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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheSocialBunny

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    The Sims 2 Nightlife FAQ
    Creator Information:
    Author: TheSocialBunny (Zephos Amaranis)
    E-Mail: zephos@xynthica.com
    Personal Website: http://www.xynthica.com
    FAQ Information:
    Version: 1.01
    Date of Creation: October 08, 2005
    Date of Last Update: January 28, 2006
    Update Comment:
    The much anticipated update to The Sims 2 Nightlife FAQ has finally been 
    completed! In between drawing my usual pictures of cute anime female bipeds 
    with questionably large hydro active optics and a quarter of a year absence 
    from playing The Sims 2, I finally got the munchies for some more ground zero 
    sim testing action thanks to all you great people out there who sent me tips 
    and leads! And fifty dead sims later and a blank memory bug, this sucker is 
    ready to be upgraded! Actually, this update was done simultaneously with my 
    The Sims 2: University FAQ, and seeing as how the next expansion pack The 
    Sims 2: Open for Business is right around the corner, I wanted to get it out 
    of the way before I bury my head in the game's sand and fail to acknowledge 
    my friend's and co-worker's right to existence - or the need for sleep and 
    food for that matter. In unrelated news, I'm considering displacing some of 
    the more non-expansion specific info from both FAQs into a more generalized 
    base FAQ in the future.
    So what's new? To top the list off, the ever popular action guide has had 
    several new entries added to it and has been heavily refined, and there are a 
    couple of new tricks and glitches in their respective section and the usual 
    all around grammar correcting good cheer! Overall though, the Action Guide is 
    80% of what this update is about, so please enjoy. ^_^
    Now with 50% less beached whales due to popular demand, the spirit of The 
    Sims 2 University Practical FAQ that was anything but practical has now been 
    carried on into this The Sims 2: Nightlife FAQ! Yeah, I suppose sometime down 
    the road when Maxis gets to their seventh or two hundredth expansions for 
    this game, I'm going to have to compile it into one huge abominable ocean of 
    nonsensical advice in a War and Peace sized textbook, but for now, I'm going 
    to target this expansion specifically! Actually, to be more accurate, this is 
    an "Expansion FAQ". There are many basic techniques and cute little entrails 
    of information in my The Sims 2 University FAQ that covers the core game and 
    university, so please consult it if you have a more general question about 
    the core game or The Sims 2: University, and of course, there are many other 
    great FAQs and forums out on the internet to help you in all your simming 
    The Sims 2: Nightlife is the second expansion pack to grace The Sims 2 
    lineup, and focuses on the dark and exotic scene when the moon is full, the 
    night is young and the sims run wild all over downtown! There's a little 
    something for every The Sims 2 player with this expansion pack! From the OCD 
    perfectionist Level 99 powering RPG inspired zealot to the laissez faire 
    casual gamer who loves to watch soap operas unfold to the psychopathic 
    homicidal gamer with a tendency to oh, violently kill their own virtual 
    children off for a lack of a better euphemism, there's a whole new toy box to 
    open and dismantle for players all around the gaming table! Of course, 
    there's something for the master builders out there as well, and the great 
    artists cranking out that most excellent custom content, you will now have a 
    whole new bag of goodies to play with!
    In addition to the core game, there are lots of fun and practical additions 
    that Nightlife makes in conjunction with the University expansion pack! So 
    much that it makes me want to bang my head into particularly spiky picket 
    fence when I realized just how much of my original university FAQ advice was 
    made obsolete by such game altering features as the inventory, cars, vampires 
    and those blasted blind dates that should go right, but never really do 
    (Actually, do blind dates ever go well in real life?)... oh, and those stupid 
    restaurants with the incompetent waiters and their projectile food.
    Now then, before we start, I'm going to quickly review what I learned over 
    the past few months since my The Sims 2 University FAQ was released. First of 
    all, you The Sim 2 fans are awesome! Thank you for all your kind e-mails and 
    questions, I really appreciate it! You guys are the best! Second, EA isn't an 
    evil faceless corporate juggernaut - in Canada at least. Third, imitation 
    isn't the highest form of flattery, blatant plagiarism is, and to that I say 
    thank you! You never know if something is really good until someone tries to 
    pass it as their own and sell it on e-bay! Too bad it's against my personal 
    beliefs to make profit off of another person's or organization's work unless 
    officially commissioned too, hahahaha. Yup, that's going to come around to 
    haunt me alright when it's time for my next meal.
    Since I covered so much in the University FAQ and not a big fan of copy and 
    paste methodology, virtually everything in this guide was original written 
    just for Nightlife, save for the very popular special move and command 
    section of my FAQ that everyone loves! It's now been updated! Please refer to 
    my University FAQ for more thorough coverage at:
    This FAQ is based a little bit on my experience with the game, but a lot of 
    it comes from advice and help from many of the The Sims 2 related forums. I 
    have relied a great deal on others for corrections when making this FAQ, and 
    I will definitely still be relying on you for them when it's done. Thank you 
    for reading, and please enjoy!
    Table of Contents:
    Chapter 1: How Nightlife Will Traumatize Your Sims
    [0] General Update 
    [1] Relationships Changes
       [1.01] Chemistry 101
       [1.02] Chemistry Factors
       [1.03] Turn Ons and Turn Offs
       [1.04] Perfecting Chemistry
       [1.05] The Perfect Couple
       [1.05] Changing Your Sim's Mind
       [1.06] Fury
       [1.07] Contacts
       [1.08] Interest Update
       [1.09] Influence Update
    [2] Aspirations Update
       [2.01] Wealth Aspiration
       [2.02] Knowledge Aspiration
       [2.03] Family Aspiration
       [2.04] Romance Aspiration
       [2.05] Popularity Aspiration
       [2.06] Grow Up Aspiration
       [2.07] Pleasure Seeker Aspiration
       [2.08] Grilled Cheese Aspiration
    [3] Sim Inventory
       [3.01] Inventory Mechanics
       [3.02] Usable Devices
       [3.03] Consumable Potions
       [3.04] The Inventory Advantage
    [4] In Cars
       [4.01] About Cars
       [4.02] Building a Garage
       [4.03] Car Alarms
    Chapter 2: Going Downtown
    [5] Why Go Downtown
       [5.01] Why Community Lots Don't Suck Anymore
       [5.02] Downtown Design Essentials
       [5.03] Nightlife Benefits to University Young Adults
    [6] Restaurants
       [6.01] Eating Out
       [6.02] Favorite Foods
       [6.03] Disgruntled Waiters
       [6.04] Getting A Discount from the Host
       [6.05] Skipping Out On the Bill
       [6.06] Restaurant Tricks
       [6.07] Why Restaurants Suck
    [7] Recreation and Fun
       [7.01] Being the DJ
       [7.02] Bowling
       [7.03] Photo Booth
       [7.04] Poker Table
       [7.05] Electro Dance Sphere
       [7.06] Karaoke Machine
    {8] Miscellaneous Downtown
       [8.01] How to Make A Cemetery
       [8.02] Building a Base
    Chapter 3: Getting Together
    [9] Dates
       [9.01] How To Get A Date
       [9.02] How Dates Work
       [9.03] How to Have the Date from Hell
       [9.04] How to Have a Dream Date
       [9.05] Rewards and Punishment
    [10] Outings
       [10.01] How To Go On An Outing
       [10.02] How Outings Work
       [10.03] The Worst Case Scenario
       [10.04] The Omni Outing
       [10.05] Goodies And Grief
    Chapter 4: Vampires
    [11] Going Vampire
       [11.01] Becoming A Vampire
       [11.02] The Vampire Lifestyle
       [11.03] Special Abilities
       [11.04] Curing Vampirism
       [11.05] The Ultimate Vampire
    Chapter 5: Meet The People
    [12] New NPCs
       [12.01] The Matchmaker
       [12.02] The Count and Countess
       [12.03] Mr. Big and the Diva
       [12.05] The Slobs
       [12.06] The DJs
       [12.07] The Host
       [12.08] Waiter/Waitress
       [12.09] The Chef
       [12.10] Mrs. Crumplebottom
    Chapter 6: Action Guide
    [13] Special Skills, Commands and Actions	
       [13.01] Hidden Skills
       [13.02] Special Manual Commands
       [13.03] Age Based Interactions
       [13.04] Special Effects 
       [13.05] Automatic Commands
       [13.06] Object Based Interactions
       [13.07] Dining Interactions
       [13.08] Motive Desperation
       [13.09] Aspiration Desperation
       [13.10] When Disaster Strikes
       [13.11] Reactions to Death
       [13.12] Paranormal Actions
       [13.13] Career Reward Actions
    Chapter 7: Wrapping Up
    [14] Cheats
    [15] Closure
    [16] Copyright
    [17] Special Thanks:
    Chapter 1: How Nightlife Will Traumatize Your Sims:
    [0] General Update: For When the Instruction Manual Self Destructs
    The Sims 2: Nightlife adds so many excellent things you'll be wondering if 
    they were there since the beginning game or not! One thing you can change now 
    in the gameplay options is to have the surrounding neighboring buildings 
    around the lot visible while in actual play, as well as the decorations you 
    used on the neighborhood screen! Also, if you click on a neighboring lot, you 
    can now conveniently swap over to play them! These features are awesome, and 
    definitely make screen snapping album makers like myself happy when you have 
    a lush backdrop instead of a patch of infinite blue! Granted the quality of 
    the surrounding area is reduced to an abbreviated 3D model similar to what 
    you see on your neighborhood screen, but it's either that or your computer 
    implodes, and I much rather take the former. Another new and very much 
    welcomed addition to The Sims 2 is now the ability to adjust the fade 
    distance to increase or enhance game performance. You will find these two 
    options and a bit more under the newly improved gameplay options tab.
    On an audio note, upon first playing the game, you'll immediately notice the 
    most excellent music they put into the game as well! Many of them are remixes 
    of your tried and true The Sims 2 songs that you heard way too many times to 
    not remember, you know, when spending like seven hours in build mode. EA got 
    some rather prominent artists like Timo Maas, Adam Freeland and my personal 
    favorite, Lemon Jelly, to work their music! Its nice weather for ducks, isn't 
    Another part of the game's interface that was highly improved is now the menu 
    screen for when you take to your car or taxi cab and go to a community lot. 
    The menu will now allow you to go straight to any place you want in any of 
    your neighborhood's communities, including the local area and downtown, as 
    well as university campuses for young adults. This also means that young 
    adults can go outside of their campus shells and go back to their home 
    neighborhood, to another university's campus or any of the created downtowns, 
    and do it directly as well, instead of having to go to the respected area's 
    neighborhood screen. They wouldn't get to visit other secret societies, but 
    oh well; you take what you can get.
    While we are talking about the neighborhood screen, it should be to much 
    delight that you can now toggle between day and night! Downtown areas are by 
    default shown at night time, but you can switch any neighborhood back and 
    forth if you so desire! Just remember for those special effect lovers, 
    spotlights only work at night, rainbows only work during day. Along with the 
    standard lush and desert types of landscapes for neighborhoods, the game has 
    added two more new styles, dirt for those somewhat evil and cold 
    neighborhoods, and concrete for those cold and evil neighborhoods. 
    Added to the expansion at neighborhood screens are also new decorations like 
    spotlights and skyscrapers, which add to the downtown feel. It's a bit 
    depressing when a preset skyscraper is bigger than even your largest 
    construct on your largest lot by twenty fold, but eh, what are ya' going to 
    do? Well, you could use the cheat and build a 255 floor ziggurat or something 
    and blow up your computer, but that's not recommended, hahahaha, seriously, 
    don't do it unless you got your computer from NASA or something. Speaking of 
    lot sizes, the game adds much more variety! You can now get a petite 1X3 
    sized lot, and other lot sizes to help diversify your neighborhood when space 
    absolutely, positively has to be filled. Oh! There are also new preset 
    buildings in the houses bin, some complete with garages for that brand new 
    car! Speaking of garages, there are a few building tools added to the game, 
    specifically half-walls, drive ways and diagonal pools! 
    Heavy duty builders like me will be glad to know that you can now build half-
    walls. Half-walls act very much like fences but can be painted and wall 
    papered. Unfortunately, you can't put tiles on them to make a half floor like 
    many of us were hoping, but eh, it's still a nice addition. Half-walls are 
    more for cosmetic and design purposes more so than practical gameplay. You 
    can't put doors, windows or wall hung objects on them like paintings, and you 
    can't put a gate on them like a fence. They do look good on a well designed 
    lots though or as a room divider or rail. About the only thing that actually 
    gets past half-walls is light, even noise and an Environmental score straight 
    from the depths of Hell, complete with roaches, pools of urine and piles of 
    trash get filtered out by an enclosed half-wall.
    A new feature introduced to Nightlife that many might not notice at first are 
    the addition of rugs! Now, you can have that perfect little sheet of wooly 
    cloth to cover the floors and add some depth to the room that you always 
    wanted! Rugs can be stacked on top of each other for some neat patterns, and 
    they are great for hiding that unseemly repeating effect that ordinary tiles 
    give to large room. Be careful with Rugs though, as they can be somewhat of a 
    fire hazard, and little children can rub their feet against them to deliver a 
    static shock to unassuming sim!
    Next on the list are driveways! They come in two varieties, brick and cement, 
    and also have extended parts that can be used to build a garage. Cars can 
    only be placed on driveways, and the garage is also mostly for cosmetic 
    purposes, save for in the case that your sim is a blood sucking vampire, but 
    it's good to know that they are there.
    Finally, Maxis has made pool building much easier! Long gone are the days 
    when you had to fool the game to build that looped, squiggly, or just plain 
    distorted to Hell and back pool of your dreams! The game now allows you to 
    build diagonal pools, and the pool tool is far more adjustable and editable 
    than its old "Lay down a rectangle of water and that's it" version. 
    Unfortunately, you can't place ladders, lights or diving boards on the 
    diagonal portions of the pool, but it's no biggy.
    No expansion pack for The Sims 2 would be complete without new interactions, 
    and Nightlife offers a bucket full of fish heads of them! In particular, you 
    can now mass call sims to dinner, including guests and your household or 
    everyone in one step! Saves that clickity, clickity pain! Also new to the 
    game is the "Ask" social interaction menu. It's so obvious you'll wonder why 
    they didn't put it in sooner. Now you can ask sims to find out information 
    about them, like what their wants are, what their job is, their zodiac sign, 
    how skilled they are, and of course, how much money they will give you if you 
    marry them. You can also ask them out on a date as well as offer to give them 
    a ride back home or to your sim's place while on the date. Other ask 
    functions like "Ask to Join" get their own command on the main menu still, so 
    don't worry too much about command clutter! The "Ask" command can also be 
    used to start casual groups or ask sims what they think of your sim, but way 
    more on that later!
    Along with the new object interactions, there's also a new dance in town, the 
    Smustle -- which is just plain disturbing - and kids can do it too! Of 
    course, there are now a few new romantic interactions, including the Slow 
    Dance! Now you don't need to be around music for your sims to dance, and they 
    can now do it with feeling! The slow dance also has three subcommands that 
    can be used during it, and often is chainable with related wants in sequence. 
    Finally, there are plenty of special interactions that can be done at the 
    dinner table between lovers and friends. Really, there's so much to talk 
    about, but this section is starting to get embarrassingly long, so I'm going 
    to have to snippity snip.
    Of course, there are also new cloths, new hair styles, and other new goodies 
    to customize your sim's appearance with, and a few extra yummies, but I'll 
    save them for later in the FAQ!
    [1] Relationship Changes: Sims Have Feelings Too! Trample Them!
    There are many new additions to the relationship system in The Sims 2: 
    Nightlife! Now your sims have chemistry between each other that can make 
    their dates a living Hell or Heaven on Earth! Also new are the turn ons and 
    turn offs, special preferences that sims are looking for in their potential 
    mates! One of my personal favorite additions is Fury. Now, your sims can be 
    thoroughly pissed off at each other, and they will indeed show their inner 
    most contempt for the rest of sim kind, or at least at your sim! On the 
    opposite end are contacts, people who want to lick your sim's boots and will 
    have a temporary positive relationship with your sim! These factors are at 
    the core of the new expansion pack, so enjoy!
       [1.01] Chemistry 101: Because Alchemy Just Doesn't Work Like It Used To
    The Sims 2 Nightlife is all about good chemistry, well, either that or 
    chemistry gone terribly, horrifically wrong, one of the two. Now sims can be 
    irrationally biased pricks too, and doesn't that just make the game so much 
    more realistic?
    The chemistry factor affects your sim's ability to interact with another sim, 
    particularly in regards to romantic actions. Positive chemistry increases the 
    success rate of social interactions, as well as allows certain actions, as 
    represented by a lightning bolt next to the interactions name to be boosted 
    to be executed earlier than normal, although it should be noted that it's not 
    necessarily a good idea to actually do so unless their compatibility is 
    extremely high, as it still usually stands a good chance of being rejected. 
    These bolts will be very prominent when you are just opening up a fresh 
    relationship, often helping to guide your path in woohooing the perfect guy 
    or girl of your sim's dreams, but they will go away from the command menu 
    when your sim starts to max their lifetime and daily relationship with the 
    person in question, since they will have freely unlocked all social 
    interactions and have no need for the chemistry boost. 
    Personally, I recommend when interacting to pick the next most powerful 
    interaction down from the lightning bolt, as it's almost guaranteed to work 
    instead of the actual lightning bolt command, which might deep fry the 
    relationship. This is especially true on dates when you don't want to add 
    insult to injury and get a flaming bag of poo the next morning. This is of 
    course, unless you are experienced with what and what will not work based on 
    the relationship and chemistry score, which takes quite a bit of play 
    experience to master now with the chemistry system in place which gives 
    different levels of success and accessibility. It's also interesting to know 
    that chemistry also "helps" with negative interactions under the irritate 
    command if the relationship is in the negatives, although exactly what else 
    could not go wrong from using a negative interaction with chemistry is beyond 
    In order to get a read on your sim's chemistry in a relationship with another 
    sim, the most direct course of action is to use the "Check Out Sim" command 
    under Flirt, don't worry, it wouldn't piss the other sim off, they wouldn't 
    even know that you are stalking them. You can also ask them if they like what 
    they see under the "Ask" menu or just execute a romantic action to get a read 
    on their compatibility. 
    You'll know that two sims have good chemistry by looking at the thought 
    bubble of the person over a sim's head. If you see a bubble with a sim's face 
    in it with hearts fluttering about happily, it means that there is at least 
    some positive attraction there. Likewise, if you see a bubble with Xs flying 
    and the sim acts like they are going to vomit, it's a bit of an 
    understatement to say that they might not naturally get along so well. 
    Sometimes, your sim will automatically add another sim to their chemistry 
    relationship list, but this only seems to apply if they have positive 
    A more wide spread course of action is to click on your sim and have them use 
    the "Scope Room" action. Doing so will run a quick check, and any sims with 
    positive chemistry will have a white aura around them. It should be noted 
    that Scope Room is based on your sim's sexual preference. If you sim only has 
    had relationships with guys, then only guys will glow white, the opposite is 
    true for the lovely ladies. Of course, if your sim is bisexual or nonsexual, 
    then the scope will be scanning both sides of the field. If your sim hasn't 
    had a romantic interaction with or checked out another sim though, the "Scope 
    Room" ability will not be available 
    Oh yeah, if you were wondering, all sims have the potential to be bisexual, 
    so unlike in our world where same sex relationships aren't something 
    universally accepted, in The Sims 2 world, any sim can romantically involve 
    themselves with any other sim with no objection, regardless of gender. As a 
    matter of fact, if I were to be thinking in my usual extremely practical game 
    exploiting manner instead of my society dictating "common sense", I'd have to 
    say that a bisexual sim has an advantage over one that only plays one side of 
    the fence, since they have a wider selection to go through. As soon as a sim 
    stakes their sexual preference, their chemistry boosted commands will 
    automatically be displayed when dealing with compatible mates.
    Sims cannot develop chemistry towards family members or other sims that they 
    are romantically incapable of falling in love with.
    Virtually all moves that can be boosted by good chemistry share in common the 
    ability to alter lifetime relationship along with daily relationship, keep 
    this in mind when using them.
    A Sim's chemistry with another sim is represented by a little lightning bolt 
    icon. The numbers of the boost here are an approximation and vary between 
    their levels of power. There are 5 levels of chemistry attraction, here in 
    order from worst to best:
    1. Lightning Bolt Crossed Out: Horrible Chemistry
    Boost: No Boost, Higher Risk of Failure
    2. No Lightning Bolt: No Chemistry (Or Unknown Chemistry Status)
    Boost: No Boost
    3. One Lightning Bolt: Good Chemistry
    Boost: 15-10 Daily and 5 Lifetime Relationship
    4. Two Lightning Bolts: Great Chemistry
    Boost: 25-20 Daily and 15 to 10 Lifetime Relationship
    5. Three Lightning Bolts: Incredible Chemistry
    Boost: 40-45 Daily and 20-25 Lifetime Relationship
    As an important note, the boost of chemistry might not be equal on both 
    sides, although it's generally around the same neighborhood within the bolt 
    indication. There might be times when one partner gets a boost in one action 
    that the other does not.
       [1.02] Chemistry Factors: For When Love Isn't Blind, or Stupid
    There are five factors to chemistry attraction, Zodiac, Personality, 
    Aspiration, Relationship and Turn Ons and Offs.
    Chemistry is tough to properly evaluate, it's not as simple as one bolt plus 
    two bolts equals three bolts. There's actually an underlying numeral score 
    and the bolts are just there to vaguely represent it. This makes testing it 
    accurately very tricky. Without further delay though, the five factors of 
    chemistry are as follows:
    Zodiac Compatibility:
    Of all of the factors to take into account, the Zodiac Sign is the most 
    important to take into consideration, if only because it's the only one you 
    can't change after sim creation. All sims are attracted and repelled by two 
    signs each, but it really makes no good sense why, and it's definitely not 
    symmetrical or systematic, kind of like astrology really (Depends on who you 
    ask). Speaking of astrology, if you know your real world astrology inside 
    out, you'll realize that the sim one isn't the same as the one we humans have 
    become accustom too, although it has the same signs, but I guess that's just 
    the just the way it is.
    Due to the way the game works out, some signs have general overall advantages 
    over others, for example, Sagittarius is a well liked sign and apparently 
    doesn't repel any other signs, making it idea for Romance Sims who want as 
    many partners as possible. In the case of star crossed lovers, Aries and 
    Taurus work well together, since they both mutually attract and can be 
    adjusted to have similar personalities, which leads us to the next factor. 
    Personality Compatibility:
    Unlike Zodiac Signs that are positively or negatively affected by signs other 
    than their own, Personality Compatibility is based on how similar the two 
    sim's personalities are to each other, the closer the better. You'd think 
    this whole bit would be a big sweaty shell of redunda' fodder, since Zodiac 
    Sign is closely tied to personality initially in "Create A Sim" mode, but you 
    can alter the points within a certain degree and still be labeled under a 
    certain sign in create a sim mode. There are also a few ways to alter 
    personality, the safest being elderly and parental encouragement. On the flip 
    side is the not so safe way, which involves killing your sims off and 
    bringing them back with the Resurrect o' Nomitron wrong, either as a zombie 
    or on the side of cheap that reverses their old personality. 
    Personality is the second most important compatibility trait, simply because 
    it's very difficult to change controllably, especially for anyone older than 
    a Teen as encouragement starts to lose effect and you'll basically need an 
    elder in the family. To throw salt on wounds, you'd need to have two parents 
    with extreme opposite personalities to have good control over their child's 
    personality, which takes planning and lots of forethought, and there will 
    still be one stray personality value left unless there is an elder to 
    straighten it out. This is because parents can only encourage another sim to 
    be at a level of personality equal to their own. It'll at least be this way 
    until a new expansion pack introduces another way to alter personality, like 
    the good old crystal ball from the first game.
    Aspiration Compatibility
    Aspiration type is a big part of the game, and now different aspiration types 
    have different compatibility relationships with others. All aspiration types 
    love other sims of the same aspiration, so that's the safest bet, but let's 
    face it, having a town of all the same aspiration is boring, and probably 
    impossible thanks to the expendable NPCs that keep on coming back despite 
    making your city into a death trap. Outside of having the same aspiration 
    type, which will always be good chemistry, attraction between aspiration 
    types is a mixed bag that is not shared equally on both sides. Aspiration 
    used to be harder to change than even personality, only getting one shot at 
    it in university, but now with the aspiration item the ReNuYu Senso Orb, it 
    becomes almost as easy to change as turn ons and turn offs, allowing for 
    interesting gameplay.
    The saving grace of chemistry, when your sims have a strong daily and 
    lifetime relationship, their chemistry score will also get a boost. It's 
    practically impossible for two sims that are the best of friends to have bad 
    chemistry with each other. Unfortunately, this is quite useless in actual 
    practical effect since chemistry specifically helps build relationship faster 
    and safer. When two sims already have maxed out their lifetime and daily 
    relationship scores, the purpose of chemistry becomes pretty much obsolete. 
    Still, if you like the look of a triple lightning bolt, then it definitely 
    helps. On the flip side, if two sims hate each other's guts, they'll also 
    have a massive decrease in chemistry. You'll know that two sims are truly, 
    compatible if they can become mortal enemies and still have triple bolts, 
    albeit there's not exactly a good reason for them to be at odds in the first 
    place, unless one of them cheats.
    Turn Ons and Turn Offs
    New to Nightlife, Sims now have turn ons and turn offs! In case you are under 
    six years old and live under a rock where cute little dragons hoard their 
    treasure night and day, turn ons and turn offs are what people desire in 
    their potential mates. If the lovely guy or gal in question matches the turn 
    ons of your sim and not the turn offs, then it'll give their chemistry score 
    a boost. In this game, turn ons and turn offs exist solely for effecting 
    chemistry between sims and can mean the difference between an easy romp and a 
    kick in between the legs, figuratively of course, it'd be awesome if there 
    was a social interaction to do that.
    Newly created characters or children that grow up to teens can pick their 
    turn ons and turn offs, as well as the usual aspiration selection system, but 
    old sims from before the expansion get a random batch of them upon you first 
    playing them after Nightlife installs, however, Maxis knew this would piss 
    off gamers, and included a handy ReNuYu Potion with every sim from previous 
    saves that you can chug to instantly change them. Of course, Maxis also knew 
    that they would have pissed the Hell out of the world if they decided to have 
    turn ons and turn offs based on the color of a sim's skin, hence why they 
    aren't there, and to that I salute you and your politically correct minions 
    of orthodoxy Maxis! Anyhoo, there is much more about turn offs and turn ons 
    to come, but that'll be in just a little bitty from down here, so please be 
       [1.03] Turn Ons and Turn Offs: Hey Folks! Artificial Discrimination!
    Well, that was a long wait! Since I'm already riding on a wave of words here, 
    I'll just get right down and crawl through the mud - that's right, crawl 
    through the mud! Of important note is that the "Best" turn ons and turn offs 
    are directly related to your playing style and who the majority of people in 
    your neighborhood are, or the potential mate you want to set your sim up 
    with, so there is no "Best" choice for all situations, ah screw that, Custom 
    Hair is the best turn on or turn off in the game, next.
    Of all of the factors in the game, turn ons and turn offs are the easiest to 
    change, you can also change your own and other sims to match preferences, so 
    it's no biggy if your old sim from before the expansion gets some really 
    weird fetishes when you check their turn on and turn off tabs. Turn ons and 
    turn offs are also one of the more influential factors in chemistry
    Here's a list of the Turn Ons and Turn Offs with small notes:
    Fat: Sadly, a turn off in our world and age (Remember when plump and pale was 
    in some hundreds of years ago?) but the sims seem to randomly love fat people 
    as much as fit people. Still, most townies are average build, so unless you 
    have a custom neighborhood full of fat people, it makes a safe turn off. It 
    makes the perfect turn on though however if your desired partner has the 
    Grill Cheesed Sandwich Aspiration. It's a difficult factor to change 
    unfortunately, albeit infinitely easier than in real life, just get your sim 
    to use an exercise machine till they have reached the desired weight.
    Fit: A good turn on in custom neighborhoods with sims that have been raised 
    with particularly strict athletic attention, whether they wanted it or not. 
    It's pretty hard to get a sim with high body skill that isn't fit 
    accidentally. The downside to being fit is that it's hard to change on a dime 
    if your date happens to hate athletes or supermodels, so you have to really 
    plump your sim out through over eating. Keepin' it real!
    Stink: There is really nothing good that comes out of having this as a turn 
    on, it's probably the worst turn on you can have, since sims who start to 
    stink generally have extremely low hygiene and have other things on their 
    mind than chumming about with romantic interests. It makes a natural turn off 
    Cologne: All sims can buy a bottle of cologne for 125 simoleans, it can last 
    up to four and a half hours if you don't ultra speed through it, so it's a 
    safe turn on to have and also a safe turn off, since you can use it at will, 
    so long as you got the scratch to pay. It's downside of course is the fact 
    that it costs bling whales and it's temporary.
    Vampirism: Makes a safe turn off if you don't plan to have any vampires in 
    your neighborhood, but what fun would that be? On the flip side, if your 
    vampire loving sim's mate isn't to their liking, you can always remedy that 
    problem should they be vampires themselves with a big ol' bite. You can 
    always reverse vampirism with Vamprocillin-D.
    Formal Wear: A good turn on, since it's controllable, but not particularly 
    constant, since non-controllable sims tend to rarely wear, if ever wear it 
    outside of special events. It's okay if you have two controllable sims and a 
    wardrobe though. Can't recommend it as a turn off, just incase you want to 
    dress the part for oh, a wedding or something trivial like that. Formal wear 
    and other clothing types can be changed with a wardrobe instantly, as well as 
    performing certain actions like going to bed, taking a swim or working out. 
    It is also be possible to make a custom "Omni Suit" like my main sim's custom 
    made "Xynthica's Universal Yukata" dress that counts for all clothing types, 
    however, it will only count for the style of cloths that you put it on as 
    with the wardrobe, so you wouldn't be able to hit all three clothing turn ons 
    at the same time. Still, having like six outfits for the price of one isn't 
    horrible, and it's especially useful to give your sim when they start out in 
    create a sim mode.
    Swim Suits: A logical turn on for the voyeur sim in you, or pretty much any 
    biped with a pulse. There is actually only one reason why a sim should be 
    given this as a turn on, and that's specifically for hot tub interactions or 
    around the pool. I can't recommend it as a turn off though, since it's always 
    handy to have in those cases. I'm personally not sure if outgoing sims who 
    take it all off in hot tubs are classified as being in swimsuits, it has yet 
    to be tested.
    Underwear: Yeah! Panties! Fan service! Ahem... other than making an infinite 
    amount of sense as being a turn on, you almost never see non-controllable 
    sims in their underwear, save for extremely outgoing sims at Toga Parties, in 
    which case, I still have to test if the outfit counts as underwear instead of 
    a toga. Seriously, unless you don't approve of minor things like oh, how the 
    Hell sims can reproduce, don't give your sims this as a turn off, as they are 
    still technically going to be wearing it during Woohoo, and you don't want 
    that going south.
    Make Up: A safe turn on for girl lovers, since quite a few female sims in the 
    game wear makeup by default, although it doesn't quite always work that way 
    for the opposite sex so it makes a safe turn off for men lovers. Make up and 
    other facial features, including hair style and color, glasses, hats and 
    basically everything down on the this list from here can be changed using a 
    mirror. It seems that sims don't actually take off their Make Up when they 
    are about to take a shower or go to sleep, so it seems to have a pretty 
    constant presence.
    Not to imply anything politically incorrect here, but you can take advantage 
    of the Make Up turn on to "brand" your sim's love interests using the "Make 
    Over" option with the Cornerstone Variable Vanity table. This will accelerate 
    the attraction if your sim has a turn on for Make Up, and Makeup isn't as 
    obvious as some of the other turn on or turn off choices in appearance, so it 
    can help.
    Full Face Make Up: Very few sims wear full face makeup in blank default 
    custom neighborhoods, save for those that are ruled by clowns and evil pro 
    wrestlers, but it's an easily alterable trait, so if you happen to 
    aesthetically like it, it's not a problem. Full Face Makeup also makes a good 
    Turn Off otherwise.
    Glasses: I hate people with glasses, it makes me want to punch their squiggly 
    little faces in, or so I would like to say - if I didn't wear glasses. 
    Glasses are a good controllable turn on and turn off. The glasses do come off 
    on some occasions though, so it might not be as universally viable as some of 
    the other turn ons or turn offs.
    Hat: Who doesn't like hats? Oh wait, me, I absolutely hate hats, I can't 
    stand them, I think they are an insult to cacti everywhere. That being said, 
    hats are very changeable, just go to a mirror and pop one or off, makes for a 
    controllable Turn On or Turn Off, and at least a small amount of townies wear 
    them. Sims have a tendency to take their hats off when they aren't dressed to 
    go outdoors or are planning on doing something like sleeping or showering, so 
    it's not the most stable turn on or turn off.
    Facial Hair: Anyone who has their eye on the lovely ladies has a better 
    chance to fetch an ice cream bowl out of Hell with their teeth than to have 
    this as a turn on, seeing as how girls in this game are normally incapable of 
    having facial hair. It's a pretty safe turn on though for man chasers though, 
    at least a fair deal of townies has facial hair.
    Black Hair: It's black, its hair, what more is there to say? Makes a great 
    turn on, but a pretty counterproductive turnoff, seeing as how a lot of 
    townies, dare I say the majority, have black hair, well, that's the way it is 
    in our world anyway. If you are starting a fresh neighborhood with no 
    grandiose plans of community assimilation in mind, I highly recommend giving 
    your sim it as a turn on.
    Brown Hair: It's brown, it's hair, and it's everywhere! There aren't many 
    ways to go wrong with having brown hair as a turn on, and like all the other 
    hairs, quite a bit if it's a turn off.
    Blond Hair: Blonds are more fun! Hurray! And to think that they are going to 
    do the dodo in two hundred years (Actually, that article was more or less 
    debunked). Save the blonds! Have blond hair as your sims turn on! Well, if 
    you have it as a turn off, fair enough, I like black hair more anyway.
    Red Hair: Apparently, according to a study, red heads feel naturally feel 
    more pain. That being said, don't make their sim counterparts go through the 
    emotional half of it! Yup, it's a similar case with the other hair types.
    Gray Hair: Old people! Yeah! I love old people! Nothing says "I'm old and 
    rich! Give me some love!" like gray hair, not to be confused with white or 
    silver hair that says, "I'll kill you and use your entrails as a skipping 
    rope". Naturally, if your sim and his/her love interests are elders, giving 
    them gray hair can only be beneficial. It's not bad for young and regular 
    adults either, but don't give it to teens because they wouldn't be able to 
    romantically interact with elders. 
    Custom Hair: Custom hair, in a few words is the absolute best turn on AND 
    turns off you can have in the game, depending on your gaming preference. For 
    example, if your entire city consists of giddy anime hair brushing school 
    girls (School referring to university of course) with hair color from all 
    parts of the Mississippi northern lights, then have a single guy with a turn 
    on for custom hair, he's going to definitely be in chemistry heaven. Well, on 
    the somewhat more practical side, you can just make all of the "anime girl" 
    sims extra yuri, and that'll do more than just solve the problem. Anyhoo, 
    bottom-line is that if you get a community of custom haired sims together, 
    it'll be all one love, love, happy, happy community! 
    Custom Hair can be of any color or texture as well, since you create it, so 
    you can have a blond who is still technically considered as having custom 
    hair despite it looking exactly like the preset blond hair. It doesn't work 
    at all well with the townies, but you can invite them home and change em' up 
    a bit to your liking. Basically, the work will take place outside of the game 
    in the Body Shop, but since hair color has an indefinite duration, it'll have 
    a permanent effect until you decide to change it. If you're really serious 
    about milking your sim community's potential, the Custom Hair factor is 
    definitely an aspect to look into. Of course, if you happen to hate the body 
    shop and don't like downloading custom content, well, then Custom Hair might 
    not be the Turn On to float your boat. On the flip side, if you don't plan to 
    have custom hair, it suddenly becomes the safest Turn Off in the game, 
    because nobody in the game uses it outside of your own sims, nobody that you 
    can form a romantic relationship with at least that I know of. 
      [1.04] Perfecting Chemistry: When It Doesn't Blow Up In Your Face
    Chemistry and Compatibility in The Sims 2: Nightlife is a surprisingly hard 
    thing to predict. Unless you happen to know about the finer details, you'll 
    probably rely on trial and error to find your sim's perfect match, which can 
    be a bit of a pain can't it?
    The following tables regarding Aspiration Compatibility and Zodiac Sign were 
    taken directly from the official www.thesims2.com site and I hope you to find 
    them as useful as I did:
    Zodiac Sign Compatibility:
    Zodiac Sign:    Attracted to:           Repelled by:
    Aries           Gemini/Taurus           Cancer/Libra
    Taurus          Aries/Libra             Virgo/Cancer
    Gemini          Pisces/Virgo            Capricorn/Aries
    Cancer          Taurus/Scorpio          Gemini/Aries
    Leo             Sagittarius/Cancer      Capricorn/Gemini
    Virgo           Aquarius/Sagittarius    Leo/Taurus
    Libra           Virgo/Cancer            Pisces/Scorpio
    Scorpio         Pisces/Leo              Libra/Aquarius
    Sagittarius     Pisces/Capricorn        Libra/Scorpio
    Capricorn       Aquarius/Taurus         Leo/Gemini
    Aquarius        Capricorn/Sagittarius   Scorpio/Virgo
    Pisces          Scorpio/Gemini          Leo/Aries
    B: Bad
    N: Neutral
    G: Good
                  (R)   (W)   (P)   (F)   (K)   (PS)   (C)
    Romance        G     N     G     B     B     N     N
    Wealth         N     G     B     G     N     G     G
    Popularity     N     B     G     N     B     B     N
    Family         B     N     B     G     G     B     N
    Knowledge      B     B     N     N     G     N     N
    Pleasure       G     G     N     B     N     G     G
    Cheese         N     N     N     N     N     N     G
    I'll level with you folks, I agree with the Zodiac Sign chart, since I've 
    crossed referenced it with other sources, and it seems to work in execution, 
    but I have my doubts about some parts of the Aspiration Compatibility table, 
    namely because I've experienced a couple scenarios where making a neutral 
    aspiration compatibility on both sides go bad had a positive effect on the 
    relationship chemistry and vice versa.
    So you're probably thinking that an obsessive compulsive, perfectionist, RPG 
    level hoarding bastard like yours truly couldn't possibly come up with a 
    completely different version of the chart through repeated painful accounts 
    of trial and error? Well, you don't have to spell it out so clearly, but 
    yeah, I did.
    Unlike the official chart above, this one focuses on the actual outcome of 
    the final chemistry score, instead of what one aspiration type thinks of the 
    other. I have never seen through hundreds and hundreds of different chemistry 
    combinations a case where two people didn't have the same chemistry rating 
    for each other, they consistently and reliably mirror each other. There does 
    apparently seem to be an asymmetrical attraction between aspiration types 
    though like the above chart states, as evident when you use the "Check Out" 
    command and one partner is impressed and the other is indifferent, so it does 
    seem true that one aspiration type can like another, but not the other way 
    around., this is taken into account automatically in the final score, which 
    is what I am using as a measurement. Okay then, here are the ratings, unlike 
    the chart above, the one I researched has six different levels, although 
    please keep in mind that there are probably actually more increments of 
    1. Sucky
    2. Bad
    3. Neutral
    4. Good
    5. Great
    6. C. Lust
               (W)   (K)   (F)    (R)    (P)   (PS)    (C)
    Wealth      5     3     4      3      4      3      1
    Knowledge   3     5     5      2      2      1      3
    Family      4     6     5      1      2      2      4
    Romance     3     2     1      5      3      5      2
    Popularity  4     2     2      3      5      4      1
    Pleasure    2     1     2      5      4      5      3
    Cheese      1     3     4      2      1      4      6
    So you're probably wondering what C. Lust stands for right? Cheese Lust of 
    course! It is by far the most powerful Aspiration attraction. It practically 
    equals triple bolts even if virtually everything else between the couple is 
    wrong, so if you are thinking about making a couple with as insanely high 
    chemistry score as possible, make them Grill Cheese Aspiration sims!
    Oh yes, please feel free to follow the aspiration compatibility chart that 
    works for you better. As I have not found enough volunteers to cross check my 
    version of the chart, I do not have complete confidence in its universal 
    accuracy, although it seems that the official chart has a few skeptics as 
    well. If you find my version of the chart to be accurate or inaccurate, 
    please let me know, I appreciate it.
    Okay then! At the very least, any relationship between two sims in the game 
    can be turned into a double lightning bolt from changing aspirations and turn 
    ons and turn offs to fit on both sides to fit each other alone. The roadblock 
    in chemistry is generally the Zodiac Sign, since it cannot be changed. 
    Personality is a close second of course, since you can only change it 
    controllably if you have someone in your family in an older age group than 
    your sim. On the positive side, the other loose variables of chemistry that 
    are aspiration type, relationship and turn ons and turn offs are pretty 
    influential and adjustable, there's even a pretty good chance that you can 
    ring up a triple from just altering those three factors alone. It's not very 
    hard to convert crappy chemistry into good chemistry once you know how things 
    work out. 
       [1.05] The Perfect Couple: Are Not Born, They Are Made
    It is very rare that two sims will just naturally have triple bolts without 
    you trying. Even if you pay the Matchmaker top dollar, chances are, she'll 
    just summon an okay double bolter from the heavens. A double bolter who's a 
    stranger can become a triple bolter upon becoming a lover, but where's the 
    fun in that? You want a couple with such insanely high chemistry that they 
    can tear each other's eyes out and become lovers again in the same day!
    Do you want a couple with chemistry so ridiculously high that they can still 
    "Friendly Hug" each other when they are in the negatives? How about a couple 
    that doesn't just get to the third base in few short hours but a full blown 
    homerun? If you are, here's how you do it. Please take note that under most 
    normal circumstances, as mentioned above, a good deal of couples can be 
    changed up to meet the triple bolt level by adjusting aspiration type and 
    turn ons and turn offs alone. Personally, my main sim is a Cancer, so the 
    fact that Cancer is kinda' "Uguuuu..." when it comes to general or 
    specialized compatibility ticks me off, but she still managed to get a triple 
    bolt with her Sagittarius partner.  
    if you want to make a couple with perfect compatibility, which by the way is 
    pretty pointless at 100 daily and lifetime relationship since the success 
    rate of almost all positive interactions with the exception of badly told 
    jokes and automated chatting is virtually 100%, then this section is for you!
    Perfect Zodiac Compatibility:
    There are four Zodiac combinations that mutually attract each other:
    Aries to Taurus
    Capricorn to Aquarius
    Gemini to Pisces
    Scorpio to Pisces
    Of these four, Aries to Taurus is the one that starts off naturally as having 
    the closest personality in Create a Sim mode, which bring us to our next 
    Perfect Personality Compatibility:
    If you start your sims as teens or younger and encourage them to match their 
    destined lover's personality perfectly then you have hopes of scoring the 
    maximum score for personality compatibility. This part of the process 
    requires a lot of planning and effort, and your sim should at least have 
    parents that have personality levels that match or exceed the child's 
    destined lover's personality, both on the positives and negatives. At this 
    point, it all boils down to lots and lots of encouragement commands. In the 
    case of a good match like Aries to Taurus though, you wouldn't have to 
    shuffle that many points to get them to match
    Perfect Aspiration Type Compatibility:
    The easy way to do this is to just have your two sims have the same 
    aspiration. However, in the case that the level of compatibility is all that 
    matters and nothing else, than have your two sims stick their heads into the 
    ReNuYu Senso Orb with crappy a aspiration level and fry the grill cheesed 
    sandwich aspiration into their heads. There will be more details regarding 
    this in a later section. Two cheese aspiring sims have the greatest 
    compatibility by far of all the aspiration matching, a practically guaranteed 
    triple bolt.
    Perfect Turn On and Turn Off Compatibility:
    This one is easy, you either make your sim's turn ons and turn offs match 
    their partner, or you make their partner match their turn ons and turn offs. 
    This process is a double sided road, meaning that it's ideal if both 
    partner's match each others preferences from both sides. You can't change the 
    turn ons and turn offs for your partner if they are an NPC not living with 
    you, so you have to work with what you can change.
    For the first case, just have your sim drink a ReNuYu Port o' Chug or stick 
    their head into a ReNuYu Senso Orb with success, as opposed to grilled cheese 
    surprise. Next, just pick two traits that your partner has, like black hair 
    and wearing makeup that are indefinite in time duration for most all 
    circumstances, as opposed to temporary effects like wearing cologne or what 
    type of cloths they are wearing. This will help boost the chemistry on your 
    sims side.
    In the second case that is changing your partner to fit your sim's turn ons 
    and turn offs, buy the Cornerstone Variable Vanity and use the "Make Over" 
    option. Assuming that your sim's relationship with the other sim is 
    tolerable, they'll allow you to prep them up however you wish, just like when 
    your own sim uses a mirror. You wouldn't be able to change everything about 
    them, but you can at least alter things like makeup and hair, and make them 
    look like your sim's dead lover in a creepy sort of Hitchcock inspired way.
    Of course, if you know your partner's own turn ons and turn offs, try to have 
    your sim match them as well if you can't control them to change. You can 
    either use the wardrobe to change clothing if they have a preference for 
    underwear, swimsuits or formal clothing or use a mirror to put on make up, 
    change hair styles, or any other number of things. All of this of course will 
    take a moment, so it's recommended that you prepare for it before the date if 
    Perfect Relationship Compatibility:
    This one is pretty much automatic, when your relationship with the other sim 
    reaches very high levels, their compatibility will naturally increase as 
    well. Just have the two sims hit off on each other normally and romantically, 
    and they'll have maxed out relationship compatibility in no time.
    Love Potion #8.5 Touch Up:
    If you want to absolutely, positively make sure that the relationship is as 
    high as the game can possibly allow, then have each partner drink a Love 
    Potion #8.5. Basically, this is like injecting steroids into a pink elephant, 
    there's really no need to since anything past this point in chemistry is 
    pretty much all in your head rather than in practical gameplay, but if you're 
    the kinda' person who likes the cake, the icing, the card, the cherry on top 
    and the box that the dang thing came in, then this is a good final step.
