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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mp3thief

    Version: 0.55 | Updated: 10/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    THE SUFFERING: Ties That Bind
    Walkthrough Version 0.55
    October 08, 2005
    Author: Mp3thief
    E-mail: Mp3thief@gmail.com
    This document is copyrighted by Mp3thief, October 2005 and may not be
    reproduced in part or in full without the written consent of the author. Nor
    shall this be posted on a website or printed in a magazine without my consent.
    All Rights Reserved.
    0) Forward
    1) Characters
    2) Malefactors
    3) Weapons
       a) Melee
        b) Firearms
         c) Thrown
    4) Supplies
    5) Files
    6) Archives
        a) Jordan's Notebook
          b) Consuela's Scrapbook
           c) Carmen's Diary
    7) Walkthrough
    8) Cheat Codes
    9) Version History
    10) Credits
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    Characters -
    Miles - Miles is Torque's longtime friend from the neighborhood. While Miles
    is basically a good person with good intentions, his life consists of being at
    the wrong place at the wrong time. Miles previously owned a bar in Baltimore.
    Following an incident that occurred there, one orchestrated by Blackmore, he
    and Torque were convicted and sentenced to Eastern Baltimore Correctional
    Facility. Miles is the only other person who is keenly aware of Blackmore's
    intrest in Torque, and he hates the arch criminal perhaps even more than
    Torque. Although Torque has escaped from Carnate Island, Miles gets caught in
    the carnage that breaks out in Baltimore. After the two men meet up amid the
    chaos, he tries to help Torque escape. But Traveling with Torque is always
    dangerous, and trying to herlp him out may reveal a truth that Miles may not
    want to know.
    CARMEN - While navigating through the haunted ruins of Carnate Island, visions
    of his deceased wife Carmen, as well as his boys, constantly appeared in
    Torque's mind. Carmen continues to appear from time to time, attempting to
    guide Torque toward the truth about his past. With each choice Torque makes,
    he hears Carmen's voice in his head telling him what the right choice would be
    BLACKMORE - Blackmore is the violent criminal mastermind behind organized drug
    distribution on the streets and something much more sinister on the side. He is
    also known as "The Colonel"
    JORDAN - There are those who are good, and those who are evil. And there there
    are those who are merely selfish to the point where the distinction becomes
    irrelevant. Since losing her parents during her formative years, Jordan has
    been obsessed with power and immortality. She has long since giving up caring
    about anyone who may get in her way.
    DR. KILLJOY- In the 1920's, Dr. Killjoy ran the asylum on Carnate Island. His
    perverse methods and unscrupulous surgical methods are the stuff of urban
    legend even today.
    Recommended weapons - Sawed-Off Shotgun, Pipe
    Slayers are creatures of huminoid, bipedal appearance with four long
    machete blades in place of forearms or lower legs. They usually approach in an
    upright position, or crawling like a spider on all fours. They can crawl on
    the walls and ceiling. Be careful, they can attack from those posistions as
    well. To prevent them from attacking, turn on the flashlight and shine it on
    them. This typically causes them to hesitate at least once.
    Recommended weapons - Insanity Mode
    Slayer Captains are made of metal body armor and shrouded in a dark cloud.
    They move and attack in the same manner as regular Slayers, and have the
    ability to summon the appearance of them at any time. The only thing that
    causes damage to them is Torque's Insanity Mode. If your gage isn't full,
    concentrate on killing the underlings until it is. Then transform and use the
    claw attack until it's dead.
    Recommended weapons - Dual Sawed-Off Shotguns, Shrapnel Grenades
    These Malfactors usually appear in a dramatic explosion of flame. They can
    melt bars in order to pass through (Usually letting you out to the next area
    in the process). Any physical contact with a Arsonist causes damage, so avoid
    touching a arsonist at any costs, even in Insanity Mode. These guys can throw
    projectiles at you, and also create fireballs that travel underground, homing
    in on you. So strafing to the left or right may help you dodge those attacks.
    When a Arsonist dies, it tends to explode in a shower of fire, so avoid
    getting too close to avoid further damage. 
    If you are on fire. You can put the flames out more quickly by couching,
    moving Torque in any direction, and pressing the jump button.
    (Thanks gagnon703)
    Recommended weapons - Insanity Mode
    Just like the regualar arsonists in everyway except with greater speed and
    frequency. And like the Slayer Captains, they have the ability to summon other
    Arsonists to help them out.
    Recommended weapons - Dual Sawed-Off Shotguns, Molotov Cocktail
    A insatiable creature born of urban legend, the Gorger feeds on whatever it
    can find, including garbage, stray cats, corpses, and unwary humans. These
    creatures are extremely tall despite the hunched over appearance. Because of
    thier hunger, they may stop to feed on fallen enemies if live prey is out of
    thier line of sight. Try to use this moment to sneak up behind them to suprise
    them with a attack. Gorgers have a particularly poor tempermant, making them
    prone to fighting with other monsters. They can tackle you to the ground, if
    this happens, press the Jump, Movement, or Attack buttons to knock the Gorger
    off before it inflicts more damage.
    Triggerman - Description Coming Soon
    Recommended weapons - Sawed-Off Shotgun, Revolver
    This Malefactor is a gruesome display of firepower and diabolical design. It is
    spider like in appearance, with legs made of flesh and Shotguns. Machine Guns
    cover the Triggerman's back. They are deadly accurate, and at close range can
    rear back like a horse and trample their foes. In a one-on-one situation, use
    a high powered machine gun, while strafing around them. Be aware that they can
    knock certain thrown weapons at them. Because of the powerful ranged attacks,
    it is important to focus on any Triggerman before concerning yourself with any
    other enemies close by.
    Triggerman Captain
    Recommended weapons - Insanity Mode
    Just like the other Captains, this one is immune to human attacks, and can
    summon other Triggerman. Take care of it before it can summon them. They will
    catch you in a crossfire you cannot survive.
    Recommended weapons - Shotgun, Molotov Cocktails
    Like the Mainliners from the first game. These creatures throw syringes filled
    with a drug that causes you to slow down, fog your vision, and lower your
    health. A single shotgun blast should be enough to take care of one, but be
    careful. Getting that close to a Mainliner is dangerous, as they can leap onto
    Torque and try to stab you in the neck with a needle. As with the Gorgers, if
    this happens, hit the jump, attack, or movement buttons to try to throw the
    creature off before it can stick you. When Mainliners die, the corpse emits a
    cloud of toxic gas that causes damage on contact and lingering damage
    Recommended weapons - M-60, Grenade Launcher
    The Marksmen in Baltimore are much lager and stronger than the ones encountered
    on Carnate Island. Although use of heavy firepower is suggested, it is best to
    look for a mounted .50 calibur machine gun in the area. If one is not around,
    use a combination of Grenades, Rockets, and constant machine gun fire.
    Recommended weapons - Shotgun, Skorpion Machine Gun
    These are the creation of the slave chaser Copperfield. Maulers are small,
    barking creatures, that are dog like in appearance, but have heads that look
    like a humans. They have a headband with a blade attached to it that they will
    use to stab and slash their prey. Maulers are more so affected by secondary
    attacks than bullets. So save your ammo unless you are surrounded by them.
    Recommended weapons - Shotgun, Revolver
    The first sign of a Burrower in the area is a trail of dirt moving around on
    the ground. The best tactic is to stand still and watch the trail, when it
    stops nearby, that means it is about to come out of the ground.  Be ready for
    this and fill them with lead when they appear.
    Recommended weapons - Revolver, Grenade
    The Suppressor is a somewhat pathetic creature, created from the remains of a
    former Corrections Officer. It's legs have been amputated, forcing it to crawl
    around on its arms and bloody stumps. They will leave a trail of blood
    wherever they patrol. They attack with multiple machine guns thrust into the
    torso, and they search for them with a flashlight forcible imbedded in thier
    skulls. Once they detect a moving target, are attacked, or see something in
    thier beam of light, the fire with all guns at once. For this reason, try to
    attack them from behind whenever possible.
    Recommended weapons - Tommy Gun, Grenade
    Encountered only rarely in the game, and in only extremely dark places, these
    creatures appear to be bloated, severed upper torsos that drag themselves
    around on two peg legs. The lower portion of the Isolationist is the 'birthing
    canal' that emanate swarms of giant cockroaches known as 'Wretches'. These
    creatures swarm around you and burst into yellow clouds of gas that cause
    damage. If you get too close to a Isolationist, it will lean on one limb, and
    swing the other at you to bat you away. Covered in a blue electric field, they
    can also cause damage on any physical contact. At any range, it can summon a
    blue lightning orb and throw it at a target. Furhermore, in case that wasn't
    enough, it can do all these attacks simultaneously while spawning more
    Wretches. Take care of the roaches with machine gun fire when they are far
    enough away so that the gas does not harm you. Use whatever heavy firepower
    you have to make the Isolationist go down.
    Melee Weapons:
    Wood Bat
    Rusty Pipe
    Fire Axe
    Colt 1911
    Clip Size: 8
    Max Carry: 96
    Dual Wield: Yes
    Clip Size: 6
    Max Carry: 24
    Dual Wield: Yes
    Clip Size: 8
    Max Carry: 32
    Dual Wield: No
    Sawed-Off Shotgun
    Clip Size: 8
    Max Carry: 96
    Dual Wield: Yes
    Clip Size: 50
    Max Carry: 280
    Dual Wield: Yes
    Tommy Gun
    Clip Size: 60
    Max Carry: 180
    Dual Wield: No
    Clip Size: 60
    Max Carry: 240
    Dual Wield: No
    Clip Size: 100
    Max Carry: 100
    Dual Wield: No
    I was told that you can carry 200 ammo for this. But as scarce as the M-60's
    are in the game, why would you carry a weapon that long and never fire it?
    (Thanks gagnon703)
    Grenade Launcher
    Clip Size: 6
    Max Carry: 12
    Dual Wield: No
    Clip Size: 1
    Max Carry: 3
    Dual Wield: No
    Molotov Cocktail
    Max Carry: 8
    Flash/Bang Grenade
    Max Carry: 8
    Shrapnel Grenade
    Max Carry: 8
    XOMBIUM Bottle - Each Xombium Bottle restores roughly one third of Torque's
    health. So three bottles refill the health meter completely. Torque
    automatically uses a bottle if he needs it by touching it. He does not carry
    them with him as he did in the previous game.
    Flashlight - You should know what this does.
    Flashlight Batteries - This is a set of two size "C" batteries. As with the
    Xombium, each set raises the flashlight power roughly one third. So three sets
    of batteries will refill the Flashlight completely.
