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    FAQ/Walkthrough by tidus_2001

    Updated: 08/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  ******  ******   __             /#|___ 
                   |##|    |##|   /###\  /#|____ /######\
                   |##|    |##|  |#""##\/#######\ |#|  |#|
                   |##|    |##|      |##| |#|  |#||#| |#/      _
               "   |##|  _|####|/##""|##| |#| |#/ |#|  / **    |#|
                ";|####|=  |##| |#   |##| |#|  /  |#|     \### |#|
                   |##|    |##|  |#__|#|  |#|     |###|     \####|
                   |##|    |##|   \###/   |#|    *******      \##|
                  ******   |##|          *****           \#____\#|
                          ******                          \######/
             /########\	      /|	
            /####|   |#|   __    /#|__   /| 	   
              |##|   |#|  /##\ |#####/  /#|_  ____  /#\_____
              |##|_  |#| /#  #\  |#|  |####/ /#""#\  |##,###\
              |#| ._|#| |##  ##| |#|   |#|  |#|   #| |##|  |#|
              |###,##/  |##  ##| |#;   |#|  |##:::#/ |##| |#/
             \###|      \##  ##| |#;   |#|  |#|      |##|
              \##|       \#  #/  |#;   |#|  |#;  ##/ |##|
               \#|        \##/   |#;   \#|   \# ##/  |##|
              \#|                 \##   \##/  \##/  \###|
               \|                        \/           \####
                   A N D  T H E  S O R C E R E R ' S  S T O N E
    	  		        = For PC =
    Thanks to Matt B and Beno Jange for this logo (I modified it)
    NOTICE : This is the final update of the walkthrough, so please
             stop mailing me and asking about this and that. 
             I must consentrate on other things. Sorry. 
             Maybe I'll write the next sequel of Harry Potter games
             (but for PC only)
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    ||   Table of Contents  ||
    A. Introduction
      1. History
      2. About Me
    B. Game Basics
      1. Controls
      2. Spells
      3. Characters
      4. Items
      5. Enemies
    C. Walkthrough
      Chapter 1
       - Hogwarts Enterance
       - Flipendo Challenge
       - Broomstick Training
       - Wingardium Leviosa
       - Second Floor Landing
      Chapter 2
       - Hogwarts Ground
       - Incendio Challenge
       - Incendio B
       - Hogwarts Front
       - Remembrall Chase
       - Hogwarts Ground II
       - Forest Edge
       - Fireseed Cave
       - Quidditch I
      Chapter 3
       - Intro 
       - Lumos
       - PreDungeon
       - Dungeon 
       - Dungeon B
       - Troll
       - Quidditch II
      Chapter 4
       - The Sneak
       - The Sneak II
      Chapter 5
       - The Forbidden Corridor
       - Devil's Snare
       - The Winged Keys
       - The Chess Game
       - The Potions
       - The Final Encounter
    D. Hints
       1. The Famous Witches and Wizards Cards 
       2. Cheats
       3. Frequently Asked Questions
       4. Tips
    E. Credits
    *|||     A. Introduction     |||*
    1. History
    	08/22/2002 - The last update
    	03/13/2002 - Add Tips section
    	02/02/2002 - Update the cheat section
    	01/31/2002 - Add one more site
    	01/20/2002 - Add two more sites
    	01/12/2002 - Remove cheats that don't work for me
    		     Add 2 questions
            01/10/2002 - Add 3more questions
    	01/09/2002 - Add a cheat
    	12/26/2001 - Update the cheat section
    	12/23/2001 - Add two more questions, fix the Charm Class part
    	12/22/2001 - Fix the Fireseed Cave part
    	12/20/2001 - Update the items section
    	12/15/2001 - Finished my walkthrough
    	12/12/2001 = Decided to write this Walkthrough since there's 
    		     none had write for the PC version yet
    	11/24/2001 = Bought the Game
    2. About Me
    	Hi, I'm Danny (but not Daniel Radcliffe). I love Harry Potter 
    	much (the books, the movies, the games, all of them).
    	I wrote this just for the other Harry Potter fans that 
    	play the PC version (I played the PSX version too, thanks 
    	to Matt B for the hints, it helped me much) because I still 
    	can't find a walkthrough for PC version.
            Finally, I only have two words for you now, LET'S PLAY!
    *|||     B. Game Basics      |||*
    Since this is the PC version (different from the PSX version), I'll make 
    adjustments for the PC users. But for the system requirements, I 
    suggest you to the Readme_eng.txt file in \Harry Potter\ directory.
    A few Video Cards are not compatible for this game, Voodoo Banshee
    for example. I used this card, and when I played the game, it crashed 
    after a few minutes and I have to reset my PC for this.
    But alas, when I changed my Graphic Card with GeForce2 MX 200, it 
    getting worse. I cannot do the Alt+Tab to change the applications 
    between this file and the game. But this problem was fixed by 
    re-intalling the Windows.
    If you have a fast processor, I suggest to use Software Render.
    For further information about the compatibility, check out the ReadMe file.
    Ok, let's start the Game.
    When you run the program, there are 4 menus there.
    - Play Game 		= new game or load saved game
    - Quidditch  
      ~ Broomstick Practce  = sealed until you get the flying 
    			  lesson from Madam Hooch
      ~ Quidditch League    = sealed until you play the first 
    		          Quidditch in the game
    - Option 		= configure your game
    - Exit 			= quit the game
    You can configure the keys that suits you for the game 
    in the Options menu.
    These menus will show up when you enter the Debug Mode :
    - Level Select 		= choose the level you want
    - Language		= I think this some kind of 'Voice'
    - Credits		= show the credits of this game
    Now I'll explain the standard keys :
    1. Controls 
    - Directional buttons		: move Harry according to the directions
    - Ctrl or right mouse button	: jump
    - Alt or left mouse button	: cast spells 
    - A				: speed up your broomstick
    - Z				: slow down your broomstick
    2. Spells
    You cannot cast a spell until you learn it. When you hold Alt button 
    or right mouse click, objects which can be hit by the spell will show 
    the pattern of the magic, e.g. after you learned Flipendo, objects like 
    couldrons, will show spiral pattern when you hold the Alt button toward 
    that objects.
    When you enter a class, you will learn a new spell (except for 
    potion class), with following the pattern on the screen with mouse 
    while holding the left click or Alt button.
    If you pass the required marks, you can try the next one with higher 
    required marks but with higher House Points if you succeed.
    Magics that can be learned in this PC version are :
    - Flipendo = hit objects to move it, or turn it. Sign : spiral
    - Alohomora = open chests or secret rooms. Sign : key hole
    - Wingardium Leviosa = levitate objects. Sign : 'W'
    - Incendio = hit plants. Sign : fire
    - Lumos = hit gargoyle to reveal lifts, secret passages, etc. 