    Well then, there you go, after taking care of all five variables, you now 
    have a couple that is so ridiculously compatible that they can beat each 
    other down with baseball bats and still be lovey dovey in no time, as a 
    matter of fact, most any interaction between the two will work as soon as 
    they appear, and your sims will even be able to successfully deliver friendly 
    hugs even when their daily and lifetime relationship scores are -25 each and 
    furious with each other! At a neutral level of 0 daily and lifetime 
    relationship, they also already start off at a healthy launching point for 
    middle level flirts and low level hugs and kisses. You can practically take 
    them from 0 to 100 in a couple of hours. How's that for compatibility!? 
       [1.06] Changing Your Sims Mind: When Being Yourself Just Isn't Good Enough
    Do you think that it's weird that even a beautiful young maiden of a sim that 
    you have watched and cared for like a doting father each and every sim day is 
    turned on by smelly vampires after installing Nightlife? No problem! Maxis 
    included two ways to easily change your sim's turn ons and turn offs. First 
    off, with every old time sim's inventory from before the expansion back was 
    installed is a ReNuYu Porta-Chug! Good for a one time use to change their 
    preferences, and of which I will discuss more in the inventory section.
    Now, onto the second method to change your sim's turn ons and turn offs! The 
    dream machine behind this is the new and only additional aspiration reward 
    called the ReNuYu Senso Orb! All your sim has to do is stick their head into 
    it and get reprogrammed to witness the broader horizons of life! It costs 
    6250 points, comes with five charges and can change your sim's aspiration 
    type and turn ons and turn offs - but wait! There's MORE! IT CAN COMPLETELY 
    Ahem, pretend you didn't read that whole part in caps and let's go on. No 
    longer will your sims have to go through the hell that is university to give 
    themselves a fresh perspective on life! Now even grown adults can experience 
    any aspiration they want, and Family Sims will now finally have a way out of 
    those nightmarish lifetime wants like "Marry Off 6 Children", like Hell they 
       [1.07] Fury: When Cold Silent Homicidal Hatred Just Doesn't Cut It
    Long gone are the days when Sims were innocent, inherently good love children 
    of the player! Now, you can look down on all of creation with pity and 
    Fury is a special period where one sim is clearly pissed off at another sim 
    for a variety of possible reasons. In this time, the portrait of the 
    character in the relationship menu is eclipsed in a red haze that slowly 
    clears up like a clock and provides a massive temporary decrease in both 
    lifetime and daily relationship scores. It doesn't make positive interaction 
    with the sim impossible, but it definitely limits your options, since the big 
    scoring interactions wouldn't be around unless you work them back up to the 
    positives. You can restore a relationship back to its former state even when 
    still in fury if you work at it and do everything you could before, but it 
    might be a battle better waited out than fought.
    Sims in fury that you do not control will make it their mission in life to 
    ruin yours. From stealing your newspaper, to kicking over your trash can to 
    just plain ominously creeping about your lot at night, furious sims not under 
    your control are obvious not very nice. You can pay them off to stop for 50 
    simoleans, but it's best to let things blow over and repair things after the 
    red clears up. 
    Fury makes the game much more "interesting", in an evil, more realistic 
    sorta' way, and balances out the game's original friendly environment. In the 
    old days before Nightlife, the worst two freewill controlled sims could 
    usually do on their own without pre-intervention was have the usual awkward 
    conversation, piss off each other with annoying pranks, and the occasional 
    poke and shove, but it never really escalated on freewill alone into a full 
    on brawl. Now computer controlled sims will escalate their negative social 
    interactions, even on community lots into full blown fights! I had two of my 
    best sims become mortal enemies with -80 on both lifetime and daily just from 
    one nasty set of exchanged social interactions on a community lot. Also, if 
    you influence a sim to attack another sim, there is far more leverage and a 
    much higher possibly that the two will start attacking each other out of 
    their own freewill.
    There are several ways to incite Fury. First off and most guaranteed, is 
    catching someone cheating on your sim, resulting in a slap happy sim seeing 
    red. Another way is just attacking them and beating them into a bloody pulp. 
    Losing in a fight seems to automatically ensure fury, but so does simply 
    repeatedly insulting and attacking the other sim. Yet another way is when a 
    burglar robs your house, it results in your sims being furious at him or her, 
    yeah really. Another very reliable way is to use the "Throw Drink" command 
    under irritate to easily and understandably toss the victim of the splashy 
    surprise into a furious frenzy. There seem to be a lot of ways to feel the 
    fury indeed.
    In regards to fury and all around general hatred, there is one personality 
    trait in the game that has become much more prominent in its role, the 
    Grouchy and Nice parameter. Even before nightlife, there was a difference in 
    behavior; like grouchy sims would cheat when playing chess, more and Nice 
    ones would take pleasure in joyful actions like hugging, but now there is 
    even more of an effect. In Nightlife, the freewill takes the grouchy 
    personally and has gotten around to making them pure evil. Seriously, I have 
    one old man of a grouchy sim, and he insults and attacks almost any sim he 
    doesn't have a friendly relationship with, I have to quickly exit the lot as 
    soon as I see him poking another sim, because I just know he's going to try 
    and attack them - again. Very nice sims on the other hand start their 
    relationships quite well, you can leave them on their own on community lots 
    controlled by freewill, and be pleasantly surprised at their new 
    acquaintances when you get back to playing them. It seems that being nice now 
    has definitely been stepped up in Nightlife to become a very important 
    personality trait if you happen to like your neighbors, and I don't mean in a 
    tiny drinkable cup of cow plant milk. 
    That's not all there is to being a Nice or a Grouchy sim now either, Fury's 
    power and duration is actually directly affected by how nice your sim is, at 
    least on their side of the conflict. A perfectly nice sim has the ability to 
    reduce the total time it takes for them to get a grip and subside from fury 
    by almost four times as fast as a perfectly Grouchy sim. Being perfectly Nice 
    also reduces more than half of the relational damage that being perfectly 
    Grouchy takes when triggering a furious state, along with having a generally 
    higher relationship score when the dust clears.
    Nice sims also get a little behavior bonus that you'll notice if you watch 
    them carefully -- they don't fight back! If a grouchy sim comes up and slaps 
    one up the side of the head for no good reason, they'd sooner run away with 
    tears streaming out of their eyes than slap back. It's lacking a bit of 
    dignity to it, but nice sims are experts at keeping bad emotional fallout to 
    a minimum, which can be extremely helpful if you don't like to watch your 
    sims wring each other's necks. Of course, if your nice sim still has high 
    body score, they can still finish what another sim starts if they are full on 
    attacked. Generally, if you have a good relationship that has taken a furious 
    hit, then being Nice can only be an asset, on the other side of the coin 
    being Grouchy actually has some benefits in the fury department as well, if 
    only because it exploits the game mechanics.
    There is a unique case where a smart player can use fury to their advantage 
    to actually increase relationship! It is best used if their sim is especially 
    Grouchy, but it'll work with any sim to varying degrees. If a sim already has 
    hit the bottom of the hate well and is in the deep -100 in daily and lifetime 
    relationship, or pretty darn close to there, a sim can actually heal their 
    relationship by initiating Fury. The Fury period actually recovers the 
    relationship from its lowest point as it subsides by a very good amount, this 
    is of course, partially due to the natural recovery of negative relations 
    over time, but it's also because there's just nowhere else to go after -100 
    but up. Since Grouchy sims have a much longer recovery time, they'll actually 
    heal more, since they don't take any additional relational damage over -100. 
    This does take quite a long time though, so don't expect any immediate 
    gratification. It's also not exactly a common thing to "accidentally" get two 
    sims to hate each other to the point of maximum bloody red loathing.
    So how long does Fury last exactly? It depends on the severity of the action 
    really and how nice the offended sim is. Doing something somewhat small like 
    throwing your drink at another sim can make them pissed off at you for about 
    5 to 18 hours, but beating the tar out of them can leave them burning in 
    their own rage for a day to half a week! So what's the longest time I've ever 
    seen? When a burglar robbed the house of a perfectly Grouchy sim, that must 
    have went on for what must have seemed to be weeks, probably enough time to 
    go through almost all four years of University come to think of it. Needless 
    to say, sims do not take kindly to having their houses plundered.
       [1.08] Contacts: When Other People Want to Lick Your Sim's Boots
    Put simply, Contact status is the positive opposite of Fury, they happen most 
    often when your sim has gone out for a good date or outing with a person with 
    connections, and you might get a phone call from one of their buddies later. 
    In my experience, contacts have always been, except for one case, people who 
    your sim hasn't met yet. They'll just call you up when you're all good and 
    not ready and ask for an outing, just like real life! 
    With Contacts, instead of covering their portrait in a red haze, you get a 
    blue haze and a nice boost to their relationship of something like 30 Daily 
    Relationship and 10 Lifetime Relationship, enough to easily cut to the chase 
    and make them your friend permanently. When a sim has contact status, you 
    should try your best to befriend them before the time is up, since it's a 
    very easy way to make a new friend. Well, that's it for contacts, so much 
    fury, so little friendly, hahahah. Oh yeah, since there is really only one 
    way to get contacts, they are pretty stable in length I'm theorizing, about 
    24 hours or so regardless of personality, of course, they are also generally 
    much rarer to come by because you can't trigger them at will, unlike Fury.
       [1.08] Interest Update: When Grill Cheese Is a Cold Issue
    Along with the original 18 interests that were around since the core game was 
    released, there is a bit of a hidden one that doesn't work quite as 
    conventionally, the grill cheesed sandwich interest. Seriously, I can't make 
    this stuff up, well, actually I can, but that's beside the point.
    It might be that there is a grilled chees sandwich interest parameter in 
    everybody, but unless they happen to have the Grill Cheese Sandwich 
    aspiration, other sims with it the same aspiration stand a snowball's chance 
    in hell of successfully communicating their cheesy good desire, and since the 
    cheese sim has frequent wants and fears relating to it, it's rather important 
    to them.
    Oh yes, this is not exclusive to the expansion pack, but I did more testing 
    on interests in my epic crusade to try and max out my main sim Xyni and 
    discovered the following. Apparently, there is indeed a limit to the total 
    amount of points a single sim can have in interests, if it exceeds the limit, 
    then other interests decrease to compensate. The magic number hovers around 
    101-110 total interest points. If an attempt either by reading magazines or 
    sharing interests is made to exceed the 101 number, then it is extremely 
    likely that the total number will rebound back to 101 by decreasing other 
    areas. You can crawl past it just slightly, but 110 is about as far as you 
    can stretch it to. On the other hand, a sim who has less interest points than 
    101 can safely increase their interest in any area they wish without fear of 
    a rebound until they meet the set number. It should also be noted that sims 
    start having serious trouble reading magazines for long periods of time when 
    they are around the 90 point or so period and wouldn't be able to sit down 
    and soak the information in as well.
        [1.09] Influence Update: Being Even More Under the Influence
    There are a few new influence actions for those with the luxury to own both 
    expansion packs! 
    Bite Neck: 1000
    The most useful of the new influence options, a sim can now influence a 
    vampire sim to directly bite another sim, turning them into a vampire in the 
    process! It should also be noted that if you influence a Count or Countessa 
    to do so, their chances of success will be significantly higher, even on 
    complete strangers, as opposed to if you influenced a regular vampire.
    Drink Vamprocillin-D: 1000
    Basically the opposite to the Bite Neck influence command, Vamprocillin-D is 
    a potion you can buy from the Matchmaker for 60 simoleans, and if you take it 
    out and put it directly onto an open space on a square, you can influence 
    vampires to drink it to be restored to normal. Take note though that there 
    seems to be a bug in the game that prevents computer controlled sims from 
    being influenced to drink Vamprocillin-D. Kind of stupid, since that's pretty 
    much the entire point of the command. The option will be available, they will 
    acknowledge the action, but the game will make them not actually jump into 
    action. That doesn't mean that they can't be restored though if you gain 
    control of them and have them drink it manually. 
    Serve Grill Cheese Sandwiches: 2500
    A notorious influence ability exclusive to cheese sims. Cheese sims can 
    influence other sims to cook grill cheesed sandwiches regardless of their 
    cooking skill level or time of day. Cheese sims also have a high paying want 
    that corresponds with this.
    Sing Karaoke: 1000
    You can influence a sim to make an idiot out of themselves on lots where 
    there is a karaoke machine available. There seems to be a corresponding want 
    to this, and in all fairness, it's rather fun watching people sing very badly 
    like an American Idol reject.
    Sing With: 1000
    I hate duets, I really hate duets. They annoy me. To have a sim sing with 
    another sim at the same time, just use this influence option. Their 
    relationship with the other sim should at least be tolerable for it to work.
    [2] Aspirations Update
    All of your favorite aspiration types are back and more fleshed out than 
    ever, but making their new appearance in this expansion pack are two new 
    aspirations! Now, the highly anticipated Free Loader, errrr, I mean, Pleasure 
    Seeker aspiration is available! So what's the second new aspiration? Well, if 
    you didn't see it being mentioned several times already, read on down! 
       [2.01] Wealth Aspiration
    It's back with a fistful of cash and more worldly desires than before! Well, 
    that's what I would like to say, but aside from a desire to try out some of 
    the new toys and social interactions in the game, wealth aspiring sims 
    haven't changed much, they are still reliable and solid choices for climbing 
    the corporate later though, and I'm willing to bet in the next business 
    oriented expansion pack, they are going to take a big ol' spotlight. 
    On the plus side for wealth sims in this game, they gain an extremely big 
    benefit from the inventory, so much that it feels like you are cheating. When 
    you stash an object, say an expensive painting away in their inventory, their 
    want to buy it again will be renewed for you to quench again. Additionally, 
    object's values don't depreciate in the inventory, so you can easily exploit 
    the wealth sim's want to buy things by stashing them immediately after buying 
    them and then selling them a day and a bit later for no loss of aspiration or 
        [2.02] Knowledge Aspiration
    The most evil and twisted aspiration in the game has just gotten even more 
    evil and extra twisty with the addition of vampires! Now, most sims don't 
    want to be vampires, and if they are, they want to be bloody cured of the 
    dang ailment, but not knowledge aspiring sims, they want to share the love in 
    big watery mouthfuls with as many people as they might remotely like! Bleh!
    If you are thinking of making a vamp who wants to spread their lifestyle, 
    pick the knowledge aspiration, you wouldn't regret it. There is so much fun 
    to be had with vampires though that I definitely had to make a section in 
    this FAQ dedicated to them, and will cover more of the importance of the 
    knowledge aspiration in it as well. Oh yeah, if you read my last FAQ on The 
    Sims 2: University, you'll know that the sims of knowledge aspiration have 
    the unique ability remember very bad things, like seeing ghosts, being turned 
    into a zombie or being abducted by aliens in a very good light.
    The knowledge aspiration actually starts to gain relevant wants and fears to 
    particular phenomenon after first witnessing them, more so than any other 
    aspiration type. Upon seeing or being through their first alien abduction, 
    zombie resurrection, the grim reaper, or vampire turning, they will start to 
    have wants related to them. Other sims go through a similar process, but they 
    will most likely have fears about them instead of wants. For scoring 
    purposes, it's good to focus your knowledge sim in one instead of all 
    phenomenons, so they can combo their want satisfaction better, but having a 
    sim who's seen and done everything is also satisfying. 
        [2.03] Family Aspiration:
    Not much has changed with the family aspiring sims with this expansion, still 
    good, still sweet, and still firm believers of monogamy. Like it's popularity 
    striving sister, family sims thrive on social interaction, and can take 
    advantage of the new dating features, however, they can get away again and 
    again with dating the person who matters the most - their spouse! How 
    exciting is that! Yeah, you can tell I haven't been married yet can you tell? 
    Actually, the Family Aspiration loses a bit out to the other aspiration types 
    in this game, because now any aspiration can go into "Date Override" mode and 
    gain intimate interactions with their partner, which was one of the things 
    the family aspiring sim excelled at originally that made them so reliable.
    Oh yeah, I noted it in my previous FAQ, but although the family aspiration is 
    one of the most reliable in the game, right next to the popularly aspiration, 
    it has some of the most painful lifetime wants, like getting 6 children 
    married, getting 6 grandchildren, getting 3 children through college. This 
    especially screws up your game if you happen to be an OCD story teller like 
    me and have no idea how to fit something like 6 grandchildren into your plot 
    arc. Thanks to the ReNuYu Senso Orb, you can now switch your sim out into 
    another aspiration to fulfill a much easier lifetime want, the lifetime wants 
    of the wealth aspiration are particularly easy to achieve, then switch them 
    back with their lifetime platinum aspiration still intact. 
        [2.04] Romance Aspiration:
    If it weren't for the Pleasure Seeker aspiration, I'd swear that Nightlife 
    was made for romance aspiring sims in mind! Of all of the old aspirations, 
    the romance aspiration has the most to gain from the expansion. Now thanks to 
    the dating feature, they can get aspiration points and also get some good one 
    on one time with their potential love interests to shoot their meters to 
    platinum and through the roof! This isn't even taking into account that they 
    can now also conveniently woohoo in cars and in photo booths for extra booya! 
    The Photo Booth in particular actually allows them to do "Public Woohoo" in 
    the comfort of their own home oddly enough.
    The chemistry system also gives players a lot more to think about to what 
    their romance sim's personality, zodiac sign and turn ons and offs should be, 
    so that they will have the sweetest honey to attract the flies. For best 
    results, get a romance sim who is a Sagittarius or to a slightly weaker case, 
    a Taurus which have the best attraction versus repelling ratios of any of the 
    signs. After deciding their chemistry features, make them start hitting on 
    anything that moves, except for the RC car thingie, that would be just weird, 
    and buggy (Seriously, the RC car is bugged, don't use it!). Now the only 
    thing you have to watch out for is getting caught cheating! 
    Oh yeah, if you didn't read my other FAQ, then you should take note that 
    romance sims are notorious for being self gratifying, disloyal, cheating 
    bastards that would sooner jump on anything with two legs that move than 
    conform to something as trivial as commitment, no offense to anyone who's 
    like that in real life. Trying to have a lovingly committed romance sim is 
    like trying to make a Chia Pet designed to be lit on fire. The problem that 
    comes with Romance Sims is that dating becomes very difficult when any other 
    lovers see your sim dating a new boyfriend or girlfriend. When former flames 
    are stalking your every move, it practically becomes a game of Metal Gear 
    Solid, and I'm not even talking about the radio waves that doing a woohoo 
    apparently sends to any potential hearts on the lot to come into your general 
    vicinity with extra slap happy virgin oil on their minds. Now then, when half 
    of the neighborhood is deeply in love with your romance sim and you go 
    downtown for a date, you can imagine the Hell that will ensue, it'll 
    steamroll your dating score, back up, then run over it again - in slow 
    motion. Remember folks, just because it happens in harem anime definitely 
    doesn't mean that it'll work here (Might work in real life though), so there 
    are two things you can do in order to keep your free loving sim from 
    disasterizing every date they go on in a town where everybody loves them. 
    First of all, you can kill all of your sim's old lovers *sips a cup of 
    coffee*. You know, I just realized just how morally bankrupt that sounds, but 
    really, it's not a bad idea. Just ask them to move in, take their money and 
    inventory, and then just chuck them into a pool without a ladder or an 
    incinerator room for that extra crispy flavor *takes a bigger sip of coffee*. 
    Actually, that's not an incredibly bad idea either, your romance sim might 
    not even have to work if he or she lives off of marrying the rich and mowing 
    them down underground after emptying their pockets, I mean, they're all just 
    expendable, worthless excuses for digital people after all *finishes the cup 
    of coffee*. Anyhow, remember, sims don't kill sims, people kill sims. 
    Actually, the above paragraph wasn't the best idea really; it's just the most 
    amusing. The best idea is to invite your sim's lover to move in, and then 
    move them to the family bin using the "Find Own Place" command on computers 
    and newspapers, that way, your sim will still technically be in love with 
    them, but they wouldn't be able to come and interfere with your sim's life. 
    This is especially useful for you to be able to achieve the multiple loves at 
    a time related wants. Keep in mind though that relationships deteriorate with 
    the passing of time, so you might have to move them in temporarily to refresh 
    the love then out again to the bin, this is not actually a bad idea either, 
    because when you move them out, they'll gain the default 20,000 simoleans, 
    and when you move them back in, you'll add that amount to your account as 
    well. Of course, this is kinda' exploiting the game, but if you don't like 
    exploiting the game, then you shouldn't be reading a FAQ in the first place, 
    especially this FAQ, hahahaha. Oh yeah, watch out when you ask a young adult 
    to move in, they'll automatically drop out of university in the process. 
    Young adults and adults look almost identical, so the best to tell is by 
    their voice sets.
    The second, and infinitely more morally correct solution than the ones 
    proposed above is to simply have your romance sim date at home where the 
    roving public eye wouldn't follow them, but that just makes too much sense, 
    and where's the adventure?
        [2.05] Popularity Aspiration:
    Ah, after practically writing an essay on the popularity sim in my last FAQ, 
    I'm sad to say that there isn't much new to say about it. Popularity sims can 
    take great advantage of both outings and dates, helping to satisfy their 
    rapid wants to meet new people and make friends, helping with their longer 
    termed goals. It's actually pretty fair to say that the concept of outings 
    had popularity aspiring sims in mind, since they are basically like parties 
    on the go, although pleasure seeking sims develop the relevant want to do so 
    far more frequently where popularity aspiring sims tend to want parties 
    Popularity aspiring sims definitely have a lot to gain by dating. Unlike 
    romance sims and more like family sims, they can stick to one loving sim and 
    not get tired of them, unlike real life I might want to add as I dodge 
    various implements of death being thrown at me. At peak performance, they 
    still have the highest aspiration point output, especially if they go on 
    frequent dates and outings now. 
    Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, my "main gal" sim that I mentioned 
    several times in my last FAQ as being a popularity aspiring sim is doing 
    fine, she's almost graduated from university with highest honors at the time 
    of writing this part of the FAQ. Her name is Xyni, named after my own 
    original anime style character which you can find on my site mentioned at the 
    bottom of this FAQ. She has blue hair, pink eyes, two legs, and loves her cow 
    plant, and is very much in love with a snail (My stories are messed up, 
    hahaa). Then again, the real Xyni has a man eating tail and collects 
    caltrops, but until the The Sims 2 gets the "The Sims 2: Completely !@#$ed 
    Up!" expansion pack, I'll have to improvise. Almost all of the positive 
    experience I have in the game comes from playing her and her family. On the 
    flip side, I also have Xyni's "Onee-chan" Rally Vippy. Rally has pink hair, 
    blue eyes, and is basically the exact opposite personality of Xyni, which is 
    to say that she's Satan. As you might have guessed, a lot of the "evil" 
    things mentioned on this FAQ are experienced by playing as her. I will 
    mention the two sims in a way similar to "Good Idea", "Bad Idea" later in 
    this FAQ, because I think it's !@#$ing hilarious.
       [2.06] Grow Up Aspiration
    Since Nightlife has so little to do with the children and the younger aspects 
    of The Sims 2, there is very little to mention here. I just thought I'd list 
    it here for the sake of completeness. The grow up aspiration is extremely 
    dependant on what stage of childhood your sim is in. As a toddler, they'll 
    want to learn the basics of life, like walking, potty training, and that kind 
    of fun stuff. As a child, they'll be more independent and want to do things 
    like play with other sims and make friends and learn how to study. Except for 
    family night outings, kids don't have very much to do with the Nightlife 
    Expansion, but it doesn't stop them from going to nightclubs if mommy or 
    daddy comes along. 
    Sim parents can't leave their children at home without a nanny, so bringing 
    them along to a nightclub, a bar, or a poker joint isn't actually a 
    completely horrible idea, unlike in real life where they could be exposed to 
    the lowest levels of human corruption. Oh yeah, on the bright side, similar 
    to how having children at home makes other children automatically appear as 
    passing by neighbors, bringing a child to a community lot makes other 
    children to interact with appear, and that means that your child will finally 
    have a victim to bully and attack.
       [2.07] Pleasure Seeker Aspiration
    Freeloaders rejoice! The new pleasure seeker aspiration has been introduced 
    into Nightlife, and what a pleasure it is! Honestly, I'd like to compare it 
    to some of the other aspirations, but there's just nothing particularly close 
    enough. Sure, it has the worldly desire to buy lots of stuff like the Wealth 
    aspiring sim, it has the drive to go on dates like the romance sim, and 
    perhaps it has a dab of the original grow up aspiration's playful nature, but 
    for the pleasure seeker, it's really all about having good times using fun 
    objects, going on great dates, not lifting a finger to work and juggling 
    balls! Yup, you can't forget to juggle balls if you have a sim with 8 points 
    and up or there is a juggling opportunity for an object on the lot, because 
    your sim will remind you that they want to juggle every chance you get! 
    In terms of lifetime wants, I have seen pleasure seekers have the following:
    1. Become a Professional Party Guest
    2. Have 50 First Dates
    3. Have 50 Dream Dates
    The Professional Party Guest job is the top of the slacker career, so it's a 
    pretty normal lifetime want shared by the romance sim, but the other lifetime 
    wants are rather unique. Believe it or not, the 50 First Dates want is 
    actually a bit more difficult than the 50 Dream Dates one, because you have 
    to date a different person each time. Well, it's actually very easy if you 
    don't mind them ending regularly in disaster, just go to the Matchmaker, pay 
    minimum wage for a date, then end the date immediate, it's almost as fun as 
    using a broken slot machine, but you might have to change up the prices later 
    on when you get the same idiot falling from the sky a few times. You should 
    be able to at least squeeze by with at least a "Good" and above rating with a 
    total stranger if you are actually trying and something doesn't go horribly, 
    horribly wrong, but it all depends on how you want to play the game. 
    With the "Have 50 Dream Dates" lifetime want, all you have to do is go on a 
    date with the same person over and over and over again. Your sim can even be 
    married to them, and the dates will go by very fast in getting to Dream Date, 
    since they can cut straight to the heavy duty romantic actions. I like to 
    call this technique "Machinegun Dating" and will cover it thoroughly later in 
    the FAQ in the dating section.
    The pleasure seeker sim is probably the most difficult sim out of the 
    aspiration types to start off alone due to their tendency to quickly saturate 
    their wants list with wanting to buy objects that you might not have the 
    money to part with, and no other way to clear off their list. Of course, you 
    can use the inventory trick mentioned in this FAQ's inventory section to help 
    lighten the burden, but seriously, it can become rather annoying, since 
    unlike the wealth sim that has the desire to actually make the bread to buy 
    the butter, the pleasure seeker is basically a good for nothing freeloader, I 
    mean that in the nicest way possible. When making a Pleasure Seeker sim, you 
    might want to highly consider giving them 8 points of playfulness, because 
    unlike all the other sims who find the art of juggling completely useless, 
    the Pleasure Seeker sim can get a small regular boost just from whipping out 
    their balls, errrr, I mean juggling. Still, you don't absolutely need the 
    actual innate ability to juggle to satisfy the want, since sims can juggle 
    tumblers and bottles as well to satisfy the want, but it's a much more 
    portable way to satisfy a want than going to an object.
    The higher their playfulness level is also generally means the weirder and 
    more out there the pleasure seeker's wants will be. This should at least keep 
    them a float till they fill their houses with materialistic goodness. Of 
    course, needless to say, the downtown feature of the game was practically 
    designed with the pleasure seeker in mind, as they'll frequently get wants to 
    just go there, and once they are there, they will find plenty of things for 
    them to do to help rejuvenate their aspiration meter.
    A good strategy for pleasure seeking sims is to pair them up with adult 
    wealth aspiring sims. Pleasure seeking and wealth aspiring sims can help 
    fulfill each others needs. They both also frequently get buying object wants, 
    so you can get lucky and nail two birds with one stone by buying objects that 
    both sims want. Of course, needless to say, the pleasure seeker sim can 
    freeload off of the wealth sim's bling whales. An alternative, but very 
    effective strategy, similar to the romance sim, for pleasure seeking sims is 
    to have them specialize in dating wealthy sims, like Mr. Big and the Diva.
    A pleasure seeking sim that specializes in dating for profit would invite 
    lovers to move in or marry, then kill or ship them off after looting their 
    money and inventory. It wouldn't take a well played pleasure seeking sim very 
    long to land a lover ready to move in after a good date or two, which they'll 
    most likely have wants to do anyway, and if you manage to land Mr. Big or the 
    Diva, you'll be set for quite a while to come, so it'll be done, done, onto 
    the next one.
    Aside from all of the above, pleasure seeking sims sure have some fun small 
    time wants only exceeded in weirdness by the cheese aspiring sim. Pleasure 
    seeker sims love to play pranks on people, fair enough, they also are 
    particularly fond of using influence commands, however, that doesn't even 
    begin to cover their hilarious want to roast marshmallows over a fire jet 
    that could potentially fry their eyebrows off or to stay home from work. 
    That's right, pleasure seeking sims can actually get a puny counterproductive 
    want to stay home from work, something we all can relate to. They also will 
    want to do things like jump on the coach and take bubbles baths, and the want 
    to go on outings or dates is pretty standard with them as well. One other 
    cute want that certain personality pleasure seekers have is the desire to 
    change into their PJs when they are at home, I can kinda' relate, hahahah. 
    Finally, pleasure seekers also develop the want to buy children's toys, guess 
    there is a kid in every sim after all, except for romance sims, they're evil.
    Oh yeah, Pleasure Seekers have one of the most hilarious desperation 
    aspiration animations of the bunch! They put a lamp shade over their head and 
    start dancing like the delusional disco inferno stud that they are, oh yeah, 
    they also make weird noises while they are at it, can't forget the weird 
       [2.08] Grilled Cheese Aspiration
    What's grilled, has cheese in it, and is sandwiched? A beached whale of 
    course! Errrr, I mean a grilled cheese sandwich, and now your sims that have 
    enough emotional problems in their lives to deal with as it is can be further 
    traumatized with dreams and ambitions of a better grilled cheese sandwich for 
    tomorrow! So how do you get this magnificently cheesy aspiration? Stick your 
    sim's head into the ReNuYu Senso Orb with green, and most definitely red 
    aspiration level and watch as they get the dreams of the ideal grilled cheese 
    sandwich implanted into their minds! In case you aren't familiar with 
    aspiration rewards slightly defective quirks, they tend to backfire when your 
    sims are lower than gold mode, the ReNuYu Senso Orb in this case is just 
    acting out it's defective paces.
    So what is the grilled cheese sandwich aspiration good for? Absolutely 
    nothing! Hahaha, if only that were really true, cheese sims ironically gain 
    the most new abilities from their new found aspiration, more so than any 
    other aspiration type. Some of these special abilities include the talent to 
    make grilled cheese sandwiches at anytime of the day and to talk about grill 
    cheese sandwiches to other sims for a surprisingly big pay off if they can 
    actually relate, in which case is dismally not often unless they are also 
    cheese sims, since it seems other sims find the grill cheese fetish 
    apparently rather bizarre. Sure, they're pretty useless abilities, but then 
    again, what the hell good is the sexy walk for anyway? 
    Another ability of cheese sims is that they can influence others to serve 
    specifically grilled cheese sandwiches, this actually isn't all that bad of 
    an extra skill, since grill cheese sandwiches are at least a lot better than 
    the instant meals the lazy talent lacking townies tend to serve, although if 
    they burn down your kitchen in the process, your grilled cheese sandwich and 
    local friendly townie might be a little overdone, although it's good to know 
    that the sandwich is still somewhat eatable -- not so much with your 
    neighbor. Normally, you need two points of cooking skill to make a grill 
    cheese sandwich and it can only be done during lunch time, but cheese sims 
    can completely bypass that, as well as bypass the limit of others when 
    influencing them.
    Cheese sims are actually pretty reliable in their wants, you wouldn't get 
    want palette lock too easily with them, since their grill cheese related 
    wants are simple to satisfy and small in variety. They're weakness however 
    seems to be that they don't have any gigantic payoff wants unique to them, so 
    you'll have to chip away at their wants in small doses. The simple wants that 
    they do have however, pay surprisingly well for such simple tasks. All you 
    have to do is keep them at home cranking out sandwiches all day long, but 
    hopefully you'll have another bread bringer in the family to keep the fridge 
    nice and full.
    So what about wants? Well, compared to other aspiration types, the grilled 
    cheese sandwich is quite limited. They will have wants of eating a grill 
    cheese sandwich, serving grill cheesed sandwiches, influencing other sims to 
    serve grill cheesed sandwiches, and the occasional object or relation 
    oriented want that the other aspirations get as well. On the flip side, they 
    fear eating bad grill cheese sandwiches, burning grill cheesed sandwiches, 
    losing cooking skill points, and of course, our good old friend since the 
    dawn of time, fire. 
    So with all of this fun, what would the cheese aspiring sim's ultimate 
    lifetime want be, well there's only one, and it involves wolfing down 200 
    grill cheese sandwiches! They are definitely going to put on a little weight 
    for that one! So how are you going to count how many sandwiches your sim has 
    eaten? Well, each time a cheese aspiring sim eats a grill cheesed sandwich, 
    they get a vivid memory of it, beats me why anyone would make such a big deal 
    about such a small thing, then I remember the succulently smooth, warm and 
    gooey texture of a grill cheese sandwich, and I can kinda' relate.
    For the normal "Eat Grill Cheese Sandwich" want, you can take one bite out of 
    it to fulfill the want, but in the case of getting a marker for their life 
    time want; they have to eat the entire sandwich for it to count. Since 
    naturally doing this will require your sim to eat it all in one sitting or 
    else it might rot, they will most likely overflow past their hunger bar and 
    put on weight. Basically, trying to have a fit grilled cheese sandwich sim is 
    like sticking your hand into a flaming toaster and expecting it to come out 
    In actuality, the best strategy with cheese sims is to have them work in 
    twos. Giving your cheese loving sim a partner to share their passion with, 
    serve and be served meals to is a great strategy, and kinda' cute in a sick, 
    nonsensical kind of way. In particular, they'll be able to satisfy their want 
    to talk about grill cheese sandwiches more, since sims of other aspirations 
    tend to have an inherent indifference or sheer hatred of them, regardless if 
    they have a high food interest score or not. Two grilled cheese sims together 
    also have the highest aspiration type compatibility possible, so that's 
    definitely something to look forward to.
    Cheese sims have a rather hilarious aspiration desperation for when their 
    meter is in the deep red. They'll take out a cardboard plank with a grill 
    cheesed sandwich picture on it and fantasize over it. Grilled cheese 
    sandwich, I solute your greatness *Bites out of a hamburger*!
    [3] Sim Inventory
    Finally! Long time fans of the original The Sims with its fully decked out 
    roster of expansion packs will be more than happy to discover that Maxis has 
    revived the inventory feature in Nightlife! Except this time, they loaded it 
    up with steroids, spun it around three times, and sent it out to the players 
    wielding an aluminum baseball bat! Ever wonder how the burglar manages to 
    steal things bigger than any single human could ever hope to carry, like say, 
    your new car? Well, we'll probably never know exactly how, but now your sim 
    can do it too, and isn't that all the better!?
       [3.01] Inventory Mechanics: Your Sim's Own Personal Black Hole
    The new inventory system doesn't just hold usable items like the cellphone 
    and consumable objects like cologne, it holds practically everything that you 
    can buy in the game, any aspiration or career reward, paintings and pictures, 
    and even a bag of flaming poo that pissed off daters leave on your front 
    door! For the love of all things holy, you can pocket other people's 
    tombstones! The basic rule is that if you can select and delete it, and it 
    isn't a window or a door, then you can stuff it down your sim's pants 
    (Seriously, where exactly do they put their belongings?). All you got to do 
    is enter the inventory screen and drag and drop the item into your inventory 
    bin, and your sim's semi-infinite black hole of a pocket will grip onto it 
    where ever they go! The classic "Bag of Holding" has got nothing on this bad 
    boy of a black hole inventory system! There is a time though when you can't 
    use the inventory though, and that's basically the same time as whenever buy 
    and build mode are not available, such as a disaster, a burglary, or on a 
    community lot.
       [3.02] Usable Devices: Because the World Needs More Distractions 
    All three of the usable objects in the game that can be carried with your sim 
    and used infinitely originated with the University Expansion pack. For the 
    long, winding, and admittedly far wordier than it should be version, please 
    check out my The Sims 2 University FAQ, specifically the master copy on 
    NOYIN 2680 Cellular Phone
    Price: 149 Simoleans
    Buy From: Sellafone Gadget Kiosk
    The cornerstone of all on the go sim communication, your sim can take their 
    cellphone out of their inventory now! It seems from my experience, that you 
    can add cellphones sometimes by drag and drop, but other times you can't, so 
    your sim has to pick it up and use it manually to add it back again. I can't 
    believe I'm saying this, but I think Maxis finally fixed the cellphone waking 
    up people in the middle of their slumber problem. It seems now that when your 
    sim sleeps, their cellphone automatically stops ringing, yeah, I can't 
    believe it either. With the new downtown in place, a sim with many, many 
    friends can expect to be invited to go downtown quite often, feel free to say 
    no, as it can actually be rather disruptive to your sims' lives if they say 
    yes to every invitation. The cellphone is probably the number one most 
    important item to have in your sims inventory, and now that it doesn't seem 
    to wake them up, it's all the better. After using a cellphone for a while, 
    you'll start to feel naked without one.
    Cozmo MP3 Player
    Price: 195 Simoleans
    Buy From: Sellafone Gadget Kiosk
    Allowing your sim to whip out the music everywhere they go, so long as they 
    don't mind standing around in the middle of the street dancing like an idiot. 
    It's a handy device to use boost up your sims fun motive.
    LeTournament Decahedron XS
    Price: 245 Simoleans
    Buy From: Sellafone Gadget Kiosk
    Ah! The ever addictive marvel of portable entertainment is still available to 
    enjoy for sims of most ages! As of the recent patch, sims now wouldn't have 
    to worry about getting a crush with themselves or another sim from the 
    wonders of gaming technology and metaphysical string theory application! Oh 
    yeah, if you didn't know, the word "LeTournament" is a play off of Maxis' 
    senior producer "Tim LeTourneau". In somewhat related news, if you were 
    wondering why the names of the objects in the game are so ridiculously long 
    and hard to remember, it's because Maxis hires tiny little elves slaving over 
    a typewriter to cram as many in-jokes as literally possible into each and 
    every little write up, very similar to how the Caramilk bar is made, except 
    those are made with evil machines. I like Caramilk bars.
       [3.03] Consumable Potions: Liquid Solutions to Your Every Problem!
    ReNuYu Port o'Chug
    Price: N/A
    Buy From: N/A
    All sims that were created before the Nightlife expansion pack will get a 
    complimentary ReNuYu Port o' Chug magically deposited into their inventory, 
    free of charge! The blue potion is good for a one time change of turn ons and 
    turn offs. In the case that you want to get more ReNuYu Port o' Chugs though, 
    don't fret, pretty much all default townies come with one in their inventory 
    upon moving into your household and becoming controllable, so you can just 
    take theirs and deposit it into your inventory before introducing them to 
    your torture room full of fire jets.
    Compulsion by Melvin Stein Cologne:
    Price: 125 Simoleans
    Buy From: Compulsion Fragrance Display
    Cologne is a handy little fragrance your sim can sprit onto themselves to 
    help increase their chemistry with sims who are turned on by it. You can use 
    it at anytime by clicking on your sim and selecting the appropriate command. 
    Cologne can last up to about four hours and a half consistently, however it 
    actually seems that going into Ultra Speed mode ends its full duration 
    prematurely, and not just special effects. You'll know it's working when the 
    flower petals flutter about your sim. With the exception of the ReNuYu Port 
    o' Chug, potions can also be bought in bulk in intervals of 1, 3, 5 and 10.
    Love Potion #8.5
    Price: 350 Simoleans
    Buy From: Matchmaker
    When your sim absolutely, positive has to make a relationship work, 
    regardless of trivial crap like the other person's feelings, then try some 
    Love Potion 8.5, because apparently the sim FDA deemed version 9 unsafe for 
    human consumption, works fine on cats though. 
    You can buy a bottle of Love Potion #8.5 from the Matchmaker for 350 
    simoleans each, and it's definitely worth using in a pinch, especially in 
    combination with the Cool Shades aspiration item for an enhanced effect 
    during a date. What Love Potion #8.5 does exactly is temporary boost 
    chemistry between your sim and any other potential romantic for a period of 
    game time. Strangely enough, if you set the game on Ultra Speed, the game 
    makes the potion's effects wear off prematurely, whereas if you play at 
    normal or fast speed, it seems to last reliably for four hours of game time, 
    so make sure you work fast within that time to dig your way into the 
    relationship. You'll know that the potion is taking effect when you see the 
    flowers sprout from wherever your sim stands and hearts are radiating from 
    them, as opposed to seeing birds suddenly appear whenever they are near. 
    Drinking a vile of Love Potion #8.5 usually adds about one or two bolts to 
    your chemistry score by multiplying the effect of your sim's existing 
    chemistry variables, however, if you happen to be controlling two sims that 
    you want to hook up, having both of them drink Love Potion #8.5 together has 
    a multiplying effect that basically results in an instant triple lightning 
    bolt chemistry. This is unless in the extremely rare case that every single 
    one of the five chemistry factors violently clashes, including relationship, 
    after all, a billion multiplied by zero is still zero. Even if you have just 
    one of the five factors that do work though and the rest clash completely, 
    you should expect at least a positive chemistry to work with, especially if 
    the relationship is descent, meaning that the lovebirds aren't ripping each 
    other's hair out. Having a couple with perfectly broken chemistry is as hard 
    to create or come across a couple with perfectly compatible chemistry, so it 
    shouldn't be an every day event that downing two Love Potion #8.5s each 
    wouldn't do the trick. 
    Price: 60 Simoleans
    Buy From: Matchmaker
    There's only one cure for the power of darkness that is vampirism, and it 
    doesn't involve chopping off a vampire's head, filling it with garlic and 
    whopping it with a silver golf club, and that cure is Vamprocillin-D! Along 
    with being able to cure your sim by clicking on them and selecting it, a sim 
    can influence another vampire to drink it for 1000 influence points and 
    return them to normal, however, this does not seem to actually work on 
    computer controlled NPCs at the time of writing this, as although they will 
    appear to comply, they simply wouldn't spring into the actual action. 
    Vamprocillin-D is also surprisingly cheap, costing only a measly 60 simoleans 
    from your local friendly Matchmaker!
       [3.04] The Inventory Advantage: Exploiting The Game One Step At A Time
    Now thanks to the inventory system, otherwise heartbreaking scenarios can 
    easily be remedied! Here are a few cases in which you might find the 
    inventory extremely useful!
    Scenario 1: Moving
    Are your sims moving, but you want to take all their goodies, including 
    sentimental pictures and paintings, and hard earned career and aspiration 
    rewards instead of selling them with the house for dismal returns? Well now 
    you can! Just pile on anything that isn't nailed down with the house in a 
    sim's inventory, then get a moving on up!
    Scenario 2: Going to University
    Is your teen sim going to university to live a life of poverty but her family 
    is obscenely rich and it makes absolutely no sense why they can't give her 
    some serious bling whales on her adventure to higher education? No problem, 
    just load her up with expensive goodies like a little pony in the spring 
    time, send her to university, have her sell some expensive objects, 
    preferably expensive art for money to buy and move to a bigger lot, then 
    build a ginourmas mansion bigger than any other building on campus and fill 
    it with material zeal! You can even lend them some career and aspiration 
    rewards to share with their friends or bring to the secret society for future 
    generations! That's right folks; the mind numbing trauma that I underlined so 
    many times in my previous FAQ of sims going to university is now officially 
    Scenario 3: Lending a Helping Hand
    Now if you have an established and powerful sim in your neighborhood with 
    more money than they know what to do with (Without crashing your computer) 
    they can lend the new sims in town that you create a helping hand by -- you 
    guessed it, moving them in and loading them up like a pony, then sending them 
    out to their own lot to lay down their new toys! Thanks to the inventory, 
    sims helping sims is now even easier, and the boost is extremely helpful for 
    a fast startup!
    Scenario 4: Ransacking!
    Thanks to the inventory system, now your sims too can be thieving, lying 
    bastards, well, maybe except for the lying part, sims seem inherently 
    incapable of lying, with that whole speaking in a nonsensical language and 
    everything. Anyway, similar to the ransacking trick with the normal 
    University expansion pack, your sims now can go from dorm to dorm in 
    university and steal everything that isn't nailed down and if that wasn't 
    enough, they can also plunder the entire Secret Society along with their 
    career rewards. So if you have a sim who wants a Cow Plant or a Resurrect o' 
    Nomitron, but doesn't want to do something like actually work for it, then 
    you can have them "borrow" it from the Secret Society, minus the return.
    Scenario 5: Space Saving
    Is your game running like a jumbo, mutant, drunk snail like in my student 
    film because there is too much on the screen at once? Is your house so full 
    of useless clutter than you have nowhere to put anything else and your sims 
    are constantly complaining that there is something in the way? Thanks again 
    to your friend and mine, the inventory system, you can now spare some of the 
    pains of kleptomania without having to sell your horribly depreciated 
    belonging! So much can the inventory system hold exactly? It can hold enough 
    to store away every single item in the buy catalog, and probably much, much 
    more. You can practically have a sim who's acts as a walking and talking 
    shopping mall this way.
    Scenario 6: Portable Trash Disposal
    Do you have a flaming bag of poo burning a hole in your front lawn, annoying 
    books lying around everywhere, and newspapers rotting from all parts of the 
    lot? Now you can just fork them over into a sim's inventory and improve the 
    environment score, oddly enough. It truly does seem that the inventory system 
    is a bottomless black hole, and although the item is literally on your sim, 
    their interpretation of the environment will be improved - and that's a good 
    thing! Yeah, it makes no sense to me either, but oh well, since when have I 
    let a little something like basic reasoning skills get in the way of 
    exploiting computer games? Of course, you might want to eventually ditch the 
    trash someday, unless your idea of a legacy is giving your children your 
    collection of poo bags. You can't put everything in, like dirty dishes or 
    garbage, but you can improve the environment score by sacking anything that's 
    biting away, including dirty items like toilets, showers, stoves and 
    counters. Of course, if you happen to be related to Satan, you can always 
    just load an expendable sim with crap, then send him on a death march into a 
    swimming pool without a ladder, there you go, garbage problem solved.