    Letter from Carmen
    Chapter - The Hardest Homecoming
    Where it's found - Master Bedroom Closet
    Letter from Miles
    Chapter - The Hardest Homecoming
    Where it's found - Master Bedroom Closet
    Letter from Blackmore
    Chapter - The Hardest Homecoming
    Where it's found - Master Bedroom doorway after Carmen disappears
    (Note: The contents of the letter change depending on whether the game was 
     started on Good, Evil, or Neutral)
    Theater Playbill
    Chapter - The Hardest Homecoming
    Where it's found - Lobby Mailboxes
    Garvey Home Report
    Chapter - The Will of the People
    Where it's found - Locker behind the Underground Bar
    Cory's Drawing
    Chapter - Relentless Persistent Determination
    Where it's found - The Tackle Building, at the center of specimen storehouse. 
    Cory is seen drawing it.
    Foundation Document
    Chapter - Relentless Persistent Determination
    Where it's found - Observation booth, file cabinet on north wall
    Elroy Sr.'s Annual Review
    Chapter - Repeat Offender
    Where it's found - Basement Library, in file cabinet at back of room
    Letter to Elroy Jr.
    Chapter - Discipline & Punish
    Where it's found - On top of bookshelf in the office room where you first
    meet Junior.
    Ramblings in Prison
    Chapter - Home of the Misdemeanor Homicide
    Where it's found - Behind the dumpster directly to Torque's left when exiting
    the Crack House
    Ramblings on Devils
    Chapter - Home of the Misdemeanor Homicide
    Where it's found - Lying in the doorstep of the doorway, in the side alley
    where two Arsonists are encountered
    Random Papers
    Chapter - Born into This
    Where it's found - On Blackmore's desk, in the boss fight area
    How it's unlocked: Available by default
    Page 2: SLAYER
    How it's unlocked: Defeat the first set of Slayers. 
    (The Unholy Burden)
    Page 3: ARSONIST
    How it's unlocked: Defeat the first set of Arsonists. 
    (The Unholy Burden)
    Page 4: GORGER
    How it's unlocked: Defeat the first set of Gorgers. 
    (The Unholy Burden)
    Page 5: TRIGGERMAN
    How it's unlocked: Defeat first Triggerman. 
    (Denial of the Fittest)
    Page 6: MAINLINER
    How it's unlocked: Defeat first set of Mainliners. 
    (Denial of the Fittest)
    Page 7: MARKSMAN
    How it's unlocked: Defeat the first Marksman. 
    (The Will of the People)
    Page 8: MAULER
    How it's unlocked: Defeat the first set of Maulers. 
    (The Will of the People)
    Page 9: BURROWER
    How it's unlocked: Defeat the first Burrower. 
    (Hitting Bottom)
    Page 10: SUPPRESSOR
    How it's unlocked: Defeat the first set of Suppressors. 
    (Repeat Offender)
    How it's unlocked: Defeat the first set of Isolationists. 
    (Discipline & Punish)
    Page 12: THE HORDE
    How it's unlocked: Defeat the Horde. 
    (Lifetime Companion)
    Page 13: Blackmore
    How it's unlocked: Defeat Blackmore with Evil Morality. 
    (Born into This)
    Page 1: FORWARD
    How it's unlocked: Available by default
    Page 2: Baltimore Harbor
    How it's unlocked: During Hopeless Bleak Despair
    Page 3: Canal St. Mission
    How it's unlocked:  See the mob outside the Canal St. Mission 
    (The Unholy Burden)
    Page 4: The Tunnels
    How it's unlocked: See the tunnels collapse in the sewers 
    (Hitting Bottom)
    Page 5: An Old Station
    How it's unlocked: See Copperfield's slave massacre 
    (The Will of the People)
    Page 6: Site of a Lynching
    How it's unlocked: See the lynch mob on the street 
    (The Will of the People)
    Page 7: Eastern Baltimore Correctional Facility
    How it's unlocked: Walk into the prison interior 
    (Remembrance of the Past)
    Page 8: Eastern Correctional Lunchroom
    How it's unlocked: See the prison riot in the cafeteria 
    (Tipping Point)
    Page 9: Eastern Correctional Solitary Confinement Unit
    How it's unlocked: See the two officers arguing in solitary 
    (Discipline & Punish)
    Page 10: Eastern Correctional Machine Shop
    How it's unlocked:  See the explosion in the machine shop 
    (Discipline & Punish)
    Page 11: The Legend of the Creeper
    How it's unlocked: See the Creeper and his victims in the tunnel 
    (Hitting Bottom)
    Page 12: Carnate Island
    How it's unlocked: Help Consuela escape in the coast guard boat 
    (Relentless Persistent Determination)
    Page 13: Blackmore's Drowning Pool
    How it's unlocked: At the start of The Greatest Story Ever Told
    Page 14: Jordan and the Foundation
    How it's unlocked: Defeat Blackmore and keep Jordan alive
    Page 1: WHY
    How it's unlocked: Available by default.
    Page 2: Cory and Malcolm
    How it's unlocked: At the start of The Hardest Homecoming
    Page 3: Miles
    How it's unlocked: Enter the Underground Bar
    (The Will of the People)
    Page 4: Visitation
    How it's unlocked: Enter the eastern visiting area
    (Repeat Offender)
    Page 5: T's Cell
    How it's unlocked: Enter the last cell on the upper level on the East
    Cellblock, and see the scene between Miles, Torque, and Blackmore
    Page 6: Garvey Home
    How it's unlocked: Enter the group home
    Page 7: The Creature
    How it's unlocked: Complete the game with Neutral Morality
    Page 8: Blackmore
    How it's unlocked: Complete the game with Good Morality
    Page 9: The Gazebo
    How it's unlocked: Complete the game with Good Morality while also
    starting with the Good Beginning
    MORALITY - Every action has consequences. That's how Torque landed in prison in
    the first place. Good acts include rescuing NPC's from enemies, or covering
    someone else's escape. Doing Good deeds is much harder than Evil deeds or
    remaining Neutral. 
      Being Evil is easy. Just shoot eveything and everyone. While being Neutral is
    is still easier than walking the Good line, it is more difficult than going all
    evil. The easiest way to remain Neutral, and it will sound stupid, is to not do
      For example. The junkie that calls you Dad. Don't shoot him, But in the next
    area, don't be in a rush to raise the pallet of bricks to get back to cover his
    ass. (Another good area to let monsters get him is at the gazebo!)
      Mp3thief, you ask, What about the lady in the crack house crying for her
    baby? OK, you would play through as normal. But instead of Evil (Shooting her
    in the head), or Good (Opening the door for her), play through, and when you
    get to the area where you open the door, just leave. Don't help her by letting
    her get to her baby, but don't hurt her by shooting, stabbing, beating, etc.
    Make sense? In effect, to stay Neutral, you don't want to kill the NPC's like
    you would on evil, or cover them like you would on good. You are taking care of
    number one. You! And don't let anyone slow you down. 
    SPECIAL INSANITY ATTACKS - While Insanity Mode is active, press the JUMP 
    button to perform a special attack. The attacks vary depending on how Good,
    or how Evil you are. Neutral will show a greenish glow around the creature,
    Good will show a bluish aura, while the Evil shows a reddish glow.
    Using the special attacks however will drain your Insanity Meter faster than
    just transforming, so be careful of how and when you use them.
    Neutral Special Attack - Ground Pound
    The Neutral form has only one special attack. He leaps into the air and slams 
    his fist on the ground, knocking all nearby enemies to the ground.
    Good Level 1 - Burrower Chains
    The creature extends two whip like chains. This only affects enemies directly
    in front of you
    Good Level 2 - Triggerman Guns
    The creature bows and produces several high caliber machine guns, all of which 
    fire as long as the JUMP button is held down. This only affects enemies
    directly in front of you
    Good Level 3 - Isolationist Blast
    Hold the JUMP button to create a powerful energy field surrounding Torque, and 
    then release the button to send out a devastating shock wave. The power of the 
    shock wave depends on how long the JUMP button is held before releasing it.
    Evil Level 1 - Slayer Blades
    The creature bends low, and produces giant blades in a tight circle all
    around, damaging anything within range.
    Evil Level 2 - Wretch Attack
    Wretches (Similar to the ones emanated by the Isolationists) leap out of the 
    creature's back, exploding on contact with the ground or enemies at close to 
    medium range.
    Evil Level 3 - Arsonist Blast
    Press and hold the JUMP button to build up power, and then release the button
    to unleash a ring of fire that damages enemies in all directions. The power
    and range of the attack is determined by how long the JUMP button is held.
    Level 4 Attack (Both Good and Evil) - Cataclysm
    This attack causes massive, continuous damage to all enemies in the area, and 
    ends only after ALL enemies are destroyed. This attack is a temporary ability.  
    A meter will appear to show you. (Like the health and insanity meter) To fill 
    it, you must kill in insanity mode.
    (I was told that you can charge the cataclsym attack without killing in beast
    form. If your Insanity Meter is full and you perform a Good or Evil deed, like
    rescuing or shooting a Npc, it will charge the Cataclysm attack. Thanks
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - Shotgun, Knife, Molotov Cocktails
      Torque and his friend Miles are in the yard when a prison riot breaks out.
    The two men are trapped in the area for a few moments, so stay low. Wait for
    a few moments for inmates to break through the door at the base of the
    watchtower. Eventually, they will throw a Molotov at the electric panel beside
    the fence. Stay clear of the fence when this happens, or you may suffer more
      Follow Miles into the prison corridor, and all the way up to the end. After 
    Miles determines that you're trapped yet again, a security guard can be heard 
    arguing through a nearby door. Stay clear of the door, or you may suffer damage 
    when it gets ripped open. Collect the guard's SHOTGUN, and search the room to 
    find the EASTERN FACILITY BUILDING MAP, and a XOMBIUM BOTTLE in the locker.
    Then rejoin Miles in the Corridor. When the two men are separated, wait
    momentarily until the other gate opens. Go down the stairs.  On the lower level
    a Slayer Captain appears in the corridor. You cannot kill this monster.
    It performs a spinning drill attack that could damage Torque, so move away from
    the door to avoid damage. The creature then leaps into the ceiling vent and
    disappears. Proceed down the hall and enter the door on the left. Enter the
    second half of the divided room to see a brief vision of a shotgun-wielding
    and his hellhounds. The phone begins to ring as soon as the "Dream State" is
    over, answering it is optional, but it certainly sets the tone. There are two
    XOMBIUM BOTTLES in the room. Stand under the monitor and press the 'USE'
    Button to see what's going on in that camera view.   Return to the room where
    the phone was ringing, and go through the now-open door into an extremely dark
    room. The convicts that cornered you in the yard now present you with a
    clear-cut choice between Good & Evil. He can either kill the guard to prove his
    alliegence to the Evil, or attack the inmates, thus alignining himself with the
    Good. The third option is to do nothing, and prove yourself Neutral. Whatever
    action, or non-action you take, the inmates eventually attack you anyhow. Aim
    for their heads with the shotgun to take them out quickly. Soon the lights go
    out, and a Slayer Captain appears in the room. This monster cannot be killed
    yet either. However a single shotgun blast at close range should drive it away.