    	  Sign : cresent
    3. Characters
    ~ Harry Potter ~ - You
    ~ Ronald Weasley ~ - Your friend. You ever late for Potion Class with him, 
    		     but you are the only one Professor Snape 
    		     takes 8 points
    ~ Hermione Granger ~ - Your another friend. The most clever students 
    		       in Hogwarts. Will help you through the game
    ~ Draco Malfoy ~ - A rotten boy, he will show his hate of Gryffindor with 
    		   various pranks, specially to Harry
    ~ Neville Longbottom ~ - A clumpsy and forgetful boy. You need to do 
    			 a few task for him
    ~ Fred and George Weasley ~ - twins that will give you wizard cards if 
    			      you give them 25 Bertie Bott's Every 
    			      Flavour Beans
    ~ Lee Jordan ~ - The commentator for the quidditch game. 
    ~ Rubeus Hagrid ~ - Your giant friend, and the gamekeeper. 
                        You'll do a task for him
    ~ Albus Dumbledore ~ - Headmaster of Hogwarts. You'll see him twice 
    		       in this game.
    ~ Minerva McGonagal ~ - She will meet you after you do 
                            broomstick chasing with Malfoy
    ~ Professor Quirell ~ - the teacher of Defense Against Dark Arts class, 
    		        teaches Flipendo and Lumos
    ~ Professor Flitwick ~ - the teacher of Charm class, 
    			 teaches Wingardium Leviosa
    ~ Severus Snape ~ - teacher of Potion class, will give you a task
    ~ Professor Sprout ~ - Herbology teacher. Teaches Incendio
    ~ Madam Hooch ~ - Flying teacher
    ~ Lord Voldemort ~ - the last boss in the game
    3. Items
    There just a few items in this game, which have similarity 
    to the other versions :
    - Chocolate Frogs  		   = recover some of your stamina
    - Wizard Cards     		   = collect all of them to get 
    				     the last card
    - Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans = you can find hundreds of them 
    				     in this game
    - Moly				   = ingredient for Potions
    - Wiggentree Back		   = ingredient for Potions
    - Flobberworm Mucus		   = ingredient for Potions
    - Dittany			   = ingredient for Potions
    4. Enemies
    - Lord Voldemort		: the last boss, absolutely annoying.
    - Draco Malfoy			: one of the very easy one
    - Peeves			: a simple boss, but beware. 
       			          He could be very annoying
    - Gnome				: another annoying enemies. 
    - Turtles			: undefeatable, just run.
    - Slugs				: beware, even for their tracks.
    - Spiky Bushes			: beware of its needles
    - Venomous Tentacula		: just becareful around it
    - Doxy				: it always do 'hit and run' 
    - Fluffy			: have to put the 3 heads into sleep
    - Devil Snare			: save Ron and Hermoine from it.
    - Quirell			: annoying one, just consentrate on the blocks.
    *|||     C. Walkthrough      |||*
    Chapter 1 //
    Hogwarts Enterance >>
    Professor Dumbledore will talk to you for a while. After that, run up 
    the stairs and Ron will meet you. Follow him for 'secret' lesson from 
    George and Fred.
    In this 'lesson' just follow the path, jumping the bookshelfs to the 
    next area.
    Collect all Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans in this area, include all 
    of them that hidden behind the pillars (Total 29 beans). And give Fred 
    and George 25 of it.
    They should open the path to the Defense Against Dark Arts class. 
    Go, Harry, Go!
    After a small talk with Draco and Hermione, enter the class.
    Follow the pattern to learn the spell. Remember, if you pass the 
    requirement mark, Quirell will give you house points. If you pass all 
    of them (4 times) you'll get 50 points in total. This procedure will 
    be done for all magic learning classes.
    Flipendo Challenge >>
    Follow the Quirell's instruction and go to the next area. Cast Flipendo 
    to the barrel twice. There is only one way here. So keep move up. There 
    should be a Flipendo pattern on the wall in the next area. Cast to it 
    and to the cauldrons next to it.
    Enter the new opened door,take the star challenge, and just go to the end, 
    then pass the bridge. There should be a cauldron here. Knock it, and don't 
    forget the pattern on the wall near it.
    The bridge should change now. Hop down and follow the path.
    You should meet the Nearly Headless Nick in the next room. He will 
    teach you about the save point. Break the potteries to get Bertie Bott's 
    Every Flavour beans. Then hit 2 Flipendo patterns on the wall to 
    continue on. Proceed.
    Hit the 3 pattern on the wall to open the secret area, and don't forget 
    the cauldrons. Take the challenge stars and the beans then proceed. 
    Quirell will tell you to move the block with Flipendo. Do that twice for 
    this block and the next you find.
    There's 2 potteries and a Save Game Book in this room. Hit the potteries first, 
    then save your game. Proceed. Hit the 2 next blocks you find with 
    1 Flipendo spell. Then move up to the left side of the second block. 
    Hit the cauldron, and don't forget the pattern on the wall to open 
    the secret room. Take the star and beans from the room up the block 
    you moved, then proceed to the room near this secret room. Hit the block 
    once and it will open the way. Proceed.
    Take the challange star and hit Flipendo Pattern on the wall. Just keep 
    jumping and hitting all the pattern on the wall until you can see a way to 
    your left. This room should have a cauldron and a challenge star. Take it 
    and keep moving. 
    You'll find a room blocked by a block. Hit it twice. Take the challenge 
    star and 4 beans here then leave. You should find a door now. Enter then 
    In the next room you have to face 3 gnomes that will take 3 beans from you 
    each time they hit you. Knock them down with Flipendo. Before you leave, 
    don't forget to hit the potteries, and take the challenge star. 
    Quirell should give you 20 points now.
    Broomstick Training >>
    Fly through the circles with normal speed. No need to be rush. When the 
    rings near the Hogwarts symbol, get in the symbol and take the Wizard Card 
    inside it. Don't have to care about the beans, you can collect hundreds of 
    them later. I got 15 points for this. How about you?
    Charm Class (Wingarium Leviosa) >>
    There are two leesons actually in here. But first, hit all cauldrons and 
    armors in this room to get beans. (Armor and sculpture or something like 
    that usually can be hit three times or four times). then, talk to 
    Hermione to learn Alohomora.  
    When you finally can cast Alohomora, hit the center bookshelf with it. 
    There sould be a chest inside.
    The picture between 2 armors should contain 2 chests and 1 bean. I think
    you should stand in certain distance to open the wall behind the bean.