    Scenario 7: Grave Keeper
    Yeah, it sounds pretty weird in concept, and it is, I mean, do you know 
    anyone who carries around a grave stone with them everywhere they go and 
    plops them around anywhere, aside from my uncle? Well, now your sims can, so 
    if you really want to make a sick sim who collects trophies from his kills, 
    you sure can do that now, not that I've giving any impressionable youths any 
    ideas - on purpose anyway. A more practical description of this game device 
    will be discussed in the Cemetery section. As a rather funny note, you can 
    pocket a sim's tombstone, then revive them and still have the tombstone in 
    your inventory. Unfortunately, the tombstone will disappear immediately if 
    you place it on the lot while the sim is still alive, but it makes a nice 
    souvenir for the psychopath in you.
    Scenario 8: Time Capsule
    Want to know something else amazing about the inventory other than the 
    fact that it's a virtual black hole? Apparently, time doesn't escape it 
    either! Objects you just bought will not depreciate or age, making it 
    the perfect place to stash items you bought solely for filling your 
    sim's buying aspiration then selling them later! Okay, maybe I didn't 
    emphasize that last sentence enough for you to notice. You know those 
    annoying "Want to Buy" wants that your sims, specifically Wealth and 
    Pleasure Seeker sims have all the time? Now you can easily satisfy them 
    without ultimately losing a dime! Just buy the item, stash it in your 
    sim's inventory for a day and a bit, take it out when they've already 
    forgotten about it and then sell it, and they wouldn't get the negative 
    aspiration score that they normally would if you sold it within the 
    twenty-four hours, nor will the object have depreciated! It's so 
    convenient; you'll practically feel like you are cheating!
    There's more fun to be had as well! Newspapers don't age either, and 
    you can collect and achieve them daily to have a bigger library of jobs 
    to select from when you finally do decide to get one, as they will 
    still be fresh and readable with different opportunities each. Flowers 
    and shrubs will also not age, so you don't have to water or trim them 
    if your sim is rushed for time, but then again, they are so 
    inexpensive, you wouldn't really have to worry about replacing them 
    anyway. The timeless aspect of the inventory will also give you more 
    control over many other items that depend on time, such as the 
    Hydroponics Garden, Cow Plant, and Money Tree.
    Scenario 9: Dodging the Repo Man
    Are you too poor to pay the big old bad bills but don't want that funny 
    reefer, errr, I mean repo man to repossess your hard earned belongings? 
    If you have time to kill on your hands and just want to piss off the 
    sim government, all you have to do is stash all of the objects in your 
    house that you bought in Buy Mode into your sim's inventory, and then 
    when the Repo Man comes to reclaim your goods, they'll be nothing left 
    and he'll leave without even entering your house, parting with just 
    some rather painful words about how poor your sim is and how they 
    should get a job, but little does he know that your sim is really a 
    millionaire gifted with extreme bill evading skills! 
    Scenario 10: Bringing Home the Bacon
    With the ability to now store and drop stuff in your inventory, you can 
    send a single sim out to a community lot to buy electronic accessories 
    like multiple cell phones and mp3 players, and then take them home to 
    share with the entire household, saving everyone the painful trip of 
    coming along. This of course, can also be done with potions like 
    Cologne and Vamprocillin-D, making it handy for saving time and effort.
    Scenario 11: Barter and Trade
    Have you ever wanted to barter and trade with other sims in your neighborhood 
    but always though it to be impossible due to limited game mechanics? Now you 
    can, thanks to the inventory system! This technique is a bit of a work around 
    and not quite as clean cut a system as I would like to advertise, but it does 
    work! All you need to do is create a sim who specializes in moving from lot 
    to lot where your other sims dwell, and picking up and delivering objects by 
    storing them in his or her inventory and unloading them upon reaching the 
    location of your desired recipients! Did that one sim of yours want to borrow 
    the killer cow plant for the weekend to much on some neighborly cuisine? Not 
    a problem when you have the delivery sims! Think of them as pack mules -- but 
    more expendable! With them in action, your sim community will run more 
    efficiently, and be able to support itself better! Remember, the key to this 
    trick is to have the delivery sim use a computer or newspaper and chose to 
    "Find Own Place", this way, the original family living on the lot will still 
    be there, and only the delivery sim will be sent out.
    The only real side effect to this bartering and trade system that I 
    originally suspected is that there would be tons of memory fallout from 
    joining and moving out all the time, but as my tests suggest so far, with the 
    exception of the delivery sim receiving a memory of having moved out each 
    time, the other sims he deals with on each different lot practically don't 
    even initially notice him or her in their memories, aside from the default 
    relationship boost, which comes in handy too for counting friends! If that 
    wasn't good enough, for each bounce from lot to lot that a delivery sim does, 
    the recipient lot gets the delivery sim's default and apparently self 
    renewing 20,000 simoleans! It's almost borderline cheating! This method might 
    work a bit different on university campuses though, since the college town 
    game mechanics are different and Greek Houses can't be joined unless the sim 
    has a strict membership with it.
    I personally recommend having two delivery people for each neighborhood, a 
    male and a female. For the most part, they are completely expendable unless 
    you want otherwise, but the reason why they both are of different genders is 
    that they can also transfer any unique clothing into the wardrobes of the 
    sims' lots that they move into. This way, you can spread rare clothing like 
    the Diva's dress from household to household without having to ask the Diva 
    herself to move in to obtain it!
    Scenario 12: Screwing the Bookshelf Store
    If your poor sim family and their cardboard box of a home are having serious 
    penny pinching financial problems, you can opt to save a nice wad of cash by 
    stuffing the books straight off the shelf into your sim's inventory and 
    promptly returning the shelf while the books are kept nice and tight down 
    your sim's pants. Really, you don't actually need the bookshelf, just the 
    books, you can even share them with the rest of the family!
    [4] In Cars
    Well, its official, Hell has finally frozen over, the one thing that sim fans 
    have been nagging up mother Maxis' skirt has finally come true! Next thing 
    you know, the sims will be able to run their own businesses, yeah like 
    that'll ever happen, ahahaha. Anyway, if you somehow missed hearing about all 
    the fans screaming for the The Sims 2 to have drivable cars, then you're 
    probably reading this with a giant WTF thought bubble over your head, but 
    yup, your sims can now officially OWN their own car, and build a garage 
    around it too! No more of those stupid carpools, albeit some of them like the 
    helicopter, limo and flying to work superhero style were pretty awesome. 
       [4.01] About Cars: No You Can't Run People Over
    So, what can you do now that Maxis has compromised the eco-friendly carpool 
    system with gas guzzling materialistic bliss? Plenty! First of all, let's 
    talk about how to get a car. In order to place a car on your lot, you first 
    need a driveway, then you can select from 5 different cars with many 
    different paint jobs from the new car section of the shopping catalog, I 
    especially like the retina burning pink cars! 
    The game does an excellent job of describing each car, so I'll skip on the 
    details for now (Damn, I wish I could get a job writing dialogue for Maxis 
    games!) but if you want a good idea, the cheapest car is the same wreck that 
    comes to pick you up for carpool at bottom level jobs that still has problems 
    with the door closing. On the flip side, the most expensive one is the most 
    excellent sports car that comes to pick your sim up at top career jobs as 
    athletics and culinary, and did I already mention that you can now buy it in 
    iris engraving pink?! Oh yeah, although all the cars are the same in 
    function, the better cars offer more fun and comfort, and the best cars can 
    apparently actually recover energy when you are in them and driving off, 
    helping to compensate for the drain that it takes of going between lots!
    Oh, if you were one of the lucky and smart consumers who bought the game on 
    pre-order you would have gotten a "Rave Card" with a special number to 
    download one more extra special car. Don't have a Rave Card? No problem, some 
    of the lots up on the sims official site at www.thesims2.com have one 
    included, just download the lot, and you should get the car into your catalog 
    as well, assuming that Maxis doesn't crack down on people after finding out 
    that people are doing this, and they probably already know about it as it is.
    Cars are a convenient and fast way to go to community lots! No longer do you 
    have to phone a cab and wonder what is taking them so long, just run to your 
    car and drive away into the sunset - oh, wait, The Sims 2 doesn't have 
    sunsets yet, screw that!
    With cars, there is now an option to make a sim its owner; this will allow 
    them specifically to take their cars to work instead of have the carpool 
    come. Sims can also now actually be late for work, funny how that wasn't 
    possible before. Your job performance will suffer from it and it definitely 
    isn't a good way to avoid getting fired, however, I heard that you can get 
    away with sending your kids very late to school and not lose out, and it 
    seems to be true from my experience. Oh yeah, sim parents can take their 
    kiddies to school and return very quickly. Their kids will return on a school 
    bus, and for all good purposes, this is a good way to give your sim family's 
    children more time before turning to the "Establishment" for education.
    So who can own a car? As soon as a sim becomes a teenager, they can own a 
    car, no need to take a driving test and fork over more hard earned cash to 
    the corrupt sim government! I wish I was that lucky back then, then again, I 
    would have decimated my car, I'm a ridiculously bad driver. Hurray for public 
    transit! It seems that young adults in university do not need a car to go to 
    classes or the final exam, but it does sure help with taking them to 
    community lots both on and off campus. As a side note, community lots cannot 
    have driveways or ready made cars on them. It also seems that Secret 
    Societies cannot have driveways or cars placed on them either, although they 
    are available on the menu, the game simply doesn't allow them to be placed, 
    even if you do something dramatic like lop off half of the building, since 
    there is very little room to put a driveway even if you could.
    Sims can also just sit in their cars now, crank up the stereo, turn the 
    headlights on and off and even invite other sims to come into their cars for 
    serious passion making, including Make Out and woohoo options. As a matter of 
    fact, the "Woohoo in Car" want is rather a frequent want that accompanies the 
    regular woohoo want, and that means big aspiration points! Well, they call it 
    woohoo, but if you actually look inside the car, the two sims actually 
    disappear to another dimension far, far, far away. I wonder what happens if 
    the kids are in the car though as well as mommy and daddy, that could be a 
    bit awkward. Well, I actually know the answer; it just cancels all of the 
    intimate actions, same with pretty much having anyone else in car besides the 
    two love birds.
    Sims can also just go for a joy ride with the "Take a Spin" command to drive 
    the car out of the lot without loading up a community screen or anything. 
    This will help restore their fun score in particular, and is a good way to 
    get them off the lot if another sim on your lot has blatant adultery on their 
    Just like alcohol, cars are extremely useful for dates and outings. On 
    outings particularly, everybody in your group climbs into your car. How eight 
    people can fit in a two seater is beyond me, but they apparently can, and 
    when you get in your car ready and have already commanded your sim to drive 
    off to another lot, their motives will fixate while waiting for their friends 
    or date. Additionally, if you are on a date or an outing, the rating bar will 
    temporarily be omitted so that you don't waste anymore time. I seriously have 
    to thank Maxis for doing this, because there's nothing like being at the 
    mercy of an idiotic sim eating a full course meal before getting into your 
    car before driving off, and it does happen, trust me. On dates in particular, 
    the car is the perfect Make Out and Woohoo nest, so it's definitely worth 
    considering buying at least a crappy car, now if only they brought in 
    motorcycles, Maxis sure has it hard with the fans.
       [4.02] Building a Garage: Having A Real Place to Stash the Murder Weapon 
    Unlike real life where garages actually have a purpose, like keeping your car 
    from becoming the pissing grounds for a bunch of disease infested squirrels, 
    preventing shifty looking neighbors from borrowing your car, minus the 
    return, or hiding a murder weapon (Pssst, you should know that's the first 
    place they'll look), the garages in The Sims 2: Nightlife are pretty much 
    entirely for cosmetic purposes. 
    To build a garage, add an extended driveway to your already existing one and 
    then add a garage door between the two parts. Next, surround it with walls to 
    form a room and there you go, you now officially have a garage! Of course, 
    you can style your garages anyway you want, like in the case you want to make 
    your garage an underground racing hangout for the slow and sedated! Oh yeah, 
    the garage door can be entered by sims on foot as well as by car, so you 
    don't have to worry about building another exterior door to the garage if you 
    don't want to. If you want your sim to drive their car into the garage, you 
    must manually place the car within the driveway inside the garage, the next 
    time your sim drives out, they'll drive back into the garage. Basically, the 
    car remembers where it is parked, and it'll always be parked there while at 
    Garages however are extremely useful in one case, sending your family vampire 
    out to work during the daytime. Vampires literally burn in daylight, and if 
    they aren't in platinum mode, this can bring ruination onto their overall 
    mood, decreasing their chance for a promotion and lowering job performance. 
    Although Vampire's needs decrease fast regardless during the daytime, if they 
    are indoors, it helps a great deal in stopping their motives from draining, 
    so placing their coffin right next to the garage indoors in a great way to 
    help them go to work when absolutely positively have to. Vampires are usually 
    actually pretty comfy while at work or school, since they apparently have 
    vampire working accommodations for the livingly impaired, so their motives 
    don't drain as fast as you might expect, it's usually the twelve feet getting 
    out of their drive way that actually roasts them.
    Oh, in case you were wondering, you can indeed build like a thirty car garage 
    with eight garage doors and fill it with automated mobile bliss! You can even 
    literally bulldoze paradise and put up a parking lot! Too bad you can't do it 
    on community lots where parking lots really belong, but oh well, close 
    enough. You can even drive your cars out in the back of the extended 
    pavement, even if they have a line up of cars in front of them, and they'll 
    just kinda' pop onto the street in front of your house and drive off and pop 
    back when they return. So feel free to give your sim a car collection the 
    size of Bruce Wayne's if they have enough scratch and space.
       [4.03] Car Alarms: Instant Dance Party!
    Yes, finally the alternative minimalist techno that plays every night out of 
    cars to wake everybody up in busy cities finally finds its way to The Sims 2 
    neighborhood! Life now officially sucks! For the price of 250 simoleans, your 
    sim can take their car out to be fitted with an alarm. Your sim will be gone 
    for sixty minutes doing this. The alarm is activated by a remote key each 
    time you enter and exit the car, and can be disarmed if necessary.
    So what exactly does the car alarm do you might ask? Much like a regular 
    alarm, if a burglar comes onto your lot, there's a good chance that the car 
    will the first thing they go for. However, unlike our puny overly insensitive 
    car alarms in real life, the car alarm in The Sims 2 can sense a burglar 
    coming to steal it quite a distance away, and will stop the burglar from 
    stealing it, even if he walks right up to it. You might actually be wondering 
    about how a burglar can steal a bloody entire car, well, apparently, he has 
    the same inventory system that your sims are now equipped with, so rather 
    than just drive it away, he'll actually just suck it into a bag like he 
    normally does with everything else.
    Chapter 2: Going Downtown
    [5] Why Go Downtown
    Right smack dab at the heart of The Sims 2: Nightlife is the new downtown 
    area, armed with more restaurants, nightclubs, bowling alleys and washrooms 
    than you can securely shake a stick at! Along with the game comes a custom 
    made Downtown with many nice hotspots, although if you aren't a very big fan 
    of the word "Default" then you'll be glad to know that you can virtually 
    build as many downtown areas as you want! Unlike the university campus, 
    Downtown is actually very similar to the regular neighborhood now that 
    Nightlife has armed the player with all sorts of fun building tools, the only 
    real difference is the roster of NPCs and Townies that visit the downtown 
    neighborhood, the fact that you can create multiple downtowns, and sims will 
    specifically invite your sims to go downtown over the phone. Downtown 
    community lots also seem to be perpetually full, even at nighttime, and it 
    seems even NPCs and service sims from all walks of life stroll on by the 
    sidewalk, which might give you a good chance to meet people you normally 
       [5.01] Why Community Lots Don't Suck Anymore: Because They Sure Did Before
    Let's face it, not too many people were fans of the community lots when The 
    Sims 2 first came out. First of all were the painful loading times if you 
    went to a large lot with tons of sims. The second problem was that calling 
    the carpool was annoying, very annoying. The third was that you couldn't 
    bloody save if things went very, very, very wrong, and if you quit without 
    going back home, you'll have returned back to your home lot with about half 
    an hours time wasted. Of course, having your sim deprived of their usual 
    sources of motive satisfaction was also a bit scary, but now with Nightlife, 
    Maxis has made some really good reasons to go downtown and experience the joy 
    that are community lots!
    Downtown areas are by default, viewed in nighttime but you can toggle day and 
    night off for all neighborhoods now. Residential lots can also be made 
    Downtown, so it is now possible to basically build entire new communities and 
    still have them be linked to each other outside of university, very handy 
    indeed if your normal neighborhood is running out of space. Although 
    residents from downtown and your normal neighborhood will stop by and be 
    controlled by the AI, the young adults still at university will not visit 
    automatically. This does not stop university students from going downtown 
    though under your control, as a matter of fact, university students have the 
    most to gain from going downtown!
       [5.02] Downtown Design Essentials: When Incompetence Really Shows
    The default Downtown the game came with a very large and very well designed 
    downtown area with something for everybody, but if you happen to be an 
    obsessive compulsive builder who simply can't stand the word "default", then 
    there are few things you should know about making a good downtown design! It 
    is actually possible to practically have a sim live indefinitely downtown, 
    since they don't age if you know how, and the key to that is having the right 
    Must Have Setups:
    1. Barista's Coffee Counter: 
    I swear, every lot should have a coffee dispenser in it, you have no idea how 
    ridiculously important it is! Since sims can't sleep on community lots or 
    take naps, the only way to restore energy is through the warm, rich, dark 
    brew of life! It'll take you maybe three or four cups to max out your sim's 
    Energy, but remember, actual time is non-existent on downtown lots and your 
    sim doesn't have to go to work or school, this is especially true for 
    university students, which I will elaborate greatly in the next section. Also 
    place a sofa or armchair next to the coffee stand, your sims will make good 
    use of it after buying their brew. Also, as always for practical purposes, 
    use expensive wallpaper and floor tiles, coupled with lots of light to 
    maximize Environment score for your sims.
    There is a handy want to buy coffee for another sim to be fulfilled if the 
    lot your sim visits has a coffee stand, but beware, this can make the two 
    sims form a crush with each other if they have a daily relationship above 50, 
    so be careful and only do it with family or steady lovers if you don't want 
    any fallout. Needless to say, other than leaving your sim as a jittering 
    mess, you're sim is going to really go to the washroom since coffee makes 
    their bladder fill up like the Titanic after hitting an iceberg.
    2. Toilet and Shower:
    Put the best toilet and shower on every community lot, preferably right in a 
    room next to a coffee counter! Nothing says "Run like Hell back home!" like 
    nature's calling, and there's nothing as effective for restoring hygiene on 
    community lots as a good shower! Without these two, you'll be in a serious 
    pinch if one of your sims starts to get desperate, and if you want your sims 
    to milk their time downtown, you can't have that!
    3. An All Purpose Shop: Sure, you might have the urge to make multiple stores 
    that specialize in selling different things like a classic RPG town, but not 
    only will this slow down your computer with unnecessary NPCs (A new cashier 
    is created for each cash register), but it's also highly inconvenient for 
    your sim. To save a little pain, make a store where your sim can buy 
    everything, and by everything I mean clothing, games, magazines, portable 
    devices, cologne, groceries, and get their photo taken with a cherry on top, 
    taking up as little space as possible. 
    Also, as a general tip, try to keep your lots small, trust me, grandiose 
    giant buildings the size of Balamb Garden from Final Fantasy 8 might sound 
    good in concept, but when it comes to loading, you're going to be in a world 
    of pain. I have quite a few gi-nourmas structures that I spent hours on, and 
    I'll be blunt in saying that my sims never go there, because the loading 
    times tend to crash my computer. Keep them small, and keep them many and 
    you're downtown experience will be fun and fruitful.
    Building Tips:
    I'm in no way a master builder, I've cranked maybe 40 or something buildings, 
    but it's not something I'd advertise as a skill (My buildings look like Andy 
    Warhol's worst nightmare after all), since there are some master builders in 
    the sim community that know things that I couldn't even begin to figure out. 
    Instead, I'm going to mention somewhat obscure building tricks that the game 
    doesn't clearly spell out, specifically object related ones.
    Sectional Seats:
    With Nightlife, there are four different types of chairs that can connect 
    together to form different shapes. You'll know them, because they all have 
    the word "Section" or "Sectional" in their name. They are good for placing 
    around corners to give the room a unifying look.
    One set of the sectional chairs deserves special attention, the Jacuster's 
    "Last Stand" Sectional Booth. These seats are particularly useful in diners, 
    as a sim can slide on them to any of the seats around the table, allowing the 
    designer to save space and establish a closer feel of unity. Other sectional 
    seats just apparently don't work in diners, and when you use them at home 
    with a dining table, your sims will eat with the plates in their hands, 
    disabling some of the seated dining interactions. Now then, the special 
    aspect, there are two special interactions that can only be done on the 
    Jacuster's "Last Stand" Sectional Booth on community lots. So what are they? 
    Dining Love Talk and Dining Hot Smooch. I'll talk more about them in the 
    special ability section and their ridiculous requirements. Oh yes, be careful 
    with using Jacuster's "Last Stand" Sectional Booth for home use, as although 
    they work fine in diners most of the time, for home use they seem to cause a 
    lot of path finding problems for sims that makes it so that they cannot carry 
    their food to the table and sit down, which can get old real fast.
    ClubCube by Luminescent Projections:
    It's been asked on a few forums, and I'd figure I'd finally nail it down and 
    answer how you can have obscenely high stacks of color changing cubes taller 
    than the dang building, and the best part is that you don't even have to 
    cheat to do it!
    Now, normally, the game only allows you to stack two together, however the 
    default Downtown completely defies this, as displayed by Sugar Cube Bowling, 
    leading many designers wondering how the heck they did this. It's very 
    simple, instead of stacking each additional cube onto the stack one by one, 
    you have to place the entire stack onto each single cube! Just keep on 
    placing the stack onto individual cubes, like a stamp, and soon you'll have 
    your very own towering temple of seizure inducing disco blocks! I don't know 
    why they designed it this way, but it works, so it's all good.
    Light cubes can also be adjusted for different display patterns and you can 
    turn them onto color fade mode as well for a nice warm glowing effect. The 
    floor version can also be adjusted this way.
    Colorful Lights:
    Worth a mention because they are just so lovu-ree! The Sims 2: Nightlife now 
    contains colorful lights from all over the spectrum that you can place all 
    over your lot! Now your red light district really can have red lights, how 
    awesome is that!
    The three different types of hanging dance floor lights come in four colors, 
    white, yellowish orange, red and blue. Although the hanging lights cover a 
    large area, they can be placed very close to each other. Not the largest 
    selection we could have hoped for, however, if you want to make a new color 
    try combining lights together. Do you want an electric violet color? Combine 
    blue and red together and voila! This technically doesn't work perfectly with 
    all combinations, in particular, blue and yellow don't seem to make a 
    believable green, but it'll have to do, The actual color of the light beams 
    wouldn't change, but the actual light they give off will, which helps if 
    you're a huge fan of bondi blue and tickly pink like I am, after all, they're 
    Xyni's color scheme! 
    There are also wall lights, but these come in more colors generally, so it's 
    not such a problem. It should also be noted that the animation pattern of the 
    Shadow Streamer and the Gobo-o-go-go Spotlighter from LumiO
    Dining Table Lights:
    It's important when designing a restaurant to know that not all table lights 
    will allow your sims to place their plates down on the table and comfortably 
    eat, generally being on account of being too big. Before Nightlife, this 
    wasn't a particularly big deal, but now that there are several actions that 
    sims can perform when seated and eating (with their plates on the table) it 
    has become something very worthy of consideration. For example, the Romantic 
    Romance by Elle and Eey is a nice small light that will allow your sims to 
    eat comfortably at the table, where as a big honking light like the Dynasty 
    "Enlightenment" Light isn't. In the worst case scenario, the game might not 
    even consider a single square dining table with a large light on it as a 
    table when bringing guests to it, so be careful.
    Coffee Tables:
    Coffee tables are virtually useless, pretty much only good for two things 
    unless you count holding things on top and aesthetic appeal, yoga can be 
    performed on them by extremely active sims, and sims can deposit their empty 
    coffee cups on them. Still if you want to make use of a coffee table, they 
    are designed to be put right next to a sofa and allow Sims to slide over to 
    their respected places while having the coffee table directly in front of 
       [5.03] Nightlife Benefits to University Young Adults: Give Maxis Money!
    Who would have guessed? To no other age group do the downtown neighborhoods 
    benefit more than the young adults at university, which give plenty of reason 
    to get both expansion packs! Give the fine folks at Maxis more money! Yeah! 
    Along with the inventory system which gives teens growing up to be young 
    adults a huge boost from home, the ability to travel to community lots 
    outside of the university campus to downtown and the base neighborhood gives 
    a great advantage as well. The properties and game mechanics are different in 
    other neighborhood community lots than they are for university ones, allowing 
    for some interesting extended play. 
    First the bad new, young adult sims can only gain skills on university 
    community lots, that means if they do something like workout on an exercise 
    machine downtown, they wouldn't be building any skill, although they will 
    lose weight and become more fit. 
    Fortunately, there is plenty of good news to go around. As long as a young 
    adult is downtown, their actual time in university will cease to pass! What 
    this means is that they wouldn't have to worry about going to class, going to 
    final exams, and best of all yet, their clock to the next semester wouldn't 
    tick down! You can massively extend the time a sim spends their time as a 
    young adult this way, and make a little extra money on the side to help fill 
    their campus den with goodies, and even a car! Within this time, as with 
    other sims on community lots, the relationship adjustment period doesn't 
    happen, in other words, relationship scores will not go down with the passing 
    of time, making it the perfect time to brush up on old friends. 
    Unfortunately, lifetime scores wouldn't be altered positively regularly 
    either, but that's the dark side of the same coin as they say.
    Now that young adult sims can venture off campus, they will get to mingle 
    again with their old friends and family back in the regular neighborhood and 
    downtown without having to manually invite them over, although their pals 
    from university wouldn't be around there unless they call em' up or string 
    em' along manually. Like adult sims outside of university, they will be able 
    to go on dates and outings and get rewards and goodies for their tiny home, 
    as well as the possibility of increasing their skills without losing time 
    back at home. Of course, other sims can take advantage of this as well, but 
    since sims can't get a real job in university that actually pays money, they 
    are worth much more. All in all, Nightlife softens the linear nature of 
    university for the young adults, and allows them to break out of their 
    studies without fear of wasting valuable time that could be otherwise spent 
    to boost their class performance bar.
    [6] Restaurants
    Now your sims can dine out in style without having to turn to the pyro-prone 
    barbeque grills or the cranky cafeteria worker! So suit your sims up for the 
    occasion, get in the car and drive downtime for some good eating! Restaurants 
    are open 24 hours a day seven days a week oddly enough, and where else are 
    you going to get service like that in real life?
       [6.01] Eating Out: For When Your Sim Makes Fire Better Than Food
    The way restaurants in this game work are very different from the typical 
    pick up a plate and eat routine that you and your sims may be used to. First 
    when your sims enters a restaurant, they have to talk to the host to be 
    seated either at a table or at a counter. Each customer that comes in alone 
    or with a group gets their own table to be seated at. In order to have 
    multiple sims eating at the same time, you must have invited them to meet you 
    on the lot either through a date, a regular phone call, or as a part of your 
    group for outings or fun. As long as those conditions are met, your sim 
    friends will follow you to the dinner table, which hopefully will hold all of 
    you or else they'll be seated elsewhere. At this point in time, the closest 
    waiter will walk up to you and take your order, so select what you would like 
    off the menu, the more expensive the food, the more filling it is. This is 
    not true in all cases, but it's a safe rule of thumb. Here's a list of the 
    foods with the prices, foods with the * next to them are foods that your sims 
    can't normally cook at home and worth mentioning.
    *Glass of Water: 0
    Cake: 8
    Mac and Cheese: 9
    Spaghetti: 9
    Baked Alaska: 10
    Omelettes: 11
    *Nectarine Tartlette: 12
    Crepes Suzette: 13
    Chili Con Carne: 14
    Chef Salad: 16
    Hamburgers: 17
    *Ribs: 18
    *Fried Chicken: 18
    *Lime Seared Prawns: 19
    Salmon: 21
    *Pork Chops: 23
    *Fillet Mignon: 25
    Lobster Thermidor: 35
    Unlike chef's in real life, the chef's in the restaurants apparently have 
    telepathy and work with the hands of a surgeon at the speed of a martial 
    artist, in other words, they practically make the food instantly as soon as 
    you order, all ready for the waiter or waitress to bring for your eating 
    pleasure! It is surprisingly quick compared to the restaurant system in the 
    original The Sims: Hot Date which Nightlife is frequently compared to. While 
    your sim is seated sipping away at a bottomless glass of water, they can 
    order as many dishes as they like and it'll be added to their total bill. 
    When they are done, they can pay the bill manually or pay it automatically 
    upon leaving the lot. There is of course, a fun little alternative to 
    actually paying which involves stealth and stinginess.
    Oh yes, the Crepes Suzette is a new dessert that you can order at restaurants 
    as well as make at home at about four points of cooking skill! Just watch out 
    though, it involves fire!
       [6.02] Favorite Foods: Sukiyaki! Sukiyaki! (There's no Sukiyaki)
    Upon visiting a restaurant and being seated for their first time, a sim will 
    develop a favorite food as displayed by the thought bubble with the food of 
    preference floating in it and which they should retain for the rest of their 
    lives. So what exactly is so special about a sim's favorite food? It seems 
    that on dates and outings, having your sim and company eat their favorite 
    food gives the date rating a little boost, although it might be a bit 
    difficult to tell, since your sims are usually talking when they are seated 
    and naturally increasing their relationship, thus, the date rating rises 
    Some sims with particular aspirations and personality types might also have 
    wants to eat their favorite food, specifically knowledge and wealth sims, but 
    it's not a particularly common thing, so it seems hard to tell if it was 
    because of the introduction of Nightlife, since wants to eat a certain food 
    have existed since the core game was released. 
    When you order the "Chef's Choice" option, they will automatically bring your 
    sim's their favorite food. You can also order Chef's Choice for your entire 
    group to add a little variety to the table. Oh yeah, be warned that some of 
    the foods look a bit weird when they are floating in the bubble, particularly 
    the hamburger which looks more like a meat muffin than a standard hamburger. 
    You'll come to recognize each food soon enough and there's always Chef's 
    Choice if you are still unsure.
    Now then, that being said, since favorite food is apparently permanent and 
    unique for each sim, it helps if you happen to be an obsessive compulsive, 
    perfectionist who wouldn't take no for an answer, like me, to reset the game 
    while on the community lot over and over and over and over, *inhales* and 
    over until they finally get Lobster Thermidor as their favorite food. The 
    proceeding procedure I will guaranteed will drive you bloody up the wall, 
    it'll make you friggin' suicidal for crying out loud, since every time you 
    reset the game while in a trip to a community lot, it roughly wastes almost 
    an hour of time in residential lot for driving out and driving back, even 
    with a car and it's even worst with a carpool. Then there are the loading 
    times, oh the loading times *shivers*. If your favorite sim naturally got 
    something good like lobster of frustration or Fillet Mignon, consider 
    yourself lucky. It doesn't really make any sense since it plays a pretty 
    obscure part in the grand picture of the game, but then again, washing my 
    hands thirty times a day doesn't make sense either.
       [6.03] Disgruntled Waiters: They Hate Their Job and They Hate You
    Remember kids, waiters and waitresses are people too! So be kind to them, or 
    they'll unintentionally get revenge on you by dumping a hot steamy plate of 
    human sustenance on you! Yeah, in my experience, it tends to happen more 
    often when you order expensive foods like Lobster Thermidor, but your sim 
    will get a bad memory nonetheless from it and the waiter and host will just 
    stand there looking stupid instead of compensating you like any real dining 
    establishment would in real life. Although on further experiences after 
    writing this, it seems that the waiters will also redeliver your order 
    instead of just ignoring you at least some of time. Fortunately, you also 
    don't have to pay the bill for food that lands on your sims lap, but it's 
    still a speed bump on dates, even it doesn't actually seem to decrease the 
    date rating.
    To help reduce the chance of flying food, it helps to befriend the waiters 
    and waitresses, as the game itself recommends if your sim has a fear of food 
    being dropped on them, but the problem is usually that there are so many of 
    them compared to the host and hostesses that you have to put a little more 
    effort into it, and you never know who's going to be the one to finally bring 
    your food to it's final destination, since the computer decides for you by 
    picking the waiter who is closest to the food with free actions. Fortunately, 
    spilled food isn't a very common event; it's kind of the restaurant 
    equivalent to burning food. Still, if you want to befriend waiters and 
    waitresses, just take a seat and don't order anything, and eventually they'll 
    come around to talk to you. You can also tip them and talk to them when they 
    have a free moment, and then you can work the relationship up from there. It 
    also seems from my experience that making a complete mortal enemy out of 
    waiters or waitresses' doesn't seem to increase the rate of dropped food, so 
    I guess you can say that they are actually pretty professional with their 
       [6.04] Getting a Discount from the Host: Friendship Pays!
    It pays to be friends with the Hosts! At least become friends with one Host, 
    because each restaurant randomly cycles through several hosts. When you do 
    see the one you are friendly with, you can directly pick them standing at the 
    restaurant podium and hopefully get a discount on your total bill! Normally, 
    eating alone isn't all that expensive, but when you have a group of four, the 
    bill can kinda' add up, so it helps. The discount seems to be based directly 
    on your lifetime relationship score as opposed to your daily score. The 
    biggest discount I've seen so far is 30% and although the relationship score 
    might be constantly high, it seems somewhat random to how much you get off of 
    each meal.
    Unlike the fine waiters and waitresses of the establishment, hosts and 
    hostesses cannot be directly interacted with while they are on the job, 
    however, your sim will add them to their relationship list upon the first 
    time they go to the restaurant and are seated by them. After that, it's up to 
    your sim to call them up and help start forging a solid relationship.
        [6.05] Skipping Out On the Bill: Meals on the Go
    Ah! It's time to do the Solid Snake and sneak away after eating some dead 
    animal. Oh wait, that's closer to Naked Snake, my bad. After your sim is 
    finished eating, but before they cancel the dining action or pay the bill and 
    are just sitting down sipping innocently away at their bottomless cup of 
    water, click on the Host and select the "Skip Out On Bill" command, and get 
    ready to run. 
    As soon as you select that command, the timer will start and you will have to 
    survive for 45 game minutes without the Host or Hostess coming close enough 
    to be considered as catching you. I personally highly recommend turning off 
    freewill when doing this, as you will know much better than your sim will how 
    to escape.
    Shortly after gaining control of your sim and the timer starting, the Host 
    will start to actively seek out your sim. The Host will run at you if he 
    happens to see you in sight, so just run away as far away as you can, 
    preferably outside where there is as much maneuverability as possible. As 
    soon as the time is up, the Host will forget completely about what happened 
    and you'll get away without paying. In the case that you get caught though, 
    you'll be forced to pay the bill, and the hostess will yell at you, resulting 
    in a double minus reaction. On the plus side, it seems that when you dine out 
    as a group or on a date, the host will ignore the other members of your group 
    and you only have to worry about the active one who opted to skip out on the 
    bill. Don't think that you can escape in your car though early though, even 
    if you get away, the bill will be paid automatically.
    Of course, if you are building your own lots, it helps to specifically design 
    the area for running away and high maneuverability with particular emphasis 
    on the ability to go from one room to another with no dead-ends, but there is 
    only so much that you can do. I will say this right here and now, having a 
    sim who can run or at least skip or fly as a vampire (Hopefully it's not day 
    time or you WILL burn) is of utter importance to not get caught. Now, you 
    might think you're a rocket scientist if you have a female sim and hide in 
    the women's washroom with the anti-man door and everything, but the male host 
    SCREAMING AT YOU! It seems that service sims on community lots are blind when 
    it comes to gender restrictions.
    If you want some more tips on making a place where you can dodge the bill 
    more effectively, I'll tell you this much, the Host is a fricken' Terminator, 
    you can try using Myne Doors that don't actually work on community lots or 
    even a giant swimming pool half the size of the lot to slow them down, but 
    nothing stops the Host when she or he smells blood and an unpaid restaurant 
    bill, almost nothing. If you feel like outsmarting the Host still, and don't 
    mind desecrating your sim's ancestral graves, there is a way to completely 
    avoid being caught by the Host, although it's slightly inconveniencing. Close 
    to the location of dining table, but far away from the restaurant podium as 
    possible, create a narrow one square wide corridor sealed with two doors on 
    each side with one door leading to remote chamber. This trick requires that 
    your sim has a spare grave in their inventory, yeah, just in the case that 
    they carry those around wherever they go. Simply seal the corridor with an 
    urn or a tombstone on the side the host will be coming from, and then have 
    your sim walk into the remote room. With the grave marker acting as a road 
    block in a one square thick corridor, the Host should be blocked from 
    catching your sim till the time runs out. It still might ultimately be easier 
    to run for your life in most circumstances.
       [6.06] Restaurant Tricks: Probably Would Work In Real Life Too
    Free food! Who doesn't like free food? I sure know that I do -- despite what 
    you might have heard! There are other ways to get free grub aside from 
    skipping out on the bill! Sometimes, you can get lucky and get your sim to 
    eat free food by having another dining sim get distracted. Sometimes this 
    happens naturally, but since dining sims are pretty unresponsive to your 
    interference, there is an even better way to distract sims from their eating 
    - make a scene! If your sim has a mortal enemy in the vicinity, call him over 
    and attack him or her! All the dining sims will immediately get up from their 
    comfy little seats and watch as you beat your victim into submission (Or the 
    other way around) that or run away, and they will still be wandering around 
    like idiots for a bit when the fight is done. Assuming that they took at 
    least one bite out of the food, you should now be able to sit down to some 
    free grub before the waiter takes it away or the true consumer lays their 
    filthy legitimate paws on it!
    Another more semi-rational strategy is food sharing. If your sim has gotten 
    full on that big giant king of all cooked crayfish that is Lobster Thermidor, 
    they can quickly get up and let another sim that you are controlling sit down 
    and finish it, but you have to be quick or the waiter will take the plate to 
    the washers, oh what a waste of good food!
       [6.07] Why Restaurants Suck: Because "Fast Food" Isn't an Option
    Despite the fact that I wrote this whole ginourmas section regarding the 
    wonder that are restaurants, in conclusion, I actually really hate them for 
    the following reasons in no particular order:
    1. It fills the lots up with tons of service sim NPCs, slowing down your 
    computer. You'll get one cook, one host and a number of waiters proportional 
    to how many dining tables to serve.
    2. The food is surprisingly not that effective at fulfilling the Hunger 
    motive! A Lobster Thermidor cooked by a sim with 10 cooking points is more 
    filling than that cooked at a restaurant by a master chef! As a matter of 
    fact though, there's practically nothing that tops home cooked turkey for 
    feeding an entire group. If your sim's Hunger bar is in the yellow to reds, 
    chances are that you're going to need at least a two or three coarse meal to 
    fill them up. At least you can order multiple times during a single 
    restaurant seating.
    3. You have to pay money! Nobody likes to pay money! Do you like to pay 
    money?! I know I don't!
    4. Each time you order from a disgruntled waiter, you risk the chance of 
    witnessing the phenomenon that is artificial incompetence in the form of 
    flying food! Some sims actually have a fear of this, and it's something that 
    can only go wrong in a restaurant.
    5. Freewill controlled sims are annoying unresponsive when dining! When you 
    have a restaurant, usually the first thing sims controlled by freewill do is 
    go to the dining podium and be seated to dine, and you can't override their 
    actions with your own and you'll have to wait for them to finish dining 
    before interacting with them, unless you want to reach out and attack 
    6. When you are seated, you never really know where! Sometime the Hosts take 
    you to the other side of the lot to sit down on some obscure counter, 
    multiplying the time it takes for the waiter to get to you for compound time 
    wasting! This is especially annoying, since some dining interactions can only 
    be done under certain conditions and formations.
    7. The tables and counters have the possibility of filling up! It doesn't 
    happen too often, but if the restaurant is rather small, then you wouldn't be 
    able to dine until someone else finishes! Yeah, it's like real life, and it 
    8. Even though the sim restaurants are inhumanly faster than restaurants in 
    real life, they are still much slower than other forms of filling hunger on 
    community lots. 
    9. Since restaurants can only exist on community lots, they also come with 
    all of the weaknesses of community lots, such as the inability to save, 
    switch to build or buy mode in case something gets in the way or there is a 
    path finding error.
    As a conclusion you should only go to restaurants in three cases. First of 
    all is the want to dine out with other sims at restaurants, fair enough even 
    though it pays a miniscule amount of aspiration points and influence for such 
    a time consuming action, even if you can cancel it prematurely and still 
    satisfy the want. Second reason is if you value building relationships 
    between the people eating more than the food (Although there are a lot more 
    things to do standing up for building relationship). Finally, there are a lot 
    of fun things for your sims to do while sitting down and dining, like toast, 
    throw food and feed your sim's lover a bite. If you want to put some pretty 
    pictures in your photo album, you should at least have a few shots of them in 
    a well lit restaurant. Basically, if you are playing this game for the 
    "Experience", then diners are fun places to be, but if you happen to be a 
    ridiculously practical person with heavy emphasis on efficiency as much as 
    the Borg, then don't have your sims go to restaurants.
    So what's the alternative? If you have The Sims 2: Univesity Expansion pack, 
    believe it or not, the cafeteria setup is a better choice! Despite the 
    potential for food poisoning that comes from eating rotten or burnt food, 
    it's a much more practical way to dine. The food is free, surprisingly 
    filling despite being rather cheap food, you can take as much of it as you 
    want if there are lots of kitchen islands for the cooks to put the food on, 
    it's easy and fast to pick up and eat, and there is no risk of your sim 
    getting a burnt memory since the cafeteria cook incinerates it for you. 
    The cafeteria has two disadvantages over the restaurant, unfortunately. 
    Cafeteria workers arrive at work at 12:00am and return to work at 4:00am, 
    leaving a four hour period where you wouldn't have any fresh food, although 
    the last batch they cook can usually last for a few hours before rotting. 
    Second of course is the possibility of food poisoning which is more than just 
    a serious pain. Actually, it's pretty easy to avoid getting food poisoning 
    for sims that you control, just eat food when it's fresh and not burnt. The 
    real problem is when freewill controlled sims who you actually might care 
    about do the opposite. Just make sure that there are sinks in the kitchen and 
    having two cafeteria workers instead of one isn't a bad idea either so one 
    can wash dishes while the other cooks them.
    Yet another alternative to restaurants is the outdoor grill which can be used 
    safely both outdoors and indoors on community lots, otherwise it becomes an 
    instant pyrotechnic kit if you happen to have a bright sim light it up on a 
    residential lot indoors. In order for the grill to be effective however, your 
    sim will have to have a high cooking score, otherwise they'll crispify their 
    food in the process and the cooking time will be longer as well. 
    I wonder if The Sims 2 will ever have an eat all you can buffet style 
    restaurant, I would really love that. Lousy a la carte service and their 
    traditionally inefficient methods!
    [7] Recreation and Fun
    As to be expected, there are several fun new stylish toys at your sim's 
    disposal that can be either used on community lots or at home! First up we 
    have a most excellent DJ Booth that your sims can be paid to spin and scratch 
    on when on community lots! Also on the list are bowling alleys and photo 
    booths, and who can forget the much anticipated Poker Table and the Electro 
    Dance Sphere? There are about 125 new objects introduced into The Sims 2: 
    Nightlife from what I've heard, but these are my very favorite!
       [7.01] Being the DJ: When Will They Ever Learn To Cross Fade Properly?
    Who doesn't want to scratch hot burning vinyl and feel the wave of ecstasy 
    from the crowd?! If you have a very creative sim or two with financial 
    problems, especially if they are enrolled at university, you'll be happy to 
    know that being the DJ is now the most profitable and reliable way to make 
    money on community lots! Wanting to DJ for money is also a frequent want 
    among sims of all aspirations as well, so it helps give your sim a small shot 
    of aspiration. DJ Booths can play four styles of music, House Mix, Fast, 
    Medium and Slow and other sims can dance and do the Smustle to it. 
    What exactly is the Smustle you might ask? It's like a dance that's a cross 
    between riding on a pony in the spring time and acting like a drunken zombie 
    on vodka I'd say. Your interpretation might vary. You can get a bunch of sims 
    to do it in synchronization and it's very fun to watch. Oh yes! It might be 
    my imagination playing tricks on me, but it seems that the animation to 
    depict dancing skill is now much more noticeable. On low dancing skill, sims 
    will sometimes forget moves, fall down, be laughed at, and generally look 
    stupid. At high dancing skill, well, they wouldn't be faking the funk - as 
    much. Dancing skill now applies both to the Smustle dance and regular 
    dancing, so take your time to enjoy your sims getting their groove on. 
    Now potentially, performing music for tips or freestyling is the best way to 
    get money on lots, however, it's not very reliable, sometimes, sims around 
    just wouldn't dig all that deep, and that's not a good thing. While your sim 
    is a DJ with high creativity they will make a tidy 30 simoleans for intervals 
    of about 10 minutes of game time. That's much better than other steady 
    working jobs like being a Barista, Cafeteria Worker or Bartender. Your sim 
    will also take a great deal of fun in playing those records, and if you are 
    doing it on a university community lot, they can also gain Creativity skill 
    from it. If your sim is about as creative as a stick of butter though, you 
    might want to consider having them develop a few points before putting them 
    in front of a critically laughing crowd, as they wouldn't make remotely as 
    much money due to sheer suckage. So do you want to know just the extent of a 
    completely uncreative sim is in a DJ Booth? First of all, they make a 
    pathetic 5 simoleans every 10 minutes; next, they accidentally tend to butter 
    finger the headphones, catching them just in time. Finally, one of the 
    funniest things incompetent DJs do is mix in annoying and completely out of 
    place elevator music into the groove, and you will also actively see people 
    who are trying to dance to the beat have a thought bubble with the DJ Booth 
    crossed out over their heads.
