
              7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
              8) Proper Credits
    - 1) Introduction          -
    As stated before, the Warhammer 40000 storyline revolves around the future,
    several different commandable races, and lots of territory to control. Whether
    it be the Orks, Marines, or Imperial Guard (new race introduced), the game
    revolves around each race based on which campaign you play. Unfortunately, the
    demo limits you to one campaign mission of the Imperial Guard, which is
    practically what Winter Assault introduces. The actual gameplay of the
    Warhammer 40K series is practically similar to Starcraft, but with many
    enhancements. Resources regenerate based on which buildings you have generating
    the materials. Points must be captured by squads, and then built on to keep an
    area established for good. As usual, various buildings serve various purposes.
    Building an Infantry Command allows you to produce advanced infantry troops.
    Alternate paths can be traveled from building to building via underground
    protection tunnels, reinforcements can be called in for individual squads (as
    opposed to produced an entirely new squad), and heavy robots can be called in
    for the big guns.
    To put it simply, the Warhammer 40K series is much like a modern real-time
    strategy game, except it's graphically good and fundamentally solid. The game
    is very popular online, but nowhere near the level of Starcraft or previous RTS
    classics. One item to remember is that Winter Assault is an EXPANSION PACK. You
    must have either the original Warhammer 40K, or Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War.
    Having neither of these renders this copy useless. The demo requires nothing
    previously installed, but was released to give a sample of what to expect. I
    was personally impressed, and like the series quite a bit.
       > Base Requirements:
       - 1.4 Ghz CPU or better (Remember, Intel M's can be lower ghz)
       - 256MB RAM or  better
       - DirectX 9.0 Compatible Video Card
         > Usually this includes cards around or past ATI's 9000 range, and
           GeForce's 52005700+. I'm not 100% sure on this, so don't take my word
           for rock solid truth. The more RAM, the better you will do when multiple
           units are on the screen at once.
    - 2) Basics                -
    The Warhammer 40K series has never been about simplicity for the typical new
    player. Instead, the series has been designed around helping the veterans get
    more out of the game, while providing a fairly novice-like experience to those
    who were trying out the series for a first time. This section will describe the
    basics of Winter Assault without going into too much detail.
    /Game Modes/
    The Winter Assault demo contains single-player, skirmish (single-player), an
    army painter feature, and options. There is no online multiplayer included,
    with only one selectable race, and one mission to play from campaign mode.
    Practically all controls for this game are based off of the mouse. Since it is
    an isometric 3D real-time strategy game, the mouse is used for selecting units,
    assigning them to locations on the map, and for clicking buttons in the lower
    right corner to operate certain functions. There are keyboard shortcuts, but
    I'm only listing a few essential ones below.
    Action:			Primary Key:
    Rotates camera view     ALT + Left/Right Arrow
    Zoom in/out		Mousewheel Up/Down
    Scroll around map       Arrow keys
    Execute Command		Right mouse button click
    Highlight/select	Left mouse button click
    Center view on HQ	Home
    Base isometric view	Backspace
    Interface/map actions	Mouse
    - Winter Assault runs off of a true 3D engine, meaning you can rotate the view
    or zoom in to get a full 3D view. Unlike Starcraft or previous Warcrafts, the
    game does not have sprites with four-base views. It essentially plays out like
    an isometric RTS, but is really a 3D RTS.
    /How it works/
       - Resources must be used to produce units, complete buildings, or research
       - Resources are naturally generated by having a HQ, building Listening
         Posts, Plasma Generators, and Thermo Plasma Generators.
       - There are two types of resources; blue (requisition) & green (power).
       - Resource regeneration is done internally; peasants do not harvest them
         such as in Starcraft. More structures yields a higher rate. Upgrades yield
         a higher rate.
