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    Demon Doors Guide by Spot2009

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 12/03/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              *    Fable: The Lost Chapters    *
                              *     Demon Door Guide v1.20     *
                              *                                *
                              *            Spot2009            *
                                       Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
      a. Version History
      b. Contact Information
    II. Demon Doors
      a. Quest Doors
       1. [HH] Headsman's Hill
       2. [LN] Lookout Point
       3. [LG] Lychfield Graveyard
       4. [WW] Witchwood Stones
      b. Optional Doors
       5. [BD] Abandoned Road
       6. [BF] Barrow Fields
       7. [DB] Darkwood Bordello
       8. [DM] Darkwood Marshes
       9. [GC] Greatwood Caves
       10. [GW] Greatwood Gorge
       11. [YH] Grey House
       12. [HG] Heroes' Guild
       13. [KG] Knothole Glade
       14. [NP] Necropolis
       15. [RZ] Rose Cottage
    III. Legal Information
    IV. Credits/Contributors
    /** I. Introduction **\
    Hello, everyone! This is my very first FAQ that I have written. This guide
    is used to help people find out where the Demon Doors in the world of Albion
    are in the newly released version of Fable (Fable: The Lost Chapters).
    If you haven't noticed, this guide will contain _|SPOILERS|_. You have been
    I decided I would write this guide because:
      1. There wasn't a guide already on this (that I currently know of)
      2. I felt like it and the guide helps people
    Enjoy the guide.
    Version History
    v1.20: - Fixed easy Contents for some of the Demon Doors.
           - Changed various texts within the guide.
           - Added information on Demon Door 15.
           - Added contributor.
    v1.15: - Alphabetized the sections.
           - Included easy Contents on the top for quick Ctrl+F.
           - Included contributor.
    v1.13: - Organized the layout a little bit more and added little notes.
           - Added information on Demon Door 9 and 10.
           - Added contributors.
    v1.03: - Added information on Demon Door 10.
           - Added contributors.
    v1.02: - Spelling checked.
           - Added more contributors.
    v1.01: - Added information on Demon Door 6 and 9.
           - Updated Contributors.
           - Changed Log Format.
    v1.00: - First draft of the guide.
           - Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Just no spam/flames.
    Contact Information
    You can reach me on lilmoothegame [.a.t.] yahoo for e-mail. Please, no spam.
    It would be best if you can make the subject concerning the guide.
    I check my e-mail very often, but I don't usually update the guide immediately.
    I try to wait for more e-mails so I can update in groups.
    /** II. Demon Doors **\
    Quest Doors
    Ok, so let’s start with the doors that are required to complete certain quests.
    This includes any important quest along the game. For the majority of you that
    has played this game, you know what I'm talking about.
    * 1. [HH] Headsman's Hill *
    This is required only if you decide to marry Lady Grey (I would suggest you
    foil her after doing this ;D). When you fight Thunder, he will knock you down
    a hill/cliff. When you fall and fight, he flees to the cave. Plus, before you
    continue into the cave, you find the Demon Door! Don't bother talking to it
    right now. Anyway, after you beat Thunder, you can leave the cave (obvious).
    The Demon Door will open for you and you will end up outside.
    Inside the Door:
    - Actually, it's a way out.
    * 2. [LN] Lookout Point *
    This is probably the last required door you will go through. It is after you
    have defeated Jack (And get the Sword of Aeons/Avo's Tear). In this door, all
    you will need to have is to have beaten Jack. That's it. Isn't that cool!
    Inside the Door:
    - Minigame! It allows you to save The Prophets and obtain the Fire Heart.
    * 3. [LG] Lychfield Graveyard *
    Farther in the game, you will pass along another required Demon Door. This
    time it's in the graveyard (Ooo scary!). For this demon door, you are required
    to dig, fish, and pick up the 4 armor (and a weapon) that lie around the area.
    Of course, these things are not for you! It is for Nostro! When you gather the
    items, talk to Nostro and the door will open.
    Inside the Door:
    - A map for you to go through to save your mother!
    * 4. [WW] Witchwood Stones *
    You will eventually pass along this Demon Door while playing Fable. When you
    start the "Find the Archaeologist" Quest, you will be required to go into a
    demon door to find him. When you arrive at Witchwood Stones and talk to it, he
    tell you that the only thing that will get him open is if his name is called.
    You will find that on the northern side of the map, there are stones that
    carry the letters: T, S, H, I. The letters required to pass is (in the order)
    H, I, T, S (Spells out HITS for the lazy people). You can try other words
    (Though I will not go into that ;D Have fun fighting 2 balverines!), but if
    you try them, please do them before entering HITS, or you will never get the
    chance again.
    Inside the Door:
    - The Archaeologist
    - Treasure Chests and other goods
    Optional Demon Doors
    Now, for the optional doors! For the people who don't understand: Items!
    Weapons! Armor! Yay!
    * 5. [BD] Abandoned Road *
    For this door, you will be required to have 3 sets of clothing. One of them you
    will probably already have. For this door, you will need: Dark Will Armor,
    Bright Plate Armor, Bandit Armor. And I mean the full sets. When you have them,
    where the Bright Plate Armor and talk to him. After, wear the Dark Will Armor
    and then talk to him. Finally, wear the Bandit Armor and talk to him so he
    opens up.