    Open the locked door, and hit the armor with Flipendo. Take the Wizard Card 
    from the room, and then open the passage behind the bookshelf.
    The mirror contain a chocolate frog, and the picture in the next room 
    contain a chest.
    After the Charm lesson, you have to collect the challenge stars. After put 
    the statue to the plate, Flitwick will leave you and you can enter the 
    next room.
    Becareful, there are 2 gnomes in this room. hit them fast, then hit 
    the switch in the wall.
    Proceed. Collect all the beans from the cauldrons and chest in this room, 
    hit the armor twice to get the beans, then hit the block to move out 
    the way. BECAREFUL! 
    There's a gnome inside. Knock it fast, if you don't want you lose 
    your beans. Then hit the switch. Do the same thing for the next block.
    Now levitate the statues and put them into the plates. Go to the next area.
    There is a save game book. but before you save, check the left side 
    of this place. There should be a challenge star. Go to the right side, 
    and put the statue to the plate. Proceed and take the challenge star.
    In the outside, there are a secret room on the right side. Just put the 
    statue into it's place, and viola! The secret way is now open. Hit the 
    switch in the wall, and open the mirror to find 3 chests contain beans 
    and 1 Wizard Card.
    Follow the wway down, put the statue into the plate, take the beans, 
    then proceed. 
    Flitwick should give you 20 points now. 
    After he's gone, put levitate the statue and put it into the plate near 
    bookcase. The bookcase will move, and open a secret room with a chest 
    inside. Take the beans and then go to the next room.
    Second Floor Landing >>
    First, hit all the chests and cauldron in this area to get the beans. 
    Don't forget to open the secret room behind the mirror here, because 
    there's a Wizard Card in it.
    Don't go any further until you are really sure that you have opened it all.
    When you eat Chocolate Frog, Peeves will attack you.
    Just stay away from him, and hit him with Flipendo when he's not in 
    tranparent shape.
    4 times of Flipendo will defeat him.
    When you are getting out through the only way out, you will meet
    Fred and George.
    Give them 25 beans, and they'll will give you another Card. 
    Go through the door, Hedwig show bring you another letter from Hermione. 
    Now, use Alohomora to a potrait on you right side, and then keep going 
    to right. You should meet Crabbe and Goyle here. when they leaving, open 
    the chest near the closed door and take the beans. Cast Flipendo 4 times 
    to the witch statue near you to get the other beans.
    You finished exploring the right side of this area. Now go to the left side. 
    You should meet Neville here. Hit the statue 3 times to get the beans, 
    and go down. There's a mirror in front of you. Cast Alohomora to open 
    the secret area. 
    Enter and cast another Alohomora to the door inside. There's a chest contain 
    another Wizard Card.
    Now, keep going down to where you spoke to Dumbledore. Don't forget to take 
    all beans a long the way by smashing armors and breaking potteries.
    Save, and now you will have to face the second boss, Malfoy.
    Just avoid his Wizard Crackers, take one which fall down to the floor, 
    and hit SPACE BAR to throw it to him. Ok, that will defeat him after you do 
    this a few times. 
    Go out through the main door now.
    Chapter 2 //
    Hogwarts Ground >>
    Now, after a small talk with Hagrid, check the stream near him. There's a 
    secret room behind it (I forget who gave me this. Please mail me to get 
    your credit) Then go to the left side of him and you will 
    find Hermione here. She'll waiting for Neville, so just get going.
    Before you enter the red door, check the dragon statue near this place and 
    hit it 3-4 times with Flipendo. Take the beans and the go through the 
    red door.
    From the left most side of your position, there'll be a chest contains 
    beans and Chocolate Frogs. Take it then keep walking. The only thing you 
    must do in this area is hit the switches in the wall with Flipendo. Do 
    this to the both sides to open the way to the next area.
    On left side of the area, before you enter the garden, should be a save
    game book and a chest. Take it then enter the garden through the only 
    way in.
    Find the pattern when the plants (Venomous Tentacula)
    attack, then run. Notice : there's a chest here!
    When you reach the intersection, just keep moving forward toward the wall
    and cast Flipendo to a dragon statue near you.
    Enter the secret passage and hit the dragon statue twice. Go back to the 
    intersection, and take the other way.
    Avoid the plants once more, and keep going toward the wall. There's a 
    dragon statue here. Cast a spell on it, and enter the secret passage.
    Open the chest in this area. There's another secret room in front of 
    the chest (look at the ground). Alohomora will open it.
    BE CAREFUL!. At the end of the passage, there are 3 gnomes hiding behind.
    Cast Alohomora to open the way, then hit them with Flipendo. Take the 
    chests here then go all the way back.
    When you reach the plants again, take the right path. There are another 
    intersection here. Take the left one, and avoid the plants.
    Put the statue to the fountain to open the door.
    Don't be hasty. There's a secret room here. Look the pattern on the ground,
    and cast Alohomora to open it.
    Avoid the plants, there's a chest near the blue bean. open it and continue
    your exploration. Hit the dragon statue with Alohomora. Enter the secret
    room. And take the beans from the dragon statue. Go back, near the dragon 
    statue that you used Alohomora, there should be a secret passage. Open it.
    There should be another room near the second plant. Open the room and take
    the beans from the chest. Go back. If the secret door closed, take the other 
    way. You'll back at the dragon statue which you cast Alohomora.
    keep going and you are now free from those plants. Enter the area where you 
    find the building. George and Fred will show up. Give them the beans, and
    they will reward you with another Card. When they are leaving, DO NOT ENTER 
    the building, before you find another secret passage in the furthest 
    environment of this area. enter, and you know what you should do to the 
    dragon statues, don't you?
    Take the Card, go back to the bulding and enter to learn Incendio spell.
    Herbology Class (Incendio Challenge) >>
    Use Incendio to the Spiky Bushes, then hit the switch on the wall. 2 gnomes 
    will show up, but becareful, there's still another one near the cauldron. 
    Before you save, don't forget to open the chest behind Spiky Bushes in the 
    room where you hit the switch.
    Save then continue. Cast Incendio to the Venomous Tentacula to open 
    the door, but before leaving, cast Incendio to all the Spiky Bushes in this 
    room, then take the beans on the chests.
    In the next room, there should be a plant in the middle of the room. Cast 
    alohomora to the bookcases in this room and don't forget to use Flipendo
    to hit the switches. the plant will move out and open a secret passage. 
    Enter, but keep in mind, there are 2 gnomes down there, so becareful.
    Collect the challenge star and the Wizard Card then go back.