       - Units produced are usually in squads. Squads must be reinforced to add
         members to a maximum amount. Squad upgrades are done to each squad
       - Structures, units, and soldiers have HP bars. These represented by the
         green bar below the character. When it reaches 0, they die. The blue bar
         is morale. Morale is the willingness of a soldier to fight. If morale
         reaches zero, effectiveness of the troop plummets. Troops without
         effectiveness are worthless in battle. Leaders/Officers boost morale and
         keep it at a maintainable level. Leaders/Officers have enhanced damage
         attacks and special abilities.
       - Buildings can only be built within range of a captured point. CPs are
         spread throughout a map. Building a listening post on a CP yields you more
         resources, and makes it tougher for opponent to take over CP. This means
         they have to destroy listening post, then capture a point. Your building
         zone extends when a listening post is built on a CP. This zone is outlined
         with white lines. It is essential to build listening posts as quickly as
         possible, then a turret, and/or more buildings to make it easier to hold
         the extended area. This means you do not have to keep building Field
         Commands to extend your base (as opposed to most other RTS's).
       - A relic must be grabbed on a map in order to earn a tech upgrade.
       - There are typically two types of units, infantry and vehicles. Some
         vehicles work better against infantry or better against armor. Know their
       - Engineer units build your buildings. They also repair vehicles/buildings.
    - 3) Walkthrough           -
    Before you can jump into the battlefields of Winter Assault, you should
    probably try the brief tutorial first. It practically goes over every element
    of the game. The only available mission for single player is one mission from
    the Imperial Guard's campaign. For your information, the Imperial Guard is the
    new race inserted in the expansion as well, so you get a nice taste of both
    elements at once. This section will go step-by-step through the first mission.
    /Mission 1: Capture the Fortress/
      > Take (2) initial CP's
      > Breach (2) Chaos walls
      > Reach the invincible wall
      > Use the Eldars to knock out the 4 generators
      > Use the Eldar leader to kill the Chaos Sorcerer
      > Make the final push with the Imperial Guard
       *A brief cutscene opens up explaining that the Imperial Guard need to
        capture a previously controlled weapon, the Titan, on a former controlled
        planet, Lorn V. Many years ago, the Chaos forces overran the garrison at
        Lorn V, and the Imperial Guard quickly retreated out. Forces under General
        Sturnn must assault the initial beach-head of Lorn V, remove the Chaos
        forces in the area, and take over their defensive fortress before they make
        moves to recapture the Titan.*
       *Sturnn and several groups of infantry squads are inserted via valkyries.*
    - You'll start off with about 4-5 infantry guardsmen, a Commisar, and General
    Sturnn. You won't have any structures on the surface until you take the 2
    nearby capture points marked with points. Split your troops into two, giving
    the General one half, and the Commisar the other. Attack both points at once
    and capture them both. You will encounter basic Chaos forces, so ensure you
    have 100% participation from your fellow troops. Make sure the Commisar &
    General stay alive (you really need them to keep morale up for the most part).
    Once both points are captured, reinforcements will arrive. Make use of the 2
    Techniseers to build nearby structures. Let them finish the Field Command post,
    then work on 2 Listening Posts. Once the base listening posts are done, start
    structuring your base with dual turrets on both the left & right alleyways.
    - Enemy groups will rush down from both flanks, so it's necessary to get two
    turrets on each side in. A good tip is to multi-highlight the infantry on both
    sides and reinforce them. Meanwhile, build an Infantry Command building, and
    set it as a rally point for the incoming reinforcements. Thankfully, you'll be
    supplied with unlimited reinforcements at timed intervals (you should see timer
    text near the middle-right portion of the screen). Also build about 4 Plasma
    Generators to really bring in the stash of resources as needed. Build an
    upgrade building, to research basic tech upgrades. Meanwhile, get another
    Commisar, and branch him with the other grouping of troops. Check the lower
    left corner of the map for reinforcements that may have arrived while you were
    busy building. You'll have to breach the outer wall. Keep attacking it on both
    sides with troops to breach both segways. Move your troops into the shallow
    cover holes as the Imperial Guard does well as defensive-based units.
    - This is where it gets tricky. You'll practically be receiving units from the
    center, left, and right flanks pouring on to your bunkered position every 1-2
    minutes. Do your best to move a Techniseer up behind the covered troops.