    Inside the Door:
    - Dollmaster's Mace
    * 6. [BF] Barrow Fields *
    In the south end of the map, the demon door will want to have you obese! Don't
    think this stuff is real life or anything and make you want to go at a Fast
    Food or something. Just eat tons of meat or pie, or you can gain this by the
    cool way, BEER! You must drink a lot of it, though. Also, you can buy 60
    carrots in a shop and eat them to become fat (Credit on the bottom). When you
    become fat, he will open up for you, you weighty warrior!
    Inside the Door:
    - Will Master's Elixir
    * 7. [DB] Darkwood Bordello *
    Probably one of the weirdest requirements for a Door. You must have scored with
    a woman at least 10 times. Any less, he will call you inexperienced (Ha). If
    you do not fit the requirements, just go into that building! Waste like 1,000
    Gold. You can also get the deed from the owner to the Bordello and take it over
    so you don't even have to pay money for it! After you have done this, get in.
    Inside the Door:
    - Pimp Hat!!
    * 8. [DM] Darkwood Marshes *
    In this map, the Demon Door will make you fight his guardians. There are a
    bundle of Hobbes that appear, so be ready to kill them. After you kill them
    all, the door will open.
    Inside the Door:
    - Dark Will Armor (Full set)
    * 9. [GC] Greatwood Caves *
    This door is really easy to get if you've beaten the game or have high stats.
    The door requires a combat multiplier of 14 (Credit on bottom). The easiest
    way I know is to take out your bow, hold onto your fire button for about half
    a minute, and then launch the arrow straight into the Earth Troll! If you
    can't, enter the Hobbe Cave and kill some Hobbes. After you get a nice
    multiplier (around 20 will do), rush out, attack the Troll, and finally talk
    to the door. Another helpful hint (submitted by Aden Rihaz) is to hire a
    mercanary, bring him there, attack him, heal him, rinse and repeat.
    Inside the Door:
    - Cutlass Bluetane
    * 10. [GW] Greatwood Gorge *
    Near the south end of the map, you will encounter this door. It requires you
    to do an evil deed. Well, for the evil people, that's no problem! Just run on
    in there! He'll let you in ;D For the good people, you will need to kill
    people in front of him or turn evil. Also, you can eat 10 Crunchy
    Chickens in front of the door and it will let you pass through (Credits on the
    Inside the Door:
    - Wellow's Pickhammer
    * 11. [YH] Grey House *
    To get into this door, you MUST have married Lady Grey and did not divorce.
    If you have her, then talk to this door! It will open up.
    Inside the Door:
    - Ronok the Axe
    * 12. [HG] Heroes' Guild *
    Probably the first Demon Door you will find. This took me forever to find
    out in Fable. Yes, I know, it's sad. Ha. Well, after you finish Guild training
    and leave, you will obtain the lamp. Any guesses on what you will do with it?
    Well, it's obvious! Use it on the Demon Door and it will open for you! ;D
    Inside the Door:
    - Elixir of Life
    - Goods from the shelves!
    * 13. [KG] Knothole Glade *
    This door is an easy one. Just have a bow out. You will be required to hit his
    head with an arrow. Ebony bows and anything better will take this guy down.
    I've heard that it can be done with an Oak bow, as long as you hold for an
    insanely long time. I wouldn't try this though, ha. You can also use the skill
    Fireball or Multi Arrow for this (Credit on bottom). Once you hit him, he will
    Inside the Door:
    - Elixir of Life
    * 14. [NP] Necropolis *
    Probably the most risky demon door to enter. For this, you will be required to
    lose ALL of your Silver Keys. Reminder: You will NOT receive the keys back! The
    door wishes to become a silver key chest, but became a Demon Door. Give it all
    of you keys and it will open.
    Inside the Door:
    - The Bereaver
    * 15. [RZ] Rose Cottage *
    This door wants someone to love it. He wants a gift from a certain someone
    (And guess what? It's you!). Give the door (As in Use) a red rose or some
    chocolate and it will open up for you. You can also give the door a wedding
    ring! But do NOT give it any gems, as I have done this before and have not
    worked. So don't waste it ;D
    Inside the Door:
    - Bright Will Armor (Full set)
    Well that's it! Please feel free to contact me on things (You will be placed
    in the Contributors section!).
    /** III. Legal Information **\
    This FAQ is ALLOWED to be distributed as long as these conditions are met:
    1. Give credit!
    2. Don't edit!
    As long as those are met, it's fine to distribute.
    Fable: The Lost Chapters (c) 2005 by Lionhead Studios.
    /** IV. Credits/Contributors **\
    This FAQ was written by Victor Li. My friends helped contributed to this
    FAQ with some of the demon door information.
    Thank you to the GameFAQs community and team.
    Contributors: Friends (Will not give their name due to request), Lazar Pejak,
    Lacos, darkjiraiya, ENGeek, Wesley, DrFunky1821, Zach Marsh, Amarth, Jacob
    Gravelle, JayD, Anonymous, Aden Rihaz, bbaden255

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