    Or you can just run around from it. After a few seconds, it will go away
    anyway.  Make sure you get a KNIFE that the inmates drop, and the XOMBIUM
    BOTTLE in the left locker.
      Navigate down through the corridor and the grisly sights it contains. Go all 
    the way to the stairs at the end and use the CCTV monitors to view the
    situation in the next room. Soon, some inmates and guards enter the room,
    engaged in combat. The gate opens. Join in the fight if you want. Choosing to
    side with either the inmates or the guards. Or stay outside and do nothing to
    remain neutral. Soon, two Arsonist Captains enter the room. These monsters
    cannot be killed either (Getting tired of that yet?) If you're inside the room,
    run back outside and watch the scene unfold through the bulletproof glass. If
    you are inside the room, or just just outside the gate, you will suffer damage.
    When the Arsonist Captains disappear, enter the room, and collect the XOMBIUM
    BOTTLES that have dropped, and the 3 MOLOTOV COCKTAILS behind the crates where
    the inmates took cover. Miles soon appears on the catwalk above. Once he's
    gone, Blackmore makes an unexpected appearance. As the criminal mastermind
    speaks, his cronies begin dropping into the room.  Back up to one side of the
    chamber, and blast them with your remaining Shotgun rounds. Toss Molotov's at
    them, making sure you are a safe distance away from the point of impact. When
    the Shotgun goes empty, equip the knife and slash the inmates. Be sure to use
    the secondary attack to knock them to the ground. During this, Torque
    automatically enters Insanity Mode, transforming into his inner monster. Use
    the normal attacks to to smash the remaining inmates to bits. Slayers begin
    dropping down at this point as well. Continue destroying the Slayers until
    Blackmore approaches you. Rush at Blackmore to complete the chapter  
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - Rusty Pipe, Colt 1911 Automatic Pistol
    (The opening scene will vary depending on whether you have savegame data from 
    the original The Suffering: Prison is Hell on your memory card or harddrive.
    The scene is dependent on how you completed the first game. If you don't have 
    savegame data, you will start with the Neutral scene)
      Chaos breaks out in the Foundation's Harbor Base, and you're freed from 
    confinement. Move towards the open door to collect the dead soldier's SHOULDER 
    HOLSTER & RADIO. Proceed into the hallway and open the two lockers there to get 
    the WATERFRONT MAP and a XOMBIUM BOTTLE. Pick up the RUSTY PIPE. Now armed,
    you have nothing to fear from the two scientists in the next room. If you 
    decide to bash their heads in, your gauge will move a bit to the evil side.
    The room contains two XOMBIUM BOTTLES, so don't forget those if you need them. 
    Continue down the hallway and open the door and go into the warehouse. If you 
    killed the two scientists, the soldiers in this area will open fire on you. If 
    you spared them, they make a few comments and move on. Either way, go to the 
    other end of the room and climb up the boxes to go out the window and drop
    into the alley behind the Harbor Base.
    Use the Rusty Pipe to smash through the debris covering the hole in the fence. 
    Go down the alley. The dead soldier there drops a COLT 1911 for you. Now go to 
    the next blocked gate and smash the boards with the Rusty Pipe as well and go 
    down the ladder into the sewers.
      Once down, crouch down and go into the small tunnel, collecting the CITY OF 
    BALTIMORE MAP and two XOMBIUM BOTTLES, should you need any. Drop down into the
    closed off sewer tunnel and wait for a large monster to attack you.
    You can't kill it, so don't even try. 
      You wake up in another part of the sewers somewhere. There's a barking dog
    that runs off. A Slayer Captain kills the dog, then chases you for a bit. You
    can't kill it either, so just run around and dodge it until it leaves. Or shoot
    it once. It's up to you. In the locker to the left of your starting point is a
    XOMBIUM BOTTLE, in case the Slayer Captain injured you. Go a bit further down
    the tunnel. Some Maulers will appear and run past you, back towards the
    opposite end. Copperfield, a insidious slave-chaser appears and talks to you.
      Go down the stairs, after Carmen appears briefly, smash the palette blocking
    the crank handle to the right. Open the gate and go through. Approach the
    homeless preacher dude to pick up TORQUE'S NEIGHBORHOOD SOUTH MAP. Break the
    padlock on the locker to get a XOMBIUM BOTTLE. (If your going for Good or
    Neutral, use the secondary attack with the Rusty Pipe for the overhead swing,
    so you don't hit the homeless guy. Or you can shoot it off) Collect the two
    FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES next to the door and go through.
      You will see a vision of one of your sons, when that's through, go on down.
    The Creeper appears at the end, behind the bars to introduce himself like
    Copperfield did. After or during this, go the passage to the left to get the
    FLASHLIGHT. A Burrower appears, attacks once or twice and moves on. You can
    drive it off sooner by shooting it once or twice if you like. Recover any
    health from the XOMBIUM BOTTLES from the fridge, or the padlocked locker in
    the room. 
      There's a big crate blocking the way, so you'll need to move it out from the
    wall. Crouch down and go into the tunnel, getting another XOMBIUM BOTTLE if you
    need it. A Arsonist appears in the room below you. You can't kill it, and it
    won't chase you. But still don't approach it. Fire hurts! Find the ladder and
    go to the surface. (Don't forget to get the two FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES in one of
    the other crawlspaces in the room)
      Once up top, exit the small room and look through the fence. You spy Jordan 
    and her men looking for you. Turn all the way around to spot Carmen standing on 
    a balcony. A dog emerges from the area and growls, but won't attack. (You can 
    kill the mutt and gain favor with the Dark side if you like) There's a XOMBIUM 
    BOTTLE in the corner near some bottles, and another in the northeast corner on
    a small porch. Move the southeast corner and climb up on the dumpster and jump 
    through the hole in the fence. A phone rings as you pass by. Answer the phone
    to get a chilling message if you want. Carmen appears on top of the balcony in 
    front of you. Climb up the ladder towards her, then crouch and crawl through
    the open window of your old apartment.
    This place is full of lost memories. Visions are triggered by moving through 
    either the doorway out of the kitchen, and again by moving from the living room 
    into the hallway. A XOMBIUM BOTTLE is on the counter, and there's another one 
    inside the fridge. After seeing the boys in the hallway and the living room, 
    move into the hall to see Carmen. The phone in the living room starts to ring, 
    as with any phone in the game, answering it is optional.
      Enter the Master Bedroom, which is directly across from the kitchen doorway. 
    TORQUE'S APARTMENT MAP is below the mattress. Open the closet door to find a 
    LETTER FROM MILES and a LETTER FROM CARMEN. Once you view these two 
    documents, Carmen appears in the doorway. Approach her to trigger a scene. Once
    she disappears, the LETTER FROM BLACKMORE is now in the doorway. Read it at
    your leisure.   Return to the hallway and go to the next door down, go to the
    tub to trigger another chilling scene. A XOMBIUM BOTTLE is on the toilet.
    Finally, enter the the last door in the hallway  for another cutscene.
      When you exit the second bedroom, Dr. Killjoy appears on the television. Go 
    closer for a history lesson from the good Doctor. During the visions, a
    policeman Drops a COLT 1911 pistol in the doorway of the second bedroom. You
    now dual wield these, with a slight drop in accuracy. 
      Exit the apartment and wait for the Arsonist to set fire to the building, 
    making sure to keep your distance. When it leaves, make your way downstairs.  
    Open the mailbox slot on the wall under the stairs to obtain the THEATER 
    PLAYBILL, a personal invitation from Dr. Killjoy.
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - Colt 1911, Wood Bat, Flash/Bang Grenades, Revolver, Sawed
    Off Shotgun, Molotov Cocktails
      Just outside the apartment building, turn right to see a wicked car crash.
    The pedestrian is taken out, and the occupant of the car is incinerated by a
    Arsonist. Heat down the street a bit the head left into the alleyway to find a
    couple of Colt 1911's. Keep going down the alley, it will lead back to the
      Two thugs have cornered a old man and are about to murder him. You can step
    in and kill them (Good), or kill the old man yourself (Bad), or you can just
    sit there and watch them kill the old man (Neutral). But if you save the man,
    some items will be available in the back of the pawn shop that wouldn't be
    there otherwise. Slayers will pop out of the hole, take them out with the Rusty
    Pipe, saving your ammo for later. The thugs drop Knives, and sometimes they
    will drop XOMBIUM BOTTLES.
      Enter the pawnshop. Dr. Killjoy soon appears on the stacked T.V.'s. Smash the
    display cases to obtain two Colt 1911's. Go behind the counter, all the way
    behind the EZ Loans neon sign to find TORQUE'S NEIGHBORHOOD WEST MAP.
      Head out the back door. If you saved the old man from the thugs, the lockers
    here contain a XOMBIUM BOTTLE and a Colt 1911. If you didn't save him, tough
    luck. A Wood Bat is located by the back door either way. Someone is muttering
    in the bathroom. Opening the door triggers a appearance by Copperfield, who
    kills the man. Or was it you? The debate goes on. But your Morality is
    unaffected by it. 
      Try to open the backdoor, then run back towards the pawnshop. Soon the lights
    go out, and a Slayer smashes through the door. Someone blasts him, then praises
      Head out the back door to meet Hejira. Someone that Torque once knew back in
    the neighborhood. Either help him through the next few areas for Good, or
    shoot him in the face for a few giggles for Evil. To stay Neutral, just stay
    behind him and let the monsters overwhelm him. 
      Continue towards the basketball court in the lot behind the building. Use
    your Flashlight to search the area inside the archway on the left for two
    FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES. Go toward the fenced area and cut left around the corner
    to a well lit porch. Swap out your pipe for a Sawed Off Shotgun, and in case
    you didn't get the map in the shop, it's here as well.
      As you near the court, a hole opens up inside the fenced area. Slayers begin
    to leap ou of the ground and coming through holes in the fence. If you remain
    below the corner of the fenced area, most of the Slayers should come through a
    small hole in the fence next to a barrel (That you can shoot and will explode)
    making it easier to pick them off with the Colts. Sure the Sawed Off is easier,
    but that should be saved for bigger challenges later on. If you let Hejira
    live, he comes in handy with his Sawed Off. If you need more ammo, there are a
    pair of Colt's in the alley off to the right.
      When the coast is clear, move to the dumpster and jump on top of it, then
    jump up to the roof of the building. Head to the right and loop back around
    into a passageway. A Arsonist leaps in, so stay back to avoid damage. Go out to
    the balcony to find a XOMBIUM BOTTLE, then drop from the roof to the basketball
    court below. If Hejira hasn't followed you, run over and open the door for him,
    but be careful of the hole in the ground, you will suffer minor damage if you
    get too close to it. Follow Hejira into the building, or go inside if you are
      If Hejira accompanies you, he points out that you're stuck in a dead end.
    Otherwise, you can probably figure that out on your own. Go to the window with
    two FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES, and two Colt 1911's. Notice the crumbling section of
    the wall near the windows. Back away from it, becuase soon a Slayer is about
    smash through it. Fill the Slayer with pistol shots and go into the next room.
