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    Expanded Content Guide by Dave_lcd

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.00.
    Nov 9th to 22nd 2005.
    Written by: David Langstaff.
    Copyright 2005 David Langstaff.
    1  - Introduction.
    2  - Darkwood Bordello.
    3  - Bronze Quests.
                       3.1 The Sick Child.
                       3.2 The Book Collection.
                       3.3 Fishing Competition.
                       3.4 Chicken Kicking Competition.
                       3.5 Murder With a Twist.
                       3.6 Investigating The Mayor.
                       3.7 The Hidden Sword.
    4  - Silver Quests.
                       4.1 Trader Massacre.
                       4.2 Trader Rescue.
                       4.3 Darkwood Disturbance.
                       4.4 The Ransom Victim.
    5  - Gold Quests.
                       5.1 The Prophets of the Fire Heart.
                       5.2 The Ship of the Drowned.
                       5.3 The Oracle of Snowspire.
                       5.4 The Oracle's Knowledge.
                       5.5 The Souls of Heroes.
                       5.6 The Final Battle.
    6  - Demon Doors.
    7  - Silver Keys.
    8  - Silver Chests.
    9  - New Items.
                       9.1 Weapons.
                       9.2 Clothing.
    10 - Legal.
    11 - Credits.
                                  1. Introduction.
    This Guide is based solely on The Lost Chapters expanded content and as such
    will be of little help to anyone seeking assistance with original quests. I
    would advise these people to check out the original Fable FAQ list at Gamefaqs
    which contains many in-depth and helpful guides. wherever the game requires
    that an original quest be completed in order to receive the new one, I will
    note which quest must be completed but not go into detail on how to complete
    said quest. Each quest guide will be followed by a brief summary which will
    outline the steps necessary for completion. I'll try to keep the number of
    times I say quest in a sentence to a minimum, but no promises.
    Before we begin there are a few general points I'd like to get out of the way:
    many of the glitches from the original game have been removed for TLC. These
    include, but are not limited to, the berserk glitch, the freezing time in an
    area glitch, the slow time tavern game glitch and most significantly the Hero
    save glitch. The latter can still be used to a certain extent but if you abuse
    the glitch by hero saving more than 10 to 15 times the game will actually
    corrupt your profile.
    With that said I'll just give everyone the standard spoiler warning and begin.
                                 2. Darkwood Bordello.
    Darkwood Bordello is accessible after the Trader Escort quest and is located to
    the West of Darkwood Lake.
    The first time you enter the area you will meet Madame Minzche, who will give
    you some background on the bordello and tell you of her plight at the hands of
    the unscrupulous Mr. Grope, who has hidden the deeds which grant him ownership.
    Talking with the Madame again and then Mr. Grope will lead to two possible ways
    of uncovering the whereabouts of the elusive deeds.
    The first, and most direct, way of achieving this is to simply buy six beers
    from the barman and give them to Mr. Grope. In a drunken rant he will reveal
    the location of the deeds.
    The second method is more involved but offers unlimited rewards. During
    conversation with the Madame, she will mention that if you know of any women
    that might want work, to send them in a dress. She will also remark on her
    poor eyesight. Now, simply putting on a dress won't cut it, You'll need to be
    clean-shaved and also wearing a wig, and as dictated by Mr. Grope's fancy,
    it'll have to be a redhead one. That's lucky because red is the only colour
    that Albion wigmakers work with. If you have access to Snowspire Village you
    can pick one up from the tailor there, If not you can find one in a cabinet
    upstairs. To get upstairs however, you have to be in the company of a lady.
    There's a few to choose from and the price for their company varies.
    50 gold   - Get down and dirty with Polly.
    100 gold  - Share carnal knowledge with Amelia.
    200 gold  - Enjoy the exotic talents of Lucrecia.
    1000 gold - Wallow in luxuriousness with Lady Sophia.
    2000 gold - Rough it up with Mistress Hedwig.
    Whoever you choose, be sure to get the wig from the cabinet before you head
    back downstairs. Once your all woman, it's time to speak to Madame Minzche who
    will send you on to Mr. Grope. You can now "agree to participate in the
    intimate act of love" for 1000 gold. This can be repeated continually.
    Afterwards, Grope will murmur the whereabouts of the deeds and you will forever
    be known as a bi-sexual.
    However you found out, you now know the deeds are buried under the old tree
    down by the lake. The tree in question is just to the right of the exit and
    digging directly in-front of the statue of Sylkana recovers the papers.
    Once you have them, return to Madame Minzche and talk to her. Following this
    conversation the ownership of the bordello passes to you.
    Besides collecting rent from the property you also inherit it's occupants and
    their services.
    Talking to the Madame a second time gives you the option of turning the
    bordello into a refuge for women, which will net you good alignment, but there
    really isn't any rush, and besides, satisfying yourself ten times will satisfy
    the Demon Door in this area.
    NOTE. Lady Sophia can not be used as a substitute for Lady Grey to satisfy the
    Grey House Demon Door.
                                 3. Bronze Quests.
    3.1 The Sick Child.
    This quest becomes available in Bowerstone South directly after the Maze's
    Information quest. It begins with a small child asking you to follow her.
    She will lead you around behind the tavern where her mother will explain that
    whilst on a family outing at the picnic area her son Aldy has consumed some
    strange mushrooms. She tells you of a witch who can be found in Bowerstone Quay
    that can cure him. We should head over there.
    The witch can be found directly ahead of you as you enter the quay. She will
    tell you that she requires 4 blue mushrooms to cook up an antidote. Talk to her
    again and she will mention that the trader in Barrow Fields usually has them
    and that you won't have any problems spotting anyone who has one as they'll be
    a little "distracted". Indeed.
    MUSHROOM 1 - As soon as you leave Bowerstone you'll notice two trader types
    standing next to the statue in Lookout Point. They will tell you, amongst other
    things, that the "mushroom of truth" can be found in the water next to the
    Guild Demon Door. You'll need a fishing rod for this, head over to the Demon
    Door where there will be a ripple in the water. Reel in our first mushroom.
    MUSHROOM 2 - For this one we will need to make our way to the Guild Woods. When
    you enter the woods you will notice a green dot on your map, head to it to find
    another of our distracted friends. This guy will tell you of a beautiful woman
    he met from Oakvale, called Myra, well at least he thinks she's beautiful, but
    it might just have been the mushrooms, (we've all been there). 