    There's a girl in the next room. She'll run off after being attacked by 
    a Doxy. Knock down the Doxy, and the vines sorrounding the trees. Jump up
    to take the challenge star and the beans. Cast Flipendo to the other trees
    to get additional beans.
    Then open the locked gate with alohomora. 2 Doxies come along. Defeat them
    then continue. Knock down the cauldron in the corner and keep going.
    The next area is easy, just follow the arrow. But beware of the Venomous
    The next one is quite easy too, but first defeat the 4 gnomes. Open the 
    chest behind Spiky Bushes, and go to the other room contains 3 statues. Put
    them to the 3 wood plates, knock down the cauldrons, then go out. Hit the
    switch with Flipendo. Take the challenge star.
    Herbology Class (Incendio Challenge II) >>
    Watch out! There are 2 gnomes in this room. Defeat them, take the beans
    in the chest, then continue.
    Since the left side of the room is still closed, go to the right. Cast
    Incendio to make the Venoumous Tentacula faint for a moment, then go to
    the back of the room. Then hit the switch.
    go back, then take the now opened path. Cast Flipendo 4 times to the dragon
    in front of you to get 4 more beans. Then proceed to the next room.
    Destroy all Spiky Bushes here, then hit the block to move away. Then hit 
    the switches in the wall. Don't forget to check the chests behind the doors.
    In the next room, there should be a room in the upper right. So go up and 
    take everything in there. Remember, there is a challenge star in this room 
    so keep moving up after you hit the switch in the wall.
    When arrrive in the next room, try to look in the upper left of Harry. 
    There's a chest up. To take it, just follow the path, pass the door, to the 
    end of this area. Hop into the plate and up (if you can't do this, try to 
    keep walk to the corner between the wall and the tidy green plants (not
    the Venomous Tentacula) and you will going up for sure.
    then open the chest in the end of the way and take the Wizard Card.
    Proceed to the next room, hit all the switches in this room, then keep
    Professor Sprout will give 20 points for this.
    Hogwarts Ground >>
    Check the area in your right then collect all the beans.
    After a small talk with Hagrid, check the chest near the fountain
    in front of Castle Enterance, go to the other open way.
    Ron will meet you, then Neville. Time to broomstick chasing now.
    Remembrall Chase >>
    The tip is, just stay close to Malfoy then hit him from behind.
    After a few times, push the Jump button. Malfoy will return Neville's 
    Hogwarts Ground II >>
    After giving back the Remembrall to Neville, Professor McGonagal will 
    put you into Quidditch team. Hooray!
    Then go to next area in the right side of Castle Enterance.
    Forest Edge >>
    Just keep walking forward, remove the lumber, and you can see a chest 
    up in a trunk stand between the nearest two trunks. Use Alohomora to 
    open the bronze chest.
    Inside the wall on your left side (behind the left trunk) there's 
    another chest. Go further this cave and you'll found another chest. 
    Go all the way back, where you open the first chest. Avoid the turtle, 
    and hop to the trunk in the end. Hop the way up (don't forget to check 
    a chest behind Spiky Bushes).
    Hit the slugs along the way, then hit the trunk so you can cross the 
    gap. 3 Doxies will show up. Defeat them, take the Chocolate Frogs, 
    then save. Cross the way, open the chest, then keep going. 
    There's another Chocolate Frog behind the slug. Hit the trunk, 
    ride it, then hop to the left side. You will see another secret room 
    with a chest inside.
    Keep going, cast Incendio to all Spiky Bushes in the next area, then hit
    the switch. Save your game, then continue walking. Kill all the Spiky 
    Bushes at the end and just move forward.
    When you reaced 3 slugs, hit them all (do't let any of them moving) 
    this will trigger a part of the ground to moving up. Follow the path 
    and take the Wizard Card there. go back to where you found 3 slugs, 
    then cast Incendio to all Spiky Bushes here. a way will open. Follow 
    the path and take another Wizard Card at the end.
    Go back, then continue moving to Hagrid's Hut.
    Fireseed Cave >>
    After the scene, enter the opened way, then keep going. 
    Behind the first 'arrow' there's a chest. when you reach the cave, 
    the right side there's a secret room (recognize the door like pattern 
    on the wall). 
    After taking the beans go to the other way.
    Look carefully, under the first slug there's a way down. Rotate the 
    environment by using the mouse to look for it.
    The next cave, there's a save game book in front of it. Save.
    Cast Flipendo to the pattern on the wall, it should open the way. Please 
    notice, there's another secret room on the room in the left side. Follow 
    the path to take the beans, then you'll be back to the first room. 
    Follow the way and you should be out now.
    When you reach the next cave, do not enter yet. Use your mouse to rotate, 
    and you will find a way down. Inside, there's a Wizard Card. use the 
    pattern to go back, then follow the path, hit the trunk, save then enter 
    the next cave.
    Hit the boulder twice to open a secret room. Don't forget to cast another 
    Flipendo to your left and right side. 
    After going stright a bit, you'll find a Fireseed Plant. Hit it with 
    Flipendo, wait the seeds to cool down then take it. Keep going.
    In the next area, there's another Fireseed Plant on the cave behind the 
    Take the Fireseed then move out. When you find another waterfall, there's 
    another Fireseed Plant. On the right side of this room, there's a secret 
    room. Take the beans and the Fireseeds, then go out to the next cave.
    Don't be so hasty by following the arraw. On your left side there's a 
    room contain another Fireseed Plant. Take it, remove the boulder then 
    follow the arrow.
    In this room you should find a turtle. Leave it and keep going through 
    the save point. 
    In the next room, choose the left side of this place, knock down the 
    Tentacula, then open the secret passage to the right. Follow the path, 
    take the beans, then open the way. You are now in the room with the 
    Now go back to the room with the Venomous Tentaculas, then keep following 
    the path.
    Take the fireseed from the Plant, then moving out. Take the beans in the 
    chest in the next room, save.
    What sould you do now is cast Flipendo to the Stalactits (or Stalacmits? 
    What's the difference between them?). Check all rooms here to find 
    another Fireseed Plant then continue to the next area. 
    When you find an area with another turtle. There's should be another way
    leads you down. Follow it to find another chest. Hit the Flipendo pattern
    then keep going (hit the boulder blocking your way), don't forget to take 
    the last Fireseeds on your right side. Then go on. Follow the path and
    you'll be in a familiar place.
    Hagrid will give you another Card if you give him 21 Fireseeds.
    (I don't know what happen if you don't give him 21 seeds).
    After he's leaving, take the card then enter his hut.
    Quidditch (Griffindor vs. Slytherin) >>
    You don't have to enter the circles to follow the snitch, just keep 
    flying near to it and the gauge will filling up. When it full, you have 
    to catch the snitch in a very minimum time. Hurry, or you have to chase 
    the snitch once again.