    Collect a XOMBIUM BOTTLE by the sofa.
      Exit the far side of the room, and go right. At the canal, head left towards
    the dead end. Crouch down to fit under the gate, and search the left for the
    Sawed Off Shotgun. You can now Dual Wield these!
      Return back to Hejira, or if alone, back towards the other end of the canal.
    Check the archways for FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES, and a Colt 1911. If Hejira's still
    with you, he stops and tells you a story about a urban legend. Keep going up
    the canal when he's done. Go in the doorway and search for the 3 MOLOTOV
    COCKTAILS in the left corner. Go up the stairs.
      Prepare for your first real battle by collecting the XOMBIUM BOTTLE near the
    old couch and open the ammunition crate, filling up the Colt ammo. Then head
    around the corner toward the doorway of the Canal Street Mission. After a
    scene of the mob, a Gorger drops out of the sky. Use the Sawed Off to blow it
    to peices. Two more appear and should be extended the same treatment. Switch
    to the Colts if you run out of Sawed Off Ammo.
      If you managed to keep Hejira alive after all this, he will blow the padlock
    off the fire escape ladder. If not, blow it off yourself. Climb up until a
    Gorger drops on the landing, making you fall to the ground. Be quick to turn
    around becuase I've always gotten up facing the wrong way. You DO NOT want to
    turn your back to a Gorger! After it's dead, go to the lower end of the fire
    escape landing and jump up to climb up. Then jump up into the window and go
    down a flight of stairs, make sure to get the FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES along the
      Head up the dark alley to a wide opening. Collect the XOMBIUM BOTTLE, and
    Sawed Off Shotgun just around the corner on the right. Open the Amuniton Crate
    to get your ALMOST unlimited supply of Colt ammo, Another XOMBIUM BOTTLE is
    on a porch off to the side. FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES are found in the small room
    through the doorway across the courtyard. A little bit after you enter the
    courtyard. the upper floor of the surrounding buildings burst into flames.
    Move away from the archway, becuase a Arsonist soon attacks. Blast the thing
    with your dual Sawed Off's, strafe left or right in the open courtyard to
    avoid the fireballs, and the rush attacks. Soon after you kill the first one, 
    a second will melt a gate blocking a alley access. Take it out and take the
    XOMBIUM BOTTLES if you need it, and head out through the melted gate.
      In the next area, you will see Jordan and her cronies picking up a specimen,
    pick a fight if you want, but I'd advise against it. After they drive off,
    pick up the the FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES, and the XOMBIUM BOTTLE. Jump up on this
    dumpster, just like the last one, and onto the roof. A arsonist will appear on
    the roof, backtrack to the more open roof behind you, and blast it with the
    Colt's. Go back across and into the hole where the Arsonist jumped out of to
    get a XOMBIUM BOTTLE, a Colt, and two FLASH/BANG GRENADES. Go back out to the
    slanted roof and jump down in the alley.
      To the left is a crate you need to pull to the underside of the smashed vent
    above you. When it's in place, climb up and into it. Collect the XOMBIUM
    BOITLE and the FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES from the shelves, and the FLASH/BANG
    GRENADES by the door. In the bathroom there's a Colt 1911. There's also a Rusty
    Pipe in case your ammo is running short. Open the door and enter the Liquor
      Two men trapped behind the counter claim that they'll let you inside if you
    kills the monsters clamoring around in the ceiling. Just then, several Slayers
    drop down. Avoid being surrounded by backing out the door you came in, forcing
    the Slayers to come in one at a time, toss a Molotov in the doorway to damage
    anything coming through while you pick them off with the Colts.
      When you've defeated the five or six Slayers. The men in the store pass
    through two XOMBIUM BOTTLES and a Sawed Off Shotgun. However, they go back on
    their promise to let you in with them. Copperfield shows up and takes care of
    one of the clerks. Nothing can be done to prevent his death, but the remaining
    clerk opens the door. You can go in there pistol whip Copperfield to drive him
    off (Good), or shoot the clerk yourself (Evil), or just sit and watch
    Copperfield shoot the other clerk (Neutral). Inside the store are four XOMBIUM
    BOTTLES and six FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES. Even if you don't need them now,
    remember where they are!
      Press the button inside the booth to open up the door to the street. Go to
    the right to find a Colt Amunition Crate. And two MOLOTOV COCKTAILS in the
    corner to the left.
     Head down the street. Down the steps inside an archway are two FLASHLIGHT
    BATTERIES. On the sidewalk to the left of the theater are two XOMBIUM BOTTLES,
    two MOLOTOV COCKTAILS, and a REVOLVER. Feel like your strapping up? Good,
    becuase your toughest battle so far is moments away!
      Leave the Revolver alone for the moment, and equip the Dual Colts, and Dual
    Sawed Off Shotguns. A few moments later, a pack of Slayers appear, use the
    Colts on them, returning to the ammo box as needed. When the Slayers go down,
    some Gorgers come at you. Use the Colts if they come at you one at a time, and
    use the Shotguns if there's more than one. Keep this up until a lull comes. 
    From out of nowhere a voice starts talking. Quickly restock on ammo, and go
    back to the Liquor Store for some XOMBIUM if you need it. Pick up the Revolver
    if you're out of Shotgun Ammo.
      The third wave of the attack is a large group of both Slayers AND Gorgers!
    Try to lead a few by one of the parked cars , the shoot at the gas tank area
    to make it explode. Use Molotov's for crowd control. Use the Revolver on the
    Gorgers, and the Colts on the Slayers. You can also back into the Liquor
    Store, making them come in one at a time again. But DO NOT go in without
    restocking your Colt ammo from the crate. 
      The forth, and final wave begins when an Arsonist appears near the Theater.
    Use the Colts or the Revolver while constantly moving. A second Arsonist
    appears soon after the first one goes down. When both monsters are dead, the
    doors to the Theater finally open. Go inside to the lobby. Depending on your
    Morality at the time, Either Cory, Carmen, or Dr. Killjoy will beckon you
    to come inside
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - Colt 1911, Sawed Off Shotgun, Rusty Pipe, Shotgun,
                        Revolver, Skorpion, Fire Axe
      Turn left behind the counter to get the Sawed Off. A Rusty Pipe leans up
    against the base of the stairs, and there are FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES in the
    corner beyond with TORQUE'S NEIGHBORHOOD EAST MAP. Up the stairs near the
    entrance is a Colt 1911 near the dead man. Collect the XOMBIUM BOTTLE by the
    doors and smash the crates blocking them. Move left just inside the next area
    to get another Colt 1911. Ignore or murder the incoherent junkie, whatever
    Morality you're on, and then go through the doors there.
      In the corner near the stage, there are two XOMBIUM BOTTLES and a Shotgun.
    Swap out the Colts for the Shotgun, so that you have the Shotgun, and dual
    Sawed Off Shotguns. This should make your theatrical debut a little easier.
      After about five seconds, Dr. Killjoy appears on the screen. But Blackmore
    interrupts what could have been a good show. He summons a endless supply of 
    Gorgers and Slayers that begin to drop around you.
      Your Insanity ability is now available. You want to kill enemies quickly to
    fill the meter. Once it starts glowing, use it and transform, quickly kill the
    remaining monsters and revert back to human as fast as possible. Try to clear
    the area with as much Insanity left as possible, so that you can overcome the
    next challenge easily.
      Exchange the Shotgun for the Colts, or the Rusty Pipe. There are also some
    FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES in the area if needed. Soon a Arsonist appears to burn a
    hole in the screen. Don't waste any ammo on it, it's sole purpose is to provide
    you a way into the next area.
      After going through the screen, go left to find a Rusty Pipe, two XOMBIUM
    BOTTLES, and a Revolver. Cross to the opposite side of the stage to find a 
    ammo crate full of Colt's and ammo. Then go around the corner to find a dead
    body surrounded by two Sawed Off Shotguns. Equip the Sawed Offs and the Colts.
    The head across the rear stage to get two XOMBIUM BOTTLES and two FLASHLIGHT
    BATTERIES. When you step into this area, Dr. Killjoy begins toying with you
    once again. Notice that the wall next to the projector is cracked. You can
    break through it, but only in beast form. Gorgers, Slayers, and Arsonists
    appear. Kill the enemies until the Insanity Meter is full, then transform and
    smash through the wall. Don't worry about killing the rest of the monsters,
    unless you want to fill your insanity bar back up.
    outside the theater. Move down the alley until Dr. Killjoy appears yet again.
    There is a Revolver next to a corpse nearby on the left. Go through the door
    to encounter a junkie named Kyle that has you mistaken for someone else. Kill
    him for Evil, Ignore him for Neutral, or help him get through the next few
    areas for Good. There are two XOMBIUM BOTTLES in the room with Kyle.
      In the large outdoor area, Kyle moves to a blocked passage to the right,
    and begins complaining that he can usually get through. Some Gorgers and
    Slayers appear. Kill them to protect Kyle, or let them kill him to remain
    Neutral. When the coast is clear (sorta),  reload with the two Colts near the
    entrance, a Sawed Off in the corner, and a Wood Bat if you want it. There's a
    XOMBIUM BOTTLE in the corner near the door, and you can always return the
    previous room for the Xombium there. Follow the steps in the corner behind the
    yellow ladder. In the small alcove, you can find Dual Skorpions. Dump the Colts
    for these. Climb the ladder on the side of the building and navigate across
    the the rooftop, keeping an eye on Kyle for protection. Jump down and raise
    the crank handle to raise the bricks. Kyle then goes the ladder and climbs up
    on the roof. Take a moment to restock. There is a Colt, two Sawed Off's, and
    another XOMBIUM BOTTLE in the area. (The best weapons to carry out of here are
    the Dual Skorpions, and the Dual Sawed Offs)
      Climb the ladder and follow Kyle through the small window on the building,
    drop down into the room below, and check the lockers for a XOMBIUM BOTTLE.
    Get the FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES on the shelves. There's a Colt in the corner. And
    yet another XOMBIUM BOTTLE in the bathroom trash. Use the secondary attacks to
    smash through the debris blocking the door, and go into the next area.
      Get the FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES on the stove, and smash the glass to reveal a
    Knife. A Colt is on the table in the corner. Open the door to see what all the
    noise is about.
      Police officers are in a standoff with a Triggerman. Either stay back and
    let the monster kill the Police (Neutral), kill them yourself (Evil), or jump
    in and save the poor bastards. You can get more Good points if you save both
    officers. The Police cars don't explode as easily as other cars, so use them
    for cover. The dumpster just outside the door also provides excellent cover. 
      Down the alley on the right side is another XOMBIUM BOTTLE. A Rusty Pipe
    leans against the wall. And a Revolver in front of the cruiser nearest the 
    resturant. Midway up the street is a Ammo Crate for Shotguns.