       [7.02] Bowling: Knocking Down Sticks with Balls
    Your lucky sims can now bowl, and what's better is they don't have to stick 
    on the crappy tight fitting bowling shoe filled with toe crud to do so! Of 
    course, your sims can buy their own personal bowling alley for home use, and 
    bowl from the comfort of their home. Still, the most fun to be had bowling is 
    downtown, if only because you can find or build lots that completely 
    specialize in the ball rolling art and have other wandering sims join in on 
    the fun, including Mrs. Crumplebottom herself. On residential and university 
    community lots however, sims can gain body skill points at a good rate, 
    although they don't seem to lose weight as fast as other physical activities. 
    Wanting to go bowling is a common want among most aspiration types, 
    particularly the Pleasure Seeker, they'll even have wants specifically of 
    going bowling with their date.
    There might be a little fuzz going around the forums claiming that bowling is 
    a hidden skill, it is most definitely not, it is directly relational to high 
    their body skill is. At a prefect ten points of body, you can expect them to 
    throw strikes on every try, how awesomely unrealistic is that? Sims can also 
    play other sims since it is a group activity. It doesn't do wonders for 
    raising relationships like Poker and Chess do, but it's fun to watch.
    Oh, in case you are wondering, the bowling allies are nine pin standard with 
    American style extra meaty bowling balls with holes in them, opposed to the 
    Canadian's embarrassingly small coconut balls. Yeah, I used to bowl when I 
    was a kid, and I was ticked off that the dang balls weren't bigger too. I was 
    like "Well, yeah, but I'm an American, so give me a bigger ball!", but they 
    were like "Nooooooo, you're in Canada now, so let's go build an igloo and 
    drink maple syrup while chopping down trees, eh!" and it kinda' went like 
    that for a while. Hahha, in all honestly, I'm both a Canadian and an 
    American, so more slander power for me!
    Too bad sims with low body scores don't do the "sissy" way of bowling from 
    between the legs, that would have brought back some good memories, hahahah! 
    Oh! Wait, I just found out that even children can bowl, and guess how they do 
    it? Yup! They throw the ball the sissy way, ahahahaha, I'm so happy to relive 
    those good old memories! As an extra note, adult sims who are incredibly bad 
    at bowling and have a low Body score can sometimes slip and smack their face 
    on the hard polished wood when throwing the ball, always good for a laugh.
       [7.03] Photo Booth: To Whoever Invented These Things, I Salute You!
    Ah! I have such fond memories of photo booths! You know, you don't see them 
    very often in North America where I live, but when I was in Asia, wow! They 
    even printed them out in little strips with frilly pink borders and stuff, 
    awesome @#$%! Anyhow, now for the price of 10 or so simoleans, your sims can 
    get their portraits immortalized solo or with another person in three 
    different styles! Normally, a single sim can only do Normal and Goofy styles, 
    however, get a person in there with a romantic relationship with your sim, 
    and you can also take a Romantic photo. 
    After the pictures are taken, the photo will slide out of the booth and 
    develop for your sim to pick up and add to their inventory. Each picture 
    print actually contains four pictures in one, and it's rather funny that one 
    of the pictures in the Romantic print has your sim looking angrily at the 
    camera and covering the lens. I mean, you chose to have the picture taken, 
    deal with it, hahahaha. Anyhow, there's one other fun little thing you can do 
    with the Photo Booth, and that's of course public woohoo, just in case they 
    get tired of doing it everywhere else. On an odd note, you can satisfy the 
    woohoo in public want by having your sims buy at photo booth and woohoo in 
    there, although it's not technically in public, it still apparently counts.
    The Photo Booth holds a maximum of two people and is also a frequent want 
    among sims of all aspirations, as a matter of fact, it's pretty common to 
    have a want to take a picture and a want to take a picture with their date at 
    the same time when on dates. It's a nice quick way to shoot up some 
    aspiration points.
       [7.04] Poker Table: Gambling Your Kid's College Money Away
    My favorite card game is finally in The Sims 2! Now if they would only bring 
    in blackjack! In order to get the Poker Table functional, you have to add 
    four dining chairs to it first. When you add them, they'll somewhat latch 
    onto the table, so you can move all five pieces around without inconvenience. 
    On community lots, when one person starts a poker game, others will be likely 
    to automatically come and join, but you might want to manually invite them 
    over. Up to four players can join at a time, and the dealer is rotated 
    between each player. 
    If your sim is looking to have a fun time, then poker is definitely a good 
    option. It's also a good place to start a relationship with the other 
    players, although it's more diluted than a one on one chess or pool game. 
    Unfortunately, if you are looking to make some serious bling whales off of 
    poker, you're playing the wrong game, go play online poker where every other 
    player besides you has a software program running to calculate odds in favor 
    of screwing you over and you can't read the faces of any of your opponents 
    who just can't wait to introduce their loan shark associates to you. 
    Seriously, consider yourself lucky if you double your hundred in a single 
    game of poker, you have just as good a chance of losing as you would of 
    winning it seems. The only strategy I can think about when it comes to poker 
    is to have three of your own players against one computer one, but that takes 
    quite a bit of time and resources.
    There isn't much that your sims can do in poker in this game other than lay 
    down their 100 simoleans into chip form, and play the hand dealt to them. 
    Unfortunately, in this case, poker is a game of luck. There is apparently no 
    hidden skill that can be improved, coordinating regular skill, or winning 
    personality to help with that poker face. It seems that sims are naturally 
    extremely emotional and even a super serious sim can be read like a book and 
    no amount of skill can fix that. I've tried to test if there was a winning 
    variable in poker for a while now, as well as having the one family play the 
    hell out of it, and there just doesn't seem to be sadly enough, because in 
    real life I truly respect skilled poker players, since poker is a metaphor 
    for life.
      [7.05] Electro Dance Sphere: This Thing Will Never Be Invented 
    This object definitely fits into the definition of awesome! Makes you wonder 
    if somebody will ever invent such a torture device, errr, I mean 
    entertainment machine in our world and time. The Electro Dance Sphere starts 
    off as a glowing ring like structure over a base foundation, but when your 
    sim gets into it, it spreads out to form a spread of metal curves and begins 
    to rotate around in midair due to electro-magnetic manipulation and 
    stabilization from the base. 
    The Electro Dance Sphere has three settings, Easy, Medium and Hard. Sims 
    often have a want to ride the Electro Dance Sphere when there is one around, 
    however, they will also commonly have a fear of being thrown off one, which 
    is rather hilarious to see. The higher a sim's body skill is, the longer and 
    better they will be able to ride the sphere at higher settings. Buying one 
    for your home use to practice on isn't a bad idea, it's a great way to gain 
    Body skill and lose weight, but you should give them a couple of points from 
    more conventional methods since they can get tossed from even easy mode with 
    no skill points, and it's just sad to watch. While spinning, other sims can 
    come to watch and cheer you on, which restore some of the onlooker's motives 
    and it looks good too. 
    At very high body skill, a sim can actually float in midair tucked into a 
    ball without holding onto the handles that I like to compare to Samus' 
    Crystal Flash move in Super Metroid, but with more spinning and less healing. 
    There is another little phenomenon that can occur from using the Electro 
    Dance Sphere, although I'm not sure if it can be done on community lots, but 
    I'm very sure it can be done on residential lots. Sims who have been abducted 
    by aliens before can apparently "warp out" of existence when using the 
    Electro Dance Sphere, assumingly having been abducted yet again. It's not 
    remotely as grandiose as the telescope abduction, they don't get a memory of 
    it or a cut scene, and you might not even notice it at all or write it off as 
    a glitch, but it does happen. When warped out of existence, the sim's motives 
    are fixated and they wouldn't return for a few hours, and when they do come 
    back, they'll do it very quickly and almost blink back into existence. 
    Supposedly, male sims can get pregnant yet again by this happening, but I've 
    not been able to try this out for myself.
       [7.06] Karaoke Machine: Also Known As The Humiliator
    Ah, Karaoke, Who doesn't love karaoke? Most likely anyone who sucks at it, 
    that's who. Every one else like me just loves it! Bring on the weird J-Pop 
    that I have no fricken' idea what is being said but sing to it anyway! Suki! 
    Suki! Sankyu! 
    Karaoke can either be sung solo by a sim or as a duet with another sim with a 
    fair relationship, and a Karaoke machine can conveniently also be purchased 
    for home use and is an effective way to increase Creativity skill, have fun 
    and increase relationship scores with those your sim sings with and those who 
    watch. Depending on your sim's Creativity skill level and the style of music 
    randomly being played, their animation will vary. 
    So you must be wondering, exactly what does a sim who has the creative genius 
    of a pothole do when performing Karaoke? Well, outside of the expected 
    suckage, they have to look at the scrolling lyric screen more, their 
    movements are less coordinated, they screw up occasionally, and they kinda' 
    just generally blow, no other way to put it. Of course, to show their utter 
    malcontent for your sim's lack of vocal skills, other sims watching will 
    laugh and boo at them. On the flip side, Karaoke singers with high Creativity 
    skill will know the words by heart and be very bold and dynamic with their 
    actions. On one upbeat soft rock like sounding track, they'll actually jump 
    on and off of the main part of the Karaoke Machine. Typically though, Duets 
    are in a slow, more romantic way than going solo, so it makes for an ideal 
    dating activity. Fortunately, Karaoke seems to be fun and traumatizing for 
    the whole family, as even children can do it! All in all, although you might 
    hate Karaoke, your sims actually seem to like it. Then again, these are 
    usually the same sims who's idea of fun is to play pirate in a bath tub and 
    jump on coaches. 
    Oh yeah, anyone else here try to sing to "One Winged Angel"? You know, "blah-
    blah-bla-bla-blaaah, SEPHIROTH! Da-da-daaa-da!" Awesome song.
    {8] Miscellaneous Downtown
    Other things you can make and your sims can enjoy downtown - or suffer from!
       [8.01] How to Make a Cemetery: A Zoo For Knowledge Sims
    Maxis realized that it gets pretty annoying when the dead come back to make 
    grown sims piss their pants and you can't get rid of them save for the delete 
    key, I mean, it happened enough in the first The Sims, but the ghosts weren't 
    quite as life ruining. Don't worry, Maxis feels your pain and has made a 
    convenient way so that you can shuffle the dead straight off the mortal coil 
    to some remote dung hole that nobody will ever visit again, that or a 
    peaceful cemetery surrounded by the wonders of nature. 
    Now then, along with the original option to mourn a grave or urn, and in the 
    case of sims who happen to have hated the decease with each passing breath, 
    smash and kick, sims now have the option to move graves to different 
    community lots for proper burial. Additionally, if you happen to kill your 
    sims in bulk, like me, then you can move all of the graves at once. Once they 
    get there, they'll be planted around somewhat randomly for your sim to add to 
    their inventory and move around as they see fit. Normally, you can also enter 
    build mode on the community lot when not playing your sims to adjust the 
    tombstones, however, there has been a known glitch where when you do try and 
    edit the cemetery, the tombstones that you sent and saved wouldn't appear, 
    nor will it save the location of the stones if your sim manually moved them 
    upon visiting the community lot, so be careful.
    As mentioned before, sims can add gravestones to their inventory and plant 
    them anywhere they can walk. This makes for an excellent road block on 
    community lots, or a form of semi-convenient portable fun, since evil sims 
    can get some fun from repeatedly kicking graves, but if you happen not to 
    think like a sick and twisted sim murderer like me, you can plop it on a 
    community lot to make a nice quite wellspring of death and damnation, oops. 
    Actually, ghosts are supposedly a bit better behaved on community lots, and 
    at the very least, they wouldn't be able to kill your sim from fright while 
    they are there. Too bad you can't bring some fun ghost interactive toys like 
    the Xylophone and Teddy Bear though.
    All of the above being said, now knowledge sims have a safe and reliable way 
    to come see the pretty ghosts! In the past, knowledge sims always had the 
    nagging want to see ghosts, but of course, you didn't want to kill any 
    members of your family that you might actually care about, and if you 
    "accidentally" killed some townie on your lot, their ghost will be there to 
    haunt and annoy you, waking your sim up in the middle of the night on 
    occasions and scaring them randomly. In many ways, the graveyard is like a 
    tourist attraction for the inherently evil knowledge aspiring sim. Whenever 
    they get the want to see dead people, send them on over to the graveyard and 
    let them pet the ferocious ghosts to satisfy their wants. Other sim types 
    also get the want to see ghosts, but it's generally that of a sim they 
    really, really, really hate who's ironically still usually alive, but now 
    thanks to the new furious system, you'll be seeing that surprisingly more 
    As an important note, if you are seriously considering making a cemetery with 
    the intention of giving those happy little knowledge sims a new pet ghost to 
    cuddle and love, as opposed to oh, a burial ground of respect and dignity, it 
    is important to remember that ghosts tend to scare sims they hate far more 
    than sims they actually might like, especially enemies. If you plan to off a 
    sim to run the graveyard shift for "entertainment" purposes, you might want 
    to make them "mortal" enemies of any of your knowledge sims in the 
    neighborhood before having them jump off their mortal coil. On community 
    lots, ghosts also can't kill people with fright, so it's an excellent safety 
    feature, especially if you happened to make a cesspool of utter damnation.
    Another useful purpose of cemeteries that will never catch on in the real 
    world due to common sense is that they can act as convenient "Rent a Ghost" 
    centers that sims who want to adopt a ghost to haunt their lot can come to 
    and pick. In order to send a tombstone back to a residential lot, click on 
    the tombstone and select the appropriate options to transfer the tombstone 
    back to home or pocket it in their inventory and unload it when you get back. 
    Yeah, if something like this ever happens in real life, it'll be six billion 
    years too soon. 
    *Ahem* Now then, in order to get the graves to make a good zoo, errr, I mean 
    graveyard, one must be experienced at the art of killing your sims! Errr, why 
    is everyone looking at me for advice? You know, I only spend a quarter of my 
    time killing sims compared to playing them well, but oh what the Hell. First 
    of all, sims can only die on residential lots, so you must do your dirty work 
    there. There are four effective ways as of Nightlife to kill sims without 
    cheating, I feel like I'm killing off victims in Deception III again, love 
    that game. Here the methods are as follows:
    The Pool Without A Ladder: 
    The pool without a ladder system is perhaps the most infamous way for a sim 
    to die since the first The Sims game due to the total lack of common survival 
    skills on the sim's part. All you have to do is build a pool with one or two 
    diving boards and greet visiting sims. Upon doing so, they will often 
    automatically get into the pool. As soon as a sim runs out of Energy in a 
    pool, they drown; it's pretty much as simple as that. It should however be 
    noted that visiting sims take longer to drown than those that you control due 
    to the wonderful magic of computer game mechanics. Pools are best for killing 
    sims indiscriminately in bulk over a long period of time. It's practically 
    automatic and you don't have to life a finger after building the pool.
    Cow Plant: 
    My main sim Xyni loves her cow plant, she borrowed it from the Secret Society 
    and has yet to give it back, but since then it has helped to keep her smile 
    bright and skin milky smooth! Her children will probably end up returning it 
    someday, but anyhoo. 
    The cow plant is the best way to ultimately kill a single sim, it's fast, 
    reliable, no chance of pleading with the grim reaper, easily controllable, 
    clean, and other sims visiting are naturally attracted to it's cake like 
    tongue and mouth full of teeth. Best of all, it gives off life restoring milk 
    that turns back the aging clock by five days and some sims even have wants to 
    drink their mortal enemies. The only weakness of the cow plant is its 
    recharge time of twelve hours. Your own controlled sims wouldn't be stupid 
    enough to go for it, but be careful if you have some neighbors that you might 
    actually care about and tuck it away into a safe room or it's owner's 
    Incinerator Room:
    Because the outside grill used indoors and TV dinner time bomb oven weren't 
    enough of a fire hazard, Maxis has given us sim pyromaniacs a new toy. Now 
    then, does having a device in your house powered by a baby dragon that 
    propels scorching flames several feet into the air sound like a fire hazard 
    to you? Seriously, this thing might be great on community lots, but unless 
    you are doing what this part of the FAQ is telling you to do, keep that dang 
    death machine out of your house! Fortunately, your sim can turn it off, but 
    then again, they can turn it on, from far, far, far away I might add, just 
    like a light can be turned on and off even when paused. 
    To build your own incinerator room, just build or empty out a room for the 
    purpose, place an archway as your only entrance into it and fill it full of 
    fire jets turned off. Next, call over as many victims as you can fit into the 
    room. Have your sim exit the archway unless you want them to take one for the 
    team, and remove the archway. The reason it is an archway instead of a door 
    is that doors cannot be moved when they are actively opened, whereas arches 
    don't have to open. Anyway, lob in a cheap couch or something, make a cup of 
    tea and sit and watch the fireworks as you turn your blasters on. Cook till 
    tender, repeat as necessary. If you'd rather make them suffer, put in a water 
    sprinkler that puts out the fire, only to have them instantly reignite again. 
    The fire jet is such a ludicrously effective fire starter that if the firemen 
    come, they might never leave. On the down side, where a fire is active, you 
    will not be able to use build, buy or inventory modes, so be careful.  
    A Vampire's Day in The Sun:
    This isn't a very effective way to kill sims honestly unless you gain control 
    of them. NPCs that are turned into vampires by being bitten on the neck 
    automatically run away when sunrise comes, and if you lock them in a room 
    they disappear in a puff of smoke. If you do however control them and leave 
    them to easy bake in the sun, they'll light up like a blowtorch and fade away 
    into nothingness, specifically when their hunger bar runs dry. Still, if your 
    sim is dating and asking their lovers to move in faster than you know how to 
    kill them, now you do, granted that your own sim is a vampire. You might even 
    make an easy bake room that's not completely closed off by walls but fences 
    or half-walls instead, although the great outdoors normally does the trick 
    fine. Oh, if you are wondering what type of ghosts sun dried vampires make, 
    they are basically the same as ghosts who have died from starvation. Their 
    naturally pale skin makes them look a bit bluer and they don't appear in 
    mirrors like they did when they were slightly less undead, but they are still 
    basically the same old ordinary starvation ghost.
       [8.02] Building a Base: Home Away From Home
    The base isn't a particularly well advertised feature in the game as much it 
    is a technique for downtown that I highly recommend. The purpose of the base 
    is very simple, to refill your sim's motives as quickly and efficiently as 
    possible taking as little space as possible on a small lot for quick loading 
    and processing times. 
    There will be frequent times when after shopping, a date or an outing 
    downtown that your sim will be running low on one motive or another. It is in 
    this case that the base is an essential stop to make before continuing the 
    downtown adventure. So why not just return home to restore everything? Well 
    that's because it eats away at time. 
    A good night's sleep, a shower, a trip to the toilet, and a full meal takes a 
    great deal out of your sims actual daily routine, and they might not be 
    prepared to go to work or school after all that partying the last night. Even 
    if you have a cellar full of Enigmatic Energizers, you'll still take at least 
    an hour to freshen up, but with a base, you can actually go downtown to 
    restore your motives to a state much better than they were when your sim 
    left, and do it much faster and more efficiently than a huge honking 
    community lot. As a matter of fact, if you play your sim well, they can spend 
    time indefinitely on community lots without returning home to the horrors of 
    work and family. The game automatically saves in between lot loadings, so you 
    don't have to worry about losing too much data if something goes horribly 
    wrong and you can go on dates and outings galore!
    Similar to the Downtown Design Essential section, the base has to have the 
    best shower, the best toilet, a source of food, preferably a cafeteria and 
    coffee, can't forget coffee! Don't use gender specific doors for the 
    washrooms; you'll be surprised how counterproductive this is! Additionally, 
    all the key features should all be within relatively close distance to each 
    other, especially the coffee stand to the washroom. Sims who can run will 
    always have the advantage over time, but not all sims can run, skip or fly, 
    so you have to take that into consideration. You might want to put a small 
    shop with everything compressed into it as well, but it's optional.  
    The base also has another purpose, for your sim to make some hard earned cash 
    without going to their actual excuse for a job, extremely useful for young 
    adults in university. Definitely put a DJ Booth in and some instruments, as 
    you can actually get money from the tips that other sims get while playing, 
    and if your neighborhood has some especially creative sims, you'll be 
    thankful for every simolean they add to your bank account. The musical 
    devices will also help greatly in restoring fun, you'll practically not even 
    have to worry about it, and social is already in the bag too with so many 
    people walking around and a cellphone at your disposal. 
    A pool table for hustling or poker table isn't a bad idea to place in your 
    base. At the very least, a poker table seems to distract Mrs. Crumplebottom 
    from getting on your case too often. Speaking of Mrs. Crumplebottom, build a 
    "chill room" that is located in a remote section of the building with no 
    bars, bowling alleys or poker tables, as they tend to attract her. The chill 
    room is designed for one purpose; public displays of affection outside of the 
    public eye, and definitely out of Mrs. Crumplebottom's peripheral vision. 
    While you are at it, make sure you stuff a photo booth in there too for 
    woohoo. Of course, if you are controlling the love bird sims, and they can 
    teleport with meditation, you can just build a very remote room high in the 
    sky with no doors or stairs leading to it where the old hag can't reach them 
    and warp them there for some happy, happy, luv-u-ree!
    Chapter 3: Getting Together
    [9] Dates 
    Satisfying, new, and refreshing to The Sims 2 Nightlife is the new dating 
    system! Yeah, we can see how this can go horrifically wrong. Actually, dates 
    are extremely easy and fun once you get the hang of the system, and that is 
    what this entire long and winding segment is about!
       [9.01] How to Get a Date: Ridiculously Easier Than Real Life
    Before getting into the details of how the dates actually work, it's best if 
    I discuss how your sim actually can go on a date, there are several ways.
    The first method is the most direct, if the person you want your sim to ask 
    out for a date is on the same lot as your sim is, just have them go up and 
    use the "On Date" command under "Ask". If your relationship is high enough, 
    or occasionally in the case that the two sims have great chemistry but are 
    total strangers, they will immediate start the dating game.
    The second method is similar to the first but over the phone, you can call up 
    a sim for a date and have them meet you on a community lot or at home. You 
    can also invite them to date you while your own sim is already on a community 
    lot. As with the previous case, the relationship and chemistry determines the 
    success rate of initiating the date. Also take note that you can only invite 
    sims out for a date during the hours that they are normally awake and aren't 
    Finally, the third and a rather hilarious method is to go through the 
    Matchmaker who can randomly wander onto the lot, as well as be summoned on 
    the phone under service sims. The Matchmaker sells potions, along with 
    setting your sim up with a blind date from the heavens; literally, they fall 
    out of the sky. In any case, depending on how much you pay the Matchmaker 
    from anywhere from 1 - 5000 simoleans, the compatibility of your date will 
    vary, the more, the better your results, but there's no guaranteed you'll 
    find an incredible triple lightning compatible mate right off the bat. 
    Remember, in this game perfect couples are rarely born - they are made.
    Oh yeah, you can also piss off your date extra royally by standing them up by 
    inviting them to a community lot but not going yourself in the first place, 
    shades of real life.
       [9.02] How Dates Work: Reducing Sim Romance into a Cold Hard Science 
    Okay then, onto the actual dating game. Similar to how the party system 
    works, your date is rated on different levels, but unlike parties, there is a 
    visual UI thermometer on the right side of the screen that will tell you 
    exactly how you are doing! Also unlike parties, you start off with only three 
    hours, but each time you climb to a new rating level the time of the date is 
    extended, like Sol's extended Gun Flame in Guilty Gear X2 while in Dragon 
    Install mode which requires half a bar of tension to perform. Well, there are 
    better comparisons, but you get my point. By the way, did I mention how much 
    I like Dizzy's character design from that game? Well, now I did. Okay, then 
    the levels of the dates and their extended times are as follows:
    Date Ratings:
    All dates start on the edge of the Okay rating, if your meter falls down due 
    to mid date trauma, then you do not gain additional extended time for 
    recovering to the time periods below Okay or those that you have previously 
    already reached during the date but.
    Horrible: N/a 
    Bad: N/A
    Lame: N/A 
    Okay 3:00
    Good: +2:30
    Great: +2:00
    Dream Date: +1:30
    Total Extended Time: 9:00
    All together, a fully extended date lasts nine hours. You can end a date 
    however anytime you want which makes things extra convenient, it also let's 
    you steamroll the system, back up, and run over it again, again and again, as 
    the Xyni-licious Dream Date example will explain in a later section. 
    Date ratings are affected by two main factors, how well the cumulative 
    reactions to social interactions are between the two sims and the total 
    aspiration point addition or reduction from wants and fears satisfied. In 
    simpler terms, hitting it off well with your date and fulfilling their wants 
    is the key to having good dates, that and you have to work fast. At the very 
    least, you should reach the Good rating before doing any activity that is 
    particularly time consuming. It should also be noted that after you reach the 
    top of the meter at Dream Date, any additional date rating points you get 
    will act as a buffer zone to prevent the meter from decreasing, thus, it's 
    possible to have a total disaster happen at the top of a dream date and still 
    be perfectly fine, so long as that disaster doesn't involve something trivial 
    like your date getting eaten by flies or being lit up like a roman candle, 
    not to be confused with roman cancel, you'd be surprised how often that 
    Unique to dating is the ability to view and lock your date's wants by 
    clicking on the tab under the thermometer that has their aspiration type 
    symbol on it. This is extremely useful, so make sure that you do it whenever 
    you see something tantalizing like a "Make Out" or a "Woohoo" want. Your 
    ability to control your date's wants and fears will be the equivalent of what 
    it would be if you were controlling them, this means that if they are full 
    fledged university graduates, you can see their six wants and lock two of 
    them as well.
    Although all aspiration types are different normally, when they go on a date, 
    they enter a mode I like to describe as "Date Override". Similar to Party 
    Override, which puts your sims in a state of mind to socialize when hosting a 
    party, Dating Override sets your sim up for the date. Basically, most of the 
    sims's wants and fears instantly become related to the person being dated as 
    soon as the event is initiated. This makes it so that the less social 
    aspiration types like knowledge and wealth can easily pick up the pace and 
    swing into things almost as well as any romance, family or popularity sim. 
    There are also a few other things out of the regular that can effect a date, 
    however, most of them are for the worst. Mrs. Crumplebottom is a perfect 
    example. Getting your sim's head clubbed in by a purse full of knitting gear 
    is a pretty good way to step down your date, but it's not enough to 
    completely obliterate it, no, for something like that you need a jealous 
    lover or two to run and slap the living daylights out of your sim. 
    I've probably mentioned it a few times in this FAQ, but when your sims are 
    dating, any rival hearts that see them will suddenly go into a ballistic 
    slapping rage, and the two don't necessarily even have to be together for 
    that to happen either, as long as they are in date mode and the jealous lover 
    sees the person they are in love with, they'll get the urge to smack. Having 
    jealous lovers assault your sims is pretty much the number one way to kill a 
    date, aside from attacking and irritating your date, which is just kinda' 
    common sense not to do. Fortunately, you only have to worry about two people, 
    instead of multiple ones like for an outing, but try to minimize negative 
    interactions as much as possible and encourage positive ones for a good date. 
    Another score modifier for dates, as well as outings are changes in 
    relationship status, for example, becoming friends, best friends and lovers. 
    Doing this results in some pretty big points, and at the very least will 
    usually push the bar up one level. Of course, on the flip side, becoming an 
    enemy with year date is pretty much romantic suicide, but since when has that 
    stopped players from doing it at least once?
    There are several ways to accidentally end a date prematurely. If the date 
    rating reaches rock bottom on the meter, you leave the lot without your date 
    in tow, as in the case of going to work or taking a spin in your car, or in 
    the rare case that your date has a untimely demise in such a fashion as oh, 
    being on the receiving end of Sim NASA's latest satellite, then the date will 
    end. Other more normal ways for the date to end early is if you offer to take 
    your date home in your car under the "Ask" command or your date suffers from 
    too much motive deprivation. It is for the later reason that you want your 
    dates to be short and successful, and that means reaching Dream Date level at 
    record speeds. 
    You can take a guess what motive your date wants to satisfy and try to 
    fulfill it, it'll usually be hunger or bladder, but it takes time to satisfy 
    those things, and you generally don't want to drag a date out longer than it 
    takes to reach the highest level, as you never know when something could go 
    wrong. As your own sim and their date's motive's decrease, their overall mood 
    will also decrease, making risky social interactions less likely to hit, so 
    if you expect the date to be in for the long haul, you might as well go 
    through the paces. Also of special note is if your sim is dating a vampire, 
    they will almost immediate run off into the sunrise at 7:00am, canceling the 
    date, so be careful when you time your vampire loving sim's dates.
    So why go on dates? After all of the things that could possibly go wrong, 
    there has to be something to come out of it right? There are quite a few good 
    reasons to go on dates! First of all, they are extremely effective ways to 
    bring a sim's aspiration to platinum level if you play your cards right. 
    Second on the list is that they are also an excellent opportunity to focus 
    your time on another sim to raise their relationship level to as high as 
    possible. Finally, there are also lots of goodies to be had from dating as 
    well, which will be covered thoroughly in another section.
    An important thing to keep in mind is that dates don't necessarily have to be 
    done by potential love interests. It's quite possible to have a successful 
    dream date between best friends, although not quite as easy without the high 
    scoring romantic interactions. Just the same though, watch out for rival 
    hearts, as they'll whap your sim upside the head with little discrimination 
    if you are in date mode, even if it's just a friendly thing.
       [9.03] How to Have the Date from Hell: When Bad Just Isn't Good Enough
    Before I discuss how to do it right, it's important to know what you can do 
    wrong if you want a date that's an absolute catastrophe, there are also some 
    "interesting" little nuggets of love you can get from dates gone wrong. For 
    this case of defective dating, it'll be the lovely Rally of the Axiom 
    neighborhood to act as our esteemed example!
    How Rally Gets A Date:
    Rally's Example #1: Ask People Your Sim Doesn't Even Know for a Date!
    Assuming you don't get rejected, and there's a pretty dang good chance that 
    you will, the date is going to be one mountain of a steep climb. No problem! 
    That just means there's less room to fall down!
    On the flip side of Rally's thought process, dates can still end up being 
    very successful dream dates with an almost total stranger, but at the very 
    least, the sim you want to date should have 30 daily relationships with fair 
    or better chemistry. That will allow to start using double plus interactions 
    like gossip, bust a' move and red hands and vastly improve your success rate 
    when you need it the most. At around 60 daily and lifetime relationship and 
    chemistry doesn't become as important and you should be able to work your way 
    up with the big stuff under hugs and kisses easily at that point. Needless to 
    say, if your relationship is a perfect 100 on both fronts, you're in for a 
    very easy time with "Make Out" and "Woohoo" rocketing your score through the 
    roof. If you use some of Xyni's examples in the next section though, it's 
    possible to take a complete 0 to a perfect 100 daily and lifetime 
    relationship score within the time of a date.
    Rally's Example #2: Pay the Matchmaker Minimum Wage!
    It's a great idea to skimp on the dating when it comes to the Matchmaker! 
    She's pretty dang pricy for just hooking you up with a single date, with the 
    maximum price for a date being 5000 simoleans, what a rip off! Even the good 
    dates she brings are ugly, so why not just get an expendable loser with no 
    chemistry at all to abuse and attack?! Really though, unless your sim has way 
    more money than she has love, don't rely on the Matchmaker to set you up. 
    It's easier to create your own sim to match your sim's chemistry anyway. Of 
    course, if you happen to be dating for disposable income and an even more 
    disposable spouse, the Matchmaker is the way to go! Speaking of being ripped 
    off, if you paid money for this FAQ, you got scammed! Report the person who 
    sold it to you immediately and get your money back! 
    Rally's Example #3: Date a Guy with Lots of Girlfriends!
    Nothing quite says disaster quite like sending radio waves to all of your 
    date's lovers that might come onto the lot that you're claiming a stake on 
    their man, and that's exactly what happens when your sim dates a guy with 
    many lovers! It's amazing what a few slappy happies does for making a date a 
    living nightmare! If you are dating a fresh townie though, in general you 
    wouldn't have to worry. For the most part, you are in total control of who 
    falls in love in the neighborhood, albeit accidental love does happen, like 
    when you throw your food at a sim with a high enough relationship score who's 
    a young adult or older, sheesh, who could have saw that coming? In which sick 
    culture is throwing your food at people a sign of intimate love?
    What Rally Does On A Date: 
    Rally's Example #1: Attack Your Date!
    It's so crazy that it might just work! Of course, unless your sim inherently 
    already hates their date and somehow got them in a Matchmaker's draw, you're 
    going to have to irritate and poke them quite a bit before you can get to the 
    fun that is assault and battery.
    On the more practical application of how not to piss off your date, stick to 
    safe risk intimate actions. If there is strong chemistry, like a triple 
    bolter, you might get away with a few chemistry accelerated actions, but only 
    use them if it's an all or nothing race against time or you are perfectly 
    comfortable with the chance of failure, it wouldn't take long for chemistry 
    accelerated actions to become regular safe actions anyway.
    As with building any normal relationships, find a combination of three strong 
    interactions that work, then cycle them over and over again till a another 
    strong and safe one is available and substitute it into the cycle. At the 
    highest level of romance, the cycle of Make Out, Goose and Squeeze does the 
    trick, but it wouldn't be long before the couple starts wanting to woohoo, so 
    prepare for that as well. At that point though, any inherently good 
    interaction will be almost guaranteed to work, and relationship building to 
    the maximum level will be easy, along with taking your date to the top!
    Rally's Example #2: Waste Your Time
    Rally likes food more than men. More specifically, she likes men as food, but 
    she can't do that in this game, at least not without a cow plant, so the 
    first thing she'll do on a date is be seated at a restaurant and spend all of 
    her time trying to order something and wolf it down while somewhat paying 
    attention to her date. By the time they are done eating, the date is dead and 
    The proceeding example was an incredible waste of time and puts your sim in a 
    disadvantage to score relationship points and satisfy wants! If your sim 
    already has a high enough relationship to be romantically involved with the 
    other sim during a date, there is plenty to do at the table, but if not, 
    you're practically walking through a social interaction minefield, since the 
    only safe one is toasting at low relationship levels. Be careful when doing 
    actions outside of direct standing interaction like dining, bowling, poker, 
    and dancing, as they will limit your arsenal of possible interactions. Cancel 
    out of any want related action as soon as the want is satisfied to help save 
    time, such as the want to dance, the want to dine, the want to play cards and 
    so on. It might not be very sweat and subtle, but your date wouldn't mind the 
    fast pace, and the date's pacing will be significantly accelerated. When 
    you've already reached Dream Date at the top of the Date Rating meter, then 
    your sims can relax and enjoy their time at the diner table or play fun 
    activities together, but don't do it at the beginning of a date or the 
    stretch of inactive time might kill it before it really starts to warm up.
    Rally's Example #3: Take Your Date Home and Kill Them
    Rally has a great deal of experience with bags of flaming poo being left on 
    her front door. She also doesn't like them very much; she thinks they are 
    very disrespectful. Of course, Rally has discovered a way to persuade her old 
    dates gone bad from doing such a thing - lock them in an incinerator room and 
    light them on fire! If your date hasn't gone completely south, you can ask 
    your date to come home with you and off them. Alternatively and more 
    reliably, you can invite them to your lot in the first place - then off them. 
    You might have figured it out by now, but Rally is not a nice person. Oddly 
    enough, the date meter only falls about two levels if your date happens to 
    oh, die, but the date will pretty much also instant fail and of course, 
    nobody will be coming to bring you flowers. Well, that's it, no positive 
    lesson to be learned from this example, other than "Do much worst onto 
    others, before others intend to do it to you", seeing as how dates gone bad 
    can come back to haunt you. As a special note to any impressionable youths, 
       [9.04] How to Have a Dream Date: Payapaya!
    Well, now that we're through that sadistic slugfest part of the FAQ, it's 
    time to talk about how to consistently have a Dream Date each and every time 
    and completely abuse the system in a way that would make Maxis cry. Now, to 
    explain this segment by example is our other Axiom resident, the luv-u-ree 
    female biped Xyni and her portable cow plant! Not to be confused with the 
    actual Xyni from my website, Xyni Platini from Second Life, that other Xyni I 
    used for Wizardry 8, that one that I used for Morrowind, the Xyni I used from 
    the original The Sims, and of course, definitely not the one used for the 
    original Final Fantasy, which only supported four character names anyway. The 
    name goes a long, long, long way back. Okay, nuff' of that, onto the 
    How Xyni Gets a Date
    Xyni's Example #1: Machinegun Dating!
    Well, here's something you can't do in real life, without some strange looks 
    from people anyway. Since Xyni is a popularity aspiring sim, she can stick to 
    one sim she likes very much and satisfy all of her and her partner's wants on 
    demand without clashing with her aspiration nature, unlike Romance sims who 
    might get wants to Make Out, Woohoo and fall in love with multiple sims while 
    on a date, which can definitely clash with their dating goal at hand. Xyni 
    also just graduated from Axiom University, so her palette of six wants and 
    two locks gives her a much larger selection of actions and directions to go 
    in on dates. 
    Xyni's dates are ridiculously short, lasting less than two hours before they 
    reach Dream Date level, mainly because of repeated Make Out and Woohoo 
    actions, then she ends the date and starts it again immediately, locking any 
    high scoring wants from the last date to be used as accelerants for the new 
    date. More on the locking bit later.
    In the time it takes another sim to go through a fully extended Dream Date, 
    Xyni can have four or five Dream Dates with her partner and amass obscene 
    amounts aspiration points. Its borderline unrealistic that any physical 
    living being in real life could actually do that, and Maxis apparently didn't 
    think it unrealistic that a person can date the same person like fifteen 
    times on the same day, so exploit it and bite away at the wound like a 
    ferocious cougar on the weakest gazelle! Of course, Xyni's "best friend" will 
    stop by to give her a few flowers and other goodies from the compound dating, 
    sometimes even during the current date, and hopefully, he wouldn't get eaten 
    by the cow plant. 
    Oh yes! Another goodie that comes from delivering a Dream Date is that the 
    dating sims' motives get about a fifth of their meters in all areas restored, 
    save for Environment of course. What this means is that our healthy female 
    biped here and her best friend can machinegun date practically indefinitely 
    all day and night long without interruptions. Oh yeah, it should be noted 
    that married couples can still date each other! Oh what an unrealistically 
    ideal world The Sims 2 is! So don't let a little something like monogamy get 
    in the way of your sim's dating pursuits!
    Xyni's Example #2: Home Is Where Your Date Is
    The place where most good dates end should really be the place where they all 
    begin, at home. Unlike real life where first time daters like to meet on 
    neutral grounds just in case one of them is a serial killer, like Rally up 
    there, in this game, sims can invite their date to meet them at home in the 
    first place.
    Home has many advantages to it aside from being a place you are familiar 
    with, you can fix some problems that might come up with build, buy and 
    inventory mode and help make things work better, such as bringing the jukebox 
    into the room when you need to dance together. Other advantages are that you 
    can use aspiration rewards like the Love Tub and Cool Shades, you can have 
    double beds on residential lots, which is always useful for obvious reasons, 
    and finally, you can SAVE YOUR GAME!
    Having your sim's date at home is also ideal for established romance sims 
    with multiple lovers who have a better chance of going to Heaven than going 
    on for a date on the town without receiving a fistful of slap. Of course, the 
    reverse is kinda' true should a more family oriented sim be domestically 
    anchored to the old ball and chain and want to escape the confines of their 
    spouse's domain of terror. Of course, pretty much every sim with the 
    exception of the romance sim can become very satisfied with monogamy, so it's 
    really more for story purposes.
    Another help to having your sim's date at home is that if your sim lives with 
    other people, they can also help support the date to work better so you 
    wouldn't have to solo it on your own, such as with cooking meals and 
    cleaning. Better yet, you can double date or even all out multi date all at 
    the same time! You can do this on community lots as well, but multiple dates 
    mean multiple risks, so it's good to be home. Yeah, it might be a massive 
    undertaking, but with the home team advantage, it'll be a snap! Downtown does 
    have some advantages over home though, most important is the fact that actual 
    worldly time doesn't pass so you can be there for as long as you like if your 
    motives are healthy. The second is that you will only find restaurants 
    downtown, although the want to dine out with another sim is actually very low 
    paying. A good alternative to home though is to invite your sim to the "Base" 
    mentioned in its own section. Of course, dates can travel around from one 
    location to another, but home is the perfect place to anchor the dating 
    relationship to a secure point before taking off to a community lot, plus you 
    wouldn't have to fear being caught cheating as remotely as much as if you 
    were downtown.
    Xyni's Example #3: Ummm, Control Your Date
    You wouldn't have the luxury of controlling both of your dates all the time 
    unless the sim has somehow moved in with your family or was built into the 
    household. This works pretty well for micromanagement style players who like 
    to build their neighborhoods and sim communities from the ground up, but more 
    plug and play gamers might opt to wine and dine the townies instead. 
    After the household merging system that came with The Sims 2 University, it's 
    not all that hard to control any two of your own sims under one roof by 
    merging the respected two families together. Even if they don't have good 
    relationships, you can force them to live with each other from the 
    neighborhood screen. Additionally, if it's a townie or service sim we are 
    talking about here, you can purpose for them to "Move In" after reaching a 
    good best friend relationship or even marriage if commitment is no problem 
    for you. Not only does controlling both of your sims give you an enormous 
    advantage by burning the candle at both ends and increasing efficiency in 
    unity (Your date wouldn't wander off to go bowling with Mrs. Crumplebottom), 
    you'll also be able to satisfy each other's wants better.
    What Xyni Does On A Date:
    Xyni's Example #1: Fools Rush In -- And It Works! Taking 0 to 100! Love! 
    If you dated a person under Xyni's first three examples above, then you're 
    practically guaranteed to have a Dream Date if you just remotely try, 
    however, you wouldn't always have that much control over your date, and for 
    the sake of immoral "common wisdom", a little romantic variety doesn't hurt, 
    so this and the following rules are in the case that your date doesn't like 
    you very much. So you might be asking, if Xyni was such a dedicated love 
    interest to her man, why would she need to start dating total strangers? 
    Well, her cow plant ate her "Best Friend", the end. Okay, that didn't really 
    happen (In any game that I saved at least), but if it did, this is what she 
    would do on dates with complete strangers. Now then, it brings me great 
    pleasure to reduce the wonders of dating into a cold hard soul lacking 
    science - again -- but this time in steps!
    At Okay Level:
    The first three hours of the date are the most important and difficult. This 
    is when your new date is at their most alienated state and when you don't 
    have any time extensions or hard hitting interactions. If you can manage to 
    get them into the Good level and get the extended 2:30 hours quickly, then 
    you'll have a much higher chance of getting to Dream Date. If you are working 
    a zero relationship, then you're definitely in for a ride, although it's not 
    all that difficult if you've become experienced in how the dating system 
    works and a complete utter disaster doesn't disintegrate your date on 
    arrival. On the flip side, if the two sims have triple lightning bolt 
    chemistry, you can get away with a very easy dream date and maxing to 100 
    daily and lifetime relationship even if you make some big mistakes and start 
    off as total strangers.
    The key to boosting the dating rating as fast as possible is to nail the 
    intimate interaction related wants of both sims as quickly as possible, 
    preferably nailing multiple at a time and getting a plus reaction from it in 
    the process. Let the sim and their date's want list guide your actions. 
    Metaphorically, you are trying to kill as many birds with as few stones as 
    Fulfilling wants by sheer number isn't enough; you want your sim's 
    relationship to flourish and grow so that you can advance up the social 
    interaction level, bring bigger paying wants and bring out the big guns like 
    Woohoo and Makeout. Take note that a good indicating of actions that will 
    work are the wants your partner has, sometimes they'll want a risky action 
    like Slow Dance or Make Out before they are typically ready for them. It is a 
    good bet that using those interactions that they want will work, although 
    it's not perfectly guaranteed, particularly if your sim's chemistry isn't 
    going for them, but it's a good hint and a bonus for if it does work.
    The hardest part when first dating is the first 30 points of daily 
    relationship on both sides, take or give depending on chemistry (The 30 mark 
    is from neutral chemistry). Hopefully your sims have good chemistry, but 
    that's wishful thinking too.
    Thankfully, Nightlife has the new "Ask" command that is far more effective 
    than automated talking and informative too. You might want to have 10 points 
    of daily relationship before you ask certain questions if your chemistry 
    doesn't bounce. Oh yes, please keep in mind that the full palette of "Ask" 
    commands will not be available if your sim's date is being controlled at the 
    same time, the game kinda' renders it redundant I would suppose. This isn't a 
    particularly big deal though, as they get a default bonus relationship upon 
    moving in together well past the zero point anyway where asking is most 
    useful. Anyhow, back to using the "Ask" command, it is safe to generally 
    first ask what your date's sign is, then what their job is, followed by what 
    turns them on or off, then their wants and fears. There are several other ask 
    options, but you typically don't want to ask them how much money they have 
    until the relationship improves (This seems to piss off the Diva and Mr. Big 
    in particular), although if you are a romance, pleasure seeker or a gold 
    digging wealth sim, that'll be the first question you want to ask, but really 
    The reason why the 30 point mark is so important is that it is when reliable 
    double plus interactions become readily available, such as Gossip, Red Hands 
    and Bust a' Move. Fortunately, some of the "Ask" commands can result in 
    double pluses as well, making them surprisingly effective given their quick 
    speed, but be warned if you are trying not to actually get your sim 
    romantically involved. Asking can trigger a Crush relationship when daily 
    relationship reaches past 50, save for "About Interests" and "Ask If They 
    Like What They See". . Ask commands also don't have coordinating wants, so as 
    soon as such actions as Admire, Tickle, Gossip, Dance Together become 
    available, switch to them to double bank on the wants, especially on dates.