    Regardless, he dispatches us to find Myra equipped with a love poem he's wrote.
    Presumably he's been reading tea leaves on a Thursday too as he's been working
    on the poem for weeks and only met Myra a few days ago... 
    Myra, the maybe beautiful girl who likes to travel miles to attend parties in
    the woods with druggies, can be found next to the well, behind a house towards
    the Memorial Garden. We have a couple of choices when we give her the poem,
    either tell her the poem is from Cyril or tell her it's from you, either way
    she instantly falls in love with whoever you said and even extends to us a
    pre-written reply, apparently she just carries this sort of thing around.
    Return to Cyril in the Guild Woods and give him the reply. Giving it to him
    earns you good or bad points depending on how you dealt with Myra. Keeping the
    reply and then telling Cyril that Myra likes him works exactly the same way. In
    either case you will net the second blue mushroom.
    MUSHROOM 3 - Next we need to be at the Picnic Area, there we will find a woman
    who is seemingly invulnerable to blue mushrooms. If you had a voice like this
    you'd have trouble smiling too. We have a couple of options here, we can either
    use our expressions to make the girl laugh three times or we can wipe the smile
    from her face permanently. Either way we pocket our third mushroom.
    MUSHROOM 4 - Barrow Fields and once again the person we need to see is shown by
    a green dot on the map. Head over to him and notice the blue mushroom on the
    table behind him. The trader will tell you about the people he's sold mushrooms
    to, but we already know that. At this point we can either buy the mushroom for
    1500 gold or simply walk over to the table and take it. This doesn't require
    any skill training but you will always be caught, the guards will fine you 750
    gold and you'll pick up some bad points.
    Alternatively, if you wait until the Trader Massacre quest, you can get the
    mushroom for nothing. In any case, that's the lot.
    Now we should have enough for the witch to make her antidote, so head back to
    Bowerstone Quay and deliver the, erm, fungus of our labor. At this point the
    witch will remember that she had an antidote all along but agrees to look after
    the mushrooms for us anyway, which is fine because for us the drugs definitely
    don't work.
    All that remains is for us to deliver the potion to Aldy's mother, so do that.
    For completing the quest you'll receive 200 renown and 2000 gold.
    *- Follow the child in Bowerstone South to her mother.
    *- Go see the witch in Bowerstone Quay.
    *- Fishing for mushrooms near the Guild Demon Door.
    *- Soothe Cyril's aching heart in the Guild Woods.
    *- Get the mushroom from the unhappy woman in the Picnic Area.
    *- Acquire a mushroom from the trader in Barrow Fields.
    *- Return to the witch.
    *- Cure Aldy.
    3.2 The Book Collection.
    This quest requires a choice to be made very early in the game. That decision
    is whether you want the bright or the dark wizards hat. The hat will be
    rewarded after you donate 6 books to the Headmaster of the Bowerstone South
    School and which hat you get depends on which books you donate first.
    You don't get to choose which book you donate and the headmaster seems to
    always pick books which will reward you with the bright wizard's hat. For that
    reason the first part of this section will be split into two guides, one for
    each hat. After that I will list where all the books can be found.
    If you wanted the dark wizard hat, but have collected the books from the guild
    already you're stuck. You can never get the dark hat if you already have these
    books as contrary to popular belief you CAN NOT donate the books to the charity
    shop in Snowspire. There are 6 books which can be traded or donated, but that
    won't help you since 5 of those are bad. In short, if you ran around picking up
    good books, your stuck with them.
    Either load an earlier save or start again.
    Bright Wizard Hat: This couldn't be easier, simply pick up all of the books
                       from the guild, including the library, the dorms, Maze's
                       quarters and the Demon Door. Once you have these head over
                       to the school, which is located at the far West side of 
                       Bowerstone South. The headmaster there will tell you that
                       Lady Grey has sold half of the school library and asks if
                       you could donate any suitable replacements. Not a problem.
                       Speak to him again to begin donating books and after the
                       first 6 good books you will be awarded with the bright
                       wizard's hat.
    Dark Wizard Hat:   This is not hard at all, as long as you follow this simple
                       procedure. DO NOT pick up any books at the guild. Our first
                       stop is going to be Bowerstone, once there simply raid the
                       town. As long as you have not neglected any house or barrel
                       you should now have 6 books. Make your way to the far West
                       of the town to the school and speak to the headmaster to 
                       receive the quest. He'll ask you to donate any suitable
                       books, hmmm suitable. Talk to him again to begin donating
                       the books you have. Once you've done that you'll be awarded
                       the dark wizard's hat.
    Once you get your desired hat, all that remains is to find and donate the rest.
    There are almost 40 books in the game, but only 25 the headmaster will accept,
    the following is a list of what they are and where they can be found.
    1.  A Love Story             - Heroes Guild and Witchwood Cavern.
    2.  Creatures of Albion I    - Heroes Guild and Witchwood Cavern.
    3.  Creatures of Albion II   - Heroes Guild.
    4.  Creatures of Albion III  - Heroes Guild.
    5.  Eyes of a Killer         - Bowerstone.S and the Assassin Attacks quest. 
    6.  Jack of Blades           - Heroes Guild.
    7.  Making Friends           - Heroes Guild, Orchard Farm, Oakvale (house and
    8.  The Arena                - Heroes Guild.
    9.  The Balverine Slayer     - Knothole Glade.
    10. The Dragons              - Heroes Guild and Hook Coast.
    11. The Guild of Zeroes      - Bowerstone.S and barrel in Witchwood Cullis
    12. The Northern Wastes      - Heroes Guild.
    13. The Oakvale Raid         - Oakvale.
    14. The Old Kingdom          - Heroes Guild.
    15. The Other Land           - Heroes Guild.
    16. The Pale Balverine       - Heroes Guild
    17. The Repentant Alchemist  - Bowerstone.S.
    18. The Sock Method          - Bowerstone.S, Oakvale (house and trader),
                                   Witchwood Cavern, Hook Coast and trader in
    19. The Tailor's Tragedy     - Bowerstone.N.
    20. The Tale of Maxley       - Heroes Guild.
    21. The Tale of Twinblade    - Heroes Guild.
    22. The Trials of Aarkan     - Oakvale.
    23. The Ugly Guide           - Oakvale and trader in Knothole Glade.
    24. Windbreaker Rule Book    - Bowerstone.S, Oakvale (house and trader)
    25. You Are Not a Bad Person - Bowerstone.S and traders in Oakvale, Darkwood
                                   Camp and Bowerstone.N.