    One thing, just avoid the bludger.
    Chapter 3 //
    Intro >>
    Feel free to search ALL places this time. You will never get 
    the second chance. Open all chests and knock down all cauldron to get
    the beans, find all secrets here (two in the library, one is the armor
    in front of save point, one where you can find Fred and George).
    After get Bertie Bott's Card from Fred and George, go through the save
    point to Defense Against Dark Arts class. Watch the sequence and enter
    the class. you will learn Lumos.
    Defense Against Dark Arts Class (Lumos) >>
    After the tutorial from Quirell, cross the gap, take the star, then 
    go to the next room. In this room in the further end, there's a chest;
    or your right side there are 2 pottery. Take it all, then hit the 
    switch on the wall to open the way. Cast Lumos to gargoyle in both 
    rooms, then take the light plates up. Don't forget a chest a long the 
    way, until you reach another gargoyle with a save point. Hit the
    gargoyle with Lumos.
    Cross the light plate, and the symbol in the end of the way is a 
    secret room. Take the Card then keep going.
    This room pretty easy. Break all the pottery, put the statue to the
    plate, hit the gargoyles with lumos. That's it. Go to the next room.
    Take the star in the middle of the room and Peeves will attack you.
    Defeat him thenexplore this place a bit. There should be a room with
    a Chocolate Frog. There's a secret room here. Find it by your self, 
    it's easy. Then go to the dark room. 
    Hit the gargoyle with Lumos. Hop to the light plate, and take the 
    left side first.
    Watch out for the Doxy. Hit the gargoyle with Lumos, then head back,
    choose the other way.
    Don't be hasty by going up. there are 3 chests here and 1 star 
    challenge. Take the first 2 chests and going down. there's another 
    Doxy here. Keep moving, take the star, and the chest in the next 
    room. Open the locked door, then cast Flipendo to the switch.
    Now you may going up.
    You'll find Nearly-Headless Nick here, but just keep going. At the 
    end, cast another Lumos to the gargoyle then save. Cross the gap
    and you have completed the challenge. 
    Wuirell will give you 20 point for this.
    PreDungeon >>
    Time for Potion Class. But, explore this place a bit. Hit the 
    statues, potrait, armors, potteries, mirror to get the beans.
    Fred and George will show up behind Quirell's potrait and give you 
    a card. Search behind the main stair, near the place where you find
    Ron, there's a chest contain a Wizard Card.
    After completing all these things, follow Ron to the Potion Class.
    Dungeon >>
    Snape will take 5 points from you and give you a task. But you will
    fall down. Save in the nearest save point then enter the room. Hit 
    both of the blocks into the gap, then hit the small block to the end 
    which help you to going up.
    Take the Moly, stand to plate in the room just opened then cast
    Flipendo to the switch. It will help you to going up.
    At the end, cast Flipendo to the switch on the wall to move the 
    plates. Take all beans here if possible. Don't forget to hit another 
    switch to open the secret door which giude you another Wizard Card.
    Go out through another door.
    Go all the way to the top, then cross it. Don't forget to cast 
    Alohomora to lift up the trellis.
    This place quite dangerous. Jump off quickly. And you must do the same 
    thing after save in the next save point.
    After that, you can use the 'ability' of Bloody Baron to bring you to 
    secret places. Take 2 chests in the secret room then continue to the 
    next room.
    You have to face 6 gnomes here. Then Cast Flipendo twice to the dragon 
    statue. More beans to collect! Before getting the Wiggentree, don't 
    forget to take the Chocolate Frog and the chest.
    In the next room, levitate the statue to the left plate first. Then 
    take the 'other' statue then put it on the right side. The last, put 
    the left side statue to the plate on the upper right.
    Dungeon B >>
    Be careful here. Just move up until you reach a gargoyle. Cast Lumos
    to it. Go up, take the star, then open the chest and hit the switch.
    Go back, keep moving, when you reach another gargoyle, do the same 
    thing to it. Use the light plates to go up, take the Flobberworm 
    then follow the path. Use the switch to go up, then hit the switch 
    to move the plate. Go up, save. 
    Follow Bloody Baron and enter the secret room. Keep moving around, 
    until you reach a gargoyle statue. Cast Lumos on it.
    Cross the light plate, and keep moving to the next gargoyle.
    (You'll get the chest later). Cross the light plates again, save. 
    Enter the place where Baron came out, hit the dragon statue with
    Flipendo, a rrom behind it will open. Take the chest and go to 
    the end of room and open the chest.
    Get out, and take the other way. Don't be afraid to fall down. Use the
    block to help you up to the next room an take the Dittany. Then you'll 
    be back in Potion class. 
    Snape will reduce 3 more points from you. It's okay. We'll get 60 points
    Corridor to The Girls' Washroom >>
    Follow Ron to find Hermione, then what you should do is RUN !
    Follow the beans and you'll be okay.
    Then, when Ron cast Wingardium Leviosa on the Troll's club,
    hit the junks away with Flipendo. You must protect Ron so he can 
    bash it to it's head.
    Quidditch (Griffindor vs. Ravenclaw) >>
    Do the same thing as before. Happy fun!
    Chapter 4 //
    The Sneak >>
    Make sure Filch is far from you, then sneak to the locked door. Don't be 
    rush. There's a stair near the bookcase in front of the door. Use it to 
    go up then cast Alohomora from this height. Remember, the Invisibility 
    Cloak doesn't work when you cast a spell. After Filch get away from
    the door, move out. (You may take the beans here first if you want).
    There are 2 switches here. You can one of them in the left side, and the
    other near the bookcase on the right side of the locked door. Take the 
    beans the move on.
    Cast Flipendo on the bookcase to attract Flich. Then hurry move to the 
    left, there's a locked door there.Cast Alohomora then run bexause Filch 
    will come in rush. When he the door, cast Flipendo to the pattern on the 
    wall in the room, then go to the fallen bookcase then go up.
    Hit the other switch, it'll open the other door below. Go down, cast 
    Alohomora from a far, then wait until Filch go away. Hit the switch on 
    the wall of the room, then go up once again. 
    Hit the switch to open the door near the fallen bookcase. Enter this room,
    then use Flipendo on the switch. Back to the previous room, then cast Lumos
    on the gargoyle.
    Go up using the light plate, fall down, hit another switch. Don't forget to 
    give another gargoyle here Lumos spell as a present. Now get back and take 
    all the way up, cast Lumos to another gargoyle and keep moving up.
    In the next room, you'll see a potrait below, jump down, and open the chest
    to get a Wizard Card.