    Capture the two points on both the left/right flanks. Immediately build a
    Listening Post after it has been taken, then build two turrets to secure the
    area. Wait for more reinforcements, and check the surrounding corners. You
    should be able to knock out some nearby Chaos installations. Breach the next
    walled area, and repeat the process. If you split your forces up too much,
    concentrate ONLY on one side (preferably the left). There will be a brief Chaos
    forces base in the center with several structures. Bring Sentinels (you can
    gather them from a captured mechanical command building on the left flank).
    Sentinels work well against structures or any vehicles. You will also find a
    Hell Hound factory along the right side. Hell Hounds are equivocally flame
    tanks that work GREAT against chaos infantry groups.
    - Once you have the center area where the previous base was, build a new
    Infantry Command here, and set the rally point. Your reinforcements will arrive
    closer to the battlefield. Once you're through the two exterior walls, you'll
    eventually reach a point where there's an "evil gate." The gate glows with a
    purple aura, but cannot be breached due to a chaos spell. A cutscene sputters
    out about how the Imperial Guard don't know how long they can withstand the
    invincibility of the segway. Here's a quick map of what the first mission looks
                                     /    Gen                       Gen  /
                                    / Gen             <-- Sorc          /
                                   /                 X                 /
                                  / Gen         (Final Push)          /
                                 /                 X   X             /
                                /                                   /
                               /================ EVIL GATE ========/
           You are Here-->    /       CP                    CP    /
                             /__                                 /
                            /Mech\ Wall #2 ========== Wall #2 ==/
                           /      \                        ___ /
                          /              CP              /Mech/
                         /           | CENTER    |           /
                        /     CP     \  EVIL BASE/    CP    /
                       /   Wall #1    \=========/  Wall #1 /
                      /                                   /
                     /           CP            CP        /
       *Suddenly, we see a mysterious force intervening in the battlefield.
        While I'm not sure of their background, I believe the "templarish" like
        holy robots are actually the Eldars. They somehow have an awkward
        relationship with the Imperial Guard, but know that they can help the
        Imperial Guard by knocking down the supposed invincible wall. The key to
        their success is that the Imperial Guard know that they weren't helped by
        the Eldars. The Eldar leader says she will use the Webway Gates already
        built on the planet surface to infiltrate behind the Chaos lines, and their
        forces will knock out 4 generators that power the wall.*
    - You'll now have control of the Eldar leader (Farseer), and ranged unit + two
    melee units. Command them inside the first webway gate. They should be in the
    upper right corner of the map (not the very corner, but close to it). Then,
    pick another webway point (preferably upper right). Click the unload button
    after all troops have loaded into the gate. Your troops will warp from point to
    point via the Webway Gates. Destroy the forces surrounding the purple marked
    (Gen) dots, and destroy the generator there. It's not necessary, but you can
    kick some Chaos butt in the meantime. Finish off the last two generators in the
    upper corner, and the scene will fade away.
       *With all generators down, there is no continual power to maintain the base
        of the invincible gate. However, a Chaos Sorcerer is maintaining the gate's
        invincibility alone by himself. The Farseer says that she will assassinate
        this evil sorcerer by herself, while her other forces distract the oncoming
        Chaos revolt.*
    - Load your troops into the Webway Gate. A new center webway gate point will
    appear. Unload the troops here, but choose your Farseer leader, and guide her
    southwest towards the central red dot. The Sorcerer should be by himself. Start
    attacking him in melee (while your base Eldar troops distract the chaos troops
    at the insertion point). Make use of the Farseer's ability such as the Psychic
    Storm or attack abilities. You will eventually overrun the Sorcerer and kill
    him. The scene will fade out again.