    As you can see more than half the books you need are available in one place
    and the rest are pretty much confined to the various towns. As long as you make
    sure you check every house you should be fine. When you have them all, return
    to Headmaster Gout for your reward, a shiny silver key.
    You can either keep going back and donating whenever your in town or wait until
    you have them all. I find it easier to wait as it can be hard to keep track of
    which books you need and which you've already donated.
    THERE IS NO NEUTRAL HAT. Without mods, there is no combination of books that
    will get you a neutral wizard hat.
    *- Decide early which hat you want.
    *- Collect the appropriate books.
    *- Go to see Headmaster Gout at the Bowerstone School.
    *- Collect your bright / dark wizard's hat.
    *- Collect and donate all 25 books to receive a silver key.
    3.3 Fishing Competition.
    This quest becomes available once you have completed the Fishing Lessons quest
    at Fisher Creek, once you leave that location the quest can begin the next time
    you enter the area.
    Speak to the fisherman and he'll tell you about the competition. It's very
    straight forward with prizes allotted to certain weights of fish. The prizes
    and weights needed are as follows:
    1st Prize - Fisherman Hat. A catch weighing over 50g will win you the hat.
    2nd Prize - Silver Key. This is what we're really here for. 30g required.
    3rd Prize - the Rod of Champions. 15g and you can wield your purple rod.
    You don't need to enter the competition 3 times. If you weigh in on your first
    visit with a fish over 50g you'll be awarded with all three prizes. Simply
    talk to the fisherman when you want to enter a catch.
    *- Finish the Fishing Lessons quest.
    *- Leave and re-enter Fisher Creek.
    *- Speak to the fisherman.
    *- Catch a fish weighing more than 50g.
    *- Get it weighed and get your prize.
    3.4 Chicken Kicking Competition.
    Upon exploring Oakvale for the first time, you'll encounter a gentleman with
    some capital news. He needs you to head down to the East beach and take care of
    a ghost for him. The specter in question is the one from the Treasure of the
    Ghost Pirate quest. Finish dealing with that and return to the gentleman.
    He'll thank you and invite you to drop in on him and his chickens down on the
    beach. So begins one of the most bizarre side quests ever.
    Once down there, a quick chat with our friend from before will confirm what
    your eyes can't believe. For 50 gold you will have 5 attempts to punt poultry
    into a grid in the hope of winning a prize. Nothing to crow about.
    The grid is made up of 9 squares, with each square worth a certain number of
    points. The far right and left squares are worth 100 points each, with mid
    right and left scoring you 50 and the near right and left giving 25 points. The
    center row of squares score 10 for the nearest and furthest and 25 for getting
    your feathered friend into the middle.
    The Prizes and the score required to attain them are:
    1st Prize - Chicken Hat. This grand prize is yours with a score of 250.
    2nd Prize - Silver Key. A prize worth crowing about. 150 required.
    3rd Prize - Cock-A-Doodle-Do Expression. Continuing the feathery theme. 50 pts.
    So, now we know how many points we need, all we need to know now is how to get
    them. Well it both is and isn't as easy as it sounds. If you do the quest with
    a mid-way character, it's incredibly easy to run at the chicken from an angle
    and score a 50 with every kick. All you need to remember is not to cross the
    white line, or do you...
    Unlike the Fishing Competition this quest will require you to beat each tier to
    win the respective prizes. The best way to do this is keep aiming for that 50
    square and once you have the points you need, simply forfeit any remaining
    turns by crossing the line. Simple.
    This quest can get ugly however, if you come too soon, or worse, too late. A
    puny weakling will have trouble getting the lead laden chicken past the first
    row of squares, but you can always improve your physique and come back. The
    worse case scenario is that you've been putting this off and are now a rippling
    mass of muscle with maxed strength. Your in trouble and as much fun as it is to
    see a chicken disappearing over the horizon, it'll soon dawn on you that
    keeping the poultry in the points is going to be your biggest problem. All I
    can suggest is taking absolutely no run-up and hope. 250 points won't be that
    big a deal, 50 will be your test.
    *- Find the American Gentleman in Oakvale.
    *- Complete the Treasure of the Ghost Pirate quest.
    *- Head down to the beach and kick some chickens.
    3.5 Murder With a Twist.
    You can take this quest after you complete the Find the Bandit Seeress main
    quest. To receive it you will need to head to Oakvale and make your way to that
    area behind the house where you caught the husband cheating during the Birthday
    Gift quest. Once there you will be will meet three guards, one of which will
    set you the task of avenging the murder of his brother by killing the assassin
    responsible. He informs you that the assassin in question is hiding out in the
    Twinblade's Tent area, so accept the quest and head there.
    Upon arrival you'll see the assassin accompanied by two bandit friends. If you
    approach with your weapon drawn the assassin will have you put it away. Talking
    to the assassin reveals that he is in fact the guard's brother and the true
    reason the guard wants him killed is to inherit his share of a will.
    At this point you can go back to the guard but that doesn't lead to anything
    other than what your about to do. Draw your weapon. If you didn't approach with
    it drawn you'll get the line about him being jumpy, so draw it again.
    The assassin will figure out that you've been sent by the guard and now you
    have some choices, four to be precise.
    Choice One - Good Alignment. 
    For maximum good points you should refuse the assassin's first offer of double
    what the guard is paying you and then refuse his second offer of 2500 as well.
    This will lead to a fight between you and the assassin which, including the
    points for killing his two bandit friends, will get you 44 good points in
    total. With that done return to the guard with the assassination contract and
    you'll receive your 1000 gold.
    Choice Two - Bad Alignment.
    For maximum bad points you will still want to refuse the initial offer, but
    then accept the offer of 2500. Return to the guard and kill him and his two
    companions for 100+ bad points.
    Choice Three - The Money Option.