      If you're carrying Sawed Offs, dump them for the Pump Action Shotgun becuase
    of the plentiful ammo for it in the next few areas. 
      Go towards the wreckage until another Triggerman pushes the wreck aside,
    defeat this monster to continue to the top of the street. Three XOMBIUM BOTTLES
    and a Shotgun are near another corpse.
      While passing through the gated area, Carmen appears inside the ruined
    gazebo. Approach her to relive old memories. After the flashbacks, Triggermen,
    and Slayers fill the area. Try to protect the junkie if he's still around.
      Finally a Triggerman smashes though a wall in the upper portion of the area.
    Defeat the monster and get the resources in the area including the MOLOTOV
    COCKTAILS, a Shotgun, and two XOMBIUM BOTTLES. Then drop through the hole into
    a small reservoir.
      You have come full circle. You are now directly behind your old apartment.
    Look through the fence directly across from the entry point to see Jordan
    prying into your past. Only to have the Creeper chase her off. Head to the top
    of the slope and collect the dual Skorpions, or theier ammo. Then go back down
    the slope into the canal under the bridge. Use the secondary attack to smash
    through the boards and go into the door.
      You find yourself in a room full of addicts. Evil people, feel free to start
    capping them. Good and Neutral, leave them alone to see what happens. In the
    room you will find two MOLOTOV COCKTAILS, a Rusty Pipe, two Colt 1911's, three
    XOMBIUM BOTTLES, and a Shotgun.
      A few moments after entering, Dr. Killjoy appears on the monitors and tells
    you how to overcome the next type of Monster, known as a Captain. Right on cue,
    a Slayer Captain appears. You can tell the Captains by the more metallic
    appearance, and a sorta dark cloud/shadow surrounding them. The only way to
    defeat a Captain is with Insanity. The Captains also have the ability to summon
    regular versions of themselves. Soon after you kill the first one, a second
    Slayer Captain appears. Take care of this one the same way.
      After Killjoy gets a few more words in, in finally opens the locked door in
    the room. Get MILE'S BAR NEIGHBORHOOD MAP. And a XOMBIUM BOTTLE waits for you
    on the top of the stairs.
      A woman screams because she's been locked out of the room where her baby is.
    To be a Good Samaritan, you must find a way to open the door. To be Evil, shoot
    the lady in the head to put her out of her misery. 
      A Rusty Pipe leans against the wall. Move to the other end of the room to
    find a Fire Axe in a glass case on the wall. A Shotgun rests against the nearby
    locked door. Going forward, it would be best to carry a Shotgun with plenty of
    ammo as one of your weapons. Use the secondary attacks to smash the boards
    blocking the way and head upstairs. Kyle (If you managed to get him this far)
    should run ahead. When he reaches his destination, you finally get your boost
    to your Good Morality. Before going further, enter the room on the right to get
    the phone, a XOMBIUM BOTTLE, and a ammo crate for the Colts.
      Follow Kyle to the room at the end of the hall. If Kyle is already dead,
    another man is in here blabbering about drugs. From the puddle of blood from
    the nearby suicide, a Mainliner is born.
      Quickly blast the Mainliner. When Mainliners die, they emit a toxic gas that
    damages you. Use the two XOMBIUM BOTTLES in the room if you need them. Then
    kick open the door and go to the next area.
      Follow the passage to an open door. You can slaughter the junkies if you're
    on the Evil path, or do nothing if Neutral or Good. Crouch and use the
    secondary attacks to smash the boards covering the hole and drop into the room
      Bubbling pools of blood surround the infant in the middle of the room, and
    very soon, Mainliners start to appear from them. Stay at the bottom of the
    screen, near the locked door where the baby's mother is screaming. Strafe left
    or right to avoid the syringes they throw at you. Avoid shooting in the
    direction of the infant if you're on the Good path, Shoot it if you want more
    Evil deeds. Also make sure you hit the button on the shelf near the locked
    door. If your Neutral, don't hit the button. If you do this though, or if 
    She's already dead, you must use Insanity Mode to break through the cracked
    part of the wall to get to the next area.
      Use the two XOMBIUM BOTTLES near the button if you need them. Then go
    through the door at the back of the room. In the hallway, go right to get two
    MOLOTOV COCKTAILS. Then go the other way, using the secondary attacks to smash
    through the crates. Go into the door.
      Open the fridge in the room behind the Nursery to fet a XOMBIUM BOTTLE. Go
    into the area to trigger a scene with Torque's kids, and then take care of the
    Mainliners. Use the XOMBIUM BOTTLE in the corner to recover. But whether you
    fight the enemies or not is up to you. Becuase the door to the left is the exit
    from the level. Escape, and the monsters are no longer a concern.
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - Colt 1911, Shotgun, M3A1 Grease Gun, Shrapnel Grenade, 
                        Grenade Launcher, RPG-7
      When you exit the crack house, you will see a soldier limping towards death
    in the parking lot. Climb down the ladder to find another soldier and a
    Shotgun. There are two FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES beside the dumpster. By now you've
    probably overheard the chatter coming from the street. A squad of Federation
    soldiers is getting into a truck getting ready to leave. If you shoot at them,
    they WILL return fire! Move towards the mounted .50 Calibur Machine Gun, and
    use it. Soon, several Marksmen will appear. These are similar towards the
    Marksmen in the first game, only much larger and stronger. Two appear to the
    right, after they go down, two come up to the far left. Then several more keep
    appearing for several seconds.
     Make sure you fire in short bursts. Unlike the first game, Ties That Bind adds
    the realistic feature of barrel heat. Keep an eye on the meter in the upper
    right hand corner.  When the Meter starts to rise into the red, release the
    trigger and let it cool a bit. It doesn't have to drop all the way, but do not
    let it overheat. If it does, you won't be able to fire the weapon for several
    heartbeats...leaving you vulnerable.
      When the Marksmen stop appearing, exit the weapon, then turn to the left.
    Open the Ammo Crate and switch anyone of your weapons for the Dual Colts. Use
    the two XOMBIUM BOTTLES near the crate to heal. Near the body of the dead
    soldier, you can also find a M3A1 Grease Gun.
      A woman near the wrecked vehicles at the end of the street calls you over.
    When you get close, a Slayer Captain appears. Use Insanity Mode to quickly take
    care of the Captain, before it can summon any more Slayers. The woman drops
    a couple of XOMBIUM BOTTLES, and a SHRAPNEL GRENADE is next to the headless
      When you're through screwing around, go down the stairs to the entrance of
    Miles' Bar, The Underground. A few steps inside a flashback will be triggered.
    When it's over, you hear Miles on the radio. There is a XOMBIUM BOTTLE and a
    Shotgun inside the bar if you want them.
      Just outside the backdoor, turn around and smash the boxes to reveal a
    locker. Smash the padlock and grab the GARVEY HOME REPORT.
      Head back to the back door of the bar and smash the crates blocking the
    alley. Two FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES are in the corner.  Go up the slope to see
    Miles on the fire escape across the street, where he will hop the gap and
    lower the ladder for you (although sometimes, Federatioin soldiers may
    interrupt him)
      You will be encountering soldiers in the next few areas. So for a few tips
    about them. They are covered in body armor. And a few have riot shields. So
    your shots MUST be accurate. Aim for the head. Use the Colts, they are the most
    accurate weapons in the game. It also helps if you go into First-Person mode.
    If they have a riot shield, shoot that first to destroy it, then aim for the
    head. If you're close enough, use the secondary attacks to knock off thier
    kevlar helmets. But try to not get that close to a Federation soldier!
      When you spot them, do not take cover behind the car parked in the street.
    It explodes easily! The soldiers might take cover behind the vehicle in the
    middle of the street, if they do, toss a Molotov or the Shrapnel Grenade you
      Approach the corner carefully, there are more soldiers are waiting in an
    ambush behind the barricade. They use a truck mounted .50 Calibur to cover the
    street. If Miles was unable to lower the ladder, strafe out into the street and
    back behind cover using first person mode to shoot the soldiers.
      If Miles did lower the ladder, the ladder prevents you from using the corner
    for cover, so you must find a better way. If you didn't destroy the truck like
    I told you, climb in the back and quickly open the Ammo Crate. It has a
    unlimited supply of Grenade Launchers and ammo, but that's not what you're
    here for. Once the lid is open, crouch down behind it. Use first person mode
    to stand up and shoot a soldier, then duck back down to avoid being hit. DO NOT
    USE THE GRENADE LAUNCHER AND DESTROY THE TRUCK! It will come in handy later.
      If you run out of ammo, there is a semi trailer at the other end of the
    street, close to where you came in at. There is a Ammo Box full of Skorpions
    and ammo. There is also a RPG-7 in the trailer.
      Grab the Grenade Launcher and Dual Skorpions and make your way back to the
    fire escape ladder. If it's not lowered, you will have to shoot the padlock off
    of it to climb it. Jump the gaps, collecting the two XOMBIUM BOTTLES along the
    way. Drop down into the alley and trigger a scene. After the scene,
    Copperfields Maulers rush forward to attack. Maulers are surprisingly resistent
    to most types of gunfire, but one or two secondary attacks usually take care of
      Once the Maulers are put down, and Copperfield leaves, collect the supplies
    in the area. There is a XOMBIUM BOITLE, a SHOTGUN, two FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES, 
    and a Colt Ammo box.
      Shoot the barrels on the side of the building. The explosion knocks down a
    section of the balcony. Wait for the fire to go out before climbing up. Cross
    the balcony and get the 3 MOLOTOV COCKTAILS in the corner. Jump accross the gap
    to the fire escape then look up to see a vision of one of Torque's sons. Then
    hop across the remaining platforms and drop down into the alleyway.
      In the streets, Foundations soldiers and Marksmen are going at it. But if
    you're spotted, they will concentrate on you! If you didn't destroy the truck,
    quickly move to it and climb in it to use the .50 Cal that the soldiers were
    using on you earlier. Turn it around and take care of everything that moves on
    the street. After the street is clear, stay on the weapon. There are several
    soldiers back in the darkness that are coming for you. Watch for when the
    reticle turns red to take them out before they are even in range to hit you!
      If, on the otherhand, you destroyed the truck. Use the Grenade Launcher and
    the Skorpions to make your way up the street. Remember that dead soldiers
    almost always drop a XOMBIUM BOTTLE or two! If you were able to clear the
    street with the .50 cal, the street will be littered with XOMBIUM BOTTLES, 
    Colts, Skorpions, and M3A1's!
      There are three XOMBIUM BOTTLES are inside the white van (they'll be nearby
    the truck if you blew it up). There are two more XOMBIUM BOTTLES and two
    FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES in the alley where you started at.
      Make your way up the street slowly. And never rush around a corner. There
    may be several soldiers still in the area. Use first person for accuracy.
