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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Zeketheo

    Version: 1.021 | Updated: 12/24/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Indigo Prophecy Demo FAQ/Walkthrough 0.9                             - 
    By: Gamefaqs User Zeketheo.
    Last Updated: Saturday, December 22, 2007
    Email me if you have questions, want to correct any mistakes or add 
    things I overlooked E-mail me at Zeketheo@hotmail.com and put Indigo 
    Prophecy Demo in the Subject line.
    Version History
    0.9: Walkthrough Completed
    0.95: General fixes. I fixed Directions to cap from alleyway, added 
    things to do, added points of interest.
    1.0: FAQ has questions and answers. Points of interest added. Points 
    modified on things to do. Metal State bar explanation added.
    1.02: Grammar fixes. I added Subway option in stuff to do and 
    1.021: Slight grammar fixes, get rid of section "Thanks"
    I. Table of Contents
       I. Table of Contents
       II. Legal Stuff
       III. Intro
       IV. Controls and Interface
       V. Perfect Win Ending
          i. Bathroom
          ii. Diner
          iii. Outside
       VI. Bad Win Ending
          i. Bathroom
          ii. Diner
          iii. Outside
       VII. Cop Endings
          i. Bathroom
          ii. Diner
          iii. Outside
       VIII. Lucas Goes Nuts Ending
          i. Bathroom
          ii. Diner
          iii. Bathroom
       IX. Stuff to Do 
       X. Points of Interest
       XI. FAQ
    II. Legal Stuff. 
    This guide is copyrighted by DJ Peterjohn, aka Zeketheo. It may be 
    used only on gamefaqs.com or its affiliate websites or on websites 
    that have asked for my permission first. Any plagiarism or theft of my 
    guide will be dealt with using legal action.
    III. Intro
    This FAQ is a walkthrough to help you get your desired ending out of 
    the Demo. I will teach the controls of the game to you and list the 
    things you must do to get the ending you want and any points of 
    interest. Now let us begin. 
    IV. Controls and Interface
    The controls are quite simple really but you are given not much 
    instruction on how to use them. The arrow keys move your character 
    Lucas Kane around by up to move forward, left and right to turn in 
    each direction and down to turn 180 around. Press shift to run, 
    however you will stop running for a second when you use the left and 
    right arrow keys to change direction, even just a tap. 
    The mouse is your action control. When you stand near an object that 
    you can interact with, action icons with a bar pointing to up, down, 
    left or right and a small light running down it will appear. Holding 
    the left mouse button and moving the mouse in the direction that 
    corresponds with an icon will make you perform that action. If the 
    small light follows the bar down and then back up you must do the 
    same. By interacting with the right way with the right objects you 
    will add points to your mental state bar and if you interact with the 
    wrong things you will lose points.
    Your mental state bar is like your health bar. You start the demo with 
    depressed as your state. The states you can get in the demo in order 
    top to bottom are: neutral, tense, anxious, depressed, overwrought and 
    wrecked. If you lose all your points in the mental state bar you will 
    have special gameover ending. 
    When standing around no objects the left mouse button will have the 
    camera look around the environment. The right mouse button will move 
    the camera around Lucas.
    Finally when a bar at the bottom of the screen appears hit the left 
    and right keys alternating as fast as you can until the sequence is 
    V. Perfect Win Ending.
    To get a perfect ending you must follow my directions you should end 
    up with your status being neutral, the highest you can get in this 
    demo. If you were playing the real game you would keep Lucas from 
    being a prime suspect and make the evidence at the crime scene harder 
    to find. Do not interact with anything but what I tell you or you may 
    lose points.
    i. Bathroom
    When the cut scene ends first pick up the body and play the mini game 
    to put him in the stall to get five points. Go towards the window and 
    pick up the mop. Pick the blood option and move your mouse up and down 
    to scrub the floor clean and get five points. Move to the urinals. The 
    knife is by the urinal on your right. Interact with it to hide the 
    knife and get five points. Walk to the sink and move the mouse to the 
    right to wash the blood off of Lucas and get five points. Move over to 
    the door and interact with the condom dispenser. Interact by moving 
    the mouse left to right a few times. After you hear metallic sounds 
    interact again to get a coin and five points. Now leave the bath room.
    ii. Diner
    Move past the man in the cap and sit down at the first table with 
    food. First use the eye icon to look at your bill. Set the bill down 
    and use the $ icon to pay your bill. Use the fork and knife icon to 
    eat and the glass of water icon to drink, both netting you each five 
    points. Get up and head down the diner to the front door. Take a left 
    at the cop to find a jukebox. Use the coin from the bathroom and the 
    music note icon to turn it on and get yourself five points. 
    Now get your ass out the door.
    iii. Outside.
    Outside you must hurry to a cap in the street. Use the shift key to 
    run as you get out of the diner take a right and head all the way down 
    the street to the intersection. Head right again and head down on your 
    left side.  You should see four lamps over green railings. This is the 
    subway. In the real game if you went in the cab the driver would be 
    able to tell the cops that you went to Brooklyn. My thanks to 
    OrillionXYO for telling me I missed.  
    VI. Bad Win Ending
    This ending is what a person in real life might do. If you were 
    playing the real game this is the ending that leaves all the evidence 
    at the crime scene and eyewitness accounts of Lucas so the detective 
    characters would have an easier time in their level.
    i. Bathroom
    All you have to do in this place is go out the door. You will burst 
    out of the door and bump into the waitress. She will see your bloody 
    arms and clothes and scream, attracting the cop at the diner bar over. 
    You will loose twenty points.
    ii. Diner
    As you have attracted the cop you must get the hell out of the diner. 
    Turn around and go past the bathroom door to find an emergency exit. 