    For the most gold you will want to accept the assassin's second offer but then
    attack him. Once he's dead return to the guard and collect the 1000 reward.
    With the 2500 you took from the assassin you should net 3500 gold and still
    come out with 24 good points.
    Choice Four - The Experience Option.
    For the most experience you will want to accept the second assassin offer and
    then attack him. Kill him and his friends and then return to the guard.
    DO NOT SPEAK TO THE GUARD just walk up and whack him, if you speak to him
    you'll get the gold, but you won't be able to kill him afterwards, so just
    take him out and his friends too. Neither of the brothers' respective friends
    are worth much but the brothers themselves are. You'll also end up with 2500
    gold and around 75+ bad points.
    NOTE. Remember to put away your weapon before you teleport back to Oakvale.
    The assassination contract does not lead to any further quests. It is purely
    the means by which the guard will know you completed your mission.
    My own advise would be to avoid the good and bad paths and go for the money if
    your playing a good hero and the experience if your playing evil. Up to you.
    *- Complete the Find the Bandit Seeress quest.
    *- Talk to the guard in Oakvale.
    *- Talk to the assassin in the Twinblade's Tent area
    *- Take the gold or Kill the assassin or Both.
    *- Take the gold or Kill the guard.
    3.6 Investigating The Mayor.
    Because of the multiple choices involved with this, and the alternate Mayor's
    Invitation quest, I will first walk you through completing the Investigation.
    Before you do this you should read further and decide which course of action
    will best suit your hero.
    The Investigation.
    This quest is available once you gain access to Bowerstone North. When you
    first enter the area the first thing you will notice is a new character in the
    form of a Guard Captain. speak to him to learn of a deranged prisoner being
    held in a cell in the North West part of the town.
    When you speak to this prisoner, amongst his other ramblings, you will learn
    his name is Gethyn and he suspects Lady Grey of murdering her sister Amanda. He
    does have a plan however, that is for you to speak to the ghost of the dead
    girl and find some evidence which will bring the Mayor's crimes to light and
    save his neck. He suggests you travel to Barrow Fields and find a man, named
    Rhodri, who may be able to help us summon Amanda's spirit.
    When you meet Rhodri he will tell you that he did indeed know Amanda and that
    the two were in love. He will tell you that they used to meet in secret in the
    Grey House Cellar and he'd signal her by flashing his lantern three times in
    the stables.
    When you enter the Grey House area, the stables are on your right. As Rhodri
    says, flash the lantern the three times and afterwards you will see a cut scene
    of Amanda going to the cellar doors. Once you follow her down there and hear
    her story you will see a number of items around. One of these, the parchment on
    the floor, will trigger another cut scene and the arrival of Lady Grey.
    You will now have the choice to either expose her or agree to cover up the
    murder and marry her.
    The Good Hero Guide.
    For the truly noble hero, you will want to progress the Mayor's Invitation
    quest to the point that you have defeated Thunder. This will allow you to get
    the Silver Key and the mana augmentation from the area that is only accessible
    during that fight. After the battle you can then proceed to complete the
    This course of action will mean you miss out on the 15,000 gold Lady Grey
    wedding dowry and Ronok the Axe from the Grey House Demon Door.
    The Evil Hero Guide.
    For the wicked among us, you can proceed straight to the investigation and when
    given the opportunity, choose to cover up the murder and marry Lady Grey. She
    will tell you that to claim her hand you must defeat her other suitor, thus
    placing you at the Thunder battle point of the Mayor's Invitation quest. From
    there proceed to complete that quest as normal.
    This course of action will net you all of the benefits of both quests and
    access to Ronok the Axe from behind the Grey House Demon Door.
    The Noble Collectors Guide.
    For good heroes that want to collect all the Legendary Weapons, you will first
    want to speak to Gethyn. With that done you should now proceed to complete the
    Mayor's Invitation quest. Once married to Lady Grey you can now continue with
    the investigation. At the point when Lady Grey enters the cellar you will not
    have the choice of exposing her but, you will also not be put in the position
    of having to cover for her either. You will now be able to satisfy the Grey
    House Demon Door safe in the knowledge you didn't know what your new wife was
    really like when you married her. (Just like every other man).
    This course of action will also net you all of the benefits of both quests.
    The NEVER DO THIS Guide.
    Unless you really like walking and have no intention of finishing all of the
    available quests, you should not defeat Thunder and THEN agree to cover up the
    murder and marry Lady Grey, doing so will de-activate your guild seal and all
    teleport pads.
    This course of action will probably wreck your game.
    *- Talk to Gethyn in the cell in Bowerstone North.
    *- Talk to Rhodri in Barrow Fields to find out how to entice Amanda's ghost.
    *- Use your lantern 3 times at the Grey House stables.
    *- Meet Amanda's ghost in the Grey House Cellar.
    *- Cover for and marry or expose Lady Grey.
    3.7 The Hidden Sword.
    This quest will become available after The Prophets of the Fire Heart quest,
    only if you chose to destroy the Sword of Aeons following your battle with
    Jack of Blades.
    A conversation with Briar Rose and The Guildmaster will reveal the existence
    of a Legendary Weapon with power to match that of the Sword of Aeons. The
    Guildmaster will tell you that Maze was searching for this weapon and that his
    study might be a good place to search for clues. Searching the bookcase a
    number of times there will reveal that there is indeed a weapon, Avo's Tear,
    that one need only be judged worthy by a collection of past heroes to receive.
    Head to the empty grave, right near Maze's quarters to be judged. By virtue of
    the fact you destroyed the Sword of Aeons you will be awarded this devastating
    light weapon.
    *- Head to Maze's quarters and search the bookcase
    *- Approach the empty grave to be judged and receive Avo's Tear.
                                    4. Silver Quests.
    4.1 Trader Massacre.
    This quest is available from the Guild after the Find the Bandit Seeress quest.
    The quest details say it all, kill all the guards and traders in Barrow Fields,
    25 of them to be precise.
    Unlike most quests, where there is either a choice between two conflicting
    sides or there is an alignment decision within the quest itself, this is almost
    entirely evil. There is a minor choice at the end as to whether you personally
    execute the final trader or not, but other than that, this is bad alignment all
    the way. Good aligned heroes might want to save this one until the Bandit Spy
    Extraction quest comes along and use both together for a Skorm / Avo alignment
    NOTE. When the dust settles, and if you haven't already got it, the blue
    mushroom trader will be here and he'll be alone, meaning you can kill him
    without anyone reporting the crime and claim the mushroom for free.