    Approach the truck with the .50 cal and soldiers in it, ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF
    THE STREET, so they can't hit you. As you get closer, you will see a lynch
    mob scene on the left of the road. Get closer still and the pavement will
    explode and a massive worm type creature appears. You've just had your first
    encounter with the Horde. Miles tells you to go down the hole it made, but
    first, backtrack down the street and refill any health or ammo you might need.
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - Skorpion, Shotgun, Wood Bat, Flash/Bang Grenades, M3A1,
                        Sawed-Off Shotgun, Molotov Cocktail
      Move down the passage and collect the two FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES. On the left
    is a padlocked locker with a XOMBIUM BOTTLE. Move to the opposite wall, and
    climb up into the shaft. go to the next tunnel. A Burrower appears briefly, 
    but don't shoot it. It will go away immediatly. Drop to the floor and approach
    the gate to rendezvous with Miles. He can't get through yet, but he will open a
    door behind you.
      Go to the now open door, down the tunnel until you trigger the cave in scene.
    Soon after, a Burrower starts moving around. The key to killing a Burrower is
    to stand in one spot and watch it's trail. Turn as needed to keep it in sight.
    When the trail stops a few feet away, prepare for it to attack. The moment it
    leaps from the ground, fill it with lead.
      The best weapons against Burrowers are Shotguns and Sawed Offs. If you don't
    have one, use whatever you have. Once it's clear, open the cabinet on the wall
    to get a Flash/Bang Grenade. Go down the steps to get a Shotgun and two
    XOMBIUM BOTTLES. Then go back down the tunnel and through the open door on the
      On a previous trip down this hall, you might have tried the door and heard
    the screams of a man. Now you can find his headless corpse. He left behind
    Dual Skorpions, two Flash/Bang Grenades and THE WATER/SEWER SYSTEM MAP.
     More Burrowers appear. Use the Skorpions to kill them, when they're finished,
    go back into the room and restock on ammo. Then go to the door on the other
    side of the hall.
      Move to the right of the machinery and climb it. Move across the room on the
    catwalk. Collect the Skorpions on there and the XOMBIUM BOTTLE. Go around the
    corner and drop into the tunnel below.
      Slayers begin pouring down the tunnel. Use the Skorpions to tear them up as
    they approach. When the Slayers are gone, a Burrower will appear. Once clear,
    go to the top of the tunnel and get the Molotov Coctail and the Wood Bat if
    you're low on ammo. On the right is a switch you need to hit so Miles can open
    the next door for you.
      Go through and collect the XOMBIUM BOTTLE and two FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES.
    There is a large ambush ahead by the Federation, so open up the ammo crate and
    get dual Colts. A good secondary weapon to have here is a M3A1 if you have one.
    Make sure you have Shrapnel Grenades selected as your thrown weapons if you
    have any. Switch to first person for better accuracy, then head around the
      A soldier runs past, trying to get to his post. Shoot him now, or he will
    climb the raised platform at the other end and become much harder to kill. Take
    out the soldier in hiding around the corner from where the first soldier was
    running from.
     As your going down this new tunnel, take cover behind the barrels. Shoot the
    glass out on the upper levels in front of you and on your left. There are two
    soldiers that will fire from here. When you take them out, you will hear a
    beeping sound. Soldiers have planted a bomb to blow the door (Back where the
    first soldier was running across). Move to the corner behind the low wall and
    wait for it to blow. Toss a Grenade or Molotov to take out the first soldier
    that comes out. 
      Avoid moving near the open door for the moment, instead, go back down where
    you shot the glass. Equip the colts and go into first person mode and turn
    right to shoot the two soldiers lying in wait behind the columns on either
    side behind the bars. You can also find a XOMBIUM and a Shotgun over here. 
      Return to the ammo box and restock on Colt ammo then go back to door that was
    blown open. Ready your Shrapnel Grenades and step in and lob one to the far
    side of the room and pop back out of the room. There are two soldiers manning a
    .50 cal back there, but the concussion from the blast should be enough to take
    them out. However, more soldiers appear from the left and try to take control
    of the .50 cal. Get back in the doorway and shoot them in the head with the
    colts as they try to take it. If they manage to take it and start shooting, get
    out of the room and repeat the Grenade/Colt strategy.
      Before entering the room more than a few steps, toss more grenades into the
    alcove on the left, and near the window on the right to kill more soldiers
    waiting to ambush you. Then go into the room and head down the left passage.
    Go to the right at the next intersection, and go directly to the .50 cal. Grab
    the gun and prepare for the backup squad, which is about to breach the door.
      Try to kill the soldiers before they enter the room and move off to the left
    or right behind the cover of the columns, where they try to catch you in the
    crossfire. Instead of short bursts, fire for prolonged periods whenever they
    try to come in. Remember not to overheat the weapon. 
      Once it's clear, pick up any ammo around the .50 cal and the FLASHLIGHT
    BATTERIES. Trip the switch to the left of the Machine Gun. A phone starts to
    ring. Head back down the hall, cross the passage, and go through the open
    door on the right. The gate closes automatically after a few seconds, so don't
    waste time. If the door closes before you get to it, go back and trip the
    switch, and try again.
      Answer the phone if you want, then examine the room. There are two switches
    on the wall and a large pump machine. BEFORE DOING ANYTHING, open the door on
    the right. Then throw the left switch, opening the hatch all the way across the
      The next part is tricky. When you throw the second switch, the water in the
    hole under the now open hatch begins to drain. If it drains too much you will
    fall and injure yourself. You want to throw the switch, then book it over
    there asap. Drop onto the metal crate and float down with it. 
      Head through the tunnel until you see one of your boys. Chase the ghostly kid
    around a few times until he dissapears. He reappears in a small tunnel to the
    side of the room. Crouch down and follow him.
      As with the first Suffering with references all around to Songs and Movies,
    this one has it too, though not as prolific. The scene down here where you
    hear "We all float down here" is obviously a reference to Stephen King's It.
    'It' in the book impersonated a clown and used that line. You will also see
      Climb the ladder at the end of the tunnel to the level above. Heal up with
    the two XOMBIUM BOTTLES if you need them. There is a Colt Ammo box here too.
    Make sure to get the MILES' BAR AREA SOUTH MAP. Crawl into the passage on the
    side of the room and get the M3A1 if you want. Pick up the phone for a message.
    Jump and crawl into the raised passage, then crouch and move through the low
    opening into a outdoor courtyard. Pick up the Sawed Off and keep either the
    M3A1 or the Colts.
      Move to the low wall at the top of the slope and climb up on it. Miles shows
    up at the nearby building but Copperfield drives him off. Dropping into the
    yard triggers Maulers. There's a endless supply here. They are here only to
    fill your insanity meter, if it's full, don't mess around with killing them.
    Get the M3A1 in the courtyard near the dead soldier and make your way up
    quickly to the slope past the Mauler's entry point. Get the XOMBIUM BOTTLE near 
    the corpse, then look to the left to see the cracked wall. Transform and smash
      Several Burrowers surround and attack you in the next area. Use the Sawed Off
    on them. If you don't want to fight them, simply run through to the sewer
    tunnel with a XOMBIUM BOTTLE and FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES. Jump up and crawl into
    the next tunnel. Then you should be well out of the Burrowers territory. Go
    down the sewer tunnel and climb another raised crawlspace on the right and go
    to the ladder to end the chapter.
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - Colt 1911, M-60, Tommy Gun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher,
                        RPG-7, M3A1, Molotov Cocktails, Shrapnel Grenade,
                        Flash/Bang Grenade
      Climb out of the ladder to see that you've come back to square one. You are
    back at the Foundations Harbor Base. Look for FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES and two
    XOMBIUM BOTTLES nearby. Then go back down the alleyway towards the open rear
    windows of the building. In the area next to the window, flip the lid on the
    ammo crate on the left and get the Colts, plus all the ammo you can carry.
    Carefully smash the pallets leaning against the wall, underneath is a M-60, the
    most powerful of the machine guns. Go into the back window where you trigger a
      You regain your senses and find yourself already inside the building. Move a
    few steps foward to hear Consuela call to you. Good path people will want to
    shoot the padlock on the raised container to free her, Neutral people will not.
    Evil people will have already killed her by now! Consuela is the wife of
    Ernesto from the first game. And if you want your boy scout badge, you're gonna
    have to help her in the next few areas. If you do this, you will gain large
    gains in your Morality Meter towards the good. 
      Go through the door in the corner. The weapons cages that were locked the
    first time in here are now all unlocked. Open the cage with the MOLOTOV
    COCKTAILS and the TOMMY GUNS are. If Consuela is free, she will grab a Tommy
    Gun. Enter all the cages and stock up on supplies. There are 4 XOMBIUM BOTTLES
    in the 4th cage. There are FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES in the lockers on the other
    side of the hall. The best weapons to carry out of here are probably the M-60,
    or the Tommy Gun, and a Shotgun.
      Approach the ghost of Cory (Torque's Son) to obtain CORY'S DRAWING. There is
    a Rusty Pipe in the corner in case you need it later. Soon the door closes and
    soldiers appear. You are about to have to face off agains the collected
    specimens in the raised containers in the room. After Blackmore leaves, prepare
    for the incoming waves of monsters and soldiers. Get in the corner near the
    Rusty Pipe, and keep the nearest pool of blood in view. Mainliners soon appear
    from the three pools in the room. Take care of them. 
      After about 3 waves of Mainliners, you get a short break. Soon after a Slayer
    Captain is released from a container. Go insane and destroy it before it can
    summon any other Slayers. Another Slayer Captain is released, then a Third. BE
    CAREFUL of your attacks if Consuela is in the room with you, beucase the 2nd
    and 3rd Captains are released in her general vicinity. Try to take all three
    Captains out in one Insanity session. Avoid using any Special Attacks so that
    you stay transformed longer.
      When the third Captain is destroyed, exit Insanity Mode and go back to your
    posistion in the corner by the pipe. After a few words from Blackmore, soldiers
    begin to flood into the room from the catwalks above. It is best to take out 
    the soldiers on the catwalk, but let two or three down at a time to collect
    thier ammo and Xombium Bottles that they drop. If more than that drop down,
    they tend to cluster together, making it prudent to toss a Shrapnel Grenade at
    them to take them all out at once. If you need health and there's none on the
    ground, but there are some on the catwalk from dead soldiers, just jump up
    underneath, like you want to bang your head on the catwalk to get it.
      Again, if Consuela is in the room, be VERY careful of where you place your
    shots. First person mode is helpful.
      When the last soldier is dead, you hear an explosion that cracks the wall
    by where you came into the room at. Mainliners start to reappear to help you
    fill your Insanity back up. Transform and smash through. Recover any health
    needed with the 4 XOMBIUM BOTTLES in the autopsy room. Then take care of any
    Mainliners left. Go upstairs into the observation room and Consuela will follow
    you. There are 4 FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES on top of the cabinet. Do not press the
    button on the console, or more Mainliners will fall from the cages in the room.