    Come back all the way and this time you have to follow the light plate up
    once again.
    Cast tha Alohomora to the door, and to that once again to the potrait behind
    save point. Move on to the higher place. Watch out for Filch here.
    Enter the room he's just come out then use Flipendo to hit the switch. The 
    bridge will turn. Just cross it, then you'll see a sequence. 
    Break the pottery to attract Filch then move out.
    The Sneak II >>
    Follow Filch to the library. Hit the bookcase then jump off. Wait until 
    Mrs Norris is gone then cross this place.
    Save you game, then move on. go to the place where Filch and Mrs Norris
    came from. There's a bookcase that can be knock down. Do it and you'll
    meet the Nearly-Headless Nick. Now, you have to follow him to get out of 
    this place. Watch out for Mrs. Norris. Sometimes, she's moving around.
    You will find a room cantain the Mirror of Erised. After the sequence, 
    go back and enter the way between 2 bookcases. In the save room there's 
    a mirror. Open it.
    In the next room, you have to put all the statues into the plate
    (there are 4 of them; 2 on the left guarded by Filch, and 2 on the right 
    guarded by Mrs. Norris), then after the scene with Peeves there's still 
    Mrs. Norris around. Hit a pottery to attract her, then take the other way 
    to go through the door.
    You will meet Fred and George for the last time here. Follow them, and 
    you'll get the last card they will give you. Go back, then this sequel
    is done.
    Prepare for the last battles.
    Chapter 5 //
    The Forbidden Corridor >>
    Before save, make sure to open the chest contain the last card first. 
    When facing Fluffy, to play the flute just hold down the button to cast
    Recognize the pattern when he wants to attack you and avoid it.
    When a head down, just don't let the gauge back to full. When
    you finally put all the head into sleep, Fluffy will fall down.
    Try from the right head to the left head.
    Devil's Snare >>
    The Devil's Snare tying Hermione and Ron, try release them with
    Winged Keys >>
    Just like Quidditch, follow the key and grab it.   
    The Chess Game >>
    Choose the white square for your first move, then up one square, 
    upper right then right. The chess will be defeated in no time.
    The Final Encounter >>
    Save before you enter, there's Potion test inside. Just remeber where is
    the Ice Potion. After a few times guessing, you have to drink it. 
    If you made it, then move on.
    There's achest contain Chocolate Frogs when you pass the Potion test's
    room. Save once more, then follow the path.
    Move 2 of the most right blocks closer to Quirell. Do this one by one.
    When both of it already close, climb them to reach Quirell. He'll stop 
    attacking you and go the next room. Beware of his green magic, it'll 
    cause a lot of damage.
    Hit the pillars down when he's attacking you from behind it. Watch out 
    from his magic. After several damage, the pillars will gone. And you have 
    to face Voldemort with help of the mirror. Flip it until the back side of 
    the mirror is in front of you and the front of the mirror facing him. 
    It will reflect Voldemort's magic. Do this several times and he'll lose.
    Then watch the scene, Ron will give you the last card. ^_^
    If you wondering, what will Fred and George do with the beans, there's 
    a last sequence here.  
    Then you can see the last card Ron gave to Harry.
    Congratulations! You have finished the game!!
    *|||        D. Hints	     |||*
    1. The Famous Witches and Wizards Cards
    There are 25 Wizard Cards in total. Some of them are just have one 
    chance to get, so becareful.
    01. Albus Dumbledore (???? - present)
        Location : Gave by Gorge and Fred after collecting the first 25 beans
    02. Merlin (dates unknown)
        Location : inside Hogwarts sign when doing the broomstick practice after
    	       Flipendo challenge
    03. Tilly Toke (1903 - 1991)
        Location : Locked Room behind Hermione after learning Alohomora.
    	       Hit the armor with Flipendo, it will open tehe way.
    04. Burdock Muldoon (1429 - 1490)
        Location : When collecting stars challenge from Professor Flitwick.
    	       In the area with a small pool. Go to the right side of 
    	       the area, put the statue into the plate, and cast alohomora 
    	       to the mmirror inside the opened room.
    05. Adalbert Waffling (1899 - 1981)
        Location : After taking the Wingardium Leviosa challenge, behind the 
    	       first mirror up in the bookcase
    06. Uric the Oddball (dates unknown)
        Location : given by Fred and George after defeating Peeves
    07. Derwent Shimpling (1912 - present)
        Location : in the room inside mirror after defeating Peeves
    08. Cornelius Agrippa (1486 - 1535)
        Location : After meet Fred and George in Professor Sprout's Garden
    	       check the furthest area, open the secret passage, and cast
    	       Alohomora to both of dragon statues.
    09. Newt Scamander (1897 - present)
        Location : Room under the tree when taking you have to pass
    	       Incendio challenge
    10. Edgar Strougler (1703 - 1798)
        Location : A chest in the room after a room with 4 gigantic Venoumous 
    	       Tentaculas in Incendio Challenge.
    11. Bowman Wright (1492-1560)
        Location : Before reach Hagrid's Hut, cast Incendio to all Spiky Bushes
    	       which will open a way.
    12. Godric Griffindor (dates unknown)
        Location : In Professor Sprout's Garden, given by Fred and George.
    13. Morgan Le Fay (dates uknown)
        Location : Hidden cave below a cave contain a Chocolate Frog when 
    	       searching for Fireseeds.
    14. Bertie Bott (1935 - present)
        Location : Given by Fred and George when you follow them, after the 
    	       first Quidditch
    15. Salazar Slytherin (dates unknown)
        Location : Given by Hagrid, after collecting Fireseeds.
    16. Casandra Vablatsky (1894 - 1997)
        Location : In Lumos challenge, inside the symbol.
    17. Ignatia Wildsmith (1227 - 1320)
        Location : Given by Fred and George after completing Lumos challenge
    18. Gifford Ollerton (1390 - 1441)
        Location : left side of stair in the main hall, before Potions.
    19. Elladora Ketteridge (1656 - 1729)
        Location : in secret room when searching for ingredients
    20. Hengist of Woodcroft (dates unknown)
        Location : when searching for Potions Ingredients. Use the 'ability'
    	       of Bloody Baron to open the room with a dragon statue inside.
    21. Helga Hufflepuff (dates unknown)
        Location : In the potrait room, when sneaking to the top of tower.
    22. Rowena Ravenclaw (dates unknown)
        Location : The last Card that Fred and George give to you, when they 
    	       found a lot of Bertie Bott's beans.
    23. Roderick Plumpton (1889 - 1987)
        Location : You can have it before the last encounters.
    24. Herpo the Foul
        Location : Before get to Hagrid's Hut, hit 3 slugs. The ground will
    	       move up. Follow the path to find it.