    At Good Level:
    Assuming that you made it here, you can now feel just a little bit relieved, 
    even more so if you broke the 30 point barrier. At this stage, start using 
    double plus reactions with minimal risk, it's still not completely safe to 
    start a romance, but try to get in some lifetime relationship effecting 
    actions in like "Friendly Hug" and "Bust a' Move".
    At Great Level: 
    Hopefully at this point, your sim and their date will be at least friends at 
    50 relationship points. At this point, you can start using subtle romantic 
    actions with a good chance of success like Peck, Sweet Talk and Romantic Hug. 
    The key to this point is to start increasing lifetime relationship score with 
    the low level intimate actions and work your way up to higher level ones. 
    It'll only get easier from this point.
    Remember, in order to perform stronger romantic interactions, it is the 
    lifetime relationship level that is more vital. Certain casual moves don't do 
    a thing at all of increasing the lifetime level, but others nudge it and the 
    strongest romantic interactions shove it. Nonromantic actions like Bust a' 
    Move and Backrub can increase lifetime relationship a little, but you'd best 
    turn to intimate actions under hug, flirt and kiss if you want the romance to 
    At Dream Date:
    You have finally tasted the sweet taste of success! You can always end your 
    date here and expect roses in the morning, but there's a pretty good chance 
    that your sim's relationships haven't been maxed out to 100 daily and 
    lifetime relationship yet, and this is the best time to do it while the iron 
    is hot! Ideally at this point, you will have increased your sim's 
    relationship to 100 daily and above 50 Lifetime relationship. That's not 
    particularly easy to do normally, but the later examples in this section will 
    help with that. At this point, it's fairly safe to use high level flirts like 
    Caress, Hold Hands and Goose as well as the high level hugs and kisses. What 
    you want to see in your sim and their want palette is the want to flirt or be 
    flirted with. If you are lucky, hitting this want will lead to the make Make 
    Out want in addition with the Kiss want, and satisfying that will lead to the 
    Woohoo want and very possibly any of its alternate sisters like Woohoo in 
    bed, Woohoo in Hot Tub, Woohoo in public, but most specifically Woohoo in car 
    seems frequent if there is a car on your lot, including community lots.
    Xyni's Rule #2: Use the Tools of The Trade!
    In real life, we don't have any real devices to make dates go better other 
    than our own charismatic personality, oh wait, we have booze - and that made 
    all the difference. Anyhow, the best place to start a date hands down is at 
    home as mentioned before, but what I didn't elaborate on where how aspiration 
    rewards and other items can severely enhance your dating rating potential, as 
    well as Love Potion #8.5, Cologne and having a wardrobe and a mirror. 
    First of all, I'll talk about Love Potion #8.5. If you have a bottle of it, 
    definitely use it within the first three hours of the date. At the very 
    least, it'll help to neutralize horrible chemistry and if you already have 
    good, but not perfect chemistry with your date, it can help you temporarily 
    achieve that illusive triple lightning bolt rating, making things 
    significantly easier. Next on the list are two aspiration items that will 
    help you accelerate your date, the Cool Shades and Love Tub. 
    The Cool Shades aspiration item multiplies the effect of interactions, both 
    successful and negative by a good deal, so if you are confident that the 
    social interaction will work, wear them and do it. For dates in development, 
    I recommend using it with Bust a' Move, but for dates already in the secure 
    circle of love, I highly recommend using it with Make Out. You can also use 
    the Cool Shades with Woohoo for incredible payoff, but it's a bit tricky, as 
    sims automatically talk when they are in the hot tub or in bed, wasting the 
    glasses. In order to get the glasses to work with Woohoo, you have to make 
    out in a public cloths booth or a photo booth, but wait you say, you can't 
    bring the Cool Shades to a community lot? No problem, buy a photo booth for 
    home use and that will suffice! Oh yeah, if you are controlling both sims, 
    try making both of them wear Cool Shades when performing a strong 
    interaction, since they will multiply the effect. The Cool Shades are 
    particularly useful for jump starting lifetime relationship, which is usually 
    something that time does better than anything outside of high level intimate 
    actions, so use them many and use them plenty if you got the aspiration 
    output for it. Chances are that you'll be far more than just compensated for 
    their price at the end of a Dream Date.
    Now then, about the Love Tub, sim's gain a much higher level of success with 
    romantic actions performed in the love tub, so you can Make Out and Woohoo 
    with significantly less risk, and since those two are the biggest paying 
    social interactions in the game, they'll blast your date rating straight 
    through the roof. There is also a specific want to Woohoo in the Love Tub 
    want that can be satisfied for some good points at the same time as the 
    regular want to woohoo in a hot tub.
    The mirror and the wardrobe are very useful in helping to increase chemistry 
    by altering a sim's characteristics. First, you have to find out what turns 
    your date on and off, so ask them under the "Ask" command. With a wardrobe 
    and mirror, you should be able to change the majority of variables. There is 
    one table mirror under Surfaces in the Miscellaneous section in the shopping 
    catalog that you might also find handy called the Cornerstone Variable Vanity 
    that will allow you to extreme makeup your date to better fit your sim's 
    preferences. You might not have the time to do all of this on a date of 
    course, but it doesn't take all that long and the results do payoff if the 
    couple has the chemistry of water and oil.
    Using these tools, I've been able to regularly turn horrific 36 simolean 
    discount Matchmaker nightmares into Dream Dates, and now you can too!
    Xyni's Rule #3: Lock and Load Your Wants!
    This trick works best in the case that you are "machinegun dating" like 
    mentioned in Xyni's Example #1 for How Xyni Gets a Date, which is best 
    summarized as having extremely fast Dream Dates one immediately right after 
    the other with the same person. At the end of a Dream Date, there is usually 
    some fallout from the "Dating Override" that all the passion making brought 
    about. You can take advantage of it and ride it into your next date with the 
    person by locking it so that you don't have to worry about want shuffling 
    start up time between ending your current date and starting your new one, 
    which tends to start the date off with low level interactions. For example, 
    if you had a spare Make Out want at the end of your last date and you locked 
    it, you can satisfy it immediate upon starting a new date and get the wants 
    shuffling at the highest intimate level of making out, flirting and woohoo. 
    This kick starts the date right where the last one left off, and is a highly 
    effective strategy in reaching Dream Date as fast as possible. 
    There is another similarly related strategy for dating, and that is to save 
    and lock a powerful want that your sim can satisfy controllably, specifically 
    something like the "Sell a Masterpiece" want for extremely creative sims 
    under the popularity and wealth aspirations who have a spare painting on a 
    canvas waiting to be sold. This will give your sim an a good boost even on 
    completely crappy dates with strangers, although high paying wants outside of 
    the "Sell a Masterpiece" are pretty hard to control, giving popularity and 
    wealth aspiring sims a bit of a dating advantage.
    Well, that was a really long segment, finally, onto what wonderful goodies 
    you get from going on dates!
       [9.05] Rewards and Punishment: Poo and Roses
    There are several rewards your sim can get for a well done date, as well as 
    some that are not so nice from dates gone wild, or just plain disastrous. 
    With most of the gifts, you'll see your date come onto your lot to deliver 
    the item personally to your front door at any given time of the day, or in 
    the case of the letters, a mail man will bring it straight to your mail box 
    in the morning. In the case that your sim date lives together, he will have 
    his actions overwritten once his queue is free and deliver the gift. Gifts 
    have a nice little bit of amusing poetry attached to them, and they can be 
    viewed to see them or you can read the description after putting them into 
    your inventory. Oh! The good Gifts also have a funny secondary effect if 
    other lovers of the sim view them; they start crying and get a moderately 
    large negative reaction towards their lover who went on a date, as well as 
    the possibility of becoming Furious. Gifts from dates are actually a pretty 
    useful device for when you want to end a loving relationship without getting 
    caught cheating or domestic abuse. Anyhow, without further delay, onto the 
    1.	"You're My Dream Date" Bouquet: 
    I have so many of these on my main sim's front lawn that it's a bit 
    ridiculous! Still, this is the immediate gift that you get from a date 
    very well done, a lovely bouquet of non-perishable roses, and by non-
    perishable, I mean bloody immortal like the Highlander Duncan McCloud.
    2.	"I Had A Great Time Flower:
    The diminutively less impressive version of the rose bouquet for having a 
    Great Date, it's still a treasure for a job well done and is apparently 
    also an immortal plant that doesn't require water or substance of any form 
    or sort to flourish.
    3.	"Thanks for the Fun" Note
    For having a Good Date, this pink tidy little letter will land in your 
    mail box and be directly deposited to your sims inventory.
    4.	 "Don't Call Me" Note:
    This one's a treasure to me! If you get a lame or bad date, you might just 
    find this in your mail box the next day! I've gotten so many dream date 
    bouquets that I was so happy to find this little golden nugget of hate 
    mail in my sim's mail box one day! The letter is a black note with a red 
    seal on the front, and it apparently smells very badly, as your sim 
    discovers as they receive them. It can't get worst than this though can 
    it? Oh yes it can!
    5.	"Worst Date Ever" Flaming Bag of Poo:
    The ultimate in date hate, if you have a horrible date, your date will 
    sneak onto your lot and light this perpetually burning bag of poo. I mean, 
    I just waited and waited for days for the thing to go out, but it just 
    doesn't seem to stop burning! The bag of hot steamy feces does massive 
    damage to the environment score, and in order to throw it away, one of 
    your sims has to stamp it out and clean it up.
    Other Rewards:
    1.	+1 Cleaning Point: Your sim can randomly receive one cleaning skill 
    point for a successful date. There doesn't seem to be any determining 
    variable, it just happens at random. It might also be possible to get 
    other skill points from dates, but I haven't seen it happen personally, 
    unlike with outings.
    2.	Motive Restoration: Depending on how well your date went, you will get 
    an instant boost to motives as soon as the date ends. A Dream Date can 
    restore about a fifth to all motives, but a horrible date wouldn't 
    really help anything.
    3.	A Random Item from the Buy Catalog: 
    It might be proportional to how well your date went or not, but you can 
    get some great stuff from your date. What will happen is that your date 
    will sneak onto your lot with one of those bottomless inventory bags 
    and deposit the item at your door steps where there is space available. 
    The item seems to be random as well as the actual chance of the event 
    occurring, and they seem to be too various to list. I've seen and heard 
    everything from flower pots to stoves to remote controlled cars to 
    pianos, the only basic rule seems that it has to be able to fit on the 
    ground on your front lawn. You can get some great grub for free this 
    [10] Outings
    Ah, there isn't quite anything like the classic outing where your sim and 
    company can venture from lot to lot, beating down and shooting any rival 
    gangs that get in their way, oops, wrong game. Seriously though, you can 
    assemble gangs together to go and terrorize people using outings, but of 
    course, that's far from what Maxis intended the player to do, although I'm 
    pretty sure some rogue game testers somewhere thought otherwise! 
        [10.01] How to Go On an Outing: When Parties Become Obsolete
    Outings are a cross between the group numbers of parties with the mobility 
    and play mechanics of dates. They also allow you and your sim friends to 
    travel from lot to lot using taxi or car, which equals a very adventurous 
    romp. You can also just stay grounded at home, similar to a regular party. 
    Alright then, similar to what I did with dates, I'm going to talk about how 
    to go on outings first! 
    There are three ways to go on an outing; I will discuss the more conventional 
    way first. New to Nightlife is the group system to make repeated outings with 
    your sim's friends much easier. When your sim uses either a cellular phone or 
    a land phone, they will have the command "Groups" in the menu. When you first 
    choose it, the only option available will be "Manage Groups". This will allow 
    you to assemble groups of multiple people together for outings from people 
    your sim knows.
    Similar to parties, the power of your computer, as determined by what the 
    game detects (If you happen to have an AMD processor like me, it tends to 
    read wrong), is what limits how many people you can have in a single group. 
    The highest I've personally seen is 8 but your results will vary. Groups also 
    include the sim that assembled the group. If you created a group involving 
    other sims you can have control over, as indicated by the diamond on the 
    group creation screen next to the name, that person too will have the group 
    listed when you go to play them. 
    All right then! We're ready for an outing! All you have to do now is pick the 
    either of the two options under "Groups" that are "Invite Over" and "Meet On 
    A Community Lot". These two options will be available if you are calling from 
    home, but you will only be able to summon your group to where you are if you 
    are on a community lot. Be warned in the case of the later, because all your 
    groupies tend not to show up when the community lot is full of townies. There 
    are also two options under the previously mentioned commands, "For an Outing" 
    and "For Fun". The only real different is that "For an Outing" starts the 
    Outing Rating meter where as the "For Fun" one doesn't and can go on 
    basically indefinitely so long as all of the members of the group don't leave 
    or you manually disband it. Your group still follows you around wherever you 
    go, and it's good if you are going out with a group of strangers who would 
    sooner beat the tar out of each other than have fun.
    Finally, onto the second method which I like to call the Katamari Damacy 
    system or perhaps it is better described as the "RPG Party Plot Device 
    System". Basically, it involves you adventuring around, quite possibly from 
    lot to lot and adding new people to your group as you go. In any case, when 
    you click on another sim there will be a command under the "Ask" option, look 
    for the option of "Ask To Join Casual Group". You will start off the outing 
    with a single person, and be able to gather people as you go along. You can 
    also ask people to join your group in any of the other outing situations, as 
    well as ask them to leave.
    Finally, if your sim has some friends or potential contacts in the mix, they 
    may be asked to go downtown over the phone for a group outing. This is 
    probably the worst case scenario if you are looking to have a successful 
    outing, since you don't pick and choose who will be in the group, and there's 
    a good chance that your sim wouldn't be friends with the other members of the 
    group in question. For crying out loud, the people in the group are probably 
    not even friends of the other people in the group, the grouchy ones in 
    particular seem more likely to eat each others faces than to actually bother 
    with something low priority like communication.
    Outings actually somewhat make ordinary parties obsolete, since you actually 
    get rewards and goodies from them and you can call groups much easier than 
    independently invite guests. Of course, this is not to mention that you can 
    bring outings anywhere, from home to downtown community lots. The only 
    downside to outings is that it seems that you don't get a memory for having 
    them, but it's not such a big deal. Parties do however have the benefit of 
    having more frequent variations of wants to satisfy though, and more 
    aspiration types get them more often, so they are still good for when your 
    sim just has to party. Still, parties still use the old text box rating 
    system. I'd like to see them updated in a future expansion pack.
       [10.02] How Outings Work: Trying Not To Make Your Friends Hate You
    Outings have the thermometer rating system almost exactly like dates do, 
    except the names of the levels are different and you will not be able to view 
    any of the other sim's wants or fears. Similar to dates, you start at the 
    middle ranged "So-So" level with three hours, and each time you reach a new 
    level, you get your time extended.
    Disaster: N/A
    Real Drag: N/A
    Boring: N/A
    So-So: 3:00
    Fun: 2:30
    Super: 2:00
    Rockin': 1:30
    The Outing Rating also behaves almost exactly like the dating system, 
    increasing and decreasing with interaction results and wants and fears being 
    fulfilled and the other stray variables mentioned for dating. Many of the 
    strategies that work for dates can be adapted with a little multitasking 
    common sense for outings. The Outing Rating is actually quite a bit tougher 
    to fill up than the Date Rating, as it involves multiple people who may or 
    may not actually like each other. Fortunately, if the other people in the 
    group do like each other, then they will automatically help fill the bar up 
    with each positive interaction. On the flip side, if they are beating each 
    other down into a bloody pulp and continue to assault each other with slaps, 
    shoves and pokes, the outing could easily become an unrecoverable disaster.
    Just like how starting a date makes your sim go into "Date Override" mode, 
    outings have their own "Outing Override" equivalent that focuses on 
    interacting with other members in the group. As you probably can guess, 
    fulfilling these wants in conjunction with having good interactions, and 
    doing it quickly are the keys to rockin' outings. 
    In particular when it comes to increasing or decreasing the outing score is 
    achieving new relationship statuses, like best friends, lovers and enemy. It 
    seems to be a lot more volatile with so many people than on a date where you 
    generally try not to rearrange your partner's face as a rule of thumb. Be 
    very careful with what your guests are doing. It seems to be okay if someone 
    else is pissing them off or attacking them, but if two people in your group 
    irritate or fight with each other, it could be quite painful for the meter. 
    If this becomes the case, click on one of the offenders and select the "Leave 
    Casual Group" command under "Ask" and eject the idiot before he or she causes 
    some major rating damage.
    An important strategy in outings is to focus your attention on people in your 
    group as marked by the smaller diamond over their heads, and if any good 
    friends come strolling by while you're roaming with your group, invite them 
    on board unless they are a mortal enemy of other people in your group.
    Fortunately, unlike dates, other rival hearts in the area wouldn't come and 
    slap the hell out of your sim when they are on an outing automatically, thank 
    goodness. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't string a single 
    romantic interest along with you, in fact, doing so results in a much easier 
    outing. Of course, if you are thinking of stringing along two love interests, 
    you better be extremely careful not to let one see you making out with the 
    other, as I've seen a outing at the Fun rating go straight down to the bottom 
    of the meter at disaster by a sim that was caught cheating, which basically 
    insta-killed the Outing.  
    Similar to dates, outings can be ended at anytime by clicking on your sim and 
    selecting the "End Casual Outing" command. You can also gather your group 
    together into one spot using the "Gather Casual Group".
    Ironically, you can kill off people in your group if you are on a residential 
    lot, and the score doesn't seem to decrease, although killing everyone in 
    your group is pretty much automatic failure. In other related news, if the 
    idea of a vicious gang that goes around getting into fights sounds like an 
    interesting story bit to you, you can very well do that with outings. It 
    seems that your own sim can get away with fighting people not in the group 
    during an outing and get away without hurting the rating. The same case 
    applies when you influence your groupies to fight other expendable townies; 
    at least this seems to be the case most of the time.
    When you are on an outing, you can venture from one lot to another, and it's 
    particularly useful if you have a car, as everyone will squeeze in, taking 
    your party along as you go. Oh yeah, the following sections are in story 
    form. I figured you might be tired of my cold analytical game oriented 
    scrutiny, so I thought I'd have a story time break to help teach the little 
    kiddies about outings!
       [10.03] The Worst Case Scenario: When It Can Always Get Worst
    The following is based on an actual The Sims 2 story:
    It seemed like a simple enough outing for Rally. The local Mr. Big decided to 
    invite her over to an outing with her friends on some cold night that nobody 
    will ever remember. Normally, Rally didn't like invitations, seeing as sims 
    who usually accepted hers have a tendency to oh, die, but since Rally had 
    plans of world domination and to steal Mr. Big's money before tossing him 
    into the incineration room. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
    When Rally arrived at "Yushi's Floating Market" she realized that all of Mr. 
    Big's friends were all a bunch of worthless losers that had faces that looked 
    like they'd be pressed firmly against a George Foreman Grill. There was no 
    way she was going to associate with these decrepit vagrants. Still, Rally 
    wanted to get some goodies from a good outing score, so she did her best to 
    meet the wants and act friendlier than normal, which means she's not trying 
    to kill anyone with boolprop cheats. 
    After playing poker on one of the platforms, Rally noticed that two of Mr. 
    Big's friends were starting to royally piss each other off. After a while, 
    they got into a slapping contest, now that can't be good for the rating. 
    Before Rally got over there to eject one of the idiots with the "Leave Casual 
    Group" command, they finally broke into a fistfight and became enemies on the 
    spot, because apparently they weren't enemies before. This unfortunately 
    completely leveled the Outing Rating, and things were looking pretty hopeless 
    since Rally didn't have any particularly strong friends outside of Mr. Big 
    who was just a casual friend.
    That's when it happened. Rally's best friend and "little sister" Xyni came 
    onto the lot. Had she still been in university, she wouldn't have come to a 
    downtown lot automatically on her own, but since she recently graduated and 
    moved into a cardboard box of a house, she was all good to go. Rally quickly 
    ran over to Xyni and asked her to join her group. After that moment the two 
    completely ignored everyone else and were in a world of there own. Rally was 
    highly considering swinging the other way, you know, to help accelerate the 
    Outing Rating with intimate actions, that's all, but doing so would 
    completely wreck the story continuity, so she stuck to friendly actions. 
    Through satisfying several combo chained wants and high powered interactions 
    and a lot of effort in a little time, the outing finally turned into a 
    Rockin' success!
    Wheel of Morality Says:
    Generally, you should be careful accepting invitations downtown over the 
    phone, they do not work in your advantage and can be rather difficult if you 
    don't have many close friends in the group, and even worst if the people in 
    the group hate each other. You should have at least one close friend during 
    an outing to rely on if things go hideously wrong. Concentrate on getting 
    your Outing Rating as high as possible through interacting positively with 
    this person before moving onto strangers. If there is no one available, find 
    a person with good chemistry, or better yet, if a sim who is friends with 
    yours walks onto the lot, invite them to join the group and work with them 
    for a better outing tomorrow!   
       [10.04] The Omni Outing: When You Have The Attention Span of a Hummingbird
    The following is based on an actual The Sims 2 story experience, like there's 
    even a point to writing this statement:
    There is one thing you should know about Xyni - she's insane. No, it's not 
    because she commands an army of semi-evil zombie slaves that crank out 
    counterfeit money day and night, or the fact that she named her pet cow plant 
    "Moo Moo the Man Eating Plant", and it's not that thing she has for meteor 
    paperweights and pocket caltrops either -- probably. No, it's because Xyni, 
    in her complete utter lack of time management skills has decided to have an 
    outing, a party, and to top it off, a date tonight - all within five hours 
    Xyni called up her best friend and love interest to come to a house party 
    instead of a sports party, since sweaty people whooping the crap out of each 
    other in questionably valid athletic activities while onlookers eat potato 
    chips is out of the question for her, being really poor and living in a 
    cardboard box like house with no TV - or a ceiling for that matter and all 
    that other optional jazz. 
    The reason Xyni only invited one person through the party call is simple, she 
    follows the party call with a call to assemble her favorite group of friends 
    to meet her at the house for an outing! This way, they all take part in the 
    party upon arriving on the lot, and Xyni will only need to ask her best 
    friend to join the outing instead of multiple people! Now, Xyni read the 
    programmer's code, and knows that if she left the lot to go venturing during 
    the outing on a community lot with her entourage of scum and villainy, the 
    party would resume right where it left off when she returned, but she doesn't 
    want to exploit the game's play mechanics - again, so she's going to do it 
    the realistic way. If Xyni ever wanted to take her group away from home 
    though and eat at a fancy diner though, she could very well do it at no 
    additional consequence, since party time ceases when off the residential lot.
    When all of the guests for the party that double as outing members arrive at 
    the house, Xyni asks her best friend to join the outing and since parties and 
    outings are very similar, all positive actions count for both of the events! 
    Wham! Xyni effectively hits two hippopotamuses with one telephone phone! 
    After hugging and greeting all of her long time friends to help brush things 
    up to that beautiful little 100 relationship number, Xyni returns to her love 
    interest and they do some "Payapaya" sending the Outing Score through the 
    Roof Raiser score that the party is enjoying simultaneously, but it's not 
    over yet! While there are still two and a half hours on the clock, Xyni 
    quickly asks her partner for a date, suddenly, the Outing automatically ends 
    as a Rockin' Outing (Although the message wouldn't come up till after the 
    date) and the Date Begins! 
    After some more "Payapaya" on the bed, a little "Payapaya" in the car, a dab 
    of Payapaya in the Photobooth and just a wee bit of "Payapaya" in the love 
    tub, she ends the date as a Dream Date and the party ends shortly there after 
    as well. Xyni has now effectively had a Roof Raiser Party, a Rockin' Outing 
    and a Dream Date all in the time it would take to throw just a normal party 
    or almost half of a regular outing. 
    And they lived happily ever after.
    Wheel of Morality Says:
    You can actually go on a date or an outing at the same time as throwing a 
    party! Since all three events rely heavily on positive social interactions, 
    you are basically getting a three for the price of one plus tax deal. 
    Although you'll have to work the outing and date independently, the dating 
    score can help reinforce the party score. Outings and dates unfortunately 
    cannot be had at the same time for a single sim, so you have to divide them 
    over the duration of the party. Of course, if you wanted extra time since two 
    and a half hours is only about a fourth of a full date or outing, you can 
    always exceed the party time limit. Normally parties make sims force leave 
    automatically when they end, but if they are members of your group or date, 
    they'll stay with you after the party ends. Alternatively, you can always 
    take off for a community lot for more time.
    It is absolutely vital that the sims you invite have a good relationship with 
    your sim. Having a single successful date, outing or party alone might be 
    easy, but having all three rolled into one is a bit more complex, so you want 
    to make sure you're prepared for an epic undertaking like this. I've actually 
    done more complicated, multiple dates and outings between multiple sims 
    running simultaneously while a party is running, but I can feel my computer 
    crying when I start to try things like that, so I don't do it unless it's for 
    the sake of doing it. Actually, it's weird, but you can have two sims start 
    rival outings and steal each other's members into their own group, although 
    two groups cannot be merged by asking the leader to join.
       [10.05] Goodies and Grief: Grief not included
    There aren't clear cut rewards for successful outings every time you have 
    them, although you might randomly receive the following if you are lucky.
    1.	+1 Skill Point: 
    Like dates, you can gain skill points by having a successful outing, 
    although it seems completely random. I've personally seen cleaning, 
    creativity, charisma, body, cooking and mechanical points added this way, 
    the last remaining skill, Logic, can most likely also be gained this way 
    as well. It should also be noted that you can still get points this way 
    even if you have a high level 9 in a respected skill, which makes for a 
    very easy point when you're that far along in skill development. Oh yeah, 
    the game generally tells you something along the lines that the reason 
    that you got the skill point was that your sim was around other sims with 
    the quality in the outing. In my experience, this doesn't seem to be true; 
    it appears to be completely random in fact. Any controllable sim in the 
    group has the opportunity to gain a skill point after it ends well, making 
    including other members of your household in the group very useful!
    2.	A Random Object From The Buy Catalog: 
    Just like with dates as well, a sim from your outing can sneak onto your 
    lot and deliver some well deserved loot. I've gotten some nice expensive 
    items this way for free, and there's nothing cheaper than for free. I've 
    seen everything from the Soma Audiogeek TK421 Tower System to a 12th 
    Century Song Dynasty Sculpted Vase to a Bust of Tylopoda. It might also 
    just be me, but I think that you can only get objects from good outings if 
    they involved at least one sim that you do not control who will visit your 
    lot to deposit the item. The same seems to be true of dates as well. I'm 
    trying to composite a reliable list of objects, but it seems pretty hard 
    to nail down.
    3.	Motive Restoration:
    For a good outing, you can receive a nice boost to all motives that will 
    help you recover the energy you exerted while trying to keep your 
    "friends" from killing each other.
    4.	Coupon for a Free Meal:
    To tell the truth, I don't know if this is a reward for a successful 
    outing or just a randomly deposited goodie in your mail box. In my 
    experience, it always comes right after a great outing, but the game 
    itself doesn't say anything about it being because of a good outing unlike 
    other rewards. In any case, this coupon is good for one free meal for your 
    sim and his or her guests at a community lot restaurant! The coupon is 
    definitely a nice little treat, so order some really expensive stuff, 
    I have also heard that you can get promotions for your sim's job from 
    outings as well, although I have yet to see this happen myself. It woud 
    also seem that there aren't any particular negative penalties for doing 
    extremely bad on an outing other than a few harsh automated words.
    Also, similar to how you can take advantage of dates to increase motives, 
    aspiration and increase skills in the style of "Machinegun Dating", you 
    can also do "Machinegun Outings" to restore motives to an entire group of 
    people who live in your sim's household and who have great relationships 
    with each other, as well as the chance to also pick up some spare skill 
    points. Machinegun Outings aren't as executable as Machinegun Dating due 
    to the rating thermometer being harder to fill, but they do cover more 
    sims at the same time, and can be multitasked with other activities, 
    making them a very worth consideration.
    Chapter 4: Vampires
    [11] Going Vampire
    One of the most notorious features about The Sims 2: Nightlife that fans have 
    been waiting from the sidelines for and debated ever since that little 
    preview that came with The Sims 2: University was seen is now here! Vampires 
    are the newest "alternative lifeform" to be added to The Sims 2 universe and 
    are far different in play compared to normal sims than both aliens and 
    zombies combined! Of course, big time fans of vampires will notice a few 
    differences from the legend, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a life 
    shrouded in arguably comical darkness. 
       [11.01] Becoming a Vampire: When You Don't Intend To Work on Your Tan
    There are three ways to get your first vampire sim, although they basically 
    both involve the Grand Vampires that roam the community lots at nighttime 
    downtown. There are two Grand Vampires at any given downtown, although it's 
    also possible that there are two sets of them by default, either way, you 
    have the Count and Countessa, which I'm starting to wonder if is even a real 
    The Count wears a unique black "Dracula" like suit with a gold medallion 
    while the Countessa wears a distinctive red long dress, and tends to wear the 
    hair style that came with Nightlife with the jewel piece. You will also 
    recognize them by their pale skin color, fangs, red eyes and the way they 
    walk with their arm covering their face stalking the night. Yup, they're 
    pretty evil and aren't very good at hiding it. It might seem that they are 
    very rare at first, but they seem to appear more frequently after you meet 
    them for the first time, although it might just be a psychological thing. Oh 
    yeah, vampires tend to say "bleh!" a lot, it's one of Maxis' running jokes 
    with a little bit of Hollywood folklore interpretation tossed in. I miss the 
    days when people actually feared vampires, not that I would know anything 
    about that.
    Speaking of fear, if you have no intention of having your sim become a 
    vampire, you would do well to not have them befriend the Count or Countessa, 
    as once they reach about the best friend mark with 50 daily and 50 lifetime 
    relationship, the Count or Countessa will most likely start to have the 
    munchies for your sim's neck, and you can guess how that'll turn out. This is 
    especially true if they have naturally good chemistry with the vampires, and 
    can be bitten even earlier than that. As a matter of fact, I've had an almost 
    complete stranger in one of my households get bitten this way. Just keep a 
    watchful eye and get ready to cancel the action to be bitten if it pops up. 
    It should also be noted that the Count and Countessa are unique in their 
    automatic response to bite a sim. That is to say that other NPC sims turned 
    vampire don't seem to do it nearly as often. To tell the truth, although I 
    hear of it frequently, I have yet to see a non-controllable vampire outside 
    of the Grand Vampires bite a sim personally, and I've turned entire 
    neighborhoods into vampire stomping grounds, invited like eight of them to a 
    single normal sim's house for eight hours and not get a single bite, whereas 
    I've had several occasions where I invited only a Count or a Countessa over 
    and got a relatively immediate bite. It also seems that your own controlled 
    vampires will bite necks automatically if you turn freewill on as well and 
    let them act on your own, which is generally not a good thing, since if you 
    wanted them to bite, you would have made them do so manually.
    On the flip side of not getting bitten, if you want your sim to become a 
    vampire, befriend the Count and Countessa at all costs! They might be a 
    little hard to find, since they only come out at night on community lots and 
    run away at 6:00am due to the sunlight, unless they get occupied by something 
    addictive like poker. I'm not joking about the poker bit, although it happens 
    with activities as well, vampires can become distracted before realizing they 
    are starting to sizzle, then run away. This happens a lot when you've turned 
    a fair share of the neighborhood to the dark side and there are vampires left 
    and right. Oh yeah, speaking of vampires running away during the daylight, be 
    very careful if you are dating a vampire or have one as a member of your 
    outing group, as if the sun rises, they'll run away and instantly end the 
    date, likewise, if you bring them home and the sun is shining when you last 
    left it, your date will burn and run. Basically, the sun makes vampires 
    cancel whatever action they are doing and take off for their crypt, so be 
    careful about dealing with them when daylight is about to break, especially 
    in dating and cases where you use influence on them to do something like 
    writing your term paper. On a positive note, you can also use the difference 
    in time between community lots and residential lots to extend a vampire date 
    if you left your home at night time when meeting your date on the community 
    lot, and proceed to return home when daylight breaks, since you'll be 
    returning to a night atmosphere instead of to a vampire sizzling sun.
    You might be able to take a shortcut to the Grand Vampire of your dreams if 
    you use the Matchmaker to find your undead date. If you have a pleasure 
    seeker sim with a turn on for vampirism, you have a good chance of meeting a 
    Count or Countessa if you pay the Matchmaker top dollar. Likewise if your sim 
    is a perfect opposite, you can pay her minimum wage and take your chances. Of 
    course, this works best before half of the neighborhood conveniently goes 
    vamp, but by then, you wouldn't really need the Grand Vampires for turning 
    anymore. Regarding the Count and Countessa, they seem to always be pleasure 
    seeking sims with Professional Party Guess jobs, their other traits tend to 
    be somewhat random. Either way, make sure you do it at night, or your date 
    might run off with a really nasty sun tan. In related news, there are times 
    when vampires just don't know any better, such as when a vampire friend comes 
    home from work or school with your sim, and immediately runs off, or when a 
    sim asks if they can bring a friend a long, and it turns out to be a vampire.
    Once you get the Count or Countess to a reasonable level of friendship, 
    invite them to your sim's residence at night, turn freewill off for your sim 
    so they aren't doing anything, and hopefully the vamp will give your sim the 
    chomp. This is the first method to getting a vampire, and generally the one 
    most players experience first in Nightlife. The only thing is that it can be 
    a bit annoying to be at the mercy of the computer's "Freewill" to get your 
    sim bitten. In my case, I had the "designated vampire" of my neighborhood be 
    bitten on my first try while on her first date with a Countessa, but there 
    are a lot of stories of people getting royally pissed that their sim is not 
    getting bitten. In my experience, your chances of getting bitten on 
    residential lots seem to be much higher, and at the very least, it's a 
    controllable environment where you can save if things don't go right.
    The second method is similar to the first in involving the Count and 
    Countessa, but seems to work better in general and more reliably. Unlike the 
    first method that involved developing a close friendship and waiting to be 
    bitten, this method involves using influence on a Count or Countessa to bite 
    another sim. Now, you might be thinking that since the sim in question and 
    the Count and Countessa don't exactly know each other, the chance of their 
    bite working is slim, but it seems surprisingly reliable in its success rate. 
    This seems to be an exclusive ability to the Grand Vampires, that is to say 
    they have a significantly higher success rate of biting necks when influenced 
    compared to ordinary turned vampires. As a matter of fact, I hate to say 
    anything is guaranteed, but I've had sims that absolutely hated a Countessa's 
    guts with around -100 daily and lifetime relationship, and the bite still 
    worked! In other related news, I had the same Countessa bite like four 
    different complete strangers on a community lot, and a Matchmaker to boot, 
    and she landed every one of them! Of course, Counts and Countessa's lose this 
    ability when they move in and become controllable, so you might want to keep 
    them as NPCs, even though they'll be replaced. In the end, you have to get a 
    sim that acts as an in between man that knows a Count or Countess and the sim 
    who you want to become a vampire, get them both on the same lot, and 
    influence the Count or the Countessa to bite them. With a little luck, this 
    should do the trick and you'll have your first new vampire.
    Now then, onto the third method for getting a vampire, you must build up your 
    relationship with a Grand Vampire and ask them to move in or marry them. 
    They'll bring a hefty 50,380 or so simoleans into your coffers and give you 
    the player control over a vampire lord to start your own cute little batty 
    clan, which may or may not tolerate drinking blood from sewer rats. 
    Alternatively, you can kill them and resurrect them with the Resurrect o' 
    Nomitron under your control, but the first way is much easier and rewarding. 
    Oh yeah, in the case that you want to pull a "Buffy" and slay a few vampires, 
    they seem to have the ability to teleport out of your lot with a puff of 
    smoke if they are trapped in a room when the sunlight comes out, so you might 
    have to resort to a more conventional form of divine delivery to finish them 
    off, like drowning or a cow plant.
    After you get your first vampire, spreading the love is much easier to do, 
    since you can now have your new vampire turn other sims on your command once 
    they reach a healthy enough relationship. Vampires can screw up their bite 
    attempt though, with hilarious results. The "Bite Neck" command is also 
    affected by chemistry, so you can take advantage of sims that share a good 
    compatibility with your vampire to make a quick light snack, the Matchmaker 
    once again is a good source of disposable victims. Strangely enough, and 
    probably a good thing, becoming and being cured of vampirism both leave good 
    memories for your sim behind, as opposed to getting abducted by aliens or 
    getting resurrected as a zombie. This doesn't seem to apply exclusively to 
    knowledge sims like other phenomenon, but to all aspiration types it would 
    seem, despite most sims fearing becoming vampires. Oh yeah, in case you 
    haven't guessed, sims are infinitely more tolerant of different lifeforms 
    than people on our little ball of whirling mud, nobody will really care if 
    your sim is a vampire, zombie, alien, or even a vampire zombie alien with the 
    cheese aspiration who just happens to have had their electrically charred 
    faced rearranged to look like a Picasso by Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic 
    Surgery machine gone wild and has taken on the appearance of death warmed 
    over with the personality of oatmeal. Well, in the case of vampires, the only 
    real discrimination is another sim specifically has a turn on or turn off 
    that coordinates with vampirism.
       [11.02] The Vampire Lifestyle: Bleh, Bleh, Bleh!
    So what is the glamorous vampire lifestyle like? Aside from gaining pale 
    complexion, red eyes, fangs, and a new sim portrait with them looking mighty 
    evil, they also have several new abilities and play differently from other 
    Unlike the classic myths, sim vampires don't have some of the weaknesses that 
    vampires are generally known for. They don't necessarily have to be invited 
    into your house to walk in, they don't need to drink blood to survive and 
    might actually prefer garlic sprinkled spaghetti, and of course, there are no 
    wooden stakes in this game - yet. They also don't burn in water when taking a 
    swim or bath, which is another less common vampire belief, but Vampires still 
    have one weakness, oh, and what a weakness it is! As most everyone knows, 
    vampires hate the sun, they really hate the sun, as a matter of fact, the sun 
    probably hates them too. Whenever a vampire sim is outdoors in the open sun, 
    their motives will decrease as if they were being set on fire. Within a 
    single hour, all of their motives will be in the bloody red, and if they 
    continue to stay in the sun for a few more hours, they'll burn to ashes. In 
    other words, "Run! Run! Before you are well done!" Indoors, vampire's motives 
    still drain faster than a regular living sim's and it becomes very difficult 
    to maintain them. If you are wondering if taking down the windows and lights 
    helps prevent vampire motive drain indoors, it really doesn't seem to; their 
    motive drain is pretty much constant wherever they go indoors. Vampires also 
    seem to have the inability to faint when their energy zeroes out, but they 
    sure will complain about being tired a lot.
    Fortunately, to solve our Vampire's day life problems, Nightlife introduces a 
    nice spiffy little coffin bed called the "Deep Sleeper by Igor and Sons". 
    Aside from potentially being used to kill other sims, the coffin will freeze 
    your vampire sim's motives and restore their energy. Other sims are actually 
    able to sleep in coffins, as a matter of fact, even little kids, but they 
    wouldn't have the same static motive benefit as vampires. Vampires also have 
    a much more spectacular entrance into their coffin, complete with mist, sound 
    effects and all that jazz. The coffin also cannot be used for woohoo, its way 
    too small. You can however, have your sim peek or dare someone else to peek 
    at the coffin and scare the living daylights out of them. 
    There are two reactions to peeking at a vampire sleeping inside a coffin; it 
    depends on how much energy your vampire has. If your vampire has low energy, 
    the sim viewing the vampire will get shivers down their spine. On the other 
    hand, if the vampire sim has almost full energy, they will leap out and scare 
    the holy Hell out of the sim. This is a very similar effect to when ghosts 
    scare sims, as a matter of fact, if the sim that peak's motives are low 
    enough, they can die from fright!
    Now that we're done talking about the horrors of the vampire day life, onto 
    the good stuff! Vampires don't have to worry about motive deterioration at 
    night! Of course, the Environment score is still directly related to your 
    sim's immediate area and not be effected, but all other motives will not 
    decrease normally, keep in mind though that objects and activities that 
    normally sap motives will still be in effect though, such as using an 
    exercise machine drains hygiene or being scared by a ghost drains all around 
    motives, but without the natural decrease, it'll barely count as a problem, 
    unless they come across something a little troublesome, like being lit on 
    fire or sticking their finger into an electric socket.
    Your vampire sim can pretty much party the entire night away without having 
    to worry about trivial things like going to the toilet or eating, but if they 
    want to restore their motives; they still can do so with no natural decrease 
    to counteract the increase! Of course, the night doesn't last forever. 
    Nighttime lasts exactly from 7:00pm to 7:00am, so you better get your vampire 
    running home before the sun rises! Although it should be noted that sims, 
    including vampires can't die on community lots, but they sure can if they go 
    home and their motives are too low for them to take six steps to their front 
    door in the sunlight and another seven to their coffin. For this reason, it's 
    important to build a garage for your vampire's car so that they will be 
    exposed to as little sunlight as possible when coming home during the day, 
    and make sure you put the room with their coffin close to it! 
    Oh yeah, you are probably wondering, if your sim is constantly getting French 
    fried in sunlight, and I don't mean the detergent, how are you going to get 
    them to work or class? Outside of the pains of stepping out into the daylight 
    to get to their car and off the lot, vampire's motives don't seem to decrease 
    particularly that rapidly when off the lot, they'll still be in a bit of a 
    pinch if they return during the daytime. Still, it can be difficult to have 
    your vampire in a good mood when a few minutes of sun sucks the death out of 
    them, so have an Enigmatic Energizer around. Also, if you are able to get 
    them to platinum mood before work, it could easily be their saving grace for 
    getting that promotion. Young Adult vampires have it a bit hard though, since 
    the times of their classes are all over the place for each semester and they 
    actually walk to class instead of take a car. The best you can do in this 
    case is have them run or fly out to the edge of the lot where they normally 
    walk off to and have them go to class manually, at the very least, it'll 
    minimize the damage.
    Vampirism is not genetic, if two vampires have a kid, he'll be perfectly 
    normal. Strange that vampires can even have kids, being all moldy and dead 
    and all, but that's how it works. Having kids is one distinct advantage 
    vampires have over the distinctively inferior walking shambles that are 
    zombies. As a matter of fact, except for their weakness to sunlight, vampires 
    are superior to zombies in every way; they even have the gift of not aging 
    just like zombies! Also like zombies though, the youngest a vampire can be is 
    a teenager, since the "Bite Neck" command will not be available when 
    interacting with children. Vampires can also pick up the Undead Scholarship 
    for university, exactly the same one that Zombies can pick up. This is a lot 
    better, because unlike being a zombie, being a vampire isn't permanent.
    An NPC vampire's daily schedule is virtually the opposite from a living 
    sim's, although they ultimately clock less hours since normal sims can be 
    called up and invited from 7:00 in the morning to 12:00 at midnight, giving 
    them a total of 17 hours, along with more tolerance for the late hours. 
    Vampires only get 12 hours from night to day. If you try and call a vampire 
    up during the day time, they'll refuse to comply and tell you that the sun is 
    just slightly too bright for them, minus the slightly part. However, vampires 
    are perfectly available during the nighttime. Due to the fact that vampire's 
    schedules are so utterly different from regular sims, it is wise to group 
    them or invite them separately from other sims, otherwise their times might 
    clash and they'll ride away into sunrise.
       [11.03] Special Abilities: More Than Just Bleh!
    Unlike their pathetic undead cousins the zombies, vampires actually get some 
    pretty good abilities and less of the annoying defects. Of course, you 
    probably all know about their "Bite Neck" command that allows them to 
    mesmerize a living sim before sinking their teeth into them, but they have a 
    few other exclusive moves as well.
    First of all, vampires gain two new move commands! First, they can transform 
    into a bat and fly! Flying isn't quite as fast as running is; it's actually 
    exactly the same speed as skipping. Unfortunately, it actually doesn't allow 
    your sim to pass over fences, half-walls, lakes or anything else on the 
    ground that common sense would dictate that you can fly over, trust me, I've 
    tried, but it sure does look cool. Flying unfortunately, is still inferior to 
    running, and if your sim has low motives, they might cancel out of it 
    immediately. Fortunately, bat transformed vampire sims can still open doors 
    automatically, that'd be pretty painful otherwise -- "Ka-Splat!"
    The other new move command that vampires get is "Stalk", which is kinda' like 
    a walk, but with more stalk and less talk. Stalking is basically the action I 
    described earlier when the vampire has their arm in front of them to cover 
    their face while sneaking by. It's a basically useless action, being about 
    the same speed as walking, but it sure does look shifty and ominous. It's 
    actually possible to have your sim do a "Stalk Run" where their legs are 
    running but their arm is still in front of their face. This is done similar 
    to how "Go to" walking automatically accelerates into running when the 
    selected sim has to cross large distances and has high energy.
    Vampires have one special effect that many players might not notice at first, 
    their reflections don't appear in mirrors! This is hilarious when your 
    vampire is interacting with a living sim, particularly for activities like 
    "Kicky Bag" or "Leap Into Arms", as there will only be the living partner in 
    the interaction visible.
    Finally, one of my personal favorites is the "Bleh!" command under 
    "Irritate". Depending on who you use it on, the reaction will be different. 
    If a vampire uses it on another vampire, the other vampire will be slightly 
    annoyed and bleh back! On the flip side, if a vampire blehs a non-vampire 
    sim, it will cause them to freak out. If you happen to use "Bleh" when a non-
    vampire sim's bladder is very low, they'll also piss their pants. Strangely 
    enough, after doing this once, their bladder doesn't seem to reset, so you 
    can terrorize a single sim over and over again with "Bleh" and have them do a 
    "Noah's Ark". Fortunately or unfortunately, you can't kill another sim with 
    "Bleh", trust me, I've tried. Even stranger though is that "Bleh" has 
    absolutely no social relationship reaction to it, no pluses or minuses.
    Well, that's it for special abilities; let's talk about the cure next!
       [11.04] Curing Vampirism: Wadda'ya know, it's a life style after all!
    So you've had your fun with your own personal walking and talking embodiment 
    of evil, huh? Do you want to reverse that horrible ailment that's leaving 
    your skin peeling in the light of things? No problem! Unlike virtually every 
    other story involving vampires, killing them with a wooden stake, chopping 
    their head off, filling it with garlic, and smacking it squarely with a five-
    iron into a lake of holy water isn't the answer to curing vampirism here! 