    Take the Colt if you want. In the cabinet to the right of the window are two
      If Consuela made it this far, at some point she will wander off and have a
    encounter. Unless you intercede, she will die. If you used Consuela for her
    help in the previous area and want Neutrality, let it happen.
      Go and open the back door and exit to the next area. The opposite wall has a
    Revolver. Enter first person for more accuracy. You will be fighting some
    Foundation Soldiers here. There is a sniper on top of the building to the left.
    Another comes out a door on a ledge on the far right. And a soldier with a riot
    shield runs up to the gates at the dock. Use the crates for cover and take them
    out. Focus your efforts on the soldiers in the area with you. Don't worry too
    much about the ones on the other side of the fence. When the smoke clears, move
    to the dock on the far side near the tugboat. there is a XOMBIUM BOTTLE on the
    deck of the boat, and another in a locked cabinet in a nearby alcove.
      If you kill all the soldiers before they have a chance to open the gates,
    look for planks, cross it and jump onto the platform. If you fall in the
    water, you die instantly, so be careful. From there, cross under the dock, go
    up the ladder and open the gate for Consuela if she's around. A Tommy Gun and
    two XOMBIUM BOTTLES are located in the small platform under the Coast Guard
    boat. And a Revolver is on the plank under the dock.
      If Consuela is still hanging around, head to the crane control booth at the
    back of the first dock. Consuela comes up with a plan to lower the boat so she
    can get back to Carnate Island. Naturally, her plan requires that YOU do
      Move to the middle of the dock and climb up on the platform, from there,
    Consuela will move you over toward the other dock. Solders appear and begin
    moving toward a mounted .50 cal machine gun. KILL THEM BEFORE THEY REACH IT!
    Jump forward off the platform when it stops moving.
      If Consuela, for whatever reason, is not around at the crane, you have to use
    it by yourself. Press the Use button and swing the crane around and knock the
    two crates into the water. Posistion the platform a little to the right, past
    the stack of crates, and then press Use again to release the controls.
    Carefully climb the crates and jump across to the platform. Shoot the soldiers
    on the second dock, then jump across when it's clear.
      Move to the right and under the dock to get a XOMBIUM BOTTLE. Then climb the
    ladder. Take the .50 cal asap, and kill the soldiers flooding the pier. There
    is a sniper on top of the building to the left. When the coast is clear, look
    for items and XOMBIUM BOTTLES dropped by the dead soldiers. On the short dock
    to the right of the .50 cal is a ammo crate with Shotguns. There are also two
    XOMBIUM BOTTLES outside a stack of crates, and a RPG-7 behind that same stack.
      Head towards the gate the soldiers were coming through. Inside the gate,
    hook right and enter the first building. A soldier may appear on the balcony
    of the building next to it, so be prepared to take him out. Get the two
    XOMBIUM BOTTLES in the room and two FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES as well. Press the
    button to drop the boat for Consuela. If Consuela's dead, there is no need to
    push the button. Back outside, be wary of any soldiers in the area, and stock
    up. There is a ammo box with Grenade Launchers and another ammo crate with
    M3A1's. A XOMBIUM BOTTLE is behind the crate near the truck. And there are 3
    more inside the truck itself.
     The best weapon choice is the Grenade Launcher and either the M3A1 or Dual
    Colts for the next areas.
      Enter the gate control booth. A M-60 is inside. Wait to grab it until just
    before you leave. Break the padlock off the locker to get two Flash/Bang
    Grenades, and a XOMBIUM BOTTLE. The EAST BALTIMORE STREETS MAP is on the panel
    with the button. When you press it, something goes horrible wrong...
      Soldiers begin to surround you. Quickly run out of the booth and around the
    corner of the building on the right. Soldiers appear on the opposite balcony
    and from the doorway directly above you. Stay under the balcony and behind the
    pipes for cover. Kill the guards on the opposite balcony, as well as the ones
    in riot gear that climb up over the fence. When these two areas are clear,
    strafe out and shoot the chumps on the other side of the fence.
      Shoot the SUV next to them to make it explode and knock them off balance.
    When soldiers appear to climb over the fence, back around the corner again
    behind the pipes. Repeat this tactic for awhile, while making trips to the
    ammo crates to refill on ammo.
      When enough have died, Jordan crashes through in a truck. Back out of your
    hiding spot, run and get the M-60 in the gate control room, and hop in the
    back of the truck. There are three XOMBIUM BOTTLES in the back of the truck,
    so don't worry about healing before you leave. Make sure you have the Grenade
    Launcher before you leave.
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - M-60, Grenade Launcher, Molotov Cocktails, Fire Axe,
      Jordan tears through the streets, with Torque manning the .50 cal. You must
    eliminate Federation soldiers and Malefactors before they have a chance to harm
    you. As soon as the level starts, aim the gun out the back of the truck. Soon,
    a Foundation truck full of soldiers falls in behind. First, shoot the soldiers
    in the bed of the truck. Then target the driver or the fuel tank (just behind
    the driver's side door). Repeat that strategy for every truck encountered.
      Continue shooting the trucks that fall in behind you until Jordan comes to
    a unexpected stop. Soldiers attempt to cross the street to a parked truck and
    take control of the .50 cal. Shoot them to stop them from getting it. 
      Soon, Jordan swings into a alley where Slayers are fighting soldiers. Ignore
    them or shoot them all, but soon you must turn around and point the weapon out
    the front of the truck. The next street is crawling with Triggermen. Shoot as
    many as you can to avoid any possible damage. Some Foundation soldiers are on
    the street fighting the Triggermen, and they won't hesitate to turn around and
    fire on you. Return fire as Jordan turns down another alley, which turns out
    to be a dead end.
      Aim off the back of the truck and and try to prevent the soldiers from
    taking another .50 cal on the back of the truck. The best thing I've found to
    do is to shoot the fuel tank and make it explode. This will take care of any
    soldiers on/near the truck, as well as make it unusable for any soldiers left.
      Jordan will begin to scream for you to turn around. Face the front of the
    truck and take out the Marksmen springing out of the ground. Eventually, a
    Marksman bursts through a gate, giving Jordan a exit.
      On a unexpected turn, you are thrown from the truck, and must make your way
    back to the street level to meet up with Jordan. So pick up the M-60,
    XOMBIUM BOTTLE and the Grenade Launcher near you and then go to the homeless
    man calling for help behind the iron bars. You trigger another scene. Turn to
    the right and jump into the alcove to get a XOMBIUM BOTTLE and the EAST
    BALTIMORE STREETS MAP, in case you didn't get it earlier.
      Head up the alley and crouch down to go through the low passage. Switch to
    first person to take care of the soldiers rappelling down into the canal. Use
    the Grenade Launcher to take care of the Arsonists that show up further up the
    canal. The forth Arsonist will burn through the gate. Return through the low
    passage to restock on Grenade Launcher ammo if needed.
      Go to the small doorway behind the iron bars to get two XOMBIUM BOTTLES. Go
    up the stairs until a man challenges you. There's no way to be good in this
    situation, however if you kill her, you will become more EVIL. Otherwise,
    simply wait for the creeper to take care of her and open the gate.
      Take the next flight of steps back up to street level. However, before
    exiting the tunnel, enter first person and look to the rooftop across the open
    area. Take care of the three soldiers that are searching for you.
      Not long after, a Triggerman appears. Use the Grenade Launcher to take it
    out quickly, all the while staying in the relative safety of the tunnel. You
    can always back up a few steps to get out of the way of damage. A second
    Triggerman enters the area close to some gasoline pumps, shoot the pumps a few
    times to take out the Triggerman. When all is clear, there is a ammo box of
    Revolvers. Swap out your weapon with the least ammo for a pair of these bad
      Very soon after you defeat the Triggermen, Jordan will show up again. Hop
    into the back of the truck and continue your joyride in the city. Aim the .50
    cal out the front this time. Because soon you run into a roadblock. Shoot the
    soldiers on the upper level and keep your eyes peeled on either side. Make
    sure no more soldiers try to get the .50 cals there.
      Jordon begins to plow through the roadblock when she thinks the coast is
    clear, but more soldiers spring from hiding on either side and open fire. Aim
    low and take them out on both sides, then swing it around front and get the
    soldiers there, be careful not to shoot the cab of the truck in doing so.
      The path from here on out is clear, that is, until the Horde shows up.
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - Revolver, Knife, Shotgun, Fire Axe, Rusty Pipe, Shrapnel
                        Grenade, Colt 1911, Flash/Bang Grenade, Skorpion, M3A1,
                        Tommy Gun
      You fall into a tunnel that looks like a old mineshaft. Break into the
    locked cabinet to get some Flashlight Batteries, and then head into the
    tunnel and around the corner. Some poor guy screams and is quickly shot. He
    drops a Revolver. Go down the hall, and down to the raised opening and crawl
    through until you break through a vent at the end.
      A Suppressor patrols the library beyond. Always try to attack a Suppressor
    from behind, so that is has to turn and find you before firing back. Otherwise,
    the damage they cause can be severe. Use first person, and shoot it in the head
    with the revolvers 3 or 4 times to put it down.
      Exit from the vent slowly, because another Suppressor is patroling as well.
    Go to the left on the top of the bookcases and wait for it to go by before
    filling it with lead. Then drop down to the floor and get the EASTERN
    ADMINISTRATIVE MAP on the books stacked next to the vent shaft exit. Open the
    file cabinets on the far wall to get two XOMBIUM BOTTLES, and ELROY SR.'S
      A trail of blood leads to a open door. Enter this small room to encounter a 
    man from the very begining of the game. If you want, take his knife and kill
    him yourself, or wait around for a inexplicable event to happen. There are
      Follow another trail of blood through a closed door to a room where a dead
    man and a Gorger lay dead on the ground, at least hope that the Gorger is dead.
    There is a FLASHLIGHT and a Shotgun at the top of the room. Climb the ladder
    to find a dead Slayer and a Fire Axe that was used to chop it up. There is also
    a Rusty Pipe and Shrapnel Grenade in the lockers.
      Head through the door and enter the next passage into a hallway in front of
    the visitation center. You will trigger another scene. Enter the room when the
    doors open. Use the Shotgun to kill the Slayers. If your ammo runs low mid
    battle, there is a ammo crate with Colts in the room as well. DO NOT USE
      During the battle, a fire will break out in the guard post. You can see a
    Slayer Captain back there, but it's a little too warm in there, even for it.
    Shoot the fire extinguisher on the wall to calm the fire down. The Captain then
    enters the post, and dissapears into the ceiling, and drops down in the room
    with you. Go insane and take it out as well as any Slayers it may have
      Refill on ammo from the crate, and search the ceiling for a large hole, 
    then jump up and crawl in. Move to the back of the area and smash the vent out
    with your secondary attack, shoot the next vent and drop down into the still
    flaming room, and go into the next area. Turn right and and head towards the
    gate to find four FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES, a Flash/Bang Grenade, a Shrapnel
    Grenade, and a Skorpion machine gun.