       *The invincible gate falters and goes down quite easily. General Sturnn
        prepares for the final push.*
    - You should NOT have any resource or upgrade problems at this point. Before
    making the final push, check your Sentinel and Hell Hound factories. Produce
    the max limit of each vehicle type as possible. Do the same with your infantry
    (if you're below your normal, you shouldn't be). For your infantry squads,
    upgrade grenade launchers to 3 men max, and get a Sergeant in each squad. Give
    Commisars to your large groupings. Bring Sturnn in with the main assault force
    as well. Group both flanking armies together into one massive force. Make SURE
    your vehicles (Sentinels specifically) are near the front line. These are the
    only anti-vehicle unit you have, as you will have to take down 3 Defilers
    (armored infantry killing Chaos machines). March through the breached gate and
    engage the initial Chaos armies. The 3 Defilers will be marked with red
    circles. Target your Sentinels to concentrate on them. DO NOT charge your
    infantry towards them. They will literally be slaughtered; the same goes for
    General Sturnn. Once all 3 Defilers are down, the mission will end.
       *Your Commisar reports saying that the casualties were extremely high
        for the Imperial Guard. Typical low-morale bastards. Sturnn isn't too
        concerned about mourning for the dead, but wants to push forward. He
        ponders as to how the invincible gate simply fell. The Commisar thinks
        otherwise, but Sturnn knows outside interference came into play.*
       *Another cutscene shows that one of the Imperial Guard priests says his
        transport unit was shot down. The only crew capable of operating the Titan
        is aboard the shot-down transport, and they must be rescued at all costs.
        Sturnn will have to do the search-n-rescue operation himself. Obviously,
        the rest of the exciting campaign is limited to the full version.*
    - The single-player campaign in the demo is complete. You're brought back to
    the main menu.
    - 4) Skirmish               -
    One of the more enjoyable aspects of RTS games is the ability to freeload a new
    style of gameplay by mixing and matching options to meet your liking.
    Basically, Skirmish is the multiplayer game mode for lone players. You can
    setup multiple AI opponents besides yourself, and then compete across a
    selected map with only certain victory conditions. This section will explain
    how to setup a game of skirmish, and also on how to win one.
       _:" Setting it up ":_
        Maps available: Absolute Zero
                        > Pretty much a mirror image of an icelandic map.
                          You have two plateaus that curve back around to the
                          respective ends of the map. Here's what the map typically
                          looks like:
            \                   \     The critical point is typically near the
             \                   \    middle if you're playing Take & Hold.
              \    \ Plateau \    \   Relic points tend to be in 1 of 4 corners of
               \    \    #1   \    \  the map, and there are only two relic points
                \    \_________\    \ as this map is designed for two players.
                 \                   \
                  \                   \
                   \     _________     \
                    \    \ Plateau\     \
                     \    \    #2  \     \
                      \    \        \     \
                       \                   \
        - To setup your game, pick a human player type and computer type. Since
          Imperial Guard is the only race included in the demo, you can only pick
          different alterations in army colors, as opposed to entirely different
          races. A great thing to do is pick a color of an army you have customized
          for maximum emotional effect.
        - There are victory options which must be selected; these decide the
          victory conditions of the match.
          > Annihilate (Completely destroy every unit/building of your opponent)
          > Assassination (Take out the enemy hero unit)
          > Control Area (Control all capture points)
          > Destroy HQ (Destroy all Field/Battle Commands)
          > Economic Victory (Control Listening Posts on majority of posts for
                              elapsed time)
          > Game Timer (Shows elapsed game time)
          > Take & Hold (Get the critical point and hold it on the map for 7
          > Sudden Death (If a tie is imminent, sudden death will be engaged. Not
                          sure on victory conditions)
        - Options can be set to change the skirmish setup.
          > AI Difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard)
          > Starting Resources (Low, Default, High)
          > Lock Teams (Prevents team switching)
          > Cheats (Enable/Disable)
          > Starting Location (Random, Set points, etc...)
          > Game Speed (Slow, Default, Fast)
          > Resource Sharing (Enable/Disable)
          > Resource Rate (Slow, Default, Fast)
    In order to win a skirmish matchup, it depends on your victory conditions. The
    easiest way to dominate a map is establish your base as the Imperial Guard, get
    2-3 CP's, then rush all of your troops towards the critical point. Make sure to
    get 1 Relic point before charging for the critical point. This way, you can
    research upgrades while you try to hold the critical point for 7 minutes.