    *- Go to Barrow Fields and kill everyone.
    4.2 Trader Rescue.
    Along with the Trader Massacre quest, the Guild will offer you this job once
    you have dealt with Twinblade. Surprisingly, taking one of these quests does
    not eliminate the other and you can complete them both.
    The quest itself requires that you rescue three traders being held captive in
    Twinblade's Camp.
    Once you get there you will be met by a rather inexperienced guard who, after
    giving you some information regarding the traders whereabouts, will pretty much
    leave you to it.
    The first trader can be found in this area, with the other two held in the 
    Twinblade's Elite Camp area. To liberate a trader simply talk to him, you'll
    want to have cleared the area first, and keep him close as once you release him
    more bandits will appear. In the Elite Camp it's probably a good idea to have
    the first trader wait near the entrance while you clear the area, if you do
    have him wait be sure to collect him again before freeing the second captive.
    Dispose of the hostiles who suddenly appear and proceed to the third and final
    hostage. Once again, keep the traders close and eliminate any new threats
    before making your way back to the previous area. There will be a few more
    enemies here to deal with before you can lead the captives to safety.
    Nothing too difficult there as long as you remember to keep the traders close.
    *- Rescue the first trader in Twinblade's Camp.
    *- Liberate the second and third captive from Twinblade's Elite Camp.
    *- Lead all three to the safety of the Twinblade Camp teleport pad.
    4.3 Darkwood Disturbance.
    With the Archaeologist rescued you can take this silver quest from the Guild.
    The quest calls for you to investigate a disturbance in Darkwood Lake. Upon
    arrival you will be met by Briar Rose who will tell you that Minions are using
    an ancient shrine in some "wacked out ceremony" to summon something.
    Luckily, Briar knows an incantation that will close the portal, providing you
    provide cover and keep the Minions off her while she recites it. Un-luckily,
    she'll need to recite it in old kingdom speak, which apparently contains very
    few words but lots of long pauses. Enflame works well here.
    Once she's done the portal will close and "whatever the hell that was"
    will be vanquished.
    *- Talk to Briar Rose in Darkwood Lake.
    *- Hold back the Minions while Briar closes the portal.
    4.4 The Ransom Victim.
    Available following your victory over Jack of Blades, this quest asks that you
    return the Knothole Glade Chief's son who is being held for ransom. Outside his
    hut in Knothole Glade the Chief will tell you kidnappers are holding his
    youngest son in a cave in Witchwood and are demanding 7500 gold. The Chief will
    give you the money, telling you to either pay the bandits or kill them all.
    Immediately following this the Chief's elder son will approach you and offer
    you some serious gold in exchange for the boy.
    The cave in question is the Witchwood Cavern, where we found the Archaeologist.
    Once there the bandit leader will demand the ransom. If you refuse and kill
    him you will have to fight your way through a series of bandits on your return
    to the village. If you pay the demands then you'll have to fight your way
    through a host of enemies consisting of Balverines, Nymphs and Trolls.
    The latter is by far the tougher challenge, especially with the boy in tow,
    so pocket the 7500, kill the bandit leader and make your way back to
    Knothole Glade. 
    There is now the matter of who to return the boy to. The elder son can be
    found up the secluded path, opposite the Demon Door, with some bandit friends,
    though the serious gold he mentioned never seems to materialize.
    If you return the boy to his father you will get the option of revealing the
    elder son's plan, but it doesn't make any difference to the rewards.
    *- Speak to the Chief in Knothole Glade
    *- Travel to the Witchwood Cavern.
    *- Pay or kill the bandit leader.
    *- Fight your way back to the village.
    *- Deliver the boy to his father or his elder brother.
                                     5. Gold Quests
    5.1 The Prophets of the Fire Heart.
    This is where the main bulk of the extended content begins. Following your
    victory over jack, you'll find yourself in the Memorial Garden near Oakvale.
    The Guildmaster will contact you and tell you that Scythe has a message that
    you should hear and will instruct you to meet him at the boasting platform
    outside of the Guild. Once there Scythe will tell you of a disturbance and
    the appearance of Summoners. He'll mention his mission and request help from
    the Heroes Guild before being interrupted by a menacing looking new enemy.
    In order to reach him, someone needs to retrieve the Fire Heart, call forth the
    Ship of the Drowned and travel to the Northern Wastes.
    To claim the Fire Heart you must pass through the Primal Demon Door, something
    Briar Rose and even the Guildmaster have been found unworthy of doing.
    Approach the door and it will recognize Jack's Mask and allow you entry.
    Once through you will meet The Prophets and learn how to free the Heart. You
    will notice a series of tiles in front of you, made up of suns and moons.
    The game will switch to an over-head view and you will have to traverse the
    tiles, turning them all into suns or moons. Turning all the tiles into suns
    will release a prophet whilst turning them all into moons will release one in
    a more sinister way. Although the puzzle itself isn't too difficult this is a
    timed event and failure to change all of the tiles in the allotted time will
    result in a loss of health and having to start over.
    Here are the solutions for the 5 puzzles for both suns and moons:
    U=up, D=down, L=left and R=right.
    Puzzle 1. 
    Suns.   U U U R R R D L R L L D D L R U
    Moons.  R U R D R U U L
    Puzzle 2.
    Suns.   U R R U L L U R D R U R
    Moons.  U D U R D R R U U L L D
    Puzzle 3.
    Suns.   U D R R R U U L U L D L R R
    Moons.  R U U U L R R R L D D D L R
    Puzzle 4.
    Suns.   U D R R R U U U L L D R D D L U L
    Moons.  U U U R D D D R U U U L D D R U U
    Puzzle 5.
    Suns.   R L U U U R R D D D R U U U D D
    Moons.  R U U R D D L R U U R D
    With the puzzle solved, you will claim your prize and the next quest will
    automatically begin.
    *- Travel to Lookout Point.
    *- Pass through the Primal Demon Door.
    *- Solve the 5 puzzles.
    *- Receive the Fire Heart.