      Head the other way and enter the door on the right. Break into the lockers
    across the hall to get a M3A1 and two XOMBIUM BOTTLES. Then go through the
    door at the end of the hall where the lockers are located. The Best weapons
    here are either the Shotgun or Revolvers, and the M3A1.
      Blackmore enlists the aid of a Arsonist to prevent you from going directly
    upstairs. Soon, soldiers begin attacking from the upper level. After the humans
    are gone, there are several waves of Gorgers, Slayers, and Slayer Captains!
      This is much easier to beat than it would seem. Behind the stairway, there
    is a crawlspace that you can crouch and enter. Go in there and enter first
    person mode, and face the Maryland Dept. of Corrections seal under the broken
    section of balcony.
      Unable to see you, the soldiers drop one after the other onto the floor and
    right into your line of sight. Shoot them using headshots, trying to use as
    few rounds as possible. When Blackmore begins talking again, quickly leave your
    hiding space and collect any M3A1's or Xombium Bottles the soldiers may have
    dropped. Then rush back to the hiding spot.
      After 4 or 5 soldiers die in such a easy manner, a Gorger, followed by
    several Slayers and the first Slayer Captain appear. Fill them with lead until
    your Insanity Meter is flashing. Then exit the cubbyhole, transform, and take
    care of any and all monsters left in the room.
      Return to normal form, and gather up more M3A1 ammo or the Skorpions left
    by the dead man by the metal detectors, then get your butt back to your hiding
    spot asap. Repeat this strategy for the next two waves of Slayers, Gorgers,
    and Slayer Captains.
      After the third wave, use the two XOMBIUM BOTTLES near the metal detectors
    to recover your health, and switch to the Skorpions if you haven't done so
    already. Use Revolvers or a Shotgun to take out the Arsonists that come next.
    of sight and fire fireballs that track you underground.
      Blackmore begins talking again, telling you that you need to find another
    way out. Move to the wall on the right side of the door underneath the stairs,
    near the "Inmate Processing" sign. Wait for the door to blow open. When a
    soldier appears, shoot him and go into the door.
      Head up the hallway. A phone should start ringing in the booth. Run to the
    booth and answer the phone. Then use the monitors to view the shower area.
    Press the button on the console to open the gate.
      On the way back out of the guards booth, a Slayer appears in the hallway.
    Kill it fast, then open the lockers on the right to get a Tommy Gun, two
    XOMBIUM BOTTLES, and two FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES. After killing a second Slayer,
    go to the area in front of the guards booth, and kill the Mainliners that
    appear. Just to keep you on your toes, a couple of Slayer Captains appear.
    Take out the Slayer Captains in beast form, and then quickly change back to
    human. Take care of the rest of the Mainliners to refill your Insanity Meter
      When it's quiet again, go through the showers to find 3 malfuncioning
    boilers and a guard trapped in a room. To proceed, you need to cause the
    boilers to overload and explode. But if the guard is caught in the blast, he's
    blown to pieces. This is fine if you're Evil, but not so good if you're trying
    to be, well, Good.
      To save the Guard, go back to the guard booth where you pressed the button
    to open the door to the showers. There is now a large crack in the wall, smash
    it down in your beast form to let the guard out.
      Return to the showers, and watch it for any Mainliners that may have come
    back. Go back to the boilers and turn the crank of the two outside boilers.
    This will cause the middle boiler to overload and explode. Back up well into
    the showers to avoid any damage from the explosion.
      Go into the new hole in the wall and find a Rusty Pipe, a XOMBIUM BOTTLE, and
    a Revolver in the new area. Then go through the door on the left. Prepare for
    a squad of Slayers, and thier Captain to barge through the next area. Go insane
    and take them out. Then search the dark end of the hall to find FLASHLIGHT
    BATTERIES and a Shotgun. You should now have a Shotgun and a Revolver for the
    next area.
      Use a Shotgun to kill a Slayer at the top of the stairs, then get the
    Revolvers and peek around the corner. Wait until the Suppressor is facing away
    before you unload on it. Continue out to the upper level. Kill the Arsonist
    with your most powerful weapon, then climb the stairs and follow the next hall
    to the Warden's Office. Open the file cabinet behind the desk for two
    FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES, and for a smile, check out the nameplate on the desk.
      At first it seems that the Warden is going to shoot you, but if you wait,
    you'll see that he's all talk. Then again, if your Evil, shoot him now! Open
    the file cabinet in the corner to get two XOMBIUM BOTTLES, then follow Jr.
    into his "panic room" and climb the ladder. Just inside the room is a locker
    with a Skorpion.
    WEAPONS AVAILABLE - M3A1, M-60, Shotgun, Sawed Off Shotgun, Shrapnel Grenade,
                        Tommy Gun, Flash/Bang Grenade, Molotov Cocktails
      Gear up with the weapons available on the roof, including the M-60 and the 
    unlimited number of M3A1's in the ammunition box. Climb onto the small ledge on
    the right if you need FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES and XOMBIUM. Then head down into the
    yard and look around until a Marksman and a Slayer Captain appears. Use the
    Insanity Mode to destroy the Captain and any Slayers it summons. If the Warden
    is still around, don't get too caught up in the action that you rip through him
    too. (Unless you're evil of course) Be ready for a Arsonist to come down the
    stairs behind you. Another one will appear by the tall chain link fence. Refill
    the M3A1 ammo as needed, and try to save the M-60 for big monsters, such as the
    next wave of Marksmen.
      A couple of more Arsonists will appear, then move toward the fence when you
    hear the sounds of monsters fighting. Gorgers in the yard can't kill the
    Triggerman Captain on the otherside of the fence. Right on cue, Killjoy starts
    to tell you a warning about the beast. After the Captain tears through the
    fence, go insane and take it out. 
      Revert back to normal and take out the regular Triggerman. Be carefull of the
    Warden if he's still around.
      Go to the hole in the fence and shoot the Gorgers moving in from the yard.
    Avoid going through the hole so they can't surround you, make them come in
    single file through the hole.
      Two Suppressors patrol the catwalk to the upper left in the courtyard. Go
    into first person with the M-60 to take them out. Use Molotovs for additional
      Another Gorger will break down the door, after it's dead, search the yard for
    items. There is a ammo crate with Shotguns, two XOMBIUM BOTTLES, be sure to
    refill the M3A1 ammo before going inside.
      Move into the hallwall, and seek cover behind the overturned desk. Use the
    Grenades and Shotgun blasts to kill the Suppressor in there, in addition to the
    Slayer. If things go wrong and the Suppressor turns around, crouch down behind
    the desk. Enter the office on the right and search the locker for a Sawed Off
    Shotgun, FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES, and a XOMBIUM BOTTLE. Go down the stairs slowly
    to let the exploding roaches smash into the bottom stair to kill themselves.
    Continue down until a dying guard is thrown through a window. Use first person
    to shoot the Suppressor through the window. Go through the door on the left and
    kill the slayer on the ceiling. Go into the second part of the room with the
    locker to get FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES, a Shrapnel Grenade, and a M-60. Then go
    into the room where you killed the Suppressor. There is a Shotgun, FLASHLIGHT
    BATTERIES, and a XOMBIUM BOTTLE in the room.
     (End for tonight)
    Cheat Codes
    (I have heard that the cheat codes from the original The Suffering: Prison is 
    Hell Work on this one, But I haven?t verified that)
    Hold down L1, R1, and X, then press the following buttons. You will get 
    confirmation by text on screen and speech.
    Hold down the Left And Right triggers, then press the following buttons. (Be
    sure to replace the PS2's R2 button with your own A button, I'm only doing this
    once to save a bit of time!)
    (#)=Press that many times. Example U(3) would be Up, three times.
    Suicide - D(4)
    Shotgun & Ammo - L(3),D(3)
    Molotov Cocktails - D(3),U(3)
    Full Flashlight - U,L,D,R,U,R,D,L,R2
    Full Ammo Current Weapon - R(2),D,U,L,R,L(2),R2
    Full Ammo Current Thrown - L(2),U,D,R,L,R(2),R2
    Full Insanity - R(3),R2,L(2),R,L,R2
    Full Health - D(3),R2,U(2),D,U,R2
    Arsenal - D,L,U,R,R2,L(2),R(2),R2,U,D,L,R,R2 (Will make you fully Evil)
    Invincibility - D,U,D,U
    Minus 50 Rep - L(2),D,U
    Plus 50 Rep - U(2),U,D
    Full Blood - D,U,L,R
    Zero Blood - U,D,R,L
    Shrapnel - R(3),L(3)
    Max Evil Rep - L,D,L,D,L,D,R2
    Max Good Rep - U,R,U,R,U,R,R2
    Full Bottles - R(2),U(2),R2,L,R,R2,R,U,R,R2
    Super Bad Ass - D,U,D,L,R,L,R2, U,L,D,R,U,R,D,L,R2,D,D,D,R2,R2
    Projector State - U,R2,L,R2,D,R2,R,R2
    Dream State - L(2),R2,R(2),R2,U(2),R2,D(2),R2
    All Notes - R,L,U,L,R2,R,D,R
    All Maps - L,R,D,R,R2,L,U,L
    Action Replay Max for PS2
    Infinite Ammo 
    Infinite Flashlight Power 
    Infinite Items 
    GameShark and CodeBreaker Codes for PS2
    Codebreaker all ver
    F04BB8D0 004BB8D3
    Gameshark ver 2
    0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5
    F04BB8D0 004BB8D3
    All devices work with RAW codes, just use relevant M code:
    203198F4 8C81001C
    203198FC AC810018
    2032679C 00000000
    202AF080 00000000
    Flashlight Battery
    20269934 3C014496
    2026993C 44810000
    Insantity Always Available
    20317CE4 E60004A4
    Infinite Insanity Time
    D05BAF02 0000FFFD
    202F0EF0 00000000
    D05BAF02 0000FFFB
    202F0EF0 46011081
    Press [L3] To Enable, [R3] to Disable)
    All Weapons
    20572D48 00000016
    20572D4C FFFFFFFF
    20572D50 00000000
    (Hold [L1]+[R1]+[X] then Press [R2])
    Version History 
    0.25 - General Layout, Archives, Items, Character and Malefactor lists, and
           started the walkthrough.
    0.35 - Added Forward, Cheat Codes, Expanded Walkthrough.
    0.45 - Expanded Walkthrough, Malefactor List
    0.50 - Added Credits, Updated Approved Sites list, Expanded Walkthrough and
           completed Malefactor List.
    0.55 - Expanded Walkthrough
    Midway for making the game.
    My appetite for all things Horror or Horror related
    7-11 for those Slurpees after I fried my brain typing this
    My daughter for cheering me like crazy when I transform into the beast
    (She's three and loves Zombies! My kid's the greatest!)
    Gamefaqs, no more needs to be said
    All the help I've gotten on the boards on Gamefaqs for this game and countless
    other games.
    gagnon703 for sending me my first feedback on my faq. Thanks!

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