    Go through there and out into the alley way.
    iii. Outside
    As you burst through the door head left and out of the alleyway. Now 
    take a left in front of the Diner to the four way intersection. You 
    should head right through the four way intersection and head to the 
    parked cab. Get in and you win.
    VII. The Cop Endings
    These are the normal ways to get a game over ending.
    i. Bathroom
    If you just stay in the bathroom the cop will come to take a piss. You 
    will lose ten points as he comes down the diner on the right of the 
    screen. If you are inside the Bathroom when he enters will get a cut 
    scene and lose.
    ii. Diner
    If you wait too long to leave after you hit the waitress if you had 
    not cleaned the blood off yourself the cop will come down to the 
    waitress and you will get a cut scene and a game over.
    Also if you are in the diner after the cop goes to the Bathroom, finds 
    the body and comes back out the door you will get a cut scene and 
    iii. Outside
    If you wander outside for too long a cut scene will appear and you 
    will lose.
    VIII. Lucas Goes Nuts Ending
    To get the crazy ending you must follow all my directions to the 
    i. Bathroom
    First go over to the mop. Now interact with the window icon to get 
    minus five points. Now go over and use the right side sink to wash the 
    blood off your body and head out of the bathroom.
    ii. Diner
    Head out the bathroom door and move to the wall in front of you and 
    then head right. You should find a pay phone. Use it to get minus five 
    points. Walk over to the man in the hat. Talk to him to get minus five 
    points. Next walk up the counter of the diner and try to go behind the 
    counter. You will get a cut scene and minus five points. Walk all the 
    way over to the cop and talk to him to get minus ten points. Now try 
    to walk out the door. The waitress will stop you. Choose the talk icon 
    or wait for the bar to empty to stay in the diner and lose ten points. 
    Now you must head back into the bathroom.
    iii. Bathroom
    Now just wait in the bathroom until the cop gets up to go and you lose 
    ten points.
    If you did everything I told you, you get a cut scene of Lucas in an 
    XI. Stuff to do.
    Here I will list all the things you can do in the demo level and what 
    will happen if you do them.
    Object interaction             Area           Points     Cut scene
    Pick up body                     Bathroom       5
    Mop blood off floor              Bathroom       5
    Wash hands                       Bathroom       5
    Get coin out of dispenser        Bathroom       5
    Hide knife                       Bathroom       5 
    Look out window                  Bathroom      -5
    Pee in/flush Urinal/Toilet       Bathroom       0
    Dry hands in air fan             Bathroom       0
    Look at blood near Toilet        Bathroom       0        Yes
    Look in Mirror with blood.       Bathroom       0        Yes
    Use out of order sink            Bathroom       0       
    Burst out door                   Bathroom      -20       Yes
    Walk out door                    Bathroom       0
    Use phone                        Diner         -5        Yes
    Talk to man in Hat               Diner         -5        Yes
    Go behind counter                Diner         -5
    Talk to cop                      Diner         -10       Yes
    Sit down at bar near round thing Diner          0        Yes
    Watch TV (must do above first)   Diner          0        Yes
    Talk to hatless man              Diner          0        Yes
    Talk to Waitress                 Diner         -5        Yes
    (Must sit at barstool farthest away from bathroom on long side of bar)
    Eat and Drink                    Diner     both 5
    Look at coffee (must do above)   Diner          0        Yes
    Use Jukebox                      Diner          5      
    Look at bill                     Diner          5
    Pay bill                         Diner          0
    Walk out front(do not pay bill)  Diner         -10       Yes
    Walk out front (pay bill)        Diner          5        
    Walk out back(do not pay bill)   Diner         -10       Yes
    Walk out back (pay bill)         Diner          5        Yes
    Look at Bum                      Outside        0 
    Get in Taxi                      Outside        10       Yes
    Go into Subway                   Outside        10       Yes   
    X. Points of interest.
    When you try to leave out the front with out paying your bill the 
    waitress will stop you and the cop will turn around. If you choose to 
    run out the door the waitress will call after you about your bill but 
    the cop will just turn back to his meal. It seems that some petty 
    crimes are below NY cops when they are eating. (No offence to any real 
    You can clean up the blood in the bathroom where the man fell but you 
    can not clean up the trail of blood he leave when you drag him. You 
    would think Lucas is smart enough to notice that. Even if the blood 
    was coming from the man it would not flow that fast to be futile to 
    wipe up or the bathroom would have a large puddle of blood, not a 
    If you use the phone once with out the bathroom coin and then try 
    again, Lucas will say that he has no coins to call again but when you 
    have the coin you can not use the phone again.
    Lucas has the money to make a phone call but not enough to play the 
    The cab driver either does not notice or does not care if Lucas has 
    blood all over him.
    There is a small book under the seat were Lucas was eating. You can 
    not do anything with it but it probably will have a part in the actual 
    game with the detective characters.
    You can see the Freedom Tower in the opening cut scene because the 
    game is set in 2009. I give my thanks to Qixote from gamefaqs for 
    bringing that to my attention.
    XI. FAQ
    Q: How do I move the body?
    A: Walk up to it with the arrow keys. An icon should appear at the top 
    of the screen. There is a bar and a light that moves in the icon. 
    Click the left mouse button and move it in the direction the light 
    moves. Now a bar will appear at the bottom. Press the left and right 
    arrow keys alternating as fast as you can until a toilet icon appears. 
    Click the left mouse button and move the same way the light moves.
    Q: Is there a way to leave the diner without suspicion?
    A: Although you can not stop the body from being found you can make 
    yourself less of a suspect if you hide the body, clean up blood on you 
    and the floor, hide the knife, eat your dinner, pay your bill and not 
    talking to anyone.

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