    5.2 Ship of the Drowned.
    With the Fire Heart in hand, you must travel to Hook Coast and activate the
    lighthouse by placing the heart at the top of it to summon the ghost ship.
    With the heart in place, Briar Rose will make an appearance and as luck would
    have it, just as she's telling you how straight forward the process is, things
    suddenly become more complicated. A Summoner appears and attempts to destroy
    the Heart as it powers itself. The Summoners use potent magic as well as
    wielding powerful weapons and have an area attack which not only makes them
    invulnerable whilst it charges but will damage you if you try to attack them.
    Ranged attacks work well and physical shield will prove useful in melee. For
    non-magic users, just keep moving and get in close when you can.
    Once the Summoner is dealt with more of his kin will appear. It is up to you
    and Briar Rose to keep them and their Minions at bay until the heart is
    charged. The new area spell works well here, especially if fully advanced.
    With the enemies vanquished, the heart will call forth the Ship of the Drowned
    and you will automatically begin the voyage to the Northern Wastes. One year
    later you will encounter Scythe, or at least a vision of him, and receive the
    next quest.
    *- Travel to Hook Coast.
    *- Place the Fire Heart at the top of the Lighthouse.
    *- Defend the Fire Heart from Summoners
    *- Travel to the Northern Wastes.
    5.3 The Oracle of Snowspire.
    Looking decidedly disheveled, you arrive in The Lost Bay and embark from the
    ghost ship. You are immediately greeted by a vision of Scythe where you will
    learn more of the situation regarding Summoners and be encouraged to hasten
    yourself to the village of Snowspire, in the far North of The Northern Wastes.
    After exploring the area, take the steps Northwards. Once you reach the top
    be prepared to face another new enemy, The Ice Troll.
    The Ice Troll fights in much the same way as the Rock Troll, though with some
    nasty surprises. It has a new ranged attack, where shards of ice will come
    splitting from the ground, and in close melee will swing wildly at you. Keeping
    ready to roll out of the way of the sudden rows of ice, you should be able to
    defeat this foe in much the same way as his boulder tossing brethren.
    With the troll put on ice, It's time to move on to the next area and see what
    awaits us in the Northern Foothills.
    The first thing you will notice when you enter this area is the number of red
    dots on your mini-map. You can avoid the majority of these enemies by taking
    the Northern path when you come to it, which will pass a large door we can't go
    through yet. As in the previous area you will want to keep an eye out for
    any items lying around or fishing and digging spots as well as chests. Whether
    you take on the hordes or sneak round the back-way, you'll be heading for the
    Eastern exit and on to Archon's Shrine.
    Making your way around, you'll want to take note of the shrine itself and any
    hidden paths that might lead to treasures. Especially of interest will be the
    large and rather ominous looking doors to the North. Thankfully, we won't be
    heading here just yet. Once your done exploring and you've spoken briefly to
    Briar Rose, proceed to the Western exit to Snowspire Village.
    Snowspire itself, has very much the same fare as previous villages with the
    addition of two market traders, one a tattooist and the other a general
    merchant, and a charity shop, which can be used to gain positive alignment in
    exchange for goods. You will also find a coin golf game in the tavern, where a
    score of 9 or better will win you the new Scythe doll, required for the Collect
    the Hero Dolls quest. Most importantly you will also find Scythe.
    Scythe will tell us that we must consult the Oracle of Snowspire and to do this
    we must awaken it using the Glyphs of Inquiry. Theses four glyphs can be found
    in the Necropolis, which is through those large doors to the North of the
    Northern Foothills, which Scythe will now grant us access to.
    On your way back through Archon's Shrine you'll encounter the third new enemy,
    the Wraith. These are exactly like the Undead and as such can be tackled in
    exactly the same way. The higher HP simply means you'll be slashing away at
    their backs that little while longer.
    Continue back-tracking all the way to that large door, where you'll meet two
    guards. One of which will lead you through to the Necropolis.
    As well as the various ghosts drifting around this deserted town and the
    occasional Wraith or White Balverine you will notice several green dots on your
    map. In this area the dots correspond with the numerous grave sites. Some of
    these will contain treasures, but most will contain a tablet. Four of these are
    our glyphs, the remainder will call forth enemies consisting of Minions and
    Summoners. You will notice that one of the grave sites is suspiciously barred
    by an all too familiar red barrier. Upon recovering the first three glyphs the
    barrier will disappear, which is good. It'll be replaced by an Ice Troll
    however, which isn't so good, and upon defeating said Troll the barrier will
    re-activate behind you accompanied by two Summoners and two Minions, which is
    not good in the slightest. Again, the new spell works wonders here, especially
    along with slow-time and physical shield. With the enemies defeated your free
    to dig up the last glyph and complete this quest.
    *- Meet Scythe in Snowspire Village.
    *- Travel to the Necropolis.
    *- Retrieve the Glyphs of Inquiry.
    5.4 The Oracle's Knowledge.
    As soon as you re-enter Snowspire Village the Oracle will awaken and tell you
    that Jack of Blades lives and that he is the one behind the reappearance of the
    summoners. It will also tell you that you can use Jack's mask to feed the
    Archon Shrine and confront Jack of Blades once and for all.
    You can also learn a lot from the Oracle by using the glyphs you found. To talk
    to the Oracle you must stand in the center of the raised platform and use one
    of the new glyph expressions. The knowledge you will receive depends on which
    expression you make.
    Yeron  - People of Albion.
    Moryk  - Legends of the World.
    Calran - Lore of Beasts and Fiends.
    Avisto - The History of the Land.
    There is a lot of back story and updates relating to most of the characters
    as well as a lot of other interesting information, which is a lot more than the
    few raised eyebrows you'd usually get for performing the YMCA dance in public.
    *- Return to Snowspire Village.
    *- Receive the Oracle's knowledge.
    5.5 The Souls of Heroes.
    In Archon's Shrine, Briar Rose will reappear and confide that she has learned
    from the inscriptions that Jack himself , though in a new form, is behind the
    large bronze gate to the North. To open it and face him in Archon's Folly you
    will need to use his mask to feed the shrine the souls of three heroes.
    The King of The Arena.
    The first soul you will need is that of an Arena Champion. Briar can't help,
    but she knows a man who can. Thunder can be found in Knothole Glade.