    Listening Posts cannot be built on the critical point, as it is designed to be
    a crucial point that changes to both sides.
    - Get a General/Commisar as soon as possible. Bring them to your large grouping
    to keep troop morale up. You'll usually find Heavy/Light Cover by the critical
    points. Stand stance your troops there for reinforcement bonuses. Upgrade
    Grenade Launchers as soon as possible, and get a Tactica Control building in
    place. You should have 3 Techniseers. One who stays with the large grouping,
    and two at the base. Use turrets to hold your base perimeter, and use your
    Guardsmen for the offensive.
    - Economic victory can be achieved by just snatching, turreting, and hold each
    Listening Post. Get Fortified Upgrades on each post to maximize resources
    coming in.
    - If you're going for an assassination and/or HQ destruction victory, it's much
    more difficult. The Imperial Guard do not make the best choice as an offensive
    race, and they have no anti-armor weaponry with their guardsmen. You will find
    it difficult to overcome an AI-run base with several turrets. Your best bet is
    to try to shoot via the ridges and hope to take out interior buildings while
    the CPU is distracted. The CPU rarely places their hero unit with their
    offensive troops, so you'll have to find him somewhere on the interior.
    - The Absolute Zero map is small and simplistic. Just fortify a half of the map
    if not playing Take & Hold, and you should be fine. Watch for the regular
    intervals of reinforcements that flood down on either flank from the CPU's
    Infantry Command.
    - 5) Types                 -
    The demo of Winter Assault only contains one playable race, the Imperial Guard,
    and a limitation on how many/what units you can use. I'll briefly skim through
    the unit/building types to give you an idea of what to expect.
         ?> Infantry Guardsmen <?
         Description: "Typical soldiers of the IG army, the Guardsmen are generally
                       low-morale troops employed in massive numbers to overrun
                       enemy positions. They are the weakest infantry type in the
                       game, and because of low-morale, tend to break quite easily
                       unless a Commisar or General hero unit is present. They're
                       essentially the Bravehearts of Warhammer 40K."
         Upgrades: - Reinforcements
                   "Cheap, adds a soldier, every squad should be maxed to 9."
                   - Sergeant
                   "Practically an inner unit healing tool. Keeps the HP of other
                    guardsmen regenerating."
                   - Grenade Launcher
                   "A maximum of 3 upgrades, max this out if you have the
                    resources. You only need one nade launcher in a squad to
                    maximize damage efficiency, but 3 helps."
         ?> Techniseers <?
         Description: "Typical engineers of the IG army, the Techniseers have a
                       fairly cocky but stout attitude about themselves. They're
                       like partial priests in a sense, but have specialized
                       duties. Great for repairing buildings, constructing
                       buildings, repairing mechanical vehicles, and capping
                       listening posts. Make sure to have one with your roaming
                       armies, and at least two at your home base."
         Upgrades: n/a
         ?> General <?
         Description: "Hero unit of the IG, the General is a courageous fellow
                       who makes his fellow troops believe they have the will to
                       win. General heroes can produce Commisars under them, have a
                       great melee attack, and can engage multiple units. Make sure
                       they don't get slaughtered in a battle, or it spells a
                       daunting loss."
         Upgrades: n/a
         ?> Commisar <?
         Description: "Typical officers of the IG, the Commisar is a necessary unit
                       to keep troop morale up. They have several sacrifice/morale
                       commands that may take something away from your troops, but
                       compensate with amazing abilities. Unfortunately, Commisars
                       are fairly weak and die quite easily in battles. Make sure
                       you replace a Commisar if one is lost, otherwise your
                       troops' effectiveness plummets."
         Upgrades: n/a
         ?> Sentinels <?