    Nope, the answer is Vamprocillin-D! A potion you can buy from the Matchmaker 
    for 60 simoleans that you vampire sim can drink, and influence others to 
    drink! Sure, striking them a few times with the Belmont family whip would be 
    a better alternative, but you have to make the best of what you got!
    Since the Vamprocillin-D is so cheap and easy to get a hold of, you can 
    actually very well just have one vampire in the household during the day time 
    while all the other vampires in the family drink Vamprocillin-D and walk 
    through the day before voluntarily being bitten again to enjoy the night, 
    repeating the cycle! Aside from the wants and fears related to becoming and 
    being cured of vampirism, this is actually a very handy gameplay tactic! As a 
    matter of fact, it's a good idea to always have your vampire with a bottle of 
    Vamprocillin-D, just in case of emergencies, like when you are out on a date 
    with a living sim that must absolutely go well, and you don't want your 
    vampire to go the way of the Hindenburg.
       [11.05] The Ultimate Vampire: Without Sharp Pointy Impaling Things
    Who doesn't love an omnipotent vampire? Generally in story telling, Vampires 
    come in two categories; those that you can actually respect that possess 
    style, dignity, and enough power to compete with the Energizer Bunny in a 
    marching band, and then those you don't want to be seen in public with due to 
    their irritating cartoon like personality, although Count Chocula is okay in 
    my book. How could anyone with so much chocolaty goodness not be awesome? 
    This part of the guide is dedicated to making the ultimate evil vampire that 
    you can be proud of.
    Although all of the NPC Counts and Countessas in the game are of pleasure 
    seeker aspiration, the ultimate vampire is a knowledge aspiring sim. Why is 
    that? Well, it's simple - knowledge aspiring sims are evil. Sure, Maxis will 
    tell you otherwise, but we know better than that with their constant want to 
    see dead people and bring back zombies n' stuff. 
    If a knowledge sim has become a vampire they'll have specific wants to see 
    other sims, most likely with high relationships as vampires, along with the 
    usual "Bite Neck" want. Along with that, they'll actually have fears of being 
    cured of vampirism, if that doesn't say that they are dead and loving it, 
    nothing will! They will also gain the want to become a vampire again should 
    they have been cured, "accidentally". Of course, you can still be very 
    successful with vampires of other aspirations, a grilled cheese sandwich 
    vampire in particular would be hilarious, but since you want your sim to be a 
    vampire in the first place, you might as well take advantage of their dark 
    nature, otherwise you're better off forging a perfect "ordinary" sim like 
    what my other FAQ recommends. The type of vampire this part of the FAQ is 
    aiming for is one who can easily soak in the occult and turn the majority of 
    the neighborhood to the undead underside of things.
    Unfortunately, it seems that knowledge aspiring sims have wants from all over 
    the board, especially if they have already witnessed aliens and zombies, as 
    they probably have the biggest palette of possible wants of all the 
    aspirations, so it can be a bit difficult to bring up the ones you want 
    related to vampirism up on demand. Since this is the case, it's good to rely 
    on other ones based on the occult, such as seeing ghosts or bringing back 
    zombies, along with more normal ones like going on dates. An additional great 
    help to the limited want palette is to have the university graduation boost 
    that adds two want slots and an extra lock. 
    One of the greatest forms of aspiration income that knowledge sims can thrive 
    on is seeing ghosts. You might have seen your sim get scared here or then, 
    and thought that getting scared by a ghost is a relatively rare thing, well 
    it's not if you know how to manufacture a cesspool of death and damnation! 
    Normally, you might be used to your casual family ghost, or the neutral paper 
    boy that you accidentally lit on fire ghost, but nothing compares in sheer 
    scaring ratio to that of an extremely pissed off ghost with utter contempt 
    for the sim who's lot their grave dwells in. Ghosts that have a particular 
    hatred towards a living sim on the lot they are on will be far more likely to 
    scare them, resulting in big points for satisfying the "See a ghost" want 
    multiple times with surprising frequency. It's a very lucrative way for your 
    knowledge sim vampire to get aspiration points, granted they don't die in the 
    process from fright that results if a sim is scared with low motives. 
    If you have a dozen or do dead sims who were mortal enemies of your vampire 
    sim buried on your lot, it's not uncommon that they'll at least try to scare 
    you several times a night, sometimes your sim might get scared three times in 
    a roll by different ghosts who all hate him or her, satisfying the same "To 
    see ghost" want all three times before the want slots can even fully turn 
    over! Of course, being ridiculously mean to these people before they meet 
    their untimely demise them is also a part of the vampire lifestyle, and the 
    way the gameplays around with knowledge sims, it's actually one of the rare 
    cases where being mean can ultimately benefit a player! The ability with 
    Nightlife to incite fury also makes this process easier than it was in the 
    past, since apparently, even death doesn't cure fury. Vampires also have a 
    particular advantage in this area that ordinary sims do not, and that's their 
    ability to seal off their ordinary motive decrease during the night time. 
    Ghosts still can cause them general motive drain, but it'll be much more 
    difficult for them to kick the bucket, taking around eight or so scares in a 
    roll before risking death by fright.
    Anyhow, back to talking about how to forge your ultimate vampire from the 
    beginning! Ideal vampires should have a specific chemistry and personality, 
    within a threshold of variation. Like romance sims, they'll want to focus on 
    working on chemistry and compatibility so that they will be able to perform a 
    successful bite option as soon as possible. It is recommended that your 
    vampire be under the Sagittarius sign if possible, due to its generally good 
    all round compatibility and lack of any who are really repelled by it. The 
    Taurus zodiac sign is also an okay alternative choice. For vampires, it makes 
    sense to have them be turned on by vampirism, which gives them an automatic 
    boost in chemistry to sims that they turn, which does definitely act as a bit 
    of a side motivation as well as help them get turned into a vampire in the 
    first place. On the flip side, the sims your vampire will be eating for lunch 
    wouldn't be vampires to begin with, so you might opt to have them be turned 
    on to a specific hair color as well, as it is very useful for biting the 
    general population.
    Personality wise, you should try to make your vampire as outgoing as possible 
    so they'll be more socially adept, funny how that works out. You might also 
    what to adjust their nice and grouchy score. In relation to the occult, 
    Knowledge sims have different wants depending on how nice or grouchy they 
    are. Grouchy sims are more akin to making zombies and doing resurrection on 
    the cheap, ideal for your vampire's zombie army. Nice sims on the other hand, 
    are usually content with seeing ghosts and doing full resurrections, more 
    suitable if you simply want that loner vampire who gets the Hell scared out 
    of them every so often a night. Of course, relationship to the dearly 
    departed sim also matters in determining what the evil knowledge sim will 
    want to do to them after they have bounced off the mortal coil, as if they 
    hated them, they will be more than happy to bring them back as a zombie, 
    whereas they will be more merciful with full resurrections if they had 
    actually liked them when they were not so dead. 
    Of all of the personality parameters, the most useful personality detail to 
    take into account is to make sure that your vampire has seven or under points 
    of playfulness. Since vampires can naturally fly, being Active and able to 
    run isn't completely necessary, but it still helps a great deal. Now then, 
    why was it so important that vampire sims have seven and under points of 
    playfulness? Once they gain 3 points of logic, they will be able to meditate. 
    If a sim has over seven points of playfulness they'll lose their ability to 
    meditate, at about nine or so points, gain the ability to juggle, which is 
    really only useful to pleasure seeker sims. 
    Meditation, like with any other sims, makes motives static as long as they 
    are in the transcendental state. Vampires can use this to their advantage, as 
    by meditating, they will not have to return to their coffins during the day. 
    Instead, they can bask in the glow of the warm Tuscan sun without fear of 
    getting dusted. Additionally, after a certain amount of time meditating, a 
    sim will gain the ability to teleport, this is also true with vampires! They 
    might not be able to do much, but they'll at least be able to move around and 
    prepare for when the night comes by warping right next to their carpool or 
    car. Vampires can use meditation on community lots to wait out the day time 
    and party away the night. It seems though that when daylight comes, any 
    action a vampire is doing, meditation included is canceled, so you have to 
    quickly snap your vamp sim back into it before they burn. 
    For when vampires absolutely, positively have to be around during the day 
    time, make sure you have an Enigmatic Energizer up and ready to restore them 
    if things get a little red. Also, it's best to turn off freewill, as there 
    are times when your vampire will walk outside on their own for trivial 
    purposes and get dark roasted. Starting a struggling sims life off as a 
    vampire can be a bit taxing, but it's nothing a little getting used to 
    wouldn't solve. Still, vampires in The Sims 2 can't live on sucking blood 
    alone, they need money.
    So now that you have your vampire, what is the best way to make a living you 
    are probably asking? Well, there are really two choices, get a job or have 
    rich people move in with you that'll double as your personal torture victim. 
    The later I prefer, but first I'll discuss the best final jobs for vampire. 
    Naturally, since vampires thrive on the night, their job should also take 
    place during the night right? It depends on how you look at it actually. 
    Motive decrease isn't completely horrible when your vampire is at work during 
    the day and at least they're off doing something rather than staying dormant 
    in a coffin, as a matter of fact, at some of the top job positions, they'll 
    actually gain motive points instead of lose them and their motive drain will 
    stop as usual when at work as well, but still increase, in which case they 
    can handle pretty much any job as long as they don't fry when getting to 
    their car. Still, it works against their favor to shake and bake in the sun, 
    so ideally you want to give them a night time job. No job is all exclusively 
    night hours throughout its entire career track, but the best case scenario is 
    to have the final position in it be, in which case the best job is naturally 
    the top of the Paranormal career track at Cult Leader. 
    Although you have to get to work when the sun is still out at 6:00pm, the 
    majority of the hours from being a Cult Leader are at night and your sim will 
    come back from work at 3:00am with motives better than when they left the lot 
    and you can snag a Resurrect o' Nomitron on the way up the corporate ladder 
    for all your zombie cranking fun needs as well. Unfortunately, none of top 
    positions of the university exclusive jobs that pay the most in the game take 
    place entirely during the night, so you'll have to make due. Outside of 
    university though, the Mad Scientist, Criminal Mastermind and Professional 
    Party Guest are perfect since they take place entirely at night, and although 
    they pay quite a bit less than the university jobs, they sure are a lot safer 
    for a night stalking blood sucker such as your vampire sim. The Mad Scientist 
    is the Science career, the Criminal Mastermind is in the Criminal career 
    track, and finally, the Professional Party Guest is a job for the Slacker 
    career track, and also what the Grand Vampires have.
    The second way to get some bling whales into your bank account is quite the 
    evil way indeed. Befriend or fall in love with an important and wealthy sim 
    like Mr. Big, the Diva or even another "rival" Grand Vampire and ask them to 
    move in with you. After they give you their hard earned disposable income, 
    it's time for you to dispose of them however you see fit. Don't worry; 
    they'll always be another NPC to replace them that you can exploit, the NPCs 
    in particular always seem to spawn a replacement. It also seems that if you 
    bite any service sim in the game, they'll automatically get a replacement as 
    well, since vampire sims can't stand the sunlight. Of course, you can bite 
    them, kill them off and bring them back as a discount zombie or kill them off 
    entirely and have them hang around as a tormented spirit to satisfy your 
    knowledge sim's various evil wants in the process. Needless to say, this 
    course of action is not for any players who might feel it necessary to 
    exercise their conscience in gaming, but you can't say that it doesn't work. 
    After a while of this, your sim will truly be the most evil being to walk on 
    the streets of Sim City with hoards of zombies and vampire millions to help 
    serve their evil bidding.
    Chapter 5: Meet the People
    [12] New NPCs
    There are several new NPCs added to the roster of The Sims 2: Nightlife that 
    add flavor, and in the case of Mrs. Crumplebottom, torment! 
       [12.01] The Gypsy Matchmaker:
    Matchmakers haven't come along way since the old day, having become virtually 
    extinct in North America and all that jazz. That hasn't stopped these crystal 
    ball shining, respectably aged ladies from coming onto your lot to say hello 
    to your household and offer their potions and services for a price. You know 
    it's a Matchmaker when they wear lots of orange, and lots of makeup, oh yeah, 
    and the crystal ball is a big giveaway.
    You can buy two potions from the Matchmaker, Vamprocillin-D and Love Potion 
    #8.5. Both very useful under the right circumstances, but unfortunately, she 
    wouldn't give you a discount even if you are good friends with her, but you 
    can at least buy them in bulk.
    In addition to selling liquid solutions in a bottle, the Matchmaker can set 
    your sim up for an instant date. Depending on how much you pay her between 1 
    - 5000 simoleans, she'll set you up with a date that matches your 
    compatibility, or completely clashes with it, in the case that you pay her 
    the bare minimum. Upon confirming the transaction, the Matchmaker will summon 
    your date from the heavens to crash land right beside your sim in an untimely 
    matter that would have killed any normal human, and then the date is on with 
    a bang!
    Hey kiddies, do you want your sim to do something stupid and fun with the 
    Matchmaker? No, I don't mean that, well, not all the way to the third base 
    anyway. You know how dates automatically cause romantic interests in the area 
    to come over and reach out and touch your sim with a hand full of slap? Well, 
    if you have your sim get into a loving relationship with the Matchmaker and 
    you ask her to set you up for a date, her hand will hit your sims face only 
    seconds after your current date hits the ground. Needless to say, unless you 
    want to tell a funny story about the crazy Matchmaker's lack of social common 
    sense, don't make your sim fall in love with a Matchmaker, makes for a good 
    laugh or two though.
       [12.02] The Count and Countessa
    The Count and Countessa are the two Grand Vampires that roam the downtown 
    community lots at night; they are your sim's ticket to the mystical journey 
    of vampire splendor. After your sim gets to know them, they will get the 
    possible chance to be bitten by a Grand Vampire and join the undead. You can 
    recognize the Count from his black typical vampire suit. The count's 
    particular suit is actually unique, and you cannot normally buy it on 
    community lots, although there is a similar version to it without the gloves, 
    red inner cape and gold medallion for sale. The Countessa wears a long 
    elegant looking red dress and has a specific hair style with jeweled 
    accessories. You can buy two similar dresses to the one the Countessa wears, 
    but her particular red one seems to be exclusive to her. Both vampires have 
    red eyes, fangs and pale skin, with a very distinctive stalk walk. You'll 
    also recognize them because they have the titles "Count" and "Countessa" 
    before their name and like to say "Bleh" a lot. 
    The Count and Countess are quite rich, when they move in or marry into your 
    sim's household, they will share their 50,380 or so simoleans with them. The 
    Grand Vampires are reliably pleasure seeking sims that work as Professional 
    Party Guests, although their other factors seem to be random.
       [12.03] Mr. Big and the Diva
    Two especially rich sims with the Wealth Aspiration who typically work as 
    Professional Party Guests. They generally come very skilled and if your sim 
    can latch these big spenders into their own household, will contribute a 
    hefty 70,950 simoleans and an inventory full of great items, about nine 
    random objects from the buy catalog and one ReNuYu Port o' Chug. A good deal 
    of townies can also contribute items and money to your household upon moving 
    in, but none quite as bountiful as these two, they are the epitome of gold 
    digger's pay dirt.
    You'll recognize Mr. Big by his smokin' red jacket and typically clean cut 
    appearance and the Diva wears a distinctive black dress with a red scarf 
    around her neck. Although they are best known as "Mr. Big" and the "Diva", 
    these names are actually just labels and you wouldn't actually see them 
    normally in game. The Diva and Mr. Big will appear under a much more normal 
    name, which differs from downtown to downtown as it's basically randomly 
    generated. Like all NPCs, if they should get into a fatal "accident", they'll 
    be conveniently replaced. It seems that both Mr. Big and the Diva have 
    exclusive clothing that you cannot buy, although Mr. Big's smokin' red jacket 
    has a couple of alternately colored versions for purchase, it kinda' looks 
    like a bathrobe come to think of it. The Diva's dress on the other hand seems 
    to be completely unique and stands out in a crowd with the distinctive black 
    cut and red scarf.
    Supposedly, Mr. Big and the Diva are the ultimate dating challenge, but if 
    you play your cards right, they really aren't that much harder to bring over 
    to your sim's side than any other sim. This is especially true if your sim 
    has good chemistry with them. The fact that the two contribute so much money 
    to your sim's household upon moving in gives you very good reason to try and 
    target them if the thought of vile financial exploitation through fake 
    friendliness makes you smile.
       [12.05] The Slobs
    The polar opposite of Mr. Big and the Diva are the slobs. You'll know who 
    they are because they are vile, rude, and have a rather unique way of 
    communicating with their body through fart and belch, more so than even the 
    sloppiest of normal sims. Other than that, you will be able to recognize the 
    two slobs by the clothing they wear. They actually wear PJs, and dirty and 
    tacky ones at that, with heavy emphasis on the dirty part. If you want to 
    know exactly what their clothing looks like, they are the only PJs by default 
    to come with the Nightlife expansion.
    Mr. Slob's PJs have white and red stripes, he also tends to be blonde, as for 
    Ms. Slob, she wears a filthy T-Shirt with what appears to be a bull on it, 
    she also tends to have red hair. Both seem to actually be somewhat skilled, 
    but work as Gas Station Attendants, most likely due to complete utter lack of 
    So just how much money do they contribute to your sim's coffers? 14 whole 
    simoleans, there's not a missing zero there or anything, that's all you 
    really get. They also will come with a ReNuYu Port o' Chug, but that's about 
    it for what they can give you. Naturally, they are free loading pleasure 
    seeker sims, so you might just want to humor them and ask them to move in. It 
    certainly wouldn't be because of the money in this case. Something still has 
    to be said about their incredible ability to fart and belch though.
       [12.06] The DJs
    Every DJ booth on a community lot comes with its own DJ. They wouldn't say 
    much of anything, or even be available to interact with directly for that 
    matter when DJing, but when your sim wants to start spinning records on their 
    own, the active NPC DJ will temporarily leave the booth to allow your sim to 
    work their magic, and go and play some poker or something. There is nothing 
    particularly special about DJs outside of that, although they do wear some 
    pretty spiffy two piece tracksuit like clothing that you can buy from 
    clothing stores.  
    While DJ NPCs, as well as your own sims are scratching away, other 
    controllable sims can request tunes from four different styles, slow, medium, 
    fast and house mix. Other sims can also do the Smustle and dance normally.
       [12.07] The Host
    One of the NPCs actually worth befriending since she or he will give your sim 
    and their buddies a potential discount on their meal, based on the lifetime 
    relationship score, although there is a bit of randomness involved. Although 
    it's a good idea to befriend the host, don't have him or her fall in love 
    with your sim, or any other service sims for that matter unless your sim is 
    intending to actually marry them, as you will often find your dates going 
    through some very awkward moments.
    The host stands patiently at the dining podium at restaurants accepting phone 
    calls and welcoming in customers. They are generally elders, although 
    sometimes you'll find adult hosts as well. Upon greeting you, they will take 
    your sim and their guests to their table where they will begin dining.
    When the meal is done, you can pay the host the bill or skip out on it, in 
    which case the host will try and hunt your sim down like a dog and they will 
    have to survive 45 game minutes or be caught. Getting caught results in a 
    double minus interaction with the host, and your sim has to pay the bill 
    anyway. Hosts cannot be interacted with while at work, so if you want to 
    befriend them, you'll have to call them up and contact them on your own time.
       [12.08] Waiter/Waitress
    Ah the waiter and the waitress, either your best friend or worst enemy, 
    depending on their chance of incompetence in action. Waiters and Waitresses 
    take your sim's order, chat things up and finally bring the food cooked by 
    the Chef to its final destination, which hopefully is your sim's mouth 
    instead of their lap. 
    According to the game itself, increasing your relationship with the waiter or 
    waitress decreases the chances of spilt food, which results in a bad memory 
    but it's hard to tell exactly since the chance of spilt food is relatively 
    rare on its own. When waiters or waitresses are not currently serving food, 
    you can interact with them somewhat normally, minus the more intimate 
    actions, and tip them up to 100 simoleans as well.
       [12.09] The Chef
    Ah, the wonderful Chef of the dining establishment that literally makes meals 
    at record speed. The chef is simply there to make meals for your sim, no more 
    and no less. There are no interactions you can do with the Chef while he is 
    on the job, so the chance of you normally having a Chef NPC in your 
    relationship list is slim, however, like other NPCs and service sims, he can 
    sometimes be found wandering downtown community lots or at least passing 
    through on the sidewalk.
       [12.10] Mrs. Crumplebottom
    The legendary Crumplebottom bloodline continues to traumatize sims of all 
    sizes, shapes and colors on community lots with her purse full of socks and 
    knitting gear. If you've followed The Sims games for a long time, there's a 
    good chance you've already familiar with the name and know what the 
    "Crumplebottom" name stands for, which is everything anti "Public Displays of 
    Affection". Basically, that means if two sims get lovey dovey when she's 
    around, she'll come over and beat one of them over the head with her purse.
    So what exactly is it that sim fans have come to love or hate so much about 
    the Crumplebottom name? In the original The Sims: Hot Date, it was Miss 
    Crumplebottom who came to community lots to assault any sims getting their 
    groove on with each other, but due to popular demand, or perhaps the reverse, 
    Maxis has placed her distant relative in The Sims 2: Nightlife who goes by 
    Mrs. Crumplebottom. Apparently, the joys of domestic wifehood haven't made 
    this new one any friendlier.
    Okay then, a brief history of the Crumplebottom familyline! The 
    Crumplebottoms are actually ancestors of the ever popular Goth family that 
    was around since the first game and who still reside by default in 
    Pleasantview. You can actually see the deceased Crumplebottoms' tombstones on 
    the Goth lot and resurrect them with the Resurrect o' Nomitron, but don't 
    expect anything ground breaking to surface, they are basically just empty 
    The oldest known member of the Crumplebottom family was Simon, who married a 
    fine lady by the name of Prudence and grew old together. They had two 
    children before passing away, Agnes and Cornelia. Cornelia went to marry 
    Gunther Goth from a long line of Goths and had Mortimer, Agnes on the other 
    hand, apparently never got married and died in obscurity. As to why she never 
    got married, it is a mystery, but being old and single can't be good for your 
    view on public displays of affection, unlike Cornelia who clearly did get it 
    on with her husband at least once.
    Here's where the theories collide. In Hot Date, it was actually "Miss 
    Crumplebottom" who would come to harass you on the community lots, however, 
    there is an object description that mentions a Mrs. Crumplebottom as the 
    widow of a famous puppeteer. The most likely scenario is that it was either 
    Prudence or Cornelia who was the Mrs. Crumplebottom, and Agnes was the 
    infamous Miss Crumplebottom of morality policing fame. 
    Since Agnes never had children or got married, she's already pretty much 
    ruled out for having descendants, but the strange thing is this, since 
    Cornelia was married to Gunther Goth, all of her descendant's surnames would 
    have been Goth, not Crumplebottom, so where the heck did the new Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom come from? This leaves us with three possibilities. The first 
    possible scenario is that Mrs. Crumplebottom in The Sims 2 is a very, very 
    distance cousin of the original Miss Crumplebottom with a histoty dating way 
    past Simon's, the second one is that she's a clone, the third is that the 
    developers of the game had no idea that she would become such a hilarious 
    running joke and left loopholes the size of the Grand Canyon in the 
    continuity of the Crumplebottom bloodline. Actually, Maxis pretty much said 
    it themselves that Mrs. Crumplebottom is a distant relative, but where's the 
    fun in "official" evidence, other than being true and all that jazz of 
    course. There can be all sorts of other theories, depending on what evidence 
    you choose to believe and which you conveniently ignore, that's why fans are 
    so great right?
    All right, enough of the history lesson. So what exactly is it that Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom does? She beats down any sim in her vicinity with her purse 
    full of socks whenever they perform a "Public Display of Affection" which is 
    basically anything under the kiss, hug or flirt menus. The rule is if it 
    looks like romantic fun, she'll come undone; the old prune just loves to hate 
    lovers. Hahhaa, I remember her terrorizing the Xyni that I had in The Sims, 
    and her remote successor has effectively continued that legacy when I first 
    started playing Nightlife. I wanted Xyni to befriend her, since I'm such a 
    big fan of hers, but nope, she wouldn't have of it. Mrs. Crumplebottom also 
    seems to have an inherent hatred of Swimwear and Underwear as well, and will 
    cause lecture and cause your sim to automatically return to their default 
    everyday outfit if she gets to them. Children also wouldn't have anything to 
    do with her, which is actually pretty smart if you really think about it.
    Nothing good comes out of Mrs. Crumplebottom, if your sim tries to be nice 
    and hug her, or perform any interaction for that matter, she will cancel it 
    out and lecture them for no apparent reason. Getting smacked by Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom's purse also decreases rating scores on dates slightly, and can 
    be a bit annoying when you are strapped for time.
    Mrs. Crumplebottom also does a few surprisingly interesting things despite 
    her decrepit appearance. She drinks juice at the bars like a fish, she bowls 
    like Fred Flintstone and she plays poker like a dog, which is usually 
    actually a pretty good distraction from her lover hunting hobby. Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom also always brings her knitting gear wherever she goes, and 
    occasionally takes the time to work on her latest sock project. Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom also does not act like a typical sim, heck she's not even 
    classified as a regular NPC, as she has no motive meter, and she can spend 
    what seems like an eternity on a community lot and has a black hole of a 
    bladder, meaning she never has to use the washroom despite her age. She 
    specifically seems to be attracted to places with poker, bowling and bars 
    though, so if you want a Crumplebottom free crumple buffer zone, avoid 
    putting those objects on your community lots, although she seems to come 
    anyway if you wait long enough.
    Actually, Mrs. Crumplebottom isn't all bad, she's actually got a bit of a 
    hidden love animal side to her if you know how to play your sim's cards 
    right, and by that, I mean glitch the game to Saskatchewan and back. Read the 
    "Mrs. Crumplebottom Gives Lots of Love" trick for more information.
    Chapter 6: Action Guide
    [13] Special Skills, Commands and Actions
    As you might have read, I am not a fan of copy and paste, comes with the OCD, 
    as a matter of fact, up to this point in the FAQ, everything has been 
    original and especially catered for The Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack. 
    However, due to the multiple e-mails I have received in regards to this 
    section, there is little doubt in my mind that this section on special and 
    unique abilities has become the most popular part of my University FAQ! So to 
    all of you great people asked for more, so I'm giving you more, more, more! 
    It is my pleasure to introduce an updated and expanded version for your 
    viewing pleasure!
    * Updated entry
    ** New Entry
       [13.01]Hidden Skills: 
    Hidden skills are abilities that a sim can improve in that are not a part of 
    the regular skill set necessary for getting jobs and optimizing for majors. 
    Hidden skill levels also cannot normally be revealed to the player other than 
    by close observation of their related actions.
    Requirements: A stereo, jukebox or DJ booth and practice
    Dancing is a hidden skill, but it is best practiced by dancing together with 
    another sim as opposed to dancing solo. A character with high dance skill 
    moves their bodies in more flexible ways with smoother motion and grace, and 
    in particular has the ability to do a quick flipback maneuver. It doesn't 
    really contribute to the game so much in practical essence as visual, but 
    it's good to know that your sim can shake down the dance floor. As a note, 
    despite common belief, dancing does not operate on the ten step level similar 
    to ordinary skill. There are three levels of dancing, low, medium and high. 
    Also of important note is that high dancing skill allows a sim to be able to 
    perform "Bust a' Move".
    As of Nightlife there is a new dance gracing the nightclubs known only as the 
    "Smustle", is it a cross between a shuffle and a hustle or something far more 
    sinister? Well, it sure is awfully funny looking no matter how you think 
    about it. The animation of dancing regularly also seems to have been updated 
    to more clearly display your sim's level of skill, or perhaps the lack 
    thereof would be more accurate statement. Sims will now fall down and forget 
    steps if they are especially untalented in dancing. Dance skill counts for 
    both regular dancing and the Smustle as well, so you don't have to worry 
    about mastering both.
    Dance skill also effects the Slow Dance action, and if a sim has no skill in 
    that area, there is a chance that they will step on the foot of the person 
    they are dancing in, resulting in a small negative drop, and a rather awkward 
    Regarding normal solo dancing, the personality of your sim also has an effect 
    on the standby animation that occurs between each move. Depending on how 
    Outgoing or Shy your sim is, their standby animation will reflect their 
    nature in dance, although they will be able to perform the actual moves 
    equally well. Shy dancers will be very conservative, keeping their hands 
    close to their body and taking small steps. On the flip side, Outgoing sims 
    will flail their arms in the air like they just don't care, and will be much 
    more into the spirit of things.
    Requirements: A pool table and practice
    Pool skill is new in The Sims 2 University and a very useful skill, since 
    sims will occasionally have the desire to hustle another on their want list, 
    and losing sucks. There is also a great scholarship to go with it and it's a 
    great way to make friends, even after you beat their pants off. Speaking of a 
    related subject, the hustle want description says that the option might not 
    appear if the relationship isn't good, but to my experience, I've had sims 
    that were on straight -100 scores for both daily and lifetime relationships 
    that were able to hustle each other without a problem.
    If you watch sims play pool enough, you'll get to recognize the critical shot 
    where if they screw up, the other sim wins. To avoid humiliation before your 
    sim masters their pool skills, get to know what this shot is and be prepared 
    to cancel if they do screw up to avoid unintentionally hitting a Lose Game 
    fear or losing money. The maximum amount of money you can hustle is 150 
    simoleans, but if you have less than that in your funds, you will not be able 
    to wager that much. Additionally, make sure the pool table is a nice wide 
    open space, as frequently, long pool games can be ended abruptly by playing 
    sims bumping into each other. 150 simoleans is not very much in common 
    society, but it is actually quite the chunk of change when you live in 
    The best way to judge a sim's Pool ability is by having them perform trick 
    shots. There are two types of trick shots, cup and xylophone. The former 
    basically has the sim trying to get the ball into a cup, and later has them 
    trying to play a little tune on a toy xylophone and is mighty impressive if 
    they succeed. The game calculates a winner ahead of time by running up the 
    ability of both sims playing. Even master pool players can lose on occasion 
    to novices, but it is fairly rare. 
    Pool, like dancing doesn't operate on the ordinary skill level either, 
    instead, it operates normally on a 0 to 100 score, with trick shots giving 
    two points and full games giving around one to eleven, depending on how long 
    they play and how many other sims they are playing with. In general though, 
    the more time they are actually at the table shooting, the better. The game 
    allows having a pretty much bottom negative score as well, but under normal 
    play, it seems that skill will only go up, win or lose. For this reason, if 
    you are trying to hustle people, make sure to keep your opponents fresh, as I 
    remember the family maid who came over every day to shoot some pool got to 
    become quite the formidable enemy on the table, which I found odd, since 
    normal skills don't seem to improve for computer controlled sims under 
    ordinary circumstances.
    Requirements: An Independent Expression Easel
    Although painting originally relies on creativity, the painting ability has 
    it's own independent parameter that increases with each successful painting 
    completed and it has yet to be determined if there is a limit to how high it 
    can go. Originally, paintings will sell anywhere from 400 to 600 simoleans 
    when a sim first maxes out their creativity skill, however, it will gradually 
    increase the more a sim paints but always randomly varies between a range of 
    200 simoleans. Training this skill is ideal for Fortune and Popularity 
    aspiring sims, as they specifically have a very generous want to sell a 
    masterpiece that gives a 2500 influence point bonus and 6000 aspiration 
    points, so painting frequently becomes a great way to hyper charge their 
    aspiration meters. To meet this want specifically, a sim must sell a painting 
    worth over 500 simoleans fresh off the easel, although it doesn't necessarily 
    mean that it has to be their painting, as you can sell someone else's artwork 
    and get away with it. Paintings also tend to gradually increase in price with 
    Painting seems to be a bottomless skill to build, so if you have a sim who 
    has done it all, this is a great place for them to focus their time until 
    another fun expansion pack comes out. Oh, for the record, it takes about six 
    and a half hours to paint a complete picture from start to finish, and final 
    price is determined upon completion, so you can essentially reload your way 
    to a higher price if you interrupt the painting process, continue it and see 
    if you get a higher price. If your painting didn't turn out as valuable as 
    you would have hoped for, you can always just hang it on a wall.
    Requirements: A Computer
    Similar to the independent skill involved with painting, the value of selling 
    novels does indeed increase with each new completion! Every time your sim 
    finishes writing a novel on a computer, the original base value of the novel 
    increases by a slight amount. Since novels are worth more, the value also 
    increases more per each attempt; however, since novels naturally take about 
    four times as long to write as a masterpiece takes to paint, have a greater 
    range of value fluctuation, and have less valuable aspiration payoffs, 
    pursuing writing over painting is quite the undertaking, as it takes a great 
    deal of time out of your sim's life.
    Similar to the want to paint a masterpiece, popularity and wealth aspiring 
    sims at full creativity can also have a want to write a great novel. In terms 
    of aspiration payoff to time invested ratio, painting a masterpiece is far 
    superior, seeing as how it takes a big meaty 27 hours to write a novel, but 
    once again for that sim who has done everything and has way too much time on 
    their hands, giving them a shot at the good old keyboard and monitor can only 
    help them broaden their horizons.
    In regards to doing homework in elementary school, high school and college, 
    sims have their own independent value for competence in doing homework. It's 
    the same skill for all three however, so the younger you teach them the 
    better, especially since usually all it takes is a single focused session of 
    an older person in the family tutoring the younger to shave time off of all 
    of the homework they'll be doing for the rest of their lives.
    A sim who doesn't know how to study can take up to roughly two hours to do 
    homework, however, a sim who does know how to study can cut that time in 
    half, and the initial period of being taught also speeds up the rate at which 
    homework is done. Additionally, even a sim who knows how to study can cut 
    about 15 minutes off the clock if someone is there to help them. For children 
    and teenagers, the process is basically the same, they bring the homework 
    back to their residence and an elder member of the family can opt to assist 
    them. For university students, it's a bit different; they have to ask another 
    student with a higher GPA to tutor them until they learn the skill of 
    studying, as indicated by the spinning textbook icon when it is activated.
       [13.02]Special Manual Commands:
    Not all sims are able to perform the same repertoire of commands. There are 
    actions that are personality driven, and then there are skill driven 
    commands, then there are unique abilities that require both or have another 
    requirement thrown in for good measures. This section covers some of the 
    lesser known commands that require tricky prerequisites.
    *Meditate, Levitate and Teleportation:
    Requirements: 3 points of logic skill and roughly 31 hours of meditation
    Meditation is a useful technique as it is. After obtaining the requirements, 
    putting a sim in a meditative state allows them to lock their motives so that 
    they cease to plummet. There however, is an additional bonus that comes with 
    the ability to meditate.
    In the original The Sims's expansion Makin' Magic there was a purple magic 
    growth crystal that gave your sims the ability to teleport at will. This 
    ability was incredible and was probably the single biggest improvement a sim 
    could go through and it was incredibly fun to boot, even though you could get 
    busted for using it in public. In The Sims 2, any sim with a playfulness 7* 
    and under can teleport.
    In order to levitate, a sim must first have at least three points of logic to 
    be able to use the meditate command. After meditating for about 19 hours, 
    they will start to levitate in a burst of blue aura. Keep up the good work 
    for 22 more hours and they gain the ability to teleport while in levitation. 
    After going through this initial trial and being able to teleport for the 
    first time, it will then take roughly one hour of mediation to reach 
    levitating state again on sequential executions and at which point, the sub 
    command teleportation will be available for your sim to warp right past any 
    walls, multiple stories up high and basically anywhere on the map you want to 
    go, even if there is no normal way for other sims to get there. Your sim will 
    be able to continue to teleport as many times as they want until meditation 
    is canceled out of.
    Meditation as it is locks all motives and prevents them from decreasing, but 
    important factors, such as age, aspiration level and relationships will still 
    gradually fall, so its usefulness is very limited in university where time is 
    limited. In normal neighborhoods however, teleportation can become very handy 
    outside of university, particularly in community lots, where time is 
    essentially unlimited and where there is an area actually large enough worth 
    teleporting. Teleportation has also become more useful in The Sims 2 
    University, as when you reach a lifetime want, you aspiration stays fixed at 
    platinum, so that takes one of the big disadvantages of meditation out. 
    Levitating zombies also don't have to worry about wasting their precious days 
    away and could actually really use it because their zombie shamble is so 
    ridiculously slow, so if you can get your zombie to teleport, feel free to 
    call him a lich king or something fun and mighty sounding.
    Thanks to The Sims 2: Nightlife, we now actually have someone who can make 
    some actually practical use of meditation and teleportation despite the long 
    startup time. When a vampire meditates during the day, their motives lock 
    just like they do for any other sim, however, this is very useful in their 
    case, especially on community lots, because vampires have incredibly rapid 
    motive deterioration during the daylight, especially when outdoors and 
    exposed to direct sunlight. Since meditation effectively stops the drain of 
    motives for vampires during the day, they will not necessarily have to return 
    home to their coffin to when the sun rises. By using meditation, it is very 
    possible for a vampire to stay at a community lot indefinitely without 
    worrying about fulfilling motives if they move during the night and meditate 
    during the day.
    Requirements: 3 points of body skill
    Yoga takes three points of body skill, but despite what some say, it is not a 
    hidden skill. The ability to perform Yoga is directly proportional to body 
    skill, and at maximum body skill, a sim can stand on their finger on their 
    first time performing yoga. I personally enjoy watching some of the lesser 
    skilled sims screw up though, it is rather entertaining. I personally find 
    Yoga to be one of the very best ways to lose weight, as it doesn't kill 
    hygiene like other forms of exercise, can be performed anywhere, and is 
    surprisingly effective, as active sims derive fun out of it and can invite 
    other sims for a social boost.
    *Yoga on Coffee Table:
    Requirements: 9 points of body and 9 to 10 points of Active personality
    To add that extra cool factor in your yoga oriented sim, you can have them 
    perform yoga while standing on a coffee table, simply by selecting a coffee 
    table and choosing Yoga. Who would have thought that coffee tables in this 
    game weren't completely useless? This actual talent seems to actually some 
    rather strict requirements that I didn't originally notice when I first wrote 
    it up, but it seems that your sim has to be both very active and very skilled 
    with their body to do this.
    Requirements: 9 to 10 points of playful personality
    Available at a whopping 9 to 10 points of playfulness, I am sad to say that 
    juggling seems to be an almost useless skill, especially with the handheld 
    game system which is far more effective at increasing fun. Juggle however 
    does allow a playful sim to invite other sims, playful or not to join. I 
    think it would have been a lot better if it was a hidden skill and when 
    improved, sims could start juggling chainsaws or something, but oh well. It 
    is impossible for a single sim to be able to both juggle and meditate at the 
    same personality state. It should also be noted that while this particular 
    juggle command requires a high playfulness, any sim can juggle bottles out of 
    the fridge or cups out of the espresso machine.
    With the addition of Nightlife, the ability to juggle actually now has a 
    purpose! Pleasure Seeker sims will often have wants to do just that for a 
    small aspiration boost! It still doesn't have the wow factor of meditation 
    and teleport though, although pleasure seekers might find it more practical 
    in actual game play. Oh yes, another thing that Juggle has as an advantage 
    that that Meditate doesn't is that children can do it. Oh, but keep in mind 
    that even non-playful pleasure seeking sims can have the juggling want 
    satisfied by picking the slightly alternative command at a fridge, bar or 
    when serving up coffee.
    Requirements: 6 to 10 points of active personality
    The single most useful special ability in The Sims 2 and an extremely 
    welcomed feature they put in, since the original The Sims was practically 
    crying out for it with both arms. Any sim can run normally if it's over a 
    long distance when they have enough energy or are late, but it takes an 
    active sim to get the ability to run on command. Simply select an empty space 
    and command them to run to it. Running is about three or four times faster 
    than walking, and can save a great deal of time. You especially feel the 
    difference when your sim lives in a huge house or goes to a community lot, 
    and what's better is that they can go up stairs as well. Active sims also 
    seem to have a glitch where they might get into a hyper mode. In this state, 
    they run everywhere automatically they would normally walk and do so 
    hilariously fast, even when doing chores or talking on the phone. I've been 
    trying to find a way to glitch this on command, since it's quite useful, but 
    I yet to figure out exactly how. Under normal circumstances though, running 
    is slightly inconvenient, because you must manually make your sim do it. It 
    is still very handy for shaving time off the clock though, and you get used 
    to it. 
    Since The Sims 2: Nightlife is highly focused on community lots, which will 
    generally be significantly larger in size than residential lots are, the 
    ability to run has become even more important. Running is also extremely 
    useful for skipping out on the bill in restaurants and avoiding the Host, as 
    it is the fastest form of self sufficient traveling, still beating out the 
    vampire's ability to fly. It is also possible for vampires to do a stalk run, 
    by commanding their vampire sim to stalk a long distance with high energy, as 
    opposed to the regular walking speed stalk.
    Requirements: 5 to 10 of playful personality
    Run's slow and stupid looking little brother. Skipping is faster than walking 
    by about twice, but unfortunately, the command disappears if your sim is 
    doing certain activities so you can't always have him or her do it in queue. 
    Skipping is also disabled on stairs so they have to walk up normally. If you 
    are trying to create a lazy sim, skip is the best thing you can give them to 
    compensate for the lack of the ability to run, save for vampire abilities, 
    but for really long foot journeys, teleportation and its one hour warm up 
    might actually be faster.
    Bust A' Move:
    Requirements: High Dancing Skill
    Aside from the fact that it shares the name with one of my favorite video 
    games, Bust A' Move, introduced in The Sims 2 University is the ultimate 
    social interaction outside of romantic actions. It's very fast, has a low 
    chance for rejection if the target's relationship is above 25, increases 2 
    points of lifetime relationship and around 8 of daily relationship. All sims 
    can perform bust a move, fortunately, it ties into one of the hidden skills! 
    In order to be able to use bust a move, you must be first skilled at dancing! 
    It doesn't take long at all either. Just a few hours of dancing together 
    should slap this awesome little jig in your sim's arsenal. If I remember 
    correctly though, it would seem that bust a' move can only be preformed by 
    sims to other sims of equal or greater age, although in university, generally 
    only young adults exist unless invited.
    Play (With Lawn Gnome):
    Requires: A Lawn Gnome and 9 to 10 Playfulness
    Your playful sim takes the lawn gnome for a magical spin through the air and 
    back down to earth and gets a very small boost of fun in return. Seeing as 
    how a sim in the original The Sims could live off building and selling 
    gnomes, along with that fact that they could come to life, water your lawn 
    and kick your sim in the shins, there will always be a special place in my 
    heart for gnomes in the sims universe. Don't kick them.
    Play (With Bathtub)
    Requires: Bathtub and 8 to 10 Playfulness
    Sail the high seas as your sim takes a cue from Spongebob and plays pirate 
    solely by sailing on the wings of their own deluded imagination. Come to 
    think about it, I can't really remember Spongebob playing pirate per say, but 
    he's already done pretty much everything else, so why not? In any case, this 
    can be done with any bath tub, and your sim will get minimal fun in return, 
    it makes for some great pictures, especially if you have two bathtubs facing 
    each other and sims playing in each one.
    *Crank Call:
    Requirements: 0 to 1 points of Nice.
    Crank calling is a surprisingly useful skill and pretty much the only thing 
    good that comes from being grouchy. You might think crank calls useless at 
    first, but they have a very useful purpose. They can provoke a sim, 
    regardless of their relationship to come visit your household regardless of 
    time of day. You can have anyone your sim knows basically pay you a visit at 
    ohhh... four o' clock in the morning, although they might quickly leave saying 
    that it is too late, but they don't particularly seem to be angry about being 
    dragged out of bed in the middle of the morning, so it all balances out. For 
    this reason, having at least one grouchy sim in your household might not be 
    such a bad idea after all when making friends. Oh yeah, Crank Call doesn't 
    work very well when trying to call out vampires to come and fry at your 
    place. If they do manage to show up somehow or another, they'll quickly run 
    off before you can even get a word to them. Surprisingly though, you can 
    invite vampires in bulk to come during the day time by throwing a party, and 
    watch their delayed reaction to figuring out that they are basking in the 
    warm rays of the sun.
    Requirements: 0 to 1 Neatness and a trashcan with contents
    It is time to dig in the thrash like your favorite childhood friend Oscar the 
    Grouch. Salvaging is the most useful skill a sloppy sim can have, but is 
    quite limited. In order for them to do so, have them put some junk in the a 
    trashcan and the salvage option will be available if they are very sloppy 
    sims. When a sim salvages, they find various interesting pieces of trash like 
    cups, dolls and alarm clocks and get small amounts of money for them. 
    Unfortunately, hygiene goes down, way down. Even children can salvage though, 
    which is rather amusing. Unlike what I originally though, a sloppy sim can 
    salvage any garbage can, save logically for the trash compactor, cause that 
    would just be plain suicidal. So if you have an small trash cans in your 
    household, you can engage in a filthy fill filled family activity and dig in.
    Lick Clean (Plate):
    Requirements: 0 to 3 Neatness.
    Licking plates clean is a surprisingly useful skill in a bind if it doesn't 
    happen to churn your stomach into butter watching. It is rather a quick way 
    to make dirty dishes with no more food on them disappear without having to 
    visit the sink or use the dishwasher. There seems to be a bit of trick 
    regarding selection though, you must click on the outer rim of the plate, as 
    for some reason, clicking on the center just brings up the usual clean up 
    Use (Shrub):
    Requirements: Male and have a low bladder. 
    Introducing the only thing male sims have over female sims in this game... 
    well, that and being able to get impregnated by aliens. If you have a bush or 
    a shrub and your sim has got to take a leak, then feel free to give Mother 
    Nature's toilet a whiz. Predictably, your sims aim wouldn't always be tried 
    and true, and puddles will form, resulting in weeds. Apparently, even very 
    neat sims can do this, but sloppy ones do it automatically.
    *Kick (Tombstone): 
    Requires: A tombstone of a dead sim who is an enemy
    For when death to the infidels isn't enough, you can always add disrespect to 
    death by kicking old enemies grave a couple of times to infuriate the spirit. 