    At this point you can either defeat Thunder and claim his soul or as he
    suggests, head to the Arena and claim the soul of champions who dwell there
    Killing Thunder:
    Fighting Thunder is by far the quickest and easiest way, with the
    fight itself relatively simple. He uses exactly the same attacks and strategy
    as in your first bout, with the only difference being your increased
    superiority. Deal with the relic and teach him what becomes of buffoons that
    refer to 65 year old men as "boy" and claim his soul.
    Collecting an Arena Soul:
    Before hitting the Arena, check your inventory and make sure you've got LOTS of
    healing potions, or will potions for physical shield.
    Upon entering the Hall of Heroes you'll be confronted by two summoners. Defeat
    these and head to the Anteroom where everyone is dead. Note that you can steal
    the shop items here but will still get bad points.
    Take a deep breath and enter the Arena. Jack is going to have you face four
    rounds of enemies which makes your previous visit here seem like an afternoon
    in The Picnic Area.
    Round One   - An Earth Troll, a Rock Troll and two Minions.
    Round Two   - Two Rock Trolls, two Minions and two Minion Summoners.
    Round Three - Three Minions and three Balverines followed by three Minion
                  Summoners and three Balverines.
    Round Four  - Four Minion Summoners and a Summoner followed by another four
                  Minion Summoners and two Summoners.
    Either way, once you have the soul teleport back to Archon's Shrine to learn
    of the next soul.
    The Heroine.
    For our next trick, we'll be collecting the soul of a heroine, again we are
    faced with two choices. One of which is standing right in front of us and the
    other is our not long since dead mother. Neither option seems all that noble,
    yet that is the decision we have to make.
    Killing Briar Rose:
    Striking down Briar is our quick and easy option and is extremely tempting
    for even the most noble. This part-time hero will use force push, which can be
    rendered useless with physical shield, and also has the impressive ability to
    disappear and re-appear with five clones. Destroying the duplicates earns you
    XP but after you dispose of a couple the rest will evaporate, leaving the real
    Briar exposed. She doesn't really have much else to offer and claiming her soul
    should be a formality.
    Collecting Your Mother's Soul:
    Teleport to Oakvale and proceed to the Memorial Garden, here you will be
    confronted by several Screamers, You should be able to hack your way through
    them with relative ease, as long as you remain alert to their ranged attack.
    At the first sign of a glowing string of energy you need to follow it to it's
    source as while attached this energy will deplete your health, even with
    physical shield, so severing it quickly is essential. Once you have overcome
    the enemy your mother will talk to you and ease your conscience before
    sacrificing her soul.
    Depending on how you collected the second soul you'll either be instructed by
    Jack or Briar as to how to satisfy the shrine for the final time.
    The Oldest Soul.
    The final soul we must collect is that of the oldest hero. There is no quick
    and easy option here, just a choice between good and evil. You must either
    overthrow the Guildmaster or lay Nostro's soul to rest.
    Killing the Guildmaster:
    Teleporting to the Heroes Guild, a guard will tell you that the Guildmaster has
    retreated to the Guild Woods. Upon approaching the entrance to which you'll be
    confronted by a quartet of guards. Dispose of these insignificant puppets and
    proceed. Inside the woods you'll be made to battle scores of guards, with the
    Guildmaster aiding them with an assortment of magic, including heal-life and
    physical shields. With the fall of the final guard the Guildmaster offers you
    one last chance of redemption. Agree and you'll be transported to Lychfield
    Graveyard. Disagree and you'll be treated to probably the most hilarious moment
    of the entire game.
    Collecting Nostro's Soul:
    Teleport to Lychfield Graveyard, where two sentry guards will tell you of
    events beyond the Demon Door. Nostro's ghost has risen and along with an army
    of Undead is battling Minions. Entering the Old Grayeyard Path will confirm
    this and leave you to battle your way through both sides to reach the Circle of
    the Dead. Here you will find Nostro and he will agree to give you his soul only
    if you can send him to the other side with honour, by defeating him in battle.
    Nostro informs you that he has a number of sworn protectors who will fight at
    his side and such is his bond to them that you must defeat them first in order
    to harm him. That won't stop him from swiping at you while your doing it
    however. You'll want to stay relatively close to Nostro, not so close as he's
    continually hitting you though, and dispose of enough of his protectors that he
    becomes solid. Once you see him change you'll want to focus on him until he
    becomes translucent again. At this point return to his protectors and so on.
    With Nostro beaten the third and final soul is yours.
    However you acquired it, head back to Archon's Shrine with the oldest soul and
    use it to open the Bronze Doors and your way to The Final Battle.
    *- Learn how to use Archon's Shrine to face Jack.
    *- Retrieve the king of the Arena's soul.
    *- Retrieve the heroine's soul.
    *- Retrieve the oldest soul.
    5.6 The Final Battle.
    When your ready, head through the Bronze Doors and face Jack in his new form.
    If you've been anywhere near a Fable message board, you won't be surprised to
    learn that Jack is a dragon, and dragon Jack has numerous ways to kill you.
    Jack's Attacks:
    Jack has the ability to summon Minions and Summoners to aid him, whilst they
    are intended to distract you, they can cause vital damage if left un-checked.
    Jack's ranged attack is a fire-ball that he will spit at you from a hovering
    position. The position he takes before releasing it looks exactly the same as
    the one he takes before his vulnerable moment, so be prepared to evade before
    you go rushing in.
    Jack's area attack comes in the form of a devastating blast of dragon breath
    that, unless you pay close attention to his movements, can cause serious
    damage. His tendency to use this in conjuncture with summoning can be painful.
    Jack's melee attack is his most damaging. It consists of him lunging forwards
    and a full set of dragon teeth snapping shut around your hero, furthermore it
    will come when he is at his most vulnerable.
    Slaying the dragon:
    As mentioned, the method for dealing with Jack depends on your hero's ability.
    Most people will have a well-rounded character and for those people this is the
    order of the day. Once the battle begins Jack will be in his vulnerable
    position, that being grounded on the edge of the area in front of you.