    25. Harry Potter (???? - present)
        Location : collect all the Wizard Cards, collect 250 beans,
    	       and defeat You-Know-Who
    2. Cheats
    Type : harrydebugmodeon when you are in the game to open the debug mode.
    To turn it off, just press [f7]. Then on the top-left side of the screen
    in the main menu, there should be "Debug" if the debug mode is activated.
    Cheat				Effect
    =====				======
    harrygetsfullhealth		Full Health 
    harrysuperjump			Super Jump
    harrynormaljump			Big Jump
    harrytriggercheat		15 beans
    Level Select : after activating debug mode, back to the main menu
    These cheats don't work for me:
    - harrykoresh = invincibility
    - harrysuperkoresh - invisibility
    - harrykorwalk – silent walking  
    - harrytriggercheat = 15 beans  
    - harrywantmama (or Ugoringt) = Play as Ron or Professor Snape 
    After the debug mode activated, you can do a lot of tricky things to
    this game beside the cheats above, e.g :
    - 'Speed up' the events by holding the 'Space Bar'
    - Do the Disapparate and Apparate (teleportation) to the other rooms 
      by pressing the functional keys, e.g : F2, F3, and so on, except 
      for the F7 (turn off the debug mode) and F11 (show the 'statuses')
    - you can also enter a command by pressing the 'Tab' button.
      (Too bad I still cannot figure out what kind of command that 
      will work)
    thanks to my friend Yudi <fhoofman@netscape.net> for these.
    About the Tab function, some people had sent it to me. but I lost 
    their mail by accident. Sorry.
    NOTICE :
    I received so many e-mails asking and telling me about the Quidditch
    Gloves and Nimbus 2000. Well, I should tell that the mount of beans
    you should collect to get Nimbus 2000, Quidditch Gloves, a Card and 
    Flipendo Upgrade in PSX version, DO NOT WORK in PC version. Remember, 
    the PC version and the PSX version are DIFFERENT.
    Proof: - I can find all of the cards without collecting 80 green beans
           - There are more of different kinds of beans in PC version
    	 e.g. chocolate-colored beans with black stripes.
    One more thing, I have both versions of the game (PC and PSX) so I know 
    what's the difference between them. Thank you.
    Tell me if you find more cheats. I'll give you a full credit.
    3. Frequently Ask Questions
    01. Q : How can I change the Direct3D setting into Software Rendering?
        A : In Start menu, move to \EA Games\Harry Potter\, choose 3D setup
     2. Q : I can't find all of the Wizard Cards
        A : Read The Famous Witches and Wizard Cards section.
    03. Q : Do we get Nimbus 2000 and Quidditch Gloves in PC version?
        A : I think this is the most difficult question to ask.
            It seems like they show automatically when you playing 
            Thanks to Jennifer Slade <jslade@vtown.com.au> for this.
    04. Q : How do I enter the Debug Mode?
        A : Type harrydebugmodeon WHILE in the game. If this work,
            there's should be activate the debug mode. If this isn't,
            just keep trying. It needs a perfect timing.
            Tip : Don't be hasty. Do not too slow either.
    05. Q : How can I pass the troll?
        A : All you can do is just follow the beans. 
            You will make it in no time.
    06. Q : How can I know a potrait cantains a secret room?
        A : Simple. Just HOLD the Alt key (or any key you use for
            cast a magic) and check each of the potraits. A potrait 
            contains a secret room will show a key hole symbol.
    07. Q : How can I pass Fluffy?
        A : There's a secret to pass Fluffy. DO NOT put each of the 
            heads to sleep in one time. I mean, blow the flute until 
            each head's bar less than half, Then do this to the rest 
            heads while keep the previous head's bar low. When three 
            of the heads are low, put the heads into sleep.
    08. Q : Voldemort is quite difficult to defeat. Please help me.
        A : First, hide behind the pillars, but don't stand too close 
            to it. When he cast his magic toward it, hit it with 
            Flipendo so it fall down. After you do some damage (or 
            running aout of the pillars), hide behind the mirror. Just 
            stay behind it so when Voldemort cast his magic, it will 
            be reflected. You can flip the mirror but becareful. 
            Remember, YOU MUST STAY BEHIND IT. There's a magic that 
            cannot be reflected, just run away from it.
    09. Q : The gnomes is quite nuisance. Do you have any tip?
        A : When you are fighting gnomes look for a table and jump on it 
            because gnomes can't jump (but you may get hurt if you stand
            on a pot or a chest and you can't jump on chairs), then try 
            to cast the Flipendo spell on the gnomes by using every view 
            the mouse can get. 
            Thanks to Ahaan Ugale <AhaanUgale@hotmail.com> for this.
    10. Q : I trace the spell at the beginning, stay in the lines and do 
    	it in time - but it fails me - what do I do ?
        A : Did you HOLD the 'cast' button? 
            Did it show the red pattern of your wand's track?
    	   (This question special for Tom VanDoren <twtomv@starpower.net>
    	   I cannot reply your mail so I write your question here. And I
     	   still cannot understand your question no.2)
    11. Q : How can I get the Card inside the symbol in broomstick training?
        A : Easy, you only can take it if you try to enter the room from
            BELOW of the symbol
    3. Tips
    I collected from those who sent me mail.
    I just copied it and paste it here. 
    NO 16 IS NO 14, CHAPTER 3, INTRO
    NO 20 IS NO 19, DUNGEON
    NO 21 IS NO 20, DUNGEON B
    NO 22 IS NO 21, THE SNEAK
    NO 23 IS NO 22, THE SNEAK II
    NO 25 IS NO 25.
    from CHARLIE <CWhite9828@aol.com>
    When you facing Fluffy:
    There are three heads, that
    I named Easy, Medium, & Hard. If you do Hard, then
    Medium, then Easy, you can easily beat Fluffy. Hard is
    on the right, Medium is on the left, & Easy is in the
    from Ulmer <moose3ar@yahoo.com>
    This is for mainly people who have a hard time beating Malfoy 
    the first time. The trick is to stand at the top of the stairs 
    where the save game book is. Next face the door and preform 
    the superjump cheat. (harrysuperjump). It should make you fly 
    right to the door. When you land you will automaticaly walk outside. 
    from Thanos Skouteris <gsjs401@peoplepc.com>
    When you are fighting gnomes look for a table and jump on it because 
    gnomes can't jump (but you may get hurt if you stand on a pot or a chest 
    and you cant jump on chairs), then try to cast the flipendo spell on 
    the gnomes by using every view the mouse can get. 
    from Ahaan Ugale <AhaanUgale@hotmail.com> 
    How to get thru the part with  quirrell  in the final encounter.  