    Oh yeah, kicking tombstones many times is a surprisingly quick and effective 
    way to increase fun. If you choose to mourn over an enemy's grave however, 
    your sim would more likely prefer to laugh and cheer rather than sigh or cry. 
    Certain sims can develop a rather hilarious want to kick a former foes 
    tombstone, as well as a fear in the case that they actually might have liked 
    the dearly departed.
    *Smash (Urn): 
    Requires: An urn of a dead sim who was an enemy
    As bad as kicking the tombstone was, what you can do to an urn is 
    exponentially worst. A sim can effectively finish off a dead sim and their 
    spirit for good by smashing an urn and sweeping up the remains. Tombstones 
    and urns are interchangeable, depending on whether the object is inside or 
    outside, on a table or not.
    Oddly enough, the spilt ashes of a smashed urn can still technically be moved 
    to a graveyard. It also seems that smashing an urn and cleaning up the ashes 
    might actually not be a permanent way to delete a ghost, sometimes it seems 
    to glitch and give them a permanent residence instead. In any case, be 
    careful about playing with the dead.
    On a related note, sims who have extremely spiteful relationships with a 
    deceased sim who is on their lot in urn form can gain a want to specifically 
    smash their urn for a small 500 aspiration point bonus. I've seen knowledge 
    sims in particular have this want, but it's possible that other aspiration 
    types can gain it as well. Sims can also develop a fear towards getting a 
    loved one's urn smashed, I mean, who wouldn't?
    Sleep On Floor:
    Requirements: Member of a Greek House in University.
    Essentially having the exact effect as fainting, members of Greek House that 
    require sleep can do so on the floor where things like fluffy pillows and 
    warm blankets wouldn't get in the way. This option will only be available if 
    your sim requires sleep, similar to how sleep options don't appear when you 
    click on beds if your sim is already well rested. Not many good things can 
    come out of sleeping on the floor, as it drains comfort and is the slowest 
    way for a sim to recover energy by sleep possible, well, aside from being 
    cheap or watching your sims suffer.
    Requirements: Be part of a family and in a really bad mood
    The bane of all marriages that causes almost as much strife and chaos as 
    leaving the toilet seat up, nagging is now an equal opportunity action in The 
    Sims 2 universe and can be done by either women or men in an intimate 
    relationship under a crappy mood. Even teenagers can nag their parents for a 
    nice touch. Nagging, which is located under the Irritate category, has a 
    strong negative impact for a social interaction, but it goes a long way to 
    make the game more realistic.
    **Bad Mouth
    Requirements: A sim who is furious with someone and a person to talk with
    If your sim has become furious with another sim, they can share their 
    distinct hate of them to another sim who at least has a neutral relationship. 
    Just look under the "Talk" category for this realistic shade of social 
    reality. This action has a rather strange effect on relationships. It boost's 
    your sim's relationship by a small positive amount, but the person you talk 
    to gets a double negative relationship decrease. Animation wise, Bad Mouth is 
    very similar to gossip, except you'll see the person being disrespected 
    clearly in a thought bubble.
    **Buy Off For 50 Simoleans: A sim who is furious with your sim
    If you accidentally pissed off another sim for them to be in a furious state 
    who does not live in the same household, then you probably notice their 
    tendency to pull off a "Homestar Runner" and repeatedly walk back and fourth 
    across your lot, adding to the routine the addition of kicking your garbage 
    can down and stealing your newspaper. Using this unique command, you can pay 
    them off with 50 simoleans with the agreement that they will leave you alone.
    Requirements: Available between family members who are Young Adults or Adults
    Although a relatively common command that any sim who is part of a family can 
    do, the ability to groom a fellow family sim deserves special note because it 
    actually restores hygiene, making it special among other social interactions. 
    Grooming can be performed by young adults and adults on younger sims in their 
    family as well, and is a effective way to restore hygiene in a pinch. In 
    order for this command, which is located under "Appreciate" to become 
    available, the target sim's hygiene must not be completely filled. 
    Requirements: None
    A new action that neat sims do on their own rather frequently when freewill 
    is turned on, primping restores a very small amount of hygiene and is similar 
    to Groom, except a sim does it to themselves by fixing themselves up with 
    mirror in hand. It seems that for the most part, all mature sims can primp 
    regardless of how neat they are.
    Cheer Up
    Requirements: A friend of a sim in a horrible mood
    If a sim is in a really bad mood, another sim who is in a good relationship 
    with that sim can select the "Cheer Up" command under "Appreciate". Cheering 
    a sim up doesn't seem to have any special effects added to it, but it's 
    guaranteed to work, whereas trying many other social interactions might face 
    Requirements: A negative relationship
    If two sims have gotten off to the wrong start, one of them can apologize to 
    help pave the way back from bitter hatred to tolerable indifference.
    Now with the new furious system in order, you will be seeing a lot more 
    potentially negative relationships than the utopia that was pre-Nightlife. As 
    such, you might find yourself using Apologize quite a bit more often than 
    before. When it is available though, it does a good amount of restoration to 
    the relationship for a single nonromantic action.
    Make/Serve Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Any time of day)
    Requirements: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Aspiration
    Sims with the aspiration for freshly made grilled cheese sandwiches around 
    the clock gain the ability to make them clock regardless of their actual 
    cooking skill level or the time of day.
    Influence to Serve Grilled Cheese Sandwiches:
    Requirements: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Aspiration
    Similar to the cheese sim's usual ability to make grill cheese sandwiches, 
    they are also capable of influencing others to do so regardless of time of 
    day or actual cooking skill for 2500 points.
    Talk About Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
    Requirements: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Aspiration
    A rather amusing concept if you think about it, cheese sims can talk about 
    grilled cheese sandwiches to their sim friends, whether they will actually 
    care or not is a completely different matter. Typically, only sims who share 
    the same passion for warm gooey cheese on toasted wheat will respond 
    favorably about talking about grilled cheese sandwiches. Other sims simply 
    hate talking about them, perhaps due to post grill cheese trauma.
    Talk About Major:
    Requirements: Two young adults in college majoring in the same subject.
    One of the benefits of having two sims specialize in the same major is that 
    they can discuss the subject and both increase their class performance meter 
    slightly under the context of a conversation. Of course, you can also do this 
    with NPC sims, but in general, virtually every townie generated at university 
    has an undeclared major, so it becomes difficult for your young adult sim to 
    relate to the townies after they start following a specific major.
       [13.03] Age Based Interactions
    While the other sections of this ability and command list apply generally to 
    adults and young adults where the majority of a sim's life will be spent, 
    there are some special abilities that sims of other ages can perform that you 
    might miss since they grow so fast.
    Requirements: Teenagers under the same household
    Although not a particularly secret command, it's one that you could play the 
    game for a long time without ever seeing, since they seem to lose it when 
    they grow up. Teenage members of the same household can give each other 
    noogies, but unlike other social interactions, noogies have a very strange 
    effect. The person giving the noogie gets a large boost to their 
    relationship, but the person receiving gets a large hit to their 
    Tell Secret
    Requirements: Child to child
    Telling a secret is the children's equivalent of Gossip, so watch as the 
    little kiddies out there share evil and spiteful rumors about their next door 
    Mary Mack
    Requirements: Child to a child
    Until playing this game, I had no idea what the heck this game was. Located 
    under the play command, you can have two young children play this fun little 
    patty cake like game.
    Cops and Robbers:
    Requirements: Child to a child
    Not to be confused with its politically incorrect cousin "Cowboys and 
    Indians", children can practice enforcing the law with imaginary guns in 
    preparation for the real thing, more less.
    Requirements: Child to a child
    The fundamental game that has resulted in millions of children being 
    ridiculed and which summarizes everything that is wrong with our society can 
    be played at any time when two children get together.
    Nyah Nyah
    Requirements: Child to a child
    If the children aren't on the best of terms, they can tease each other in 
    good old fashion traumatic manner.
    Requirements: Children/toddlers and a puddle
    Children and toddlers can splash in puddles of water, or urine for that 
    matter if you really start to think about it. Toddlers in particular have a 
    tendency to like to play with the toilet and flood the washroom for a quick 
    shallow pool.
    Requirements: A child an older family member on a couch or loveseat
    As opposed to the more mature "Cuddle" command, the snuggle command is a cute 
    and tender way to get your young ones closer to their family roots. Simply 
    have a child sit next to an older sim, be it a sibling, parent or grandparent 
    and if their relationship is high enough, the snuggle command should be 
    available for some family time.
    **Static Shock
    Requirements: A child standing on a rug
    Who would have thought that the seemingly useless rugs introduced in 
    Nightlife for mostly cosmetic purposes would actually serve a very amusing 
    and hard to find purpose! Children who are standing on carpets have the 
    ability to perform the time tested and true prank of charging their little 
    socks up with static by rubbing their feet on the carpet, and then 
    discharging it on a rather shocked sim with hilarious results. Children can 
    also perform this prank with sims who are older, for immature little sims who 
    just want to get even with mommy and daddy for not buying that lovely little 
    teddy bear!
    Most any rug can be used to charge up static, even one tile bathroom mats, so 
    remember parental units, if you want your children to be vengeful pranksters 
    in the terror of your own home, line your floors with fluffy static prone 
    goodness and get ready to fry.
    **"Welcome Back Home!" Friendly Hug
    Requirements: A child with a good relationship with a parent
    The friendly hug is a normal enough move; however, little children in a fair 
    mood and good relationships with their parental unit occasionally come 
    running to their parents when they come home from work and give them a big 
    friendly hug to welcome them home automatically! It's so sweat, and it's 
    definitely a great way to end your sim mother or father's day at the office. 
    It should be noted that as of the latest patch, the override effect of this 
    automatic action is suppose to happen less. Apparently, loving children were 
    starting to get on some player's nerves.
       [13.04]Special Effects:
    Certain sims who have met particular requirements do the same action 
    differently from other sims, as such, they essentially add a special effect 
    to a rather ordinary routine.
    Super Sparkling Cleaning Bubbles:
    Requirements: 9 to 10 Neat
    If you want your sim to cleanse the tyranny of filth from their stoves, 
    toilets and showers with a little more oomph, make sure that they are 
    extremely neat and they will be able to clean with bubbles and sparkles 
    everywhere they go as well as have fun while doing it. Cleaning that almost 
    sentient moss off the toilet isn't so bad now anymore, isn't it? As an 
    additional note for sims who have an incredibly neat personality, they can 
    actually reach a higher state of cleanliness than other sloppier sims can. 
    That is to say that they can opt to clean some objects even if it's just 
    slightly dirty, whereas dirtier sims wouldn't have the option appear.
    **Pee in Shower
    Requirements: 1 to 0 Neat
    For when a quick whiz at the toilet just isn't convenient enough! Extremely 
    sloppy sims get a little bonus when they take a shower in the form of brief 
    relief in their Bladder score. Of course, you never actually get to see them 
    whizzing about their business, but you'll see their Bladder motive be 
    restored. This of course, explains why sloppy sims also tend to leave 
    overflowing floods after taking a shower. The restoration to Bladder does not 
    occur when the sloppy sim is taking a bath, and also only seems to work with 
    single purpose shower stalls, as opposed to dual purpose shower/baths like 
    the Colonial Combocleen by Imperial Plumbing Works.
    Sexy Walk
    Requirement: Romance Sim with platinum mood
    Ah, the legendary sexy walk full of mystery. It'll save the mystery and tell 
    you exactly how to do it. In order to do the Sexy Walk, a sim must have 
    Romance aspiration and be in platinum mood. At that point, command them to 
    perform a romantic or intimate action with another sim, such as flirting or 
    kissing and they will walk quite provocatively to their target. The men will 
    strut there stuff predictably, but it's quite amusing to watch how the women 
    walk with an almost serpent like wobble of the hips, even more so than the 
    regular walk.
    *Super Ultra Happy Back From Work Cheer:
    Requirement: A family aspiring sim who returns back from work to household
    Thanks to several e-mails from fellow sim fans to cross reference my original 
    theory, this move has now been nailed down! The key ingredient to the this 
    action is to have a family aspiring sim with who is at least in a descent 
    mood return home from her job to his or her household! Normally, sims will 
    just return home, and that's it, but family aspiring sims will perform a 
    happy little cheer as they wait for their family to greet them! A sim will 
    open their arms widely in happiness and start celebrating their return in big 
    bold motions to say that they are glad to be back. Kinda' sad how everyone 
    just kinda' sits there and ignores them.
    Requirements: Coffee or Espresso
    To give your sim that nervous wreck look that all of us are so familiar with, 
    have them drink a solid amount of coffee or Espresso and watch as they start 
    to shake and jitter in everything they do This is particularly more fun to 
    watch when they have low aspiration and look even more burned out with just a 
    hint of crazy. In case you were tempted to try, your sims can't overdose on 
    coffee and die, although it would be rather amusing.
    Enter Hot Tub Nude:
    Requirements: About 10 Points of Outgoing
    If your sim is a perfectly outgoing young adult or above, don't be surprised 
    to see them take it all off while going into the hot tub. This of course, can 
    be rather fun to watch and other sims will freak out accordingly, but it 
    would seem that it is actually somewhat counter productive, as when there is 
    a nude sim in a hot tub, teen sims can't join, although it makes pretty good 
    sense in retrospect.
    Go To Toga Party in Underwear
    Requirements: 9-10 Points of Outgoing
    Some sims just seem to rather go closer to commando than go Greek, and if an 
    extremely outgoing sim throws or is invited to a toga party, they might wear 
    just their underwear instead of a full on toga.
    Popularity Factor:
    Requirements: A popularity sim
    It seems that popularity aspiring sims naturally just seem to simply get 
    other sims thinking about them much more frequently than other aspiration 
    types, as indicated with thought balloons with their face in them. It's 
    difficult to evaluate whether this is a factor of platinum mood or not, since 
    the effect is quite subtle, but it's at least worth taking a note of.
    *Friendly Gesture:
    Requirements: An outgoing sim
    Instead of a humble wave, an outgoing sim will point and smile as they pass 
    by other sims that they are friendly with or give a thumbs up. I have also 
    reason to believe that this might be a natural action of popularity sims as 
    well, instead of for outgoing sims in general, but it requires a bit more 
    Bash Alarm Clock
    Requirements: An alarm clock and a sim in a really bad mood
    In recognition of potentially the most evil invention created by man, sims 
    show their respect by bashing it a couple of times with their fists to try 
    and get them to shut up, should they be in quite a horrible mood, as opposed 
    to simply switching them off. As a bit of a note, I highly recommend against 
    relying on alarm clocks in this game, as if you ever really wanted your sims 
    to wake up, doing it yourself is always a more direct approach. Oh yeah, 
    ringing alarm clocks actually also lower environment, so if you want to go 
    ahead and reenact my student film, fill a room full of alarm clocks and laugh 
    as your sims are awoken from their only natural state of happiness and forced 
    to turn off more alarm clocks than they can count before going crazy.
    Shadow Boxing:
    Requirements: A playful sim
    If you leave a playful sim alone with no commands or freewill long enough, 
    they will shadow box for a waiting animation.
    Cross Arms
    Requirements: A serious sim
    If you leave a serious sim long enough without commands or freewill, they 
    will cross their arms and wave side to side in anticipation of your next 
    Lazy Posture:
    Requirements: A lazy sim
    Lazy sims tend to revert to a slouched over posture should you leave them on 
    standby, whereas an active sim will stand upright and ready for action.
    *Clean Self:
    Requirements: A neat or sloppy sim
    Neat sims on standby animation have a tendency to brush themselves off. This 
    doesn't actually increase hygiene or anything, but it's interesting to watch. 
    Sloppy sims on the other hand clean themselves in a more barbaric manner, 
    blowing their nose or checking under their armpits. Also note that now neat 
    sims now also Primp when on standby on freewill, which although takes up a 
    bit of time, restores a small bit of hygiene.
    **Counter Attack Slap or Shove:
    Requirements: 6 and below Nice
    If your sim's personality dictates that they don't like getting a fistful of 
    slap in their face, they can quickly return the favor by slapping or shoving 
    the other sim back for that extra zing their sting. This might not actually 
    be exactly what you'd call a good thing if you are trying to get your sim to 
    embrace something as trivial as the power of friendship, but it does give 
    your sim a little less passive aggressive spine.
    **Counter Attack Poke:
    Requirements: 4 and below Nice
    It takes a relatively grouchier sim to counter attack a tiny little poke, but 
    eh, since you're already returning violent favors with interest, you might as 
    well cover the small returns as well.
    **Cry After Attack:
    5 and above for Poke 
    6 and above for Shove
    5 and below for Slap
    Some sims just don't like the idea of getting whacked upside the head, who 
    wouldn't? Shove and Poke can be bypassed if your sim has grouchy enough 
    personality. In other words, nice sims tend to walk away and cry after an 
    attack whereas grouchy ones tough it out. Surprisingly enough though when it 
    comes to slapping, very nice sims can actually tolerate being slapped, not 
    counter attacking or even crying, talk about turning the other cheek. Crying 
    after an attack can still occur even if the targeted sim counter attacks.
       [13.05]Automatic Commands: Freewill is for the Stupid
    Automatic commands occur naturally when a sim's freewill is on and are 
    normally inaccessible to the player to use on demand. These actions are often 
    preformed by guests and NPCs. Due to the semi-random nature of these events; 
    many of the requirements listed are not exact. And this list is far from 
    Sponge Bath:
    Requirements: A kitchen sink and a very sloppy sim with low hygienic
    One of the most hilarious and shocking actions a sim can perform. When a 
    sloppy sim's hygiene dips well below toleration and they happen to be near by 
    a sink and no shower or bath tub in sight, they will sometimes take it all 
    off and clean themselves in a more manually intensive way. As to be guessed, 
    this automatic action is far from effective compared to ordinary ways to 
    raise hygiene.
    Belch At:
    Requirements: A sloppy sim with a bad relationship
    Normally, sloppy sims belch and fart on their own, but under circumstances, 
    they will use it as a manifestation of their hatred for another sim's 
    existence. The Evil Mascot is particularly fond of doing this.
    Watch Prank
    Requirements: A sim to prank and people to watch
    A fairly standard action, when a sim pulls a prank on another sim, some on 
    lookers will get a nice big laugh out of watching the ensuing humiliation. 
    The reaction actually does vary on the relationship the onlookers have with 
    the prank victim and executioner, and sometimes it can result in a worried 
    look instead of laughing.
    Requirements: A bad relationship
    Although it should belong under the irritate category, this little display of 
    belittling public affection  is quite routine among grouchy sims with a bone 
    to pick and helps to further throw fuel into a bad relationship's fire. I've 
    seem nice sims do it as well however, so it doesn't seem to be particularly 
    personality driven.
    **Laugh out Loud:
    Requirements: Another sim to watch an embarrassing moment
    After doing something stupid and embarrassingly, like dancing like an idiot 
    in front of other sims, they will relate your sim's attempt to express their 
    feelings with song and dance with their attempt to express their own feelings 
    with insult and laughter. There are different degrees of laughing at other 
    sims, you'll be able to tell them apart naturally with your sense of human 
    expressive interpretation.
    Requirements: A sim with a recent positive memory and another sim with 
    nothing better to do and a good relationship.
    Congratulate isn't a particularly noticeable interaction, it's just a simple 
    pat on the shoulder followed by a thumbs up, however, the fact that it can 
    only be done randomly by free will makes it interesting. Originally, I 
    thought that it was a rather rare action, but later I discovered that the 
    reason I didn't see it often was because I'm a control freak who doesn't 
    trust such trivial things as freewill. 
    The Congratulate action occurs when your sim has recently had a good memory 
    and there is another sim around with a good relationship to give them a pat 
    on the back, it also seems to help if they've witnessed it. In a particular 
    scenario, having two sims fall in love with each other in front of a friend 
    or family member warrants congratulations, but I have also heard of reports 
    of congratulations from everything from graduating from university to just 
    meeting a new person, to engagements to making best friends. It seems that 
    just about any positive memory can be congratulated for. In any case, the key 
    factor in the equation is to let freewill take over, as this action seems 
    never to activate for a sim who is constantly being commanded around.
    Requirements: A romance sim and other sims to be around.
    Induced by romance aspiring sims on other sims, an attraction is quick 
    gesture of potentially or romantic interest, albeit it might as very well be 
    the caked tongue of the cow plant if you are familiar with the sole purpose 
    in life of a romance sim. Unfortunately, it gets a little annoying after a 
    while, since it happens quite often if your sim has healthy aspiration and is 
    in a good mood and can occasionally stall actions.
    Play With Fridge:
    Requirements: A very playful sim
    Having your sim spontaneously decide to dance with the fridge is a 
    surprisingly entertaining action to watch. On rare occasions, a fun loving 
    sim will open the doors of a fridge and start swinging on them all while 
    opening and closing them with vigorous passion. Doesn't do much in the way of 
    meeting motives, but it is very fun to watch.
    Visit Campus:
    Requires: Be in a Greek House at university
    Your sim will leave the lot and come back with a box of pizza or a random low 
    quality object from bonsai trees to television sets.
    Get Gnome Back:
    Requires: Lawn Gnome
    I have only heard about this frequently, but have never been lucky enough to 
    see it for myself, unfortunately. Apparently, guests can sometimes steal your 
    lawn gnome, and at a random point in the day, your sim will leave the lot to 
    depart on a magical journey to get it back.
    *Kick Trash Can Over:
    Requirements: A wandering sim who passes your lot with an attitude problem.
    The sim kicks over the big trash can, leaving a huge mess. This would be a 
    good time to get a little revenge with the Sim Vac or using influence. 
    Now since the addition of The Sims 2: Nightlife, this happens much more 
    frequently with furious sims, as a matter of fact, the same sim can come to 
    your lot repeatedly in a single day and kick the can each and every time you 
    try to pick and clean it up. 
    As a strange note, there was one mysterious occasion I experienced where I 
    could actually command a sim to kick over the garbage can manually, and each 
    time she kicked it over, new trash would spill out. I have since yet not been 
    able to reproduce this action however, and when I reloaded my game, the sim 
    was no longer able to perform the action.
    **Steal Newspaper
    Requirements: A grouchy or exponentially furious sim neighbor
    When I first started playing Nightlife, this was the first neighborly 
    greeting I got from the local Mr. Big. Grouchy, or enemy sims seem to do this 
    occasionally, but the furious sims do this all the time every chance they 
    get. As soon as the newspaper is delivered, the thieving sim will sneak onto 
    your lot, grab your newspaper and run as onlookers yell at them. 
    In the case you want sweat revenge for that thief in your life who keeps on 
    taking your newspaper, build an incineration room with fire jets, place the 
    newspaper inside as bait, remove the door from behind the paper them, turn on 
    the jets and chuck in a cheat sofa, voila, missing newspaper problem solved.
    It actually seems that other sims will not steal the newspaper if it is 
    indoors, so if you actually care about getting your morning dose of black, 
    white and read all over media, place it inside the house or a sim's 
    inventory. In the case of the incinerator room bait mentioned above, you 
    actually have to keep at least one segment of wall open for them to be lured 
    in and charred, yes, I am very serious about those who steal my newspaper.
    Requirements: Several
    This happens occasionally when one sim breaks an object while in another 
    sim's presence. Typically, this will happen when a child sim smashes their 
    doll house, but I've seen it happen among adult couples as well in regards to 
    a broken bathtub. Lectures also occur if your child is doing horribly in 
    school, as can be expected. There are apparently also different levels of 
    lecturing, depending on just how severely defective the action of the sim 
    being lectured was. Mrs. Crumplebottom also loves lecturing other sims who 
    try to interact with her, so this will most commonly be your only interaction 
    with her outside of getting clubbed over the head with a purse full of 
    Requirements: When a teen gets caught sneaking out
    If a parent catches a teen trying to sneak out, they will properly catch them 
    and lecture them about the rules of the house. You can cancel this however, 
    and it seems that in families with good relationships, a teen can 
    surprisingly sneak out without anybody throwing a hissy fit. 
    Be Embarrassed:
    Requirements: Performing a very intimate action in front of others
    If two sims in love perform a particularly sexy interaction in front of 
    others, such as a Goose, which is basically a brisk grab of the behind for 
    the uninformed, other sims in the room stand a chance of becoming embarrassed 
    in the "go get a room!" sort of way.
    Requirements: A close family member witnessing a romantic interaction with 
    another family member towards another sim
    The approval/disapprove action is a semi-random reaction that can occur. 
    Sometimes, it happens randomly out of the blue, but more often than not, it 
    happens when a sim witnesses a member of their family romantically 
    interacting with another sim who they may or may not like as their reaction 
    suggests. It's basically a quick nod or shake of the head, but in such 
    obvious cases as a wife catching her hubby cheating on her, you will probably 
    expect a fistful of slap before the nod of disapproval.
    Cold Shower:
    Requirements: A cheap shower and a toilet
    When a sim is taking a shower, have another sim flush the toilet. Now, we all 
    know from general experience what this does. In reaction to the sudden shift 
    in convenience, the sim in the shower will come out exceptionally angry and 
    start poking and yelling at the sim who flushed the toilet
    Wash (Window):
    Requirements: Unknown
    Normally there are no manual actions regarding windows, but occasionally, a 
    sim will go ahead and wash one, even though they are apparently incapable of 
    getting dirty. This might be a factor of a neat personality, but it rarely 
    happens unless your sims live in a house with nothing but windows, so it is 
    hard to tell.
    Look Out (Window)
    Requirements: Unknown
    On rare occasions, a sim will automatically look out the window. Really makes 
    me wonder for what other reasons were windows invented, and I don't mean the 
    Bill Gate's variety either.
    Miss Object:
    Requirements: A debt hungry repo man or a penny pinching you
    If run into debt and the repo man comes over with his magical ray gun to zap 
    some merchandise, your sim may go through a missing animation. Similarly, if 
    a sim had a want to buy a certain object and you fulfilled it, only to take 
    it away again and sell it within the same day, they will come over to the 
    place where the object used to be and sigh.
    **Smells Good
    This action has been around since the core game. Whenever a sim comes within 
    the vicinity of skillfully non-carbonized eatable food, they will have a 
    whiff and acknowledge its greatness in terms of consumption capability. 
    Smells Good has its reverse counterpart "Smells Bad".   
    Be Shocked:
    Requires: Nudity
    This is a hilarious reaction, specifically because of the delay time of which 
    sims usually have it. Your young adult could be playing pool with a naked 
    streaker for hours, then when the match is finally over, finally notice that 
    the guy is naked and freak. Likewise, sims react this way to very outgoing 
    sims who go into the hot tub without anything they weren't born with. You'll 
    also see this happen quite often in your washrooms between sims who aren't 
    romantically in love.
    What's This?
    Requires: Any object on your lot
    When a sim has nothing better to do, they often wander to a random object and 
    start to wonder about the great meaning of the universe behind it. Usually, 
    this occurs when you first buy an object and there are sims around to see it. 
    On several cases, a sim will react either positively or negatively depending 
    on the value of the item. Just like people in real life, sims don't like 
    Witness Abduction:
    Requirements: A sim that is abducted through the telescope and another to 
    When a sim is abducted and there is another sim around to witness it, they 
    will have this reaction. After witnessing an abduction, a sim will start to 
    have wants and fears related to aliens without having to be abducted 
    Return Home
    Requirements: A sim who is abducted
    When a sim is abducted, this is the name of the action that they are doing 
    while off the lot. Who knows, they might be actually torching the mothership 
    down or playing Go Fish as opposed to taking a nap on a cold hard metal slab.
    Welcome Home!
    Requirements: An abducted sim returning and others to watch
    When a sim returns from their magical adventure to outer space and being 
    probed by semi-hostile aliens, other sims watching will cheer and welcome 
    them home. If you also happen to have cut scenes off, this command will also 
    appear if you click on the alien ship, albeit it doesn't seem to do anything.
    Be Shoved (By a random sim who comes running onto your lot):
    Requirements: A telescope to look through in the daytime. 
    If you use a telescope during the daytime, there is a possibility that an 
    angry sim from the neighborhood will come running in and attack your sim, 
    most likely in the form of a shove. Feel free to do this every day to satisfy 
    the stalker in you and follow up with a few crank calls to bring them over to 
    beat up.
    Crack Knuckles:
    Requirements: A sim ready to fight
    If a sim is about to execute an action under the "Fight" category, on 
    occasions they will crack their knuckles in preparation for the assault while 
    the other sim is stalling time doing something like crying.
    Hide Diary
    Requirements: A sim writing a diary and another sim in close proximity
    It's rare to have a sim write in a diary, because it seems to be a slow 
    useless action with barely any increase in motive, however, it is fun to 
    watch sims try and hide their diaries should another sim walk by, this 
    includes babies, service NPCs and even the Grim Reaper.
       [13.06] Object Based Interactions: Use and Abuse
    Although the majority of unique objects in the game are designed to be 
    interacted with by your sims, there are a few interactions that deserve 
    attention for being uncommonly known, or just plain hilarious to watch. 
    Although some of the actions in the previous section involved objects, the 
    ones in this section don't have any more requirements other than possessing 
    the object, but are definitely worth trying out at least once.
    Join LAN Party:
    Requirements Two or more computers on the same lot and an equal number of 
    people to play them
    You can have two or more sims play computer games together if you have one 
    sim start playing a game and have another sim click on another available 
    computer and choose this command. LAN parties increase fun and social at a 
    good rate. This should also be possible to do on community lots.
    **Lay on Back:
    Requirements: A sim who is swimming
    If you click on your sim while they are swimming in a pool, this option will 
    appear. Many players never see this simply because they seldom ever actually 
    click on their own sims when swimming.
    **Play on Couch:
    Requirements: A couch
    Who here hasn't had the wonderful experience of jumping on soft bouncy things 
    when they were a child? To have your sim of all ages play trampoline on the 
    couch like your mom told you over and over again not too or you will DIE, 
    simply click on it and select "Play" when clicking on a couch. It seems that 
    it doesn't matter how playful or serious your sim is, they will be able to do 
    this. The ability to play on couches has always been around since the core 
    game was released, but now it actually has a purpose! Pleasure seeking sims 
    of the playful variety can have a want to do it! As a fun side note, if a sim 
    is playing on the couch next to another sim who is just sitting down, that 
    sim will start to bounce a little bit as well, whether they want to or not.
    **Roast Marshmallow:
    Requirement: A Bonfire or a Fire Jet
    It used to be before Nightlife that you could only do this on the Stack-o-
    Flames Bonfire, but now you can also do it with the Hottcorp Burning 8-R Fire 
    Jet, you can now toast marshmallows from the comfort inside your own home, as 
    opposed to outside it on the front lawn, where it might actually be safe. 
    Pleasure seeking sims also have a coordinated want to roast marshmallows, but 
    be careful or when using the fire jet, because a sim can be thoroughly cooked 
    themselves in the process of toasting their mallow of marsh. Eating 
    marshmallows restores a small bit of hunger, along with regenerating a fair 
    bit of fun. Oh yeah, it seems that sims with incompetent cooking skills have 
    the opportunity to burn their marshmallows in a fiery blaze, always fun to 
    **Add Soap (To Fountain)
    Requirements: A fountain
    This has been around The Sims 2: University, but I figured since I'm already 
    listing a broader range of interesting abilities and actions, I might as well 
    putt it into the hole of information. A rather hilarious action that sims can 
    develop related wants to and have the ability to influence other sims to do, 
    adding soap to an otherwise classic fountain will make it sprinkle and 
    sputter bubbles for several hours as onlookers either come to gasp in horror 
    or laugh their pants off.
    There were originally two fountains in The Sims 2 University that this could 
    be done with, a small one and a ginourmas one, but The Sims 2: Nightlife 
    introduces a more practical upstanding one that can be used as well that only 
    takes two squares of ground space.
    **Pull Prank (With Sprinkler)
    Requirements: A sprinkler
    Ah, water, water everywhere, and who's going to clean it up? Seriously, who 
    here doesn't like to abuse and take advantage of otherwise well designed 
    security and safety measures? If your sim has the mischievous nature to click 
    on a sprinkler and pull a prank, they'll ignite a lighter under it and set it 
    off, gushing water all over the floor. This action can also be influenced, 
    and apparently occasionally also has a want that corresponds with it.
    **Maintain Clock
    Requires: Ol' Grandfather Clock
    Normally with the grandfather clock, all you can do is wind it to keep on 
    running, however, after a certain amount of time, the clock will eventually 
    wear out it's up to your sim and their bag of repair skills to maintain it 
    it. What is particularly interesting about this case though is that if your 
    sim is incompetent and screws up, the entire clock falls apart like cheap 
    shoes in water. I remember this scaring me half to death the first time I saw 
    Open Rear Door:
    Requirements: A criminal who has just been arrested.
    You can actually free burglars who have just been caught by the police right 
    after robbing your house blind. Talk about being benevolent, huh? Doing this 
    however is a bit tricky and the timeframe of opportunity is extremely small. 
    Shortly after the cop arrests the burglar and puts him or her in the police 
    car, he or she will walk back into your house to inform your family of the 
    news. It would seem that the time in which the option on the police car "Open 
    Rear Door" appears only for a brief while if the cop takes long enough to go 
    into the house and talk to one of your sims. From my tests, it usually 
    happens exactly at the time when the cop hands over the compensation or 
    reward money that this elusive command appears.
    After first seeing the "Open Rear Door" command, you can select it to send a 
    sim running to open the door on the cop car and free the prisoner, getting a 
    large double plus relationship bonus. However, you'll also get a large 
    negative towards the cop who arrested the criminal and who will be completely 
    pissed off in the process when they get back to the car and find no one to be 
    in it. From that point on, the sim who freed the burglar should be able to 
    call up either the cop or the burglar and treat them as you would any other 
    sim. Just for the sake of hilarity, try to invite both of them over for a 
    party and see how they react.
    **Smash (Doll House)
    Requirements: Will Lloyd Wright Dollhouse
    Crushing a doll house with your bare feet is a gem of an action from the core 
    game that is definitely worth watching. After all, what Godzilla loving sim 
    wouldn't jump at the pleasure of squishing a miniature embodiment of their 
    own domestic imprisonment? Children and above can all enjoy smashing this 
    lifelike replica of man's favorite domestic abode, although it should be 
    noted that children tend to get a lecture if they do this whereas adults can 
    just brush it off to a middle aged crisis. Oh yeah, only children can 
    actually play with the Doll House, as opposed to the more logical "Must 
    Smash" approach which also boosts up the fun a motive a fair bit.
    **Teddy Bear Fun
    Requirements: Durably Plush Teddy Bear
    Grown ups can talk through the teddy bear for some awkwardly fun trauma with 
    their kids or even total strangers for that the most part, but the fun part 
    comes from children interacting with them. Children, along with the ability 
    to carry them around normally without an inventory, have different ways of 
    playing with the teddy bear depending on their aspiration and mood. If they 
    are in a good mood, they will play happily and gently, whereas if they in a 
    horrible mood, they'll beat it into a pulp, similar to what you see in create 
    a sim mode, but it seems that being nice is not a determining factor.
    **Newspaper Fun
    Requirements: The daily newspaper
    What more fun than can be had with a piece of paper? Along side the logic 
    enhancing crossword puzzle, and obvious little uses, like oh, reading the 
    dang thing or finding a job sims can also opt to fold it into a neat little 
    aerodynamic aero plane and send it for a soar through the sky before 
    recycling it. Just because the people Maxis think too much, there is actually 
    a limit to how many times a sim can throw a paper airplane before it breaks. 
    Sims can also do the crossword puzzle once per each newspaper for a small 
    logic boost.
    I laughed quite whole heartedly the first time I saw a sim use the recycle 
    option, since where I live, recycling is taught thoroughly in school and is 
    somewhat of a great sin to do otherwise. You know, you sort your burnable, 
    paper, plastic, dead sheep and stuff products apart from each other and toss 
    them in a special blue or green box for the fine folks at the recycling 
    center to process. Guess how sims "recycle" their garbage? Yup, they just 
    toss them in the garbage can like most people do. Remember kids, we only have 
    one planet, so let's try not to destroy it before we take over Untitled-
    2394.930 Alpha.
    **Make Over
    Requirements: Cornerstone Variable Vanity
    This object deserves special attention just because of how hard it actually 
    is to find in the buy catalog, and how useful it actually can be. Normally 
    with a normal mirror, all your sim can do is change themselves up, however, 
    with the Cornerstone Variable Vanity, sims can now make over their friends 
    and lovers to fit their needs as well! What this means is that you can make 
    over even service sims who you could not normally have access to unless you 
    asked them to move in directly with you. Do you want that Count in the 
    neighborhood to have a big afro, no problem! With the Cornerstone Variable 
    Vanity, cosmetic humiliation is only a click away!
    In actual practical use, the Cornerstone Variable Vanity is useful for making 
    over sims to fit your sim's turn ons and turn offs to improve chemistry. This 
    item is a bit tough to find it residential catalogs, but can be located under 
    the Miscellaneous section of Surfaces. 
    Watch Television in Bed
    Requirements: A bed with a television in front of it
    Although it makes perfectly good sense to lazy people the world over, a lot 
    of players don't know that sims can enjoy the wonders of telegraphed vision 
    from the comforts of their own bed! Sims don't automatically lay down on bed 
    when they watch television unlike how they automatically sit down on coaches, 
    instead, you have to manually command them to relax on a bed, then have them 
    use the appropriate watch command. Now, if they could only eat in bed they'd 
    be just as lazy as their human counterparts! 
       [13.07] Dining Interactions: Cause Dining Love Smooch Is Evil Incarnate
    Now introduced with The Sims 2: Nightlife are some new interactions that sims 
    can only perform when they are sitting down for a bite! In order to perform 
    most of these actions, having your sims seated on dining chairs in front of a 
    dining table is necessary. Of particular note is to specifically have the 
    dining chair called Jacuster's "Last Stand" Sectional Booth (two of them to 
    be exact next to each other) and sitting side to side to unlock all of the 
    interactions. There a several common interactions, like Blow Kiss, Toast and 
    Caress Hands, but a few deserve special attention for being especially 
    unique. Actions that are exclusive to seated sims are indicated by a chair 
    icon next to the command name. Some of the moves can also only be done when 
    eating, and others, when not eating.
    **Throw Food
    Requirements: Sims eating food, sitting close to each other at dining table 
    with a good relationship.
    In what culture is throwing your food at other people a sign of deep 
    intimacy? Well, I'd imagine the Greeks or Italians or something, but I'm 
    pretty sure the Chinese and Japanese consider it extremely disrespectful. 
    Ignoring that, sims can now officially fling food at each other if their 
    relation is high enough, and what's more is that it is classified as an 
    intimate action! Sims can actually fall fully head over heels with each other 
    by just slinging left over lobster into each other's general direction! 
    Another interesting thing about this move however, is similar to "Peck", it 
    does not make other rival hearts in the area jealous and still can trigger a 
    love relationship. As a bit of irony, Throw Food also seems to be the only 
    dining interaction that adults can do with kids, so I guess you can say that 
    it's an all purpose interaction, it's pretty funny watching a little kid 
    repeatedly assault their mommy with food though and get away with it.
    **Throw Drink (Seated)
    Requirements: Sims sitting close together at dining table with a neutral or 
    worst relationship level
    Okay, someone explain this to me, by reasonable analogy, you'd figure that 
    since throwing food is a loving action, throwing a beverage at someone would 
    also be a very intimate action right? Well, the answer is no, definitely no. 
    If two sims have about a neutral or worst relationship with each other, one 
    can splash the other in the face with cold, icy, reality inspired water while 
    still sitting down and instantly incite fury, very similar to the more 
    conventional "Throw Drink" standing up version. I never get tired of watching 
    "Throw Drink", it's always so funny!
    **Steal Bite:
    Requirements: Sims eating food, sitting close to each other at the dining 
    table with a good relationship
    Located under the Play category, this curious display of self gluttony at the 
    expense of another sim's dinner is a move to be careful of, since it can 
    trigger a crush between the two sims involved. 
    **Feed a Bite
    Requirements: Sims eating food, sitting close to each other at the dining 
    table with a very good relationship
    As opposed to "Steal Bite", "Feed a Bite" is a serious romantic action, 
    although it still doesn't cause other jealous lovers in the area to come and 
    beat down on your sims. Actually, pretty much all seated interactions when 
    actually eating have the ability to dodge the eyes of jealous lovers, 
    including Blow Kiss and Caress which is actually pretty useful for avoiding 
    getting caught outside of dates. With feed a bite, your sim delicately 
    delivers a fork full of food into their potential lover's mouth for a nice 
    **Cuddle (Dining Version)
    Requirements: Sit side to side with lover on Jacuster's "Last Stand" 
    Sectional Booth
    This version of cuddle that apparently can only be done on Jacuster's "Last 
    Stand" Sectional Booth is very different from the normal variation that can 
    be done on loveseats, sofas and other sectional seats. Instead of introducing 
    the regular option of Make Out, Peck and Romantic kisses, this one allows the 
    usual actions that can be done on a diner table, plus two exclusive new ones 
    if the two sims are sitting side by side. You don't absolutely need a dining 
    table to perform this action, but having a dining table in front of the 
    sectional booth will allow for more interaction options. Unlike the normal 
    eating romantic interactions, Cuddle definitely brings on the fury from other 
    loving sims, and so do the other actions that it links into.
    **Love Talk
    Requirements: Sit side to side with a lover on Jacuster's "Last Stand" 
    Sectional Booth in Cuddle mode
    What can be more loving than Love Talk? Well, probably a lot of things, but 
    that's beside the point. Love Talk is a pretty ordinary action outside of its 
    rather strict requirements, but it's another handy tool for a lover's 
    **Hot Smooth
    Requirements: Sit side to side with a lover on Jacuster's "Last Stand" 
    Sectional Booth in Cuddle mode
    Along with "Love Talk" Hot Smooch is the other interaction that can be done 
    on a Jacuster's "Last Stand" Sectional Booth when in Cuddle mode. It's pretty 
    much what it sounds like, a hot smooch. Good for when your sims are too lazy 
    to get up to kiss or after a meal.
    **Dining Love Talk
    Requirements: Sit side to side with a lover on Jacuster's "Last Stand" 
    Sectional Booth in Cuddle mode in a community lot while dining at a 
    restaurant but not eating and coincidentally sitting next to each other under 
    the extremely likely chance that you will not due to your stupid Host
    Introducing the single most difficult interaction to execute in The Sims 2 
    with the least amount of payoff possible, it is my pleasure to present to you 
    the horror that is Dining Love Talk. Dining Love Talk is virtually exactly 
    the same as Love Talk, except the name is different and it must be done on a 
    community lot when dining at a restaurant, but not eating while in Cuddle 
    Mode. The hardest part about this interaction is sitting next to your sim's 
    partner, since there is really no guarantee that they will be seated that way 
    by the Host, unless you designed the restaurant with that in mind by having 
    each table matched only with two Jacuster's "Last Stand" Sectional Booths.
    **Dining Hot Smooch
    Requirements: Why don't you just go sell your soul to Satan already? It's 
    Writing the requirements for this move, which are exactly like the Dining 
    Love Talk makes me wonder to Heaven and back how the heck I found out about 
    it in the first place. As you probably can guess, the Dining Hot Smooch is 
    not any easier than the Dining Love Talk and unless you are lucky or smart in 
    your restaurant designs, you are pretty dang likely never to see it.
    **Surprise Engagement:
    Requirements: Sims sitting close together at a dining table with a loving 
    The Sims 2: Nightlife introduces a new type of way to attach the old ball and 
    chain to your future spouse's leg ahead of time! Now your sims can propose 
    while sitting down at a dining table! Surprise Engagement isn't actually all 
    that much more surprising than the original engagement interaction, though. 
    Actually, I'd have to say that it's a bit less dramatic; not doing that whole 
    kneeling bit that girl's dream of so much. Throwing an engagement ring 
    through your lover's apartment window with a giant rock attached, or slipping 
    it into their red wine and having them go to the hospital for swallowing it, 
    now that's surprising, but eh, this way isn't bad either and with far less 
    sexual harassment potential. It makes a good way to end a date and an 
    alternative to the conventional engagement proposal.
       [13.08]Motive Desperation: What's Your Motivation?
    When a sim has extremely low motives in one area, they will start yelling at 
    the player and this is called a desperation action. All motives have one, but 
    they are basically the same in effect. It is usually what follows immediately 
    after that is interesting to watch.
    Die of Starvation:
    Requirements: Absolute redline on hunger
    Your sim reaches out for one final breathe before crumbling into a fetal 
    position and kicking the can. Wearing the accursed Noodle Soother gone 
    terribly wrong with a side effect is a great way to see this effect early.
    Have An "Accident":
    Requirements: A sim that has completely redlined the bladder meter
    You sim will form a surprisingly clean puddle of water when they had their 
    chance to go but didn't. As an additional note, surrounding sims might laugh 
    at the overloaded bladder victim or try to comfort them, depending on their 
    personality and relationship
    *The Green Stench:
    Requirements: No hygiene left
    When your sim runs low on hygiene, they start to vent a green fume that 
    repels most other sims away. This is actually fairly common should your sims 
    exercise a lot.
    As of The Sims 2: Nightlife, simulated stink has now become a potential turn 
    on or turn off, although why any "normal" person would like the smell of rot 
    and sweat is just a little bit beyond my expertise in human sociology. 
    **Cover Ears from Loud Noise
    Requirements: A helicopter carpool
    If one of your sims travels to and back from work with a helicopter, other 
    sims in the immediate area of the copter will cover their ears and be unable 
    to do anything until the noise has past. A bit annoying, but it's apparently 
    the price sim's pay for stylish aerial mobility.
    Smells Bad: 
    Requirement: A sim with low hygiene or burnt food
    This reaction is a self explanatory reaction to an invasion of nasal nausea. 
    When your sim has low hygiene or has learned how to cook a hot steamy plate 
    of charcoal, any other sims in the area will react with this.
    Be Disgusted:
    Requirements: A bad dirty joke
    If a sim bombs on a dirty joke, the person who they are telling it to will 
    through a motion similar to vomiting. This automatic action also appears 
    under other cases, such as when a sim is sick. 