    Immediately cast slow time, physical shield, berserk and multi strike. Top up
    your will power and hack away at the dragon's head with your most powerful
    weapon. Have enflame ready as you can use it to avoid Jack's melee attack and
    you should be able to defeat your nemesis without any problems. If Jack is
    still breathing following this initial attack, make sure you follow his
    movements closely. Again enflame will save you from ranged or area attacks if
    timed correctly. Once Jack lands again, repeat your attack.
    For those who have gone through the game as a pure warrior, archer or mage,
    I'll assume you've done so for the extra challenge, so I’ll leave you to it.
    NOTE. Once Jack is defeated you will have the option of throwing away his mask,
    thus destroying him forever. If you do not do this in time your hero will
    automatically put it on. FOREVER.
    *- Enter Archon's Folly through the Bronze Doors.
    *- Defeat Dragon Jack.
    *- Destroy or bind yourself to Jack forever.
                                    6. Demon Doors.
    Darkwood Bordello - This Demon Door requires that you have sex 10 times. With
                        the bordello in the same area this should be easy enough.
    Lookout Point     - This door will only appear as part of the expanded main
                        quest, once you've completed the Battle Jack quest, and
                        will open automatically for you, by virtue of the fact
                        you've reached that point in the game.
    Necropolis        - This Demon Door wants to be a Silver Chest and to satisfy
                        it you must give it all of your Silver Keys. Whether you
                        have one or all thirty the door will take what you have and
                        let you through, but you'll never get them back. You should
                        ensure that you have opened ALL 12 of the Silver Chests
                        before you do this.
                                    7. Silver Keys.
    Bowerstone South - You are awarded this key in return for donating all 25 books
                       the Headmaster of the Bowerstone School wants.
    Fisher Creek     - You will win this key for placing second in the Fishing
                       Competition. A catch weighing 30g or more is required.
    Oakvale          - This key is yours for placing second in the Chicken Kicking
                       Competition. To attain second position you must score 150
    The Lost Bay     - You can find this key by digging up the grave near the
                       abandoned house.
    Necropolis       - This key can be found by fishing over the ripple in the
                       water, near the Demon Door.
                                  8. Silver Chests.
    The Lost Bay - This Silver Chest requires 30 keys to open it. Inside you will
                   find The Avenger, plus one of each of the precious stones in the
    Necropolis   - This chest contains Archon's Battle Armour. To get inside you
                   will need 25 Silver Keys.
                                      9. New Items.
    9.1 Weapons.
    Avo's Tear:
    This Sword was imbued with extraordinary power when the Guild Mage Solcius used
    it in a spell to close a large vortex. For a long time, it has existed only as
    a myth among acolytes. It's strength rivals even the Sword of Aeons.
    Orkon's Club:
    Often mistaken for a Hobbe, and sometimes a baby Troll, Orkon was a diminutive
    warrior who shunned society and lived in the mountains. Enemies would sometimes
    laugh as they saw his small form charging towards them with this club in his
    hand. It was usually the last thing they did.
    The Avenger:
    This mystical weapon belonged to Wheldon, a Hero whose family and home were
    ripped to pieces by demonic creatures. Wheldon made a bargain with a
    necromancer: he would trade his life for a Sword strong enough to kill every
    last one of those beings. The Hero's heart was placed in the center of the
    blade, and when his revenge was complete it became part of the steel, as
    Wheldon's lifeless body fell to the ground.
    The Bereaver:
    The origins of this broadsword are soaked in mystery, as well as blood. Though
    it is thought to have been wielded by one of the Guild's most evil Heroes, no
    record has been found of his name. Some say it belonged not to a man but to a
    demon, and that is why it gleams with the fires of hell.
    9.2 Clothing.
    Bright Wizard Hat:
    Some say wizard hats are specially designed to channel the mental energies of
    the Will. Others say they are specially designed to look stupid. This one is
    commonly worn by benevolent magic users.
    Dark Wizard Hat:
    Some say wizard hats are specially designed to channel the mental energies of
    the Will. Others say they are specially designed to look stupid. This one is
    commonly worn by evil magic users.
    Fisherman Hat:
    A strong aroma of dead fish permeates this hat, decorated as it is with the
    hooks of great fishermen of the past.
    Chicken Hat:
    Once used in the three-day ritual of the worshippers of the chicken god Eggtor,
    it is now more commonly seen on the heads of cheats and cowards as they are
    driven out of towns, pelted with tofu sandwiches by angry villagers.
    Pimp Hat:
    Although they have fallen into disuse and are considered tacky by the majority
    of the population, these hats are still synonymous with cocky attitudes,
    chauvinism and a unique approach to bordello management.
    Redhead Wig:
    The art of prostitution is littered with an odd cornucopia of props. This is
    one of the least insalubrious, used to please carrot-top fanciers.
    Holy Warrior Helm:
    Two hundred years ago, a war broke out between the temples of Avo and Skorm.
    The Holy Warriors flew the banner of their righteous god, and mirrored the
    demonic look of the Skorm soldiers in order to strike fear into their enemies.
    Daemon Warrior Helm:
    Two hundred years ago, a war broke out between the temples of Avo and Skorm.
    The Daemon Warriors flew the banner of their evil deity, and terrorised all
    that came in their way with their infernal, beastly visage.
    Archon's Battle Armour:
    Worn by the legendary king of Archon in his youth as he led battles against all
    of Albion's enemies. The armour's pieces are made out of the remains of the
    last Platinum Troll to walk the land before becoming extinct, and is still the
    hardest substance known to man.
    Fire Assassin Outfit:
    The Fire Assassins were members of a Dragon cult outlawed by the Old Kingdom.
    They burned the blood of their victims in dark rituals intended to gain favor
    with the Dragons of the North.
                                       10. Legal.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Everything in this guide is covered by the above, with exception to section 9.
    New Items, as this was taken directly from the game and therefore is not my
    Fable The Lost Chapters is copyright of Lionhead Studios Limited 2005.
                                      11. Credits.
    I'd like to thank Lionhead Studios for finishing what they started.
    I'd like to thank Billy and Charlie Biggles for their patience.
    I'd like to extend special thanks to Roy Keane for 12 magnificent years of
    service to Manchester United and I'd like to thank John Lennon for trying on
    our behalf, Happy Birthday John.
    If you REALLY need to contact me you can at dave_lcd@hotmail.com but any
    questions are more likely to be answered by the boards and any criticism
    most likely to be ignored.

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