    I've knocked down countless pillars and put countless spills on the mirror..  
    Is there any thing else i can do????????????
    Here's my new clue ,,,,,,,,, in the potion test of the final encounter...
    i used the 'z' key to slow down the bottles so i could keep up with them.
    It worked
    You don't have to move any of the blocks in order
    to reach Quirrell when he's attacking you. When you are 
    the farthest away from him, and he can't hit 
    you with his magic, just use the harrysuperjump code
    and you'll land right next to him up on the platform! 
    Then he'll leave the room and the game continues as usual.      
    from Janet <Price227@aol.com>
    The turtles can be defeated: you have to Flipendo
    them twice.
    Hagrid will give you a wizard card if you collect at
    least 18 of the 21
    fireseeds.  He will give you the flute if you
    collect at least 3 fireseeds
    and you have to get 3 to get out of the cave.
    The more house points you earn for Gryffindor, the
    more house points the
    other three houses get.  No matter how many or how
    few house points you
    earn, Gryffindor will always be in second place
    behind Slytherin until
    Dumbledore gives you 60 points and puts you over the
    There are 8 challenge stars in the Flipendo
    challenge, 6 in Wingardium
    Leviosa, 8 in Incendio and 6 in Lumos.  There are
    also 3 in Potions but
    they don't help you get house points.  You can't get
    15 house points for a
    challenge.  If you miss even one challenge star,
    then you only get 10
    house points, and if you take the quickest way out
    of the challenge, then
    you will probably get only 5 points.
    You can get as many as 50 house points for each of
    the 5 spells.  If you
    fail the first test, you get another chance.  If you
    fail any of the other
    3 tests and want to try to improve your score,
    quickly hit Escape, quit
    the game and restart it.
    In broomstick flying practice, there are 11 pink
    hoops, 11 blue ones, 11
    yellow ones, 24 orange ones and 25 red ones, for a
    total of 82.  When you
    get the last hoop of any colour you get extra time. 
    If you get less than
    30 hoops, you fail the test and you get another
    chance; otherwise you pass
    but you have to be content with the number of house
    points Madam Hooch
    awards you: 5 points for 30-46 hoops, 10 points for
    47-63 hoops, 15 points
    for 64-81 hoops and 20 points for all 82 hoops.  If
    you get all 82 hoops,
    you qualify for the challenge run.  The hoops are
    put in different
    positions and the timer goes faster.  There are the
    same number of hoops
    of each colour and the same scoring system.  I would
    guess that if you
    again get all 82 hoops you qualify for another run
    with an even faster
    timer, so that your score is limited only by your
    skill, but a total of 35
    points was the best I could do even after over a
    hundred practice runs.
    On the first run: if you go at slow speed you can do
    no better than 31
    hoops; if you go at normal speed, the limit is about
    72; to do better, you
    have to go at high speed while going straight and
    make sharp turns at
    normal speed.  On the second run: normal speed gets
    you only 10 house
    points; for 15 you'd have to go at high speed a lot
    of the time; for
    another perfect score you'd have to go at high speed
    most of the time,
    including some sharp turns, and this is beyond my
    ability.  To maximize
    your score: go right for the wizard card and
    deliberately fail the test in
    order to get another chance; then go for the hoops.
    In Quidditch league play, if you catch the snitch,
    then Gryffindor wins,
    and if you faint, then Gryffindor loses.  If you get
    into first or second
    place, you qualify for the finals against Slytherin,
    and there are lots
    more bludgers in the finals.  I won the finals with
    one stamina point
    A reader may prefer to find the wizard cards by
    himself before reading
    your walkthrough but may also be frustrated by the
    inability to save the
    same game in several places.  Here is the strategy I
    used; you may want to
    recommend it to your readers.  As soon as the game
    starts, type
    harrydebugmodeon.  Then quit the game, go to level
    select and start at the
    first level.  For each level, proceed as follows. 
    As soon as the
    introductory screen comes on, write down the number
    of wizard cards the
    screen says you should be able to find.  Play the
    level from level select.
    If a new introductory screen comes on and you
    haven't fainted, you have
    completed the level; quit the game.  If you haven't
    collected all the
    available wizard cards (or challenge stars in the
    case of a challenge),
    replay the level from level select.  If, after
    several attempts, you've
    given up hope of finding all the cards, then, and
    only then, read the
    section of the walkthrough dealing with that level. 
    Once you're sure you
    can complete the level satisfactorily, go back to
    the real game and play
    ONLY THAT LEVEL.  Then quit, go back to level
    select, choose the next
    level and repeat the same procedure until you have
    all 24 cards.  The rest
    of the game can be played without practising on
    level select.
    One final hint about Voldemort.  When you first go
    behind a pillar, he is
    not in its path; so don't Flipendo it yet.  Wait
    until he moves.  Then
    move so that the pillar is again between you and him
    and Flipendo the
    pillar until it falls.  In this way, you can hit him
    with 4 pillars.  Once
    he blows up the pillars, start running and don't
    stop, even to Flipendo
    the mirror, unless the mirror is between him and you
    FACING HIM.  He can't hit you while you're on the
    run, but if you stop
    with the mirror between him and you and the shiny
    side facing you and try
    to Flipendo the mirror, he will hit you.  Either
    Flipendo the mirror while
    running or just keep running until the mirror is
    between him and you and
    the shiny side is facing him.  Stay there until he
    moves, then start
    running immediately.  It will take some time, but
    eventually he will
    self-destruct and you will win the game.
    from Timothy R. Walsh <walsh.timothy@uqam.ca>
    *|||       E. Credits	     |||*
    I'm apologize for the mispells or bad grammar in this hints.
    I'm Indonesian, so about English I'm not a very good one. ~_~
    This is my first walktrough I ever posted, the other one is
    Final Fantasy IX in Indonesian (never posted, it's too old). 
    I did all the parts except for the logo. I got it from Matt B's 
    and modified it. Thanks again!
    I shall send my gratitude to :
    - God, by helping me writing this walkthrough
    - Daniel Radcliffe for a perfect Harry Potter.
    - Mrs. J.K. Rowling, for her incredible writings
    - EAGames, I hope they will make other Harry Potter's games.
      (Trading Cards, maybe? Or the next sequel of Harry Potter)
    - You guys who sent me the tips
    - and you, by reading this walkthrough
    -** Please notice!! **-
    I moved my mail from tidus_2001@fanboy.org 
    to dannydjk@yahoo.com because I have a lot of trouble with 
    the first one. 
    So if you want to send me your questions, comments, or opinions, 
    use dannydjk@yahoo.com.
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