    Requirements: Morning sickness or food poisoning
    Should your sim come down with food poisoning or morning sickness, you can 
    expect them to run to the local toilet several times to vomit before they 
    recover. After vomiting blue fluid, the toilet will become severely dirty, 
    although if there isn't a toilet around, the floor will have to suffice. 
    There are also other fun ways to vomit, just because it's so refreshing! Sims 
    with low body skill will frequently puke after riding the Electro Dance 
    Sphere and I've heard stories of sims who have drank the night away saying 
    goodbye to breakfast in garbage cans, although I have yet to see it myself.
    Cough and Sneeze:
    Requirements: Flu, Cold or Pneumonia
    If you sim comes down with the above mentioned sicknesses, they will be prone 
    to interrupt their actions with long coughing or sneezing spells.
    Summon the Social Bunny:
    Requirements: Extremely low social motive
    When a sim's social is very low, the social bunny will fall from the heavens 
    ready for a nice big hug... that or you can beat him up. The social bunny is an 
    imaginary being, so when you select other sims, they will not be able to see 
    Requires: A sim that has run out of energy
    A sim, depending on how much space is around them will collapse on the floor 
    or fall asleep standing up looking like they've been hanged, in which case 
    other sims around them will come over to laugh, even if they are just one 
    step away from dying.
    **Fall Asleep In Food
    Requires: A sim who is very low on energy when eating
    A hilarious action that many actually competent players might miss, if you 
    have a sim who is on the verge of fainting start eat away on a plate or bowl 
    set on a table, they might do a face plant into their favorite foods and 
    snooze, slowly recovering energy similar to after fainting, and staying that 
    way until you wake them up. You can also hear smearing sounds as they mash 
    their face around in the mush.
    If another sim is eating at the same table, they may also react to the sim 
    falling asleep by looking somewhat awkwardly from side to side. Strangely 
    enough, they will continue talking to the sleeping sim despite their apparent 
    lack of consciousness.
       [13.09] Aspiration Desperation: Aspire to This!
    Similar to when your sim's motives hit red rock bottom, your sims will also 
    go a little loopy should you deprive them of their hard earned ambition in 
    life. Certain aspirations have particular weaknesses, such as knowledge sims 
    frequently fearing fire, fortune sims fearing the repoman or family sims 
    understandably dreading the return of a zombie sim from the dead. Exploit 
    these fears well, and you will be rewarded with entertainment at the expense 
    the little digital people who put all their faith in you. Oh yeah, just for 
    the record, although Maxis strongly insists that The Sims 2 is a life 
    simulator and encourages players to play the game properly, you will notice 
    by watching the intro sequence that they show almost all of the aspiration 
    desperation animations in sequence. I'm quite sure the animators had a good 
    laugh making them as many of us do watching them. The following occur 
    randomly when your sim almost has full negative aspiration.
    Fortune Aspiration Desperation:
    The financially challenged sim will take out a sign and a mug and start 
    panhandling, most often on the side of the road.
    Knowledge Aspiration Desperation:
    Taking a cue from the movie Cast Away, a desperate knowledge Sim will take 
    out a volley ball with a graduation cap named Prof. von Ball and start 
    talking to him.
    Family Aspiration Desperation:
    Will start to play and love a little baby flour sack, cradling it back and 
    fourth. This one is just depressing folks.
    Romance Aspiration Desperation:
    Romance sims will take out a sponge mop with a paper face and proceed to 
    dance with it. That doesn't seem all that unusual to me to tell the truth.
    Popularity Aspiration Desperation:
    Takes out a cup with a face on it and hands named Cup-Stick Buddy to be their 
    new best friend, seeing as how if you got them to this point, they probably 
    don't have any.
    **Pleasure Seeker Aspiration Desperation:
    I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw this. So what exactly do pleasure 
    seekers do when there is no pleasure in their life? Well, you might be 
    thinking of a lot of things, but in this case, they plop a lamp shade on top 
    of their head with a smiley face on it and start disco dancing to the sound 
    of a different beat in their head, complete with self made sound effects.
    **Grilled Cheese Sandwich Aspiration Desperation:
    Cardboard cheese! Seriously, this is one of the saddest things you'll ever 
    see, I mean, what could be more depressing than going insane because you 
    can't get a single grill cheese sandwich? You'd have to seriously torment 
    your own sims pretty badly to get them this far, but fortunately, every 
    cheese sim carries with them a conveniently drawn grill cheese sandwich on a 
    plank of cardboard that they can whip out and fantasize about when feel down!
    Ultimate Desperation:
    Occurs when the aspiration meter is at its absolute lowest bottom rung on the 
    ladder, and occurs to all aspiration types. Your sim will simply go insane 
    and summon an imaginary psychiatrist that will put them into a hypnotic 
    trance to perform a humiliating impression of an animal before snapping them 
    back to semi-functional normal. Other sims that happen to be around will 
    gesture quite politely that this sim has gone nuts.
       [13.10]When Disaster Strikes: And You Have Popcorn
    By now, you probably know all the ways a sim can die from other FAQs or by 
    accidental exposure. You got your starvation, fire, drowning, electrocution, 
    disease, death by flies, satellite, death by fright, old age and the mighty 
    cow plant, but what you might like to know is how other sims may react to 
    them and other crisis. This section covers various reactions to disaster as 
    well as interesting notes about some of them.
    Watch Fight:
    Requirements: Two sims to fight and others to watch
    Depending on a sim's personality between shy to outgoing, a sim will have two 
    reactions to this. The first is that they will watch intently and the second 
    is that they will run out of the room. Needless to say, everybody loves to 
    watch a fight at other people's expense, and when you have multiple sims who 
    all hate the same person, things can get pretty wild. Sims will also cheer 
    and boo for the sims involved in the fight if they like or hate them and 
    react accordingly to the victor.
    Run Away:
    Requirements: A teenager in a very unhappy family
    Teenage sims can run away should they have exceptionally horrible 
    relationships with their parents and other household occupants. You can sic' 
    the cops on them to bring them back though, although it might not always 
    work, particularly after 24 hours.
    Requirements: Low mechanical skill when repairing a complex object
    For when you want to light up that special sim in your life, there are very 
    few literal substitutes to just plain and simple electrocution which can 
    happen randomly, but most frequently when your sim has very little mechanical 
    skill, in which case repairing something like a garbage compactor or 
    dishwasher is just plain suicidal. Electrocution is also interesting in that 
    if your sim survives, they'll have a unique appearance of having spiky 
    electrified hair and be blacked out all over their body. This can be easily 
    remedied by a clothing change at a wardrobe or a trip to the showers, but 
    it's so ridiculously funny looking, that you might just want to keep it 
    anyway. It looks especially hilarious on zombie sims, making them look even 
    more dead, if that's even technically possible. Electrocution also has the 
    negative effect of making your sim lose skill points as well as a pretty 
    hefty motive drain in all areas except environment and a naturally negative 
    memory. Oh yeah, in case you haven't figured it out already, electrocution 
    has the slight side of effect of oh, death, if your sim's motives, 
    specifically their Energy bar is very low.
    Requirements: Errr, fire
    Quite possibly the most annoying automatic action, or the most hilarious to 
    watch, depending on how much you hate your sims. Fire makes idiots out of 
    sims, and they basically start panicking like chopped head roosters only 
    making the situation worst. Fire is a very persistent action and will cancel 
    out any other action in queue, making it difficult to escape. Of course, 
    needless to say, a sim reacts quite a bit more desperate when they actually 
    catch on fire as opposed to just watching it.
    Requirements: Self explanatory
    Should a burglar ever choose to pay your house a visit and there is a waking 
    sim to witness them, they will proceed to run around like an idiot while the 
    burglar plunders their precious property. This still applies if your sim is 
    oh, let's say a cop or even Captain Hero, heck it even applies if your sim is 
    a vampire, seriously, there should be an alternative to detouring the burglar 
    side from calling the cops, but I guess doing this vigilante style wouldn't 
    be really the kinda' thing Maxis would want to promote.
    Requires: Roaches!
    Should your house happen to be a filthy mess of a domestic battlefield, there 
    is a high chance that you will develop roaches. Sims who try to spray away 
    roaches or stomp on them have a good chance of panicking in the process and 
    might get a vermin memory as well. When there are vermin around for too long, 
    sickness can't be too far behind, so if you actually care about your sims, 
    have them vacate the room and call an exterminator.
    Watch In Distress: 
    Requirements: A stupid sim, a broken appliance, and a lot of electricity.
    When a sim gets electrocuted, other sims in the nearby area come to watch in 
    distress. Watch in distress can also occur in other instances where a sim is 
    going through massive turmoil, like passing out. If a sim is in a bad 
    relationship with a victim, they will laugh instead of be distressed. For the 
    record, energy is the key factor of a sim who will die after being 
    electrocuted, although it makes it hard to kill a sim this way, since they 
    will usually interrupt themselves when their energy is low.
    Requirements: A sim who actually cares about a sim who has fainted
    Very similar to "Watch in Distress" and only really different in name, a sim 
    who sees a friend or family member faint will have a worried look on their 
    face. In the case that the person watching doesn't have all that good of a 
    relationship with the sim who has fainted though, they'll get a good laugh 
    out of it. Personality type might also play a role in the reaction that takes 
    Spread Sickness:
    Requires: A sim with a cold, flue or pneumonia
    If your sim has come down with a cold or another contagious virus, there is a 
    high chance that they can accidentally share the love if they get close to 
    another sim for prolonged periods of time. It seems that you can also infect 
    townies this way as well, so if you happen to be Satan, you can quarantine 
    about a dozen sims into a small tiny glass room, have them all infect each 
    other, then promptly incinerate them to benefit the many at the cost of the 
    few. For anyone else trying to play the game competently though, just don't 
    put sims with contagious sicknesses around other sims, as even if they have 
    recovered, there is a chance that a person who they passed the affliction 
    onto can return the sickness back to them. It does not seem like the Mystery 
    Disease is contagious.
    Requirements: Recent bad memories:
    If a sim lost a fight, had a loved one die, lost their job, made a brand new 
    enemy or have been put through some other tragedy, they might spontaneously 
    cry throughout the day. Sims with even high aspiration can start crying from 
    a bad memory, but sims with low aspiration or horrible mood in addition might 
    get even more disturbing behaviors added to their roster, like stomping on 
    Requirements: Recent bad memories and low aspiration
    If your sim has had an incredibly bad few days with people biting the dust 
    and fighting left and right all while catching the flu and having dozens of 
    other bad things happen to them, along with a red lined aspiration, they will 
    start to have nightmares and wake up abruptly in the middle of the night in 
    cold sweat.
    **Throw Tantrum:
    Requirements: A sim with low aspiration in a bad mood
    I've seen this action happen specifically with children and teens when they 
    are in an especially crappy mood and low aspiration, but it might be possible 
    for adults to do it as well. There also seem to be different levels of 
    tantrums, but you'll know that it's at its worst when your sim is stamping 
    their feet into the ground and flailing their arms about.
    **Drop Flaming Dessert:
    Requires: Bare Minimum Cooking Skills and Incompetence
    This is one of the most hilarious things you'll see in this game, and also a 
    rare event! You'll rejoice at watching your sim dance in a fiesta of flame 
    after accidentally dropping their fire friendly food after such a grand 
    presentation! There are two desserts that can be dropped that both 
    conveniently involve fire. The first dessert is Baked Alaska which has been 
    around since the core game and can be made with 8 cooking points. The second 
    and new with Nightlife dessert introduced into the mix are Crepes Suzette, 
    because only the French and the Alaskans (Baked Alaska didn't really come 
    from Alaska actually) could possibly invent a dessert so difficult to make 
    that screwing up royally can result in death. Well, in this game at least. On 
    a completely unrelated note, I've always wanted to try Baked Alaska since I 
    was knee high, it's on my to do list for life somewhere.
       [13.11]Reactions To Sim Death: And How To Make The Most of It.
    Depending on the relationship a sim has with a sim who has just died their 
    reaction will be different.
    Cry Softly:
    Requirements: A good relationship with a sim who has just died.
    Fairly self explanatory when a good friend or close family member has died.
    Requirements: The death of a sim who has an indifferent relationship.
    Sighing is on a progressively lesser notch in the "I don't care" department 
    when another sim has died.
    Laugh At: 
    Requires: The death of a sim who is an enemy
    Sims are just like real people, except they tend to do things that all of us 
    are thinking, but never in a lifetime will do. As such, having them laugh as 
    their arch enemies take off on their journey to the great beyond is quite 
       [13.12]Paranormal Actions: For When Your Sim's Life Doesn't Suck Enough
    These are some of the actions available related to the more occult ambulance 
    chasers of The Sims 2 world. From ghosts to zombies to vampires and aliens, 
    oh my! 
    *See Ghost:
    Requirements: A well aged tombstone or urn on the lot to bring out a ghost
    When night settles in on a lot where the dead wander, occasionally a ghost 
    will pop out of nowhere and scare the daylights out of a sim with a rather 
    amusing reaction. It usually takes three days after death for a tombstone to 
    manifest a ghost, but once they are around, they'll be bouncing about your 
    lot for ages to come. Most sims remember this badly, some even die if their 
    motives are low, but ironically, knowledge sims love seeing ghosts. It would 
    seem that if a sim is an arch enemy of another, he will start having wants to 
    see that sim as a ghost. This is the kid friendly way of explaining that they 
    want the other sim to die, but lack the programmed means to do so in order to 
    keep the game on a level acceptable to violence condoning families 
    everywhere. Since I'm already on this subject, it should be noted that sims 
    that really hate each other can develop a want to drink their enemies via cow 
    Ghosts scare sims that they particularly hate far more frequently than 
    normal, this can lead to some ludicrous profit for knowledge aspiring sims 
    who live in full fledge vengeful ghost houses. That is if they happen not to 
    get a heart attack in the night and die from fright.
    Be Abducted (Telescope):
    Requirements: Stargaze through the farstar e3 Telescope and lots of luck
    What could be more fun than being abducted by aliens, probed with highly 
    unfamiliar metallic tools not unlike those of Salvador Dali's worst 
    nightmare, and spit back out? A lot of things actually, but that's beside the 
    In order to get your sim abducted, you have to purchase the expensive 
    telescope available in the buy catalog, yeah, the one with the ominous 
    description related to aliens. After purchasing it, have your sim stargaze 
    with it at night time and with a lot of random luck, they might be abducted 
    by aliens in a grandiose fashion and taken aboard their ship for some probe 
    on sim action. A lot of fans have speculated many, many different ways to 
    help the chances of being abducted, but nothing has really been proven solid, 
    so for the most part, just assume that it's pure random luck. 
    During the time soaring through the cold vacuum of outer space and 
    experiencing the business end of an alien probe, the abducted sim's motives 
    will wildly fluctuate and they will be gone for several hours. Upon return, 
    they will be tossed out of the flying saucer onto the pavement in a rather 
    less than gentle matter, and upon realizing their latest ordeal, will start 
    to gain wants or fears related to aliens. Male sims will also be left with a 
    little souvenir that comes in the form of being impregnated with an alien 
    baby, although female sims will be just fine, albeit a bit freaked out. 
    A lot of sim fans wonder why is it that only male sims get impregnated. Well, 
    it's because of the way the sim alien society works. There is one female 
    queen and countless male drones roaming about, and apparently their 
    biomechanics work in reverse, so the queen impregnates the male drones and 
    all sorts of other fun stuff that most people just don't to think about due 
    to paradigm shifts and human globalism. It should also be noted that other 
    than having different eyes and skin color, aliens are pretty much exactly 
    like normal sims.
    **Be Abducted (Electro Dance Sphere)
    Requirements: Electro Dance Sphere and a previous abduction experience
    A sim who has been abducted before, or perhaps has at least acknowledged the 
    existence of aliens as indicated by their wants or fears, has the chance to 
    mysteriously vanish when using the Electro Dance Sphere, most likely back to 
    the mothership for another intimate exchange with Sir Probalot. The player 
    doesn't get to see anything happen, and the exit out of existence is very 
    discreet compared to the telescope abduction, but it's a fun little activity 
    nonetheless, in a weird abnormal pink flying elephant kinda' way.. Upon being 
    abducted, the sim's motives will be made static and they will have 
    disappeared once again for several hours, it sure is tough being an alien 
    guinea pig.
    I have heard that it is possible for male sims to get imprenated with an 
    alien baby yet again through this exchange, but I have not experienced it 
    **Resurrect Zombie
    Requirements: Resurrect o' Nomitron
    So you want your own defective, incurable shambling mound of walking and 
    surprisingly talking flesh? No problem, to get a zombie, just use the 
    Resurrect o' Nomitron from the Secret Society or that can be won up the 
    career ladder upon getting the Medium position in the Paranormal career 
    If you pay slightly above 1000 simoleans to resurrect a deceased sim, they 
    will come back as a zombie, complete with slow and annoying funky zombie 
    shamble and agelessness, as well as a grab at the Undead Scholarship if they 
    are teens.
    **Bite Neck
    Requirements: Be a vampire
    The cornerstone of sim to vampire conversion, all it takes is a little bit of 
    hocus pocus mesmerizing magic on the other sim and a nice dramatic chomp to 
    add them to your army of the walking undead. The "Bite Neck" command can also 
    be influenced, and is particularly effective when doing so with the Count or 
    Countessa Grand Vampires. For other sims who want their friends to fly the 
    night away with them on first bite, they should have about 50 daily and 50 
    lifetime relationship on both sides for a munch, depending on chemistry. 
    "Bite Neck" is not immune to failure, in which case the other sim gets pissed 
    off at whatever the vampire is trying to do to them and ignores them, 
    resulting in a double negative reaction. The "Bite Neck" command, if 
    successful is actually a fairly strong interaction in itself that increases 
    daily and lifetime relationship, despite its possibility of traumatizing the 
    other sim who might have a chronic fear of becoming a vampire. Note that if 
    you bite a computer controlled sim during the day time, they'll most likely 
    run off due to daylight savings, or was that saving themselves from the 
    Vampires are very different from ordinary sims. Their motives don't drop 
    normally during the night time, but they easy bake in the sun outdoors during 
    the day time and have heavy motive drain indoors as well.
    Requirements: Be a vampire
    Vampire sims have the ability to irritate other sims by attempting to show 
    them their slightly more scary side. "Bleh!" doesn't seem to directly affect 
    relationship levels between two sims, it does however have the ability to 
    make other sims piss their pants if their bladder is too low. Oddly enough, 
    instead of the usual toilet bowl icon desperation over their heads appearing, 
    they'll get a rather infantile baby bottle to appear over their heads. Even 
    stranger is that it seems that taking a leak on the spot doesn't apparently 
    empty their bladder, so you can do it multiple times to make them flood the 
    room in a truly humiliating manner.
    Requirements: Be a vampire
    Zombies have the ability to transform into a bat and flutter around from area 
    to area at the same speed as skipping. A handy form of transportation, 
    although it doesn't seem that they can actually fly over anything you'd think 
    they would normally be capable of, like lakes, fences, walls and stuff.
    Requirements: Be a vampire
    What's better than stalk talk? Stalk walk! Vampire sims can walk around 
    shiftily with an arm in front of their face and look all spooky and 
    everything and watch in amazement as sim political correctness makes everyone 
    ridiculously indifferent to their evil nature. Stalk is basically exactly the 
    same as walking in use, and can be extended into a running version of the sim 
    who uses it crosses a long enough distance with enough energy.
    **No Reflection
    Requirements: Be a vampire
    True to the legend, vampires don't have a reflection when in front of a 
    mirror. Sure, it defies the laws of energy related physics, but then again, 
    since when has a computer game not defied physics and spit in its general 
    direction to boot?
    Peek and Dare to Peek in Coffin
    Requirements: A vampire snoozing in their coffin
    When a vampire sim is sleeping, other sims can take a sneak peek at the freak 
    by clicking on the coffin at picking the appropriate interaction. Depending 
    on how much energy the vampire has recovered, there will be two outcomes. If 
    the vampire is still low on energy, he'll still be snoozing when the lid is 
    opened, but your sim will be just slightly disturbed by the sight of the 
    sleeping undead. On the flip side, if your vampire has almost recovered all 
    of his energy, he will scare the living daylights out of your sim with the 
    possibility of even inflicting death by fright if the sim he or she scared 
    had low enough motives.
    If you rather have your sim do on to others very much what you wouldn't want 
    them to do onto you, and your sim has a fair relationship with the victim, 
    errrr, I mean person in question, then they can successfully dare that person 
    to peek into the vampire's coffin instead for a shocking surprise!
    **Getting Dusted
    Requirements: Be a dead vampire, sun dried style
    If you let your vampire have their day in the sun, chances are that they'll 
    be extra crispy in a few hours. The death animation of vampires who die in 
    sunlight is that they gasp in horror as they fade away into the daylight and 
    leave behind a pile of ashes.
        [13.13] Career Reward Actions: When Using Them Right Isn't Good Enough
    Other than the purpose that they were designed in mind with, certain Career 
    Rewards can have a few interesting features and side effects that might not 
    be all thoroughly known. Since the Resurrect o' Nomitron and Cow Plant have 
    been well documented in other sections, their specific information with be 
    omitted here.
    Make Medicine:
    Requirements: Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station
    Although making medicine to sell or take is the Biotech Stations basic 
    function, it deserves special mention since the medicine can be taken to 
    shorten the duration of a sickness. Depending on how high your sim's logic 
    is, they will be able to sell it for a higher price and it will become more 
    effective in cutting down the duration of sickness.
    Make Virus
    Requirements: Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station and 9-10 Logic
    A some what dummied out function of the game, although sims with high logic 
    can make viruses using the Biotech Station, there is really nothing that can 
    be done with them, as the original "Sell Virus Illegally" command was 
    apparently removed out from the game before official release, probably 
    because of moral and ethical issues. As it stands, there is really no purpose 
    to making a virus.
    Contract Mystery Virus
    Requirements: Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station
    After brewing up a patch of biological goodness, it is possible for your sim 
    to contract the Mystery Virus when opening the hatch of the Biotech Station. 
    The mystery virus is a rather odd phenomenon and not much is known about it, 
    but it seems to be the only virus that can out right kill your sims 
    regardless of motive level if they are not treated well and cured within a 
    certain amount of time, so be careful and hasty in curing it if a sim you 
    might actually care about has come down with it.
    Obstacle Course Humiliation
    Requirements: Exerto Selflog Obstacle Course
    Nothing says being broken down to the end of yourself like hot sweaty intense 
    military issued training, and it's all the more humiliating when you're 
    forcing a little girl to do it. Depending on how low their body score is, a 
    sim will screw up more frequently on different parts of the course. 
    Specifically, sims will trip over the hurdle logs, get caught in the mesh 
    netting, and fall down when try climbing up the wall, all very good stuff to 
    watch and their expense!
    Chocolate Puddle
    Requirements: Schokolade 890 Chocolate Manufacturing Facility
    Brown puddles! Who doesn't like brown puddles? Sims with low cooking score 
    can often screw up the initialization process when using the Chocolate Maker 
    and cause the chocolate reservoir to overflow, resulting in an ominous, yet 
    tasty chocolate puddle on the floor that is lots of fun to clean up for the 
    whole family! Speaking of family it should be interesting to note that 
    although children cannot use the chocolate maker, an older more skilled 
    family member can teach them by example to increase their cooking skill, 
    however, no money seems to be made this way, and the person teaching's skill 
    doesn't increase.
    Spare the Children from Shock Therapy
    Requirements: SensoTwitch Lie Detector and a child
    You might know the SensoTwitch Lie Detector well from its rather shocking 
    dose of punishment it can inflict when a sim screws up, however, in this 
    case, it is what it doesn't do that is of particular interest. Simply put, 
    the SensoTwitch Lie Detector is kid friendly, and although it still beeps 
    when an error is made, doesn't shock them into submission when they screw up. 
    Apparently, Maxis deemed that having your kids well behaved doesn't 
    necessarily equate to having them well done.
    Harvest Hydroponic Garden
    Requirements: Aquagreen Hydroponic Garden
    After growing flowers in the Hydroponic Garden, you can have your sim harvest 
    it for nature grown goodness. The resulting potted plants can either be sold 
    at 350 simoleans a pop or used to decorate the room for a slight 
    environmental boost. It takes roughly five to six days to get your flowers to 
    the stage in which they bloom and can be harvested, quite a while really, but 
    fortunately, you only have to tend it a little bit between each available 
    stage to keep it going. On the other hand, if you don't tend the garden, 
    that's another story.
    Let Hydroponics Garden Wilt
    Requirements: Hydroponics Garden 
    Like most everything in real life, if you ignore the blooming buds in the 
    garden long enough, they will start to rot. If you do not have your sim tend 
    regularly to their Hydroponics Garden when it is growing, it can wilt and 
    leave a dirty monument to neglect behind.
    Get Face Rearranged
    Requirements: Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic Surgery
    In the Sim world, Dr. Vu has a pretty bad reputation, trying to take over the 
    world in Sim City 4 with UFOs, toxic trucks and a mechanical whale that 
    shoots missiles kinda' does that to you, so why not trust the same mad 
    scientist when it comes to rearranging your sim's face? Well, just in case 
    you couldn't imagine what could go horribly wrong, on random occasions of 
    using Dr. Vu's Automated Cosmetic Surgery station, the machine will go nuts 
    and give your sim a face only a mother could love. I'm currently unsure if 
    there is a controlling factor for increasing or decreasing the likeliness of 
    this happening, but I would suspect mechanical skill would be the reasonable 
    Chapter 7: Wrapping Up
    [14] Bugs, Tricks and Glitches: Exploit The Game!
    Nightlife Bugs:
    When Nightlife first came out, there were bugs from side to side, as much as 
    I hate to say it. I remembered grieving over my sim's missing newly received 
    diploma and cellphone, and then there was the fact that I couldn't hear any 
    of my sims sing karaoke which I was looking very much forward to! 
    Fortunately, the patch is supposed to fix that, so I can't wait to try it out 
    after I'm done writing this FAQ! Now, the diploma is supposed to transfer 
    from its rightful place from the Career Rewards section to the Inventory 
    There are still two bugs that definitely need to be watched out for though 
    since I believe the patch doesn't fix it. First of all, don't have your sim 
    use the remote control car electronic entertainment on a lot and save. Doing 
    so results in a "Blank Memory" bug.
    Another bug that you probably have heard about already is the "Do not make 
    Mrs. Crumblebottom a vampire" bug, which corrupts the game and triggers a 
    series of rather nasty related bugs that makes the game run like a pregnant 
    yak. Of course, the natural work around this is to avoid the temptation to 
    turn Mrs. Crumplebottom to the dark side. Oh, like she wasn't there before?
    Mrs. Crumplebottom Gives Lots of Love:
    If any other person told me that you could get Mrs. Crumplebottom to give 
    your sim hugs and kisses in normal gameplay, I would have thought they were 
    dishonest rumor spreading bastards, yet here I am typing down this trick that 
    I discovered and have been able to reproduce some twenty times. I mean, it 
    makes no sense, technically, Mrs. Crumplebottom is an "object", not a sim, 
    and she isn't like any other sim in the game, so how the heck is this 
    possible? It goes against all common sense, but I'm definitely not dreaming. 
    It's probably a glitch, since Mrs. Crumplebottom doesn't actually have proper 
    animation to correspond with the actions, but having the opportunity to 
    witness a "Public Display of Affection" from the very person who would rather 
    bite off her own leg than do them herself is surely something noteworthy, so 
    that's why this is here!
    I have seen Mrs. Crumplebottom perform three intimate interactions using the 
    following trick with an adult sim, her animation is screwed and her face 
    looks like it's ejected with a few gallons of botox, unable to change 
    expression, but you'll definitely see the name of the action in the queue and 
    your sim reacting to it, and best of all, your sim will have a chance to 
    reject Mrs. Crumplebottom's advances! How ironic is that!? The three actions 
    Crumplebottom can perform are:
    Romantic Hug
    Romantic Kiss
    Leap Into Arms
    Of all three, Leap into Arms is the only one with a remote chance to work. 
    Since this is a glitch, there is no way I can guarantee if it'll work on your 
    game. For the record, I don't use mods and I don't use cheats, and at the 
    time of writing this, I still haven't installed the newest patch. If this 
    trick works for you, please let me know! This is how you get Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom to give your sim lots of love:
    Step 1: Go to a community lot and find Mrs. Crumplebottom.
    Step 2: Use the Charm action with her under "Flirt" as many times as the 
    queue will hold and you cannot add it anymore. In theory, any action will 
    work, but I used Flirt specifically.
    Step 3: The queue will quickly clear and Mrs. Crumplebottom will start to 
    lecture your sim.
    Step 4: Quickly add "Chat" under "Talk" with another adult sim other than 
    Mrs. Crumplebottom to the queue. Any action might actually work, but this is 
    what I used. Mrs. Crumplebottom will continue to lecture your sim multiple 
    times in a roll by this point.
    Step 5: Mrs. Crumplebottom will continue her reign of lectures for a while, 
    but at the very end of it, she'll add one more action out of her normal 
    routine, you'll know that's it because it will appear after the "Chat" 
    command you ordered with another person on the queue instead of before like 
    the lecture ones.
    Step 6: Quickly cancel the chat command with the other person, and feel Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom's warm embrace.
    Just for laughs, the first person I had do this by accident was a women, 
    hahahaha. Never knew Mrs. Crumplebottom swung that way, but oh well. There is 
    another thing, I've also had Mrs. Crumplebottom cheat four times in a role 
    with the lover of that same women I just mentioned. Each time Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom tried to hit on my sim, her lover came and slapped Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom, not because she though her partner was cheating on her, but 
    because she saw Mrs. Crumplebottom cheating on her with her partner! When I 
    went to see this jealous lover's memories, there were four "Caught Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom Cheating" memories right next to each other (I got it to work 
    four times in a roll by then) and a memory of having met her for the first 
    time in between! Unfortunately, Mrs. Crumplebottom seems to be impossible to 
    add to the list of relationships no matter how hard you try without full on 
    As an additional note, you can actually play as Mrs. Crumplebottom if you use 
    the good old debug mode boolprop code, shift click on a mail box on a 
    residential lot to summon Mrs. Crumplebottom over, then promptly kill her (I 
    found an incineration room most effective, as she cannot be boolprop killed 
    like ordinary sims, but strangely enough, she isn't immortal). Next up, just 
    use the Resurrect o' Nomitron to revive her perfectly, and she should now be 
    back and you should have Mrs. Crumplebottom as a playable sim, but she's 
    glitchy as hell and many of the animations will look weird, as her hands are 
    usually in a locked position. From this, you can find out that Mrs. 
    Crumplebottom is a family aspiring sim, is a Scorpio with a very extreme 
    personality, has no turn ons or turn offs, and is surprisingly skilled in 
    several areas, and is indeed a virgin, heck it seems she's never even kissed. 
    From this point on, you can torture her as you wish, like get her 
    electrocuted, rejected for woohoo and all around revenge for the pain she's 
    put your sims through on community lots now that she's on your home turf and 
    under control. She'll still take time out to knit socks though, oddly enough. 
    Be very careful when experimenting with the above trick mentioned, as it is 
    practically begging to corrupt your game, try not to do any permanent 
    changing scenarios, like oh, turning her into a vampire or zombie, and for 
    all things holy, make a back up save before you do it if you are actually 
    playing seriously. If you don't mind going royally off the deep end, you can 
    use the Sim Modder spawned item to restore her back to her younger years 
    (Still with bag in hand), and wouldn't you know it, she doesn't look all that 
    bad, except for the fact that her texture is different from other sims with a 
    huge lip line. Honestly, be very careful with this trick, I just gave my game 
    the blank memory bug three minutes ago with it - again. I personally don't 
    like using actual cheat codes, I have absolutely no gripes if it can be all 
    done in game though, so if you are wondering why I don't explore this trick 
    more, that's the reason.
    Multi-Term Paper!
    This is an awesome trick contributed by Jason Newman after I wrote my The 
    Sims 2 University FAQ but never had time to update back then, so I'm putting 
    it here now! Hope you don't mind! Unlike the Mrs. Crumplebottom love trick 
    above, this trick is actually very useful!
    With this trick, it is possible to get double or even triple term paper 
    credits in a single semester! If you have your sim influence other sims to 
    write term papers before the first term paper for the semester finishes, they 
    will all start typing away on them, and when they finish, their compiled term 
    papers will all be counted onto the score and send the Class Performance 
    Meter soaring! As a bit of a note, three term papers in one semester is 
    pretty much enough to send any class performance meter straight from the 
    bottom to the top and costs 7500 influence points total. Of course, you have 
    to have enough computers on the lot for the sims to write on, so this trick 
    works especially well on dorms and university community lots where the 
    resources are available, as well as the Secret Society. Of course, your sim 
    can also jump into the frenzy to write his or her term paper themselves when 
    other sims are being influenced to type away at it at the same time, for in 
    the case that they are running low on influence or want to fulfill a term 
    paper want.
    Getting Special Clothing:
    Along with getting to add work cloths to your sims wardrobe upon reaching the 
    desired position, you can get the clothing of service sims and townies by 
    asking them to move into your household. Upon being able to control them, the 
    cloths will be available to sims of the same age and gender, although some 
    outfits are unisex or can cross multiple age groups. Using this trick, you 
    can now get that lovely Diva dress or the Countessa's unique red long dress 
    of sheer evilness. Of course, if they happen to "disappear" from this mortal 
    plane, you will still retain the precious drags in loving memory. Collecting 
    cloths in the game can become quite the side hobby.
    On a slightly saner note, if you move an NPC out to find their own place and 
    they have a unique set of clothing, the lot they were previous on will still 
    retain a copy of their cloths, so long as other sims stll live there, as well 
    as the new lot they decide to live in. Using this, you can trade and spread 
    unique clothing from residential lot to residential lot, along with any spare 
    inventory items you might load them up with.
    As a bit of caution to the wind, the armoire's arsenal is strictly tied to 
    the lot that it's on. Even if you take the wardrobe in your sim's inventory, 
    they will only have the clothing that the lot they are moving to has. In the 
    case that it is a new lot, they will only have their basic set of current 
    cloths. In the case that they are going to a community lot though, they will 
    be able to change into any outfit they have at home. There is also an 
    alternative and quite a bit more evil way to do this trick, and that's to 
    kill an NPC sim off and revive them on your lot as a discount zombie, 
    although it might be just a little bit too evil for to pull off just to get 
    someone's clothing.
    The Long Good Night
    This trick is especially for those vampires out sims there who would rather 
    the night lasted almost forever. There actually is a way that you can extend 
    the time of night by a few dozen folds if you really want to shower your 
    vampire with nightlife time and love. Have your vampire sim leave for a 
    community lot immediate when the sunsets at 7:00pm, then have them return 
    back to it before the time on the community lot reaches 7:00am. When your sim 
    returns back to their home, it will still be night time, and you can send 
    them back to the community lot which will reset to being nighttime 
    immediately again, just repeat the cycle over and over again until you either 
    get tired or day time eventually comes to the residential lot from the 
    elapsed time of driving in and out. 
    Counting total time on community lots from each visit using this trick, you 
    could clock ultimately more than 150+ game hours of vampire loving nighttime 
    in a roll. This trick is especially handy at University for vampire young 
    adults, as their motives will not normally drop, and they still will be able 
    to attend their final exams and build required skills on university community 
    lots, allowing them to effectively progress through University without having 
    to rest in their coffins or be interrupted to refill motives. This is 
    actually probably the best strategy for vampire sims in university, with it's 
    only downside being that they wouldn't be able to attend day classes.
    Easy Career Rewards:
    Here's a trick that I first learned from Martin Ostera who e-mailed me all 
    the juicy details of one of the biggest in game exploits I've seen! As a 
    matter of fact, this trick is so ridiculously useful; it's a mystery to me 
    why I haven't found out about it until now!
    Have you ever wanted all the career rewards that you could ever possibly hope 
    for, but too lazy to actually play the game and too honorable to actually 
    consider using type in cheats? Well, this is just perfect for you! 
    Originally, in the core game, when your sim applied for a job through the 
    computer, they could overshoot the position that would normally give them the 
    career reward if they were overqualified and go on for the rest of their 
    career until they reach the top without ever getting it. This led to most 
    career reward hunting players starting their climb up the job ladder from the 
    bottom rung by finding a job in the newspaper instead of through a computer. 
    Now, it seems that somewhere between all the current expansions and patches, 
    Maxis has remedied this problem, and now, you can obtain career rewards 
    retroactively, simply by reaching or overshooting the job position that would 
    normally give the career reward. For better or worst though, Maxis didn't see 
    how this feature could be massively exploited, and here's where Martin 
    Ostera's trick comes into play.
    This trick works best with sims who have graduated from university with a 
    Summa Cum Laude earning 4.0 GPA to grace their diplomas with high skill and a 
    dozen or more friends, as it virtually guarantees them the highest position 
    possible, usually a level 8-9 position optimally, however, even sims without 
    post secondary education can do it to a lesser degree so long as they have 
    enough friends and very high skills to offset. Okay then, let the career 
    reward ripping begin!
    All you have to do is have your sim pick a job, any job using the computer, 
    and so long as the position they start off with meets or surpasses the career 
    reward position, they will obtain that career reward simply for being hired! 
    Now, all you gotta' do is hop from one from one career path to the next and 
    mop up the goodies, all in a few in game minutes for your sim from the 
    comfort of their own computer! Even better, with Nightlife, you can share the 
    love by distributing multiple career rewards to other members of the 
    household to spread around the neighborhood, and presto, you have a full 
    blown career reward manufacturing facility to share the wealth! With this 
    trick, you can obtain the career rewards from every career path in the game, 
    including the four university exclusive ones if you have a graduate doing the 
    job hunting, and although you only get five career options available to your 
    sims on their computer every day, that is barely a pothole in the light of 
    the power this trick can give to your sims. Now everybody on the block can 
    own their very own cow plant, and wouldn't that make the world a much better 
    Play as a Ghost
    It is actually possible to play as a ghost in The Sims 2! Now, if you know 
    your debug boolprop, you might have tried to make wandering ghosts selectable 
    only to find out that they don't listen to your commands as all. It is 
    however possible to semi-glitch the game and play as a ghost! Just don't 
    expect them to last very long unless you watch over them angelically.
    In order to get a playable ghost, first have the sim you want to kill off and 
    become a ghost relax on a bed to help fill their command queue. This is 
    important because as long as the ghost sim's command queue has something in 
    it, they wouldn't vanish later on when you resume playing them. Next up, have 
    another sim invite them to their own lot, and promptly kill them as you see 
    fit. I typically use fire for this, but other leading causes of death should 
    work as well. After the deed is done, save your lot then return back to the 
    original lot where the sim who died was lying down in bed. If all things fall 
    into place, you should now be able to control the phantom, but be warned, in 
    essence, you have to constantly keep the ghost's command queue full, or else 
    the game will recognize that the sim is actually dead and make them vanish! 
    Unfortunately, this trick is mostly for novelty and cosmetic purposes, as 
    controllable ghost sims wouldn't be able to float or scare people or do those 
    neat little ghostly interactions with children's toys. They do have a few 
    neat abilities though. For starters, they actually can walk through objects 
    and walls, although since the game never intended this glitch to be a 
    feature, the path finding AI still occurs so you usually only see it by 
    accident. Second of all, ghost sims are incapable of interacting with other 
    sims, with the exception of through objects. Unfortunately, ghosts still have 
    motive decrease and can't gain skills to make it even worst.
    Despite all of the limits of ghosts, you can take a little of their borrowed 
    time to make things right before they puff into thin air for good and it 
    makes for some good pictures. Ghosts have a few other things they can do, or 
    to be more accurate, can't do to be worth trying out at least once in an 
    isolated neighborhood where sims you might actually care about don't live, as 
    it's an unstable glitch that may have side effects. You can also screw things 
    up a little more with if you try and get another sim to revive them with the 
    Resurrect o' Nomitron while they are dead and walking around on the same lot. 
    This has a weird effect, giving the ghost sim back their normal abilities, 
    but locking up the sim using the Resurrect o' Nomitron and canceling the 
    ability to exit the game, as well as access build and buy mode, so it's not 
    [15] Closure
    Well, that's a wrap! I can't believe for the life of me that this FAQ 
    actually ended up longer than The Sims 2: University FAQ, if you've read this 
    entire thing, congratulate yourself, because you have just read a document 
    pretty much the size of a moderately thick paperback novel - but with bigger 
    pages. Makes me wonder if I should start writing short stories and become a 
    starving writer instead of a starving artist!
    This FAQ was written for two reasons, the fact that I happen to really like 
    this game, and as a tribute to all of the great people who have e-mailed me 
    since my University FAQ with tons of positive feedback! You people rock! I 
    probably would have never made this follow up FAQ if it weren't for all of 
    you! If you have any questions, comments or information, please contact me at 
    the e-mail address on the top of this FAQ! Hurray! I love exclamation marks! 
    Oh yes, if you liked my writing style and sense of humor, please visit:
    It's my website filled with overly cute anime styled goodness and satirical 
    humor openly mocking the limited potential of the human race! It's almost as 
    fun as a bowl full of mice! Or maybe it's actually MORE fun than a bowl full 
    of mice?! Please let me know what you think, because we here at 
    www.xynthica.com love to suffer for you!
    This is Zephos (TheSocialBunny) saying happy simming and have a great 
    nightlife! And remember:
    [16] Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2005 Zephos Amaranis
    This guide may be freely distributed, digitally displayed, and or reproduced 
    for personal and private use for non-profitable purposes, so long as its 
    contents are unaltered and the original author is acknowledged.
    The following sites have obtained my official acknowledgement and approval 
    for hosting this FAQ:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com (Master Copy)
    [17] Special Thanks
    Lots and lots of people to thank! This FAQ could have never been what it 
    turned out to be without the help of enthusiastic gamers like yourself, so 
    let the long detailed credits roll!
    - First and foremost my utter most thanks to Maxis for making this excellent 
    electronic entertainment product and all of its expansion packs and trying 
    not to piss the fans off by being as politically correct as corporately 
    possible while still retaining a most excellent sense of humor! Loved you 
    guys since the original Sim City, love you guys even more now! Llamas 
    -Special thanks to EA for giving me my copy of The Sims 2 for being a 
    volunteer tester, you guys are awesome! I take back everything I said about 
    you being an evil faceless corporate juggernaut that runs gymnasiums full of 
    overtime working sweatshop conditioned game testers! Well, your British 
    Columbian branches anyway, you guys got so many branches that you should 
    really look into world domination when you've got the time.
    -My personal thanks goes to warfreak on www.gamefaqs.com for writing the 
    first The Sims 2: Nightlife FAQ available! Warfreak actually wrote the first 
    version of the Nightlife FAQ before I even bought the expansion pack! It was 
    an excellent rundown of things I had to research and look into, and I found 
    myself reading it to cross reference my own FAQ many times.
    -Incredible thanks to Jason Newman for telling me personally through e-mail 
    the information regarding the Multi-Term Paper trick! I use it all the time 
    now and it's such a useful time saving way to exploit the game, and you all 
    know how much I LOVE to exploit the game! Well, without cheat codes or mods 
    -Hefty thanks to Carrie Kube for telling me about the "Welcome Home" Friendly 
    Hug that children can automatically give to their parents when they arrive 
    home from work. How sweet it is! 
    -Indispensable thanks goes to Richard Doyle, Laura Samuel, and J.T. 
    Bloodstorm for helping me to lock down the true nature of the "Super Ultra 
    Happy Back from Work Cheer". When my information was bleeding, you guys 
    stepped up to help me nail it down, and that made all the difference!
    -Undeniable thanks goes to Slurpicus for explaining why the heck my AMD 
    processor gets read wrong by the game to allow only two guests at parties and 
    relaying to me the solution! I swear it saved me a kitten sized brain tumor!
    -Extra virgin oil thanks to Asleon who wrote guides to perfect couples and 
    romance sims available on www.thesims2.com forums that gave me a great deal 
    of incite into how the chemistry system works.
    -Incredible thanks goes to all of the people who stood up for me and reported 
    the numerous plagiarism related cases of my FAQ. Not so much thanks to those 
    who actually did rip it off, although I forgive you. Heh, I'm an artist, 
    plagiarism isn't anything new to me. As my brother taught me when I was 
    young, there is only one way to beat plagiarism, and that's to keep on 
    consistently doing what only you can do, but do it better. Well, that or hire 
    an army of lawyers, one of the two.
    -Grandiose thanks goes to the authors of the official The Sims 2: Nightlife 
    guide by Prima! I've personally never read it or any of the other The Sims 2 
    guides save for the demo pages of the University guide online, but I've heard 
    that it's the size of my eleventh grade math textbook and packed full of 
    information, buy it at a store near you! There's a good chance that someone 
    down the road who gave me advice learned it from that book, so to it I give 
    it credit and thanks! I also have every intention of buying and assimilating 
    the information now that my FAQ is done and needs cross checking.
    - A mound of thanks to Carlos Alberto Colon for informing me of how sloppy 
    sims can take a whiz in the shower and about how the salvage command works on 
    normal trash cans as well as the big mother trash can!
    -Congratulatory thanks to Marius who helped me isolate the cause and effect 
    to the rare auto-action Congratulate!
    -Extensively spectacular thanks to Avalikia Kapu for dropping me an enormous 
    tip on the exact cause of the approve and disapprove actions, I couldn't have 
    boiled it down if it wasn't for your help! Awesome name by the way!
    -Super happy thanks to Martin Ostera for his trick about getting easy career 
    rewards through simply getting hired at high positions! Surely one of the 
    greatest in game exploits I have ever come across to date!
    -My heart felt thanks to all of the wonderful representatives of various 
    video game sites who have asked to host my FAQ and done an excellent job 
    doing so! I'm not a very promotion or public person, so thank you for making 
    my work easier and taking care of the worries of displaying my FAQ so that I 
    can focus on writing them, you guys are the best!
    -Finally, thanks to all of those people who sent in those e-mails and 
    responded to my inquiries on the forums! You guys are the best! I'll be 
    looking forward to the next expansion pack as well, so see you all then!
    There are two things in any good game to avoid doing, losing, and 
    unfortunately, winning...

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