         Description: "These twin-legged walking robots are the anti-vehicle
                       component of the IG army. They are the most essential
                       mechanical object on the battlefield as this is the only
                       anti-armor weapon the IG practically have. Works great
                       against defilers, tanks, or ground-based vehicles. Does not
                       do extreme damage to infantry."
         Upgrades: n/a
         ?> Hell Hounds <?
         Description: "Typical anti-infantry vehicle of the IG, the Hell Hound is
                       a flame-launching tank that works extremely well on enemy
                       infantry. Attacks with splash damage and damage bonuses.
                       Does not do much damage to opposing vehicles, and its armor
                       plating is weak to anti-vehicle attacks. Always accompany
                       these guys with Sentinels."
         Upgrades: n/a
         !> Field Command <!
         Description: "Base HQ of the IG army, the Field Command allows you to
                       crate Commisars, Generals, Infantry Guardsmen, Techniseers,
                       and permit special upgrades. A necessary component that must
                       be well protected at all costs. This produces an initial
                       rate of blue resources."
         Major Upgrades: Battle Command (enhanced abilities)
         !> Plasma Generators <!
         Description: "Generates green resources. Build these in empty areas of
                       your base when ya need more green flowing in. Four
                       generators gives you a sufficient flow for the most part."
         Major Upgrades: Enhanced Generating (higher rate)
         !> Thermo Plasma Generators <!
         Description: "Generates green resources at a very high rate. Build these
                       on slag deposits once you have captured an area near one.
                       One to two are essential to bring in high amounts of green
                       resources, but you don't need them early on. The green
                       energy is typically used for special mechanical devices."
         Major Upgrades: Enhanced Generating (higher rate)
         !> Infantry Command <!
         Description: "This is the infantry producing building for the IG. They
                       are necessary if you want reinforcements to arrive closer
                       to the battlefield, or if you want to produce enhanced
                       infantry units. However, you don't get the chance to produce
                       enhanced infantry in the demo, so it's really just a
                       reinforcement rally building."
         Major Upgrades: n/a
         !> Tactica Control <!
         Description: "An upgrade building for the IG, this let's you research
                       minor upgrades for your troops & specialty units. Relics are
                       necessary to increase the researching levels."
         Major Upgrades: Commisar abilities, Infantry status upgrade
         !> Heavy Turret <!
         Description: "A small turret building that automatically fires on targets
                       within proximity. It sucks for a base turret because it uses
                       normal firing guns. However, the upgrade makes it very
                       worthy against infantry."
         Major Upgrades: Missile Add-on (huge damage increase)
         !> Mine Field <!
         Description: "Cheap way of setting up mines that do damage to opponents
                       without having to setup costly developed turrets, or put
                       lots of units in one area."
         Major Upgrades: n/a
         !> Listening Post <!
         Description: "Build these on capture points to increase blue resource
         		   rate, make it easier to hold an area, and increase your
         		   building capability zone."
         Major Upgrades: Fortified Position (increases armor, resource rate,
                                             building zone radius)
    - 6) Common Questions     -
    )) Gameplay ((
    << What would you rate Warhammer 40K: DoW: Winter Assault based on the demo? >>
    - Probably a [9/10]. The last RTS I played extensively was Starcraft, and this
    quite possibly rivals it in comparison. This takes everything you want in a
    RTS, and exemplifies it perfectly on the PC. For starters, the graphics in
    Winter Assault are honestly great for a low-spec requirement. The game runs off
    of a full 3D engine, meaning you can rotate the camera and zoom in/out.
    Hundreds of units can be on the screen at once without risk of slowdown. The
    music and sound effects work well on decent sound cards, channeling out over
    several channels. Gameplay is where the game shines. It takes unnecessary
    elements of micromanagement out, but keeps the same responsibilities of
    checking upgrades, and managing each squad to a whole new level. Knowing your
    strengths/weaknesses of opposing armies is an absolute must. My only complaint
    would be not having any online capabilities in the demo. This game is nearly
    perfect for a RTS in my opinion, and simply doesn't get enough attention
    because Blizzard has snapped out Starcraft, Warcraft 3, and Diablo 2 over the
    past few years. Warhammer 40K is as close as you can get to perfection.
    << What are the system requirements for the demo? >>
    - Check the introduction section. I think the spec requirements are overrated,
    as the game ran fine with 1024 x 768 on my souped-up laptop. I'm sure someone
    with a crappy video card and minimum specs could still run it the same way, but
    just have to worry about load times.
    << What type of account do I need to play online? >>
    - Well, from what I've read, it's either a Gamespy account or a general
    profile. You may need to register an e-mail address to your account, but it is
    all free online as far as I know.
    << How are the Imperial Guard? >>
    - Pretty much a defensive race. Your goal is to build up each segment as you
    move on, and attack in masses (the strength of the IG). They aren't an
    effective offensive race simply because they don't get the most powerful units
    until their tech tree is fully researched. Most other races get moderately
    powerful units early on, but you don't with the IG unless you reach the tech
    tree as far up as the Bane Blade (their most powerful unit).
    << Are there any other versions of Warhammer 40K? >>
    - Yes, several. A majority of the versions are for the PC, including Fire
    Warrior, Chaos Gate, Rites of War, and the most popular - Dawn of War. Winter
    Assault is an expansion to Dawn of War. Fire Warrior was also released on the
    PS2, but it wasn't exactly a RTS game.
    << What exactly is Winter Assault? >>
    - Get this straight. It's an expansion pack. It is NOT a standalone title. You
    need either Dawn of War or the original Warhammer 40,000 in order to install
    the full version. The demo does not need anything prior, but it's just a demo.
    << Any idea as to how many missions there are for campaign mode? >>
    - 15-17 missions in the expansion pack. I'd like to thank Dustin Swanick for
    providing this information. There are apparently 4 Order, 4 Disorder, and 1
    different ending mission for each race. Add the 5 new Imperial Guard missions,
    and it totals out to about 17 new missions.
    << When is the release date for the full version? >>
    - It was released in late September 2005. The Winter Assault demo came out a
    week after the release (fairly late, huh?).
    << What races are in the actual game? >>
    - I'm not a Warhammer 40K buff, but I do know that there are five base races,
    with one partial-secret race. There are the Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines,
    Eldars, Orks, Imperial Guard, and the rare Necrons. You can read about the
    terminology, history, and background info of them on Relic's official page. Try
    googling about Warhammer 40K.
    << Are you buying the full version? >>
    - Actually I would if I didn't have to buy the original. This demo impressed me
    so much that I was tempted to get Winter Assault, but I would also have to get
    a base title to install it for. This would simply eat up too much time and
    money for one lone game. From what I've heard, the online community is large
    for Dawn of War, even if it doesn't match in comparison to Warcraft 3 or
    - 7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
    This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
    by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
    NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
    own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
    either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
    your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
    it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
    all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
    FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
    trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).
    This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    - http://www.ign.com/
    - http://www.neoseeker.com/
    - http://www.cheatcc.com/
    - http://www.cheatplanet.com/
    - 8) Proper Credit        -
    I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ
    )) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
    to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.
    )) Relic/Games Workshop (( for creating an amazing series with Warhammer
    40,000. I love the gameplay, I love the game engine, and I love the kickass
    intro movie to the Winter Assault demo.
    )) Rootsecure.net (( for providing an ASCII generator to help make the title.
    I was in a rush, and needed a quick fix. Their site was just the key.
    )) Demoindex.com (( for providing a high-speed download line to get the demo
    file. This site is the second-best source for downloading PC demo files.
    )) Winter Assault GameFAQs Message Boards (( for providing some general
    background info on the races that I read up on for my own knowledge. Great
    stuff, and very intellectual posters on those boards.
    )) Dustin Swanick (( for telling me the exact amount of campaign missions
    available in WA. We love when we know the #'s.
    )) Mike Razzell & Callum Flaherty (( for informing me on the blue vs. green
    misinformation tips throughout the guide. Can't get the basic elements of the
    game wrong, so I thank you for correcting me on that.
      "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
      "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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